A Visit To The Gynecologist

The phone rang, I immediately recognized the voice of my Mistress, Erica R. She told me that she would pick me up in two hours and that I was to take a bath, making sure that all of my holes were clean, and fix my hair. I was to put on the red velvet mini skirt and white satin blouse that she bought for me yesterday. She added that I would be punished if I wore either a bra or panties.

I was checking my makeup for the third time when I heard the car horn blow. Once in the car I was order to raise my skirt and to spread my legs apart. Mistress reached over and began to finger my slit saying “Darling if you embarrass me today by not following my orders I will Punish you very severely, do you understand me Slave.”

“YES MISTRESS! but where are we going?” I gasped. Her fingering had caused my pussy to start to juice up. Mistress removed her hand from my soaking pussy and held her glistening fingers to my lips and told me to lick them. As I sucked her fingers clean of my pussy cream she said that I had an appointment with her gynecologist in a few minutes.

I was relieved that there was no patients waiting or a receptionist in the doctor’s office, because before we left the car Mistress had fastened a collar and leash around my neck. She was now leading me down a corridor, Mistress spoke loudly “Tracy! are you here?”

“Yes Erica, please go to the examination room I will be there in a minute,” came a feminine reply. I ask Mistress if her gynecologist was a woman as she led me into the examining room. “Of course she a woman Lori. You know that I would never allow a man to touch me let alone examine my breast or my pussy. Just the thought of a male touching my cunt makes me sick,” was her reply. Still holding the leash Mistress ordered me to kneel on my fingers beside her. As the doctor enter I was struck by her youth and beauty, she was almost as good looking as my Mistress.

The doctor kissed and embraced Erica causing me to feel a pang of jealousy. The doctor sat down at a small desk and took out some forms. She then looked at me for the first time saying “Erica you lied! This creature is divine, she’s prettier than you said she was. The way she looks kneeling with that collar and leash, she’s a Dominant’s wet dream. Let’s get the questions over with quickly so I can see her naked, OK ?”.

I blushed red at hearing this remark. Apparently Mistress had told her all about my submission to her which had only occurred a few days ago. Erica had given me a job and seduced me all in the same day. Erica showed me the ways of Lesbian Love, and experience that I will always remember. I was under her spell immediately and when she told me she was a dominate and wanted me to be her Slave. I really didn’t understand what a submissive was. All I knew was that Erica did things to me that made my body quiver with desire. I had agreed to become her Slave because something deep inside of me, I can not explain, said this beautiful woman loves you and if you let her she will protect you and give you what no one else in the world can.

It was really humiliating to know that another person knew of my submission to Erica. Mistress was now speaking “Yes Lori is very pretty, her training has just started. She has a lot to learn about pleasing me and becoming more submissive before she attains full Slave Status.” The doctor told me to stand. I looked up at Mistress and she nodded yes. I quickly stood up, relieved that the pressure was off my fingers.

The doctor ask me to remove my blouse, I again looked for approval from my Mistress. Mistress told me to obey the commands of the doctor or I would be punished. My hands trembled as I slowly unbuttoned and removed my blouse. I placed it on the corner of the desk. I instinctively started to cover my breast but then let my arms hang straight down by my sides. Mistress order me to clasp my hands behind my head and to keep my elbows strait saying “Show your breast proudly Lori”.

I obeyed, the doctor and Erica gazed at my tits for a few moments before the doctor tells to turn sideways. She then spoke to Erica saying “I think you’re right darling her breast aren’t large, but they appear firm enough that she could go bra-less with no problem, brassiere”s with cut outs which would show her areolae’s and nipples are another possibility”. The doctor comments made me blush red and to bow my head, I have always felt self conscious about my tits especially my nipples. To me they are ugly, but Mistress says they are adorable. Erica’s breast and nipples are perfect and taste so delicious. After taking down some information like my age, full name and so on. The doctor then began a series of Questions that caused me to lower my eyes and flush scarlet with embarrassment and humiliation:

Q- Erica tells me she is only the second person to every touch your body in a sexual way.

A- Yes, I barley mumble.

Mistress moves to stand in front of me. Lifting my chin with her fingers she brings my head up. Tears are beginning to form in my eyes as she say “Lori Honey, I have told Tracy all about us and our special relationship and she understand. So answer her questions and don’t leave anything out. It’s important that she knows these things. OK baby!” I nod my head yes and the doctor smiles and begins again.

Q- I understand that you had sexual relations with you Uncle.

A- Yes.

Q- Did he fuck you often?

A- No only once, he raped me on my sixteenth birthday.

Q- Did you have an orgasm during the rape.

A- Heavens no ! All I felt was pain and degradation.

Q- What about anal intercourse, did he screw your little rose hole or penetrate your anus with his finger or other things?

A- No I left before he had a change to defile me that way.

Q- What about oral sex, did you suck his penis and if so how often?

A- Only once he force me to do it. I did not want to but he beat me and made me do it.

Q- Did you swallow his sperm?

A- I tried not to but he rammed that horrible stinking thing down my throat.

Q- Did your uncle dominate you?

A- No after the rape he would try to grab and feel me when my aunt was not looking. I tried to stay out of his way and never be alone with him. The only time he ever hit me was during the rape and when he forced me to suck his cock.

Q- Have you have sex with other boys or men?

A- No I was never allowed to date boys and after the rape I decided that if that was the way that males treated females that I was better off having nothing to do with them.

Q- What about women. Erica tells me that she was the first to show you that two females could bring each other pleasure.

A- Yes what we did together was heavenly. I love and adore her and she has promised to teach me everything there is to know about being a Lesbian.

“A Submissive Lesbian is what you’re going to be Lori.” Mistress interjected. I reply, lowering my eyes, “I’m sorry Mistress Erica. I meant to say that you were going to train me to be a Submissive Lesbian. A Lesbian who loves her submission and grows with each new humiliation. A Lesbian who exist only to please her Mistress.” Mistress brushes a tear from my cheek and speaks to the doctor saying “Isn’t she a jewel Tracy dear.” The doctor says she is envious of Erica then says she has only a few more questions.

Q- Did Erica induce you to reach an orgasm?

A- Ohhh Yes so many that I lost count. The way Mistress Erica touched me drove me crazy with desire.

Q- Did you make Erica climax? Did you enjoy caressing, kissing and sucking her beautiful pussy?

A- Yes it was exciting the way her body responded to my lips, fingers and tongue. I came the first time I tasted her delicious pussy cream.

Q- Any problems having a bowl movement.

A- No

Q- Have you every been given a enema?

A- I can’t every remember everything, although I might have received one as a small child.

Q- When was you last period ?

A- Two weeks ago.

Q- Do you use tampons or pads during you period?

A- Tampons.

Q- Do you check your breast for lumps?

A- Not on a regular bases

Q- Are you breasts sensitive to touch ?

A- Yes especially during my period.

Q- Do you masturbate?

A- Only when I am give permission to. Mistress Erica has forbidden me to play with myself unless she says I may.

Q- Before you became a Slave how often did you masturbate ?

A- Almost daily, some days two or three times a day.

Q- How did you masturbate ?

A- I used my fingers mostly.

Q- When was your last pelvic examination ?

A- I never had one before, my uncle never allowed me see a gynecologist. Q- Do you now or have you ever shave your pubic hair ?

A- No never. It has a very special meaning to me.

The doctor quits writing and tells me to remove my shoes and skirt and to get on the examining table. Once I am sitting on the table with my legs pressed together, the doctor comes and stand beside me. She explains that she is going to check my breasts for lumps and then she will perform a sexual sensitivity test to see how responsive my titties are. I feel her cool hands on my right breast. I watch as she feel around each breast. She uses her thumbs to press each nipple deeply down into each breast. She tells me to lie down. I obey and she again feels deep inside each of my titties. I am ordered to put my arms above my head. As I do so Mistress comes around and uses the leash to strap my wrist to the table, she gently stroke my cheek and hair saying

“That’s my good girl, just close your eyes and relax Lori. We haven’t got to the good parts of the examination yet baby!” I close my eyes, I feel fingers begin to gently run circles around my nipples. I know the touch of my Mistress’s hand, both women are now playing with my titties. I could sense my nipples grow stiff and become erect. I tried to remain perfectly still but I could not stifle the moan that escaped my lips, my hips begin to stir and my pussy begins to lubricate. I open my eyes, both women smile down at me. Mistress leans down an kisses me sending her tongue deep into my mouth, she runs her tongue over my teeth and plays a hide an seek game with my own tongue. I am breathless. The doctor has caught the nipple of my right breast between her thumb and forefinger and begins to twist it. She pinches my nipple pulling my breast up the letting it go, she does this several times. Her hot wet tongue flicks around my areola before she closes her lips over the nipple and starts a hard sucking rhythm. I moan into Mistress’s mouth. After sucking my titties for a few minutes the doctor ask “Erica is this the maximum extension of Lori’s nipples”.

Mistress moves down and takes my left nipple in her mouth the gently uses her teeth to nip and bite my now erect buds. She tell the doctor that my nipples are as hard as she has every seen them. The doctor reaches into the pocket of her white lab coat and hold a pair of nipple clips before my eyes saying “Has Erica used clips on you titties before Lori.”

I nod my head yes and the doctor says “and I bet they made your little pussy wet and slick didn’t they darling.” I turned my head to the side closed my eyes and whispered YES! As the metal bits into each nipple my hips thrust about wildly. I feel my juices bubbling from my cunt hole, it trickles over my puckered asshole, to seep between the crack of my buttocks. Mistress returns to French me as the doctor moves to the end of the table.

I hear her pulled the stirrups out, she grasp my hips sliding me the few inches to the end of the examining table. The doctor lifts each leg bending it at the knee and places my heels in the stirrups. My thighs are spread to their fullest, She can now see my vagina and anus. I am fully exposed and I know the doctor can see the juices glistening in my public hair and on my slit. She pulls my labia apart to verify that I am indeed gushing from a orgasm. She rest her hand on my pubic mound and say “Erica this hair must go! If you like I can use a depilatory, it’s faster than shaving and the hair does not grown back as fast. Once this shag is gone her whole crotch will be sensitized. She will respond quicker because every touch or lick can be more easily felt on her sensitive naked skin.” I broke the kiss crying out Noooo! Pleaseeee Noooo! Don’t remove my public hair Mistress Pleaseee!”

Mistress yanks my hair saying “Why not slave it belongs to me doesn’t it!”. “

Yes Mistress it does belong to you but ever since it grew out and covered my mound it has been sort of a symbol. It was proof that I was an adult woman and not some little girl. Please don’t remove my pussy hair! please I beg you!”

Mistress looks at the doctor and smiles broadly. “If having a bald pussy makes her feel like a little girl then she will be my very special baby girl. Remove the hair from her cunt Tracy.” was her reply. I closed my eyes and began to cry softly. While the doctor waited for the depilatory cream to do its works she ask “If you decide to diaper her Erica, I will be glad to baby sit any time. I could breast feed her for you and even spank her cute little butt when she pee’s her diaper’s.” I sobbed even louder at hearing this. As the doctor used a towel to wipe between my thighs Mistress untied my hands and help me to lean up, she kissed the tears from my eyes and whispered “Open your eyes baby Lori, look and see what the nice lady doctor has done to you.

When I opened my eyes the doctor was holding a mirror, I was indeed just like a baby, there was not a single hair left on my pussy. The doctor had even used the cream around my anus. Mistress said “You are to keep you little twat shave Lori until I say different, it will be a constant reminder for you that you belong to me!” The doctor then put baby powder on my mound and began to caress my public mound slowly saying that when I shaved, I should be careful not to nick the lips of my labia and that it was best to massage baby oil into my pussy to keep the skin from chaffing.

Looking up she said “there is another advantage to making your little Slave keep her pussy shaved, Erica. If you ever whip her cunt you will be able to see where to place your strokes better. A welted naked pussy is something that a Slave will remember for a very very long time. It is truly a beautiful sight. That is if it’s not your pussy that is beaten. I know that little Lori here would never be so disobedient that she would risk getting her tender twat disciplined, would you Slave?”

“OOHHH GOD !!!” I quickly cried out. I remembered the searing pain and agony when Erica had hit my tender pussy just two days ago for lying to her. Erica put her finger to my lips and said “hush Lori. I know that you will never lie to me again and will obey my every command. I’m making allowances for you hesitations in following my orders now because you have just started your training as my Slave. But if you every revolted against a direct order to do something that I really wanted you to do. I would not hesitate to whip you on the cunt again.” Looking at the doctor Erica tells her that I was punished just that way for lying to her.

Stroking my hair gently she tell me to lay very still so the doctor can examine my very lovely pussy. The doctor then inserted a couple of fingers in my vagina and began to press them around feeling my internal organs. Once she removed her fingers from my slippery hole, she spread my swollen cunt lips apart with one hand, while with the other she began to flick my wet clitoris. As my pussy made more and more cream she leaned down an blew puffs of air across my clitoris causing me to shiver, I was close to coming. You could smell the aroma of my pussy cream now, the doctor suddenly removed her fingers from my cunt. She licked her coated fingers saying “You taste fantastic Lori and you smell so nice.” I cried out Pleaseee finish me! don’t leave he hanging, I’m so close to cumming! Mistress stops the rolling of my head from side to side and stare into my eyes.

She tells me “NO!! Slave I decide when you have an orgasm, you must learn Lori that you belong to me now and I am the one who say if you get to have a climax. Trust me baby I know what best for you. Lay there now and relax, Tracy will get a PAP smear when you have calmed down.”

As I lay there breathing deeply, I realized that Erica was right. She knew me better that I knew myself. She was right when she said I had deep unspoken and unfilled desire to be a slave. I just never would admit it, not even to myself until Erica came along to free me.

When they returned to the table I kissed Erica hand saying I was sorry for what I did. She bent down kissed my tit and said “It’s OK baby, you are still learning. Remember that a Slave ask permission for every thing especially an orgasm. She held my hand and stoked my hair as the doctor began to lubricate a instrument she call a speculum. As she slipped it into my vagina and opened it up my pussy became a gaping hole. The doctor ask if Erica would like to see my cervix. Mistress when to look over the doctor’s shoulder as she use a cotton swab to take a sample from the back of my cunt. Once the instrument was removed the doctor put on a rubber surgical glove, she smiled as she told me to stand and bend over the table. Once I was bending over she ran her ungloved hand over my bottom repeatedly while saying that I had such exquisite skin.

She asked Erica if I show welts on my bottom quickly when whipped and she cautioned her that if the skin was broken repeatedly that it would lose it satiny touch. She said that I should be whipped on the insides of my thighs, that was the place hurt the most and the closer I was whipped to the pussy the quicker I would agree to any demand. She then dipped her finger in a jar of ointment that was right beside my face and said “Lori darling I want you to reach back, with both your hands and spread your buttocks for me so I can get at that little pink rose hole or your.” With trembling hands I reach back and did what she ordered. She began to rub the ointment around and around my anus and as soon as I felt her finger slip inside I let go and covered my eyes as I again began to cry silently. She shoved her fingers in and out of my bottom four or five time before she told me to use my muscles and clamp down on her finger. I did so several time before she removed her fingers and slapped my ass hard saying “Erica this ass was made to be fucked. If you don’t have an anal dildo, I have several that will stretch her nicely without doing any damage.”

I was grateful when Mistress replied “Maybe at some later date Tracy, is there any thing else that needs to be done to my little baby girl?” Just a small sample of her urine is all the doctor replied as she used a tissue to wipe between my buttocks. A specimen bottle was place beside my head. I stood up and taking the bottle started to walk toward what I thought was a bathroom when Mistress spun me around. Mistress said “Squat and do it here Lori the doctor needs to see your bladder control.” I bowed my head and began to sob loudly. Mistress put her hands and my shoulder and gently pushed me down saying “Make pee pee for the doctor now like a good little baby Lori”. As I squatted there choking back the tears Mistress screamed “PISS BITCH OR ELSE”. I reached down and spread apart my pussy lips with one hand while I held the specimen bottle with the other and with a grunt I began to piss. The doctor order me to start and stop the flow. Tears where now falling on my tits and I was shaking so bad that I was afraid that I would miss the sample bottle and pee on the floor. I managed to fill half the bottle with piss then stood and handed it to the doctor.

The doctor passed the bottle under her nose, the held it toward the light as if studying the color. I was terrified that she was going to make me drink my own urine but she finally set the bottle on the table. She stood up and took me in her arms and began to French kiss me while she caressed my bottom. I returned her kiss completely, I suck her tongue passionately, as I ground my pubes into her leg as we kissed The doctor spoke to Erica saying “Darling if I can help in any way with Lori’s Slave Training let me know, I am always eager to help a fellow Mistress.” She then turn to me adding “And you sweet little submissive slut next time I’m going to suck you pussy until you explode!” I threw my arms around doctor’s neck and said that when I was fully train I hoped that Mistress would allow me to service her sometime. The doctor just laughed saying “That’s how I collect my fee! But beware Baby Lori I am a harsher Mistress that Erica. You can expect to shed many tears and wear many welts on the fabulous little fanny of yours while I am your Mistress!!!”.

Erica has Tracy sit on the edge of the desk and order me to kneel down. Once I am on my knees Erica works the lab coat and skirt up over the doctors waist. She is wearing a pair of black silk bikini panties and a black lace garter belt. Erica places her hand on the back of my head and she pushes it forward says “ Lori give the good doctor a little down payment on your bill. Eat her until she tells you to stop.” As my lips touch her damp crotch I mouth her pussy through the panties savoring her taste. I lean back and glance up to see Mistress fondling Tracy breast through her blouse while Frenching her.

As the doctors’ panties descend I gasp for she is as bare as I am. Her pussy is bald naked just like mine. The lips are swollen and slightly parted. I quickly move forward and plant a series of quick kissed up and down her pink grove. I part the lips of her labia and lick up and down the entire length of her slit. My tongue finds her hot erect clit and I begin to flutter my tongue across it rapidly. The doctor’s hips shoot forward and she wraps her legs around me flooding my face with her pussy cream. I continue to lick her while she orgasm’s. She reaches and takes my face out of her crotch and say “Enough for now you little slut. I can see that Erica is training you right but when Erica give you to me for a weekend. I will teach you some other little tricks you hot bitch.” Mistress ordered me to dress and we left the office.