Carol's Rectal Therapy

Carol and Dee are teenage sisters who live in a quiet suburban neighborhood on a small, tree-lined street near me.

Carol is seventeen years old, Dee is fifteen. Carol, even though only seventeen, knows much about life, and has never been uncomfortable with her puberty. Carol is 5’2”, 110 pounds, slender-framed with shoulder-length brown hair. She has smallish but pert breasts, but medium to large size nipples, while her waist and hips are petite.

Marty is Carol and Dee’s father, who has long established who is in control of their household. Carol is accustomed to total submission to her father, with approval from her mother. This is what happened recently between Carol and her father.

Next door to Carol lived a fourth-year medical student named Butch. Butch moved in about a month ago, and works very hard at his studies and at his clinical training at the local hospital.

Marty and Butch had met in the back yard and had gotten to know each other in their conversations on typical male topics such as sports, guns and women. Marty was impressed with Butch’s medical knowledge. Marty told him of his bad experiences with doctors in the past, and Butch agreed to look after their family, unofficially of course, as he had yet to take his exams. Marty thought this wonderful - both in having a medical expert next door and in having one who didn’t charge.

Marty went to Butch’s house one evening to discuss Carol’s rectal problems. It seems that both Carol and her mother suffered from gastrointestinal problems. Marty and Butch agreed to have Carol examined later that evening. Marty told Butch that Carol was very submissive by nature and lacked the modesty that most young teen girls have. Carol’s sister, Dee, was totally different, being very modest and conservative for her years.

Carol was called by her father and ordered to come over to Butch’s house. Carol had seen Butch before, and had always wanted to know who that tall, handsome man was. When Carol arrived, her father told her that Butch was “almost a doctor” and would find out what was wrong with her. Carol balked at this idea. Marty told Carol with a stern voice that he had just given Butch total control over her for the near future. She was expected to obey Butch just as she would her father. Carol was told that Butch examined many girls regularly as part of his training. Carol was also told that any failures to carry out Butch’s orders would result in severe spankings, with either Marty or Butch playing the whipmaster. Carol felt very afraid for the first time that evening. Butch told Marty that he had only some of his working instruments at home that night, but that he would still give Carol a superficial exam. Carol agreed with some hesitation. Butch told Marty to leave and that he would call him when he had completed the examination. Carol was dressed in a blue T-shirt, tight white Levi’s and sandals. Carol never wore a bra, as her father refused permission, saying that she was still only a young girl. People stared when she walked in public. Even though she had smallish breasts, they were firm and swayed slightly when she walked. In a T-shirt, you could sometimes see her nipples if you looked hard enough.

Butch asked Carol to sit down in the chair and explain what was hurting her. Carol pointed to her lower left abdomen. She complained of cramps and gas pains. Even though she knew Butch was a doctor she was embarrassed. She didn’t know what lay before her…….

Carol was told to stand and walk over to him, take his hand and put it on the sore part of her belly. She complied, and rubbed his hand gently from her belly down to below her belt line on the left side. Butch told her that in order for him to properly diagnose and help her, he needed to perform a full physical examination on her. Carol shook her head. In the back of her mind she was afraid Butch would discover the truth, that she sometimes had sore breasts and recently had a rectal inflammation. Carol was also afraid that he would see the marks from the last whipping her father had given her a few days before.

Butch told her that sometimes testing hurt a little and that her modesty had to disappear and be disregarded for the exam. Carol, deep down inside, wanted Butch to hurt and ravage her body with his hands and instruments. She longed for a handsome stranger to rule her body some day.

Butch had a hidden interest in rectal exams and spanking, and attempted these things with women in the past without much success. Things were about to change. Butch had Carol follow him to the basement where he had an examination table and his instruments. Carol reluctantly followed him down the stairs.

In the basement was what appeared to Carol a fully-equipped medical office, which surprised her. She thought he did his training at the clinic and not in his basement. Before the exam started, Butch reminded her of her father’s orders and the threat of spankings, and she was told that each time she said ‘no’ or pulled away from him, she would receive two ‘demerits.’ Carol was also told that Butch’s demerit system would be explained later in detail.

Carol was told to stand in front of him so he could visually inspect her. Butch’s eyes went up and down the young girl’s body with a gleam in his eyes. Butch was getting excited about the idea of examining a beautiful girl like Carol. Carol was told that all exams started with a check of vitals like blood pressure, pulse respiration and temperature.

Carol sat in a chair while her pulse and blood pressure were taken. Butch told Carol that all teenagers need to have rectal temperatures taken, due to the fact that many of them breathed through their mouths and that false readings would result. Carols was taken aback by this, stood up and stamped her foot, “No!” Butch was laid back about the outburst and merely said, “Two demerits.”

Carol looked Butch in the eyes and, in a small voice, asked Butch what he wanted her to do next. Carol was ordered to pull down her jeans and lean on and over the side of the examination table. With a quick motion, Carol did as she was told. Butch readied his instruments and placed his left hand on the small of her back and began to slowly lower her sheer, almost transparent panties with the fingers of his right hand. He took her panties down very slowly, and with purpose. Slowly, the lovely buttocks came into view. Butch inspected Carol’s ass with his eyes. He had always thought the butt of a girl was his most favorite part of her anatomy. Carol had a beautiful, healthy looking body. Even though Carol was only seventeen, she had the body of a woman-she was no longer a little girl. Carol was told to lean all the way over and spread her legs-spread them far apart. She complied and was told to reach back and spread her cheeks so her doctor could examine her anal area more closely.

Carol was slow to respond to this order and Butch muttered, “Two more demerits.” Carol reached back and spread her cheeks wide and moved her legs far apart. The sight of the virgin anus and pussy were almost to much to bear. She had an almost hairless anus which just begged to be inspected. Butch told her he was going to put K-Y jelly lubricant on her anus to make the examination easier. Butch also told her that he had to manually inspect her with his fingers first to make sure that nothing would block the thermometer. He dabbed some lubricant on her hole and on his right index finger. Carol had never felt anything like this before. It was total domination of her body. She could not hide anything from her doctor. Butch slid his finger in past her anal sphincter, then farther in until it was in all the way. Carol raised up on her tiptoes and shuddered. He had found the rectal problems which bothered her when she went to the bathroom. He slowly withdrew his finger, and with her cheeks still spread, smoothly inserted the clear glass Pym rectal thermometer, then let he cheeks close around it. He held his right palm over her small buttocks so it would not slip out. Butch asked her why she had flinched when his finger was inserted. She confessed to her problem rectum. Butch told her that this was a very important detail, and that he would investigate this problem in more depth later in the examination.

After five minutes the glass tube was removed. Butch looked at it and notice that it showed a slight elevation in temperature. Butch told her the truth and asked her to please remind him to re-take her temperature halfway through the exam to make sure. Butch took a washcloth and cleaned her anus of the K-Y. He rubbed slowly, giving himself a chance to study her pussy. He slowly raised her panties. He told her to jump up onto the examination table and sit so he could begin the second part of the exam. He examined her head, eyes, mouth and neck. He felt her breasts through the T-shirt. Carol thought this strange and asked him if he wanted her to remove the shirt. She was learning fast. With a positive response from Butch, she slowly pulled up the shirt, exposing her rounded buds. She tossed the shirt onto the floor next to the table. He started to squeeze her tits. Carol jumped when he squeezed her left one. He wanted to know why. She told him the truth about her sore tits. He pressed harder and told her that ten demerits would be given in the future for holding back any information from him-he was to know all. Carol quietly explained to the doctor her rectal pain and of her fathers use of varied punishments. Carol told him she had a hard time going to the bathroom. She strained and strained. The doctor explained that this was a muscle spasm in her rectum and of her need for muscle expansion in that area. Butch told her this would hurt her very much, but it needed to be done. Carol agreed.

Carol was ordered to stand on the exam table facing him. Butch hooked his fingers inside the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them all the way down. She was completely naked. Butch told her that in order for him to properly examine her anal and rectal muscles, he would have to insert his fingers without any lubricant to test the muscle strength. Carol made a horrified face. Butch ordered her to squat down on the table. Butch put his dry hand on her butt and spread the cheeks. He placed his middle finger on her small, dry opening. Butch told her she would inflict her own pain and punishment by pressing down on his fingers and continuing to bear down. Bear down and push, as if she was going to the bathroom. Carol was inducing her own agony for the first time, and she loved it!

She slowly pushed her little butt down and little by little, the doctor’s finger was inserted. He felt and felt-he just couldn’t tell. He told her to raise up a bit and pulled his finger out. He then stretched out both his index and middle fingers and put them to her asshole. He ordered her to bear down on them, just like before. It was almost too much to bear, two large male fingers invading her most prized hidden treasures. Carol winced and pushed, and pushed harder and started to lean over. Butch was just beginning to feel something in the rectum, but he didn’t know what. He began to spread his fingers to dilate her anus so he could feel better, meanwhile watching her facial reactions closely all the time. She began to whimper, so he had her lift up again and he withdrew his fingers. He allowed her to rise and told her to lay back down on the table. One day soon she would beg him insert three or four dry fingers into her hole.

He told her he could “cure her problem” if she would consent to analoscopy, which means a long tube with a light on the end inserted into her rectum. She agreed and he told her that his roommate was a rectal specialist-as Butch wanted to be. They both would do it. Carol was aghast! She had met Tom before, and he was a real hunk. Now, two men would examine her and dilate her anus and insert various instruments into her rectum. Her dreams were coming true.

Butch continued the exam by pressing on her lower abdomen. When he pressed hard, gas was released. Carol looked embarrassed, but Butch did not seem to mind. He told her he had a certain cure for her gas problems. But that meant she would have to become his long-term patient. It meant rectal tubes of large caliber and enemas, many kinds of enemas. Carol had never thought of any of this.

He was now looking at her almost hairless pussy. Carol was light-haired, and the small pubic hairs were hard to see. He told her to lift her knees into the stirrups. He walked around to the front of the table and turned on a high intensity light which flooded her thighs with hot white light. He sat down on a small stool and stared at the beautiful sight. He spread her labia and could feel her hymen. It was there-she was a real virgin. He told her that in the future he could tell if she was being a good girl or not. She had to remain a virgin for him or he would tell her father. Anything was better than telling her father.

Butch got a paper cup and told Carol to squat on the table as he needed specimens to examine. She knelt and was told to pee into the cup, as Butch held the cup up to her pee- hole. She was embarrassed, and wanted to pee in private. “Four more demerits,” he said. “Also, for as long as you are with me, you will tell me every time you have to pee and either Tom or I will escort you to the bathroom. Soon after, a small stream of urine came down and hit the cup. Butch got a Kleenex and started to wipe her off-a man had never wiped her hole before. He got another cup and told her he need a stool sample from her now. She said that she couldn’t give one. He warned her it was part of the exam and she had to do it. He warned her that she would stay there until she shit in the cup in front of him, after which he would wipe her off. Carol was getting tires, as it was nearly 10:00 p.m.

Butch finally told her to get dressed and sit back on the table. He went to the back of the room to telephone Marty. He told Marty that she would need help fast. With Marty’s wife out of town, and him having to take care of Dee, he did not know what to do. Butch explained about the elevated temperature and the need for cold baths and continued exams. He offered his services. He was off from the clinic the next day, and so was Tom. He told Marty of Carol’s need to have Tom examine her private parts and her willingness to let him do it. Marty was overtaken with joy. He told Butch that he would consider letting Carol stay at Butch’s house to be “admitted to Butch and Tom’s clinic.” Butch never got so hard so fast.

Butch went back to Carol and told her the good news. Carol was really getting scared now. He also told her that she did not remind him to re-take her temperature, for which he now assessed her four more demerits bringing the total to sixteen. He walked her over to the stairs and over to Tom’s room.

Tom was a much larger man than Butch, with large features and large, long fingers. Tom saw Butch and Carol and stopped in his tracks. After introductions, Tom was told of Butch’s exam findings. Butch smiled, turned to Carol and told her to drop her Levi’s and bend over Tom’s lap. She just stood there. “Four more demerits.”

Tom undid her belt and unzipped her pants, pulling them down to her ankles. She was crying now as he slowly pushed her over his lap and started to gently lower her sheer panties for the third time that night. Butch walked over and spread her cheeks while Tom placed his large right index finger on her tiny anus. He started to insert it dry. Carol began to cry and beg, but the finger eventually went in to the hilt. He ordered Carol to try to push it out, then after several tries, to try to pull it back in. This was going to build her rectal and sphincter muscles, he told her. After a long, protracted time, Tom drew his finger out, wiggling it back and forth as he did so. His finger was quickly replaced with a larger size rectal thermometer with a much larger pear-shaped tip. Tom held her on his lap, as his right hand went across her ass cheeks, holding the thermometer in place between his index and middle fingers. Every once in awhile he would twist it around to see if he could see if there was any change in her temperature. A few minutes later, he pulled it out, and saw that it still showed a slight fever. She would be needing the cooling treatments.

Carol got up and was ready to pull up her panties. She stood there between Tom’s legs in her T-shirt with her Levi’s down around her ankles and her panties just above her knees. Butch told Tom of his medical findings and also of the twenty demerits earned. Tom told her that all demerits had to be paid off the day they were given or extras would be given over the next two days. Tom looked at Butch and Butch just shook his head.

Carol was allowed to pull up her panties and jeans, then led over to the spare bedroom. When they got to the room, she was ordered once again to strip off her clothes. Butch closely supervised her disrobing, while Tom went to prepare the implements of her punishment. Butch made her stand before him while he roughly yanked her translucent panties down to her ankles and made her lie on her back on the bed. He raised her knees and legs over her chest and fastened them to stirrups hanging from the ceiling. Her arms were tied spread eagle. Her legs were spread wide, allowing free access to her pussy and asshole, which, along with her little tits, were to be the focus of her punishment.

She shuddered to think that this was just the beginning.