A Different Visit to Sherema

When I first arrived at the clinic, I was immediately greeted by the nurse…who soon was to be my patient. We walked into the examination room and immediately, I could see that this was everything that I had imagined. Off to one side of the room was the standard examining table…complete with stirrups. Although it was my original intention to BE examined, the sight of the stirrups caused my thoughts to immediately shift to GIVING an examination. When my nurse asked me to get undressed for the examination, it was then that I informed her that SHE was to be the patient. After a bit of objecting on her part…and some negotiating on her part she began to undress.

Now, this nurse was everything that one could ask for. She was of average height and of slight build. Medium sized breasts, a shapely waist, and what appeared to be a firm and round ass. I would soon be seeing all of this…and exactly in the way that I had desired for so long. My nurse stepped back, reached behind her and unzipped her nurses uniform. She let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in a white bra that adequately covered her breasts, and hi-cut white bikini panties. She did not wear a garter belt or stockings. I almost preferred it that way. Standing in front of me was this nurse, almost naked, just moments away from being examined by my hands! She then reached behind her to remove her bra. It fell to the floor to join her previously disrobed dress. Yes, her breasts were as I imagined them…nice and round, firm, no sag…with nice little nipples that were rapidly beginning to stick out. I handed her the examining gown and she quickly put it on. Then, I asked her to sit upon the examining table so that we could begin our examination.

She tied the gown in the back and climbed upon the examining table, sitting on the side, with her legs dangling off of the edge. The gown had risen up to about mid-thigh and I could faintly see the triangle of those white bikini panties that would soon be removed. I began my examination by looking into her deep blue eyes. Then I examined her nasal cavity and looked inside of her mouth. Her face was as beautiful as the rest of her. Completing this part of the examination by checking her thyroid glands, I reached behind her and untied the gown, letting it fall to her waist. She immediately sat up straight and leaned back on her arms. I reached both hands out to examine her breasts, kneading their firm tenderness. I then grabbed a nipple of each breast between my fingers, teasing it until it could become no harder.

“Lie down on the table, my dear, so we can continue with our examination”, I instructed. She lay back on the table, the examination gown falling to the floor. My view now was of a young woman lying on an examination table on her back. Her breasts were now flattened out, but her nipples remained erect. I looked down her belly to see the outline of those white bikini panties (which was a tremendous turn-on for me). I prodded her belly and noticed its firmness and flatness. My hands proceeded to the top of her panties, where I inserted my fingertips just to the top of her pubic hair. The abdominal examination completed, it was time to move on to the more serious parts of the examination. I asked her to raise her hips so that I could remove her panties. With that, her ass came off the table and I grabbed the panties on each side…bringing them down ever so slowly to reveal the neatly trimmed bush around her pussy.

“Slide down on the table and put your legs in the stirrups.” She slid down on the table and spread her legs, placing them in the stirrups without hesitation. The view continues to improve. I walked to the edge of the table. She had a bush that could not be believed. Neatly trimmed, it was of a golden brown color, tapering up from her pussy just a bit, and being trimmed away to nothingness below her pussy around her asshole. I got the full view here, and from the limited tan marks, I had visions of her lying on the beach in her very scanty bikini.

I sat down on the stool at the edge of the table, reached up and grabbed her knees, and spread her legs further apart. Then, I reached out and put my hand on her pussy, running finger down her pussy lips. When I reached the opening, I moved my finger around until it was met with wetness. Then I inserted my finger all the way inside for the “examination”. When my finger was all the way inside, I could feel her pussy muscles tightening on my finger. I began to move my finger in and out. Then, I put two fingers inside and continued with the examination. She was now beginning to squirm on the examining table. It was now time for the vaginal-rectal examination. I moved my third finger up to her pussy to get some lubrication. Then, I placed it against her asshole and began to probe inside. The moans that she was beginning to emit became more frantic and she pushed her ass down on my finger. With this movement, the two fingers in her pussy were pushed all the way inside, and my finger in her ass slid home.

Now, picture this: I have a naked nurse on an examining table with her legs in the stirrups. I am at the end of the table…looking right at her pussy, with two fingers in her pussy and one finger in her ass. “Please, Doctor, make me come”, she says. What? I haven’t even finished my examination. With my free hand, I reach up to fondle her clit. She is now madly squirming on the table…pushing up to meet my hand on her clit…pushing down to meet my fingers in her pussy…and pushing back to meet my finger in her ass. It’s not long before the moaning and the squirming reach their peak and she comes…her pussy pulsating on my two fingers and her ass becoming incredibly tight on my third finger. As she sighs, finishing her come, I slowly remove my fingers from her pussy and her ass. While she is so very nicely naturally lubricated, I insert the speculum to conclude the examination.

It slides inside easily, and I open it up to take a look. Inside is like a pond of pussy juice. The aroma of her pussy has filled the entire room. The pussy juice runs down the speculum. There’s nothing wrong with this pussy, I conclude, as I remove the speculum from inside. Concluding the pelvic examination, and while her legs were still in the stirrups, I informed her that our new procedure in the office was to take the patient’s temperature rectally. From my recent experience with the rectal examination, there was no doubt in my mind that she had experienced anal sex in the past. I did not think that having a thermometer in her ass would cause her any emotional discomfort. Much to my surprise, she had unpleasant experiences as a child which continued through her teenage years. She protested loudly and began to take her feet out of the stirrups. It was then that I had to restrain her legs with the leather straps that dangled from the side of each stirrup for just such occurrences.

She now knew that her examination would continue in the standard format. Although she was well lubricated naturally, I lubricated my index finger with KY Jelly and began to spread it around her asshole. Then I pushed my finger inside of her rectum, purely for spite and the enjoyment of doing so. Once I was sure that her rectum was “thoroughly” lubricated, I reached for the rectal thermometer and ever so slowly placed it into her rectum. As I did so, she began to emit low moans and cries of objection. As I learned later, this was a routine in her household until she moved out at age seventeen.

The thermometer was now in place. What a sight to behold! Before my eyes I saw a disrobed nurse, all of twenty-three years old. She’s lying on the examination table, with her legs spread wide, and restrained in the stirrups. The rectal thermometer is sticking out of her asshole ever so nicely, like it enjoys being there. I approach the examination table and very slowly, while twisting from side to side, remove the thermometer.

As I do this, my nurse again begins to moan. As the thermometer leaves her rectum, her asscheeks close shut and I take the reading. It appears that my nurse has a slight fever. “Nothing that a good enema won’t cure,” I tell her. I walk into the bathroom to get the standard two-quart enema bag with inflatable nozzle nozzle. The way this girl gets off on having something in her ass, I don’t want to take any chances on her losing the enema nozzle-or the contents. When I return to the room holding the enema bag, my nurse raises more of an objection than she did when I produced the rectal thermometer. I have filled the bag with a mild soap solution and tepid water. I approach the examination table and begin to lubricate the inflatable nozzle nozzle. Then, I spread her ass cheeks, and again, begin to apply lubricant to her asshole.

She is squirming around, not from enjoyment this time, but from anxiety. I slide my finger into her asshole and move it in and out. I again feel her ass muscles start to grip my finger. She likes my finger in her ass…she’ll get used to the enema nozzle. I remove my finger, and holding her ass cheeks apart, put the nozzle against her asshole. You never heard so much noise! Slowly, I place it into her asshole, the thin part first. When the nozzle reaches the balloon, I spread her ass cheeks wider, and, twisting and turning, insert the balloon all the way into her ass. She’s getting used to the nozzle in her ass, but she knows that the water is about to be released. She is taken by surprise when I inflate the nozzle, but I think that she enjoys the expanded feeling in her asshole. I begin to release the water. More protesting and squirming, but the water is going in nicely.

I rub her belly to ease any cramping. For my own enjoyment, I occasionally rub the inside of her thighs and her ass cheeks, and I twist the nozzle and move it in and out of her ass (at least as much as the inflatable nozzle will allow). Now the enema bag is empty, and my nurse is complaining that she has to use the bathroom. After waiting a few minutes, I deflate the nozzle and very slowly begin to remove it from her ass. On its journey out, I frequently push the nozzle in just a little bit to tease her and amuse myself. My nurse removes her legs from the stirrups, and I help her off of the examination table so that she can go to the bathroom. What shall I do while she is gone?

I have a tremendous hard-on after this experience. I take off all of my clothes and I am now standing in the examining room, stark naked, with my cock standing out as hard as it can be. I begin to think about the examination that has just taken place, and as I look around the room, my eye catches the examining table, AND the glistening rectal thermometer. I reach back and rub my ass cheeks. I spread my ass cheeks and place a finger upon my asshole. Oh yes, it is very receptive to some stimulation. I walk over to the examining table and climb up on it. Lying flat on my back, I slide down and place my feet in the stirrups. Spreading my legs wide, I begin to furiously pump my cock. With my free hand, I am rubbing my balls and fingering my asshole.

I continue to pump my cock, but I reach over and grab the KY jelly and the rectal thermometer. I lubricate one finger and slowly insert it into my asshole. I feel the same squeezing sensation that I felt when I had my finger (the same one) in my nurse’s asshole. I remove my finger, and, holding my ass cheeks apart, I slowly insert the thermometer. I push it all the way inside and leave it alone. I lie back and jerk off, my legs spread in the stirrups with a thermometer sticking out of my ass.

I begin to think about examining my nurse. I am not content to have the thermometer sticking in my ass. I reach down and move the thermometer in and out of my ass, twisting and turning it in the same way that I did to my nurse. The pleasure is mounting. All of a sudden I hear, “Doctor, I’m ready for you to examine me after my enema.” I look up and see my nurse standing in the doorway. SHE HAS SEEN ME! I quickly remove the thermometer from my ass, take my legs out of the stirrups, and get off of the examining table.

Here I am…again…standing stark naked next to the examining table with my cock even harder then it was before I became involved with myself. I am now looking at the woman who just received one hell of an examination and an enema. And now, she knows that maybe I was deriving pleasure from the experience. But, she’s extremely cool. “Young lady, get back up on the examining table so that we can have another look”, I say.

She unhesitatingly assumes the position…flat on her back with her legs in the stirrups. Her pussy lips are wide open and her asshole is inviting me to take a look. As I stand naked before her, I begin the same examination. This time, I need not wait before receiving her natural lubrication. I immediately place two fingers inside of her pussy, and the third finger inside of her ass. As I move them in and out, I get the same response that I got before. This time, I must conduct the examination with a different instrument. I remove my fingers from her pussy and her ass, and holding her pussy lips wide apart, I rub my cock against her pussy.

This is what she has wanted from the start! I move forward and my cock enters her pussy. It slides al the way inside without any difficulty. I rub her clit and fuck her madly. She’s pushing up against my cock, using the stirrups for support. Her pussy is as wet as it can be, hot too, and she is rubbing her tits with her hands. “Oh, Doctor, please examine my ass!”, she exclaims.

I pull out of her pussy and rub my very slippery cock against her asshole. It’s plenty lubricated with KY jelly and pussy juice. “On your knees for this examination”, I instruct her. She removes her legs from the stirrups and quickly turns around on her knees, placing her ass in the air. I pull out the lower portion of the examining table and stand on it. My cock is positioned perfectly at her asshole. She reaches around and spreads the cheeks of her ass. I place my cock between her asscheeks and she pushes back. She’s had a cock in here before. Her asscheeks open up, and with little effort, the head of my cock is inside. She moans…not from discomfort, mind you, but from sheer joy. I easily put the rest of my cock into her ass. It’s twice as warm as her pussy and twice as tight. But, it’s not so tight that I can’t move it in and out. She’s pushing back on it to meet my thrusts. I’m holding her ass cheeks apart as I fuck her ass. She has her hand on her pussy and I can feel her moving her finger(s) in and out of her pussy. I fuck her ass without reservation. She can take as much as I can give. Then, she begins to buck furiously on my cock, and I feel her finger(s) inside of her pussy moving more frantically. She’s coming…and fast. So am I! I thrust into every one of her thrusts.

She emits a loud moan and her asshole gets very tight on my cock. I’m coming. I shoot my load into her ass as she grinds back against my cock. When we have finished our climax, she lies on her stomach on the examining table, and in so doing, my cock slides smoothly from her ass. I dismount the table and observe my nurse, lying on her stomach, with her legs slightly spread. She has a nice ass. That’s for sure. My nurse rolls over and gets off of the examining table.

She walks over to me and grabbing hold of my semi-erect cock says, “Doctor, why don’t you return tomorrow for your examination ?”

You better believe I’ll be back.