A Governess for Richard Book Two

“This is Richard Chambers” Jane relished hearing those words as she stood in front of her desk facing Lady Rawlings and the boy. Her memory of Richard was accurate but she had not been able to see his eyes or the profile of his face from the front. “Step forward Richard and greet your new governess.” Lady Rawlings pushed the boy forward until he was stood directly in front of Jane.

Jane placed her hand under his chin and raised his head so that she could look directly into his eyes. “I am Miss Marwood… your Governess.” She spoke slowly and insistently as she reveled in her first contact with the boy. I am going to be teaching you your lessons and I want you to work hard and be obedient… do you understand?”

Richard nodded his head. “Yes Miss Marwood.”

“Well done, you need not call me Miss Marwood unless you want to attract my attention, please address me as ‘Miss’ when answering my questions.”

“Yes Miss.” Richard’s face had colored up at the touch of her hand and her steady gaze. He was completely mesmerized by her beauty. Her gentle touch against his face had made him dizzy. He looked at her through a haze of embarrassment, not daring to catch her eye.

“You can go and sit at that desk over there, you will see that your books are in the drawers at each side. We will be starting with English, so if you would like to find your books for that subject while I see Her Ladyship out.”

Jane followed Lady Rawlings out of the study and closed the door behind her. “Please call me Victoria, I only get called Her Ladyship by officials or peasants.” She laughed as Jane took her arm.

“He looks everything I expected and his demeanor is perfect. I shall need about three weeks before I first start to mould him. As we discussed, he needs to feel secure and loving towards me before I can begin to influence his nature.”

Victoria smiled. “I understand perfectly and I know attention to detail is as important to you as it is to me. Would you like me to send Wendy in at eleven with morning tea? I already know the arrangements you would like for Richard.”

“That would be fine I will ring if there is anything else.”

Richard sorted through his books but his mind was in a turmoil. He had felt clumsy and awkward standing before her and what was worse he knew he could not help himself. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. His feelings of inferiority were such that he found it almost impossible to articulate.

Jane had dressed impeccably for the occasion she wore a blue silk shirt with a large cameo broach at the collar. Her skirt was fine blue cotton with pleats at either side. Her tanned legs were covered in sheer silk, which accentuated their perfection. Jane had deliberately worn high heels so that she would have extra height. The dark blue of the Italian leather neatly encased her dainty feet.

Jane re-entered the study, which her ladyship had carefully set out. The large desk faced the smaller one squarely, they were set about six feet apart. Her ladyships attention to detail and been impeccable. Pens, exercise books and paper had been supplied to both desks. A carafe of water had been placed on the corner of her desk next to a bell push. Jane sat down, her fingers brushing over the fine yew surround of the desk and on to the thick leather covered top. She looked across at Richard who sat expectantly with his English text and exercise books open. Jane did not speak but looked intently at the boy, watching him blush as he met her gaze.

She looked down and opened the middle drawer of her desk. She had to stifle a giggle as she saw all of her canes had been neatly laid on the green baize of the drawer lining. On top of the canes was a hand written note. ‘Enjoy… V.’

Jane smiled to herself and closed the drawer. She looked up and addressed Richard. “Come and stand by my side and show me your text and exercise books will you Richard.” Her voice was cool and precise. She watched him get up from his desk, noticing his gray worsted jacket and gray short trousers were obviously brand new and being worn for the first time. Richard walked forward and stood at the side of her desk. She leaned her body towards him and put her arm around his legs drawing him closer until his body was touching hers. She kept her hand on his thigh, feeling the warmth of his body though the material of his short trousers.

“Now show me where you are up to.” Jane spoke softly almost intimately to him as he placed his books upon her desk.

“Er.. I am up to here.” Richard pointed to a passage from the test book. “We were doing comprehension Miss.”

Jane smiled sweetly, looking up into his face. Richard turned his head toward her, aware of her gaze. She felt a thrill as he blushed profusely, quickly turning his head back to the books in front of them.

Jane looked at the text and pointed with her pretty fingers at the start of the passage of text. “Read this chapter for me Richard, I want to see if you pronounce the words correctly. You can pick up the text book and stand up straight.” She could feel the boy’s discomfort and embarrassment emanating from him as she slowly let her hand trail down over his short trousers and on to his bare thigh. She lightly played her fingers up and down his leg as he began to read.

His voice was almost trembling as he started the first passage. “Clear your throat Richard and start again… a little louder and firmer this time.”

Richard straightened his shoulders and held the book up higher as if it would project his voice further. Jane relaxed her body as the boy began to read. His voice was clear and his pronunciation good although Jane thought, his accent could do with a lot of modification. Gently she stroked his thigh her fingers occasionally pushing up beneath the trouser leg. Richard was blushing a bright crimson by the time he had finished the chapter.

Jane let go of his legs and leaned back in her chair, her breasts thrusting against the silk of her dark blue blouse as she altered her position. “Very good for a first attempt Richard. Go and sit down and write an explanation of what Sheridan meant to say by introducing that character. Do you understand what to do?”

“Er… Yes Miss, I think I understand.” Richard stammered as he stumbled rather than walked back to his chair. Jane watched him as he left her desk, she was almost sure she could detect a slight bulge in his trousers.

Richard worked silently he had had no time to crystallize his thoughts about his new governess. He was embarrassed to distraction by her beauty and could not bring himself to look her in the eye.

They both sat in silence as the hours passed by. Richard had become absorbed in his work and was determined to do his best. Jane watched as he wrote his paragraphs onto spare sheets of paper, altering them several times before finally copying them to his exercise book. Jane sat at her desk writing busily. Rather than leave anything to chance she was composing a program of events to give to Her Ladyship. She had already laid out a profile of what would be happening with Richard over the coming weeks, this was already several pages long. She was now composing a program of events and suggestions with regard to the rest of the household staff. She had talked with Lady Rawlings the previous evening and explained that her acceptance within the household must not just be based on authority alone. Much of what she was now writing clarified and recorded their conversation.

At eleven-o-clock precisely Annette entered with a small tea tray which she placed on the desk in front of Jane. She removed a glass of orange juice from amongst the pot and jugs and placed it in front of Richard. She smiled at the boy and turned to Jane. “Will there be anything else Miss?”

Jane shook her head. “No. Thank you Annette, that will be all for now.” She watched the girl leave and turned to Richard who was still writing. “You may have a little break and drink your orange juice if you like. Or sip it as you work if you would prefer.”

Richard looked across his desk at Jane. He could not help dropping his eyes in embarrassment as her she fixed her eyes on his. Her beauty overwhelmed him. “Er.. thank you Miss.” Richard drank from the glass and then looked down once more at his books.

They worked through the day breaking for lunch in the smaller of the two dining rooms. Jane ate lunch alone with the boy watching him intently. She noticed that Richard avoided her gaze whenever possible. She was aware the effect she had on him. Once out of the corner of her eye during the morning she had seen him glance at her as she had leaned back in her chair. She had deliberately stretched her shoulders back feeling the tightness of the silk against her nipples as her breasts thrust forward. She noticed that he had colored up immediately and bent his head back down to his work. Jane had planned her strategy carefully avoiding all physical contact until late in the afternoon.

She walked got up from her desk and moved behind him. Carefully she leaned over him. Her breasts pressed against him as she bent over and placed her cheek next to his. “Well Richard, let me see what you have written.” She flipped over the pages of his book to the start of his essay. She could feel the heat from his cheeks as he blushed profusely. She placed her cool delicate finger tips on the nape of his neck stroking his hair gently as she began to the read through his work.

Richard was in turmoil, he felt his cheeks burning with embarrassment as she leaned against him. Her fingers were cool and gentle against his neck, her perfume intoxicating his senses as she whispered softly to him. “You are a clever boy, you seem to understand the characterization perfectly and you have written so much.. what a lovely boy you are.” Her voice was low and sensual as she moved her cheek against his. Richard began to tremble unable to control his emotions. Her proximity and the intimate way she touched him destroyed his equilibrium. Her low sensuous voice flattering and praising him was just too much. Jane sensed his agitation at once. She knew exactly the effect she was having on him. Gently she withdrew her face from his and delicately placed a small kiss on his burning cheek.

She stood up taking his book from the desk. “I will read this through to correct any small mistakes you might have made and let you have it back in the morning.” She moved to the side of the desk and stood with her legs astride.

“You may get up now and go and play outside if you like as long as you are ready for dinner at seven. If you would like some tea you can go and see Rachael or Claire in the kitchens.” She noticed Richard was studiously avoiding eye contact with her. She also knew that unless she was mistaken he would have an erection. “Come along then up you get, you really have done wonderfully well today.” She could see the boy’s absolute anguish as he pushed his chair back. She smiled as he turned his body away from her to get up from the far side and walk around the back of the chair. She watched with delight as he furiously tried to adjust his trousers while his back was turned toward her.

“Come along Richard, don’t you want to go out to play ?” Her voice was light and cheerful.

Richard turned toward the door trying not to look at her. There was a bulge in his trousers which he could not conceal. His head was throbbing as he stumbled toward the door.

Her voice made him stop in his tracks. “Come here Richard and stand in front of me.”

Richard quaked as he heard her instruction. Shame-faced he turned and stood in front of her looking down at his feet. Jane examined him closely as he stood before her. It was with delight that she saw the shape of his penis pushing hard against the material of his trouser leg. He had obviously not been able to adjust his penis upwards or to the side. It must be quite painful she thought pointing downward like that while it was obviously so hard. She took Richard’s face between the palm of her hands. Her fingers cool against his burning cheeks.

She raised his head and looked into his eyes. “It is normal manners Richard to turn toward one’s teacher and ask permission before one leaves the room.” Jane felt a thrill inside her as she saw the helpless look of supplication in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Miss,” he stammered.” Richard was near to fainting as Jane let go of him and turned him toward the door.

“Off you go and play.” Richard turned the handle of the door and stumbled out. His face was burning and his head pounding as he walked along the hallway and up the wide staircase toward his room.

Jane and Victoria were seated in easy chairs by the fireside in the small drawing room. They had eaten dinner together with Diane and Veronica in the small dining room. Jane had explained her intentions to the gathering, talking for almost and hour. She had patiently answered both Diane’s and Veronica’s eager questions as well as ascertaining from the girl’s the exact events leading up to Richard’s admission to the household. Jane had been very impressed with Diane’s easy manner and openness, her summing up of the boy’s emotions were both incisive and accurate. Veronica too, she thought certainly understood the subtle nuances that were required in dealing with the boy.

Victoria leaned forward in her chair and rang the bell cord on the wall by the fireplace. “I usually drink wine in the evening, would you like to join me. I have some excellent clarets as well as a fine selection of Southern and Northern Rhone’s. One of my favorites is a burgundy from the Cote de Nuits, a La Tache which I think you might like. My late husband was a firm disciple of the growers from Vosne Romanee and purchased futures for many years before he died. Our cellars here are absolutely perfect in all respects, even to a temperature of fifty-five degree’s and as it is a hobby of mine I take pleasure in having wines that Fortnum’s are having to pay four times the price for.”

Jane laughed, she knew the wines her Ladyship was talking of very well, and indeed their high prices.

Wendy knocked and entered at her Ladyships beckoning. “Wendy dear, would you fetch a bottle of La Tache from the cellar, take it from any of the racks from row D.”

Wendy bobbed to Jane before answering her Mistress. “Yes Miss.. shall I bring the Italian glasses with it?”

Lady Rawlings smiled. “Yes Thank you I think that would be an excellent idea.”

Jane looked at Victoria as Wendy left the room. “I am impressed, she seems to know your cellar well and what glasses you might require.

Her Ladyship sat back in her chair, crossing her tanned legs. She unbuttoned the pleat of her dress, leaving her legs bare almost to her panties. “I do like to get comfortable in the evening, it’s so cozy in here that I sometimes stretch out by the fire and listen to the Radio or just read.”

Jane looked over at Veronica’s bare legs. Her body was quite magnificent, her muscle tone perfect, even for a girl ten years younger. Victoria was well aware of Jane’s examination of her legs. She uncrossed them and stretched them out in front of her, slowly smoothing her hand over her thigh. “You really have beautiful legs, why don’t you pop you clothes off and come and lay over my knee. I would love to have another look at that bare bottom of yours.”

Victoria smiled, “I would love to, but instead I thought I might come and have a look at how you have settled into your rooms. The West Wing has the most beautiful views and is the only suite of rooms that has it’s own study, apart from Diane’s.”

Jane smiled knowingly. “I think that would be an even better idea. I really do love the rooms, the bathroom is amazingly opulent and I love the Louis furniture. Are you sure I am not taking up some of your living space?”

“Of course not, my own suite is even larger and I assure you no less decadent. We had most of the Manor refurbished over two years ago. I think I realized then that I didn’t want a house that was constantly full of tradesmen and always in need of repair. So the whole house was rewired as well as new plumbing. I had it done while we went to our Villa in France. I don’t think I could have stood the upheaval. Rather than have local tradesmen in the house I engaged Harrods new property services. They sent a designer and an architect so that there was continuity throughout the design scheme. I must say they did a beautiful job. You ought to see Diane’s rooms if you think yours are luxurious. She really is an imp, she picked everything herself. I remember the designer from Harrods saying that her ideas and tastes would do justice to any of the Royal households. She really did cost me a fortune though. We have mains gas too, although none of the surrounding villages have. It pays to sit on the same bench as the Director of the Gas Board.”

Jane could not help laughing. “I suppose you are financially very secure, not that I mean to pry.”

Victoria’s eyes twinkled in merriment, her red lipstick framing her even white teeth as she smiled. “You must never think that there is any question that you cannot ask. The answer is yes, My late husband’s family have had this land since sixteen fifty-one. I was the sole heir when my husband died. The estate has over two thousand acres, divided between here and the mainland, much of which is farmed by tenants. There are several companies on the mainland of which I am the major shareholder and in addition I own a large portfolio of properties in London. I also own a large estate in the South of France. We have a Villa there which is built on the coastal estate. It is really beautiful. We have our own beach which is surrounded by cliffs. It is impossible for anyone to get to the beach unless by boat and as it is covered by an old French estate law which is marked on the coastal water charts as being off limits. I will take you there at the start of the summer holidays as we will all be going then. That’s about the size of it really, even with taxation I seem to be increasing both the income and the holdings. Of course the family solicitors and accountants are so well established (their firms are both over three-hundred years old) that I have very few decisions to make. However I do go to all the major board meetings and decide on various recommendations and acquisitions.”

Jane was not only suitably impressed by the scope of Victoria’s wealth but also by the acumen her ladyship must have in business. Even with inherited wealth it had to be managed properly.

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come in.” Veronica called as she got up from her chair and pulled a small refectory table between their two chairs.

Wendy entered carrying a silver tray which held a bottle of wine and two glasses. She bent over and placed the tray on to the table. Jane was delighted to see that the cork had been pulled and was being held by a twist of lead foil to the neck of the bottle. The dust on the bottle had not been disturbed apart from the neck which had been wiped clean.

Jane smiled at Wendy as she spoke. “That looks very professional Wendy, you have obviously done this before.”

Wendy bobbed a curtsey to Jane. “Yes Miss, Madam showed me how to present the wine properly.”

Lady Rawlings smiled at her young maid. “You do it very well all the same. It is getting rather late and I don’t imagine we will need anything else. Why don’t you go and get your night things on and you and Annette can come down and say goodnight.”

Wendy bobbed to Her Ladyship. “Shall I tell Annette to put her night things on too Miss ?”

“Of course and don’t be too long as Miss Marwood and I will be going to bed ourselves soon.”

Wendy bobbed one more curtsey and left the room. Jane looked at Veronica with an inquiring eye. “Is it usual for them to come down and say goodnight or are you doing it for my benefit ?”

Veronica laughed. “Well they always come and see if there is anything else I want before they retire, but not as a rule in their night clothes.”

Veronica said no more but leaned forward and poured wine into both glasses. She handed one to Jane and held her glass up in front of her. “Here is to you Jane, it is so nice to have someone to discuss things with.”

They both drank from their glasses Jane took her drink and settled back in her chair. Veronica put her glass down and stood up, moving over to Jane she leaned over and kissed Jane full on the lips. “Don’t spill your wine… I just wanted to do that I feel very warm towards you.”

Jane understood how Lady Rawlings must feel. “I do understand Veronica, it must be hard, even having such a lovely daughter, to find someone to share your thoughts with. I have always had my mother, but it does seem easier when you are not related. It is often hard to think of one’s mother or I suppose one’s daughter as just a friend.” Jane raised her glass toward Victoria. “Here’s to you.. and to us together, what do you say?”

Veronica gave a low chuckle. “An admirable toast.” She took her glass and touched it against Jane’s.

Both women turned their heads towards the door as they heard the sound of someone knocking softly. Lady Rawlings called for the girls to enter as she got up from her chair. Annette and Wendy entered the room, both of them looked up timidly to their Mistress as they stood on the rich olive green Axminster, their bare feet just visible under their long dressing gowns.

“Lady Rawlings addressed the girls. “I know you have met Miss Marwood briefly, but I would like her to have a closer look at you both. So you first Annette off with your dressing gown and stand in front of Miss Marwood.” Victoria’s voice was soft but firm.

Annette obeyed immediately taking off her new dressing gown she moved in front of Jane. She wore a silk short night dress that finished just below her hips. The matching panties were trimmed with a ruffled lace. Her pretty cheeks blushed as Jane looked her up and down. Without warning Victoria moved behind her sand pulled her panties down to her knees. “Hand above you head now .” She warned as she took the hem of the night dress and pulled it up and over the girls head. Jane leaned forward and pulled the flimsy panties down to her feet.

“Take those off and give them to her Ladyship.” She commanded smartly. “Now stand straight with your arms by your side so I can have a proper look at you.”

Annette blushed but did as she had been told. Her firm breasts stood proudly above her slim waist. Jane looked at the girl’s smoothly shaven pubis. The plump flesh between her legs had been lightly talcum powdered. “Open your legs.” Jane commanded as she got up from her chair and stood in front of the girl.

She placed her hand gently on the girl’s breast, tweaking the erect nipple with her delicate fingers. “You have a lovely body, you must be very proud of it.” Jane smiled kindly at the blushing girl. With out preamble she cupped her free hand between the young maid’s legs, squeezing the soft mound of flesh intimately. Jane moved her face close to girls blushing cheeks, at the same time she felt the moist lips of the labia part as she slipped her forefinger up inside the young girl. Jane looked intently at the girls face as she slipped a second finger up into her. Annette had began to tremble as Jane quickly moved her fingers inside her, arousing the sensitive membranes of her most intimate part. Jane squeezed the girl’s nipple hard as she watched her close her eyes. Her pretty lips were parted as she drew deep breaths of air in response to Jane’s busy fingers expertly arousing her. Involuntarily she squeezed her thighs together unable to disguise the wave of sexual arousal she felt course through her trembling body. Victoria looked over at Wendy and smiled at her. Wendy’s face was blushing furiously, her delicate lips trembling as she looked at the naked body of her companion. Victoria was sure that is was not just the embarrassment she felt for her friend but the knowledge that it would probably be her turn next.

Jane took her hand from the girl’s breast and slid it around her waist, gently indicating that the girl should kneel. Annette was thankful for the gesture she was trembling from head to foot. She sank gratefully to her knees and then forward on to her hands. Jane had kept up the insistent rhythm of her fingers during their change of position. Now as she bent over the her she was able to explore the cheeks of the maid’s bottom with her free hand. She slid her fingers down the crease of the buttocks quickly locating the sphincter. Without warning she deftly slid her forefinger up into the girl’s bottom.

“Arrggghh….” Annette wailed as Jane quickly thrust her finger even further up into her anal passage. The girl’s body moved sensuously as Jane brought her to a reluctant orgasm. Annette could not help herself as she threw back her head, moaning loudly as she climaxed. Wendy watched on helplessly, aware that her turn was to come. She squeezed her legs together miserably aware that she was already wet between her legs. Lady Rawlings observed the proceedings, occasionally casting an eye over to Wendy who was trembling visibly. She had decided to observe rather than participate in order to see how Jane coped with the girls. Annette could control her limbs no longer and sank to the floor as her climax receded. She was only just aware of Jane’s fingers being gently withdrawn from her vagina and her bottom. Her face rested on the carpet as she became aware of gentle fingers being stroked down her back and over her buttocks.

After a few moments caressing the prostrate girl Jane spoke gently to her. “Get up now and go and sit on Her ladyships knee.” Victoria smiled knowing that Jane was aware that she had been dying to stroke the girl and yet had desisted for the sake of her new governess.

Jane sat back in her chair. “Why Wendy you are trembling come and stand in front of me you poor girl, whatever is the matter don’t you think your friend enjoyed that ?”

Wendy’s face was a picture of distress as she came to stand in front of the new governess.

“Well Wendy don’t you think she enjoyed it ?”

Wendy managed to stammer an answer. “er.. I don’t know Miss.” She looked sheepish as she answered. The cool stare of the new young governess unnerved her.

“Well turn around and ask her, there’s a good girl.” Wendy blushed a deep red and turned to Annette who was sitting on her Ladyships knee. Her head was laid against her Mistress’s shoulder and her eyes were closed. Lady Rawlings softly stoked her fingers over the girl’s breasts and tummy her other hand gently holding the girls waist. “D..did you enjoy that Annette?”

Wendy’s question was awkward and of course unnecessary. Annette looked up at Wendy her eyes appearing unfocussed with a dreamy expression. “Yes it was lovely.” Her voice was soft and low, full of sensuality. Wendy turned to the young governess.

“Well off with your things, I want to have a good look at you.” Wendy blushed but something in the young woman’s voice made her obey immediately. She quickly took off her dressing gown and stood up straight in her night dress. The silk material was quite transparent and Jane could easily see that Wendy had no pubic hair.

“Come along off with the rest.” Wendy blushed again but the effect was negligible against her already burning cheeks. She took off her night dress taking it over her head and shaking her hair as she laid it on the floor. She was tempted to cover her pretty breasts but one look at Jane stopped her. Instead she pushed her pretty panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Wendy could not help immediately covering her pubis as she straightened up.

“Hands on your head, come along quickly girl.” Jane’s voice was stern and sharp. “Walk to the end of the room like that and then walk back towards me.” Wendy blushed and bit her pretty lip, her long eyelashes dropping to her cheeks as she heard the command. Blindly she placed her hands on her head, her knees squirming together as she tried to hide her intimate part from Jane’s examining stare.

“Look at me Wendy.” Jane’s voice penetrated the girl’s haze of embarrassment. Wendy reluctantly opened her eyes and looked at the pretty young woman sat before her. Jane smiled at her “Don’t be a shy girl, we are all friends here, just do as you are told.. we don’t want to get off on the wrong foot do we.”

Wendy could not help responding to the friendly smile. “I’m sorry Miss,” she turned and walked self consciously toward the door at the far end of the room, turning her body around she stood for a moment as if waiting for further instruction and then walked slowly back to the chairs by the fireside. Jane was delighted with the girl. She did not like girls that were brazen or brash. It was the delicate nature and timidity of a sensitive young girl that appealed to her.

She stood up as Wendy approached and stood in front of her. Placing her hands on the girl’s shoulders she turned her round and quickly bent her over. “Hold on to your ankles Wendy there’s a good girl.”

Wendy quickly took her hands from her head and grasped her ankles. She gasped as she felt the smooth palm of Jane’s hand run down her back and over the twin hillocks of her bottom. “Legs apart, come along now.” Jane forced her hand between the trembling girl’s thighs making her spread her legs wider. Wendy grunted as she shuffled her legs apart still managing to clasp her ankles. She shivered as she felt Jane’s hand under her tummy quickly moving across the sensitive flesh to cup her naked pubis. She shuddered as she felt Jane’s other hand move over her buttocks and part the cheeks of her bottom. She could not help shuddering as she felt a finger probe the tender opening of her sphincter.

“You naughty girl you are all wet.” Jane chided as she pushed two fingers up between the smoothly shaven labia, delicately sliding them up and down the plump folds of flesh. Deftly she pushed her fingers straight up into the vagina. Jane was delighted to find the girl so wet. Quickly her fingers sought every part of her tight little orifice. Her experienced hands quickly stimulated the girl to arousal.

“Oop’s there we are.” She pushed her forefinger up into the girl’s bottom simultaneously pushing her other fingers further up into the vagina. Suddenly she pulled her fingers from the girl and held her hand flat against the trembling girl’s tummy, pulling her finger out of her squirming bottom. She felt the sphincter firmly contract over her knuckle as she withdrew. Jane quickly pulled the bending girl towards her chair and sat down placing the naked girl face down over her knee. Before the Wendy could protest Jane had pushed her hand between the parted legs and slid her fingers between the fleshy folds of skin. Immediately she pushed two fingers back up into the moist vagina and proceeded to explore and stimulate the sensitive opening. Wendy could not help thrusting her hips forward against Jane’s hand, her young body responding naively to the woman’s expert ministrations. Jane felt beneath the girl with her free hand, cupping her young breast she pinched the nipple, it’s point was hard with desire.

“My you are a sensitive young thing I see I shall have to take you in hand.” Her words were designed to inflame and embarrass as she cleverly moved her fingers inside the tight warm passage.

“Arggghh mmmmmnnn Misss…sss. “Wendy could not help herself moaning as Jane cleverly kept her balanced on the very verge of an orgasm.

Her fingers seemed to know exactly what to do to bring the girl’s naked body to the peak of excitement. Jane took her hand from the soft flesh of the girl’s breast and began to stroke her shoulders before moving lower and gently running her fingers down over the quivering buttocks. She felt the vaginal muscles expand and contract, squeezing her fingers as the girl climaxed. She raised her free hand and brought it down sharply over the soft flesh of her bottom cheeks slap.. slap.. slap. The young girl bucked and reared as she exploded into her orgasm. She had never felt like this before, she raised her head and wailed as wave after wave of intense please gripped her.

Both Annette and Lady Rawlings were startled by the intensity of the writhing form as she lay straddled naked across the knees of the new governess. In contrast to the girl’s writhing body Jane looked cool and calm. Her delicate features were perfectly made up, her shiny hair neatly pulled back into a velvet bow at the back of her head. She was looking down at the naked girl on her knee, her face a picture of tenderness and love. Annette looked lovingly at her as she brought her young companion to an intense pitch of ecstasy. Jane was in complete control of the girl’s emotions, playing with her body so expertly that the poor girl could not help but writhe uncontrollably under the experienced hands of her young tormentor.

“Arggghhhh.. mmmmnnnn.. mm…. Please.. Miss… please.. no more.” Wendy’s voice was low and pleading, she gasped for air as Jane’s finger once again moved firmly inside her. “Arrrggghhh.. mmmnnn….” Wendy thrashed her head from side to side as Jane played with her body like a Maestro would play a beloved instrument.

Jane decreased the speed and pressure of her fingers as she felt the young girl begin to hyperventilate, her slender torso heaving in quick spasms. Jane knew that the girl would not be able to withstand any further stimulation without fainting. With the utmost tenderness she gently pulled her fingers from between the girl’s legs and laid her hand gently over her quivering buttocks. She put her other arm around the girl’s slender waist and gently turned her over, placing her head lovingly next to her own, against the cushions of the chair. Jane lowered her head and kissed the girl full on the lips thrusting her tongue deep inside her mouth.

Pulling her head away, she looked into her eyes. “What a beautiful girl you are Wendy, just lie quietly while you calm down.” She kissed the girl again.” Jane was delighted to see the innocent look of love and tenderness within the young girl’s eyes. She stroked her tender breasts with soft downward strokes over her nipples, gently moving her fingers down over the soft flesh of her heaving torso and tummy. “Just relax my darling little girl, and let me take care of you.” Jane was delighted as she felt the young girl take her hand and squeeze it, before softly nestling her head against her shoulder.

Both Jane and Her Lady ship sat quietly occasionally caressing the naked young girls upon their knees. The flames from the fire cast a rich orange glow upon the girl’s naked flesh.

It was over half an hour before Jane gently moved Wendy to a sitting position upon her knee. “You can get up now Wendy,” she said softly as she helped the girl to her feet. “You too Annette, I want you to stand over there side by side so I can have another look at you both before you go to bed.” The two young girl’s did as they were bid, standing side by side in the warm glow of the fire.

“Don’t they make a lovely sight your Ladyship?” Jane inquired as she got up to sit on the arm of Her Ladyship’s chair.

“Right you can put your night-dresses back on but not your panties. You will be much better without those with you both having been shaved. You can take your dressing gowns over your arms it’s very warm in the house.” Both Jane and Victoria watched as the girl’s obeyed Jane’s instructions. They took delight in watching the girl’s stretch upwards as they put the flimsy garment over their heads.

“Turn around and off you go then. I will be up to kiss you both goodnight when you are in bed.”

Lady Rawlings looked across at Jane, marveling in the young woman’s ingenuity. Of course what could be more effective in binding the girls to her than kissing them as they lay tucked up in bed. It would make them feel totally secure and childlike. Jane watched the girls turn and leave the room their pretty bottoms naked below the short hems of their night-dresses.

Rachael and Claire stood in front of Diane’s desk. Behind them Veronica was seated on the arm of one of the leather Chesterfield chairs. She was looking on with interest, noting the girls humility in her presence. The study door was open revealing the opulent drawing room beyond. Diane’s suite of rooms were situated on the second floor of the east wing of the Manor house. Behind her desk the large ornate stone framed window looked over the picturesque gardens below.

“I want you both to listen carefully and obey the instructions I am about to give you. It is of paramount importance that you obey me to the letter and clarify any queries you may have before you go, is that clear?” Diane’s voice was firm but pleasant. She looked the two girls over, as she sat back in the exquisitely carved high backed chair. She was amused to see the slight wariness in their faces as they stood before her, wondering why they had been summoned to her rooms. Rachael was sure by her Mistress’s tone that they were not to be chastised for some misdemeanor, she had already searched her memory for a reason to be called but could find none.

“You may have heard that Wendy and Annette have been looking after Richard, whom I know you have already met. Their duties have been to look after his room and clothes as well of course as his personal welfare. As you are probably aware, young boys do not always take care of their personal hygiene as they should and to remedy that, Lady Rawlings has supervised the boy’s bath-times. She has also instructed Wendy and Annette how to bathe the boy. There will be times like today when no-one is available to look after Richard so I am going to instruct you how to wash and bathe him.” Diane looked at the girl’s faces and saw the merest hint of a satisfied smile on Rachael’s face. She was sure that the girls already knew about Wendy and Annette bathing the boy and possibly most of the detail.

“You must remember that although Richard is not much younger than you he is still a young boy. I do not want any casual conversation or gossip with him. You must be figures of authority and make sure that he does exactly what you tell him to do, is that clear?”

“Yes Miss Diane.” They both replied in unison. Diane noted that they were quite relaxed now that they knew the reason for their visit to her rooms. Previous visits had not always been pleasant. Diane proceeded to tell them in detail the precise way in which they were to handle Richard. She noted Claire’s faint blush as she told them how to handle his genitals and how to make sure that his bottom was perfectly clean. She was sure she detected a sly smile from both girl’s as she told them to expect his penis to become erect.

Veronica got up and walked through to the drawing room. “I’ll leave you to it for a while, give me a call when you’ve finished.” She called to her friend as she disappeared through the door.

Diane continued with her detailed briefing to the two young girls. “Now, words are important. The boy is not going to obey you if you are not in command and the tone of your voice and choice of words are just as effective as your actions. Do you understand me?”

Both girls nodded vigorously. Diane looked at Rachael’s face, her big brown eyes bore little trace of makeup and yet she could have graced the cover of any magazine. Her jet black hair was cut straight just above her shoulders. Her hair shone in the sunlight from the window as she nodded her head. She wore, as did Claire, a white nylon kitchen coat. Diane could see the darker color of her bra and panties through the material. Although Rachael was the largest of all the girl’s, her body was not fat. Diane had seen her naked many times and had often marveled at her firm, well toned figure.

“Let’s get down to a more practical demonstration of how I want you both to behave.”

Diane got up from her chair and moved to the open doorway of her drawing room. “Rachael, take all your clothes off and when you have done so I would like you to come to the bathroom. Claire you may follow me now.” Diane did not wait for a reply as she proceeded through the doorway and into the drawing room. Diane had just had chance to see the shock on the young girls faces before she had turned to leave the study. She knew that if she were not present Rachael would not be able to plead or protest her instructions. She could here hurried whispers and then quick footsteps following behind her as she passed through the drawing room and into the hallway which led to her bedroom and bathroom.

Diane entered the bathroom to see Veronica sitting on the side of the large tub in which hot water was steaming. Veronica had filled the bath to half full before switching off the gold plated taps. She smiled at Diane and Claire as they entered, noticing Claire’s blushing face as she hurried to keep up with her young mistress.

“OK Claire you are going to be you - and Rachael is going to take the place of Richard. Now obviously there will be two of you bathing Richard so Veronica will take the place of Rachael.”

Rachael entered the bathroom just as her name was being spoken. She was blushing profusely, one arm was crossed over her breasts, while her other arm was pressed to her body with her hand over the dark hair at the juncture of her thighs. Her shoulders were hunched forward as if trying to lessen the fullness of her breasts.

“You silly girl what on earth do you think you are doing ? Stand up straight, and put your hands by your side.. you look ridiculous like that.” Diane’s voice was sharp and clear, it’s amplitude increased by the marble walls of the sumptuous bathroom. Rachael blushed an even deeper shade of red as she reluctantly let her hands fall to her sides and stood up straight. Her body was quite magnificent. The flesh of her breasts swelled from just below her shoulders. Her upper chest was quite broad which tended to separate the firmly rounded orbs of her breasts. The bottom of her rib cage swelled the flesh of her torso accentuating the firm stomach muscles. Her waist narrowed down to the soft pliant flesh of her tummy which dipped and then swelled into the swollen mound of her pubis. A small triangle of black hair neatly delineated the top of her firm thighs. Her long tanned legs were well muscled, the skin glistening with health as she stood timidly in front of her mistress.

Diane looked at the girls face, the lips of her wide sensuous mouth trembled as she stood naked and shamefaced. “Right, as I have told Claire you are going to take the place of Richard so that I can show you both exactly what I want. Veronica will take your place, so although you are our model for this evening I want you take notice of everything that Veronica does.” Diane smiled. “Of course you will feel what she is doing won’t you ?”

Veronica moved toward Rachael and took her arm pulling her toward the bath. “Come along into the bath, we haven’t got all night.” Rachael blushed as Veronica helped her into the bath. Diane noticed the stripes faintly visible on the girl’s buttocks. “Do as you are told and take note of Veronica and Claire’s words as well as actions, you don’t want me to add to those stripes on your pretty bottom do you.”

Rachael Blushed and turned to Diane as she stepped into the water. “No Miss, I’m sorry.”

Diane smiled kindly at her. “All right Rachael, stand up straight and take your medicine.” Veronica took hold of the girl’s hip and turned her round to face her. “Now Claire and I are going to bathe you so stand up straight, hands on your head like a good girl.”

Diane moved behind Claire and whispered gently in her ear. “You are in charge so take control of the situation.”

Claire stooped over the bath, her body moving gracefully as she picked up a perfumed bar of soap from the ornate gold tray which was set into the marble wall. “Stand up straight there’s a good girl,” she said softly. She averted her eyes from Rachael’s gaze as she smoothed her hands over the soft flesh, delicately applying soap to her tummy.

Veronica sat on the side of the bath and began to soap the girl’s legs, her long fingers lovingly caressing the smooth skin at the backs of her knees. “Now I want you to be obedient to Claire.” Veronica’s instruction was more designed to encourage Claire to take charge than to admonish Rachael. Claire understood what was required of her and slowly her hands became boulder.

Occasionally she glanced over at Diane and Veronica to receive their nods of approval as she became even bolder. “Open your legs so that I can wash between your bottom.”

Rachael blushed as her young companion moved her legs apart. “Bend over so that I can get at you properly.” Little by little Claire began to ignore the embarrassment her friend must be feeling, instead she concentrated on what she must do to satisfy her mistress.

“Quickly now bend over.” She slapped the plump firm buttocks as she pushed down upon the girl’s naked torso. “Over you go that’s the way. Her fingers became bolder, firmly pushing her hand between the soft globes of flesh she pushed her forefinger hard against the sphincter. Rachael squeezed her buttocks together trying to stand up as she felt an acute pressure against the vulnerable sensitive membranes of her bottom. Claire immediately pushed down on the girl’s back and withdrew her hand from between her buttocks. Slap.. slap.. slap.. She smacked the tender buttocks hard, watching the resilient flesh of the cheeks become red.

“You naughty girl, now you keep still while I wash you properly.” This time there was no resistance as she firmly pushed her soapy finger against the tightly puckered star of the young girl’s sphincter. “Relax now… oops there we are.” She remembered Diane’s words exactly as she pushed her finger firmly up into the quivering bottom.

Rachael moaned as she felt the long slender intrusion into her tender young bottom. “Straighten up, there’s a good girl.” Claire’s instruction was followed by her hand pushing up underneath the girl’s breasts. Rachael reluctantly stood up aware of the extra pressure of the finger inside her as her sphincter contracted. Without warning Rachael felt soapy fingers slide down over her tummy and over the sensitive flesh between her legs.

“Arrggghh arrggh” She could not help crying out as Claire pushed a finger between the sensitive folds of flesh.

“Stand up straight there’s a good girl.” Claire chided as her fingers gently probed the crease between her legs. “Arrrggghhh arrgghhh.” Rachael could do nothing as Claire’s busy fingers found her most private passage. “Ooooohhh.. ooo.” She felt weak at the knees as two slim fingers gently squirmed their way up into her tight orifice.

“There we are, we do want to be clean all over don’t we.” Claire was now enjoying herself immensely. She could see that her friend was becoming sexually aroused. Veronica stepped forward and took hold of the girls nipples, tweaking the hard nubs of flesh between her elegant fingers. Rachael moaned as together the girls brought her to a state of sexual arousal.

“There there, try and keep still won’t you.” Claire’s voice was soft as her busy fingers moved quickly inside the girl’s vagina. She pushed harder with her finger inside the quivering bottom, making her young friend squirm. “Come along now there’s no need to blush.” Her voice was soft and low as she looked up into Rachael’s blushing face. She could see that her eyes were tightly closed, her pretty lips trembled as she increased the speed of her fingers. Veronica tweaked the nipples harder as she felt the girl begin to tremble from head to foot.

“It will soon be over now,” Claire whispered softly, her fingers seeking the most intimate of places inside the girl.

“Argghh arrgghh… argggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.” Rachael’s whole body stiffened as she began to climax. Claire could feel the subtle contractions inside the girl’s vagina as her busy fingers quickened inside the sensitive flesh. Veronica slid her hand down the girls tummy and scraped her finger over the nub of the clitoris as Claire quickly manipulated her fingers up inside her.

“There, there.. you are in a state.. you poor girl, you’ve no control at all.” Claire’s words preceded a firm push with her finger up inside the girl’s bottom as she climaxed. “My you are a sensitive girl.. aren’t you ?” She punctuated her words with firmer movements between the girl’s legs and bottom cheeks.

“Arggggghhhhh agggghhghhh.. ooooooooohhhhhhh.” Rachael was beside herself, drowning in sexual ecstasy as their fingers played diligently inside her. “Arrggghhhhh arrgggghhhhh.” Wave after wave of sensation enveloped her body. Her breasts thrust forward as she heaved for breath, her buttocks quivered as her body shook.

“Well who would have thought you that you would be so sensitive, you poor girl.” Claire’s words made Rachael shudder once more. Slowly Claire let her fingers become still inside the girl. She held her firmly, feeling Veronica remove her hand from the clitoris. Gently she withdrew her own finger from the sphincter and patted the soft mound of flesh of the pubis as she slid her fingers out of the tight vaginal passage. Veronica put her hand around Rachael’s trembling shoulders and held her steadily as they let her body sit down in the warm water. They laid her head back against the slope of the bath and gently stroked her breasts and tummy. Diane was delighted with the performance, she leaned forward and gently kissed Claire’s cheek.

“Good girl,” she whispered. Claire moved away from the bath as Diane knelt beside Veronica and lifted Rachael’s head between her hands. She pressed her lips to the girl’s and kissed her passionately. “I am going to leave you now, come and see me as soon as you are ready I will be in my study.”

Veronica and Diane stood up and left Claire alone with Rachael.

Richard sat on his bed, his face blushing furiously as he looked up at Claire and Rachael.

“Now don’t make a fuss there’s a good boy… off with your clothes and come through into the bathroom when you have undressed.” Claire’s voice was friendly but firm as she addressed the young boy. Both Rachael and Claire were wearing crisp white tunics which Diane had given them. The hems were cut short to mid thigh, which showed off their bare legs to best advantage. Diane had insisted that they wore no underwear, knowing that they would be more aware of their own bodies as they bathed the boy.

“Hurry up there’s a good boy.” Rachael spoke softly to Richard as she leaned down and gently stroked his blushing cheek, before turning and following Claire into the bathroom. Richard was dumbfounded, he sat unmoving as he took in the situation. He felt totally humiliated as he slowly began to take off his clothes. He had always dreaded the humiliation of being bathed by Wendy and Annette, but now he was to be bathed by two young girls that had never seen him naked. Richard had only briefly met Claire and Rachael when he had been the kitchen for tea. He had felt more at ease with them because of the fact that they had not been privy to the previous humiliations that he had been subjected to by the other girls. Now it was all to change.

Slowly his trembling fingers undid the buttons of his shirt. He took off his shirt and trousers and then his socks and shoes. He could not bring himself to take off his underpants and after some deliberation he timidly walked into the bathroom naked save for the cotton garment. Rachael and Claire turned toward him as he came into the bathroom. Rachael smiled as she noticed he had kept his underpants on.

“Come and stand by the bath, there’s a good boy. Why on earth are you wearing those, you can’t wear those in the bath you silly boy… come here.” Rachael sat on the edge of the bath and beckoned the boy towards her.

Reluctantly Richard moved to stand in front of her, his face colored crimson as she lifted his chin to look into his eyes. “My you are a shy one.” She said as she deftly pulled his underpants down to his knees. Richard looked down his face was burning red as she instructed him to step out of the pants. Richard could not help clasping his hands to his groin as she uncovered him.

Claire put her arm around his waist and gently urged him to step into the bath. “Come along get in and stand up facing the taps. We are going to give you a nice warm bath, aren’t we Rachael ?”

Richard stepped into the bath acutely aware of his own nakedness and the gentle touch of their hands as they helped him in. “Stand straight now, hands on your head, lets have no nonsense.” Claire spoke firmly as she pulled his hands away from his groin and made him put them on his head. She stood back and admired the boy’s naked body as Rachael picked up the soap and began to soap his legs. Richard stood straight his eyes tightly shut as he felt gentle hands begin to soap his body. He was trembling from head to foot as Rachael covered his legs and thighs with soapy lather. Claire began to soap his shoulders, her delicate fingers caressing the back of his neck, while she ran the fingers of her other hand gently over his chest, her nails softly teasing the brown aureoles of his nipples.

They soaped him thoroughly although deliberately avoiding his genitals and buttocks. It was with delight that both noticed his penis begin to erect. Claire looked up at his face which was beetroot red. His eyes were shut tightly and his lips were trembling.

“You needn’t shut your eyes Richard, we are not going to wash your hair tonight.” Rachael looked at Claire with amusement as Claire continued. “Come along open your eyes there’s a good boy.”

Richard opened his eyes and looked at the girls, he blushed an even deeper shade as they smiled at him. “Don’t be a shy boy, look here what is the meaning of this ?”

Richard could not help looking down as Claire deliberately took hold of his semi-erect penis in her slim fingers. “Why is your penis getting stiff?… are you not able to control yourself.” She looked Richard straight in the eyes as she firmly squeezed the organ, pulling the foreskin back as her hand slid down the shaft. With her free hand she cupped his testicles drawing them forward from between his legs. Rachael took her cue from Claire and slipped her hand between his buttocks, rubbing her fingers up and down between the crease she located the opening of the sphincter. She gently probed with her forefinger until her fingertip rested against the puckered orifice. Without warning she pushed her soapy finger straight up into his bottom.

“Arrgggh…..” Richard gasped as he felt the rude intrusion stretch the membranes of his sphincter.

“There, that’s better I can make sure your bottom is nice and clean. Bend over and put your hand on the end of the bath and then I can get at you a little easier.” Rachel spoke her well rehearsed dialogue as Claire helped the boy to bend over. Claire retained her grip on his penis as she placed her other hand on his back pushing him down until he was bent over with his hands resting on either side of the taps.

Richard’s body was trembling from head to foot as the girl’s quickly stimulated him. Rachael pushed deep into his bottom with her finger until she located the sensitive prostate. She quickly curled her finger rubbing the fingertip over the gland. She felt the boy jerk and try to straighten up as she manipulated her finger within him. With her free hand she smacked his bottom smartly leaving a red imprint of her hand across his upturned buttocks.

“Try and be a good boy Richard, we have to wash you thoroughly you know.” Rachel spoke firmly as she continued to probe deep within him. Rachel could see Claire’s hands busily moving under the boy’s tummy. Claire was pushing the foreskin back until the skin was stretched tight and then pulling upwards. She reached her other hand beneath him and took hold of his scrotum squeezing gently but firmly as she quickened the pace of her fingers up and down the shaft of his penis.

“Right stand up straight. Hands back on you head there’s a good boy… quickly now.” Claire’s voice was firm as she got the boy to stand upright. His face was contorted with anguish as he placed his hands back on his head. Richard felt utterly humiliated, he could not help looking at Claire with an anguished expression as she briskly pushed his foreskin back exposing the glans of his penis fully. He trembled as he felt Rachel push her finger even further up into his bottom.

“Keep still and try not to wriggle while I soap under your foreskin. Young boys never seem to wash themselves properly there so do try and keep still.” Claire was totally aware of the humiliating effect their words and actions were having on the boy. She squeezed her legs together sensitive to her own nakedness beneath the cotton tunic.

Rachel stroked her free hand over the front of the boy’s thighs and cupped his testicles as Claire reached for the soap. “Shall I hold his testicles out of the way while you soap his penis?” She asked Claire sweetly, noting Richard’s look of abject embarrassment.

“Now look at me.” Said Claire as she began to soap around the rim of his penis. “This is where young boys need to keep clean.” She deftly rubbed firmly backwards and forwards over the sensitive flesh causing Richard to bend forward in an effort to pull away. Rachael quickly pushed her finger even deeper up into his bottom making the boy stand upright once more.

Richard began to tremble as the girls quickly brought him to the edge of a climax. His body shook uncontrollably as they cleverly excited him to a fever pitch. “Arggghhh.. pleeee…ease Miss… I can’t stand it.. mmmmnn.” Richard moaned and groaned as the girls increased the tempo of their fingers.

“Come along there’s a good boy, try and keep still.” Rachael cooed as she watched the boy ejaculate. Semen spurted from the tip of his penis as his whole body heaved with emotion.

“Argggghhhh… mnnnnghghg..oooohhhhh pleee…eease Missssss..sss.” Richard was close to fainting as the girls continued to excite him. His knee’s began to buckle as he continued to ejaculate. He moaned incoherently as Rachael squeezed his testicles firmly, simultaneously pushing her finger hard up into his bottom.

“Arrggghhh… arggghhhh” Richard moaned and groaned as the girls extracted every drop from him. The boy’s chest heaved as he fought for breath. Claire immediately slowed the pace of her fingers. She looked at Rachael indicating the boy’s distress. Rachel relaxed her grip on his testicles and gently pulled her finger from his bottom,. She reached her hand to the boy’s blushing face and caressed his cheek.

“There, there Richard you have been a good boy, try and stand still for another minute while we rinse you off then you can get out. Open your eyes and look at me.” She smiled sweetly at him as he opened his eyes, she could see the look of utter humiliation on his face as she stroked her hands over his body.

They rinsed him gently and helped him from the bath. Rachael took a soft bath towel and began to dry him. She heard him groan inwardly as she took his penis and began to pat it dry, carefully avoiding rubbing the towel against the sensitive glans. They led him from the bathroom and into the bedroom and sat him on the bed while Rachel took a new toweling bathrobe from his wardrobe and beckoned him to stand up in front of her. She slipped the garment over his shoulders aware that her breasts were pressing against his chest as she helped him put his arms into the sleeves. Rachel left the dressing gown open in front so that the boy was fully exposed as she turned him toward Claire who had picked up a hair brush.

Deliberately Claire reached forward and took hold of the boy’s penis, feeling the softness of the now flaccid flesh as she pulled him forward until she was able to sit on the bed with Richard standing facing her. She looked up into his blushing face as she began to gently brush the neat pubic hair around his penis.

“You have a really lovely body Richard, why do you get so embarrassed in front of Rachael and myself?… don’t you like us?”

Richard blushed profusely as Claire continued to brush down over his pubic hair. “Of course Miss… I d..do like you I …I just get embarrassed.” Richard stammered.

“Well try and be a bit more at ease the next time we have to bath you. We do have other work to do you know… and Lady Rawlings would be cross if she thought you were being uncooperative.”

Richard blushed once more as she squeezed his penis, he could feel himself beginning to erect and was powerless to stop it. “Pleee..ease d.. don’t Misss I feel funny.” Richard gasped as Claire pushed his foreskin back over the shaft of the penis until the skin was stretched tightly.

“Don’t be a silly boy… you should have more control over yourself.” Claire chided him as she gave his penis one last squeeze before letting go. She stood up and walked to the dressing table. She took a decorative tin of talcum powder from the dresser top and put it into the pocket of her tunic. Rachel stepped forward and turned the boy around until he was facing her. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes and smiled sweetly at him. Her pretty eyes twinkled beneath the long lashes as she looked closely into his face.

“You really must not get so embarrassed Richard, you really are a lovely boy. Sit on the bed and lie back. I am just going to check you over before…” Rachael cut her sentence short. She pushed Richard down on to his bed and sat down beside him. Richard tried to cover himself as the dressing gown parted leaving the front of his body totally uncovered.

“Lie back, there’s a good boy and put your hands behind your head.” She watched as Richard obeyed. Gently Rachael pushed his legs apart and took hod of the timid flesh of his penis. With finger and thumb only she pulled the foreskin down and placed the flattened palm of her other hand over the sensitive opening. Slowly she rubbed the flattened palm over the very tip of the penis, rubbing gently in a circular motion. Richard jerked his hips at the excruciating sensation right at the very tip of his penis.

“Keep still now, I just want your penis to become a little stiffer so that I can look behind the foreskin properly.” Richard blushed profusely as Rachael looked at him. Her pretty face smiling down at him. Claire came and sat at the other side of the boy. She leaned over him, her head next to Rachael’s and lowered her face until her lips were almost touching his.

“Just relax there’s a good boy. Rachael is going to have a little look at your penis. We really care for you Richard so try and be good won’t you.”

Richard looked into her eyes, seeing her affectionate expression. “I’m sorry miss.. I just can’t help it.” A tear rolled down his cheek as he looked into her eyes.

“Never mind Richard, I know it must be difficult.” She leaned her head forward and placed her lips over his. Richard could feel her tongue push past his lips and deep into his mouth. The combined effect of the kiss and the acute sensations of their hands upon his body overwhelmed him. His chest heaved as he fought for breath, his body tensed to breaking point. Rachael increased the motion of her hands upon him, sensing just how sensitive the tip of the penis must be by the boy’s reactions. She watched, fascinated as the organ erected fully. Gently she pushed the foreskin up and down the shaft at the same time increasing the pressure of her open palm upon the tip of the opening. She could see his slender hips writhe as she increased the pressure. She stopped abruptly as she felt his penis suddenly begin to throb beneath her hands. She quickly took her hands away and without knowing why gently squeezed his testicles.

She got up from the bed and tapped Claire on the shoulder. “I think it is time Richard came to the kitchens for his tea,” she said knowingly to Claire. Claire patted Richard’s blushing cheek as she took her lips away from his. She could see that his eyes were unfocussed and that he was in distress.

“Oh dear Richard, was that to much for you ? I suppose it has been quite traumatic for you.” She got up and stood by the side of the bed looking down at him. “Stand up there’s a good boy and we will take you down for some tea.”

Richard sat up feeling rather groggy as his hands groped to find the cord and fasten his dressing gown. He was unable to hide the bulge of his erect penis as he stood up. Rachael looked down and laughed, “You really will have to do something about that Richard.”

He blushed furiously as he put his hands into the deep pockets of the dressing gown and clasped his penis to the side as he followed the girls out of the room.

Richard ate with relish the food that Claire and Rachael had prepared for him. His earlier embarrassment had now completely disappeared, The girls had been careful not to refer to his bath and had instead talked to him about the estate and the different areas that he would find interesting Claire had noticed a slight furrowing of his brow as she mentioned the lake. She was aware of the happenings there from Wendy and instead of rapidly changing the subject she talked of the wildlife to be found in the woods at the other side of the lake. Rachael listened to the conversation as she busied herself about the kitchen clearing away plates and utensils. She was aware of the clever way that Claire had handled the conversation and without resentment realized that she could not have done so well. Rachael finished clearing up and turned to Claire. “I’m finished, shall we see Richard to bed?”

Claire smiled knowingly. “I would like to pop by the living room on the way if you don’t mind.”

Rachael watched Richard get up from his seat. “O.K. lead the way and we will follow,” Rachael said as she followed behind Richard as Claire led the way out of the kitchen.

Claire opened the door to the living room without knocking she was not surprised to see Diane seated on the settee or Veronica seated opposite her. “Oh sorry Miss I didn’t realize you would be in here.” The lie slid smoothly from her tongue as she moved into the living room. Rachael pushed the boy forward and entered the room behind him.

“Ah.. there you are Richard I trust you have been bathed, come and let me have a look at you.” Diane smiled at the boy as she spoke, wickedly aware of what she had instructed the girls to do to him during his bath. Rachael pushed the bewildered boy towards the settee.

“That will be all then Claire and Rachael, I will see that Richard gets to bed on time.”

Gratefully Claire and Rachael turned to leave, their part in the charade now over. Claire quickly took the tin of talcum powder from her pocket and placed it on the arm of the settee as she moved toward the door. Diane looked up at Richard as he stumbled rather than walked to the settee.

“Did you have a nice bath.?” Diane looked up sweetly at the boy watching him blush as she asked the question.

“Er,, yes.. er Miss.” Richard did not know what to say he was overwhelmed by the beauty of his young mistress. Diane was wearing a short night-dress over which she wore a light silk dressing gown draped across her shoulders. The neckline of the night dress was cut low and showed her firm breasts almost to the nipple as she leaned forward. Her bare legs glistened with health and vitality as she lazily stretched them out in front of her. Richard could not help looking down at her as she rubbed her thighs together before putting her feet on the floor and sitting forward.

“Come closer Richard, I can’t see you properly if you stand there.”

Richard shuffled forward until his dressing gown almost touched her shins

“That’s better I can have a look at you now.” Without warning she reached for the belt of his dressing gown and pulled the ends of the cord. Before he could protest she had opened the gown wide bearing his body to her gaze. “Hands on your head, there’s a good boy I don’t want any disobedience.” Her word managed to stop Richard in the act of quickly clasping his groin.

Reluctantly he diverted his hands, slowly raising them above his head. She looked intently at his body, ignoring his blushes. Richard looked up towards the ceiling as if to distant himself from the embarrassment that he felt. Diane held the dressing gown open while she examined his body in minute detail, noting the firm stomach and thighs, before moving her attention to his genitals. She continued to look at him for several minutes before moving her gaze up to his blushing face. Richard lowered his head just as Diane looked up at him. He could not help blushing profusely as their eyes met. Quietly Veronica got up and moved behind him, gently holding his wrists, she took his hands from his head and placed them at his sides.

Slowly she pulled the dressing gown from his shoulder and let it slip down his arms and onto the floor. “Turn around so that I can look at the back of you, come along lively now.” Diane watched his face as she spoke, knowing that the boy would have to reveal his nakedness to her friend as he turned to face away from her. Diane took hold of his waist and turned him noting the helpless look upon his face as he did as he was bid. Richard blushed once more as he saw Veronica look into his eyes.

She placed a hand under his chin and lifted his face so that he could not avoid her gaze. His face felt hot against her cool fingers. “My you seem to be on fire Richard, have you got a temperature.”

Richard could not avoid Veronica’s cool gaze as he mumbled an answer. “N..n’no Miss I d..d’dont think so.”

“Well I think we ought to check you just the same.” I’ll go and get a thermometer, I think there is one in the medicine cabinets in the dispensary next to your mothers office isn’t there?”

Veronica looked over the boy’s shoulder to her friend seated on the settee. Diane smiled with delight, knowing exactly the instrument her friend was thinking of. “Yes I am sure I saw one in there the other day.” Diane replied as she took hold of Richard’s hips and moved him to the side of her legs so that he was facing sideways to her.

“Right. Richard let’s have a look at you, bend over and lay across my knees, I want to put some talcum powder on your bottom.”

Richard blushed immediately, hardly believing what he was hearing as Diane placed her hand on the small of his back urging him to bend forward. “Richard. All the way over, come along now… that’s it over you go.” She positioned the trembling boy so that his hips were laying across her thighs. She relaxed her legs, parting them slightly as she pushed her hand between the lower part of his buttocks. She took hold of his penis and testicles from above the scrotum and positioned them comfortably between her legs. Veronica watched as Diane deftly positioned the boy, pulling herself and the boy back onto the settee so that his head and legs were resting on the cushions with his bottom raised up across her shapely tanned thighs. She noticed that Diane’s night-dress had been pushed up revealing the delicate lace of her brief panties.

Richard’s head was spinning with shame. He felt absolutely humiliated as he was positioned like a young child into such an embarrassing posture. “Pass me the talcum powder before you go, would you.” Diane said to Veronica with an impish grin.

Veronica passed the decorative tin of powder to her friend. She was almost laughing as she headed toward the door. Diane looked down on Richard’s firm upturned buttocks as she took the lid off the tin. “Right, young man we will have no nonsense now, just relax your bottom so that I can powder between your cheeks.”

She looked at Richard’s face, his head was turned to the side facing towards her. She could see that his cheeks were a deep beetroot red as he laid quietly with his eyes tightly shut. She stroked her hand sensuously over his back and down across his raised buttocks, marveling in the perfection of his body. Diane had him right where she wanted him. What a lovely plaything she had. A naked boy across her lap, malleable and supplicant, hers to do with whatever she wished. The turn of events since their first meeting in the woods could not have turned out better.

A thrill ran through her body as she thought of the endless possibilities she would have to enjoy herself with him. She could feel a slight tremor run through his body as her fingers gently stroked over his naked bottom. She shook talcum powder over the small of his back and onto both cheeks of his bottom. Putting the tin down beside her she used the very tips of her fingers to pull the cheeks of his bottom apart. “Just relax now, I’m not going to hurt you.

Richard shuddered as he felt the light but incredibly intimate pressure of her fingers parting the cheeks of his bottom. He could not help instinctively tensing his buttocks as her fingers pressed against his naked flesh.

Without warning Diane slapped her hand smartly across both cheeks of his bottom. “Don’t you dare tense your bottom like that. Now push it up and relax your cheeks or I will smack your properly you naughty child.” Diane’s words were designed to humiliate and reduce him to the status of a little boy. Diane placed her fingertips once more inside the cheeks of his bottom and delicately pulled the flesh apart revealing the puckered star of his sphincter.

“Now relax Richard while I put some more powder on you, you’ve made me spill most of it by having to smack you, you naughty boy.” Diane let go of his bottom while she poured talcum powder over the reddened flesh.

“Relax this time or I shall get very cross. Now push your bottom up and let the cheeks of your bottom go slack.” Richard groaned as he pushed his bottom upwards, arching his back so that his hip were raised barely touching the flesh of her legs. To his horror he suddenly felt her squeeze her legs together, trapping his penis between them as he strained to raise his bottom.

Wendy and Annette had just finished helping the new visitor unpack when Veronica walked in. “Well done Trishia. I see you’ve actually managed to put all your stuff away. I don’t know why you bother carting all that luggage around for such a short stay.”

Patricia smiled at Veronica. She was used to having her leg pulled about the amount of clothes she had. Patricia was in the same year as Veronica and Diane at their boarding school. Diane had arranged for Patricia to stay for a few days before they all went back to school for their last term. Patricia was very tall and slim, in fact the tallest girl in the school. Her aristocratic good looks and bearing were coupled with an excellent sense of humor which made her one of the most popular girls at Charnwood.

Veronica, Diane and Patricia had been firm friends for years and had come through the rigors of their formative time at boarding school with a sense of fun and irreverence which was the envy and of many of the younger girls at school. Patricia was wearing a beautiful French negligee which just managed to cover her hips. Her long legs were fashionably slim. Her tiny waist and small firm breasts were clearly visible though the diaphanous white silk of her negligee.

“You know I’m a sucker for clothes and I know you’d be disappointed if I didn’t have at least a dozen new outfits to show you. Anyway you know I wear them beautifully.” Patricia laughed at her friend, her rich chuckle echoing around the lavish guest bedroom as she put her arm around Veronica’s shoulders.

Patricia’s long blonde hair cascaded over her bare shoulders as she hugged her friend. “Come on then let’s go down I want to see this new young plaything of yours.” Wendy heard the remark and instantly thought of Richard and the certain embarrassment he would be put through at the hands of the three girls.

“Will you need anything else Miss?” Wendy asked primly standing in front of the new girl. Patricia looked at her.

“No Thank you Wendy, you and Annette have done a most professional job and thank you for the extra hangers you obviously knew I would need them.” Patricia looked at the young maid, although only a cursory glance Wendy was aware that her eyes had taken in every contour of her body.

“I think Wendy remembers the amount of gear I brought when I stayed last year.” Patricia laughed again.

“I will have a glass of wine when we go down stairs, you know how I love the contents of your cellars.”

“Yes Miss, I’ll bring one to the living room, Lady Rawlings has already opened a bottle for you.” Patricia threw her head back and laughed. Her beautiful face was wreathed in merriment as she bent forward and took Wendy’s face between her long delicate fingers, holding her head she kissed her full on the lips.

“There’s no need to blush you pretty little girl, I just love coming here. Off you go and get my wine while Ronica and I go down stairs.” Patricia and Veronica were laughing like young school girls as they descended the stairs towards the living room.

Richard moaned with dread as once more Diane’s hand slipped between the crease of his bottom. He could feel his penis stiffening involuntarily as she continued to squeeze the tumescent flesh of his member between her legs.

Diane could feel his penis stiffen as she squeezed her legs together. She stroked his bottom in slow sensuous motions, her fingertips grazing over the tender membranes of his sphincter. She looked up as the door to the living room opened admitting both Veronica and Patricia who were laughing as they walked into the room arm in arm. Veronica held out a long thermometer toward Diane. It was nearly half an inch in diameter and about ten inches long.

“I’m sorry but the only one I could find was an anal thermometer, I hope it will be all right for him.. he does look rather flushed.”

Diane took the thermometer from Veronica, smiling as she also handed her a small tube of lubricant. Richard could not see who the other person was with Veronica. He already knew from her laughter that it was not Wendy or Annette. He was blushing profusely as he felt a hand on his cheek. He could not see who it was stroking his face as his head was turned toward the back of the settee.

“He does seem rather hot.. perhaps you should go ahead and put that thing into his bottom.” Patricia smiled as she kneeled down beside the settee her hand still gently stroking Richard’s cheek. With her other hand she gently caressed his back her hand moving slowly down his body until it rested on the hillock of his buttock. “Shall I hold the cheeks of his bottom apart so that you can get at the sphincter?”

Diane smiled wickedly at Patricia as she nodded to her. “Yes that would be helpful.” Diane looked down at the boy’s face seeing the abject horror on his blushing countenance. She squeezed her legs together feeling the erect penis throb as she rubbed the flesh of thighs together.

Richard was mortified with embarrassment. He felt cool fingers insinuate themselves between the cheeks of his bottom and pull the flesh apart. He felt utterly humiliated as his buttocks were stretched widely apart exposing his sphincter. He jerked his bottom feeling cold liquid being rubbed against the sensitive opening. “Keep still now.. and let Diane put some cream on your bottom.” The low well modulated voice of the new girl only increased his embarrassment as he felt a cold object being pushed firmly against the timid flesh of his most intimate opening.

“Keep still there’s a good boy.” It was Diane who spoke this time. “ I don’t want to hurt you.” Her words were punctuated with a firm push of the thermometer. Richard shivered as he felt the cold tube of glass slide up inside him.

“Arrggghhh..arrgghh.” He could not help groaning as Diane pushed the thermometer further in. He felt utterly helpless as the glass tube probed deeper and deeper into his bottom. He shivered more with embarrassment than physical discomfort as the girls handled him intimately.

“Keep still now, I have to keep it in for about five minutes, so just relax the cheeks of your bottom there’s a good boy.” Richard felt the pressure of the fingers against his buttocks relax and then to his horror a hand slip between the cheeks of his bottom just at the juncture of his thighs. He could do nothing to prevent Patricia’s gentle fingers encircle the sac of his scrotum and squeeze and caress the sensitive flesh.

“How have you settled into your room? Do you like my new decorations to the house?” Diane continued to stroke Richard’s buttocks as she spoke to her friend. She smiled and raised her eyebrows to indicate Patricia’s hand pushed between the cheeks of the boy’s bottom.

Patricia grinned and licked her lips as she answered. “The room is fabulous as you well know, it is far to rich and lavish. Your mother has already told me how extravagant you have been, however she did say she was very pleased with everything.”

The girl’s talked together, seemingly ignoring Richard’s naked body as he lay over Diane’s knee. The thermometer which was protruding from the center of his buttocks moved suddenly as he tried to contract his sphincter. He could not help himself as he felt his penis responding to the gentle caress of Patricia’s hand which was still pushed between his thighs as she held his testicles. Richard was aware of an increasing ache in his penis, aware of every intimate touch of their hands caressing his buttocks and squeezing his testicles.

He was almost beside himself with emotion as several minutes later Diane gently extracted the large thermometer from his bottom. “Right.. let’s see what’s cooking shall we.” She read the thermometer which indicated a temperature of ninety-eight point six degrees.

“Well there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you so turn over and I can powder your front.” Richard quaked as he heard the very words he had been dreading. How could he possibly turn over and reveal his erection to the girls. Surely they must be aware of the state he was in. Blindly Richard tried to cover himself as he felt the girls begin to turn him over. He had shut his eyes, contorting his face as he squeezed his eyelids together. His face was burning red as he blindly tried to put his hands over his erect penis. He felt a stinging slap on his buttocks as they maneuvered him, first on to his side and then on to his back so that his buttocks were rested across Diane’s thighs.

“Come along now hands behind your head and lay back, you are a naughty child.” Diane admonished him as she admired the form of the body below her. Richard’s penis was standing straight upwards as he lay with his hips raised across her legs. Patricia sat back on her heels, carefully examining the naked young body in front of her as she finished helping Diane maneuver the boy into position. Richard groaned once more, the only articulation he was capable of making to signify his extreme embarrassment.

Wendy knocked and entered the room carrying the wine Her Ladyship had chosen to welcome her daughters friend. “You can put it over there on the table and then come back in about ten minutes and take Richard to bed.” Diane called to the young maid.

Wendy had certainly expected the girl’s to be up to something with Richard in the room, but she had not been prepared for what she saw. She could not take her eyes off the boy as he lay with hips thrust upwards and his penis standing straight up from the juncture of his thighs.

“Come along Richard hands underneath your head and open your eyes. I want to introduce you to Miss Patricia who will be staying a few days. Come along do as you are told or I shall give you a good smack you naughty boy.” Richard opened his eyes to see both Diane and Patricia looking down at him intently.

Veronica moved to stand behind Patricia, resting her hands on the girl’s naked shoulders. “This is our friend from school, you may call her Miss Patricia.” Richard mumbled, his face flushed beetroot red as his eyes met hers, he was able to see her incredible beauty before he quickly averted his eyes.

“You needn’t be so shy, she’s not going to bite you.” Richard dropped his eyes, looking down the length of his body. He was horrified to see Patricia’s hand reach out and rest on his tummy, just above his pubic hair. “Put some powder on here and I’ll rub it in for you.” She said to Diane as she began to move her hand in a circular motion over the boys soft skin. Diane poured talcum powder generously over his tummy, moving the tin above his penis she shook the tin, instantly covering his penis and testicles in powder. Patricia moved her hand down over his pubic hair and delicately took hold of his penis between her slender fingers.

Richard groaned feeling his penis throb as her cool fingers brushed over the very tip of the glans. He watched in horror as she slid her fingers down the shaft pulling the foreskin until the skin was stretched tightly from underneath the bell shaped head. She held him firmly as she cupped her other hand underneath his testicles raising them from between his legs. Richard felt his penis begin to throb uncontrollably between her fingers, he could not inhibit the involuntary movements of his hips as she slowly slid the foreskin back up over the rim of the glans.

“Well, you are a sensitive young boy, however I suppose you can’t help yourself. You just try and keep still while I rub this into your penis.” Patricia deliberately drew attention to his erection as she quickened the motion of her fingers up and down the shaft of his penis. She squeezed his testicles in quick motions, letting her fingernails trail across the underside of his scrotum and the perineum of sensitive flesh between scrotum and sphincter. She smiled displaying beautiful white teeth as Diane slipped her hand between the boy’s legs and pushed her fingers up between the crease of his bottom. Richard reluctantly thrust his hips upwards as he felt Diane push her forefinger against his sphincter.

“Arggghhhh arggghhh.” He groaned out loud as he felt her finger push past the sensitive opening and spear his bottom.

“You are a baby aren’t you ?” said Diane as she pushed her finger deep into his anus. Veronica knelt down beside the settee and delicately scraped her fingers over the boy’s nipples.

She leaned her head over his and looked into his eyes. “Just relax, there’s a good boy while I give you a little kiss good night.” He watched mesmerized as Veronica lowered her beautiful face over his. He felt the merest pressure as she touched her full lips to his. The kiss acted as a cue to Patricia who increased the speed and pressure of her fingers upon the young boy’s member. Her long nails occasionally grazing the sensitive rim around the glans at the head of his penis as she rapidly pulled the foreskin up and down the shaft.

“Argggghhh argggghhhhh..argggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.. pleeeeease.. Misss..ss. Richard was unable to control himself as Patricia skillfully manipulated his most sensitive parts. Diane curled her finger inside him, moving her fingertip firmly over the prostate gland.

“Arrgggggghhhhh arrggggggg.. mmmmmmpphhh.” Richard’s moans were cut short as Veronica fastened her lips over his. She held him in a long kiss before raising her head and watching as he gasped for air. Patricia increased her grip on his penis and quickened her tempo as she felt the flesh throb uncontrollably.

“There’s a good boy, just relax now.” Veronica’s words excited the boy even further as semen spurted from the tip of his penis.

“Arrrrrggggghhh.. arrgggghhhh Ooooooooo ohh oh..Pleee …eeease n’no mmoore.” Richard cried out almost incoherently as the girl’s prolonged his orgasm. Patricia coolly squeezed his testicles, watching as the sticky white fluid continued to erupt from the tip of the penis. She squeezed her legs together in delight as she watched the boys hips writhe uncontrollably in front of her. His orgasm seemed to go on forever as they stimulated every part of him. Patricia squeezed from the base of his penis, pulling her fingers slowly upwards. She watched fascinated as the last drops of semen escaped from the opening. The girls looked on intently, noting his every movement and expression as his body subsided from the frenzied gyrations of his orgasm. Their soft hands stroked him gently, Diane pulled her finger carefully from his tender bottom. Richard’s body shivered in small spasms as he lay helplessly before the young girls.

Veronica got up to fetch the maid as Patricia laid his penis down between his legs and moved closer to his head. She looked down at his face for a few moments before bending her head and kissing his parted lips. Wendy returned with Veronica, they had brought warm water, flannels and a towel. Wendy watched intently as they carefully washed the boy’s penis and testicles before soaping his tummy and chest. They washed him and patted him dry, before turning him over and washing between the cheeks of his bottom He blushed profusely as they made him kneel. His knees were rested on the settee cushions to the side of Diane’s thighs. His body formed a bridge over her legs with his hands pressed into the cushioned seating at the other side. Patricia powdered between the crease of his bottom her slender fingers intimately running over the membranes of the sphincter. Diane cupped his penis and testicles as they hung downwards. She applied powder, marveling in the soft feel of the flesh as she caressed him.

They made him stand beside the settee as they handed his dressing gown to Wendy. “He doesn’t need that on, it’s a warm night. Take him to bed now, there’s a good girl.” Diane smiled at the young maid as she instructed her.

Patricia took hold of Richard’s penis and before he could protest pulled back the foreskin.

“Will you put some more talcum powder on his penis, especially behind the foreskin before you tuck him in.” Wendy blushed as Patricia indicated the tender flesh. Richard tried to cover himself but was stopped by a sharp slap across his bottom from Diane.

“Hands on your head, quickly now.” Richard’s face colored a deep red as she took his wrists and placed his hands on his head. Patricia pulled the boy’s foreskin further back stretching the skin.

“Can you see where I mean Wendy?” Patricia was enjoying herself watching the young maids cheeks blush a deep red as she was made to look down at Richard’s penis.

“Yes Miss, I’ll put some on, shall I take him up now?” Wendy was feeling sorry for the boy and hoped that she might alleviate him from any further embarrassment.

“All right Wendy, off you go, you may put your hands down now Richard and walk with them at your sides. Off you go then, both of you.” Diane spoke kindly as she watched Richard walk stiff legged behind the young maid.

Lady Rawlings looked across the magistrate’s court at the young defendant. His face was blushing with shame as she summed up the proceedings. He was seventeen years old and from a good family background. His parents, it transpired had recently moved to the mainland and it was during this short period, while staying with school friends, that he had committed the offences for which he was now on trial.

He was tall and good looking and Lady Marwood had decided earlier that day that perhaps this was an ideal opportunity to repay a few favors, both good and bad. She watched the face of the burly sergeant who was standing behind the defendant. He had an expression of eager anticipation on his face, which her Ladyship found distasteful. As she reached the words “Pure hooliganism,” she noticed the sergeant smile with satisfaction. These words could only mean one punishment in a Manx courtroom… The Birch!

“So young man, I am afraid that I have no alternative but to sentence you to six strokes of the birch.” The sergeant almost licked his lips as the sentence was pronounced. Lady Marwood’s eyes however were on the young defendant. She saw his face turn ghostly white and his hands clutch the rail of the dock as he heard her words. “Take him down would you sergeant.” She watched the sergeant take hold of the young man’s arm and roughly escort him from the dock.

Lady Marwood had always been irritated by the obvious delight the sergeant took in birching young boys. She had heard small snippets of gossip amongst the staff at the courtroom cells pertaining to the sergeant’s interest in young men. It was rumored that he took delight in keeping them stripped naked for several hours before he applied the birch. Lady Marwood had no intention of letting that happen on this occasion. Before the court had convened she had checked to make sure that the medical officer was still on holiday. The rules forbade any birching without medical supervision. She had arranged after hearing the evidence, that he be transported to the local women’s jail. The governor, who was a personal friend of Her Ladyship had made the rest of the arrangements for her. Lady Rawlings left the courtroom and retired to the Judges chambers. She had decided to forego the pleasure of seeing the sergeant’s disappointment at losing the pleasure of birching the young man.

Sarah Wallis looked at the naked young girl standing before her. The girl was quite pretty with firm young breasts, narrow waist and long slim legs. Beside the girl stood two female warders. It was normal practice for the warders to be present during a prisoner’s medical examination. The young doctor had already examined the girls heart and respiration and had donned rubber gloves in preparation for an internal exploration. Without hesitation Sarah knew what was expected of her at this stage. ‘If we can’t have a little enjoyment.” She mused as she looked at the girl’s breasts, noting the erected nipples. Sarah had caught the pretty blonde warder looking at her when they had first brought the girl into the examination room. She knew immediately from her admiring glances and demure looks that the young warder was interested in her. Both warders were dressed in dark jackets and skirts. Each wore a white cotton shirt with navy-blue tie. The taller of the two warders wore her jet black hair tied back in neat bun. The skirts they wore were cut to the knee. Both girls had excellent figures, their long legs had been tanned by the summer sun, were in sharp contrast to the pale flesh of their naked charge.

Sarah had received a phone call from Lady Rawlings during the morning. She had easily changed her day’s schedule at the medical center and instead attended the women’s jail as requested. It was not until Sarah had arrived that she was informed of her duties for that day. Normally the prison authorities resident medical officer carried out the medical examinations, but as he was on holiday, she had been asked by the governor if she would she be able to deputize for him as there were several new admissions to be examined. It had only been ten minutes ago that she had been asked by the governor to attend also the birching of a young man who was being escorted to the jail. It was then that Sarah realized why she had been asked by Lady Rawlings rather than the governor to deputize for the regular medical officer.

“Place your legs apart for the doctor.” The sharp command came from the taller dark haired young warder who bent down and slapped the inside of the young girl’s thighs, making her stand with her legs spread widely apart. “Hands behind your head.” Another sharp command followed by a harder slap upon the girl’s bottom. Sarah looked at the young blonde haired warder who had placed the girl’s hands behind her head. She could be no older than twenty-two she thought, yet her authority over the prisoners was absolute.

Sarah stepped forward and placed her hand between the young girl’s legs. “Breathe in deeply.” Sarah spoke sweetly to the young girl as she firmly pushed her finger up into her vagina. The girl gasped as she felt the cold rubber of the doctor’s glove enter her. “Deep breaths now and try and relax.”

Sarah was well aware that the girl would find it impossible to relax as she began to rotate her finger, causing her slender body to squirm. Another smack descended on to her beautifully rounded bottom as the warden admonished her once more. “Keep still for the doctor.”

Sarah increased the momentum of her finger, causing the young girl to tremble from head to foot. Abruptly she withdrew her finger and gestured for the warders to bend the girl over. Sarah could not help being surprised at the alacrity in which the two young wardens dealt with the girl. One pushed her down while the other put her hand between the girl’s legs and pulled upwards. The girl was now bent well over with her legs widely spread. Sarah quickly spread some lubricant on to her finger and stood behind the girl. The pretty young blonde warden deftly took hold of each buttock and pulled the flesh apart, looking toward Sarah with a timid smile.

“Arggghh..” The girl could not help moan as her bottom cheeks were firmly pulled apart.

“Keep still girl.. or it will be worse for you.” The warder admonished the girl once more as Sarah gently pushed her finger against the tightly puckered sphincter of the young prisoner.

“Big breaths now.” Sarah spoke softly to the girl as one would to a nervous animal.

“Hold still while I feel inside your bottom”

Sarah pushed firmly against the sphincter with her forefinger, she felt the muscle of the sphincter contract over her finger as it slid right up inside the young girl’s bottom. “Oops.. there we are.” Sarah slowly rotated her finger inside the girl, making her gasp at the intimate examination. With her free hand she felt between the pale smooth flesh of her widely spread legs, locating the soft folds of flesh covering her vagina. Without preamble she slipped two fingers gently up into the vagina.

“Arrgggghhhh.” The young girl moaned as she felt the doctor’s fingers slide into her.

Sarah quickly began to rotate her fingers, occasionally making a scissors motion as she stimulated the sensitive membranes inside the tight fleshy orifice. The young girl could not help responding as the doctor probed inside her. She clenched her teeth as one of the wardens suddenly grasped her nipples and squeezed the soft flesh. The warder pulled hard on the delicate nubs of her breasts, stimulating the tender flesh to hard points of desire. Sarah smiled seeing the warden that had been holding the girl’s buttocks, bend on one knee and start to softly caress the insides of her thighs.

Although she could not see her, Sarah was also aware of the second warder squeezing and caressing the young girl’s nipples. “Arrrgggghhhh…ooooohhhhhh.” The young prisoner moaned loudly as she was reluctantly forced towards an orgasm.

“Just relax there’s a good girl.” She heard one of the warders say as she began to climax.

“Arrrrrgggghhhhhh…ooooohh.. Please I.. I can’t stand it..” The young warden who was gently stroking the girl’s thighs smiled up at the doctor and suddenly slapped the girl hard on the bottom. Sarah watched the naked young girl as she fought for breath, her young flesh quivering erratically with sexual excitement. She bucked wildly, her hips writhing in abandonment as she reached her orgasm. Sarah diligently kept up the pace with her fingers, only slowing as the girl gasped, pleading for them to stop. Gently Sarah took her finger from the girl’s bottom and withdrew her other fingers from inside the moist vagina. Almost tenderly she cupped the pubic mound and squeezed reassuringly.

“There… there.. that wasn’t so bad was it now?” The warders let the girl up, gently holding her upright between them. Sarah smiled at the young prisoner.

“Off you go now.. there’s a good girl.” The warders both smiled at the young doctor. Sarah again noticed that demure look from the younger of the two.

John Gilbert was standing in the center of the tiled admission room. To one side of the room was a small leather padded trestle. Several lengths of rubber hose lay on the stainless steel trolley. Around the room were other trolleys and shelves containing an assortment of syringes, nozzles and various medical apparatus. To the far end of the room were two large baths; lower than domestic baths, they had large support handles set into the sides. One of the baths was half filled with hot water. The young man looked at the two nurses standing in front of him. Both wore white linen tunics with rubber aprons. Behind him standing legs astride were the two young female warders who had escorted him from the cells at the courthouse. He looked at the nurses in front of him. One of them he estimated to be about thirty-five years old, the other was much younger.

The older of the two smiled at him, not unkindly as she addressed him. “I hope you are going to co-operate so that we can get this over quickly. Do you understand?” John nodded his head. He shivered at the thought of what was in store for him.

“Strip down and put your clothes over there.” The nurse indicated a small table to his right. John blushed profusely, he had never had to expose his body to a woman before, at least not since he was a child. He began to undress, taking off his jacket and tie… then his shirt, socks and shoes. There was complete silence in the room as he looked up to the nurse from placing his shoes by his pile of clothes. She made no comment but stood waiting for him to continue. He undid his trousers and sliding them down his legs, stepped out of them and carefully folding them, placed them on the table. He straightened up and turned to face the nurse.

“Take those off too and come over here.” The nurse moved toward the trestle without a second glance at the young man. John lowered his underpants and stepped out of them. He held them to his groin, crouching low as he placed them on the table. He was aware of the young nurse’s interested gaze as he stood covering his genitals with his hands. The two warders smiled at each other, as they looked his naked buttocks.

He walked toward the trestle crouching low as he tried to cover himself. The nurses moved to his sides and taking his arms pulled him forward. “Right young man, bend over the trestle so that your hips, not your tummy, are resting on the bar.”

John felt their soft hands coax him forward. A firm pressure against his shoulders bent him over. He had to uncover himself so that his hands could support him against the wooden legs of the trestle. The nurses maneuvered him until he was bent well over with his hands on the floor. They took hold of his ankles and spread his legs. The warders moved forward. One stood facing his head, leaning forward she put her hands on either side of his waist.

“Just keep still now, while nurse gives you an enema.” John mumbled incoherently. He had no real concept of what was going to happen to him, other than that he was to be birched. The second warder and the young nurse knelt behind him, one to each side and held his legs apart. The senior nurse picked up a large syringe, which had already been filled with distilled water and a mild purgative. She lubricated the large stainless steel nozzle and moved behind him. Placing her hand between the crease of his bottom she introduced the nozzle to the opening of his bottom.

“Now take a deep breath.” She instructed as she pushed the nozzle firmly up against the tightly puckered sphincter.

“Once more now.” With those words she pushed firmly, hearing the boy gasp with shock as the cold metal suddenly entered his bottom.

“Another deep breath.” She instructed as she pressed the plunger firmly. John tried to rear up as the first jets of water entered him. The warder had watched the nurse and as she had pressed the plunger she pressed firmly down on the naked boy’s waist, making sure he could not move.

“Arrgggghhhh..oooojhhh. John could not help crying out as the nurse pressed the plunger all the way in. Quickly she withdrew the nozzle, watching the sphincter close tightly as the nozzle was removed.

“Just stay there a minute.” She instructed once more. She laid the syringe back on the trolley and took a gauze pad which she pushed rudely between the cheeks of his bottom. “If you would take him over there to the cubicle please.” The warders helped the boy up as the young nurse placed her hand between the cheeks of his bottom, pressing the pad against his sphincter. Between the warders and the young nurse John walked awkwardly to the toilet cubicle which was situated in a small room leading off the admission room. The cubicle had no door, consisting only of two small tiled walls standing about four feet in height. They left him sitting on the lavatory seat and walked back into the admission room.

It was not long before he felt unable to control the pressure of the water in his bowels. He evacuated almost immediately, feeling utter relief as he dispelled the entire contents of his bowels. He wiped his bottom and pressed the handle, which was set into the wall. He sat back down on the toilet seat and contemplated his fate. It was the first time he had been alone since sentence had been passed. He had no idea what happened next; he had heard rumors that four strokes of the birch was a really severe punishment. Boys at school had talked of the horror of six strokes of the birch, but no one he knew had ever experienced it. He just managed to cover his genitals with his hands as the two young warders appeared.

“I hope you have finished,” the pretty young warder said as she beckoned for him to get up. John stood, his hands clutching his groin.

“Hands by your sides and stand up straight.” The young warder took hold of his hands and pulled them away from his groin. “You will learn that there is no privacy for anyone in Jail, so you had better get used to it.”

John blushed profusely as the young women stood back and looked him up and down. “Come along, so the nurse can clean you up. The warders escorted him to one of the baths.

“Step in and stand facing me.” The warder waited until he had stepped in; she took him by the waist and turned him to face her. The younger of the two nurses stepped forward with a flannel and container of strong smelling liquid soap. She walked around the bath to stand behind the naked boy. Taking the flannel she dipped it in the water and poured soap on to it. Resting one hand against the small of his back she started washing his bottom.

“Stand with your legs astride,” she instructed, adding more soap to the flannel she pushed the material between the cheeks of his bottom. “Come along get those legs apart so that the nurse can get at your bottom.” The young warder pushed her hand between his thighs, pressuring his legs apart. John was blushing profusely as the nurse bent him forward. He could feel her fingers as she dropped the flannel and impudently pushed her hand between the cheeks of his bottom,. He gasped as he felt her finger push up into his sphincter and penetrate deep into his anus.

“Hold still there’s a good boy.” She pushed harder this time feeling the plump flesh of the prostate gland. “Do keep still.” The warder said sharply as he tried to evade the intense pressure from within his bottom. Several times john had tried to cover his genitals, but the warder had firmly moved his hands to his sides. The young nurse moved her finger vigorously in and out of his bottom, occasionally applying soap between the crevice of his buttocks.

“Arrgghhh..ooohh.” He cried out involuntarily as she gave one final push before withdrawing her finger from his bottom. The nurse stepped around the bath and stood beside the warder. The second warder moved behind the boy and taking both his wrists pulled his arms behind him. The nurse looked at the blushing young man straight in the eyes, as she took hold of his penis in one hand and testicles in the other. Her soapy fingers pushed the foreskin of his penis back as she pulled his scrotum forward from between his legs. John threw his head back in anguish and humiliation as she soaped his genitals. She deftly manipulated the foreskin up and down the shaft until she felt it become stiff between her fingers. Taking more soap and scoop of water in her hand she continued to soap around his genitals. He tried to evade her touches but the prison warder held his arms tightly.

John closed his eyes as he felt his penis erecting. He could not bear the further humiliation of seeing the young prison officers looking at him. He felt utterly stupid being made to stand naked while a young girl washed his genitals as if he had no feelings. Once the nurse was satisfied she took a jug from the trolley and poured water over his erect penis.

“Come along step out of the bath, I want to dry you.” John suffered further humiliation as the young nurse dried him. Casually she moved his erect penis from one side and then to the other as if it were nothing more than an arm or a leg.

“Turn around and bend over and touch your toes.” This instruction was followed by the warders physically bending him over from the waist. He felt the hands of one of the warders part his bottom cheeks while the nurse deftly slipped the towel between his legs and dried between the cheeks of his buttocks.

“Stand upright and let’s have a look at you.” John felt his hands being grasped behind his back as he stood up. The nurse stood back and looked at him. John felt absolutely humiliated being made to standup, legs astride, in front of the young nurse with his penis erect. He blushed to an even deeper red as he saw her smile at his penis standing straight out from between his thighs.

One of the warders went over to a cupboard at the far end of the room while the second warder held his arms behind his back. She came back with four leather cuffs. Each cuff had a small metal ring attached to it. Quickly she knelt down between his legs and strapped a cuff to each ankle. She then moved behind him, together the two warders strapped the remaining cuffs to his wrists. “Come over here and bend over and touch your toes.”

The nurse moved toward the chromium-plated trolley that was situated near the bath. The warders took his arms and walked him toward the nurse. John was almost in a daze as they bent him over once more. He felt the nurses soft fingers gently rub a strong smelling antiseptic over his buttocks. Standing upright once more John looked down at himself to see that his penis, although still swollen was hanging down between his legs. One of the warders took a clip from her tunic pocket and placing his wrists together behind his back, clipped the leather cuffs together. The warders stood on either side of him and held his arms. The led him through the doorway and along the corridor to the doctors office. Sarah was just finished her cup of tea when she heard the warders knock at the door.

“Come in.” She shouted as she got up from the corner of the desk where she had been sitting. She faced the door as they entered, her eyes quickly appraising the naked boy as he stood between the two warders. Sarah felt a stab of pity as she looked at the boy’s blushing face and trembling body. Sarah had been aware of her own sexual predilections for a very long time. She could not help feeling excitement at the prospect of seeing the boy being birched; at the same time she felt compassion for him. He was obviously not a village lout, but a very sensitive young man. She looked at his body as one of the warders unclipped his cuffs and pushed him forward. Raising his chin she looked into his eyes, seeing the fear and trepidation he was experiencing.

“This won’t take long and I am sure it will all soon be over.” She said kindly as she placed the stethoscope in her ears. She listened to his heart, which was beating wildly. She moved the stethoscope slowly over his chest. She made him turn around by gently placing her hands on his shoulders. She listened again moving the stethoscope over his back.

“Just bend over, there’s a good boy.” She spoke softly to him as she pressed her fingers gently against his shoulder. John bent over and grasped his ankles. He felt the doctor’s delicate fingers lightly brush over his buttocks. Sarah softly placed her thumbs between the crevice of his bottom and pulled the cheeks apart. Satisfied she told him to stand and face her once more. John obeyed, embarrassed by the sheer beauty of the young doctor, as he stood naked before her. Sarah gently cupped his chin and turned his face to the side. She stroked the soft palm of her hand over his chest and stomach; moving her hand down further she felt his penis throb as she slipped her hand between his legs and cupped his testicles. “Cough for me will you.”

She lifted his testicles gently, feeling a thrill at her intimate contact with the boy. John coughed weakly, his cheeks on fire with the embarrassment and humiliation he felt.

“Cough again… a nice big one this time. She lifted his testicles feeling the soft balls of flesh move within the scrotal sac.

“There, nearly finished now.” Sarah took his penis between her fingers and gently pulled the foreskin back from the glans. She moved the turgid flesh upward to examine the opening and then gently let go. She noticed that the flesh had began to swell as she placed her hands on the boy’s shoulders. She could see his bottom lip tremble and his eyes near to tears as he looked at her. Sarah could not think of anything appropriate to say, although she was determined to show him kindness when this was all over.

The warders escorted the boy along the wide corridor. His hands had been clipped together behind him and as he walked shakily towards the heavy blue door at the end of the corridor he felt near to fainting. They stopped in front of the door while one of the warders knocked. As the door swung open the warders took a firm grip on his arms. Before he had time to protest they had quickly moved him to the center of the room. Two more female warders held him as they expertly clipped the cuffs around his wrists to narrow chains hanging from the beam above his head. Pulling the chains, the warders quickly had his arms hoisted into the air. They clipped the chains together and fastened the ankle cuffs to rings set in the floor. In a matter of seconds, John had found his body stretched tight. His legs were astride and his arms pulled outwards and upwards. He could not move.

As he looked around the room he was aware that there were several other people stand ing to the side of the room. To his left was a steel table holding stainless steel dishes. There was also a variety of medical instruments as well as bottles and gauze’s. To the side of this, there was an oxygen cylinder, its rubber hose was attached to a face mask which rested on the table. He looked at the assembled people without recognizing the governor, or the magistrate who had sentenced him. The young blonde warder moved to the window, which was directly in front him. He watched as she took off her tunic jacket. Her firm breasts pushed against the white cotton of her shirt as she moved toward an oak barrel in the corner of the room. She pulled out a long bundle of birch twigs, which had been soaking in brine. The twigs, which were forty inches in length, had been expertly bound at one end to make a comfortable handle. She moved directly in front of him, holding the birch down to let the brine drip from the twigs. John could not believe that this pretty young girl was to be the one to beat him. The young warder looked at him before moving behind him. She stood to one side and shook the last drops of brine from the birch. There was complete silence in the room. Sarah, who had entered quietly as they were fastening the young man to the beam, was also surprised to the see the young blonde warder taking the birch from the barrel. Sarah caught the eye of Lady Rawlings and gave her a quick smile of greeting before moving to the side of the room. They both looked at the prison governor.

“John Gilbert, you have been found guilty of causing damage to public property while drunk and incapable. You have been sentenced to six strokes of the birch. Sentence will commence forthwith. Doctor Wallis is there any medical reason why sentence should not be carried out?” The governor looked across at Sarah.

“No governor.” Sarah managed to say, hoping that she had managed to conceal the excitement she felt. The governor moved to Sarah’s side and whispered.

“Will you take up your position.” Sarah had read the instruction leaflet, which she had found in the medial officer’s desk draw. It stated that the prisoner must be examined for heart rate, breathing and rupture after every stroke. Sarah stood in front of the young man. He was trembling visibly as he looked into her eyes with a pleading expression. Sarah kept her face impassive and slipped her stethoscope into her ears. She stepped back as the governor nodded to the pretty blonde warder. The young warder raised the birch, holding the handle with both hands, she brought it down in a perfect arc hard against the middle of the boy’s buttocks.

“Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” John screamed in agony. Hardly recognizing his own voice as the pain seared through the very core of his body. He had not expected the pain to be so great. The birch twigs had moved against each other as they bit into the flesh, nipping and trapping the tender skin.

“Argggghhh..oooohhhh.” He could not help himself crying out with the pain. Through a haze of pain he was aware of the young doctor moving the stethoscope over his chest. Her face was almost touching his as he felt the palm of her hand press against his stomach and slide down over his penis and between his legs. She cupped his testicles gently.

“Cough for me please.” She moved her cheek next to his, so that he would cough over her shoulder. He was aware of her breasts pressing against his chest as she squeezed his testicles. John managed to cough to her satisfaction. Sarah moved back and nodded to the governor. “Please mark one.”

One of the young warders marked a cross in one of the six boxes that were printed on the punishment form. The governor nodded to young blonde warder holding the birch. Sarah watched as the young girl raised the birch and then turned her attention to the naked young man in front of her. As the birch struck a second time across the center of his buttocks, he threw back his head in anguish. His body stiffened for several seconds before he was able to scream. As he screamed Sarah stepped forward and cupped his testicles. There was plenty of movement to check for a rupture and she did not think that she would be able to make him cough through the pain he was feeling. She thrilled as his body thrashed in front of her. She squeezed the testicles gently more to give comfort to him in his anguish. Letting go she placed her stethoscope against his chest and checked his wildly beating heart for irregularities.

When she had finished she looked across at the governor. The governor nodded her approval at Sarah’s methods and nodded to the young warder to continue.

“Mark two.” She said as the birch was raised once again. The pretty young blonde brought the long bundle of twigs down hard.

“Thwaacck” The birch twigs bit into the young man’s flesh in exactly the same spot as the other two strokes. Sarah moved around the prisoner and looked at the bright red wheals, which covered the entire buttock area. She placed her stethoscope against his back as he screamed in anguish.

“Arrrrgggghhhh…..arrgggggghhhhhhh The veins of his neck stood out above his straining sinews as he screamed and screamed. Sarah slipped her hand between his legs and once more cupped his testicles. She fondled the captive flesh as he tried to move his body in relief against the pain. The governor looked enquiringly at her as she slid her hand from between his legs. Sarah nodded. She knew that he was fit and well yet felt that each time she nodded she felt like an emperor at a gladiatorial games, where a thumb turned down meant death or mutilation.

“Mark three” The governor nodded to the warder who raised the birch high above her head. Sarah could see the hardened nipples of her young breasts press against the thin cotton as she raised the birch. Sarah was fascinated as the young girl brought the birch down hard. She watched the twigs splay out across the cheeks of his bottom as the birch bit home. Sarah moved around the quivering boy, his movements were erratic as he tried to deal with the pain. His screams filled the room as she moved toward him. His penis was thrashing from side to side as he tried to rid his bottom of the pain. Sarah felt a thrill run through her body as she gently squeezed his testicles. She didn’t know whether he was aware of the gentle pressure of her fingers as he shivered and quaked. As his screams subsided she could not help moving closer to him. Still squeezing his testicles she whispered. “Give me a nice big cough there’s a good boy.”

Sarah was aware of the effect this would normally have on a young man of his age, but she was not really sure if he heard her. She nodded to the governor once more.

“Mark four.” Almost immediately the birch came swishing down through the air, landing with a loud “Thwaaakk.” against his buttocks. Sarah watched as the young man’s body stiffened as if in a trance. He cried out his voice sounding hoarse and weaker.

“Arrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh.. ohhh ohhhh.. Please no more I can’t stand it.” Sarah moved forward quickly and placed the stethoscope on his chest, he was perspiring heavily. She slipped her hand between his legs, deliberately brushing over his penis, before cupping her fingers around his testicles. She moved her head closer and whispered in his ear.

“Give me a nice big cough, there’s a good boy, come along now.” Even through his anguish she felt sure he was aware of the delicate fondling of his testicles. She moved back and nodded quickly to the governor. “Mark five” Sarah watched as the young blonde raised the birch with both hands. She caught Sarah’s eye as she held the long birch above her head and gave her a knowing look. Sarah watched the young girl bring the birch down hard onto the center of the boy’s bottom. He screamed in pure abandonment as the twigs bit and pinched every part of his buttocks.


Arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh.oooohhhhhhhh. Sarah moved close to the boy, as she pressed her hand against his heaving stomach. She placed the stethoscope against his chest and as her hand slid down over his pubic hair she felt herself suddenly orgasm. The orgasm took her completely by surprise; she squeezed her legs together and bit her lip as she slipped her hand between the quivering thighs of the naked boy. She struggled to control herself as she cupped his testicles in her hand. Outwardly her expression gave the impression of trying to listen to the stethoscope amidst the young man’s screams. Inwardly she felt the orgasm course through her body. She squeezed his testicles hard before letting go and standing back.

“Mark six. Thank you ladies.” The governor moved around to have a look at the boy’s face, which was still contorted in agony. “Your punishment is over, you will remain fastened for thirty minutes after that you will be checked over. If you are pronounced fit you will be free to get dressed and leave. I hope this has taught you a valuable lesson young man.” John could hardly believe it was over. He had never thought, even in his wildest dreams that it would be possible to receive so much pain. He sobbed, tears rolling down his cheeks. He felt totally wracked with emotion. His pain was so intense, it was as if red-hot pokers had been applied to his bottom.

The governor turned to Sarah. “Thank you Doctor Wallis, you were most efficient and conscientious. I would like you to check him in about ten minutes but first would you like a cup of tea.” Sarah’s emotions were in turmoil; was it possible to behave so normally after such an experience? She wondered.

Lady Rawlings caught Sarah’s eye as she was preparing to leave. “Can I have a quick word?” Sarah nodded and moved closer to her.

“I am afraid my arrangements were short notice, but I hope you found the experience worthwhile.” Sarah nodded and smiled. “I didn’t know what to expect but It was certainly a new experience.” The rest of the staff had left the room apart from, Her Ladyship, Sarah, and the young blonde warder who had wielded the birch so efficiently.

“Why don’t you check him over while I go and have a word with the governor.” Lady Rawlings smiled as she moved past the doorway.

Sarah turned toward the young man who was still sobbing with anguish. She placed her stethoscope on his chest. His heart was still far faster than normal, but he was in good shape. She was about to leave when the young warder tapped her on the arm.

“I am going to do something now, you can stay and watch if you want.” She dropped her gaze demurely, looking up at Sarah through lowered lashes. Sarah was intrigued, but made no comment.

“My name is Rebecca.” She said shyly as she moved in front of the naked boy. She held the birch out in front of her and brushed the twigs over his chest. John opened his eyes and looked at the young girl, his eyes moved to her delicate hand holding the birch. “Did it hurt you?” She asked innocently.

The boy blushed, tears rolled down his cheeks. “It feels like I am on fire.” He managed to whisper.

“Well it’s all over with now so I am going to put it back in the brine.” She moved to the corner of the room and placed the birch back in the barrel. She moved back and stood in front of him once more. She held out her hand and cupped his chin, forcing him to look into her eyes. Sarah stepped back into the corner of the room and watched the young warder as she stood in front of the naked boy.

“Don’t you feel ashamed standing naked in front of a girl, especially after she’s given your bottom a good birching?” The young warder asked. She reached forward and stroked her hand across his chest, moving her until the fingertips rested against a nipple. She pinched the nipple between her finger and thumb until she felt the nipple harden. She placed her other hand on the opposite nipple and repeated the process.

The boy blushed an even deeper red.

“And how about this….” The girl took her hands from his chest and reached down, placing her fingers delicately around his penis. “Fancy being so helpless that I can do what I like with you! Don’t you feel ashamed?”

John closed is eyes in acute embarrassment, as the girl pushed the foreskin back and exposed the glans. “Open your eyes and look at me, you wouldn’t like me to give your bottom a few sharp smacks would you?”

She started to manipulate the foreskin, pulling the skin forward and squeezing before pushing it back until it would stretch no further. John opened his eyes, large tears were rolling down his blushing cheeks.

“That’s better… now tell me what is the meaning of this?” She tapped his penis, which had begun to swell. “Do you always display yourself so blatantly?” She continued moving the foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis, her innocent expression belying her actions.

“Answer me. I can see I am going to have to smack you if you don’t answer me.”

John didn’t know what to say. “Er… no miss.” She pushed the foreskin back until it was fully stretched at the same time she scraped the nails of her other hand across the underside of his testicles, before taking a firm hold of them.

“Now do you see how helpless you are ?.” She squeezed the soft flesh of the balls carefully, so as not to cause him pain. She felt the penis begin to throb in her hand.

“Why you naughty boy just look at you.” She took her hands away and watched his penis throb up and down. “Look at yourself you bad, bad boy.”

John closed his eyes in acute embarrassment. He felt absolutely drained.

“I said look at yourself or I will smack your bottom, so do as you are told and do it now.” John opened his eyes, first looking at the girl and then downwards to his erect penis. He groaned with embarrassment as he watched her slender fingers curl around the throbbing flesh. Deftly she slid the foreskin up and down the shaft watching his face as she increased the speed of her hand. He looked at her through a haze of embarrassment as she aroused him. Gently, she slipped her other hand between his legs and squeezed his testicles. She shivered when she heard the boy gasp and moan.

“Come along young man, let’s have a nice big cum.” John could contain his emotions no longer.

“Arrgggghhhhh..oohhh” He moaned as she increased the tempo of her fingers up and down his penis. She quickly moved her body sideways, just avoiding the first jets of semen as they spurted from him. She squeezed his testicles hard and increased the grip on his penis as jet after jet of semen spurted to the floor.

“Come on now, there must be some more left.” She whispered softly as she began to slow the strokes of her hand.

“Argggghhhh.. arrgghh.. please… it is so sensitive…. no more pleeease.” Rebecca slowed her hand but did not stop.

“You are so helpless you can’t do any thing about it can you.” She stopped the movement with her fingers and after squeezing his testicles hard, she let go of him. John gasped as she squeezed his scrotum. His whole body sagged between the chains as she let go of him. The girl walked away from him and across to Sarah.

“I am going to fetch him a drink.. are you coming?”

John felt drained, his bottom was on fire and try as he might he could not ease the pain. If only he could rub it or put some lotion on it, he thought.

It was about ten minutes later that Rebecca entered the punishment room. She looked at the boy as he hung, straddled between the chains. His head was resting on his chin and his eyes were closed. She touched him lightly on the shoulder.

Jane Marwood had done as she intended. It had been exactly three weeks since she had started to teach Richard his lessons. She had assimilated well into the household. Her manner and style commanded respect without the need for obvious rule. Lady Rawlings had ensured that the maids and kitchen staff were aware of her position’ in fact the young girls now often referred to Jane if they needed instruction about various household matters. When Diane and Veronica had left to return to school with their friend Patricia, Richard’s routine had been firmly established by Jane. He had been bathed both morning and night, by either Rachael and Claire, or Wendy and Annette. Jane had deliberately kept her relationship with the boy to that of teacher and pupil, her evenings had been spent alone with Lady Rawlings. For the past two days she had made sure that although he was to be bathed as normal he must not be made to ejaculate. This was in preparation for the first part of a carefully detailed timetable that she had agreed with Lady Rawlings.

Jane’s heart fluttered as she sat at her desk. Her silk skirt and white blouse felt cool against her naked skin. Today she wore no bra or panties only a delicate suspender belt which held up sheer stockings encasing her beautiful legs. She pressed her thighs together, feeling a tremor of excitement run through her body at the prospect of the morning’s proceedings. It was eight-thirty, still fifteen minutes before Richard was obliged to attend his lessons. She looked over the room noting that everything was in order.

Jane sat at her desk and opened the center draw. Her long eyelashes accenting her beautiful profile as she looked down into the draw. She moved her hand over the rattan cane, her delicate fingers lingering over the ridges the bamboo. She picked up several long ribbons of soft chamois from the back of the draw and laid them alongside the cane. Closing the draw she stood walked over to the window. The sun was already casting it’s gentle warmth through the tall Georgian windows as she examined her appearance in the wall mirror attached to the oak paneling of the wall opposite her. She noted with satisfaction the clear outline of her breasts as the light from the window shone through the sheer Sea Island cotton of her blouse.

The hands of the large clock on the wall slowly moved to indicate eleven thirty. Jane Marwood looked across at her pupil. Richard was bent down over his books, his face still red with embarrassment at the sharp rebuke he had just received from his mistress. Jane had made sure that he could not keep his mind on his work. Several times that morning she had leaned over the boy, her soft breasts brushing against the nape of his neck as she pretended to look at his work. She had also crossed over to the window, standing against the strong sunlight she made sure her body was angled perfectly for him to see the outline of her breasts through the sheer cotton of her blouse. She had caught Richard looking at her several times as she sat at her desk. On the last occasion she had sharply reminded him that he had only five minutes left to complete the test she had set him at the start of the day.

“Right Richard, bring your book over here and let me see how well you have got on.” Her voice sounded light and cheerful. She watched as Richard stood up clumsily and lifted the foolscap exercise book from the desktop. His cheeks were suffused in a deep red blush by the time he had reached her desk. Jane was well aware of the discomfort she caused each time she looked directly into his eyes. Jane had always been aware of her beauty and she was conscious of her every movement. A simple parting of the lips, sometimes dropping her eyelashes and tilting her head upwards, angling her body in a pretty pose or gently touching someone’s hand. She had developed her physical grace to perfection. She looked at Richard who was standing in front of her, his awkwardness in marked contrast to her poise.

“Give me your book, there’s a good boy.” Her voice was almost a purr. She took the writing book from his trembling finger. Looking down she could hardly be bothered to read the words he had written, her mind was already on the course of events to follow. She flipped the page back and fourth, checking what she already knew, that he had only managed to write one and a half pages. Her distractions and been completely successful, keeping him from any semblance of concentrated effort.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide with surprise. “It seems that you have wasted the whole morning Richard. I can see no evidence of any proper effort and you have not even started question three. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Richard dropped his eyes and blushed an even deeper red. “I… I.. d’don’t know miss. I know them I j’just couldn’t do them in time.” Richard’s voice trailed off into silence. He bent his head and began to shuffle his feet. Jane spoke sharply to him. “Stand straight and look at me when I am talking to you. Do you mean to tell me that you have no excuse for this work.”

Richard quickly raised his head, looking shocked at the sharp rebuke of his mistress. It was the first time he had heard her use that tone of voice.

“I’ I’m sorry miss.” Richard could hardly speak. His legs were trembling as he watched her sit back in her chair. Her eyes never left his as she deliberately folded her hands across her lap.

“Look at me and listen carefully Richard. I have great faith in your ability to do good work. This morning you have chosen not to and I don’t know why. You yourself have admitted that you have no excuse, is that correct?”

Richard was trembling visibly as he began to answer. “I’m sorry miss, I promise I won’t do it again.” Jane leaned forward and looked deep into his eyes. I am afraid Richard that your behavior will have to be corrected. I intend you to become a well-educated young man whether you like it or not. I am very sorry but I am going to have to punish you.” Jane leaned back and slowly opened the center draw. She took out the long rattan cane and placed it on the desktop. Inwardly she was delighted by the shocked expression, which appeared on the boy’s face as the cane came into his view.

“B..but m’mmiss.” Richard stammered as tears began to form in his eyes. Jane quickly interrupted him.

“I’m sorry young man, but is for your own good. Go over to your desk and undress, quickly now, I don’t want to waste the rest of the day.”

Richard was unable to move; the words shocked him. He could hardly believe this beautiful young woman was going to cane him. He began to tremble from head to foot, hardly able to put one foot in front of the other as he stumbled back to his desk. He turned to her, his voice pleading. “But.. miss.”

Jane found it difficult to keep the thrill of excitement out of her voice as she spoke sternly to her young charge. “If you delay any more Richard I will double your punishment.” “She watched with satisfaction as his trembling fingers started to undo the buttons of his jacket.

“Come along Richard everything off… quickly now.” Jane stood up taking several ribbons of soft leather from the draw and placing them on top of the desk. She closed the draw and moved to side of her desk. She watched intently as the boy undressed. He had taken off his jacket and shirt and laid them on the seat of his chair. He was naked above the waist but seemed reluctant to unbutton his trousers.

“Take your shoes and socks off before your trousers… quickly now, I have warned you.” Jane’s voice was stern. Her words seemed to have the desired effect as Richard bent over and removed his shoes and socks.

“Come along… drop your trousers.” Tears were rolling down his cheeks as Richard undid the buttons of his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and placed them on top of his clothes on the desk. Jane felt an involuntary shiver run through her body as she watched the young boy stand up in just his underpants.

“Right young man come and stand in front of me.” She picked up the cane and held it across her thighs. She stood with her legs apart and waited for Richard to stand in front of her. He was clutching the waistband of his underpants as if they might fall. His whole body trembled with fear and trepidation, his face flushed a deep red as he stood before her.

“Drop your pants Richard and bend over my desk.” Richard’s humiliation was complete as he stood in front of his beautiful young teacher. He looked up to her face as if to plead with her once more. Jane let go of the cane with one hand and gently stroked the boy’s cheek.

“Be a brave boy Richard, I have to do this for your own good.” Her voice was soft, almost tender as she ran her fingers gently down the side of his face and over his shoulder. “Come along now, take off those pants, I really don’t want to punish you more than is necessary.” She thrilled as she watched him nervously push the pants down over his hips and then down his thighs. He bent low and picked up the underpants, clutching them against his genitals as he stood up. Jane smiled to herself as she reached forward and took the garment from his trembling fingers. Richard was mortified as she looked into his eyes.

“Take your hands away and place them by your sides. Stand up straight and look at me.” Jane looked down at his genitals as he reluctantly uncovered himself. She raised the tip of the cane and placed it under his chin.

“I want you to look at me Richard.” Jane’s voice was now gentle and soothing. “I am going to give you six strokes on your bare bottom and I want you to take it like a man. No nonsense, otherwise I will increase it to twelve. Because you are new to punishment I am going to secure you. So bend over the desk.” She lowered the cane and placed it with his underpants on the side of the desk. Richard shivered as he felt her gentle hands on his naked flesh. She turned him around to face her desk, placing the flat of her palm against his tummy she bent him over until his chest was pressed flat against the top of the desk. Bending to one knee behind him she boldly stoked her fingers up the inside of his thighs, making him spread his legs.

“Please miss..” Richard stammered.

“It’s no good pleading Richard, my mind is made up. Now get those legs apart.” Quickly she took the ribbons and tied them around his ankles, fastening the ends of the soft leather to the legs of the desk. She then moved to the other side of her desk and taking his wrists, pulled his arms forward and deftly bound the wrists together. She attached the other end of the soft leather to the handle of the center draw.

“I have not bound you tightly, but if you do not do as I say, I will fetch the maids to hold you down is that clear ?” Jane heard the boy mumble an affirmative reply as she moved back around the desk to stand behind his naked body. Although she had not bound him tightly she was well aware that he could only move his bottom but a few inches. She stood back admiring her handiwork. Richard’s chest was pressed flat against the inlaid leather top with his head turned to one side and his legs spread widely apart. Jane relaxed as she examined the naked body stretched before her. She noted his firm buttocks as she bent forward to look between his outstretched legs. His penis hung down below his testicles, which she noticed were tightly encased in the scrotum as if he were cold. She moved forward and placed a hand on each buttock gently pulling them apart. She heard the boy gasp as she ran her forefinger down the crease of the buttocks and over the sensitive sphincter.

“Right my boy, get that bottom up, come along up on your toes,” She watched as he obediently straightened his legs and pushed his bottom upwards. Jane felt a quiver of excitement run through her body. She was aware that the boy could not raise his bottom any higher, but could not resist the prospect of increasing his embarrassment.

“Come along you can do better than that” Gently she cupped his scrotum and carefully squeezed his testicles, pulling the scrotum backwards towards her. She thrilled once more as he gasped with shock at the intimate way she handled him. Keeping hold of his testicles she delicately encircled his penis with the finger and thumb of her other hand and pushed the foreskin upwards, uncovering the sensitive glans.

“Come along, get it up further, there’s a good boy.” Richard could do nothing but mumble. She noted that his face, which was turned to the side, was covered in one deep blush.

Letting go of him she stood back and once more took up her position. Taking the cane she lowered it so that the tip rested on the center of his buttocks. Richard quaked visibly as the cold rattan touched his flesh. Delicately she stroked the cane up and down over the cheeks of his bottom. She felt the smooth cotton of her blouse rub against her nipples which were hard with desire.

“Come along Richard keep it up” With these words she abruptly raised the cane and brought it down hard across the very center of his bottom. The effect was electric, his shoulders heaved as he strained to straighten up and his mouthed opened wide in a grimace of anguish.

“Arrrggghhh.. arggghhh.” Richard groaned as the pain of the stroke seared through his body.

Through the deluge of pure anguish he heard her voice softly whisper. “That was number one.” His shoulders quivered as he felt her tap the under-part of his buttocks.

“Get your bottom up, I shall not tell you again.” Her voice was now firmer and more husky. “Come along now.” Richard strained to push his bottom upwards at the same time trying to clench his buttocks together as if somehow to protect the sensitive flesh. “Don’t you dare clench your buttocks.”

With all the will power he could muster Richard forced himself to relax his buttocks. No sooner had the flesh relaxed a second stroke bit into his tender flesh. He tried to rear up but could not move his hands. His whole body seemed helplessly pinioned to the desk. He cried out loudly, his throat almost constricted with the effects of the pain.

“Arrggghhh.. arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..”

“That was number two.” Jane’s voice was soft, almost a murmur. Without warning Richard heard the swish of the cane as once more it sliced though the air. He could not believe the intensity of the pain as the bony rattan cane bit deeply into his flesh.

“Arrggghhh.. arrggghhhhhh.. arrgggggggghhhhh.” Jane squeezed her legs together as she felt a thrill run through her body. She pressed her hand between her legs and breathing deeply waited for the feeling to subside. She watched as Richard thrashed his bottom from side to side. Three bright red weal’s delineated his quivering buttocks.

“Get that bottom up Richard” She said firmly as she raised the cane once more. “That was number three and you have three more to come.”

For the fourth stroke she sliced the cane down across the top of his buttocks. ‘Thwack. She delighted in the satisfying sound of the cane as it bit once more into his soft flesh. She watched delightedly as he threw his head back and screamed.

“Arrgggggggghhh hhhhhhhhh arrrgggg gggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.”

“That was number four.” Her words were barely audible as without respite she raised the cane again and brought it down hard. Richard was beside himself with pain as the bony rattan cane bit into his bottom. This time Jane had aimed carefully for the tender under-part of his buttocks. Her aim had been true and she watched his body quiver uncontrollably as he tried to rid himself of the pain

“Arrrgghrgggggghhhhh…. Arrrggggggghhhh oooooohhhhhh.” Richard screamed, his flesh felt as if it was on fire. His body was quivering uncontrollably his mouth wide open as he fought for breath.

“That was number five, you have one more to come. Jane was not sure that she had managed to keep the excitement out of her voice as mercilessly she raised her arm for the sixth and final stroke. She aimed for the center of his bottom and brought the cane down hard, watching as if in slow motion the wicked rattan strike his flesh.

His flesh seemed to envelop the bamboo as it bit deep into his buttocks. The effect of the last stroke was beyond anything Richard could have imagined. His whole body stiffened for an instance as if had been electrocuted. He tossed his head and screamed.

“Argggghhhh .. arrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… arrrggggggggggggggghhhhh.” Tears streamed down his cheeks as he tried to escape his bindings. His whole body was writhing in agony.

“Arrrggggghhhhhh..arrggggggghhhhhh…ooooohhhhhhhh. Please misss.. misss n’nnoo more.” He shook uncontrollably as the pain coursed through his body. “Pleeeeeeese misssss.” He was near to fainting as he tried to form his words. “Pleeeaaase… miss, no more.”

Jane smiled with satisfaction as she laid down the cane. She leaned over his quivering naked body and gently stroked her hand over his shoulders. “There my boy, it’s all over now. Try and relax… there’s a good boy.”

Softly her fingers trailed over his back and down over his upturned bottom. She bent to one knee and deftly cupped his scrotum with one hand while the other delicately encircled his penis. She pushed the foreskin back over the glans and squeezed the timid flesh. Pulling the foreskin down again she began to move her hand up and down in a milking motion. She heard the boy gasp as she cleverly manipulated his penis. She slowly increased the tempo of her ministrations as she felt his penis begin to stiffen.

“There there now, it’s all over now, just relax.” Richard gasped as she tightened her grip on his penis and pushed the foreskin back as far as it would go. She punctuated the stroking of his penis by gently squeezing his testicles in a similar rhythm. Richard’s emotions were in turmoil his breathing heavy and labored. He felt totally trapped and humiliated as she cleverly aroused him.

She worked diligently, ignoring the moans and groans of the naked boy. Abruptly she let go of his testicles and slid her fingers up between the crease of his buttocks. Locating the sphincter, she teased the delicate membranes around the opening. With great care she inserted her finger into the orifice, insidiously probing until she felt the sphincter dilate. Without warning she pushed her finger firmly up into his bottom at the same time pushing the foreskin of his penis back, fully exposing the glans. She ignored the boy’s gasps as she quickly located the prostate gland. Curling her finger inside him she stoked the prostate, feeling his penis throb between her fingers.

“There’s a good boy, just relax it will take the pain away.” Richard’s whole body was trembling, his body wracked with emotion as his mistress expertly brought him to new heights of sexual sensation. Feeling his penis throb uncontrollable Jane quickly pressed her finger deeper into his bottom, increasing the tempo of her strokes she squeezed his penis as hard as she could.

She smiled with satisfaction as the boy moaned uncontrollably. A jet of semen erupted from the tip of his penis on to the carpet below. Jane moved her hand up and down the shaft of his penis with increased speed, her nails gently grazing the rim of the glans as her fingers moved down over the tip. Richard shook with emotion as she relentlessly milked him of every last drop of semen. He felt drained as her fingers slowed and her grip relaxed. Jane extracted her finger from his bottom and took hold of his scrotum. She squeezed firmly watching the last drops of milky white semen escape from the tip of his penis.

“There.. there, just you relax, while I fetch the maids to attend to you.” Richard was beside himself with emotion. He could not have believed that he could feel any more embarrassment and yet he was to be subjected to even greater indignities. Jane knew her job well, after all she had been trained by the best. Richard was her charge and she had made but a small start. He would over the next few years be subjected to humiliation, pain and sexual pleasure. He would be trained to associate pain with pleasure and humiliation with adoration for his mistresses.

This for Richard was just a beginning.