A Governess For Richard Part 1

It was hot, very hot and Richard had been walking quickly for over an hour. The sunrays filtered through the treetops, blinding the boy’s eyes as he looked up. ‘Not much further,” he thought as he began to mount the rise that led to the lake. Richard was dressed, as were all boys at the orphanage in long gray flannel shorts, that came to his knee’s, a heavy flannel jacket, long gray socks, ending in black boots. His shirt was soaked in perspiration with the effort of the long walk. Richard reached the top of the rise and looked quickly about before hurrying on towards the lake. The lake was in a part of the wood, which was out of bounds. The boy had heard that it was part of a large estate, owned by a local farmer. The thought of trespass made Richard look round once more, as he neared the small jetty at the lakeside. There was no movement in the wood. Small sounds came from the treetops as birds flew and resettled.

Richard quickly threw off his jacket and shirt, unbuttoned his trousers and kicked them over his boots. Underneath the trousers were the long old fashioned underpants that had irritated his skin so much. Richard struggled with his bootlaces, finally throwing them on to his pile of clothes. Standing up he let his underpants fall to the ground. Richard was now naked and was already feeling cooler. The boy ran towards the jetty, his lithe body glistening in the sun, two more steps. Richard plunged headlong into the water. The cool water of the lake felt wonderful against his naked body. For a moment he was able to forget everything and just bask in the serenity of the moment, heaven beneath an open sky.

It had probably been thirty minutes or more, before the sound of pounding hooves had penetrated Richard’s reverie. Suddenly through the clearing he saw two horses approaching. He could not make out the detail of the riders at this distance. He could see dark hair blowing in the wind, from under a riding cap. Quickly he turned in the water and set off at a quick over-arm crawl towards the nearest bushes on the bank. It became obvious to Richard that the two riders had not observed him swimming in the lake. Strong over-arm strokes brought him to the bank, just as the riders reached a wooden picnic table planted firmly in the ground at the side of the clearing. The horses slowed and stopped, the first rider a young girl of perhaps sixteen years, dismounted as the horse took its last few paces. Running, to keep pace with the slowing creature she pulled on the reins and stopped within a few feet of the picnic table.

The other horse slowed some paces behind, standing quietly while it’s rider dismounted. Both of the girls were pretty, in fact the blonde girl was stunningly good looking, fine bone features, vivid blue eyes and hair the color of silver. The second girl had a face of classic beauty, with dark eyes and black hair that glistened in the sun.

The small bushes surrounding the lake hid Richard well. He observed the two girls as they tied their horses to a low tree branch. ‘What do I do,” Richard thought. He could see his clothes, lying on the soft grass only a few feet away from his hiding position.

The girls were talking to each other and laughing. ‘That hack is the only one to take, at this time of year,” said Diane. She brushed the nape of her neck below the neatly pinned blonde hair. ‘Everything else is overgrown,” she continued. …still I bet there isn’t a gallop as good as that for miles.

The two girls looked around. Diane narrowed her eyes against the sun, as she looked towards the jetty. ‘What’s that ‘ronica?. Veronica looked towards the jetty. ‘I don’t know, looks like a pile of rags. ‘Well, they weren’t here yesterday, let’s have a look. Diane strode off toward the pile of clothes Richard had hastily abandoned. She picked up a garment and held it aloft. ‘I’m not sure what these are supposed to be, either long trousers for a dwarf or very long short trousers.” Veronica, who was sifting through some more of the clothes, held up the long underwear. ‘Who on earth would wear these, in this day and age.

“I think where is he, is more to the point,” said Diane as she dropped the trousers back on to the grass. “There’s no one in the lake.” Both girls scanned the water, there eyes skimming over the boys hiding position without noticing him. “I was going to have a dip, but I don’t like the idea of someone being around.” Veronica whispered as she looked across the lake once more.

Diane was looking closely at the rest of the clothes. “I think it’s got to be a boy. Who else could possibly wear clothes like this?”

The blonde girl turned back towards the jetty, looking intently at any possible hiding place. “The jetty’s too low for anyone to be underneath. Lets walk along the bank.” She walked quickly to the side of the lake as Veronica followed.

Richard crouched as low as he could in the water. He had seen the girls approach, but had no idea what course of action to take. ‘What on earth do I do?” He thought. ‘If I’m caught, the beating I’ll get will be horrendous.

Richard remembered the attitude of the orphanage to boys who got in trouble, while they were outside. It was not a strict regime, but they did not tolerate any boy or girl tarnishing the name of the orphanage. In fact it had only been two days ago, at the start of the holidays, that they had been told not to go near private property. Richards’s thoughts had diverted his attention from the approaching girls. He was suddenly startled by the sound of a voice above his hiding place.

“Who are you and what are you doing ?” Richard looked up to meet the cool gaze of the two girls as they looked down. It was Diane that had spoken. “Well I’m waiting for an answer,” she continued.

Richard still did not speak. His face was beetroot red. He crouched further into the shallow water.

“I d’… don’t know.” Richard eventually stammered.

“You don’t know what you are doing ? That seems strange, for someone who is crouching in shallow water with no clothes on.”

Diane could see the boy’s form through the clear water. She estimated his age to be about sixteen a year younger than herself. As far as she could see he was a well built adolescent. His face was well featured, brown eyes, a straight nose and good jaw line.

“Well if you don’t know what you are doing, you had better get out.” Diane’s cool gaze never left the boy, as she spoke. “B’but I haven’t got any clothes on,” stammered Richard, whose whole body was now blushing with acute embarrassment.

“You will either get out now or I will send for the game keeper.” Diane said firmly, “It’s your choice.”

The two girls stood back from the bank. Richard had never felt so embarrassed before. His heart was pounding and he felt dizzy. Slowly he pulled himself on to the bank. The soft grasses brushing his stomach and legs as he left the water. He looked up to see the two girls had moved further back.

The girls watched as he slid himself on to the bank. A nice body, Veronica thought as she looked at the firm buttocks of the boy, lying on the grass before her.

Richard raised himself on to one knee, holding his hand over his penis and testicles he balanced on one foot as he managed to stand up. ‘Well,” said Diane, who was now enjoying herself very much. “You had better come over here and we can hear your explanation.” The two girls turned and walked towards the picnic table. Richard followed behind them, his head spinning with trepidation and embarrassment. Diane reached the table first and sat on it’s strong oak top. The other girl sat down on the bench, which was set into the grass.

Richard stood facing the girls. Both hands now covering his genitals. He glanced back at his clothes lying a few feet away. Diane noticed the look. “You can have your clothes, when we have had an explanation.” Richard’s body had begun to warm in the sun and yet he was shivering, more with fright than cold as Diane fixed him with her icy stare.

“We will start with your name and where you come from,” said Diane firmly. Her eyes looked down over his body. She noted his firm shoulders, narrow waist and long well muscled legs.

Richard was now acutely aware of the girls interested gaze. He shuffled his feet in the grass. He could not bring himself to look at Diane, who was now looking towards the hands covering his genitals.

“I am waiting, I will not ask again.” Diane turned as she spoke, reaching behind her towards the riding hat and crops lying on the tabletop. She turned toward Richard once more, she was now holding one of the crops in her hand.

Richard started to speak, hesitantly at first. “My name is Richard Chambers, I come from St. Matthew’s orphanage.”

Diane reached forward. She held the riding crop out in front of her and with the tip of it gently pushed Richard’s chin upwards, so that his eyes met hers. ‘Look at me when you speak,” she said a little more softly. ‘Stand up straight too:” Richard met her gaze, but found it hard to straighten without uncovering himself. He was cupping his testicles and penis against the juncture of his thighs. The thumbs were crossed over at the top of his pubic hair.

Veronica was enjoying the boys discomfort, and knew perfectly well why the boy could not stand any more upright. She also knew that Diane was having the time of her life with her cross-examination.

“I came for a swim. It was so hot and we’re on holiday for two weeks.” Continued Richard. “I didn’t mean any harm.” Richard looked down once more. He had never felt so ashamed, standing naked in front of the two girls.

Diane and Veronica were both aware of the boy’s discomfort, but neither had any intention of letting him off the hook.

“Look at me and listen Richard. You should be well aware that this is private property. There are fences all around this estate and you must have climbed one to be here now, isn’t that so?”

Richard raised his head, looking at the girl while she spoke. His cheeks suffused were with red and his bottom lip was trembling. “Yes miss,” he managed to stammer.

“Tell me, what would your punishment be, should I decide to telephone the orphanage and complain of your trespass. Swimming naked in the lake where there may be people passing. What do you say Richard?”

The boy trembled visibly as a shudder ran through him at the thought of what would happen to him back at the orphanage. “I would be beaten Miss.” Richard’s reply was barely audible. Diane looked coolly at the trembling boy, noting the small tear running down his red cheeks.

“Who would beat you?” Veronica asked, speaking to him for the first time, “and what would you be beaten with?”

The boy’s breath came with difficulty, he looked near to fainting. “Matron beats us with a cane.” he replied, his voice sounding weak.

Diane again took over as question master “How many strokes would you expect for something like this?”

“I d’don’t know Miss.”

“Well how many do you think?, you must have some idea.”

Richard was feeling very distressed. He knew for certain that the minimum he could expect would be twelve strokes. He knew of a boy that had left the year before. He had received eighteen strokes for a far more trivial offence.

“I am waiting for an answer.” Diane held the crop under his chin as she spoke and raised the his head once more.

“I think perhaps twelve stokes Miss.” Richard shuddered as he spoke. “Maybe eighteen…,” his sentence trailed off into silence.

“‘Well I think,” said Diane brightly that you would be lucky to receive less than twenty-four. My mother is a magistrate, I think the orphanage would take a dim view of trespass on the property of a local magistrate.

Richard looked shocked but said nothing. His cheeks were burning and his shoulders were shaking with dread.

“One last question, before we decide what to do with you.” Richard looked at the girl, they hadn’t decided yet, Maybe there’s a chance…His thoughts were interrupted.

“Where about on your body do you receive the cane?”

“Er..on the bottom Miss.”

Both girls looked down at the boy’s body as he spoke. Richard was standing squarely in front of them so they could not see his buttocks.

“Turn around and show me you bottom Richard.” Diane said coolly. Richard looked shocked but did not move.

“I think before you start to disobey me, you had better think about who and where you are, Richard my boy.”

Richard stood still for a second and then began to turn round slowly. He felt totally humiliated. He pressed his hands closer over his groin as he turned and faced the lake. As soon as the boy’s back was turned the girls gave each other a quick smile of triumph.

Diane placed the riding crop back on to the oak table. “Stand still and don’t move.” Diane said firmly as she got off the table, where she was sitting and stood behind him. She placed her left hand on the boys left shoulder. Richard trembled as he felt her cool fingers touch his skin. He said nothing as she placed her right hand on his waist. She saw him involuntarily clasp his hands tighter over his penis and scrotum. Her right hand slid from his waist, gently moving in over the small of his back and down over the swelling of his buttocks. Veronica stood up from her seat on the bench and moved to Diane’s right hand side intent on seeing what her friend was doing to the boy.

Richard trembled, stealing himself for what the girl might do next.

“So this is where you receive you punishment is it Richard?” Diane spoke softly as she leaned her head forward to his ear. Richard felt her hand move slowly down over his buttocks, stroking first one cheek, then the other. He felt her take her hand away and then bring it back in a sharp slap across his right bottom cheek. Richard gasped at the sudden shock of the smack across his bottom.

“Surely that didn’t hurt.” said Diane brightly. ‘You can expect a lot more than that when Matron gets hold of you.

“Can I get dressed now?” Richard asked suddenly, fearing there might be further exploration of his bottom.

“You will get dressed. When we tell you to get dressed and not before. Is that understood?”

“Yes Miss, I’m sorry Miss.” Richard suddenly remembered the terrible mess he was in. The girls might only be a year or two older, but he realized that they held absolute power over him. One wrong word from either of them to the orphanage and his goose was cooked.

“What position does matron place you in when you are to be caned?” Veronica asked the boy as she moved round to face him. She lifted her arm and taking his chin between her finger and thumb brought his head around to face hers. ‘We have to kneel on a bench and lean over the table.” Richard muttered.

“Does matron take those awful trousers of yours down?”

“Yes Miss.” Richard replied looking into Veronica’s eyes. He had never seen such a beautiful face.

“And how about those awful baggy underpants? do they come off too?”

“Yes Miss.” replied Richard as he watched her amused expression.

“So you are in a very good state to have a thrashing right now.” Diane said as she placed her hand back on to his buttocks.

Diane stroked her hand over his buttocks once more and then letting go of him, sat down on the bench. Veronica followed and sat next to her.

“Turn around and face us.” said Diane. Richard turned round and faced both the girls who had sat next to each other on the picnic bench. Richard still had his hands clasped firmly over his groin. He had felt his penis begin to stiffen slightly while the girl’s hands had stroked his bottom, but he had managed to contain himself by pressing his hands more firmly against his groin. Diane reached behind her and picked up her riding crop.

“I told you to stand straight once, so do it. Shoulders back arms down straight by your sides.” Diane spoke firmly and abruptly, as she turned back from the table to face him. Richard blushed profusely “B’but I’ I don’t have.” Diane interrupted his sentence. “We are well aware of the state you are in my boy, but you made the choice to take your clothes off while on someone else’s property. So do as you are told and do it now.”

Richard’s head felt dizzy, he dropped his head and with a deep breath he slowly took his hands away from his genitals. He straightened his shoulders and put his head further back, acutely embarrassed, he could bring himself to meet their gaze. He could feel his cheeks burning with shame as he stood trembling before them.

Both girls examined the boy intently. He really is something special, thought Diane.

Excellent features. A really well proportioned body and a beautiful penis. A large tight scrotum too, what more could a girl ask.

“That’s better.” Snapped Diane. ‘You are in a lot of trouble and we have to decide what to do about you.”

‘Veronica, why don’t you go and feel his bottom, and tell me how many strokes you would think to be an appropriate punishment.” Richard could not believe what he was hearing. Suppose he could not control his penis. What would happen if he had an erection in front of them? These thoughts ran wildly through his head as he looked anxiously at the girls. Veronica got up from her seat and moved to stand behind him.

‘Now let’s have a look at you,” she said softly as she placed both her hands on either side of the boys waist, pushing him forward slightly. Veronica looked down at his buttocks. She noted their firmness and quality of skin. She stroked the palms of her hands over his firm skin as she moved her hands from his waist on to his buttocks. Her thumbs parted the deep cleavage of his bottom as her hands moved downwards over his buttocks.

“Bend over, so that I can see properly.” She said as placed a hand around the boy’s waist, her slim fingers pushing between his arm and torso. She pressed down gently on the middle of his back with the other hand. Indicating that he should bend over from the waist.

“Over you go; that’s it.” Veronica whispered as Richard reluctantly bent forward.

“Open your legs, you’ll find it easier that way.” Still holding the boy’s waist she ran her hand down over his bottom and into the crevice between his legs. She pushed the back of her hand against the inside of his thigh, making him open his legs wider. “There that’s easier now I can see you properly.” Veronica spoke softly, her tone almost soothing. Richard could not believe what was happening to him, he felt dizzy with the touch of her gentle fingers on his body. He felt the softness of her hand now parting the cheeks of his bottom. Seemingly oblivious to his feelings, she moved her soft hands slowly and gently over his flesh. Richard flinched as her fingertips pulled the cheeks of his bottom apart. She felt his body tremble as she kneaded each buttock in turn.

“Just stay in that position.” said Veronica, “I want to see how resilient your bottom is.” She stood back from the boy and raising her arm a little, bringing the palm of her hand smartly down across both buttocks. Richard, startled from the smack to his bottom, tried to straighten up, but Veronica placed her hand on the small of his back.

“Just one more smack,” she said brightly. “That didn’t leave any mark at all.” She raised her palm once more and gave the buttocks a harder smack. Richard jolted with the sting of the slap, but managed to remain bent over. Veronica could clearly see the imprint of her hand on the boy’s bottom. Placing her left hand on to the small of his back, she gently traced her fingers over the marks she had just made.

“Now you can stand up again.” she told him. Richard obeyed, once more trying to cover his penis, which to his horror was now in a semi-erect state.

“Arms by you sides, there’s a good boy.” said Veronica, knowing that Diane would want to see whether her ministrations on the boy had produced an erection. Veronica moved to his side and looked down at his penis, which had grown considerably and was now pointing forward away from his groin. Veronica was delighted with the result. Looking towards Diane she saw her amused expression as she too gazed at the boys penis. Richard was mortified. His body trembled under Veronica’s fingers as she ran her right lightly over the boy’s shoulder and her left hand over his stomach. ‘Why you’re trembling,” she said as she moved her hand up over his chest and teased the left nipple with her carefully manicured nails.

Richard’s penis began to throb as she slowly coaxed his nipple to a hard nub of flesh. His eyes began to glaze with the sensation of it all.

“What have we here young man?” Diane said as she stood up and stepped in front of the trembling youth. She looked down and waited for Richard to follow her gaze before taking hold of the tip of his penis. She held it delicately between her forefinger and thumb. The sensation of her fingers touching him so intimately was too much for Richard, his penis burgeoned to a full erection, the sensitive shaft of swollen flesh, pointing straight out in front of him.

“Is this the way you behave in front of young ladies?” Diane chided him. Richard’s cheeks turned an even brighter red.

“I c’can’t help it Miss” He stammered. “I’m dreadfully sorry Miss.” Diane impishly squeezed hard on the end of his penis, making the violent erection complete. She placed her left hand between his legs and gently cupped his testicles, pulling her nails gently forward over the tight scrotum, she squeezed the soft fleshy balls of his testicles. Richard’s breath was coming in huge gasps of air. He was feeling dizzy and faint. “Please Miss, please don’t.” Richard managed to say through the waves of sensation that were passing over him. Veronica was gently stroking the hair at the nape of his neck with one hand and teasing his nipple with the other as Diane spoke.

“I think that will do for now.” she said to Veronica as she let go of the boys scrotum, giving his penis one last pinch. ‘Lets sit down and decide what to do with him.” Veronica stopped caressing the boy and joined Diane on the wooden bench.

Richard stood where they left him. His legs were still spread apart and his were hands by his side. His penis jutted forward from the juncture of his thighs, the tip pointing upwards almost to his navel.

“Look at me Richard.” Said Diane “We are going to give you a choice of punishment. Then we will leave you to decide which punishment you will take.” Richard did not answer but looked up towards the two girl’s faces. His embarrassment was so overwhelming that he was not able to look them in the eyes.

Diane continued. “We can either, tell my mother and have her telephone the orphanage, or you can accept a punishment from us. I can tell you that our punishment will not be lenient. Although I think it will be considerably less than you could expect from the orphanage.” Diane watched the boy’s face as she spoke to him. She could also see that his penis was still large although now pointing nearer to the ground.

“You may have a few minutes to think about it, while I have a word with Veronica and decide what our punishment might be.” The girls got up and walked around the table and toward the clearing

They stopped some yards away and faced each other. Richard looked at the girls as they talked. Both girls were wearing riding britches and boots. The blonde girl wore a silk shirt that was tied in a knot at her waist. Richard had noticed that she wore nothing under the shirt as her nipples were clearly visible through the thin silk. The dark girl, the taller of the two was also wearing a shirt but this was made of cotton. Large pockets adorned the front but Richard could see that her breasts were quite large.

Richard still stood as he had been placed. Arms still by his side and legs spread apart he felt foolish. Occasionally the girls looked over towards him as they conversed. His penis had not subsided much. He looked down trying to clear his mind of the girls and how they had touched and stroked him. His problem he thought at the moment was what punishment the girls had in store for him. He had already decided, although subconsciously that he would accept their punishment. On looking at the reception he would receive from the orphanage the alternative, although unknown could certainly not be worse. It had been known for boys to be sent to Borstal. Who could tell what kind of story the girls mother would tell to Matron. Would they have him beaten by the game keeper they had mentioned.? It seemed likely after the girls remarks earlier. “Well one way or another it would be over soon,” he thought. The girls were walking back towards him, still in conversation. They walked around separate ends of the table and sat down in front of the him.

“We have decided’ said Diane simply. “As you are already aware this is a serious offence you have committed. Not only trespass. It could have been that Veronica and I were swimming in the lake before you arrived. That would have been a gross invasion of our privacy. Lastly you were swimming naked. We could have been most offended at the sight of you. Therefore we have both agreed that you should be beaten, either by the orphanage or by us. If I have cause to tell my Mother, I shall ask her to request that you be soundly thrashed. If you decide to take our punishment then Veronica or myself will beat you.”

Richard just stared at the girls. He couldn’t believe his ears. They were going to beat him. Two girls, little older than himself.

“Well Richard what do you say ?” It was Veronica that spoke this time.

“I’m really sorry Miss, I just didn’t mean any harm,” Richard muttered, his bottom lip trembling.

“Step forward.” Diane said, as she parted her knees to make room for the boy to stand closer. She leaned forward and grasped the boys hips as he hesitantly moved towards her. Her hands holding his hips prevented Richard’s immediate reaction to cover himself. “Put your hands behind you and tell us what you have decided,” she said looking up into his face.

Richard blushed once more. Acutely aware of his nakedness and his closeness to the girl. He felt his penis begin to stiffen. The soft, almost tender touch of her hands on his hips and the fragrance of her perfume played havoc with his senses.

“I’m sorry Miss,’ Richard managed to stammer, the sound from his lips was barely audible.

“Being sorry is not an answer Richard. We are both still waiting for your decision.” Diane’s hands were softly stroking his hips as she spoke.

“I w..will take your punishment Miss.” Richard just managed to say the words in a hoarse whisper.

“So you have decided that we will be more lenient than matron have you Richard ?” Her gaze seemed to mock him as she spoke.

“What’s this Richard ?” Diane looked down. “Your penis is stiff again, can’t you control yourself ?” She looked up at the boy’s face and then down again at the stiffening muscle. She held his waist with one hand while she gently took hold of his penis with the other. Her fingers gently encircled the shaft. She slowly pushed the foreskin back and squeezed, causing the boy to jerk his hips backwards. She tightened her grip and looked up into his face. “This sort of thing could get you into a lot of trouble, what do you say Veronica?” Veronica stood up and moved behind Richard’s trembling body. She stroked the tips of her fingers over his buttocks. Pulling one cheek of his bottom apart from the other, she slid her slim hand between his legs and cupped his testicles in her palm.

“I think,” said Veronica “That this young man is in a lot of trouble already.” She gently squeezed his testicles as she spoke. Diane felt Richard’s body stiffen and tremble as Veronica squeezed the boy’s scrotum.

“What do you say to that Richard?” Diane asked as she took her hand from his hip and scraped her finger nails over the tip of his penis. She held the shaft firmly while she delicately probed the opening with the nail of her forefinger. She could feel the blood pumping through the shaft of the penis as she held him firmly between her fingers. Richard was speechless. His head was pounding, his vision blurred. The sensation of the girls hands on his body was too much for him. She gently let the boys foreskin ride back up the shaft of his penis as he began to tremble uncontrollably. Diane looked to veronica and motioned with her eyes to look at the boys face. Richard was breathing in gasps. His eyes were closed and his cheeks suffused in red.

“I think today has been a little too much for you Richard. We will postpone the matter of your punishment until tomorrow.” The boy was taking deep breaths now. His penis was as hard as Diane imagined a penis could be. She removed her hands from the boy at the same time as Veronica slipped her hand from between his legs.

“Look at me Richard I am talking to you.” Diane said softly. Richard opened his eyes and looked at Diane. It was like looking through a mist. His head was pounding and his body trembling.

“I said we are going to postpone your punishment until tomorrow. Will you be here by ten o’clock.” Diane took hold of the boy’s hips to emphasize her words.

“Y’yes Miss.” Richard stammered.

“I presume that as you are on holiday there will be no difficulty in getting here for that time.” Richard nodded his head slowly. He felt dazed. The humiliation and embarrassment he felt was beyond any experience he had ever known.

“You may go and put on your clothes now, but I warn you, if you are late tomorrow I shall not hesitate to have mother call the orphanage. Is that clear?” Diane’s voice was firm.

Richard nodded. “Yes Miss.” The boy did not move as Diane still held his hips. She indicated he should turn with a slight opposite pressure of her hands. She brushed her palm across the tip of his penis as he turned.

“Off you go then Richard and don’t be late tomorrow.” She punctuated the last sentence with a smack on his bottom. Richard stumbled forward towards his clothes. He picked up the underpants he had been so keen to shed earlier and drew them up over his hips. He picked up his trousers. . and quickly donned the rest of his clothes. He turned around and was surprised to see the girls had remounted their horses. Diane urged her horse forward gently. She leaned down as they approached the boy and prodded the baggy trousers he was wearing with her riding crop.

“What time will you be here?” she asked:

“Ten o’clock Miss.” Richard replied: She turned her horse and stroked it’s neck as she commanded it to ‘walk on. Veronica gave Richard a wry smile. “I bet you think it was bad luck meeting us today.” She turned her horse and cantered off after Diane.

Diane and Veronica were sat comfortably in large easy chairs in the drawing room. Diane’s mother sat opposite the girls. Diane and Veronica had been friends since they both met on the first day of term. They had been seven years old. Their new boarding school had seemed gaunt and austere with it’s stone walls and buildings. They had comforted each other then. Often sticking up for one and other during adversity. They were in their final year now. Since their first meeting they had spent every holiday together. Refusing to go abroad without the other going too. They had spent the last few holidays at the Manor house with Diane’s mother. Diane’s father had died just over five years ago. The girls had decided that Diane’s mother should see as much as she could of her daughter during the holidays. ‘So that’s the whole story. Diane said as she shifted her beautiful body to a more comfortable position. It was not hard to see where Diane’s good looks came from. Her mother was strikingly beautiful her hair was pinned up at the nape of her neck. Her breasts pressed against the silk of her blouse above a slim waist. Her legs were long and slender, tanned from tennis and walking. “You think the boy will turn up do you two?” Diane’s mother addressed both girls.

“Yes we do,” said Veronica. “I’m sure we put the fear of god into him and I think the thought of the orphanage finding out will be too much for him.”

Diane’s mother had not been shocked at what the girls had told her. They had recounted every detail, even the size of the boy’s penis. She had laughed when they had told her of the effect they had had on the boy. “I think it must have been the first time he had been touched intimately. she had said to the girls. “I know a little about the orphanage, from my duties as a magistrate. The boys sleep in one dormitory. I imagine there is little chance for sexual encounters with the girls or masturbation.” Diane’s mother turned to take a sip from the glass she held and thought for a moment. Her beautiful features lit by the lamp beside her.

The girls watched her intently. They both loved her and kept no secrets from her. Diane’s mother was aware of her daughter’s fondness for inflicting pain. For as Diane had inherited her looks she had also inherited the desire to inflict pain. It was the most rewarding when she inflicted pain on boys or youths. They had discussed this desire between the three of them many times over the last year. Two years ago they had employed a young girl of fifteen as a maid. She was a very pretty young girl and a very willing worker.

It had been one evening during the Easter holidays that Veronica had gone to the barn. Riding tackle and hay were kept there as well as the straw bails. It had been twilight as she had entered the barn to fetch hay. She had heard scuffling and low moans coming from the straw bails. The main light switches were at the back of the barn door and as she switched them on she heard gasps from behind the straw bails. Veronica, frightened had run into the house to fetch Diane and her mother. They ran back to barn together to find the young maid and an even younger boy from the village, pulling on their clothes. Diane’s mother had been furious: pulling the girl to her feet she sent her off into the house. She took hold of the young boy, who could have barely been fifteen and pushed him over the straw bail. “This will teach you, Fetch me a riding crop.” Veronica had hurried to the tackle shelves and produced a long slim crop. The boy had not struggled but had lain quietly where he was being held. She hauled the boy up again ignoring his pleas.

“Get his trousers down will you Diane.” Diane’s mother held the youth firmly as Diane undid the boy’s belt and unbuttoned his trousers. She slid them down to his ankles and looked up to her mother. Diane’s mother knew what was in the girl’s mind by her questioning look. “And his pants too.” she had said as she held the boy firmly. Diane did her mothers bidding and pulled the boys underpants down below his knees. His penis, she noticed was small and shriveled lying in front of his testicles. Diane’s mother turned the boy over and asked the girls to hold him down. Diane without knowing why, had reached underneath his hips. Grasping his penis and both testicles in her hand.

Diane had looked up at her mother, who had smiled at her and nodded her head.

Lady Rawlings had brought the crop down smartly across the boy’s bottom, causing him to yell. He tried to wriggle up but Diane kept a firm hold on his genitals. The pain in his testicles had made the boy keep still. Diane remembered the pleasure it gave her to have the boy wriggling helplessly while he was being beaten. She also knew for the first time that she liked the thought of having command over a boy.

Diane and Veronica had often talked about that night in the barn and they smiled, as each knew what the other was thinking.”

“Shall we take Wendy with us tomorrow mother ? It might remind her of what her boy got in the barn that night.”. Diane asked:

“You can if you wish, I don’t need her. Since she has been confined to the house she has been a different girl. Its not as if she doesn’t know what you two get up to when you are home on holiday,” her mother replied:

“I bet she’s not forgotten her thrashing either.” Veronica said. After the boy had been sent home. Wendy had been summoned to the drawing room. Veronica tried to recall it as it had happened. Diane’s mother had been sat on the center seat of the settee. The girl had been stood before her with her eyes full of tears.

“You know I have to punish you don’t you girl. I should have you sent to approved school for what you were doing. You are both under the age of consent and what you did is a criminal offence.” Diane’s mother had told the girl. Wendy had begged and pleaded for leniency. “Take off your dress and get over my knee.” The girl had taken off the dress.

“And the under-slip too.” She had slowly taken it off and stood up in just her panties. Diane and Veronica had been seated comfortably in the easy chairs facing each side of the girl. They had enjoyed her distress immensely.

She had a good figure for a young girl and her small breasts stood firmly above her flat tummy. The girl awkwardly placed herself over the woman’s knee’s.

“I think a hair brush would be appropriate, don’t you?” She had looked at both girls as she spoke. Veronica remembered, she had run to her bedroom where she had a large wooden backed brush she had brought from school.

Placing her hand over the girls bottom Diane’s mother had taken the hair brush from Veronica and had placed it on the settee beside her. “I think we’ll have those panties off you, would you help me please Veronica ?” Diane had smiled at her mother including her best friend in the proceedings .Veronica had bent down and hooked her finger under the waist of the girls panties pulling them down gently.

The girl had shivered as they slid slowly down her legs. “I think we can proceed.” she said. The girls watched intently as the young maid was beaten. Her bottom glowing bright red after the first few stokes. The girl had screamed for mercy after the first ten stokes but the beating continued until the girls had counted forty strokes.

Wendy had been sent to bed after her beating and had remained there for the next day in terrible discomfort.

Diane’s mother stood up and reached for a small bell push set into the oak paneled hearth. A few moments passed before the maid entered the room. “We’ve just being discussing your smack bottom,” said Diane. ‘We would like to see if that little bottom of yours has healed yet. Forty strokes with a hair brush should have left some trace.” The girl blushed her long eyelashes closing over blushing cheeks as she looked down in her embarrassment. “Will you show us please?” The girl blushed again, a soft rosy glow spreading upwards over her pretty face. She turned her back towards the two girls putting her hands under her short dress.

“No not like that,” said Diane firmly.

“Take your dress off so we can all have a good look at you.” The maid turned towards Diane. She looked shocked and embarrassed. Slowly she undid the buttons of her black dress. She pulled her arms through the long sleeves and placed the dress on the arm of the settee next to where Diane’s mother was seated. Underneath she wore a black slip. The girl pulled the thin straps over her shoulders and wriggled daintily as it fell to the floor. She was wearing only pair of brief black panties. Her breasts were quite large. Her slim waist accenting their size, they thrust outward firmly as she stooped to retrieve her under-slip.

Once again the girl turned her bottom towards Diane, pulling the waist of her panties down at the back to reveal her well rounded buttocks. Diane leaned forward and took hold of the girls hips turning her round. “I’ve told you once already, not like that.”

Diane brushed the maids hands away from the panties and hooked her own fingers into the waistband, pulling the panties gently down the girls shapely thighs to her knee’s. “Now take them off,” she told her. “And lets have no more nonsense.” Bending with her knee’s pressed together the young maid pushed the lacy garment over her shoes.

“That’s right, put them over there and leave your shoes with them.” Wendy stepped out of her high heels and walked back to Diane, covering her small patch of dark pubic hair with her hand. Diane stood up as the girl approached. Taking her by the shoulders she made her turn toward the fire place. “Shall we have a little more light?” said Veronica as she turned on the light of the standard lamp next to her chair.

“That’s better,” said Diane. “She has filled out nicely, what lovely breasts.” She let her right hand fall from the blushing girl’s shoulder, placing it firmly on her breast. Diane began to caress the breast, drawing her finger nails lightly over the nipple. Round and round her fingertips teased until the nipple stood out proudly.

“Please Miss.” The girl muttered her eyes closed with shame. “Please don’t.” She hunched her back, her shoulders strained forward.

“Stand straight and put your head up” snapped Diane as the girl tried to evade the teasing fingers pinching and squeezing her soft nipple. She slapped the girls buttocks smartly with her left hand. With a gasp the Wendy raised her head and pushed her shoulders further back.

“That’s better, you can always have another smack bottom you know.” Diane said brightly. ‘Now just do as I tell you, when I tell you, there’s a good girl.”

Wendy was one blush of red, her bottom lip was trembling as Diane scolded her. “Now we will have a look at that bottom of yours.” Diane quickly turned the girl around and bent her forward. Taking hold of the maids waist, Diane leaned over passing her arm around the girl and bringing her hand up underneath so that the palm pressed against the maids soft tummy.

She stroked her right hand gently over the soft buttocks. “Look ‘ronica, there are quite a few marks..”

Veronica leaned forward from her chair and gently stroked the buttock cheeks presented to her. Diane moved her left hand further down underneath the girls tummy. Her finger moving over the slim patch of pubic hair. “Open your legs girl.” Veronica slapped hard across both cheeks of her bottom. Wendy had began to tremble as she shuffled her feet apart.

“Come on you can do better than that.” Veronica said insistently as she pushed the girl’s legs further apart. She could see the fingertips of Diane’s hand as she moved them over the girls pubic mound. Diane felt the lips of her vulva begin to open as she teased gently with her fingers. She rubbed backwards and forwards with the length of her finger between the lips her nails teasing the clitoris into prominence. Forward and back, forward and back her fingers moved inexorably, stimulating the trembling female beneath her. She felt the first slight movements of the girls hips as she daintily caressed her captive’s most private part.

“Ooooh Miss, plee..ease .. Miss.” Wendy gasped as she felt a finger slip inside her. The girl began to move her hips in response to the rhythm of Diane’s gentle probing. Her breath came faster and her body shivered. Her mouth opened, gasping for air as Diane moved her hand more firmly inside her. Feeling the moist lips lubricating her finger, Diane increased her rhythm, slowly and insistently she probed deeper and deeper into the very core of the girl. The hips that were moving from side to side began to move backwards and forwards. Reluctantly the girl moved her innocent young body, pushing her quivering hips forward to meet Diane’s probing fingers. Her naive movements sending thrill after thrill through her body. Veronica observed the reluctant motions of the girl in front of her and moved to a kneeling position between the girl’s widely spread legs. She reached down and stroked her gently, her fingers bestowing feathery caresses upon the girl’s inner thighs. Wendy was in turmoil her senses reeling with the onslaught of passion her mind assailed by a rising tide of sensuality.” Oooh…Miss….Please…d’doont….Miss…..Pleeease……ss.”

The lower half of her body seemed as if it were on fire, her legs trembled and quivered, her knee’s turned as if to jelly. Diane looked down on the helpless girl, watching her tremble with rapture, her knee’s spread wide sinking to the soft carpet below. Calmly Diane moved with her keeping contact and increasing the pressure of her wrist upon the writhing girls clitoris as she inserted another finger inside her. “Ooooh….Missss. Pleeeeease….pleeease…”

The girls words coming in gasps between in-drawn breath. Diane was delighted as she felt and saw the tell- tale signs at the impend of the girls climax. She looked over to Veronica who was caressing the girls thighs with persistent stokes, moving her hands smoothly upward over the back of the thighs into the deep crease of the girls bottom. Veronica took her cue from Diane and splayed the girls buttocks widely apart, her fingers teasing the sphincter, probing and prising an opening as the girls hips worked themselves to and fro. She inserted the tip of her finger into the anus and at the moment of climax impudently pushed her finger straight up into the girl’s wriggling bottom.

“Oooooh…Ooooh….pleeeease…” Wendy was beside herself with sexual pleasure. “Oooooooooh…..Misssssssss,” the girl moaned, her hips thrashing as both girls cleverly manipulated her climax.

With tenacity they coaxed the last vestige of pleasure from their victim watching her every movement until she collapsed prostrate on to the carpet heaving and gasping for breath.

“Arrrh…Oooooh.ooo..ooh………ooooh…”. The girls moans subsiding as her orgasm diminished. Even then Diane’s fingers did not lose contact with her as she cupped the fleshy mound and squeezed gently.

Diane laid her head on the girls back. “There now, there now,” she murmured, gently stoking the softness of the maids buttocks with her right hand, the other still cupped between the thighs. Veronica stroked her quivering legs until they lay still. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it ?” Diane murmured as the girl drew air in long deep breaths.

Lady Rawlings looked down at the tableau of girls before her. Her maid lay naked on the floor her legs spread wide. Between them sat Veronica her hand laid on the back of the girls knee. Diane was sat to the side gently stroking the shoulders of the exhausted innocent.

“Help her on to the settee beside me,” Lady Rawlings said softly to her daughter. The girls got up slowly, helping Wendy to the couch.

“Lay her head on my lap, that’s the way.” Diane’s mother said as they helped the naked girl to lay face upward on the soft cushions. Her head rested on Lady Rawlings knee. Diane’s mother gently stroked her hand over the girls glistening shoulder and down on to her beautiful breast, stroking softly. The girl seemed to have regained some of her senses and looked up into the face of her Mistress as she felt the hand gently touch her sensitive nipple. Diane knelt at the side of the settee looking down into girls face.

“Tell me,” she said quietly. “Did you enjoy that?”

The girl looked into Diane’s eyes. “Oh yes Miss.” she whispered. Her body shivered.

“Did it make you tingle all over, tell me ?” Diane lent close to the girl as she spoke, Her voice whispered softly. “Did it make you come?”

The girl blushed as she looked up at Diane. “Oh yes Miss, yes Miss.” the girl whispered.

“Do you feel nice now?” Diane reached for the girl’s other breast and squeezed it gently as she spoke. The girl dropped her eyes as she felt the caress. “Answer me.” Diane moved her face closer to her.

The girl looked at the lips inches from hers, raising her head she kissed Diane in adoration. “Oh thank-you Miss …thank you.”

“You can pop your clothes back on now Wendy then fetch us all a drink.” Diane said kindly as she stoked the girls cheek, “You know we are really very fond of you.”

“I know Miss. I just get embarrassed.” The girl said softly looking into Diane’s eyes. Wendy dressed quickly and left to fetch the drinks.

‘Well,” said Lady Rawlings. “What a day you’re all going to have tomorrow.” The girls looked up at Diane’s mother as she spoke, smiling gently at her daughter and her friend. “I feel sorry for this orphan boy of yours. Not because you are going to punish him tomorrow but because of his circumstances. Perhaps if he is as beautiful as you say we could do something for him.”

“What do you mean?” asked Veronica as she shifted lazily in her seat. Her robe fell open below the belt exposing her long shapely brown legs right up to the vee of dark pubic hair.

‘Well,” said Lady Rawlings. “I know a woman that runs a school, mostly girls I think, but she has a wonderful way of molding her pupils. They turn out quite bright but completely manageable, if you know what I mean.”

“You mean they are submissive?” asked Veronica.

“Yes, I think you would say they are very submissive.” Lady Rawlings smiled. “I think punishment plays a big part in her disciplines. Look at the way Wendy has reformed since her smack bottom. She does exactly as she is told and yet is cheerful and very caring.”

The day dawned bright and clear. The girls were in high spirits as they sat on the cane chairs of the veranda adjoining the dining room. Diane was helping herself to more coffee from the silver tray which the maid had placed on the cane table in front of them. Diane was wearing a white silk shirt. The material was almost transparent, even the doubled material of the pockets did little to conceal the dark aureole and nipple of each breast. She had unbuttoned the shirt down to the middle of her cleavage and as she leaned forward, her breasts were completely exposed. Her dark blue skirt was made with a buttoned slit, which ran from the waist down to the knee length hem. Diane had unbuttoned these so that the smooth sea island cotton material fell either side of her tanned thighs.

“I think we chose the right outfits, don’t you?” Diane turned to her friend and smiled. “I don’t suppose there is a chastisement outfit.”

Veronica laughed. “Have you decided what to beat him with yet?” Veronica leaned back as she spoke and unbuttoned her thin cotton shirt to the waist exposing her large rounded breasts to the sun’s morning rays.

“That looks pretty.” Diane said, observing Veronica’s brown nipples which stood out quite splendidly from the tips of her firm breasts.

Veronica shifted in her chair placing her feet on the cane table. She was wearing a wide skirt which came to just above the knee. She pulled the skirt up until the hem lay across her hips, exposing her long brown legs. She smoothed her hands over her thighs lazily. “I’m looking forward to today, he has such a lovely body for a boy.” Veronica spoke softly, turning her face to the sun. “He is graceful and not too muscular, perfectly proportioned really.”

Diane nodded to her friend in agreement. “I think he is most unusual and special, let’s hope mother can do something for him.”

“Look,” said Veronica. “My nipples have gone stiff.” Diane laughed, reaching over and tweaked the tip of Veronica’s right breast with her finger nail, before cupping the firm flesh with her hand. Leaning forward in her chair she brought her mouth over the nipple and nibbled gently with her even white teeth.

“Oooh don’t start that now or we’ll never get through the day.” Veronica laughed.

It was an hour later. The girls were sat side by side in the Range Rover belonging to Lady Rawlings. Diane was driving competently down the long drive which lead from the Manor into the estate. “Are you comfortable Wendy ?” Diane addressed the maid seated behind them.

“Yes Miss, thank you Miss.”

Diane glanced round at the maid who smiled back at her. “You have turned out a nice girl.” Diane said. “Such a pretty face and body too, you really are a lucky girl.”

“Thank-you Miss.” replied the maid once more.

They were now heading up the long hack which led to the lake. Diane drove slowly over the rougher ground. “Don’t the woods look pretty at this time of year ?” Veronica said, shifting lazily in her seat. Diane concentrated on her driving, her wide skirt laid over her thighs, displaying a pair of pretty knee’s.

“I think we brought everything we need, for our task.” Diane said to Veronica. “If not we will just have to improvise.”

“You will do as we ask today won’t you Wendy ?” Diane turned to girl behind her. “I want complete co-operation from you, is that understood?”

“Yes Miss.” the maid replied firmly, “I wont let you down.”

“I do think that girls got a crush on you Diane. Veronica said. She turned in her seat to look at the maid who blushed prettily, and dropped her long eyelashes over her cheeks.

“Here we are.” Diane brought the Range Rover to a halt a few yards from the picnic table.

‘Are you sure we wont be disturbed.” asked Veronica as she opened the door of the vehicle.

“No I made sure. The keeper is in ‘Far Acre’ and will be working there for the next three weeks, so there’s no-one to interrupt us.”

“Good,” said Veronica jumping from her seat. Her skirt caught up momentarily, revealing her brief white panties as she slid her feet to the ground.

The girls unloaded the jeep: Two picnic hampers and three large car rugs were placed on the grass beside the picnic table.

“You still haven’t told me what we’re going to use on the boy,” said Veronica as she sorted through one of the hampers.

The maid approached holding a long slim package. “Madam asked me to give you this,” she said as she held out the paper parcel.

Veronica quickly tore off the paper and held the long slim cane between her fingers. “What was Madam doing with this might I ask ?” Veronica looked at the maid.

“It was meant for me Miss.” the girl replied quietly.

“Has she used it yet?” inquired Diane.

“No Miss,” the girl blushed. “She said it was for the next time.”

“Then what I said earlier is true, you are a very lucky girl.”

“Yes Miss.” The girl said quietly.

“There must be enough stuff in here to stock a chemist’s shop.” Veronica said as she knelt over the hamper and sorted the contents.

“Well we have to look after him, I wouldn’t want him to be poorly with any infection.” Diane said as she reached for the cane lying on the picnic table. “How do you fancy being beaten with this?” she asked Wendy as she slipped the slim bamboo slowly through her fingers.

“Oh I wouldn’t Miss, it looks awfully hard.”

“Well one stroke wouldn’t hurt you, and it would be nice to try it.” Diane said cheerfully.

“Oh no Miss, Please Miss, you wouldn’t.” The girl looked pleadingly at Diane.

“But you have already promised to do as you are told, haven’t you?” Diane looked inquiringly at the maid. The girl looked at Diane, her bottom lip trembled.

“Please Miss.. not with that, I couldn’t stand it.”

“Of course you could, now lets have no nonsense from you.” Diane spoke sharply to the girl. The maids face fell, her lips trembled at the sharp rebuke and the thought of the long cane.

“Just bend over the picnic table there’s a good girl, one stroke never hurt anyone.” Wendy trembled, but dutifully walked to the picnic table and leaned her hips against it, bending forward slightly. Her face turned to look at Diane.

Veronica stood up and went behind the girl raising her loose skirt up over her bottom. “Bend forward, there’s a good girl she whispered.” Wendy bent over timidly, resting her head on her hands as they touched the table top.

Veronica promptly pushed the full skirt up over the girls waist, tucking some of the material into her waistband. Her pretty bottom displayed a small pair of lace panties. Veronica knelt behind her as Diane watched. Taking hold of the flimsy lace she slowly pulled the panties, making the girl open her legs as she eased them down.

“Just lift your foot,” Veronica said gently as she pulled the panties over the girls dainty sandals.

“Open her legs a little more.” Diane instructed her friend.

Veronica pulled the girls legs apart and pushed her ankles further in toward the table. Standing up she placed her hand on the small of the girls back pressing her slim waist down on to the table top. Wendy shivered, her body rudely exposed.

“Please d…don’t hurt me Miss.” She stammered. Her little bottom moved from side to side in agitation.

“Keep still, there’s a good girl.” Veronica said gently stroking her hand over the girl’s naked buttocks.

Diane nodded her head to Veronica. Her friend placed her arm over the girls waist and pressed down firmly.

“Just keep still, or I will give you two.” Diane spoke firmly.

Veronica slid her other hand over the girls bottom her fingers trailing through the crease between her buttocks and finding the sensitive lips of sex. Slowly she teased them with light caresses running her nails through the fine hairs of her pubes. The girl moved her bottom, the cheeks quivering as Veronica’s fingers slid between the pubescent lips of her vagina. Veronica pressed two of her fingers together, stealthily she pushed them up inside the girl, the vagina already moist, allowing her fingers to slide in easily. Veronica cleverly manipulated her fingers feeling the girl’s bottom lift and push back toward her hand.

Diane watched as her friend’s fingers slipped backwards and forwards between the pretty cheeks of the maid’s bottom. The girl moved her hips backwards, her vagina seeking the fingers that gave so much pleasure. Her breath was coming in audible gasps as the probing fingers played inside her. She raised her buttocks, her back arching as Veronica steadily increased the tempo of her fingers.

“Oooh….mmmm..ah…” moaned the girl as she bent across the table before her tormentors. Veronica looked up at her friend and nodded. Diane stood back from the girl and raised the cane high above her right shoulder. Veronica increased the rhythm of her fingers inside the girl’s wet passage slowly pulling her hand backwards.

The helpless girl raised her pert bottom seeking the fingers that gave so much pleasure. “Now.” said Diane. Veronica quickly pulled her hand away, increasing the pressure of her arm over the girls back. Diane swung her arm downwards, the cane whistled through the air in a perfect arc, striking the young girl across the center of her bottom. The tip of the cane curled around the quivering cheeks of the girls thrusting buttocks, biting into the virgin flesh.

“Aaaarrh…aaaarh.” The maid’s body stiffened as if electrocuted. Her legs kicked wildly as she screamed. “Aaaarhh….aaaarh..ooh.” Her head tossed from side to side, her body shaking uncontrollably. “Oooooh….oooh..Miss…”

Wendy was in turmoil her thighs rubbing together trying to rid herself of the pain. Veronica thrust her hand between the injured cheeks her fingers rudely searching for the girl’s moist vagina. Deftly she sunk her fingers into the girl, swiftly bringing them into play. Her fingers roamed wildly around the inside of the quivering flesh. Diane dropped the cane and splayed her hands over the girls thrashing bottom. Her fingers quickly located the neat sphincter between the quivering buttocks. Deftly she pushed her finger up into the hole. Wendy writhed beneath them, her body on fire. A myriad of emotions went through her innocent body as the girls brought her to a shattering climax. Her screams filled the air as wave after wave of sensation passed through her. “Mmmhhhh..aaarhh..arrrh…” The girl was moaning beneath them as they gently slowed the tempo of their busy fingers.

“Mmmmmmhh…mmmm.” she sobbed, her body was suffused in a rosy glow.

“There….there.” Diane whispered softly to her. “There’s a good girl, hush, it’s all over now.”

Wendy sighed and moaned but her body became still. “There you’re all right now, just lay quietly.” Diane reached underneath the girls waist her nimble fingers began undoing the buttons of the maids skirt.

Once open she tugged at the material, pulling it from under the maid’s stomach. Gently she raised the skirt over her bottom, taking care the material did not touch the bright red weal crossing the buttocks. Veronica put her hand underneath the girl’s tummy to support her while Diane laid her skirt beside the hampers.

Taking a bottle from the open hamper, she poured lotion on to her hand. She applied the liquid delicately to the girl’s bottom, softly rubbing it in to the marked cheeks.

“Oooh Thank you Miss.” The girl murmured as she felt the cool lotion being rubbed over her wounded bottom.

Diane spent several minutes gently applying more of the liquid. She re-capped the bottle and placed her hand gently between the girl’s thighs. Cupping the pubic mound she squeezed softly.

“There, now how do you feel?” Veronica asked as she carefully lifted Wendy from the table.

“It really hurt Miss, I didn’t think I could stand it…it was awful.” The girl whimpered as Veronica helped her toward the blankets.

Diane watched as the maid approached. “You look quite beautiful you know,” she said to the maid looking at the small patch of hair that ran down between the girls legs.

“Turn around so we can see your stripe.”

The maid turned without hesitation, showing her bottom to Diane.

“Shall I bend over Miss ?”

Diane smiled. Obedience at last. She thought. “Yes please Wendy.” Diane replied.

The girl bent down touching her toes easily, although she grimaced as the flesh of her bottom tightened. Diane could not resist reaching between the proffered thighs and delicately tickling her pubes. Wendy trembled but did not move from her bent position until Diane patted her thigh and told her to come and sit down.

“I don’t know whether I can sit Miss.”

“Just lay on your tummy, then we can see that delicious bottom of yours,” Diane replied.

“All that excitement has made me thirsty.” Veronica said brightly. “Who would like coffee?”

“I’ll pour it Miss, I’m all right now.”

Richard awoke with a start. He had had a terrible night. unsure every minute of the evening whether he would be called to Matron’s office. Whether the girls had decided to report his crime. He had slept fitfully, waking constantly only to fall back into an uneasy sleep.

He looked at the large round wooden clock hanging high on the wall at the end of the dormitory. It said six o’clock. Richard jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathrooms. He filled the large cast iron bath with tepid water, the only kind they supplied at the orphanage. He shed his nightshirt with which they supplied to both boys and girls and sank into the tepid water. He scrubbed himself thoroughly, rubbing his skin red with the harsh bristles of the wooden brush.

He had asked Matron for clean underwear and socks, which she had provided without asking why. Normally clean clothing was supplied at the whim of the domestics who worked in the institution.

After soaking in the bath for as long as the rapidly cooling water would let him, he got dressed.

He was the eldest boy in the dormitory and as such was not asked questions about where he was going. The rules were strict and it was only the most foolish boy or girl that broke them. He often went for walks early in the morning even during term time. He was quite sure no one would question why he was dressed so early during the school holidays.

Richard had a strange feeling in his stomach. His nerves were on edge with a mixture of apprehension and dread at thought of what the day would bring.

He sat with the earliest sitting of boys and girls for their meager breakfast, however this was one day that Richard could not bring himself to eat his food. Richard did not possess a watch so watched the clock at the far end of the room. As soon as the hands read ten minutes to nine, he set off for the long walk up to the lake.

The sun was already hot he as crossed the fields toward the woods. He trudged on steadily, becoming more nervous as his legs carried him nearer to the estate. He was well inside the woods when he saw the faded notice that read, Private Land, Trespassers will be prosecuted. The fence that provided the boundary for the estate that lay ahead. Slowly he climbed over the round wooden posts that ran between strong stakes which were firmly implanted in the ground.

Slower now, he climbed up the hill, which led to the lake. Cresting the rise he could see the blue water sparkling through the trees. The lake looked inviting, but thinking about the lake made his stomach churn. If it had not been for his desire to swim there he would not have had to be here now.

Richard covered the last few yards through the trees with an impending feeling of dread. His mind had covered every possibility including whether it might be a game and they would let him off.

As Richard left the cover of the trees he saw a Range Rover parked by the Picnic table, then further to the left he saw the girls. He could not see clearly from that distance so he failed to notice that a third girl was present.

Richard felt embarrassment, what should he do. Had he to walk over to them, or … He walked on. His head looking toward the immediate ground, he managing somehow to put one foot in front of the other as he neared the picnic table. He could see thick tartan blankets laying on the ground near to the table. He stopped and looked up. ‘Well what have we here?” Said Diane brightly as the boy raised his head. She had monitored his progress from the wood. Perhaps confirming her first impressions of his physique. The boy almost jumped as she spoke. ‘At least you’re on time.” He gazed at the girls his own face already bright red. He noticed the third girl who had looked at him quickly and then averted her eyes.

“Well my boy, are you ready for your punishment ?” Diane looked keenly at him, her lips displaying even white teeth as she spoke. Richard hung his head.

The maid looked at Richard through her eyelashes. She was pleased they had allowed her to dress before the boy’s arrival. He really was good looking, tall, with a handsome face. “We have decided,” said Diane. “To give you six sound strokes of the cane. It should be a lot more but we are to be lenient on this occasion. This will be administered by myself. If you do not keep still or I am not satisfied I will give you more. Is that understood ?”

Richard looked at the girls beautiful face as she addressed him. Six strokes, would he be able to take it like a man. The doubts rushed through Richard’s mind. He had had no experience to compare with this.

“We are to proceed straight away Richard so will you kindly prepare yourself.” Diane continued.

Richard stood looking dumbly at the girl. Not knowing what to do or what to say.

“We are waiting Richard my boy.” Diane was well aware of the boy’s acute dilemma.

What should I do Miss ?” asked the boy looking down at his feet.

“Take those ugly trousers of yours off…and your clod hopping boots.” Diane snapped. “Hurry up I haven’t got time to waste with you.” Diane and Veronica were both well aware they had all the time they wanted.

Richard went down on one knee and started to undo the laces. His trembling fingers hardly managing to cope with the well-worn laces. He managed to get them off and then stood trembling before the girls. Reaching for his belt he undid it and let it hang down from the waist loops of his baggy short trousers. He unbuttoned his trousers and let them down over his legs. He stepped out of them and placed them beside his boots. Once again he stood up in front of the girls wearing his baggy underpants. His shirt lap hung down covering most of the underpants.

“Take your jacket off.” Diane said firmly. “It is far to hot for that.” Richard obeyed placing the rough flannel jacket over his trousers.

“Come on and the underpants, I’m going to cane your bare bottom. Hurry up you are slow.” Diane looked up at the boys face, it was flushed with discomfort.

Richard dropped his eyes from the girl’s cool gaze and pushed his underpants down his legs, he took them over his socks and placed them on the growing pile of clothes. His shirt lap hung down covering his thighs.

‘“or God’s sake take those horrible socks off.” said Veronica, speaking to the boy for the first time.

Richard bent once more, taking his long gray wool socks over his feet he put them on the pile. He stood up facing the girls once more.

“Shall we have the shirt off ?” Diane asked Veronica innocently, “it’s bound to get in the way.” Richard blushed deeper at the thought of having to expose himself. He had blushed every time he had thought of the events of yesterday.

“Of course it will have to come off, it’s more like a nightgown than a shirt. How are we going to get to his bottom with that thing in the way ?” Veronica turned to Richard as she spoke.

“Come on, get it off.” A nervous shudder shook Richard as Veronica spoke to him. Blindly the boy reached for the buttons of his shirt fumbling as he struggled to undo them, the shirt parted as he undid the last button exposing the front of his timid body to the girls.. Richard took the shirt off and let it fall to the ground beside the rest of his clothes.

He clasped his hands over his genitals aware of the interested stare of his audience.

“Hands by your sides, head up, shoulders straight.” snapped Diane copying the word’s and tones of her own schoolmistress.

Richard breathed deeply, he felt faint. Slowly he took his hands away and hung them by his sides. He held his shoulders straight.

“That’s better, I can’t stand sloppy boys.” remarked Diane.

Richard was aware of where the girls were looking. He fought an inner battle with himself to keep his hands by his sides. Veronica looked at the naked boy as he stood in front of her. His body was better than she remembered it. She examined his penis hanging down in front of the neatly bulging scrotum. He had obviously been circumcised the tip of the penis showing about a quarter of an inch from his foreskin. His body was slimmer than she had first thought and his skin had a healthy color and an excellent texture. Richard stood still as the girls looked at him. He could do nothing to save his embarrassment. His eyes were filled with tears.

Diane stood up in front of the boy and took him by the shoulder as she looked into his face. “Look at me Richard, I am going to punish you now. I expect you to take your punishment like a man. Do you understand me.” Richard nodded making a small tear run down his cheek. Diane looked down gently into his eyes and tenderly wiped the tear from his cheek.

“It’s no good crying, I haven’t given you anything to cry about yet.” She said firmly. Standing back from the boy she motioned Veronica to join her. “He can kneel on the bench and lean over the table I think.” said Diane. “Would you bring that blanket please Wendy.” The maid carried the blanket to Diane who told her to lay it on the bench at the side of the picnic table. Wendy tried to avoid looking at the boy’s face knowing some of what he must be feeling. At the same time there was a certain excitement about the proceedings.

“Come here my boy, kneel on the blanket and lean over the table.” Richard moved to the bench and knelt on it. He leaned over the table supporting himself with his hands, his elbows straight.

It was as if he were in a dream his head pounded and his stomach churned inside. Veronica put her hand gently on his back. ‘Go down on to your elbows and rest your head on your hands, there’s a good boy.” Her voice was gentle and soothing. “That’s it right down.” She smoothed her fingers over his back as he arched his spine and pressed his chest to the table. Veronica moved back examining his form from the rear. His legs were close together and his smooth buttocks thrust upwards. Veronica looked at Diane who was also admiring the beauty of the boy’s body and winked..

She smoothed her hand across the smooth upturned buttocks. “Open your legs, you will be much better like that.” Richard shifted his legs apart a couple of inches. Veronica stooped placing her palms on the inside of each thigh. Firmly she pressed the boy’s legs apart until they were widely spread. The firm buttocks were now open and vulnerable. Richard gasped at the smooth contact of her soft hands. “I think he had better be held.” said Diane. “Wendy would you hold his arms, go around the other side of the table.” The maid obeyed, moving around the table she pulled Richard’s hands across the edge of the wood. She leaned forward trapping the hands between the table and her hips, her body pressed tight against his arms. Richard could feel the softness of her breasts against his elbows. Diane smiled happily at Veronica as they observed the way Wendy had quickly done their bidding.

“I think if you hold his penis and testes he won’t be able to move very far.” Diane chose the words deliberately to embarrass the boy further. Richard could not believe his ears. Never before had he felt so exposed and vulnerable. His body was one complete blush. He rested his forehead on his arms to hide his face. Veronica felt the nervous trembling under her fingers as she coolly stroked her hands over his buttocks. Her hand sliding down between the parted cheeks, her fingers lingered over the tightly spread sphincter before descending between his legs. She scooped the boy’s testicles into her hand and squeezed them gently. Slipping a soft hand underneath his hips she delicately took hold of the flaccid penis. Wendy heard the boy gasp as he lay helpless before her. His arms twitched beneath her soft breasts. She guessed what Veronica was doing underneath the boy. Veronica gently slipped the foreskin back over the rim of the glans. Her delicate touch causing him to try and draw back. “Stay exactly where you are.” Veronica snapped and squeezed the balls resting in her hand. Slowly she pulled the foreskin back her fingernails gently scratching the rim of the young boy’s penis.

Richard gasped as the girl’s fingers gently coaxed his penis into a gentle swelling. Her fingernails traced a delicate pattern over his scrotum causing the skin to pucker as if cold. Slowly and deliberately her fingers continued, ignoring the boy’s gasps. Skillfully manipulating the penis she slid the foreskin up and down the shaft. Veronica felt the penis gradually stiffen she could feel the blood pounding beneath her touch. The boy moaned as she deftly pulled the foreskin back down the shaft stretching the skin tight before she started an upward stroke to bring the foreskin right over the tip of the glans. She squeezed the end before pushing the soft skin back down the shaft. The boy’s hips began to move reluctantly as her insistent fingers stroked over his manhood.

“Please ..Miss.. don’t Miss…I feel funny Miss.” Richard gasped for breath, his nerves taut with sexual excitement. Veronica felt the penis harden fully, she had never thought a boys penis could become so hard. She felt the penis suddenly start to throb as if it had a life of it’s own. Quickly she released some of the pressure.

“There that’s given me something to get hold of.” she said as she gently let go of the boy. Veronica sat down her hips next to the boy’s knee and looked at her friend standing to the other side of his naked body. She reached under the boy with both hands, twisting her body round to push her left arm under his hips. She cupped his testicles encircling the neck of the scrotum with her forefinger and thumb and held his testes like a bag of sweets. With her right hand she grasped the boy’s penis pushing the foreskin back so that her palm brushed against the rim ensuring the penis stayed erect.

Diane looked down at the helpless boy, his body quivering in front of her. His buttocks thrusting upward from his steeply arched back. The cheeks of his bottom widely splayed, an open invitation to her cane.

“Prepare yourself Richard my boy,” Diane spoke firmly as she raised the cane above her head. Veronica watched as Diane raised her arm. Taking her cue she tightened her grip on the boy’s penis, pushing the foreskin back so that the heel of her hand was able to rub against the sensitive rim. Richard gasped his body taut, he felt her fingers squeeze firmly on his testicles as he heard the swish of the cane. “Aaarrrhh….aaaarrrrhhhh.” His body bucked as the cane thwacked across his raised buttocks. “Aaaarrrhhh.” He screamed as the fire in his bottom spread through his body. He shook wildly, his body quivering as wave of pain increased in intensity. Wendy pressed her breasts firmly over the boy’s arms her hands pushing his shoulders back down on to the table.

“There now.” The young maid whispered to Richard, her soft lips pressed close to his ear. She moved her young firm breasts over the boy’s arms trying to give him comfort.

Veronica pushed the foreskin of Richard’s penis firmly down the shaft, stretching the skin tightly she rubbed the heel of her hand across the sensitive rim of the glans. Her deft fingers cleverly coaxing his member back to a full erection.

Once more she tightened her grip as the cane fell smartly across Richard’s bottom cheeks. “Aaaarrrrhhhh….aaarrrhhh..rrrhhhh,” he screamed. His body writhing in agony as a new wave of pain coursed though him.

Diane looked down at the quivering buttocks. The livid red marks clearly delineating the path of the cane. She squeezed her legs together and shuddered in pure sexual excitement. If there is any moment in my life, she thought, that I am to know my true self, then this must be it.

Diane tried to steady her voice as she spoke sternly to the boy. “Keep still Richard or it will be worse for you.” She raised the cane once more and looked across at veronica. “Three.” Diane said quietly.

Veronica pinched the boy’s penis which had become flaccid. Holding the foreskin over the head of the penis, she squeezed in quick scissors like movements. She could feel the glans move beneath the skin and the organ begin to stiffen. Gently she encircled the glans once more, pushing her slim fingers over the rim, she pushed the foreskin back as far as it would go. Richard gasped as her hands manipulated him so intimately. Veronica increased the tempo of her fingers over his penis until she was satisfied that it was perfectly erect. She took a firm hold of his testicles and once more rubbed the palm of her hand over the exposed tip of the penis. She nodded to Diane again signaling the boy’s readiness.

“Thwack…”Thwack…”Thwack.. The cane fell in three quick successive strokes. The response from the naked boy was immediate. ‘Aaaaarrrrhhhh…aaarrr.aaaarrrhhhh.” Richard screamed. The woods seemed to echo and amplify his distraught cries. His body bucked and became rigid. His mouth was wide open and yet he felt unable to draw breath. His legs kicked alternately backward from the bench. He had never experienced such pain. How could he stand it. Surely no-one could bear this pain. “Pleeeeease….p…leeeease..no..more..I… can’t ..stand..it.” He sobbed and pleaded as his body shook.

Diane pressed her hand between her thighs. Feeling the swollen lips of her vagina though the material of her dress. She watched the boy’s buttocks jerk and quiver with pain. She felt herself climax, her body trembled violently for a second and yet she managed to control herself. “Put those legs well apart” Diane spoke firmly her face flushed with excitement. ‘If you disobey me I shall be forced to add more strokes to your punishment’

“Pleease…Miss…no more I can’t stand…any more. Richard pleaded, placing his shaking legs further apart. Diane bent forward and tapped the cane from side to side between Richard’s thighs causing the boy to open his legs wider. Veronica was working diligently on the boy’s penis, her fingers moving rapidly up and down the shaft. Her left hand toying with his testicles, bouncing them on the tips of her fingers.

Slowly under her guidance, Richard’s agitation subsided and his penis began to stir. Her fingers, coaxing and manipulating without respite until the boy’s organ was fully extended once more.

Veronica nodded toward Diane. She watched intently as Diane raised her cane before bringing it down hard on to the boy’s quaking buttocks.

“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhh…aaarrrhhhhhpphhhh.” Richard’s body shook and quaked, it seemed every fiber was locked in a muscular spasm. “Aaaaaaarrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” He screamed, his eyes rolled as the pain racked his body. He sobbed and sobbed, his hips twisting from side to side trying to ease the awful searing pain.

“There it’s all over now.” Wendy whispered in his ear, her voice soothing and gentle.” Richard was too preoccupied with his pain to feel the single tear fall on his back.

“There that wasn’t so bad was it?” Diane said kindly as she placed the cane down on the grass. “I want you to stay in that position for a few moments, Do you hear me Richard ?”

“No more Miss ….please Miss, no more,” the boy sobbed.

“There will be no more as long as you do what you are told, is that understood ?”

“Yes Miss. I won’t move Miss.” Richard’s voice trembled as he spoke, his body shaking.

“We are going to let go of you now, but you are to stay where you are and you are to touch your bottom is that clear.” Diane spoke kindly but firmly.

“Yes Miss…yes Miss.” Richard mumbled through the pain.

Veronica was delicately playing with the boy’s penis, stimulating the thick shaft with deft touches and caresses, slowly causing it to erect once more under her skilful touch.

Wendy looked toward her Mistress and pushed her body up off the boy. “Shall I leave him now Miss ?” She asked Diane.

“Yes you can leave him now.” She smiled at the maid. “You’ve been a good girl a very good girl, come over to me.”

The maid walked toward her young Mistress.

“I am very pleased with you Wendy.” Diane said as she put her arms over the girls slim shoulders. “I might want you to do something soon, which you may not like, I am hoping that you will not let me down.” Diane bent her head and kissed the girl on the cheek.

Wendy looked up lovingly at her Mistress.

“Are you going to beat me again Miss?.

Diane looked down at her innocent face, “No Wendy I wont beat you unless you are disobedient.”

“Thank you Miss, I couldn’t bear what that boy has just had.”

Diane placed her hand over the girl’s breast feeling the hard nipple through her blouse.

“We are very fond of you Wendy, I want you to remember that the next time you are punished.” Diane fondled the girl’s breast through her shirt as she spoke gently to her.

Veronica left the boy with his penis fully erected. She walked over to Diane and the maid. “Shall we sit down and have some more coffee and let Richard reflect on his hurts.” She said to the girls as she sat down beside the hampers.

Gradually Richard felt the pain begin to ease as he knelt over the oak table. His loins were on fire, but the acute desire to rub his bottom had receded.

His embarrassment was total. He had been made to sob and beg in front of the girls. His penis was still erect and he felt terribly exposed. His legs splayed wide apart displaying himself rudely.

It was fifteen minutes before Diane and Veronica got up and went over to the boy. Richard had stopped sobbing but the tears still fell down his cheeks. “Up you get.” Said Veronica laying her hand gently over the six bright weals’ that decorated the boy’s bottom. “Let’s have a look at you.”

Richard got up awkwardly from the table. His knees felt stiff as he lifted them from the bench and straightened them. He stood facing the table, the two girls standing behind him. “Turn round and let’s have a look at you.” Veronica told the boy.” Richard turned to face the girl his head hung down. His hands were trying to cover his penis which was still swollen.

“Head up, hands by your sides.”

Richard took his hands away and looked up his face flushed. His tear stained cheeks blushed bright red.

Veronica took the boy’s penis in her hand and squeezed. To Richard’s amazement she pulled his penis forward and held him by it as she led him back to picnic blankets.

Wendy watched his face as Veronica held him by his penis. Richard was blushing profusely. He squeezed his eyes shut as he saw her look at Veronica’s hand holding his erect penis.

‘Kneel down on the blanket Richard, I want to see to your bottom’ Diane gestured as she sat down. Richard kneeled forward resting on his hands, his arms straight.

“That’s fine. Just stay like that.”

“Do you want this Miss ?” Wendy held out the bottle of lotion that had been used on her own bottom.

“Thank you Wendy,” Diane smiled warmly at the girl. She took hold of the bottle and spilled lotion on to her hand. “Hold this for me.” She handed the bottle to Veronica who poured some on to her own-cupped hand.

Diane moved around behind Richard proceeded to gently apply the lotion to his naked bottom. Veronica smiled knowingly at Diane and slid her hand underneath Richard’s tummy reaching for his penis once more. Richard trembled as he felt their light fingers rubbing the lotion into his body.

Veronica gently rubbed the lotion into his penis feeling it throb as she stroked him.

Diane parted Richard’s legs and applied lotion along the crease of his buttocks. Making the boy squirm. His penis felt as if it were bursting as their busy fingers intoxicated his senses.

“Right, young man, lay down on your side and turn over on your back.” Richard just managed to understand. His mind was awash with sensation.

“Hurry up.” The girls took their hands from his penis and buttocks. Richard slid his knees to the ground laying face down. Veronica put her hand under his hip and turned him over gently. He closed his eyes, not daring to look at the girls. He knew his penis was sticking straight up in the air. His humiliation was total.

“Open your legs as wide as you can Richard, there’s a good boy.” Diane voice was soothing but insistent. Richard parted his legs as wide as he could. ‘Bend your knee’s, that’s it she said gently as she took hold of one knee and bent it up and out. Richard had never felt so humiliated. His body trembled and his lips quivered in distress. Diane stood up looking down on the naked boy, his body spread before her.

“Come here Wendy’ Said Diane looking to her maid. She came and stood by her. “Just take off your skirt there’s a good girl.”

Wendy looked at Diane anxiously. “I haven’t got my panties on Miss.” she said blushing.

“That’s all right, just take it off.” She undid the buttons and let the skirt fall over her slim legs. She picked it up and laid it to the side of the boy, looking down at his penis as she did so. The maid stood up in front of Diane she was naked from the waist down. She tried her best to hide her embarrassment, but could not help keeping her pretty legs pressed together. “Right just step over here, that’s it one leg either side, now kneel down.” Diane instructed Wendy to sit astride the boy’s waist with her pretty bottom facing his head, she observed the position of both Richard and her Maid. She was satisfied to see Wendy sitting over the boy looking innocently at Richard’s erect penis, standing stiffly only inches from her face.

“Now Wendy, I just want you to hold his legs under your arms, you can do that can’t you?”

“Yes Miss.” the maid replied. Diane took hold of one of the boy’s legs making him bend the knee further as she pushed it up over his hips. Veronica took charge of the other leg doing the same and placing the maid’s arm over the back of the boy’s knee. Richard felt so embarrassed as he lay there, his legs bent back over his body his sore bottom lifted up off the ground.

“You don’t need to kneel up, sit your bottom down a bit.” She said to the maid. Wendy let her buttocks move down on to the boy’s chest, feeling his warm body under the cheeks of her bottom. Veronica moved to kneel by the his shoulder. She looked down into his eyes. His cheeks were suffused in a bright red blush. He had shut his eyes tightly, his lips were trembling and his chin quivered as she stroked soft fingers over his hot cheeks.

“Open your eyes.” Veronica said gently.

Richard obeyed, slowly opening his eyes to look up into Veronica’s beautiful face. Her hair was shining in the sunlight. She parted her sensuous lips and lowering her head kissed him on the cheek. Richard could not help but watch as Veronica sat up and began to slowly unbutton her shirt, pulling it from her waistband and dropping it down over her shoulders and arms. Her naked breasts stood out firmly as the she gazed down on him. Veronica took her arms out of the sleeves and leaned over the boy’s face. Her nipples brushed across his cheeks as she moved her body over him.

Diane knelt between Richard’s legs and gently cupped her hand underneath his testicles. Her fingernails gently traced a pattern along the soft underside of the scrotum causing the skin to contract.

Wendy watched in fascination as Diane took his penis in her other hand and gently slid her fingers up around the shaft, bending forward she blew on to the tip of the boy’s penis.

Slowly but steadily her hand passed up and down over the glans pulling the foreskin tight as she reached the base of the swollen organ.

Richard’s eyes were misty, his body stiffened as Diane cleverly stimulated his body to a fever of excitement.

“There there Richard.” Veronica whispered, bringing her lips over the boy’s face. “It will all be over soon, you have had a traumatic day just relax there’s a good boy.”

She gently stroked the boy’s face. His breathing had become heavier and more labored, his body was trembling all over as Diane increased the pressure of her fingers upon his penis. Diane noticed his hips had begun to move in small gyrations. She gently squeezed his testicles and pulled them forward. His buttocks moved from side to side as she brought him toward a climax.

She mover her hand from his testicles and placed it over the end of his penis. She flattened the palm and rubbed it in a circular motion over the lips of the opening. The boy immediately tried to draw away from the intense sensation. But Diane held his penis firmly her hand keeping a steady motion up and down the shaft. Veronica watched his face, his mouth opened wide as he gasped for air. His breath producing a rasping sound against the larynx as the girl’s brought him inexorably to the very edge of his impending climax.

“Oooooohh….ooh.ohh..ooohh.” Richard moaned.

“Aaah…..hh…hh. He threw his head back. There was a pounding in his ears and his vision became blurred. Wendy felt the boy buck like a young colt beneath her buttocks. She pressed down on to his body and felt the soft lips of her vagina slide over his smooth skin.

“You poor boy, you are tense aren’t you, just hang on, you will come very soon.” Veronica whispered as she pressed her breasts over his chest and shoulder. Her face close to the boy’s trembling lips.

“Ooooooo….oo…ooohhhh..” Richard’s head moved from side to side as once more ran the palm of her hand over the sensitive opening of his penis. She deliberately stretched the foreskin as tight it would go. Her fingers squeezing hard around the shaft. Richard was beside himself every nerve in his body stretched to breaking point.

Without warning, Diane slipped the palm of her left hand between his legs her fingertips pressed hard against the anus, feeling for the first spasms of his climax.

“Ooooohhh…aaaarrhhhhhhh.” Richard’s moans grew louder. His head jerked from side to side, his mouth slack. Veronica held the boys face between her hands as she saw his eyes lose focus.

“Pleeeeaaase..Miss…pleeee…oooohhhh…aaaarrrhh.” Richard lost control. His limbs twitched as if he were having a fit. His eyes staring wildly.

Diane felt the climax approach and deftly pushed her forefinger up into the boy’s anus rapidly moving her finger in and out of the soft tissue of the sphincter. She watched as the first jets of semen erupted from the tip of the penis. Immediately she pushed her finger hard up into his anus. She felt him buck as she curled the finger hard up against the prostate gland. “There my boy.” she cooed. “Let’s Have a nice big come from you.”

“Oooooo…oooo…oooohhhhh…aaaaaarrrrhhhhh…” Richard moaned louder and louder his imprisoned hips trying to escape. His thighs quivering as his nerves sent shocks through to his legs. ‘Ooooooohhh..Miss..Mi…ss. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through his body. ‘There you are, you’re coming now.” whispered Veronica as she moved her lips over his.

“Pleeeeaase……..Missssss..” Richard gasped as spurt after spurt of semen shot from his penis.

Suddenly Veronica closed her lips over his, deliberately robbing him of air. She pushed her tongue deep into the back of his throat and held him for a moment. Slowly she withdrew her mouth, feeling his chest heave as he drew in lung full’s of air. Diane continued drawing her fingers firmly up and down the boy’s penis. Her other hand pushing deep between the parted buttocks..

Wendy felt the boy’s stomach heave as she rubbed herself over him. Fascinated the maid watched as yet another stream of semen shot from the tip o his penis and high into the air.

The boy’s climax seemed to last forever as Diane cleverly coaxed every drop of juice from him. Richard’s body trembled from head to foot. His fingers were stretched rigid, the orgasm had seemed to reach every part of his young body. His lungs felt as if they were about to explode as he gasped for air. “Arrrhh.arrrhh…”. He moaned, all his strength gone, his body drained.

Veronica looked down at him, her breasts gently pressing against him, her face close to his. “There my precious boy, it’s all over now.” She whispered softly, her breath sweet on his lips.

“Oh…Miss…Misssss’ Richard breathed a deep gulp of air as the last spasm’s of pleasure rippled through his young body. Diane gripped the base of his penis, squeezing hard. She gently slipped her finger out of his bottom and cupped his testicles, Squeezing gently as her other hand firmly slid up his penis bringing the last drop of semen to the tip. Richard looked up at Veronica as if he had returned from a dream. “Oh Miss…Miss.” He stammered.

Veronica bent her body over his face and cupped her right breast, gently placing it against his open mouth. “There my baby.. there.” She said soothingly as the boy’s trembling lips closed over the nipple.

Wendy looked in wonder at her Mistress watching every movement as Diane gently wiped a small globule of semen from the tip of Richard’s penis. She reached for Wendy’s hand, motioning her to let down Richard’s legs. Satisfied, she took the maid’s hand and placed it on the boy’s penis.

Wendy closed her small hand around it and squeezed. Diane took the girl’s other hand and placed it between the boy’s legs so that she could feel his testicles. Wendy leaned forward and cupped the testicles, gently moving the balls to and fro between her slim fingers.

Richard awoke and looked up at the sky, his skin warm from the sun. The girls had left him lying quietly to recompose himself, the blonde girl ordering him to stay where he was and to rest. Richard had been near to fainting as Diane had cleverly prolonged his climax.

He had slept for over two hours, his body exhausted from a surfeit of pain and pleasure coupled with the lack of sleep he had suffered during the night. He could not hear the girls and wondered whether they had left him to go home. He felt the blanket still underneath him and looked around to see one of the hampers was still by his side, but the Range Rover had gone. He turned his head toward the picnic table to see the maid watching him intently. On the table was a Thermos and four plastic cups. Richard raised himself on one elbow and suddenly realized he was naked. He quickly covered his groin with his hand. The maid stood and gazed down on him, her almond eye’s, examining every detail of his body. ‘Mistress Diane said that I should give you some coffee when you wake.” She said sweetly. Richard looked down at himself to make sure his hand was covering his genitals. ‘I’ll get dressed.” he said as he got to his feet awkwardly, keeping his hand over his groin.

“Mistress Diane said you are not allowed to dress,” the girl said timidly looking down. “..and…and.. you are not to cover yourself.. with your hand.” The maid’s voice trailed off into a whisper as she hung her head.

Richard could not believe his ears. So it wasn’t over. His insides churned as he remembered the position he was in, he blushed, his face turning red in an instance. He didn’t think he could bear more humiliation.

“But..but..” Richard stuttered. The girl turned away from Richard swinging her legs over the bench to face the table. Her slim thighs exposed for a second as she pulled her skirt to her knees. She opened the Thermos and poured two cups of coffee. ‘Do you take sugar.” She asked Richard who was still standing covering himself. The maid had not looked round at him as she spoke.

“..er, yes please Miss…er two spoons.” Richard replied.

“You can sit down.” Wendy spoke softly, then remembering his bottom. “There is a blanket on the bench at that side she pointed to the bench at the other side of the table.”

“Thank you Miss.” Richard replied his hands still placed over his penis. The maid looked up as walked round the long oak table.

“Richard ?” Wendy spoke with warning in her voice. Richard stood still.

“Mistress said it would be three strokes if I had to ask you to do anything twice.”

Richard stood at the end of the table as the girl looked up at him. She looked embarrassed.

Richard blushing looked down at his hands, slowly uncovering himself.

“I’m sorry Miss.” Richard hung his head. His penis moved slightly as his arms fell to his sides

Wendy looked at the boy and felt sorry for him but she dare not disobey her Mistress.

“You can sit down.” She said simply.

The maid watched as the naked boy walked around the table. The livid red stripes on his bottom standing out from the pale skin. She noticed him wince as he sat down delicately.

They drank coffee as Richard asked about the girls. Who they were and what they did. The girl told him as best she could details about the family and all the land they owned. She seemed uneasy as if she had something on her mind, something she had not told him.

They sat for ten minutes before the girl looked up to Richard, and blushed prettily as she spoke.

“Mistress Diane has told me to put some more……” The girl hesitated. “… lotion on your bottom…and…and to make your…your..,” She blushed bright red, “…..to make your…penis hard. ‘She blurted. Her eyes looked down at her dainty fingers as she twisted them together nervously. Richard stared with amazement. He blushed bright red, gasping in shock at the words. His head felt dizzy.

“I…have…to do it.” The girl said as she looked at Richard.

The boy hung his head but said nothing.

They both sat in silence for a few minutes. The maid began to look nervous and blushed.

“They will be back soon.” The girl broke the silence.

“I think it will be best if I do it now.”

“Wh..what shall I do Miss ?” Richard stammered.

“Just bend over the end of the table, while I bring the stuff.”

The maid got up from the table and stepped over to the picnic hamper. She looked through it until she found the bottle that her Mistress had instructed her to use.

She turned to find the boy already bending over the end of the oak table. His young body looking lithe and graceful as he bent forward, his arms stretched out in front of him. Wendy stood behind him and admired his body.

His legs were pressed together and his buttocks were clenched. Wendy opened the bottle and placed the top on the table. She carefully poured some of the liquid into the palm of her right hand. She placed the bottle beside the top and gently placed her hand on the small of his back.

“I have to do this Richard, they will cane you if I don’t.” she said softly.

“Please do as I ask you, or it will be worse for both of us.”

Richard raised his head, which rested on his arms.

“I’ll do as you say Miss, I promise.”

“Open your legs please, I have to do it exactly as she told me.”

Richard opened his legs a few inches still keeping his buttocks clenched.

“You will have to open them further please hurry they will be back soon.” Wendy said anxiously.

Richard opened his legs until they were about two feet apart, but the girl was not satisfied.

“No all the way, like you were before,” she said more firmly.

Richard opened his legs as far as he could. The thought of his recent punishment flooding through his mind as she reminded him.

Wendy gently put her cupped palm over his bottom, the liquid running down his buttocks. She quickly followed the liquid with her hand rubbing it gently over his pale firm bottom.

“It…stings ..a bit Miss’ Richard gasped as he felt the liquid setting fire to the weal’s across his flesh.

“Relax your bottom, I can’t get inside.” Wendy said nervously as her hand rubbed softly over him.

Richard unclenched his buttocks allowing the maid access to the cleft between his cheeks. She stroked gently over the mounds of his bottom, her fingers making their way between the crevice, the tips gently probing at the very center, making Richard squirm.

Wendy felt less nervous as she realized how pliable the boy was. She slowly let her hand slip lower between the buttock cheeks, her right hand sliding from his back down between the cleft. With her left hand she slid her fingers boldly between his legs and cupped his testicles.

“Oooh,ooh. Richard gasped as the girl held him between her delicate fingers. Deliberately she stoked over the boy’s scrotum and slipped her well lubricated fingers tenderly around his penis, pulling it back so she could see it as she stooped lower. She pushed the foreskin up the shaft and then pulled back down, squeezing as she drew her fingers down in a milking motion. She felt the penis begin to stiffen as she skillfully slid the foreskin down over the head and then up again, stretching the soft skin tight… as Diane had instructed.

“Ooooh…Miss. Richard moaned softly, as the girl gently played with his penis, her small hands moving with delicacy and precision.

“I’m sorry Richard but I have to do this.” She said, as she squeezed and pulled once more.

Richard’s body began to quiver under the effect of the girls fingers.

Gently she let go of him and placed her arms round his shoulders pulling him up. Richard stood up straight at the girls prompting.

She turned him, directing him round the table to the bench, her hands sliding to his waist as she pushed him forward.

“Just stand there and open your legs wide.” Wendy said as stood him in front of the bench, facing the table. She stepped around the boy and sat on the bench in front of him, sliding her knees in between his thighs. She looked up at him and blushed as she saw the anguish in his face.

“I’m sorry but I have to.” She reached forward and took hold of his penis and pulled him closer to her. With her other hand she gently stroked the inside of his thigh upward from the knee until she reached the juncture of his thighs. She cupped the soft scrotum in her hand, and squeezed the testes gently. Her young fingers deftly pushed the foreskin back and forth, the young maid imitating the expert ministrations her Mistress had demonstrated. Richard’s body began to tremble as she slid her delicate fingers up and down his shaft in a continuous rhythm.

“Plee..ease Miss’ Richard moaned as Wendy increased the tempo of her fingers upon his organ.

“I feel funny…Miss…oohh..ooohh Miss.” Wendy quickened the pace of her fingers as the boy’s thighs trembled and shuddered in front of her. Suddenly he seemed to go week at the knees. “Plee..eease Misss..sss, I..th..ink.I’mm.. ‘ Richard stammered as a wave of sexual sensation pervaded his whole body. So intense that his whole body jolted like a young colt. Wendy deliberately increased the pace of her hand.

She pulled the foreskin right down to the bottom of the shaft before bringing it up over the glans. With her other hand she quickly felt between the boy’s buttocks, locating the anus with her index finger. “I’m sorry Richard, but I have to put my finger into your bottom, I’ll try not to hurt you.” Wendy said breathlessly as she felt for the center of the sphincter.

“Please Miss, I feel.. oh.. Miss…” Richard pleaded.

“Just try and relax your bottom.” She pushed against the tightly shut sphincter, probing quite firmly. Feeling the entrance she deftly pushed her slender finger up into his anus. She felt his buttocks contract savagely as she firmly pushed her finger up as far as it would go.

“Oops, there we are, now just try and relax.” The boy was jerking his body uncontrollably as she impaled him. His knees sagged and shook and his face grimaced.

“Pleee…eeease…….Misssssss.” Richard moaned as he felt his climax approach

“I’m sorry.” Wendy said softly, ‘But I have to make you come.” She pushed his foreskin down tightly probing deeply with her finger, as his hips moved backward she found she was able to quickly push a second finger up into his bottom.

“There I think you’re going to come now, just a few more little strokes. Wendy tightened her fingers over the shaft, his scrotum swinging backwards and forwards between his widely parted legs.

“Oooooo…ooohhh..Miss..ss..sss.” Richard’s legs shook as he climaxed…his knees quivered and shook and his bottom trembled as the young maid coaxed him to a climax. She watched the boy ejaculate’

“Come on Richard ..Let it all come out…that’s it.. every drop.’ Wendy spoke softly to him as she quickened her strokes. His semen shooting from the tip and spilling to the ground. She squeezed the shaft at the base, pressing her middle finger to the underside, urging the last drops of juice to the tip. She increased the pressure of her fingers in the boy’s bottom curling them upward. She watched as he through his head back in uncontrolled emotion. She carefully slid her fingers from his bottom and took hold of his scrotum. Richard was sobbing with emotion, his eyes tightly shut and his breath coming in quick gasps. His whole body was shaking rapidly as if in fever.

“Oooooo..ooo..oh.ah’ He moaned, as she cupped his testes in her soft hand and squeezed them firmly.

“Nearly finished…there…that’s all of it.” Her pretty face was flushed as she looked up at Richard through her long eyelashes.

“It’s all over now Richard, just relax.” She whispered the words to him, looking into his face. “Open your eyes, it’s all over now.”

Richard opened his eyes and looked into hers. She stood up still holding his penis, her left hand cupping his testes.

“You’re all right now just relax.” She leaned forward and placed a tender kiss upon his trembling lips. Gently she released his captive penis and testicles. She placed her hands on either side of his hips and turned him round so that his back was towards her. She guided him to the picnic blankets, her hands softly stroking his waist.

“Lay down here on your back, I just have to clean you up.” She spoke soothingly to him as one would a child. Richard felt numb his mind in turmoil as he obeyed her instructions. She watched the boy as he carefully lowered himself to the ground. He grimaced once as his bottom touched the blanket. “Lay back with your head on the blanket and open your legs.” Richard obeyed, feeling foolish once more as he felt the girl’s hand on his knee, pulling his legs further apart.

Wendy had learned a lot today, not only concerning the physical aspects of the day’s events… but about herself. She looked down at Richard, delighted at his obedience to her. His timid expression and blushing cheeks denoting her dominance in their relationship. At first she had been shocked when Diane had informed her of what she must do. The feeling of shock was quickly followed by one of anxiety. Would she be able to handle the boy? What if he was to decide to leave; she would not have the strength to stop him. She smiled down at him, observing the look of pure supplication as she knelt and tenderly stroked the burning cheek of his face. “Just lay there and relax a little, you’ve had a busy day.” She delicately traced her pretty fingers down over his chest and down on to his tummy. “I have done it! and done it well.” She thought, feeling a sense of pride and perhaps determination. Wendy turned her body round and took some soft moist tissues from the hamper. She gently took his penis in her hand and wiped the tip. Very gently she pulled the foreskin down exposing the rim and wiped behind it. Richard’s hips jerked as the tissue grazed the rim.

“There it’s all finished.” she said as she laid his penis over his tummy. “Do you feel better now?” she asked gently as she sat back on her heels.

“Oh miss I feel so ashamed.” Richard mumbled. “I don’t know what…to..”:

“Don’t cry.” She said as the boy’s emotions took hold of him. She laid her hand gently on his chest.

“I had to do that to you, I had no choice.” She said gently.

“I know…Miss ..I’m…sorry ..Miss.” Richard stammered as Wendy looked down into his face.

“Miss Diane instructed me that If they were not back…er.. after I ..er.” She did not finish the sentence. ‘I was to let you get dressed and go home, she also said that you may come and swim everyday of the holiday’s. She said that you wont be disturbed and that you were to come.”

Richard had stopped crying and looked up at Wendy’s pretty face.

“I think it would be better if you went before they returned.” Richard looked at the girl thankfully.

“May I get dressed now Miss?” He sat up hoping she would not look down at his nakedness.

“Yes, that is what Miss Diane said.” Wendy looked into the boy’s face.

“She is not cruel really, she is very loving, but you have to obey the rules otherwise she will punish you. Did she hurt you very much?”

“Yes Miss.” The boy answered. ‘It hurt a lot.”

“She said that was how it should be.” Wendy looked straight into the boy’s tear stained eyes.

Richard stood, turning his back as he bent toward his clothes.

“I am truly sorry I trespassed Miss.. will you tell her?” Richard asked as he put on his clothes.

“Yes Richard of course’ The maid said softly. “You had better go before they come,”

“Bye Miss.” He said as he started walking quickly away, his sore bottom smarting as he walked toward the wood.

Wendy stood watching him. Her hand pressed between her thighs. Suddenly she sank to her knees as she felt a wave of passion course through her young body. “Oh my god” She thought as she quickly slipped her hand beneath her skirt and rubbed the palm over her pubis. Wave after wave of indescribable sexual sensation rippled through her slender frame. Her shoulder shook as she bent her head forward, her fingers busily brushing back and forth over her clitoris. The orgasm had taken her completely by surprise. Her penned up sexual passions suddenly explode within her. She lay back on the blankets her hand still stroking her fingers over the lips of her vagina. Gradually her senses returned. She lay back looking up at the tiny white clouds moving slowly over the bright blue of the sky.

“Well I think that’s everything.” Lady Rawlings looked up at the two girls as they sat in front of her ornate desk.

They were sat in the study, the two girls were looking pleased as she replaced the receiver of the telephone smiling.

“I am sure we have done the right thing, I feel better that he’s going to come to us. I know you will have your play toy, but at the same time we will be ensuring he has a better future.”

“Is fostering better than adoption?” Veronica asked Lady Rawlings, as she leaned forward putting her elbows on to the desk.

“Initially yes, it means if the medical center pass him fit on Monday, he will be brought straight to us. I have arranged with Jane at the school to supply us with a governess for the boy. She will arrive the day after you go back from the holiday. Lady Rawlings closed the file she had in front of her and continued. ‘Don’t you think it was rather clever asking if the orphanage had an older boy that she could recommend.

Diane laughed, “It would be a bit unfortunate if she had recommended someone else.”

“Well I was taking your word that he was obedient and polite. However it was nice that she put forward your Richard Chambers as being of excellent character. She said that although he was nearly fifteen, she was sure he would be a credit to us. Don’t forget we have already arranged for the Vietnamese girl to start work on Monday, if she is as pretty as her photographs I think you will like her.”

“I can’t wait.” Said Diane.

“You never could.” Lady Rawlings laughed watching her lovely daughter giggle to her friend. “I don’t know what you two get up to at school, but I can guess it’s not all good.”

“We don’t get up to much at school, that’s why the holidays are so good.” Veronica was still smirking at Diane as she spoke.

“You are so good to us, I really mean it and I am sure that we are doing the best for the boy.” Diane looked lovingly at her mother. ‘I am sure there is not another boy anywhere that has his looks or grace, it seems a shame that he should spend his life in an orphanage.”

“Well I am sure he will fit in nicely here, Now hadn’t you two better go and fetch our maid.” Lady Rawlings stood and walked around the desk.

The girl smiled up at her mother and thought of what the maid might be doing at this very moment. She should have finished by now, I gave her detailed instructions.” Diane smiled at the recollection.

“There is nothing like giving someone a taste of power over their fellow humans.” Lady Rawlings smiled. ‘It worked wonders for Hitler in his early days.”

Both girls laughed at her, watching her slim body turn and open the door of the study.

“Well my daughter will be up to take you in five minutes, so I’ll say Goodbye. We shall miss you Richard.” The matron who had been speaking stood up and shook Richard by the hand.

It had been earlier in the week that Richard had been called to Matron’s office and was told that he was to be fostered,

“Not just by anyone, but by Lady Rawlings herself.” She had told him proudly.

Richard had not know what to think, he had not been unhappy at the orphanage but was bright enough to realize that his prospects were not good. Most boys joined the services, several had joined a year ago leaving Richard as the eldest boy. What clouded his mind was the experience up at the lake. His body had not recovered from the beating, or his mind from the embarrassment and humiliation. He had been excited with sexual sensations that he had never thought possible. His penis stirred beneath the baggy flannel trousers as he thought of the girls and what they had done to him.

Would history repeat itself, he was fairly sure that it would. He did not think he could stand another caning, his bottom was still extremely sore. However he had no choice to make, Matron had not asked him whether he would like to be fostered, she had simply told him.

Richard awoke from his reverie to find Matron beaming down on him, her broad features wreathed in smiles. “Off you go young man, your car awaits.” She laughed as she pushed Richard through the door.

Matron’s daughter was standing in the doorway. “I don’t suppose he will be taking a suitcase?” she said to her mother as she turned and set off down the corridor. Richard liked Janet, she had been good to him, giving him occasional sweets and cake from the kitchen. She had turned seventeen years of age a few months ago, and had started to take driving lessons. She had passed her driving test last week and had not been out of the car since. Taking Richard to the Medical Center had been yet another excuse to use her mother’s car.