A Governess For Richard Part 2

Richard’s Examination


“Thank you for taking me Miss,” said Richard as they climbed into the car.

“I’ve told you, you don’t have to call me Miss, I’m Janet and as you well know this is another good excuse to get out in the car.” Richard enjoyed hearing her well-bred accent. It was not as well modulated as the girls he had met at the lake but it had a fruity sound as she laughed.

Richard watched her as they drove toward the town, her features were neat and she had a very pretty mouth, especially when she smiled, showing her brilliant white teeth.

“I shall be sorry to see you go, but I am pleased for you, it could not have happened to a nicer boy.” She laughed as she said the last words, but Richard could tell that she meant them. Richard had always seemed to be special and looking at him now, as they parked the car, she could see the boy’s merit.

“I’ll come in with you, I have a letter to give to them.” She said as they both walked up the stone steps of the large modern building. They entered the building and located the third floor, which was sign-posted “Medical Examinations”.

They pushed through the swing door into a large office. A young Nurse of about twenty looked up at them as they entered. She was dressed in a stiff white tunic, which revealed the cleavage between her breasts. Her shoulder tabs were decorated with blue epaulettes imprinted with narrow gold stripes.

Janet spoke first. “I have brought Richard Chambers from the orphanage, he has an eleven o’clock appointment here.”

“Ah.. yes, he is to be prepared to appear before the committee at two this afternoon… you will be Matron’s daughter.” The nurse smiled up at Janet. “You have a letter for me?”

Janet handed over the letter to the nurse, who took it and slit open the envelope with her neatly manicured fingernails.

“I see,” she said a couple of times while she read the letter. After a few moments she looked up and smiled at the boy.

“If you would come with me Richard.” She turned to Janet. “I won’t keep you more than a few moments but Matron has requested that you take his clothes back with you.”

Richard followed the nurse through the gray carpeted office to a white door situated in the far wall. Richard realized that he had not said goodbye to Janet. They entered a small corridor with doors situated on both sides.

“In here.” The nurse led him through the first door into a brightly lit room. Richard looked around, seeing a row of shiny metal sinks, on which sat rows of glass jars and containers. In the middle of the room there was a table covered with padded rubber. To his left were a series of cubicles which were open-fronted. The first of these contained a chair. A trolley of instruments stood in front of the second cubicle, it’s chromium plated frame holding glass shelves beneath the stainless steel top.

“If you would just take off your clothes in there.” She pointed to the first cubicle. “I will prepare you a jar.” The nurse moved over to the sinks.

Richard looked up into as he entered the cubicle but could find no curtain to pull across. Feeling uncomfortable he began to undress. The nurse was still busy at the sink as he stood in his underpants, the rest of his clothes folded on the chair beside him.

“Are you ready yet.” She said as she turned toward him with a jar in her hand. “Ah..” She looked at the boy “You will have to take those off I’m afraid.”


Richard blushed and bent forward. Slowly he took off the woolen pants while holding them in front of himself.

The nurse put the jar down and approached him. He timidly looked up to see her standing before him. The nurse looked amused at his embarrassment. Her smile made him blush even more. “I will see if I can find a bag for these.” She reached for the clothes beside him and picked up his boots from the floor. She placed them on top of the pile and gently pulled the underpants away from the boy’s grasp. Richard quickly covered himself with his hands. The nurse smiled down at him, her red lips revealing even white teeth. Her eyes widened in mock surprise as she looked down on his naked body. “You’re not embarrassed, are you Richard?” He looked down timidly, his hands pressed tightly over his genitals.

“I think I will have to find you something to do with those hands.” She turned and put the clothes down on top of the rubber-covered table and picked up the glass jar she had been holding earlier. It was large and rounded with a long straight stem, the lip being about four inches in diameter.

“Come over here, I want you to give me a urine sample.” The nurse took hold of the boy’s shoulder and led him to the center of the room. She bent on one knee in front of him. Deliberately she placed her fingers around the boy’s wrist and gently pulled his hand away from the juncture of his thighs.

“Take your hands away, there’s a good boy.” She said softly. Richard was blushing as he let his hands fall to his sides.

“Now just stand there, with your legs astride, there that’s the way.” Richard nervously stood with his legs apart, his face beginning to turn a brighter red. The nurse looked up, her brown eyes noting his embarrassment.

“Don’t be shy, I am not going to hurt you.” She lifted the glass container up under his penis, making sure the cold glass touched his testicles. Richard shuddered as he felt the touch of the container, his scrotum recoiling as she pressed it against his genitals.

“Now I just want you to urinate in this, take of hold of it, there that’s it.” She took his wrist placing his hand on the rim. Richard took hold of the jar using both hands

“That’s the way.” She smiled as she reached for his clothes and stood in front of him. “See what you can do, there’s a good boy.” The nurse carried his clothes with her as she walked through the door into the corridor.

Richard tried to urinate but even the cold of the glass pressed against him did not help. It was a few moments before he felt the telltale sensations in his lower stomach. He began to urinate, his bladder disgorging his urine in a rush.

To his horror the door opened and a young nurse walked in bringing Janet with her. Richard looked at them his face full of anguish, as if to tell they had made a mistake.

“Ah I thought we would find him in here.” The small blonde nurse turned to Janet as she spoke. She did not seem in the least concerned at seeing Richard naked, or the fact that he was urinating helplessly. Richard’s face turned bright red as both the nurse and Janet turned towards him.

“He is just having to give his urine sample. “The nurse said to Janet, her tone quite indifferent to the boy’s pleading look.

The epaulettes of the nurse’s starched white tunic bore one gold stripe. Her shapely legs were firm and tanned, her thighs showed through the flap of her skirt which finished well above her knees. She wore white shoes, the soft soles, silent upon the floor as she moved to stand in front of him. Janet looked down at the jar, noticing how large his young penis was as it lay resting on the glass rim. She had often wondered how he would look without clothes. She examined his body, noting his perfect proportions. Richard stood helplessly, his face suffused in red as he continued to urinate helplessly. She observed the look of pure terror on his face as he tried to twist his body away from their gaze.

“I’m sorry Richard, they didn’t tell me they had started.” She said softly. Richard had nearly stopped urinating but could not stop his body giving one final shudder, spilling more urine into the jar. Before he could turn away the nurse had stooped down and taken the jar. She took hold of his penis, circling the flesh with her fingers. Deftly she squeezed his penis, ejecting the last few drops of urine into the jar. Janet looked down at the boy’s genitals as the nurse gently pulled his penis. She raised her head to look at his face. A flush of pity went out to him as she observed his acute embarrassment. Richard could not bring himself to meet her gaze, but lowered his head to avoid eye contact. The nurse lowered the jar lifting his penis as she took the container from between his thighs.

“Just stay where you are and I will be back in a moment.” She said to Richard as she took the jar away from him and placed it on the sink. She attached a label and wrote his name on it.

Janet leaned forward and touched Richard’s shoulder. “I am so sorry Richard, I had no idea, please look at me.” She whispered softly to him as he looked up, a small tear in the corner of his eye. He had pressed his knees together and had once more covered himself with his hands.

The nurse returned with a small square of gauze. She pushed the boy’s hands away as she bent on one knee in front of him.

“I’ll just do this and then we can try and locate his clothes.” She said to Janet as she looked over her shoulder. She took hold of the boy’s penis and squeezed it drawing her hand slowly down toward the glans.

Richard watched in horror as her hand encircled him, her delicate fingers cool on his skin. Through tear-filled eyes, he watched the nurse pull his foreskin back and gently squeeze the tip of his penis. A small drop of urine escaped on to the gauze pad.

The nurse stood and turned toward Janet, seemingly unaware of the distress she had caused the young boy. “I think Nurse Carter has probably taken his clothes to the locker room. Shall we go and have a look ?” She waved her hand forward as she moved toward the door.

Wendy looked at Richard, his hands once more covering his genitals.

“I shall have to go Richard, I am sorry you were embarrassed. I had no idea you would be naked or doing that. I really do hope you will be very happy where you are going. If I am allowed I will come and visit you soon.”

Richard looked up at Janet. Her words were just beginning to make sense to him through his haze of embarrassment.

“Th..thank you Miss, thank you.” Wendy quickly bent forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Bye… see you soon.” She whispered as she turned and followed the young nurse through the door.*

Richard stood in the middle of the room feeling totally naked and ashamed. His young body trembling as he stood holding his hands over his groin. He had been standing there for quite a few minutes before two more young nurses entered the room. They both had dark hair pinned under pretty caps set back on their heads. The taller and prettier of the two went to the sinks ignoring the boy as he stood covering himself. The other nurse, a petite athletic looking girl stood in front of Richard. Both nurses wore rubber aprons, covering their starched tunics.

“We will need a urine sample from you before we start.” She said meeting the boy’s eyes.

“I just..just did..” Richard stammered as he looked at the nurse before dropping his gaze to the floor.”

“It’s here.” The second nurse walked across from the sinks to stand by his side. “I want you to get up on the table, and kneel down on your hands and knees, do you think you can do that for me?” She spoke kindly to him. “I am Nurse Ford.” The taller nurse spoke again as she placed a hand on his shoulder and turned his body toward the table.

“This is Nurse Todd, and your name is Richard, is that right?”

Richard nodded as he climbed on to the table. Both nurses watched him as he kneeled down on the table facing them, his face suffused in red. The taller nurse placed her hand gently on his shoulders and stroked her fingers down his back and over his upturned buttocks.

“Now we are going to give you an enema, I don’t suppose you have had one before so let me reassure you that it doesn’t hurt. Just relax when I tell you, all right?”

Richard nodded his head numbly. The small blonde nurse had brought an instrument trolley up to the end of the table. The trolley had four corner posts, one of which extended to six feet high. On top of the extension hung a soft plastic container. The oblong bag was about eight inches long and contained two pints of liquid. The lower end of the bag was molded into an adapter on which was attached a long tube, the bottom of which was coiled up on the trolleys tabletop. The nurse placed the trolley alongside the table where the boy was kneeling. Nurse Ford moved behind Richard and placed her hands on his ankles.

“Just shuffle back a little bit… there that’s it… and open your knees as wide as you can.” She gently held the boy’s ankles as he moved back. She moved her hands to the inside of his knees. “Open up a little more… there that’s it… there’s a good boy.” She spoke very softly, as one would to a small child.

Richard felt utterly humiliated as the young nurse parted his legs. He was well aware that she had plain view of his testicles and penis hanging down between his widely spread thighs. His buttocks clenched as she stroked her fingers delicately over his bottom. Nurse Todd looked to her companion and motioned her head toward the welts, still clearly delineated across the boy’s buttocks. “You have been in the wars, haven’t you.” She traced her hand across the marks left by his caning.

“I didn’t know they caned you so severely at the orphanage.”

Richard felt the now familiar nerves in his stomach begin to churn. He was going to explain and then thought better of it. “Yes miss.”

He replied his voice a hoarse whisper. The nurse took a pair of thin plastic gloves from the trolley and slipped them on to her pretty hands.

“Now I am just going to lubricate your bottom for a few moments, so just breathe deeply and try and let yourself relax.”

She took a tube of lubricant from the trolley and squeezed some of the contents on to her index finger. Richard felt her cool fingers part his bottom. He flinched as the cold lubricant touched his sphincter. The nurse gently rubbed her finger up and down over the small opening. The fingers of her other hand pulling the cheeks of his bottom apart. She probed gently, feeling his bottom squirm under her hand as she rubbed over the tightly puckered sphincter.


“Now just breathe deeply, in and out, in and out.” Her words set up a rhythm for the boy to copy.

“There, that’s the way.” She said, as her finger became bolder, probing more urgently at the puckered star of the sphincter.

“Oooh… ooh.” Richard gasped as her finger slid neatly up into his anus.

“Just breath deeply, there’s a good boy.” She probed delicately in and out of the boy’s anal passage.

“I’m afraid you’re a little tight, just try and relax your bottom a little more.” Richard tried to relax his buttocks, but could not, his bottom tightened as her finger pushed up into him. He did not see the other nurse stand behind him. She held a long chromium nozzle with a rubber tube attached to it. The nozzle had a smooth flange half way down the stem. The flange was about an inch and a half in diameter tapering back to a thinner section. A soft rubber ring encompassed the end of the adapter to which the tube was attached. She held it behind her as Nurse Ford increased the penetration of her finger into the boy’s anus.

Nodding her head to her colleague, she pushed her finger further in.

“Just relax now.” She said gently as her colleague moved the nozzle in between the cheeks of Richard’s bottom. Delicately the nurse eased her finger partly out of the anus. She pulled down on the sphincter with her fingertip still inside. Richard began to tremble as she increased the pressure of her finger, he gasped as she stretched the opening. “Take a deep breath, all the way in, that’s it.” The second nurse placed the tip of the nozzle against the small opening above her companion’s finger. She pushed firmly feeling a small resistance before the cold steel slid up into the anus. “Breathe in deeply now.” She said softly as she pushed the nozzle further in. The flange was now touching the tightly stretched sphincter.

“Ooh.. ooh.” Richard moaned as he felt the cold appliance invade his bottom. Nurse Ford stroked her hand over the boys buttocks, stroking softly as her colleague moved round to the boy’s side and placed her hand firmly on his back, bringing her other hand up underneath his slim tummy. “Now breathe deeply just once more, and relax your bottom, just one more push now.”

“Ooooh oo..er.” Richard gasped as he felt the cold steel push hard against his bottom feeling his sphincter stretch over the smooth metal flange.

The nurse stood by his side gently pushing her hand down on the small of his back. “Keep your bottom up there’s a good boy.” With her left hand she stoked underneath him, her fingers running under his tummy and toward his groin. She nodded at her companion and pushed down hard on the boy’s back. Nurse Todd pushed the flange firmly against the sphincter, watching the skin stretch wide as the flange disappeared up into the boy. “Oooo…hh..oohh.” He cried as he felt his bottom stretched wide.

“There we are it’s all in now, just relax.” She said as she pushed the buttocks apart to check the nozzle was being firmly held in place.

“There that didn’t hurt too much did it ? “ said the nurse at his side, feeling his body give a reactionary shudder after the sudden penetration.

Richard could feel the cold steel deep inside him, his anus was contracting, trying to reject the intrusion.

The nurse stood behind him for a few moments gently stroking the quivering cheeks of his bottom. She noticed that his penis had distended slightly during the insertion of the nozzle. She stroked over his buttocks comforting him before she turned on the irrigator.

“Nurse Ford is going to feel your tummy to make sure you are all right, so don’t worry Richard.” She said softly.

Richard felt the cool water begin to fill his insides, it felt strange as it passed into his bowels, making his nerves tingle right down to the tip of his penis. The nurse moved from behind him and around the table, her hips leaning against the top as she stood facing the boy. She cupped her hand under his chin and raised his head to look at her. Her strong features softened as she spoke softly to him.

“It wont take long, and its easier for you when I let the irrigation run in slowly.” she said.

She stroked his cheek and continued to hold his chin, looking into his eyes.

Richard felt his insides beginning to fill, he felt bloated, his stomach distended as Nurse Ford stroked his tummy, her fingers deliciously cool against his skin.

She stroked her hand back and forth, feeling the lower stomach swell. She felt his penis brush against her fingers as she moved her hands further down into his pubic hair. Her other hand ran over his back and down on to his buttocks. The feel of the boy’s skin was delightful, his body looking beautiful as he knelt before her.

“There is only a little more and then we’ve finished.” She said as her fingers once more bushed his penis.”

Richard was feeling a growing embarrassment as he felt her hands touching him. He was aware that his penis had grown, the foreskin curling back over the rim of the glans.

Nurse Todd held the boy’s face in her hands. She too, was enjoying the sight of his body. She had not seen a boy so beautifully featured before. She spoke gently to Richard whose face was becoming redder by the minute.

“I’m just going to take the nozzle out of your bottom, I won’t hurt you I promise.” She looked deep into his eyes.

“The secret is just to relax your bottom. You can do that for me can’t you Richard ?”

Richard felt utterly embarrassed as the pretty nurse stroked his cheek. Would she see that his penis had grown, he felt his body shudder as the nurse walked back to the trolley and turned off the irrigator.

She picked up the tube of lubricant her colleague had used earlier and squeezed a little on to her finger. Standing behind the boy she gently placed her hand on his buttock, her fingers resting in the cleft of his bottom.

With her right hand she pushed her finger against the opening, making sure the lubricant penetrated the inside of his sphincter.

“Just relax.” She said as she took hold of the metal appliance. She pulled gently but quickly, watching the sphincter close back over the stem as she extracted the flange.

“There that’s a good boy.” she said as she delicately slid the rest of the nozzle out of his bottom. She picked up a gauze pad and held it firmly in between his buttocks. She noticed that his penis was now quite stiff and was pointing forward slightly.

“Right if you can just slide your legs off the back of the table and stand up. I’ll take care of your bottom.”

Richard felt awkward as both of the nurses helped him from the table. Nurse Todd carefully pressed the gauze firmly to his bottom, making sure there was no spillage.

Richard was blushing profusely as he stood down from the table his penis was stiff and pointing forward. Nurse Todd smiled at her companion as she watched the boy’s penis bob from side to side as they helped him from the table to a cubicle in the corner.

There was a toilet boil and bidet set in the tiled floor of the cubicle.

“Just sit on here.” The nurse said as she took away the gauze.

“We’ll leave you here Richard, just come through that door when you’ve finished.”

Both nurses were looking down at him surely they would see his erection Richard blushed a deeper red. The nurses seemed oblivious to his plight.

It was ten minutes later when Richard emerged through the door to the row of baths. Both nurses looked up at his naked body, his hands once again clasped tightly to his groin. The bath they were stood next to was already half filled with water.

“Just pop yourself in here, Richard and you will feel a lot better.” The taller girl addressed Richard and pointed to the water. Richard got into the bath and sat down, covering his now flaccid penis.

He used one hand to cover his genitals and held on to the side of the bath with the other.

“I will leave you to it.” The smaller girl addressed her colleague as she left the bathroom.

The nurse kneeled by the side of the bath and took a jug she had placed on the floor. She filled the jug from the bath water behind the boy’s back.

“Close your eyes Richard I am going to wash your hair.” She proceeded to pour water from the jug over the boy’s head as he squeezed his eyelids together. She got up and fetched shampoo from a trolley at the far side of the room. The trolley contained an assortment of bottles and jars.

Turning to the bath she observed the boy as he sat in the warm water, his face screwed up as he squeezed his eyelids together. She noticed both his hands were now pressed firmly over his genitals as he tried to cover himself. I am going to enjoy this she thought as she approached the bath. Pouring the liquid on to his head, she began to shampoo the boy’s hair, rinsing it several times before putting on more shampoo. Gently she massaged his scalp, her fingers stroking the back of his neck and his ears. She was well aware of the effect her caresses were having on the boy. She rinsed his hair before fetching clean warm water from the tap at the sink.

“Eyes tight, you don’t want soap in your eyes.” She poured more water over the boy’s head.

“Right stand up and I’ll do the rest of you.” Richard’s eyes were still shut but there was no mistaking the boy’s reaction to her words.

He blushed as he took one hand away from his groin and held the side of the bath. The girl smiled as she helped him up putting her arm round his waist.

Above the bath was a metal bar, which ran along the entire length of the room. It held plastic shower curtains at one end. The bar was about two feet above the boy’s head. She took one of Richard’s wrists and lifted his arm above his head.

“Take hold of the bar Richard.” She said gently as Richard looked up. He clasped his fingers around the bar, his other hand still cupped tightly over his penis. He blushed as she took hold of his other wrist and pulled his hand away from his groin.

“Both hands on the bar, that’s a good boy.” She said soothingly as she exposed him. Richard felt numb, standing naked before the young nurse. She smiled kindly at him before walking across to the surgical trolley situated in the middle of the room. She wheeled it across to the bath and taking a dispenser of liquid soap she squeezed a generous helping on to her palm. Looking up at Richard she saw the dismay on his face as she scooped water on to his tummy. Don’t be embarrassed Richard.” She said brightly. “You want to feel clean don’t you?”

“Yes nurse.” Richard said, his mind in turmoil.” She scooped more water on to his stomach and watched it trickle down between his legs.

“Well then a nice warm bath is just the thing.” She transferred the soap to her left hand and proceeded to soap the young boy’s stomach avoiding his pubic hair. She took the jug again and poured water over his shoulders and chest. Soaping both hands thoroughly, she washed his back and shoulders her hands moving smoothly over his body.

“I would have thought it would be quite nice to have someone do the work for you.” She brought her body closer to him as she spoke, looking up in to his face. Her hands slowly moving down over his thighs to his knees. She took her hands away and placed them around his waist, her body touched his thighs as her fingers gently soaped him. Richard looked at her his face bright red, the cold of her rubber apron cool against his skin.

“Well, doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Yes Miss.” He stammered, his body taut as he gripped the rail above his head.

His chest and shoulders as well as his thighs were well covered in soapsuds, but so far she had not touched his pubic area. Maybe she would not touch him anywhere else, he hoped as he felt her soft hands moving over his body. “Well that must feel a lot better.” she said as she brought her hand up in between his legs, her palm stroking the back of his thighs.

“Just open your legs a little, that’s it just a bit more.” Richard groaned and his heart sank as she brought her right hand up between his buttocks, her other hand pushing his legs apart.

“That’s it, as wide as you can go.” She pushed his thighs apart until his feet were touching the curves of the bath side.

Slowly and deliberately she pushed her hand in between his bottom cheeks and up underneath him, cupping his testicles in her right palm, the left hand slowly ascending the front of his thighs. Richard steeled himself for what must surely come next.

“You do want to be clean here, don’t you ?” He could not help watching as her hand moved up his thighs and firmly took hold of his penis.

“Most young boys never seem to wash properly here.” She pushed her hand further in between his thighs and took hold of the shaft of his penis with her right hand. With the other she pinched the tip of the penis before pulling the foreskin back firmly. She looked up into his face as she stretched the foreskin back along the shaft as far as far as it would go. His eyes were shut and his breathing labored as she began to manipulate the foreskin up and down the shaft. She seemed oblivious to his discomfort, her hand steadily soaping over his penis. She smiled to herself, feeling his penis begin to stiffen. She looked at him, but his eyes were shut tight, his face suffused in red.

Richard gasped as she pulled the foreskin back once more this time holding the skin and running a fingertip around the sensitive rim. He opened his eyes and looked at her as she suddenly squeezed his penis hard. “I’m sorry Richard, did I hurt you?” Her tone was matter of fact. She did not seem the least concerned that his penis was erect. Richard tried to answer, but all he could manage was an unintelligible whisper. Her right hand moved between his legs alternating between his testicles and penis as she soaped him thoroughly. He was aware that his penis was now pointing straight out in front of him. He felt a soapy hand slip between his buttocks. Her finger probing against the sphincter, delicately seeking the entrance. Richard could do nothing as he felt her slowly and deliberately insinuate the tip of her soapy finger into his bottom. Without warning she pushed the finger straight up.

“Oooh..oo.oh. Richard gasped as her finger sunk fully into his bottom.


“I’m sorry Richard, I’ll try and be careful, but I must have you nice and clean here.” She began to move her finger in and out of his bottom, withdrawing as far as the first knuckle and then pushing up until the finger was again fully inserted. With her other hand she squeezed the tip of his penis. The manipulation of her finger inside the boy completed his erection. Richard jerked his hips violently as her fingers played around the tip of his penis. His knees trembled and jerked as she pushed her finger hard up into his bottom, the tip brushing over the prostate gland. Suddenly she felt the penis begin to throb uncontrollably. Quickly she let go of his organ and quickly withdrew her finger from his bottom.

“There that seems all right.” She said softly as she took her hands from the boy. “Just stay where you are a few moments,” she patted him gently on the buttocks and bent to get a towel from the trolley

Richard stood trembling, his arms stretched out above him. His penis thrusting out above his parted thighs. He felt utterly humiliated as he watched the nurse reach down for a towel. Her shapely body swaying as she bent on one knee. He felt a sudden chill on his body as the door behind the row of baths opened.

“Are you finished?” He heard a voice behind him.

“Yes I’ve just got to dry him off and he can go through.” The young nurse stood up holding a towel as Nurse Todd walked up to her companion.

“My you have been busy.” She said looking at Richard, her eyes glancing down at the boy’s turgid penis.

Richard looked straight ahead, avoiding the girl’s eyes. He blushed a deeper red as she stepped toward him and placed her arm around his waist.

“Just step out and we’ll dry you off.” She pulled the boy’s arm down from the rail above him and turned his body toward her. Placing her hand behind his knee she indicated him to step out of the bath.

Richard’s face was ablaze, his head felt dizzy as she helped him from the bath. He could not avoid her eyes and was embarrassed to see a look of amusement on her face. The nurse pulled his body towards her as a towel was put around his shoulders.

“Stand there and we’ll soon have you dry.” she said as she proceeded to rub his shoulders with the towel. Richard looked down as the nurse dried him, her rubber apron was pressing against his out-stretched penis, rubbing against it as her body moved. She slipped her arms beneath his, catching hold of the towel and continued drying him. Her hands moved lower rubbing the towel over his buttocks, Richard felt his penis being pressed hard against her body as she moved further forward reaching around his waist. The nurse seemed unaware of his embarrassment as she bent on one knee, her hands moved the towel down the back of his legs.

Her head was inches from his erect penis as she brought the towel round in front of his legs and took it in one hand, holding the back of his knee with the other. She was looking at his penis as she spoke.

“My Richard you are tense, just try and relax a bit, there’s a good boy.” She moved the hand on the back of his knee up to his bottom, her cool hand cupping his buttock as she dried the front of his thighs.

“Open your legs a little.” She said, pushing the towel in between his legs. Richard was in a haze of embarrassment as she slid the towel up under his testicles, rubbing backward and forward gently. He started to tremble as she brought the towel under his penis, the texture of the material sending shivers through him as it brushed against the exposed rim of the glans. She pulled on his bottom as she deliberately brushed the towel over the sensitive tip. Richard could not help jerking his hips backwards as he tried to escape the sensation.

“There all done, I’ll just put a bit of cream in your bottom and then you will be ready to see the doctor.” Richard felt numb his head was ringing and his throat was dry. Nurse Todd stood up and turned the boy so he was facing her colleague.

“Just bend forward, see if you can touch your toes.” She gently pushed his back as her hand slid round his waist holding the flat her hand against his tummy. Richard bent forward trying to avoid the interested gaze of the nurse in front of him.

“Legs apart.” She commanded as she took a scoop of cream from a jar on the trolley.

“Just bend forward a little more.” She bent over behind him and placed her hand on the left cheek of his bottom, pulling it firmly to the side she exposed the boy’s sphincter. Richard felt cool creamy fingers gently rub against his anus, her fingers probed gently but insistently against the opening. “Relax, you feel very tense.” Richard jerked, trying to straighten his body as she slid her finger into his trembling bottom.

“Relax now, like we told you.” She pushed the finger further in making him squirm as dainty finger slid up into him. She watched as the sphincter closed over her slim finger feeling the boy tremble as she pushed it in as far as she could. Slowly she eased her finger back out so that only the tip remained inside. She probed the sphincter gently before withdrawing completely. “That should make it easier.” She said brightly as she withdrew the tip of her finger from his bottom.

“You can stand up and turn back to face me.”

Richard straightened up, his bottom felt as if it were still trying to expel her finger as he stood straight and turned toward her once more. The nurse dipped her hand into the jar once more and took hold of the boy’s erect penis. Richard closed his eyes his body trembling as he felt her cool fingers wrap around his member. She pushed the foreskin back as far as it would go, stretching the skin tight.


“I don’t know whether you are aware of it Richard, but both your bottom and the skin around your penis is very tight. The cream might help. so if you just try and keep still.” She looked up at Richard as she spoke. He could not help looking back at the girl’s pretty face, his head spinning with the sensation of her fingers as she smoothed the cream around the rim of his penis and down behind the glans. Richard’s thighs were trembling as she pulled the foreskin back over the glans.

“There, I’ll get you a gown and you can go through and wait for the doctor.” She stood fully upright and gently released the boy’s penis. Richard stood trembling as she turned toward the door, his face was bright crimson. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry Richard, everybody has to go through it.” Her voice was soft and low, as Nurse Ford stroked her hand gently over his shoulder.

The other nurse quickly returned with a white toweling dressing gown which she held open in front of her.

“Pop your arms in here and I’ll take you through.” Richard turned around, sliding his arms in to the fluffy toweling. She slipped her arms beneath his, her body pressing against his back as she passed the belt through to the front.

Richard fumbled with the belt, his fingers felt clumsy as he tied the gown. Although covered, his erection was pushing the front of the gown out like a tent He quickly thrust his hands in to the pockets and pulled his penis to the side, holding it against his body. Nurse Ford smiled as she saw the boy fumbling beneath the gown.

“I think you have just got time for a drink Richard, would you like a little orange juice ?”

“Y…yes.. please nurse.” He managed to say as he looked at her, noticing the smile on her face.

The nurse had just handed Richard his drink when a young girl dressed in a blue tunic dress entered the room. She stood just inside the doorway facing the row of baths. She had a pretty face, her lips freshly made up with pink lipstick. Her dark eyes had also been freshly made up with a pale blue eye-shadow accenting the dark mascara of her long eyelashes. She looked toward the nurse standing by Richard’s side.

“Is this Richard Chambers?” She asked reading from a paper she held in her hand.

“Yes this is Richard.” The nurse replied “What do you want?”

“I have him down here for a haircut, have you finished with him ?” The girl walked towards them as she spoke. She stopped in front of Richard and looked down at him as he sat drinking his orange juice. “It says he has to have a haircut.” she repeated to the nurse. “We haven’t got long so I had better take him now.” The nurse touched the boy’s arm and motioned for him to give her the glass he had been drinking from.

“You had better go, you don’t want to keep the doctor waiting.” She slipped her arm under his and helped him to his feet. Richard followed the girl out into the corridor. He followed her as they passed several doors on either side of the long passageway. The girl turned opened one of the doors and held it for Richard to enter. “Here we are.”

She smiled at him as he passed before her into the room. Bright lights illuminated two examination tables. To his left there was a leather chair with an adjustable head rest, behind this were two wash basins attached to the wall. A trolley stood next to the chair, on top of the trolley were chromium plated cases. The girl turned to face Richard. “If you will sit in that chair for me Richard.” She smiled at him once more, her eyes looking straight into his, with a directness that made Richard blush. Richard noticed the badge on her tunic as he lowered his eyes. The embroidered motif read “Freda’s Hairdressing”.

She moved behind the chair and began to pump the foot pedal until Richard’s seat was raised to her satisfaction. She smoothed her hands over the boy’s hair, feeling the thick texture. Taking a cloth from a hook at the back of the seat, she threw it around him and gently tucked it inside the top of his dressing gown. She took scissors from one of the boxes on the trolley and moved to his side. “Turn your head to the right.” She gently pushed his head so that he faced the examination table. Richard could feel her soft breasts press against his arm as she moved around him, her scissors snipping at his hair. Her hand gently held the back of his neck as the scissors passed over his hair neatly trimming around the ears.

“You’re from the orphanage aren’t you?” She asked as she gently moved his head, her scissors busy on his hair.

“Yes Miss.” replied Richard. “I’m being fostered by Lady Rawlings.”

“Well I’ll have to make you look smart for her then, wont I?”

Richard felt the girls body press against him as she shifted her position around the chair.

“You are a nice looking boy, we don’t often get such nice looking ones as you.” Richard blushed at the compliment. Her breasts pressed even harder against his arm as she moved position once again.

The girl looked up as two people entered the room. A woman dressed in the same uniform as the hairdresser and behind her a young girl of about sixteen. She wore a dressing gown similar to Richard’s.

“Just the two of them this afternoon Gillian.” The woman addressed the girl who was cutting the Richard’s hair. She turned to the girl behind her. “Just get up on to that far table dear, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

She looked at Richard. “My, we have got some good looking one’s today.” She smiled at the boy and then turned her head towards the girl behind him. “Just these two and then we have to go downstairs to the ward.” The girl behind him nodded as the woman turned to the young girl nervously seated on the examination table. The girl had jet black hair that was cut in a line just above her shoulders. Her face had an oriental look, with smooth olive skin. Her eyes were set wide apart, with a pretty nose and mouth. Richard noticed her eyes were a beautiful almond shape. She looked at him with interest as the older woman pulled a plastic curtain across the room, separating the two tables. Richard could now only see their shadows as the woman spoke softly to the girl.

“Right, just slip your gown off and lay down flat.” Richard could see the shadows move as she spoke, but could discern nothing more.

“That’s finished you Richard, just wait there while I see if there is anything else.” The girl behind him spoke as she put down the scissors. She walked to the plastic curtain, pulling it aside as she walked through to where the young girl was laid on the examination table. Richard could just see her legs as the curtain was pulled back for a second. He could see the shadows of the women as they talked in whispers.

The young hairdresser came back through the curtains, smiling as she approached the chair. She leaned forward so that her face was close to his.

“I’ll just take this cloth off you.” Her body pressed hard against his knees as she reached behind him for the ends of the cloth.

“You will just have to pop up on the table a minute Richard.” The boy looked at her, not understanding what she meant.

“Just lie on your back on the table, While I get my things, it won’t take long.” Richard seemed puzzled but did as he was told, feeling no alarm as he laid down looking up at the ceiling. The girl brought the trolley to the side of the table, before going to the sinks, filling a small jug with warm water. She returned to the table and bent over the boy.

Richard looked up at her as she bent her pretty face over his.

“Now you just lie back and don’t get embarrassed. I’ll be as quick as I can.” Richard had no idea what was about to happen, but he felt uneasy as she spoke.

“You are a lovely looking boy you know, I bet all the girls fancy you,” she said with a cheeky smile. Richard blushed as she bent her head closer and kissed his cheek softly.

“Just lay back and relax.” The girl straightened up as she said the last words and took hold of the cord of his dressing gown. Gently she undid the knot and laid the ends of the cord on either side of his body. Richard felt her soft fingers part the dressing gown, slowly exposing his naked body to her view. She pulled the gown fully open, tucking the flaps at either side of his body. For a moment she stood over him looking down at his naked body. She leisurely examined his form her eyes noting the slight movement of his penis as it rested neatly over the scrotum. Strong thighs, lovely flat stomach, delightful slim build and that innocent young face. Better make the most of this, she thought, as her eyes roamed over his supine form.


“Just lie still.” She said as she continued her examination of his body. Richard was blushing profusely as he watched the girl looking at him, powerless to stop her. She placed her hand on the thigh nearest to her and pushed her fingertips between his legs.

“Open up a bit for me.” She said to him as she pulled his thighs apart. She smiled at him as she turned to the trolley and took up the scissors.

“I am just going to trim you a little, nothing to worry about.”. She looked at the boy’s pubic hair. She noticed that the hair had not grown down in between his thighs or much above his penis. This was not to be missed, she thought as she touched the penis with her fingertips, watching it move with the sensation of her cool fingers. Gently she curled her fingers around his penis and pulled upwards, stretching it out from his groin. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the boy turn his head away in embarrassment, his bottom lip trembling. Carefully and gently she snipped the ends of the pubic hair from around the base of the penis. Feeling the organ throb beneath her fingers as she stretched the skin, she squeezed harder, pulling the skin tight as she exposed the glans.

Richard gasped as he felt her fingers squeezing his penis, her hand gripping his penis firmly, he felt his penis throb and yet could not control it as it responded to her expert manipulation.

“Don’t be shy,” she said. “There’s not much to trim.” She pulled the penis harder feeling the tip with her thumb. The boy’s hips squirmed involuntarily as her nails scratched gently over the opening of the penis. Bending lower over the boy, she placed the scissors on the table between his legs and slid her fingertips gently under his testicles, slowly curling them around his scrotum until she held his testes in the center of her palm. She lifted them up, looking underneath.

“There is a little hair here that could do with tidying.” The girl said as she pushed down with her hand, her fingers squeezed his penis deftly pulling the foreskin over the glans. She felt the organ become stiffer, the blood engorging the shaft as her soft fingers gently squeezed his testicles.

“Better hurry,” she thought as she pulled the foreskin up and down over the glans. Ignoring the boy’s gasps, her fingers moved faster over his penis. The once soft flesh now hard and erect. Richard was trembling all over, his head moved from side to side as her fingers pulled the foreskin up and over the glans of his penis, her other hand fondling and squeezing his testicles. Just a little more, she thought, I wouldn’t want sister walking in right now. She pulled the foreskin down once more, this time tightening the grip of her fingers around the shaft as she stretched the skin down to the base of the his young penis. She kept the skin tightly stretched as she squeezed his testes firmly with her other hand, making him gasp with a mixture of fear and pleasure. Suddenly she felt the flesh throb with greater intensity. Quickly she released the pressure on his testicles and loosened her grip around the pulsing flesh of his penis.

“Sit up Richard.” She spoke gently as she released her grip on his penis and gently let go of his testicles. Richard heard her voice faintly as if it were an echo. His ears were ringing with the rush of blood to his head. He managed to push himself up to a sitting position, the girl helping him with her arm around his shoulders.

“Turn over on to your knees, there is only a little bit to trim.” Her face pressed close to him as she whispered. Richard turned over away from the girl and got to his hands and knees, the dressing gown falling around him.

“Shuffle your knees open a bit, that’s it.” The girl lifted the dressing gown up, baring his bottom. She paused for a moment examining him before she pushed the gown further up over his back until it hung across his shoulders. She let her hands slide back down over his buttocks, feeling the muscles tense as her finger tips slipped between the crease.

“You have to open your legs wide for this.” She pushed his thighs apart until his knees were near the edge of the table. Richard was blushing vividly, his body trembled as she stroked her hand between his legs, smoothing over the inside of his thigh before curling her fingertips around his erect penis.

“This won’t take a minute, so you won’t be too uncomfortable,” She pulled the penis downward and curled her fingers tighter around the shaft. Quickly she manipulated the foreskin backward and forward until the boy began to groan.

“Pleease…Miss..” Richard’s breath gasping as he pleaded. “I f.feel…funny..”

The girl smoothed her other hand gently over his buttocks as she spoke to him. “All right Richard, don’t worry I won’t make you come, just relax a bit now while I finish you off.” She reluctantly took her hands off the boy’s penis and turned toward the trolley. She soaped a small shaving brush and turned back toward him. Bending over the table she smoothed her hand over the boy’s raised buttocks and slipped her fingers down into the cleft of his bottom. Her fingertips teased the tiny hairs behind his testicles. She pushed the brush up behind her hand, soaping the skin behind the scrotum. She took a small razor and pushing his testicles forward, shaved a small patch of skin between his bottom and testicles. “There that didn’t take long.”

She took a cloth, immersing it in a jug of warm water, she wiped off the excess soap from around the boy’s genitals. Richard groaned inwardly as he felt her fingers close around his penis once more. At the same time she began to apply a cooling lotion to the skin between his legs. Her fingers smoothing the lotion over his testicles and between the cleft of his buttocks.

“You can sit up now Richard.” She said letting go of him. Richard tried to hide his erection as he turned over and sat up. His face was bright red and his lips were trembling.

“Sit and face me a minute,” she said. Richard turned awkwardly and sat facing her his legs hanging over the side of the table. He tried to close the flaps of his dressing gown but she took hold of his hands and placed them on the table at each side of his hips.

“Don’t be shy, I think you are a lovely boy.” She looked into his eyes as her face moved close to his. The boy was blushing furiously, his lips trembled as if about to cry. Her hips pressed against his knees and he felt her fingers stroke upward to the top of his thighs.

“Mary hasn’t finished shaving the girl yet, so you just sit and relax.” Her hand curled around his penis as she spoke.

“You certainly are big for your age.” She said as she stroked her fingers down the shaft of his penis, her other hand pushing between his thighs and cupping his scrotum.

“There just look at you.” Richard could not help looking down as she manipulated his erect penis, her fingers cool and soft. He jumped as he heard the curtain being quickly pulled aside and saw the older woman approach. The girl turned her head toward her companion.

“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful ?” she said as she moved her body aside. She kept a firm hold of his penis, displaying his erect organ to the woman.

“Don’t you think it’s wonderful?”

The woman smiled as she saw the blushing boy squirm with embarrassment. “He is rather special isn’t he, but I think you had better let him get himself in order before he goes through to the doctor.”

Richard was horrified, as the girl exhibited him, like a prize animal, her hand still clasped firmly around his penis. He did not know where to look, his whole body trembled as she pushed the foreskin back exposing the glans fully. Tears filled his eyes at the humiliation as he gasped for breath. Through the tears he watched in horror as the young oriental girl walked through from behind the curtains and stood next to the woman, both of them looked down as the girls fingers slid over his erect penis.

The olive skinned girl looked over at the boy sitting on the table, her face expressionless. She watched in astonishment as the young girl steadily moved her hand up and down the boy’s erect penis. She could see the acute look of embarrassment on his face as he squirmed his hips to and fro. She saw his body quiver suddenly as the girls’ fingers sought the more sensitive parts of his penis. She studied his face, watching as the tears begin to run down his cheeks. She saw the girl pull the foreskin back firmly as she moved her body in front of the boy, hiding him from view.

“There Richard, don’t be upset. I’ll let you go now, it’s just that you’re such a lovely boy.” The young hairdresser whispered as she gently let go of his penis. “You just sit there a minute and relax, I’ll leave you to settle down before I fetch the nurse.” She gently pulled the flaps of the dressing gown around the boys hips and over his penis. She took hold of his hands and placed them over his lap. She turned to the older woman and moved away from the boy.

“I’ll go and fetch the nurse to take them in to the waiting room.” She walked from the room as the woman lead the young girl past Richard and toward the door.

Richard sat alone, he was trembling from head to foot as the tears streamed down his face. He dried his eyes on his sleeve several times before he managed to stop crying. His tears were not just the result of his embarrassment, but more a culmination of the weeks events.

It was ten minutes before the nurse walked in to the room. Richard noticed she was the same girl that had bathed him earlier.

“Come along Richard, it’s your turn next.” Richard got down from the table as the nurse called him. He was feeling much better and his penis had diminished in size so that he was able to follow the nurse without holding it to his body. She led him into the corridor and through several swing doors.

“Here we are, go through there.” She pointed to a door on the right of the long corridor, she pushed it open with one hand, letting the boy pass through in front of her.


Inside the room was an office desk facing the door. On the left side of the desk was a long leather covered seat which faced a row of chairs. A girl sat at the desk, she would probably be about twenty years old. She was wearing a red and white striped blouse, open at the neck. Her elegant face wore no makeup except for a pastel shade of lipstick. She wore slender horned rimmed glasses, which gave her a studious appearance. The Oriental girl was already seated on one of the leather covered chairs. She did not look up as they entered, but sat forward, looking down at her bare feet, her elbows resting on her knees.

The nurse held the boy’s shoulders and stood him in front of the desk.

“This is Richard Chambers.” The secretary looked up and smiled at the nurse as she finished speaking. She glanced at Richard, her eyes looking over him from head to toe. “Thank you nurse,” the girl said quietly, turning once more to Richard. She pointed to the row of chairs where the young girl was already seated.

“Just take a seat over there.” She did not smile as she watched the young boy sit down next to the girl. As the boy sat down the secretary returned to the papers in front of her and started to write. She looked up occasionally as the minutes ticked by. Richard sat quietly, he could see the girl seated next to him out of the corner of his eye, but he dare not turn his head to look at her.

A few more minutes passed before a buzzer sounded from an intercom on the secretary’s desk. She stood up and addressed them in a clear voice. “Would you both come with me please ?” she said formally. She stepped from behind the desk, her shapely legs moving gracefully as she came to stand in front of them. Both Richard and the girl stood up at the same time. He noticed that she even more petite than he had first thought, her head just reaching his shoulder.

The secretary turned away and lead them through a door situated to the side of her desk. She stood in the doorway and held the door open for them. They entered a long room, their bare feet feeling cold against the white tiled floor. Running down the sides of the room were long glass cases, so tall they reached to the ceiling. These were filled with medical instruments and apparatus. In the center of the room were two wide examination tables, the tops covered in white cloth. Attached to the tables were stirrups, leather slings draped between their forks. Next to the tables was a complicated set of weighing scales, the chromium plate shining under the strong overhead lights. The young secretary closed the door behind them and turned toward Richard.

“Give me your gown please.” She looked at the boy coolly and held out her hand. Richard’s face blushed a bright crimson, the color spreading over his face in an instant. He looked at the secretary as if not believing what she had said.

“Your dressing gown please,” she said insistently. Richard dropped his head in embarrassment as he slowly began to undo the cord. His ears were ringing as he opened the gown, not daring to look into the secretary’s face. Slowly he pulled his arms from the sleeves and held the gown in front of him, hiding his body. She took the gown from his fingers and placed it over her arm, watching the boy cover himself with his hands. She did not seem the least perturbed by his embarrassment.

“Turn and face the wall,” she said as she reached for his shoulder with her free hand, indicating him to turn around. Richard obeyed as her cool fingers touched his shoulder. He stood with his face a few inches from the glass doors of the instrument cabinets. She observed the marks on the boy’s bottom, but did not comment.

“Let me have your gown now.” She addressed the young girl and held her hand out for the garment. The young girl did not blush or look embarrassed. She undid the cord and quickly took off the gown. The secretary took it from her and placed both gowns on a hook behind the door.

“I see you’re not as shy as our young friend,” she said as she looked at the girl standing naked in front of her. The girl stood quietly with her hands at her sides, her slim body glowing under the strong lights. Her breasts were very large for such a slim build. They stood out firmly above her tiny waist. Her hips curved out above her slender thighs. Her prominent pubic mound was soft and fleshy and had been completely shaved. The secretary could just see the crease of her sex organ as she stood with her legs pressed together.

“Come and stand over here,” she said simply, taking the girl by the shoulder and standing her near the scales.

There were three doors situated at the opposite end of the room. Behind the middle door was the doctor’s office. To the left was the Medical store and drug lock-up. The right hand door led to the committee room.

The doctor was standing by her office desk, her body bent to the side like a ballet dancer as she took off her coat. She looked up as the door opened.

“They are ready for you doctor.” Her secretary looked admiringly at the young doctor as she spoke.

Sarah Wallis was twenty eight years old. She had been a doctor at the Medical Center for two years and had already been made head of the Medical Examination Department. She had joined the Medical Board after her compulsory year of hospital duty. Sarah was ambitious. She had learned early in her days at the department that as long as she accommodated the committee’s requests, her career would be guaranteed. It had been a nervous time for her in the early weeks. She had not known the routines or how to deal with claims for industrial injury. These claims made up over sixty percent of the work of the examination board.

Doctor Sarah Wallis had learned quickly, often using her authority to ensure she got her own way. Her first real test of her own determination had happened only a few months after her appointment to the board. A young man had claimed for injury against a construction company. He had suffered groin strain and had been sent for examination to the center. She remembered how he had appeared very good looking and quite self assured. She remembered him standing in the examination room, quite at ease even though he was only wearing his underpants. The nurse had given her his notes and she had asked him about his injury. She had been nervous and because of this she adopted a rather abrupt and aloof manner. As she stood talking to him she began to realize that perhaps he was more nervous than she. She had asked him pointedly why he was claiming compensation. He had replied that the strain had caused him to take a lighter job and that it hurt when he made love to his wife. She had noticed his embarrassment as he answered.

“Well I will take a look at it, take your underpants off and lay on the table.”

She remembered vividly his look of anguish as she had told him to strip. He had laid before her nervously as she put her hands on his thigh. “Show me where you feel the pain,” she had asked him. He had pointed to the inside of his thigh, high up toward his groin. It was then she knew that she was in control. Here was a man ten years her senior acting as nervously as a school boy. She had felt the inside of his thigh, pressing firmly with her fingers. He had moaned a little as she located the sore tendons. She had called the young nurse, asking her to hold his penis out of the way as she pressed her fingers higher. He had blushed bright crimson as the nurse took hold of him, cupping his testicles and lifting them to the side. She had taken hold of his penis and stretched it upward.

The nurse had not been the least perturbed by her request, nor by the fact that the man’s penis had began to stiffen. Sarah had made a mental note to keep this girl as her assistant and to try and find another like her. She remembered pressing her fingers against his thigh to feel for the extent of the strain and moving her hand up to the his groin, gently probing the flesh. After taking her hands away she laid the flat of her palm on his lower stomach, just above the pubic hair. “Any pain here?” she had asked noting his blush as she gently stroked her hand lower over his pubic hair. Her fingertips had touched the base of his penis beneath the nurses hand.

“Er.. no” he had stammered as she pressed firmly on the base of his penis before taking her hand away. The young nurse followed suit and let go of the man’s penis. He had looked quite comical as his penis stood straight up above his thighs, his face now beetroot red.

“You don’t seem to have any sexual problems,” she had said as she looked down on him. “Do you usually get an erection during a medical examination ?”

He had no answer, just a look of pure anguish as she took hold of his penis and drew the foreskin down. “Does it hurt when you ejaculate ?” she had asked him coolly.

“I don’t k…know.” He stammered.

“Well we shall have to see, just put your hands behind your head and try and relax.”

“What a…are you g…going to do.?”

“Would you see to him nurse.” She had sounded stern, ignoring his question. The nurse had moved behind his head and had made sure his hands were secure. She had turned to the young doctor and raised her eyebrows enquiringly.

“Shall I stay here doctor?”

“Yes I think so.” Sarah had replied as she curled her fingers around the shaft of his penis and proceeded to draw the foreskin slowly up and down. The young nurse laid her hands flat upon the man’s chest and began to tease his nipples with her finger nails. It was not long before his hips were writhing under the soft caresses of their hands.

She had thought how easy it all was as she spoke firmly to the him.

“Lay still, or I will turn you over and do it the other way.” She had slipped her other hand between his legs and pushed her finger up in between his bottom cheeks. Quickly she had located the sphincter and without warning had thrust her index finger up into his bottom.

It took no more than five minutes, before he had started to moan and gasp for air. She had pulled her hand from his bottom and reached for a glass test tube from the trolley beside her, leaning forward with her arm outstretched she handed it to the nurse. As soon as the young nurse had taken the glass Sarah pushed her finger back in between his buttocks. Once more she located the sphincter and pushed hard against it. Her finger slid upwards into the anal passage. She curled the finger upward against the prostate and massaged it with a firm motion. The man had groaned loudly thrusting his hips upward. The nurse moved from his head and neatly placed the container over the tip of his penis just as he ejaculated.

She remembered how humiliated he had been and how easy it all was as she squeezed the last of his semen from him. The man had shuddered and moaned, his face bright red with embarrassment as she chided him. “Well you are a big baby, I couldn’t see any strain there.” She had pulled his penis from side to side.

“Still I suppose we will have to give you the benefit of the doubt.

“Y..y.yes d.doctor.” He had stammered as she held his penis firmly, feeling it going softer beneath her fingers. Sarah had noticed there was a new look of respect on the nurse’s face. Sarah had instructed the man to stay exactly where he was while she took the nurse through into her office. She had questioned her closely about her feelings during the man’s examination. Although she was only nineteen, the nurse had admitted she would love to work permanently with her and that she had enjoyed having that sort of control over a man. It was then that Sarah knew the real thrill of domination. “I have a bright idea,” she told the nurse. “Follow me back into the examination room.” The man was still laid on the table, his penis now flaccid between his legs. She noticed that his head was still resting on his hands.

“You have had twenty minutes to relax, so I am going to ask the nurse to make you ejaculate once more while I examine you.”

The man had turned his head toward them looking astonished as they stood on either side of him. She ignored his protestations and his blushing face as she leaned low over the table examining his flaccid penis.

“Just relax now.” She had placed her hands on the inside of his thigh, pulling his leg toward her.

“Would you, please nurse ?” She had nodded towards the man’s genitals and then up to the nurse. The nurse had tried to hide her delight as she gently took hold of his penis. Sarah had been surprised at how expertly the nurse’s fingers coaxed the organ to erection. It took longer the second time but it was still no more than ten minutes before Sarah was holding the test tube over the end of the man’s penis, catching the flow of semen as he ejaculated.

He had moaned and thrashed his hips, but the young nurse had held him firmly, squeezing his testicles hard at the moment of climax.

A year and a half had elapsed since that day. During that time the young nurse had helped Sarah find another assistant, equally discreet. The nurse had helped with her knowledge of the committee, telling Sarah their likes and dislikes.

A few months later, Sarah had taken on two new secretaries, both of whom, shared her ambition and enjoyed her sexual activities with the younger patients.

The secretary watched the young doctor as she hung her coat on a hanger and placed in on the rail. A pure silk blouse covered her slim shoulders. She wore no bra. The shape of her nipples was clearly visible through the material. Her breasts were small and firm. Around her slim waist she wore a wide leather belt with a pretty buckle. Her skirt was fashionably short, showing her brown knees and trim legs. She wore high-heeled shoes of black leather.

“Who have we got today ?” She asked her secretary as she began to unfasten the leather belt around her waist.

“We’ve got a girl and a boy. The boy is from the orphanage, he’s going to be fostered and the girl is from immigration.”

“How old are they ?”

The young secretary smiled. “I think you will like these two. The boy is fifteen tomorrow and the girl is sixteen.”

“Are they nice looking ?” The doctor looked at her secretary. She stepped out of her skirt, her pretty brown legs moving daintily as she kicked off her shoes. Her gray blouse shone under the lights as she unbuttoned it, revealing a trim tummy and firm breasts. She wore only a pair of brief panties, the sides ending in a thin silk string tied in a bow.

“Nice looking would be an under statement. The boy is most unusual, in fact I have never seen a body or face so perfect. The girl is Vietnamese, very pretty and trim. I think you will be delighted.”

The doctor smiled. “Do you think I ought to greet them like this ?” She twirled around, her slim body moving gracefully.

“I think you look marvelous,” her secretary said as she placed her hand over the doctors firm breast, her fingers gently caressing the nipple. Her face was blushing red, but she could not resist the impulse to touch her body. Jill had been the last of the team to join the young doctor and she had quickly fallen under her spell. She admired her more than any person she had ever known, and although she did not know why she felt sure that she would do anything for her. She looked up at the doctor as she stood holding her breast and shyly tilted her head, kissing her on the lips.

“My you are in a mood today, if you are a good girl I might call you in at the appropriate moment, and if you are a bad girl I might just smack your bare bottom. Now what do you think I should wear?”

“Well, there is Lady Todd-Berresforsd heading the committee, Maggie Forbes and a woman from Immigration. I haven’t met the woman from Immigration yet.”

“OK I think I will wear a plain white blouse and navy skirt. That should look efficient enough. “Ask Jane and Francis to start while I get ready will you?” The doctor’s secretary took her hand away from the erect nipple and picked up her clip board.

“Will you remember your promise?” she said shyly as she went through the door.

Richard stood facing the glass cabinet, he had been looking at the various instruments without understanding any of their uses.

He heard the door open as the doctor’s secretary came back into the room. She walked toward the girl, standing near the scales behind Richard.

“The nurses will be through in a minute, so just be patient.” She spoke to them both as she passed them, walking through the door into her office. The girl looked around as the secretary left the room. She had been through so many formalities during her immigration. She had thought she would never get to England. It had been the Church Army who eventually arranged her final visa, a few weeks before the first troubles. Since that time she had traveled continuously until a post as servant to an English Lady had been arranged. She was determined that nothing should go wrong at this stage. Her name was Neijiet, which most people had had difficulty in pronouncing. She had agreed to have it changed to Annette, which was the nearest sound to her own name. She had been nervous and embarrassed when the woman had taken her to be shaved, but she had decided that whatever she was asked to do, she would obey without question. She did not want to return to Vietnam, having no family or friends she would have been destined for shipment to the hills, where girls labored throughout the day, sleeping in crude huts at night. She had heard that people grew old very quickly there. The woman who had shaved her had said that Lady Rawlings was a kind woman, and that she would be very happy there.

She looked at the boy as he stood facing away from her. She examined his body, noting the six stripes across his bottom. It was not unusual in Vietnam to be beaten by one’s family, or the authorities, and this did not seem a severe beating. She admired his body. She had not seen a boy so good looking either in Vietnam or since she had landed in England.

The door from the secretary’s office opened and two young nurses walked in. They were dressed in starched white tunics, their bare legs visible to mid thigh. She noticed that they were both tanned, their skin shining with health. Both nurses were tall, one had blonde hair which was cut short around her head, showing off her pretty features. The second nurse had dark hair which was cut straight around her neckline. She was extremely pretty, she smiled at the girl, displaying strong white teeth.

“Up on to the scales please.” She motioned to the girl to stand facing forward on the platform. The dark haired nurse marked the weight on her chart as the scales steadied.

“That’s fine, now just stand against the measure on the wall, facing me.” The nurse watched as the girl stepped off the scales and walked to the wall near the office door.

“Put your back flat against the wall, and press your shoulders back, that’s it.” The young girl obeyed, her breasts jutting forward as she pressed her shoulders back.

“That’s fine, now go with Nurse Falmer and get up on the far table will you.” The girl followed the blonde nurse to the second of the examination tables.

Richard could hear the instructions the nurses were giving but could see nothing but vague reflections in the glass in front of his face.

“Right young man, it’s your turn now, come over here to the scales will you.” Richard turned, his hands still placed over his genitals as he walked toward the nurse. She looked very pretty as she smiled at him.

“I hope you are not going to be shy all through the examination, are you ?” She looked at his hands covering himself.

“Just stand on the scales facing me.” Richard did as he was asked and stood facing the nurse. His face was now level with hers as he stood up on the platform. She noted his weight from the digital scale and picked up her clipboard that held Richard’s details.

“All right Richard, up against the measure, that’s it.” Richard stood with his back to the wall measure, still covering himself with his hands.

“I’m afraid you will have to stand straight.” She said kindly. “Just drop your hands by your sides and press your shoulders against the wall. Press your head back that’s the way.” Richard reluctantly let his hands drop to his sides, his face blushing as he uncovered himself. He pressed his head, back looking straight at the young nurse as she smiled at him. She moved to his side to take the measurement from the chart. Richard could see the examination table with the young girl laid upon it. She was stretched out on her back, her head toward Richard. He could see her breasts jutting upward. Her legs were close together, her toes pointing forward.

Her smooth pubic mound pale under the overhead lights. The nurse moved back in front of Richard, her eyes glancing down at his groin, as she laid her hand on his shoulder. He noticed her look and blushed as her eyes met his.

“Get up on the table and lay on your back, I’m just going to take your blood pressure.” She led him by his shoulder to the table. Richard climbed up aware that the nurse was watching him. He could not help blushing again as she laid her hand on his chest, smoothing it up over his nipple. She moved to the top of the bed and took hold of his head gently, placing it so that it was tilted back slightly. Richard laid there feeling very nervous as the nurse drew up a trolley containing a blood pressure strap and gauge as well as other instruments.

“Keep your head like that Richard,” she said softly as Richard tried to look to see what she was going to do to him. She took his right arm and wound the strap around the part above his elbow. Richard could feel the strap tightening as she squeezed the lemon shaped rubber pump between her fingers. She watched the gauge on the trolley, reading the pressure.

The nurse finished the reading and marked the result on Richard’s chart. She gently released his arm from the strap and pushed the trolley back from the side of the table.

She looked down at the boy laid before her, examining every inch of his body. She noticed his tight scrotum, the testes bulging below his penis. His thighs were pressed together tightly as if trying to hide his genitals from her. She looked up toward his face, he was staring up at the ceiling his head in exactly the position she had placed it. She took a needle and syringe from the trolley and fitted them together. Walking around the table she took hold of his other arm.

“You will just feel a little prick in your arm Richard,” she said softly as she located a vein on the inside of his forearm. Carefully she pushed the needle in to the vein and pulled a small amount of blood into the syringe, before extracting the needle.

The nurse took the syringe back to the trolley and opened a small circular plaster which she placed on the boy’s arm. Gently she stroked her hand over the boy’s tummy, her fingertips just brushing the top of his pubic hair.

“You can get up now and stand over here.” Richard sat up, his face red with embarrassment. He tried to turn his body away from the nurse as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

“Just stand here.” She gestured to an open area on the floor. Richard stood facing her. He could hear the girl being asked to sit up on the examination table behind him. Sarah was delighted with the sight that greeted her.

Sarah looked over at the girl laid on the examination table. Her lithe young body supplicant below the nurse attending her. She walked toward the boy stood at the far end of the room.

“Have you taken the blood sample nurse?” She asked as she stood in front of the naked boy. She placed her hand under his chin and raised his head until his eyes met hers.

“Well my boy, I will start with your respiration, jump up and down on the spot until I tell you to stop.”

Richard looked into her eyes feeling vulnerable at the intensity of her gaze. She stepped back, motioning him to start. Richard began to jump up and down on the spot, he became acutely aware of his penis slapping up on to his stomach and then down on to his thigh. Sarah watched the boy, she admired his graceful form as he moved before her. “Try jumping a little higher.” She looked at his face and then down toward his penis as it slapped between his legs.

He had bent forward as she placed her stethoscope into her ears and picked up the end in her left hand.

“Right Richard you can stop now.” She placed her hand on his shoulder and drew him closer until the front of her tunic pressed against the boy’s naked flesh. The stethoscope felt cold against his chest as she moved it up over his heart.

He could smell her sweet scent as she dropped the stethoscope and moved closer to him, he felt her cool fingers under his chin as she tilted his head back.

“Open your mouth, there’s a good boy.” She pushed her fingers inside feeling around his teeth and gums. Her body was pressed hard against him the stiff tunic rubbing against his penis as she examined him.

“That seems fine Richard.” She said as she took her hand out of his mouth and stepped back a pace. She placed the palm of her hand flat against his stomach and stroked slowly downwards until the tips of her fingers brushed his pubic hair.

“Turn your head to the side.” She commanded. Richard turned his head as he felt her fingers stroke lower over his pubic hair and down over his penis. He felt her gently cup his testicles weighing them in her palm.

“Cough for me will you Richard.” She gently lifted his testicles as she spoke.

Richard blushed as he felt her soft fingers between his legs.

“Herrruum” Richard coughed lightly.

She placed her other hand under his chin and turned his head towards her, looking him straight in the eyes. Richard could not avoid her gaze, her eyes held his.

“I want a nice big cough this time.” Her fingers gently caressed his testicles as she spoke. “Turn your head again.” Richard turned his head and felt her hand lift his testicles once more. This time he managed a cough that seemed to satisfy her.

“That’s fine now just once more.” Her hand gently squeezed his testicles and pulled them forward slightly. Richard coughed once more. He felt his penis begin to stiffen as her soft cool fingers enveloped his scrotum.

“You can turn your head forward now Richard.” She moved back a pace, her hand still cupping the boy’s testicles. Richard turned his head toward the doctor, her eyes met his as he faced forward.

“You seem very well developed for such a young boy.” She pulled his testicles forward squeezing slightly as she took a firm hold of his penis in her other hand. Richard jerked his hips involuntarily as her fingers touched the sensitive rim of the glans.

“Don’t worry Richard I’m not going to hurt you.” She spoke gently as she pulled back the foreskin, exposing the glans fully. Richard blushed as her gentle fingers pushed the foreskin back, he could feel his penis becoming hard against her fingers.

“Just relax Richard, you seem very tense.” Her voice was soft and gentle, her breath sweet against his face. Richard began to tremble as her fingers pulled the foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis.


She watched the boy’s blushing cheeks, his head tilted down as he tried to avoid her gaze.

“Your foreskin seems a little tight, but otherwise you seem to be all right in that department Richard, just turn around and touch you toes, legs as far apart as you can manage, there’s a good boy.

She let go of his penis and gently withdrew her hand form between his legs. She watched as he turned round and stood with his legs astride.

“Over you go, that’s it.” She watched the boy bend forward and grasp his ankles. His firm buttocks thrust upward toward her. Her eyes widened as she saw the six neat stripes across his buttocks. “What on earth are these Richard, have you been beaten?” Sarah felt a thrill of excitement run through her as she tenderly stroked her fingers over the weals.

“Er.. y.. yes Miss.” Richard’s humiliation was complete. He felt utterly foolish, bent forward holding his ankles while the doctor brought the memories of his beating flooding back.

“Were you beaten on your bare bottom?” Sarah asked admiring the neat spacing of the stripes across his buttocks.

“Y.. yes Miss.” Richard grunted, his cheeks burning at the humiliation.

“Who gave you the caning then, was it Matron?”

Richard began to shake as the doctor stroked her hand gently over his bottom, her finger tips penetrating the cleft between his cheeks. “Er .. no Miss.. it was the ladies up at the Manor House.. um.. I was.. er trespassing.”

Sarah felt a thrill of delight. “You mean you were beaten by Lady Rawlings?”. Richard felt weak the blood was rushing to his head as he bent over still grasping his ankles. He could feel her fingers gently part his buttocks as she examined his bottom.

“N.. no Miss it was her daughter and another young lady.” Sarah smiled to herself. She was delighted with the knowledge she had gained from the boy. Somehow she would get to meet that particular family before long. She thought to herself as she stroked her fingers over the boy’s upturned buttocks.

“Now just relax Richard and try and keep your bottom loose.” She bent over the boy and placed her arm around his waist, bringing her hand up against his lower stomach.

“Nurse, would you please?” She motioned to the nurse who was standing behind her. The nurse moved forward and placed her hands on either cheek of the boy’s bottom. Gently she pulled the cheeks apart as the doctor slipped on a rubber glove.

“Just relax” The words proceeded the doctor’s probing as she carefully pushed her forefinger past the sphincter and up into the boy’s anus. Richard clenched his buttocks as he felt her finger push rudely into his bottom.

“Relax, it will be a lot easier for you if you do as I say.”

Richard tried to let his muscles go slack as he felt a second finger enter his bottom.

“Oooo..oh. ..aarghh.” Richard moaned as his sphincter was stretched wide. He felt the flat of her palm move down over his stomach, her fingers brushing his pubic hair as she forced the fingers of her other hand up into his bottom.


She felt the boy’s body tremble as she stretched the sphincter wider, her forefinger located the prostate gland. She gently massaged it with the tip of her finger as she slid her other hand lower, until she was able to hold the boy’s penis between her fingers. Richard squirmed as he felt the acute sensation of her fingers stimulating him, his penis began to throb as her hand closed over it.

She felt his semi- erect penis begin to jerk as she pushed the foreskin back over the glans.

“Hold still for a moment Richard, I’ve nearly finished.” She spoke soothingly to the boy as she gently withdrew her fingers from his bottom, watching the sphincter close tightly as her fingers slid out of his anus.

“There you can stand up now.” She smoothed her hand over his buttocks, as the nurse gently released the pressure of her hands on the cheeks of his bottom. The doctor still held his penis as he stood up, he had never felt such an acute sensation. It seemed as if an electric current had passed through him when she had massaged his prostate and the tip of his penis at the same time. He dare not look up as he stood with his erect penis thrust out before him. He was trembling from head to foot and felt quite dizzy. The doctor let go of his penis and motioned for the nurse to lead him back to the examination table. As Richard turned he found himself facing the naked Vietnamese girl who had an amused expression on her face as she looked down at his penis thrusting forward from between his thighs. Richard blushed once more as the nurse lead him past the girl to the examination table.

“Just lie there and relax Richard.” She said kindly as he climbed on to the table and lay down on his back. The nurse stroked her hand gently over his chest and stomach before taking hold of his penis which was sticking straight up in the air.

“My, we are tense aren’t we ?” She smiled at him as she stroked her fingers over the bell like glans of his manhood.

“You just lie there, there’s a good boy.” She gave his penis one more stroke before turning away.

The Vietnamese girl stood in front of the doctor her breasts thrust out in front of her as she stood with her back straight.

“Right, if you will just jump up and down on the spot, until I tell you to stop.”

The girl obeyed instantly jumping high, her firm breasts jiggling up and down as she moved. The doctor let her jump for quite some time, watching her pretty body ripple smoothly. The girl was breathing quite deeply as she came to rest.

The doctor placed her stethoscope to the girls chest, with her left hand she gently lifted the girls breast, moving the instrument underneath.


“That seems fine, now push your chest out, that’s it arch your back.” She placed her hand over the girls right breast kneading the flesh before taking hold of the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She tweaked it slowly rolling it between her fingers. It erected almost immediately and the doctor drew her nail over the puckered skin of the tip.

“Now let’s try the other one she said to the nurse as she moved her hand over the other breast teasing the nipple with her nails. She watched as the nipple also erected. The girl did not seem perturbed but the doctor noticed that her eyes had a glassy look to them as she let the nipple go.

“Place your legs apart as far as you can go, there that’s it.” She spoke reassuringly as her hand slid down the girls stomach and over the newly shaven pubic mound. She cupped the girl gently, as she spread her legs. The pubis felt smooth and soft, she felt the girl quiver as her fingertips moved delicately over the lips of her vulva.

“Turn your head to the side and cough.” The girl coughed as the doctor felt between her legs. “Once more, that’s it.” The girl coughed again as she felt the doctor’s soft fingers squeeze her pubis.

“Turn around and bend over, spread your legs as far apart as you can so I can get at you properly.” The girl obeyed stretching her legs widely before bending right over. The nurse leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of the girls bottom pulling the cheeks widely apart. The doctor put on a clean rubber glove and bent over the girl. She slid her arm around the girl’s waist and cupped her pubic mound with the palm of her hand.

“Just relax and it should not feel too uncomfortable.” She pushed her finger into the neat little sphincter, probing gently until she felt the muscle relax a little. Slowly, inexorably her finger pushed up into the opening, pushing against the rim as she brought her other fingers into the entrance of the young girls bottom.

“Now just relax.” She pushed firmly with her hand until it slid up completely into the girls bottom. The young girl jerked at the intrusion and her knees sagged a little as the doctor explored inside her. She felt the doctor’s hand deep within her and an incredible pressure against her sphincter.

She was determined to make no fuss and managed to stop her self from crying out as she felt the hand being withdrawn from her bottom.

“There you can stand up now.” The girl stood up stiffly, her sphincter felt as if it were on fire. The doctor took her arm from around the girls waist.

“If you would take her to the other table and put her in the stirrups I will be with you in a minute.” She spoke to the nurse who had been holding the girls buttocks apart. The young girl looked flushed as the nurse lead her away to the far end of the room. The doctor took off her rubber glove and threw it in the bin with the one she had used for the boy.

Sarah was undecided about what to do next, she had an idea forming in her mind that she felt would be pleasing to the committee. She looked across at Richard lying face up on the table. His young body laid supine, his penis had not yet subsided fully as it lay along his hip. She walked over to the boy and gently rested a hand on his stomach. She felt the muscles twitch beneath her fingers as he reacted to her touch. She delicately lifted the boy’s penis with her other hand, holding the tip between her thumb and forefinger. She beckoned to the nurse stood at the foot of the table.

“I think his foreskin is a little tight, although he has been circumcised I think he might have some difficulty in the future, what do you think?” The nurse looked up at her and smiled.


“Perhaps a little therapy might help, he will have to have some for his bottom so possibly this could be done at the same time.”

Richard looked up dumbly as the doctor and nurse discussed his penis. His face was bright crimson. He felt his penis begin to stiffen once more as the doctor casually pulled the foreskin down over the rim stretching the skin as far as it would go.

“I think you could be right, I’ll recommend something in his notes.” Sarah took a firmer hold of the penis and pushed the foreskin back up over the glans, it stiffened fully as her fingers stroked over it once more. With her other hand she pinched the very tip and pushed the foreskin over her fingers.

“There seems to be enough skin so I think therapy should be fine.” The nurse was smiling as she placed her hands on the boy’s thigh, her left hand stroking down over his knee.

“I’ll just pop your legs in the stirrups.” The nurse smiled down at him as she spoke. She her hand beneath his knee and lifted his leg over the stirrup, laying it so his ankle was supported by the leather strap. The doctor let go of the boy’s penis and lifted his other leg, placing it in the stirrup. Richard felt utterly humiliated as he lay there, his legs spread widely apart and high above him. The doctor moved around the table and stood at the end between the boy’s legs. Only the small of his back was in contact with the table his buttocks were splayed apart revealing the small neat sphincter.

The doctor took a long flexible tube of about an inch diameter. One end had a flexible opening. Attached to the other end was a lemon shaped rubber bulb which when pumped would widen the opening. The tube ended in an eyepiece. The doctor took a small amount of lubricant from a jar on the trolley. Gently she smeared the puckered sphincter of the boy’s bottom. “Just breathe deeply now will you Richard. I am just going to have a look in your bottom.” Richard did not answer but began to breathe deeply as he had done for his enema. Sarah gently pushed the end of the tube up into his bottom. It slid in easily as the flexible opening was tapered to facilitate an easy entry into the anus. “Right breathe deeply.. in.. out.. in.. out.. That’s the way.”

She watched his chest rise and fall as she began to pump the rubber bulb. Richard tensed as he felt his sphincter being stretched. He began to gasp as he felt an incredible pressure against his bottom. “Just relax.. there’s a good boy.” Sarah continued to pump.

“Oooo.. aaaarggghh..” Suddenly the boy lifted his buttocks from the table, his legs flexing wildly in the stirrups as he tried to escape the incredible pressure in his bottom.

“All right Richard, I’ve stopped pumping now try and relax.. put your bottom down .. there that’s it.” She watched as Richard warily let the tension go out of his legs. She placed the eyepiece to her eye and twisted the lens round. switching on the lamp in the lens head. After a few minutes she took the eyepiece away and unscrewed the valve on the end of the rubber bulb. Richard felt the pressure in his bottom ease as the end deflated. Sarah stroked her hand gently down the inside of the boy’s thigh. “There it’s all over now.. and you seem fine. Your bottom is a little tight but I think we can do something about that for you.” Sarah would normally have taken a sample of sperm from the boy, but today she had other ideas.

“Nurse, I think it would be a good idea if you were to see what you think about his bottom, you might have a look at the foreskin too, and would you ask my secretary to take the details of his previous illnesses?” Sarah had not forgotten the favor she had promised to her young secretary. The doctor ran her hand along the inside of the boy’s thigh once more before moving away from the table. She walked over to the girl who was laid on the table behind Richard. The girls legs were held high in the stirrups, her naked pubis openly displayed. The girls arms had been placed on the table above her head making her breasts stand out firmly from her slim torso. The doctor moved between the girls legs and gently placed her hand over her pubic mound. With her right hand she gently teased the neat lips of the prepuce causing the girls hips to squirm.

“I am just going to have a feel inside you so just relax.” She smiled kindly to the girl as she spoke. Gently she teased the lips apart her finger gently moving up and down the neat crease.

“Nurse would you hold her please.” The doctor motioned to the nurse who stood by the side of the table. The nurse moved to the head of the bed and leaned forward placed her arms across the girls shoulders and holding her waist just below the under-part of her breasts. She had helped the doctor many times before and knew exactly what was required of her. Sarah pushed her fingers delicately between the lips of the vulva and up over the clitoris. She rubbed gently to and fro over the flesh, watching the girls face intently as she slowly increased the pressure of her finger. Slowly the girls hips began to move as Sarah increased the speed of her fingers. the girls eyes already betrayed the sensations she was feeling as the doctor manipulated her fingers cleverly over the clitoris. The girls face began to blush prettily as she felt the doctors fingers move further inside her. The nurse brought her hands up over the girls firm breasts, her palms rotating slowly over the erect nipples. Sarah felt a tremor of excitement run through her as she cleverly caressed her fingertips over the girls pubis. Her right hand was thrust up in between the young girls thighs as her fingers delved deeper into the moist vagina.


The girl moaned softly as Sarah’s fingers suddenly pushed further inside her, she moved her hips involuntarily as the doctor’s fingers began to move in a slow circular motion.

The nurse moved her head close to girls ear. “Just relax and let yourself go, there’s a good girl.” She softly brushed her lips against the girls cheek. Her hand kneaded the flesh of the firm breasts, her fingernails gently scraping against the erect nipples.


“Ooo..ooh.” The girl moaned as the doctor began to manipulate the clitoris. Her fingers worked diligently deep inside the girls vagina. The girls mouth was open and her breathing had become rapid as they cleverly brought her to the edge of her climax,

“Just relax now.” The nurse whispered gently in her ear as she pinched the girls nipples hard. At the same time the doctor increased the motion of her fingers, exploring every part of her moist vagina.

“Aaa..rgh..arraagh.” The girls body writhed beneath their hands as they brought her to a reluctant climax.

“Aaargh..aargh..mm..mmmm..” The girl fought for breath as they cleverly prolonged her orgasm, her young hips lifting from the bed as sensation after sensation washed over her body.

“Just a little longer, then we’ve finished.” The doctor spoke as she took her hand from the girls clitoris and pushed two fingers deftly up into the young girls bottom.

“Aaarrrghh..aaarrrghhh.” The girls hips rose further off the table as the probing fingers brought her orgasm to new heights.

“Mmmm…mmmm.aaa..mmmm.” The girl moaned softly as the doctor slowed the speed of her hand and gently withdrew her fingers between the girls buttocks.

“There, didn’t that make you feel nice ?” The doctor looked into the young girls blushing face.

“Open your eyes, there’s a good girl.” The young girl opened her eyes and looked at the doctor, her cheeks suffused in a red glow.

“Tell me how you feel.” The doctor asked her more insistently.

“It felt wonderful doctor, I feel funny all over.” The girls voice sounded shaky as she answered.

“Well just lie there and relax for a few moments.” She looked at the girls breasts as the nurse gently stroked her hands over them. Her chest was heaving as she tried to get her breath.

Richard looked up to see the Nurse and the secretary bending over him. The nurse moved to the end of the bed and stood between his legs as they hung in the stirrups. The secretary stood by his side and looked into his blushing face. Her eyes gazed at him coolly beneath her glasses. Her lips were parted, displaying even white teeth. She leaned forward over the boy’s naked body.

“I am going to ask you a few questions, try and answer them as best you can.”

Richard’s body jerked as he felt the nurse take a firm hold on his penis and stretch the foreskin down over the shaft. The secretary glanced down at the nurse’s hand as she manipulated the boy’s foreskin.

“Have you had chicken pox?” She turned back to face the boy, looking him straight in the eye. Richard was utterly humiliated as she looked at him, she seemed unconcerned at what the nurse was doing.

“Did you hear the question?” She addressed him once more.

“I don’t think so miss.” Richard stammered as he felt the nurse pull his foreskin up over the glans of his penis.

“Whooping cough?” She looked at the clipboard as she marked the form.

“Nnn oooohh Mm..iiss.” Richard could hardly speak as the nurse deftly pushed a finger deep into his anus.

The secretary carried on asking him questions, seemingly unconcerned at the boy’s discomfort and humiliation. The nurse worked his foreskin up and down, probing with her finger deeper into his bottom.

“Would you just hold his penis for me a moment?” The nurse asked the secretary matter of factly. Richard could not believe his ears. He watched dumbly as she placed her clipboard on his stomach and firmly took hold of his erect penis, her manicured fingers encircling the bell like glans.

“Push the foreskin down would you, while I pop another finger into his bottom.” Richard watched in horror as she pushed the foreskin down the shaft, bending forward a little to watch as the nurse pushed a second finger up into his bottom. Richard gasped at the intrusion. He felt his nerve ends tingle as the secretary pulled his foreskin back up the shaft. Richard hips squirmed as their fingers aroused him.

“Try and keep still, I don’t want to nip your skin.” The secretary looked into his eyes as she spoke. Richard blushed a deeper red and looked away, his lips trembling.

“I think that will do for now.” It was the doctor’s voice that spoke.

“I would like him fit for the committee.”

Richard watched as the secretary gently released his penis from between her fingers. He felt the nurse also withdraw her fingers from his bottom.

His penis was standing straight up in the air. The secretary smiled at him with an amused expression as she stood back and looked at him.

“You are tense aren’t you ?” She picked up her clip board off his stomach and smoothed her hand up over his chest.

“Just try and relax a bit more, you have to go before the committee in a few moments”

Richard hardly heard the words through his haze of embarrassment. His lips trembled, his eyes downcast as the secretary looked over his body, her eyes lingering over the juncture of his splayed thighs. His penis felt so hard it was almost painful, his feelings were in turmoil as he laid there so rudely displayed. He felt the nurse take hold of his leg and carefully lay it on the bed between the stirrup post. She moved to the opposite side and released his other leg.

“Just you relax now.” The nurse smiled as she moved away, the secretary following her. Richard laid his head back and looked up at the ceiling. He could hear the Vietnamese girl being asked to get up off the examination table. He heard several movements over the next five minutes as the nurses prepared for the committee room. He closed his eyes and thought about what his future had in store.

“Come along Richard time to go.” He opened his eyes and looked up to see the nurse bent over him, her face close to his.

“Wake up, time to go.” She whispered once more. She placed her arm across his knees and slid his legs to the side of the table.

“Jump down Richard.” Richard slid his bottom off the table, his body pressed against the nurse as she steadied him. He looked around to see the doctor and the other nurse were standing near the door to the committee room. The young girl still naked stood facing the door in front of the doctor.

“Come along don’t keep us all waiting.” The nurse took him by the shoulders and walked him over to the door. She pushed him so that he stood behind the naked girl, his body almost touching hers.

Richard instinctively covered his genitals, the backs of his hand touching the girls bottom as the nurse pushed him forward.

“Let me tell you both, you will not attempt to cover yourselves, you will do exactly as you are told quickly and without fuss. I assure you I will see to it that you are punished if you do not obey. Is that understood ?” The doctor raised her voice on the last sentence. Both Richard and the girl stood up straight. Richard uncovered himself and placed his hands by his sides.

“That’s better, now I want you answer any questions you are asked quickly and clearly, don’t forget to speak up. You are to stand up straight and look at the person if you are being spoken to. I shall walk in first and I want you both to walk in behind me. Are you both ready?” She walked past them and placed her hand on the door knob, she turned to look at them.

“Yes doctor.” They replied in unison. The doctor opened the door and walked through. They entered a large room, its highly polished wood floor shone under bright overhead lights. At the far end of the room stood a large polished table, behind which sat three women. To the right stood a smaller table which held a typewriter and computer screen. A young girl of about seventeen years old sat behind the desk, she was pressing buttons on the computer keypad. On the right of the girl was a cloth screen and behind this an examination table complete with stirrups.

Richard looked at the three women as they sat behind the large table. The woman in the middle was about thirty five years of age. She wore a silk blouse and her fair hair was tied in a bun behind her head. She had fine boned features and bright intelligent eyes. She was talking to the woman on her right who wore a navy blue uniform. She looked about twenty years of age. Her dark hair was also pinned back, her neat white collar and tie gave her a rather severe look, although in fact her features were very pretty. The woman on the left was older and quite plump, her fleshy features accenting the heavy horn-rimmed glasses she wore. In front of the table was a dais, it was about eighteen inches high and about six feet long. The far edge of the dais was beneath the table the near side extending to about four feet in front. The doctor stopped in front of the dais and stepped to one side. The nurse behind Richard took hold of his shoulders and placed him beside the girl.

“Stand up straight now.” She whispered as she stood to the other side of him.

“Step up on to the Dais.” The doctor tapped the girl on her bottom. She stepped up on to the platform and stood in the middle facing the three women sat at the table.

“Up you go Richard.” The nurse stroked her hand down the boy’s back and gave his bottom a light smack. Richard stepped up and moved forward on to the dais until he was standing beside the naked girl. He was blushing profusely, acutely aware of his nakedness. The room was cooler than the examination room and it seemed to accent his naked state. His scrotum tightened as the cool air enveloped his body. The girl stood beside him, her back straight and her breasts jutting forward. Her nipples stood out firm and hard.

“Doctor would you do the girl first.” Lady Todd-Berresford looked up as she spoke, her eyes traveled up and down the naked boy and girl standing in front of her.

“By all means.” The doctor answered, stepping up on to the platform. She stood by the side of Annette.

“I have examined her this morning, I have not had the results of the blood test yet, but the ones from immigration taken six months ago are clear. As you can see she is well formed and is physically healthy.” The doctor placed her hand on the girls chest above her breasts as she continued talking to the committee. “Her breasts are quite large for someone of her race.” She traced her fingers down over the girls right breast and cupped the under-part, lifting the breast upward.” They are quite firm and are not pendulous. She has a well muscled physique with no history of any disorder.” Her hand traveled down on to the girls lower stomach. “She has reached sexual maturity, although there is no indication that she has yet had sexual intercourse.”

The three women watched intently as the doctor made the young girl part her legs. She slid her hand between the girls legs and parted the lips of the vulva.

“She seems to be particularly sensitive, so I would suggest that as yet she has had no sexual contact.” The doctor let go of the girl and turned her round.

“Bend over and touch your toes.” She instructed, pushing the girl over.

“Spread your legs, that’s the way.” The women watched as the doctor parted the girls buttocks, displaying the neat sphincter.

“She is neat and clean in this area, her diet will have been high in fiber and as such there are no swollen veins.” The doctor stretched the buttocks wider apart causing the girl to gasp.

Her legs are strong, and she shows no trouble in her joints. Her feet are small and neat with no deformity.” The doctor ran her hand down the back of the girls leg.

“Stand up and turn around.” She commanded. The girl obeyed, turning to face the committee. Her face was flushed more from embarrassment than bending over. Her lips were trembling, but she stood up straight placing her hands by her sides.

“If you would like to have a closer look at her, I have the examination table ready behind the screens.”

Lady Todd-Beressford looked to the woman from immigration. “Will you need to have another look at her?”.

The woman shook her head. “No she has already been examined by my department, and although I am here as a committee member it would seem rather inappropriate.” She smiled at the chairwoman.

“I understand.” She turned to Mrs. Forbes.

“How about you Maggie?”.

“Yes I think I will.” She turned toward the doctor.

“If you would be so kind as to arrange her.”

The doctor turned the girl around and they both stepped off the dais. She lead her around the screens.

“Just get up on to the table.” The nurse moved behind the screen and helped place the girls legs in the stirrups.

Richard watched as The woman got up from the table and walked round behind the screens. He was acutely aware of the interested gaze of the chairwoman as she looked over his body.

Maggie Forbes stood over the girl, looking down at her lithe young body.

“Would you give me a rubber glove please nurse.” The nurse handed the plump woman a glove from the trolley. The doctor smiled to herself as she watched the woman bend over the juncture of the girls parted thighs. Deftly she held open the lips of the vulva and slid two fingers straight up inside the girl. The doctor watched the young girls face as she grimaced and bit her lower lip. The woman moved her fingers roughly inside the girl making her hips writhe.

“Just you keep still. “She spoke sternly to the girl as she began to move her fingers rapidly inside her. With her other hand she drew her finger up between the crease until she located the clitoris which she immediately began to massage. The girl could not help moving her hips as the woman roughly brought her to a state of sexual excitement. The girl began to moan as the woman increased the speed of her fingers, giving her no respite.

“Ah, you can’t help yourself can you.” She said to the girl as she delved even deeper into the moist vagina.

“A…aaargh..aaargh…ghh.” The girl cried out as the woman’s fingers brought her to a climax. The woman turned her hand and penetrated the girls bottom with her thumb. “Well that didn’t take long did it, what a sensitive young girl you are.” She continued the pace of her fingers as the girls body shook in a series of spasms.

The woman slowed the pace of her fingers as the girls body became less tense, her thighs quivered as the orgasm subsided. The woman thrust upward once more before she withdrew her fingers from the girls vagina.

“You just lay there, for a bit.” She turned to the nurse and the doctor who had been stood watching.

“I think you are right, she is extremely sensitive. Shall we get back to the boy now?”. She turned abruptly, shedding the rubber glove and dropping it in the bin.

Richard watched as the woman returned to her seat, her face looking flushed. He had heard the girl moaning and understood what had been happening to her behind the screen. The doctor stood on the dais beside the boy.

“This boy is fifteen years old. As you can see he is well built and in good physical condition. He has had no recurring illnesses and suffers from no deformities.” She ran her hand across the boy’s chest and down on to his stomach. There are only two minor problems. Although he was circumcised as a baby, his foreskin seems rather tight.” She brushed her fingers down over the boy’s stomach and took hold of his penis, drawing it away from his body. She took hold of the tip and pulled back the foreskin with her other hand.

“There seems to be plenty of skin, so I think it will just be a matter of therapy.” Richard face turned a bright crimson as the doctor took hold of his penis. He looked straight ahead as the women watched the doctor manipulate his foreskin.

“Turn around and bend over.” She let go of his penis and watched him turn around. He bent over and grasped his ankles.

“Legs apart.” She tapped the inside of his thigh. Richard shuffled his legs wider apart.

“His sphincter is rather tight also, it could give him problems later on, so I am recommending therapy for this too.” She bent over the boy and stretched the buttocks apart.

“Nurse would you lubricate a glove please.” Richard began to tremble as the doctor stretched his buttocks further apart. He saw the nurse’s feet as she walked past him.

“If you would nurse…” The nurse put on the rubber glove and bent over the boy. The doctor held his bottom at either side of the cleft and stretched the buttocks apart.

“Just relax your bottom, there’s a good boy.” The nurse spoke softly as she gently pushed a lubricated finger up in to the boy’s bottom.

“As you can see it is very tight, but I don’t think it will be a long term problem.” The doctor addressed the panel. The Nurse withdrew her finger and patted the boy’s bottom.

“Stand up straight and face the front.” The doctor instructed Richard as she let go of his buttocks.

“We will pass on your recommendation for therapy, but you haven’t mentioned whether he has reached puberty yet.” Maggie Forbes smiled knowingly at the doctor as she spoke.

“His testicles are in place and of course he is capable of an erection, we have not tested him for a sperm count.” The doctor smiled back at the chairwoman.

“I think you ought to check whether he has reached puberty, or that he is capable of ejaculation.” Maggie Forbes looked up at Richard’s face, observing the boy’s acute discomfort.

“I think the easiest thing would be to do it here and now, so if you would like to come round to the examination table in a few moments I will get him ready.” Richard could not believe his ears. The doctor turned him away from the table and lead him toward the examination table. The young girl was standing by the side of the screen as the doctor pushed him toward the table. Her face was flushed and Richard detected a look of pity in her eyes as she watched him sit on the table. The nurse quickly fastened his legs into the stirrups. This time she brought the leather straps over the top of his ankles and buckled them tight. She pushed the screen away from the table and pulled the trolley around toward her as she stood between the boy’s open legs.

“Would you ask Miss Watts to fetch me a test tube.” The doctor addressed the young secretary.

Richard looked around as the doctor spoke, he could see the secretary watching him, her desk only a few feet from his widely splayed legs.

“If you would like to gather around the table, I think you will be able to observe first hand.” The doctor smiled as the women got up and approached the examination table.

“I think nurse if you would stand by his head and provide a little stimulation.” Richard could see the women gathering around him as he lay looking upward. He noticed to his horror that the young secretary had also joined the group, she looked amused as she saw his expression.

Richard’s body jerked as he felt a cold cream being applied to his bottom. He saw the doctor lean forward and felt her soft fingers gently take hold of his penis.

The nurse gently took hold of his arms and pulled them until they were stretched out towards her. She leaned forward her pretty face looking down on his. She placed her hands on his chest and gently tweaked his nipples. He felt the doctor squeeze his penis, pulling the foreskin down the shaft until the skin was stretched tightly. The doctor spoke to the second nurse who stood next to her. “Would you put a little cream just around the rim nurse.”

Richard gasped as he felt the cold cream being applied around the sensitive glans. He felt a hand being stroked over his stomach as the doctor started pulling the foreskin up and down his penis in a steady rhythmic motion.

Lady Todd-Berresford was stood by the side of the table. She watched intently as his penis began to stiffen. She placed her hand gently on his thigh. “Just you lay back and relax, there’s a good boy.” She stroked her hand up and down the inside of the boy’s leg as she spoke softly to him. The second nurse had cupped his testicles in her hand. Her soft fingers gently moving the testes up and down. She watched the doctor cleverly manipulate his penis to an erection. She looked down between the boy’s parted thighs as she concentrated on her task. Her lips were moist and her mouth partly open as she gently pushed her hand between the splayed buttocks. The doctor continued her manipulation of the now erect penis. Using both hands she pulled the foreskin back and then flattening the palm of her other hand she slowly brushed it in a rotating motion over the sensitive opening. Richard’s body jerked violently as he tried to escape the incredible sensation on the tip of his erect member.

“I think if you just pop a finger in.” She murmured to the nurse stood next to her. She watched as the nurse slipped a finger neatly up into the boy’s bottom. Richard squirmed, his breath was coming in gasps as he felt the finger being slipped up into his bottom. The sensations were just too much for him and his whole body began to tremble as inexorably they aroused him. The young secretary watched as his body began to jerk, his hips writhing under their clever fingers. She looked into his face, it was suffused in red, his lips were trembling. “I don’t think it’s going to be long before we need that test tube.” The doctor glanced round to see her other secretary had already entered the room and was holding the test tube ready. Her eyes were bright with excitement as she watched Sarah pull the boy’s foreskin up and down over the rim of the glans.


“Aaaaa..rgh..aaa.rr.gghh.” Richard moaned as he felt his climax approach, he could not stop his hips from moving under their clever fingers.

“Not long to go now, just let yourself go there’s a good boy.” The nurse above him spoke soothingly, her fingers pinched hard on his nipples. Richard’s head moved from side to side, his hips writhed as the doctor increased the tempo of her soft fingers up and down his penis. She nodded to the nurse standing beside her who deftly pushed a second finger up into the boy’s bottom. She could feel his penis pulse as her fingers located the prostate gland.

“Test tube.” The secretary reached over and placed the test tube on to the end of the glans. She watched in fascination as a stream of semen shot up into the glass, followed by another and another. The nurse pushed her fingers even further into the boy’s bottom as she squeezed his testicles with her other hand.

“Aaaaarrggh…aaaaa.rrgghh.” Richard cried out as his body tensed, his legs unable to escape the straps that held them. His hips writhed uncontrollably and his head thrashed from side to side.

“There there it’s all over now.” The nurse whispered softly as his body shook.

“Mmmm..mmm.mum..” Richard moaned his whole body racked with sensation. The secretary took the test tube away from the end of the boy’s penis, holding it so that the semen did not spill. The doctor began to slow her strokes, her fingers squeezing hard. She squeezed, drawing her fingers up along the whole length of the shaft. She beautiful lips were parted as she bent her head low over the boy’s genitals she watched the last drop of semen escape from the opening. Gently she laid her hand on his tummy and stroked gently. “You can relax now it’s all over.” She took her hands away and watched as the nurse gently slipped her fingers from his bottom. Richard felt dizzy, his head was spinning. He looked up to see faces swimming before him…then blackness.

He awoke from a faint to see the pretty young secretary looking down at him, her soft eyes smiling. “You fainted, it was just all too much for you wasn’t it ?” She stroked a hand over his chest. “Do you think you can sit up, I’ve brought you a cup of sweet tea.”

Richard slowly began to sit up, his legs had been freed from the stirrups and he swung them over the edge of the table. The young girl put her arm around his shoulders and handed him the cup. Richard sipped the sweet tea and looked around. The committee room was empty except for Annette who was stood at the end of the table. The secretary rested her hand on the boy’s knee.

“It’s all over now, I am just waiting for the transport to take you to your new home. The committee passed you both fit.” Richard became acutely aware of his nakedness again as the secretary moved her hand gently over his thigh.

“I’ll take your cup and you can both wait here while I fetch you something to wear.” She took the cup and patted his knee.

“Don’t worry everything will be all right now.” She looked into his eyes, and smiled reassuringly. Richard looked at the naked girl as the secretary left. She stood upright with her hands by her sides, making no effort to cover her nakedness. She spoke as soon as the secretary had left the room. “It is better to do as they say. For me it is a big opportunity and I think for you also.”

Richard nodded. The girl spoke with very little trace of accent to her voice. “It just embarrasses me so.” Richard looked down at his hands covering his lap as he spoke. “I feel sorry for you for what they do, but for me it was the same. The woman was very rough.”

“I felt sorry for you too.” Richard looked at the girl once more as she spoke.

“If we both do as we are told I think we will be all right.” The girl smiled. Richard had not seen her smile. Her teeth were white and even and her pretty eyes sparkled beneath her long eyelashes. The door opened and the secretary came through pushing a trolley. On top of the trolley was a pile of clothes. She wheeled it up to the examination table and reached underneath for a packet of moist tissues. She stood in front of Richard as he sat on the edge of the table. She pushed his knees apart gently and took hold of his hands, moving them to his sides. Deliberately her fingers encircled his soft penis. Carefully she pushed back the foreskin to reveal the glans.

“I’ll have to clean you up a little bit before you can get dressed. I hope the clothes you have been sent fit you both.” Richard blushed in pure anguish, he felt utterly humiliated as the girl pushed back the foreskin and wiped around the rim of his penis.

“Just stand up and bend over so I can wipe your bottom.” Richard stood and bent over the table. Gently the girl parted the cheeks of his bottom and wiped away the excess of cream from around the sphincter. She tapped his bottom.

“OK you can stand up now.” She looked at his blushing features. She softly stroked her hand down the side of his cheek. “My you have been through it today haven’t you.” She looked kindly at him, her eyes dropping to his penis which had began to stiffen.

“Come here Annette and put this on” She took a white garment from on top of the pile. Annette looked at the garment and then put it on over her head, her full breasts jutting forward as she moved her arms through the sleeves. It was a simple shift that came to mid thigh. Her olive skin looked darker against the white of the dress.

“Now you Richard.” She handed him a white T-shirt, which he put on drawing it over his head. It fitted his slim body well. The secretary looked down at the boy’s penis as it hung below the shirt. She handed him a pair of white shorts. He quickly put them on, happy to cover himself. The shorts also fitted well, they were of a good material and felt so much smoother than anything he had ever worn before. A world apart from the baggy flannel trousers the orphanage has provided.

“I am afraid there are no under-clothes at the moment, but I am sure Lady Rawlings will see to you both when you get there.” She handed the girl a pair of canvas slip-on sandals and passed Richard a pair of white socks and white soft sandals Richard kneeled down and put on the socks and sandals. They felt really wonderful. He could not remember ever having put on new clothes before.

“If you will both follow me please.” The secretary turned and moved toward the door. Richard began to follow with Annette at his side. She whispered to him.

“This dress is very good material, I bet it cost a lot.” Richard looked at her and smiled back as he saw her pleased expression. They followed the secretary to the lift and then down to the Lobby. A large car was waiting outside the main doors.

“Follow me.” The girl turned her head back toward them as she lead them through the large glass doors to a waiting car. She opened the rear door and motioned for the girl to get in. Annette stepped into the car and slid over to the far side of the back seat, her skirt riding high showing her slim brown thighs.

“In you go Richard.” Richard moved himself to the middle of the seat as the secretary got in beside him. The driver was a woman of about forty years. She turned back to the occupants. “Are you all in?” The Secretary nodded to the driver and turned to Richard and the girl. “I know I probably don’t have to say this, but I do want you to be on your best behavior.” She placed her hand on the boy’s knee. “Are you looking forward to your new home ?”

“Yes miss.”

“And how about you Annette ?”

“Oh yes miss.”

“Good well just do as you are told when we get there, both of you.” They both nodded. Richard looked down as she stroked over his bare thigh, tracing her fingers up to the hem of his short trousers. “I know you have had an embarrassing day Richard, but Lady Rawlings may want to have a quick look at you after she has read the medical report. Please try and not be shy if I have to take your trousers down.” Richard’s face turned beetroot red as he heard the words. She looked at his face, her pretty eyes noting his blushes.

“Will you promise me ?.” She took hold of the boy’s chin and raised his head to look directly into his eyes

Richard’s lips were trembling as he looked at her. She rested her right hand on his lap as she looked at him. Richard could feel the pressure of her hand over his penis.

“Well are you going to promise me ?”

“I’ll try miss.. . I really will.” Richard managed to stammer. She moved her hand over his groin stroking gently. “I hope you do Richard, I hope you do.” She patted his groin before removing her hands and facing forward in the car.

The car had left the town and was heading through open country. Richard looked out of the window, his face still bright red. He felt Annette slip her hand over his and squeeze it. He squeezed back and looked at her quickly. She smiled before turning back to look out of the window. He glanced down at her slim legs, her skirt was quite short and had pushed up to her hips. She seemed aware of his gaze as she squeezed his hand once more. They rode on in silence, enjoying the countryside. Richard tried to think positively, he hoped that he would not have to bare himself again, but his previous experience was not encouraging.