A Governess For Richard Part 3

At the Manor House

The car headed down the long driveway to the Manor House. It pulled to a stop outside the main entrance. Solid stone columns supported a tiled portico which covered the large oak door of the entrance. It was a truly impressive building with it’s row upon row of high windows reflecting the sunlight. Russet ivy covered much of the stone walls, it’s winding branches reaching up to the small windows of the fourth floor. Both Richard and Annette looked around at the large house and grounds before being ushered in through the doorway by the maid. The maid lead them through to the drawing room where Lady Rawlings sat behind her ornate desk. Wendy gave a quick smile of recognition to the boy but had turned away before noticing his face blush.

“Ah Miss Holden, they said you were on your way.” Lady Rawlings got up from behind her desk as she addressed the young girl. Richard and Annette followed her further into the room.

“Would you fetch some tea Wendy?” She asked the maid. Lady Rawlings moved around the table and stood in front of Richard and Annette.

“Why they are both delightful.” She spoke to the secretary as she looked them up and down.” Do you have any paperwork to complete from the authorities.”

“No Lady Rawlings I think it is all done, I have the medical reports.” She handed a buff envelope to her. Lady Rawlings took the envelope and returned to her seat behind the desk. She opened the envelope and began to read from the sheaf of pages it contained. There was silence in the room until she had finished reading.

“Are you aware of the nature of the boy’s medical report.” She asked the young girl who had brought them.

“Yes I was present at the examination, er. do you want me to show you ?” Lady Rawlings looked up at the girl with an amused look. There was obviously more to the secretary than she had first assumed. But of course if she was not extremely competent they would have not sent her in the first place. Lady Rawlings looked over at the girl and boy as they stood in front of her desk.

She spoke to the boy. “Have you had any trouble going to the toilet?” She looked him straight in the eye.

“Er…No…er…madam.” Richard stammered, his head dropping to avoid her eyes.

“Look up Richard, and shoulders back.” The secretary spoke firmly to him as she moved to his side.

Richard looked up to see Lady Rawlings smile at him. “ How about your penis have you had any pain, it says here that your foreskin is very tight.” Richard blushed at the mention of his penis.

“No…Miss it seems all right.” He stammered once more.

“I think we will have a look just the same.” She turned to the secretary. “Would you like to show me please ?.” Richard blushed once more as the secretary moved behind him and put her arms around his waist. She slipped her thumbs inside the waist band of his short trousers and undid the top button. Richard could feel her breasts pressing against his back, and the sweet smell of her perfume as she looked over his shoulder. She undid the buttons one by one, her fingers brushing over his pubic hair as her hands moved lower. When she had undone all the buttons she bent down behind him and pulled the trousers down over his legs. She placed her hand on his ankle and indicated him to lift his foot out of the trousers.

“And the other one.” Richard stepped out of the trousers which the secretary picked up and placed on the side of the desk. Richard’s face was beetroot red as he stood naked from the waist down. His T shirt barely covering the upper part of his penis.

“Hands above your head.” The secretary spoke sternly as Richard hung his head. He raised his arms, he could not help looking into the young girls face as she moved in front of him. She took hold of the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Richard stood naked in front of the young girl apart from his white short socks and white shoes.

“Stand up straight, head up, arms by your sides.” The secretary lifted his chin as she spoke, her voice was stern. Richard was looking straight at Lady Rawlings as the girl moved away to place the shirt on top of his shorts. She stood to his side and took hold of his penis. “Open your legs.” Richard obeyed as she lifted his penis. “Move closer to the desk so that Lady Rawlings can see you.” She pulled him forward by his penis until his thighs touched the edge of the desk.

“It is difficult to see unless the penis is stiff, shall I manipulate it.” She glanced at Lady Rawlings who was admiring the boy’s body.

“Er…yes I think so.” Lady Rawlings spoke quietly. The girl took a firmer hold of his penis encircling it with her forefinger and thumb. With her right hand she pinched the end of the glans. She pulled the foreskin back as far as she could and then up again, the softness of her hand brushing against the sensitive tip. Richard began to stiffen almost immediately. He blushed deeper as she pulled the foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis.

“If you can see now Lady Rawlings, the skin is quite tight as it goes over the head.” Her delicate fingers pulled the foreskin back and them up to the rim slowly, before pushing it over and up to the head of the glans. Richard’s body trembled as her fingers stroked over his penis. Lady Rawlings was delighted at the exhibition, she watched the young girl cleverly manipulate his penis, leaning forward in her chair as it became fully erect. She looked at his blushing face, his lips trembled and his eyes had become glazed.

“I think that will do, it does seem a little tight but obviously nothing to worry about.” She watched as the girl turned the boy around and bent him over, making sure his legs were widely spread. The girl spread his buttocks apart, revealing his neat little sphincter.

“The doctor said she would visit to recommend some therapy, but she says there are no signs of any serious problem.” The secretary looked up to Lady Rawlings before she let the tightly spread buttocks close back together. Lady Rawlings was not looking at the boy’s sphincter, but at the neatly spaced stripes her daughter’s cane had made upon the young boy’s bottom.

“You can stand up now.” Richard stood up and turned around as the girl prompted him. His penis was still erect and stood out in front of his hips.

“Go and stand by Annette.” Lady Rawlings instructed him. “You seem a very competent young lady if I may say so.” Lady Rawlings spoke to the young secretary and smiled. “I hope you will visit us again. I am very happy with them both and I am sure they will both be happy here.” She watched the girl smile at the compliment.

The maid knocked once and entered the room carrying a large silver tray with silver teapot, hot water jug and china tea service. She looked at the naked boy, noticing his erect penis and blushing face. She thought about what she had done to him in the woods that day as she placed the tray on a small occasional table. The table stood at the far end of the room, around it were several chairs and a matching settee.

Lady Rawlings got up from the desk and walked toward the young boy and girl.” Come and have some tea and then I can find out all about you both.” Richard looked at her as she stood in front of him acutely aware of his nakedness. His penis was still swollen, although not fully erect. She looked down at his genitals and smiled at him kindly. “Don’t be embarrassed Richard you are amongst friends here.”

Richard nodded dumbly, he blushed a deeper red as her hand gently touched his hip. “Er…c.ccan I get dressed now madam?” Richard stammered, hardly daring to look at her.” Lady Rawlings looked at him her face becoming stern.

“You will soon learn that in this house you wait to be told what to do, do you understand what I am saying to you ?”

Richard blushed and hung his head. “I’m very sorry madam, I… d…did’nt mean any harm.” Richard apologized nervously, his bottom lip quivered at her stern rebuke.

“I will make no more of it this time.” Lady Rawlings was pleased with the way she had handled the boy. She had always found it advisable to stamp her authority early in any relationship.

“You may sit down on that high backed chair over there.” She pointed to a chair near the table where the maid was pouring the tea. Richard stumbled over to the chair, feeling utterly ridiculous at being naked in front of every one. He sat down on the chair, its cold leather seat against his bare flesh. Wendy looked at the boy out of the corner of her eye. He was sat with his back straight, his legs parted slightly with his swollen penis laid over his testicles. He sat with his hands on his thighs, not daring to cover himself after the warning the girl had given him.

The young secretary and Lady Rawlings sat side be side on the settee. Annette was made to sit on a chair facing Richard. The maid handed tea to her mistress and to Miss Holden. She then handed a cup to Annette, pointing to the sugar and milk on the tray. She gave the girl a friendly smile as she handed the cup to her. She poured another cup and brought it over to Richard, standing in front of him. She handed him the cup and smiled in sympathy, she whispered as she bent her head forward. “Don’t worry Richard you’ll be all right.”

Richard nodded dumbly as she turned away. Both the girl and Richard sat quietly as Lady Rawlings and Miss Holden discussed the girls history. They talked about her as if she absent, several times mentioning her bodily attributes or her obedience or willingness. “Annette why don’t you just pop your dress off so I can have a good look at you, there’s a good girl.” Lady Rawlings turned toward her, her voice sounding kind but firm. The girl blushed, but without hesitation stood upright. She raised her arms over her head and gracefully pulled the dress up. Her firm flesh rippled as she took off the dress. She placed the white tunic over the chair she had been sitting on and turned to face Lady Rawlings and the young secretary.

“As you can see she has been shaved for her examination, although the hairdressers said her pubic hair was very neat.” The girl stood still, her arms down by her sides.

“Turn around.” Miss Holden ordered the girl as she got up from the settee and stood next to the girl. She cupped her hand underneath the girls breast and pushed it up gently as if weighing it.

“Turn around.” She instructed sliding her hand down to the girls waist and turning her. “That’s it now just bend over and show Lady Rawlings that pretty bottom of yours.” The girl blushed as she bent forward. “Open those legs a little more that’s the way.”

Lady Rawlings looked at the pert bottom and the neat crease covering her vagina. Miss Holden bent over the girls back and put her arm underneath her, sliding it under her tummy until her fingers located the lips of her vulva. She slid her other hand over the girls bottom and between her legs. The girls legs quivered visibly as the secretary parted the lips of her vulva and stroked a finger down inside.

“She is very neat isn’t she ?” Lady Rawlings said admiringly as she watched the girl begin to tremble. Miss Holden took her hand away from the girls vagina and stroked slowly over her buttocks. “Right you can stand up now.” The girl stood up and turned around to face them again. Miss Holden returned to her seat leaving the young Vietnamese girl standing naked.

“You may sit down, put your dress on the back of the chair.” The girl sat down placing the palms of her hands flat down on her thighs.

“They do make a handsome couple don’t they ?” Lady Rawlings examined them both as she spoke.

“Well if everything is all right I had better be heading back to the medical center. We close at half past five. Miss Holden got up and placed her cup back on the tray. “Goodbye Richard.” She held out her hand to the boy who took it nervously. “You are a lovely boy I know you will be happy here.” She leaned her face forward and kissed him softly on the lips. She turned to the girl and reached out her hand. The girl stood up and shook hands. “Goodbye Annette and good luck.” She smiled kindly at the girl and leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips. She turned to Lady Rawlings. “Goodbye Lady Rawlings it was most nice meeting you.”

Lady Rawlings smiled. “…And you too. Wendy will show you out.” Wendy bobbed a curtsey and extended her arm toward the door. She followed the girl as she left the room.

“Stand up both of you and I will get Wendy to show you to your rooms. Annette you will be sharing a room with Wendy for the time being. It should make you feel more at home as you will be working with her. Richard you will have a room of your own as we have no other male people in the house. I understand it is your birthday tomorrow ? Diane and Veronica will be home from shopping later on. So tomorrow you can both go to the lake with them.”

Richard and Annette stood facing Lady Rawlings as she talked to them. Richard was still blushing at his nakedness, he had been aroused when Miss Holden had fondled the girl in front of him. His penis, although not erect was swollen and was pointing forward. This had not escaped Her ladyship’s notice and she looked down at his groin.

“Richard I think you have had adequate time for you penis to subside. I hope you are not thinking lewd thoughts about Annette here.” Richard colored up immediately, blushing from his face to his chest. Lady Rawlings stood up. “You might well blush young man.” She reached forward and took a firm hold of his penis squeezing it tightly. “I wont have any nonsense in this direction.”

She looked down and pushed the foreskin back until the glans was totally revealed. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes mm….madam” Richard stammered as Lady Rawlings chided him. Her fingers pushing the foreskin up and back down over the shaft.

“Well I’ll let it go this time, you’ve obviously had a traumatic day both of you.” Wendy appeared back through the door way. She was not surprised to see Her mistress holding the boy’s penis. “Would you take Annette and Richard to their rooms ? If you would take their clothes up too. Diane is fetching a whole wardrobe for both of them. They can have a bath and then come down to dinner. I think it would be better if you were to supervise their baths on this occasion. Although I think in future Annette make take hers on her own. I want you to make sure that the boy is scrupulously clean, that includes his genitals and his bottom. I also want you to make sure Annette is aware of how to wash in future. That is the same way that I showed you. I hope you understand what I am saying ?”

The maid blushed slightly but answered quickly. “As you wish Madam.”

Lady Rawlings let go of the boys penis which was now fully erect. “Off you go then you two. I expect you down at eight o’clock for dinner.

“Yes madam,” they replied in unison.

Richard and Annette followed the young maid up the stairs and down a long corridor.

Richard walked behind Annette, he was acutely aware of his nakedness, his penis slapped from side to side as they walked quickly to one of the rooms on the left of the corridor. They stopped outside. The girl took a pace back to make room for the maid to enter, her bottom pushing against Richard’s hips. “Annette this is my room and will now be your room too.” Wendy smiled at the naked girl.

“Through there, you will find the bathroom. Will you fill the bath for yourself and I will come through in a few minutes to make sure you are all right.” She smiled once more and gestured for the girl to go in the room.

“Now Richard if you will follow me.” She looked down at the boy, noticing that his penis was still not completely flaccid. They walked further along the corridor and entered a room on the right. Richard looked around the bedroom it was large and beautifully furnished. A large double bed dominated the central space. Fitted wardrobes surrounded the room on three sides it’s mirrored doors making space for the large window which overlooked the gardens. The room was bright and cheerful and Richard could not help thinking how different it was to his dormitory in the orphanage. “The bathroom is through here.”

The maid led the way through the doorway situated to the side of the bed-head. She bent over the white fitted bath and pressed the lever for the bath plug. “I’ll run your bath Richard and then you can sit and soak for a few minutes while I see to Annette. What do you think to your room, it’s lovely isn’t it ?” Richard nodded as the maid turned toward him. He had covered his genitals with his hands and stood looking embarrassed.

“Don’t worry Richard, you will like it here I know.” She smiled kindly at him as she turned both taps on full. She turned to face him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Lady Rawlings is really very kind and so is Diane, it will only take a little while for you to settle in.” She looked into his eyes.

“I am sure I will like it Miss, I just feel embarrassed.” Richard said quietly, his eyes looking down as he spoke.

“It is just something you will have to get used to. There that seems to be full enough.” She turned off the taps and tested the water. “Just pop in the bath and I’ll come through in a little while.” She turned and gave Richard a little kiss on the cheek before walking through the door to the bedroom. Richard stood for a minute and then slowly tested the water with his foot before getting into the bath. He sat down carefully in the hot water. Looking around the bathroom, he noticed that there was a toilet and bidet as well as a shower cubicle in one corner. There was also a long table, the surface was covered in pale orange rubber. The legs of the table were chrome and the feet ended in small wheels with rubber rims. Richard sat back in the bath and let the water soak his body. He felt nervous but excited at the prospect of his new home.

Annette looked up from the bath in which she was sitting as the maid entered the room.

“I have left Richard to soak for a while so I suppose we had better get started.” The girl looked up to the maid and smiled.

“Shall I stand up, if you have to wash me?”

“Yes I think that would be best.” The maid blushed as she approached the girl. “I have to do what madam say’s.” Wendy blushed once more as she spoke gently to the girl standing facing the taps.

“I understand.” Annette gave a little smile. Wendy took the soap and dipped her hands in the water. Gently she began to soap the girls back and then lower over her bottom.

“You will have to open your legs a little.”

The girl obeyed immediately, pushing her feet as far apart as the shape of the bath would let her. Wendy slid her hand between the girl’s bottom and through her parted legs, her fingers sliding smoothly over the smooth pubis. With her other hand she began to soap over her tummy.

“Just bend forward a little so I can soap between your bottom.” She cupped the girls pubis with her left hand as slid her fingers up between the girl’s buttocks. Annette felt a gentle pressure at the opening to her bottom as the maid probed with her finger. Slowly she felt the fingertip tease the sphincter until the maid pushed her finger firmly up into her bottom. The girl shivered slightly as Wendy pushed her finger further in.

“I hope I am not hurting you.” She said as she began to ease her finger back and forth making the girl squirm.

“It’s all right Miss, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Please call me Wendy, we are working together and as far as I know I don’t have any authority over you.”

“Thank you… Wendy.” The girl gasped as she felt the maid begin to probe the crease of her sex. Her legs quivered as Wendy quickly slid her finger down the crease and deftly up into the girl’s vagina. She blushed as the girl turned her head toward her and looked into her face.

‘I am sorry but it is madam’s instructions.” Wendy said as the girl looked into her eyes. “I know you didn’t hear her say so, but she means me to do this to you. I’m as embarrassed as you are.”

The girl smiled at her “I know it is just a bit, well…. embarrassing…. aa…aarrgh.”

The girl gasped as Wendy pushed up a second finger and began to work them around inside her. The maid’s right hand pushed again, her finger sinking deep into the trembling girl’s bottom.

“Just a few more minutes and then I can let you go. Wendy began to work diligently with both hands upon the trembling girl. Annette could not help her hips from squirming, Her knee’s quivered as she began to feel sexually aroused.

“AA…rrrghhh…aarrrgghhhhhh….pleeease.” The girl gasped and moaned as Wendy increased the pace of her fingers. She was nor sure whether Lady Rawlings had intended her to go this far, but she remembered when she had first been bathed by her Ladyship. Lady Rawlings had excited her so much that she had had two orgasms in quick succession.

“Ooo…ooohhh.aarghh……ooohhh.” The girl let out a long wail as she came to a climax, her knees quivered uncontrollably as the maid’s fingers roamed insistently deep inside her.

“Oooo…ooohh….ooohhh…oooohhh.” The girls breath came in gasps as she shook from head to toe.

“There I’ve nearly finished.” Wendy said softly, slowing her fingers to a soft caress. Gently she slipped her finger from the girl’s bottom and stroked her hand gently over her buttocks.

“Can you stand upright” She asked gently as the girl stopped shaking.

“Yes I think so.” Annette straightened her legs and put her shoulders back as the maid began to soap gently over her breasts.

“You have a lovely figure, and your skin feels so nice.” Wendy talked softly to Annette as her hands soaped over her body.

“This is the first time I have ever done this to a girl. I hope you aren’t cross with me, but I think it was what lady Rawlings wanted, she did it to me when I first came.”

Annette looked at Wendy, her face was flushed but she gave a little smile.

“I enjoyed it, you were lovely and gentle.” Wendy smiled back at her.

“I just know that we are going to be friends.”

They both looked up as Lady Rawlings entered the bathroom. Wendy blushed and dropped her hands from the young girl’s body.

“Don’t stop if you haven’t finished yet, I don’t want to interrupt you. If you would call me when you are finished I think it would be better if I were to show you how to bath the boy. You may bring Annette, it will be part of her duties too.”

“Yes Madam I’ve nearly finished.” Wendy blushed once more as she looked up at her Ladyship. She noticed the amused expression on her face and wondered whether she knew what she had done to the girl.

Wendy turned once more to the girl as her mistress left the room.

“I had better just rinse you off and help you dry, I don’t want to keep her Ladyship waiting.”

She rinsed the girl quickly and helped her from the bath. Annette’s graceful form stretching as she stepped to the floor. Wendy reached for the warm bath towels and proceeded to dry her. Her firm breasts jiggled as she rubbed the towel briskly over her olive skin.

“Open your legs a little so I can dry your bottom.” Wendy turned the girl as she spoke and went down on one knee. The girl was stood facing her. Her shaven pubis inches from the maid’s face. Wendy brought the towel up between the girl’s legs and rubbed backwards and forwards, the texture of the cloth causing the young girl to quiver as it rubbed over the crease of her sex. “I’ll just talc you and then you can get dressed.” Wendy reached for the container and shook a liberal amount on to the palm of her hand. Gently she cupped it between the girl’s legs and gently drew her hand back and forth feeling the smoothness of the skin. Annette put her hand on to the maid’s shoulder to steady herself as the maid pushed her hand boldly between her legs. “I think that will do, if you will pop your dress on while I tell Madam.” She smiled at Annette as she left the bathroom.

Wendy was in high spirits as she walked down the stairs toward the drawing room. “There you are Wendy, all finished upstairs are you?” Lady Rawlings was smiling at the young maid. “I suspect you are enjoying yourself having some measure of responsibility over others ?”

“Yes Madam.” Wendy blushed dropping her head shyly as her mistress gave her an inquiring look.

“Tell me, did you wash the girl as I instructed?”

“Oh yes Madam.” Wendy looked up into Lady Rawlings face. “I think I did what you wanted.”

“You washed her bottom properly?”

“Yes Madam” Wendy hung her head once more”

“And her vagina, did you wash inside?”

“Y…yes Madam.” Wendy blushed an even deeper shade of red, but managed to look up at her mistress again.

“Good I am glad to see that you are learning obedience. I want you to look after the girl and show her her duties. She will have a uniform like yours from tomorrow and she can start work alongside you. Now let’s go and see to young Richard.”

Wendy followed lady Rawlings up the stairs and into Richard’s bedroom. “Go and fetch Annette and bring her through to the bathroom.” Lady Rawlings instructed as she entered the bathroom doorway. Richard was sat in the bath, his knees drawn up to his chest. He looked up, startled as her Ladyship entered the room. His cheeks began to color up as he looked at her. “If you will stand up please Richard.” She turned away from the boy and took a container of liquid soap from the shelves above the sink. Richard stood up slowly, his face already bright red. He stood facing toward the end of the bath, his hands clasped over his groin. He watched with dismay as both Wendy and Annette entered the bathroom.

Lady Rawlings turned toward the boy. “Now we will have no nonsense with your hands.” She looked down at the boy. His knees were pressed together and both hands clasped tightly over his genitals. “Put you hands on top of your head, that should keep them out of the way.” She smacked his bottom lightly as he hesitated. “Do as I say at once.”. Richard lifted his hands and placed them on his head. He was acutely aware of his nakedness.

Lady Rawlings looked the boy over. He really has such a beautiful body and face she thought as she placed a hand on his hip and turned him to face her. “Now Wendy and Annette if you will come nearer.” She placed her delicate hand between the boy’s thighs and pulled his legs apart.

The two girls stood next to Lady Rawlings as she poured the soap on to her palm. Slowly and deliberately she placed her hand between the boy’s legs and cupped his testicles. She lifted them gently drawing them forward from between his thighs. “You have to be reasonably careful with a boy’s testicles.” She addressed the girls. “They are very delicate and if you squeeze them too hard you can cause quite a lot of pain.” Her hand began to soap between Richard’s legs. “Now I will show you how to wash his penis.”

Delicately she took hold of Richard’s penis and drew back the foreskin until it was stretched tight. The boy shuddered as she soaped around the rim of the glans. “This is where boy’s fail to wash, if you draw the foreskin back tightly you can soap behind the rim.” Both girls watched intently as her Ladyship continued to smooth her fingers over the boy’s penis. Richard shivered as he felt the velvety fingers stroke over his genitals. His eyes were tightly shut with embarrassment and to his horror he felt his penis begin to harden. Lady Rawlings felt it too and stroked harder her finger nails scraping over the rim of the glans. “All boy’s are sensitive here so don’t worry if the penis becomes stiff, in fact you will find it easier to handle.”

Richard was trembling from head to toe as her Ladyship continued to stroke her hands over his swelling member. His knees quivered as she pushed a hand between his legs into the crease of his bottom. “Now I’ll just turn him around and show you how to wash his bottom.”

She took hold of the boy’s hips and turned him to his side. Richard turned awkwardly, he opened his eyes to the see the girls watching him. “Now bend forward, that’s the way.” She pushed him forward and slid her hands down to his buttocks. “Boys never think to wash their bottoms so you must make sure that he is absolutely clean here.” She pushed his bottom cheeks apart and indicated the sphincter with a soapy finger. “You should be able to push a finger right inside, I know it is a little tight but it will be good therapy for him.” Lady Rawlings gently teased the orifice watching as it contracted at her touch. “Now just relax Richard, I am not going to hurt you. Do you hear me?”

Richard mumbled as he tried to relax his bottom. “Ooops there we are.” Lady Rawlings deftly slipped her forefinger inside the boy’s bottom. Richard tried to stand upright as the finger invaded him. “Keep still.” Her Ladyship commanded as she began to move her finger around inside the boy. She quickly located the prostate gland and stroked her finger gently over it. She felt the boy shudder as she moved her finger inside him. “Now if you turn him further to the side, you can soap his penis at the same time. She moved the boy round, her finger still moving insistently inside his bottom. With her free hand she took hold of the erect penis and began to pull the foreskin backward and forwards.

“Please… madam I feel funny…. I think I’m going to….” His voice trailed off as her finger stroked over his prostate. His knees began to tremble violently as she pushed with her finger hard up into his bottom, at the same time pulling his foreskin back tightly. He felt the inevitable approach of an orgasm. Helplessly he stood there as her fingers cleverly brought him to the peak of sexual sensation. His body quivered violently as her fingers seemed to probe the very core of his body. He gasped for breath as he began to ejaculate.

Both girls watched fascinated as semen spurted from the end of the boy’s penis.

“A…aaargggh…a…rrgggh.” Richard gasped as her Ladyships fingers worked incessantly. She pushed a second finger into his bottom as he spurted his semen. His body shivered and shook as she extracted every last drop from him. “There don’t worry about that.” She said soothingly. “All young boy’s find it difficult to control themselves.” Her finger slowed their pace. She slipped her fingers from his bottom and slid her hand between his legs. She cupped his testicles and squeezed them firmly, at the same time tightening her fingers on the base of his penis and drawing the last drops of semen from him.

“If he happens to do that when either of you are washing him, make sure that you clean the tip of the penis and wash behind the glans again.” Richard could not believe his ears as her Ladyship addressed the girls.

He felt so humiliated. But he realized his ordeal was not over as he listened to her Ladyship instruct the girls. “You may wash the rest of him and them dry him. Make sure that you put plenty of talcum powder between his legs and between the cheeks of his bottom.” Lady Rawlings took her hands from the boy and dried them on a towel she looked at both girls as she turned to leave. They were both watching the boy intently as he stood with his hands on his head, his face bright red.

Richard was in a daze as the girls began to gently wash him. Making him kneel to rinse his bottom and then stand before them while they dried him. Their soft hands caressed him as they applied talcum powder to his penis and testicles. He gasped and shivered as they bent him over softly running their hands between his buttocks to apply more powder. “There I think you will do,” said Wendy as they gently led him to the bedroom.

They dressed him and sat him on the bed. Wendy bent before him and gently took his face between her hands. “I know you are embarrassed Richard but we are your friends so let’s have a little smile shall we.”

Richard looked into Wendy’s sweet face and then toward Annette who was watching him intently. He tried a little smile, but could not help blushing. “There now you just lie on top of the bed for a little while and rest, Annette and I have to go and prepare dinner. There is a clock over there, you have an hour before you need to come down for dinner.”

She pushed Richard gently down on to the bed and bent over him kissing him gently on the forehead. Annette bent forward and kissed the boy too, her soft lips pressed gently over his.

Richard lay there looking up at the ceiling as the girls went downstairs. The sunlight was still quite strong as it rays filtered through the window and he began to doze.

Diane and Veronica were sat at the dinner table as Richard came through to the dining room. Wendy had woken him and had watched him while he washed his face. She had combed his hair and ensured that his clothes were straight.

“You can sit over here between us.” Diane said as Richard looked for somewhere to sit.

“Mother always sits at the head of the table and Wendy and Annette will have their dinner in the kitchen after they have served ours.” She pushed back her chair and moved to sit to her right leaving a space for the boy. Veronica beckoned for Richard to come and sit between them.

“Well from what I understand you have had quite an eventful day.” Richard looked down and blushed. He had not seen the girls since they had caned him in the woods. The memory of it came flooding back as she addressed him.

“Well have you lost your tongue?”

“N’no Miss.”

“Well then tell us what sort of day you have had.”

“I…I…. well I had a medical… .and then they brought me here…er Miss.” Richard managed to stammer.

“Well what did they do to you at the Medical Center ? You were there for four hours.” The girls giggled at the boy’s discomfort watching him blush an even deeper red and hang his head lower.

“I am waiting for an answer Richard.” Diane took hold of the boy’s chin and raised his head.

“They er…er examined me Miss…er to make sure I was healthy.” Richard raised his eyes to meet hers and blushed profusely as she looked at him with an amused expression on her face.

“Did you still have those stripes on your bottom when they examined you ?”

Richard bit his lower lip “…er yes Miss.”

“Let him eat his dinner now Diane.” Lady Rawlings spoke gently as she took her chair.

“You will have plenty of time with him tomorrow, I thought you could all go to the lake and take a picnic.”

“All right mother.” Diane looked rueful but smiled at her mother. Both Wendy and Annette served dinner. Richard had never tasted such excellent food, nor had he ever tasted wine. Lady Rawlings smiled to herself as she watched the boy eat. Although he was obviously hungry she was pleased to see that he had excellent table manners.

“You may have some more wine Richard.” She gestured for Wendy to refill his glass which he had emptied.

“I will allow you two glasses with your meal.”

It was an hour before they had finished and Lady Rawlings rose from the table. “I think it is time that you were going to bed Richard.” Diane made to get up from her chair but Lady Rawlings held up her hand.

“I am going to let Wendy and Annette take Richard to bed, I need to talk to you two down here.”

Diane pouted at her mother. She was anxious to have a look at the boy again after all she thought I did find him. Lady Rawlings smiled, knowing her daughters thoughts.

“You will have plenty of time together tomorrow.”

“Oh all right.” Diane pouted prettily.

Richard was led upstairs by Wendy, Annette followed close behind them. They entered the bedroom and Wendy sat on the bed with the boy facing her. She unbuttoned his shirt and the waist band of his trousers. Annette stood behind him and slid the shirt off his shoulder and down his arms. She folded it neatly and placed on the chair by the window. Richard watched in embarrassment as the maid slowly unbuttoned his trousers and slid them down his legs.

“Step out of them, that’s a good boy.”

Richard obeyed and stood naked before the girl. Wendy placed her hands on either side of his hips and looked at him.

“You really are a beautiful boy Richard, it’s no wonder they have fostered you.” Richard blushed once more as the girl looked over his body, her gaze resting on his penis. His scrotum tightened as her cool fingers gently slipped between his legs and cupped his testicles. With her other hand she gently took hold of the tip of his penis between her thumb and forefinger.

Annette stroked her hands over the boy’s shoulders and down over his back on to the twin hillocks of his buttocks.

Richard blushed as the girl looked up at him, his penis stiffened almost immediately.

“My you are sensitive aren’t you ?” Wendy looked up into his face.

“Come on we had better let you wash your face and clean your teeth.” She stood, still holding the boy’s penis she led him to the bathroom sink. She let him go and fetched him a new toothbrush and paste. He stood before the sink his penis sticking straight out in front of him. She smiled at Annette as Richard began to clean his teeth. Richard felt absolutely foolish as he stood before the girls. His penis touching the cold porcelain of the basin as he leaned forward to rinse his mouth.

“Come on then Richard hop into bed.” Richard followed the girls through to the bedroom. He held his hands over his groin, pressing his swollen penis to his stomach in order to hide his erection. Wendy had turned down the bed and stood watching him as he sat on the crisp sheets.

“Come on swing your legs over.” she pulled the covers further back. Richard put his legs into the bed still holding both hands over his groin. Wendy did not pull the covers over him but pulled both hands away from his groin and placed them by his sides. She took hold of his erect penis and bent over him. She kissed him full on the lips. Richard gasped as he felt her tongue push into his mouth and her hand close tightly over his penis. She pulled away and stood up releasing his penis.

“I am just going to let Annette kiss you goodnight and then I’ll tuck you in. She stood back to let Annette lean over the boy. Annette gently kissed Richard on the lips, the flat of her hand laying on the boy’s stomach. As she kissed him gently she felt Wendy take hold of her hand and place it on the boy’s penis. Wendy guided her hand down over the erect organ, squeezing on top of her hand. Annette blushed but took hold of the penis firmly. As soon as Wendy saw the girl needed no further instruction she let go. She watched Annette firmly pull the foreskin down as she kissed the boy hard on the lips.

“Sweet dreams Richard.” She stood up and released her grip on him. Wendy pulled the covers up over him and tucked them around his body. “There you will feel wonderful after a good nights sleep.

Richard lay awake after they had gone. His penis was still hard as he thought about the tender kisses and the feel of their hands on his body. It was the love and tenderness they had shown that had affected him the most. During all his time at the orphanage he had rarely been kissed or shown any tenderness. Although he felt terribly embarrassed about the things that had been done to him, he also felt a sense of belonging for the first time. He slept soundly. The softness of the bed and the luxurious feel of thick crisp sheets, so different from the orphanage, lulled his body.

Richard awoke instantly as the curtains were drawn back. Strong shafts of sunlight filled the room. He opened his eyes to see the young maid silhouetted against the window. She turned to face him as she let go of the curtains.

“So you’re awake, I came in earlier but you were very soundly asleep so Madam said I should leave you.”

She came over and sat on the edge of the bed. “You look as if you have slept very well” She stroked her hand gently down his cheek. “I’ll just get you a cup of tea from the tray, how much sugar do you like?” Richard struggled to regain his senses, for a moment he had not realized where he was. He looked around the room noting it’s splendor. He felt snug in his bed and relaxed letting his head sink back into the soft pillows.

“Er…er two spoons Miss.” He tilted his head watching the maids pretty bottom as she bent over the tray.

Wendy brought the cup of tea over to the boy’s bed and sat on the edge as she handed it to him.

“Happy Birthday you are fifteen today.” She took the cup from him as he struggled to sit up in the bed.

Richard had forgotten that today was his birthday. The Orphanage had very few funds with which to celebrate birthdays. It had been usual for Matron to put candles on a small cake at tea and for everyone to sing Happy Birthday.

“Here you should be able to manage it now.” She steadied the cup as she placed it back in his hand. Richard took a few sips, it was the first time he could remember ever having had tea in bed.

“Is that why I am being given tea in bed Miss….because it’s my birthday ?”

“No silly boy, everyone has tea in bed in the morning.” Richard sat sipping his tea as the maid looked on.

“Where’s our birthday boy?” Richard heard the voice from the corridor and watched as Diane and Veronica came into the room. Annette followed close behind, her arms full of parcels.

“You are a late riser on your birthday, I can never wait to open my presents.” Diane gushed as she flopped on to the other side of the bed. Veronica sat herself on the end and reached for the parcels. Annette laid them on the bed next to veronica and stood back. She was dressed in a maids uniform, matching Wendy with a black silk blouse and short black skirt. Both Diane and Veronica were in their night-dresses. Diane wore black and Veronica dark blue. Both night dresses were short displaying their pretty brown legs.

“Come on then put your cup down and open your presents.”

“Presents…Miss?” Richard looked at the parcels. “Are they for me?”

“Of course they are silly, you’re the only one with a birthday around here.” Veronica laughed at him. Her white teeth sparkling between her pretty lips. Her night-dress was cut low in the front and Richard could see the deep cleavage between her breasts. “Come on open them up.” Richard looked amazed as Diane reached for some of the parcels and handed them to him. Wendy took his cup and Richard reached for one of the parcels. He began to open it.

“That one’s from Annette, We took the liberty of buying for her, as she hasn’t any money of her yet.”

“Thank you Miss.” Annette smiled prettily at Diane. “I will pay you back as soon as I can.” Richard finished opening the parcel it contained a pair of binoculars.

“Oh Thank you Miss, th…they are wonderful.” Richard managed to stammer. They proceeded to open all the parcels, soon there was a mountain of paper on the bed. Richard could not believe his good fortune. There were books on wildlife, novels, a pair of brightly patterned training shoes, a small collapsible fishing rod and a track suit.

“Let’s clear all this stuff off, you can put them all away later.” Diane stood up from the bed and every one helped clear the paper and presents from the bed.

“Right we ought to give him his birthday bumps now, Wendy you grab an arm, Annette you take the other arm, come around here that’s right.” Diane directed the two maids, who took hold of Richard’s arms. Richard was in too much of a daze to realize what was happening. Before he knew it Diane had whipped the covers from the bed revealing his naked body.

“Come on ‘ronica grab a leg.” Both girls took hold of his ankles and pulled his legs toward them. Richard blushed as he looked at the girls holding his legs apart.

“W…what are you going to do ?” He looked up to Diane.

“Give you your birthday bumps silly, right every one on the count of three… One…. Two… Three.” They hoisted the boy into the air above the bed.

“That’s one, fourteen more to go.” They were all laughing as they hoisted the boy again. Richard was acutely aware of his nakedness. His penis flapped wildly up and down against his hips as they bounced him in the air. Both Diane and Veronica were enjoying themselves immensely. Diane watched the boy’s penis and testicles jiggling about as they threw him upwards. His buttocks coming together and parting as he went up and down.

“Just one more big one to finish with.” Diane called as they through him high into the air.” Richard came down on the bed with a thump. The softness of the bed cushioned the impact. The maids let go of his hands and Richard immediately reached down to cover himself.

“Not so fast young man.” Diane shouted as she brought his leg up and over. Veronica copied her with his other leg until Richard was pinned to the bed on his back with his knees resting on his chest.

“There are fifteen smacks to come yet, Hold his legs you two.” She showed the maids how to hold his legs his knees still pressed tightly on to his chest. “Now ‘Ronica you can do the smacking and I’ll Hold him still.” Diane shuffled herself on to the bed and placed her hand on the boy’s tummy her arm brushing the back of his thigh.

“Are you ready ‘Ronica?” Veronica nodded and raised her hand, the palm stretched flat.

Richard blushed as he felt Diane’s hand slowly stroke over his stomach, her fingers brushing over the pubic hair. Gently and deliberately she moved her hand lower until she was able to curl her fingers around his penis. With her other hand she cupped his testicles and pulled them up out of the way of his bottom.

“Come on ‘Ronica fifteen smacks.” Diane tightened her grip on the boy’s penis as Veronica brought the palm of her hand down across his upturned buttocks. “That’s one” Diane called as Veronica raised her hand once more. She tightened her hold on the boy’s penis and pulled the foreskin back sharply as a second smack fell on to his bottom. Richard looked up, he was acutely embarrassed as he saw Wendy and Annette looking down at his face and then glance toward Diane’s hand as she slowly pulled his penis. Richard could not help himself as he began to stiffen. “Look everyone, he is getting hard,” Diane shouted as Veronica slapped the boy across his buttocks once more. Richard turned his head into the pillow and shut his eyes as the girls watched his penis begin to erect.

By the time Veronica had finished her fifteen smacks his penis was standing straight up. The glans was fully exposed as Diane pulled the foreskin back holding him tightly around the base of the shaft.

“Well Richard, how did you like your smacks?” Diane leaned across the boy’s body so that her face was next to his. She released his penis and cupped his chin with both hands. “Come on look at me when I’m talking to you.” Richard turned his head and opened his eyes. His face was bright red and full of anguish.

“My you are a shy boy, I really don’t know what we are going to do with you.” She looked him straight in the eyes. “Richard, we’re going to give you another little present now, but I don’t want you to bury your head in the pillows on your birthday, so keep looking at me. Do you understand ?” Diane spoke gently to him.

“All right Miss.” Richard looked into her eyes as she pressed her face closer to his. She reached down, and grasped his penis once more. “If you two girls kneel by the bed you will be more comfortable.”

Wendy knelt down still holding the boy’s leg. Softly she began to stroke the underside of his thigh, her hand stroking down over on to his upturned buttocks and then back again. Diane looked across at Annette who had copied Wendy and was stroking the boy’s leg in a soothing fashion. Veronica had already moved between the boy’s legs and began to gently stroke her finger up and down between his bottom cheeks. Her left hand gently cupping his testicles. Diane looked deep into Richard’s eyes as she slowly pulled his foreskin up over the glans of his penis and then down again. Richard was trembling. It seemed that he was being caressed on every part of his body. He squirmed as he felt veronica’s finger probe the sphincter of his bottom.

“Just relax, there’s a good boy.” Diane spoke soothingly to him, her lips close to his. She watched his face grimace and guessed that her friend’s finger had entered the boy’s bottom.

“Just relax.” She increased the strength of her strokes on his penis as she spoke. Richard was in a haze of sexual ecstasy. Diane looked deep into his eyes, watching every facial expression. “You are going to come very soon, aren’t you Richard?” She spoke softly her voice nearly a whisper. “Answer me, there’s a good boy.”

“A.aaarrrgh….aargh…y’.yes Miss.” Richard stammered as he felt Veronica’s finger push further into his bottom. Diane felt the answering throb through the boys penis. It excited her to be able to watch the boy so closely and to have so much control over his body. Veronica increased the pressure of her finger in the boy’s bottom at the same time she began to squeeze his testicles. Diane watched as the boy’s eyes became glazed, his lips drawn back as he gasped for air. Deliberately she closed her mouth over his as he ejaculated. His body stiffened as he fought for air. Veronica watched as his semen spurted upward. She felt his sphincter tighten as his hips writhed and trembled. She squeezed his testicles tighter as her finger stroked firmly inside his bottom. Diane lifted her lips from his and watched, fascinated as he gulped for air. She quickened her strokes watching the boys face grimace as wave after wave of sensation washed over his body. Firmly she squeezed from the base of his penis slowly upward until her fingers were over the rim of the glans. Richard’s body shuddered as the last drops of semen were wrung from his body.

“There, there, you did feel that very deeply didn’t you.” Her voice, low and soothing. “We will let your legs go now, you must be getting cramp.” The maids gently let his legs rest down on the bed. Veronica stroked the insides of his thighs with soft gentle touches, her fingers trailing up over his trembling knees. Diane took the boys face in her hands and gently kissed his lips. Richard nerves were in turmoil. He felt utterly spent as if he had run a long race. He gulped for breath and his body shook as the girls bent over, soothing his body with gentle caresses.

Diane kissed the boy once more and got up carefully from the bed. She looked down at his body. His penis lay between his legs, the foreskin laying behind the rim revealing the soft bell shaped tip. His body is extraordinarily beautiful she thought. Perhaps with careful supervision he could be molded, she was not quite sure into what but her instincts told her he had a great potential. “Right Wendy and Annette, you two can clean him up and help him get dressed for breakfast.” Diane turned and left the bedroom taking Veronica’s arm as both girls walked along the corridor.

The Range Rover was just reaching the clearing. The sun was bright in the sky and the day was already very warm. Diane was driving with Veronica sat beside her. Richard sat in the back between Wendy and Annette. Both the maids were dressed in thin cotton shift dresses, while Diane and Veronica had chosen loose blouses with ruffled gypsy skirts. Richard was wearing his new tracksuit. The girls had filled his wardrobe with new underwear as well as shirts and trousers from their shopping trip. Diane brought the vehicle to a spot just by the table where Richard had received his caning. A small shudder went through him as he thought back to his ordeal.

“Come on everyone let’s get out and enjoy some of this sunshine.” Diane jumped from the car and opened the rear door for Wendy. It took several minutes to unpack the picnic baskets, towels and blankets. The maids laid out the blankets in a sunny spot by the side of the lake and placed the hampers by the side. Annette helped Wendy take some bottles of wine from the Rover and laid them in the shallow water under the jetty. Richard meanwhile helped remove two folding chairs and erect them by the blankets. He looked up to see Diane and Veronica strip off their blouses and skirts, underneath they wore skimpy white bikinis. Their golden skin glowing in the sunshine. Richard turned his head quickly to avoid staring at their lithe bodies.

Diane moved to the blanket and sat down on it while Veronica sat on one of the chairs by her side. Richard stood awkwardly not knowing what to do next.

“Why don’t you go for a swim you three ?” Diane called to the maids as they stood by the jetty. Wendy and Annette came and stood by the boy. “I didn’t have a costume to lend to Annette.” Wendy said. “Shall I lend her mine, I don’t mind not going in.”

“She doesn’t need a costume here and neither do you for that matter, just get your clothes off and jump in, it’s beautiful today.”

Wendy blushed, “But…but I have my costume in the Range Rover.”

“Wendy I thought I had sharpened up your attitude to obedience, it seems I was wrong.”

“But …Miss…I…I ….” Wendy’s voice trailed off into silence. She looked down at her feet, her face blushing.

“Now do as you are told, you have just earned yourself a smack bottom.”

“Oh…please Miss no…I…I’m sorry.”

“Well it’s no good pleading after the event. I will wait until after lunch before I smack you. I just want to relax now. Diane laid back on the blanket and closed her eyes. Veronica watched on with amusement as Wendy stood blushing furiously. She looked at the girl’s face and raised her eyebrows as if to say ‘I told you so.’ Wendy began to undress slowly. Her fingers trembled as she undid the buttons down the front of her dress.

Annette looked at her enduringly and Wendy nodded. Annette too, began to undress. Richard did not know what to do, he stood there numbly as the girls stripped. Wendy shrugged off her dress and stood up in just a brief pair of panties. Slowly she hooked her fingers in to the waist band and slipped them down her slim thighs. Annette was already naked as Richard looked toward the girls. He dropped his eyes as Annette stepped forward and gestured him to take off his clothes. Wendy was still blushing furiously as she turned and took hold of Annette’s hand and led her to the water’s edge. Veronica watched as Richard took off his track suit, her gaze dropping to his groin as he fumbled trying to hide his penis as he took off the new underpants they had bought him.

“Off you go then and join the other two, just leave your clothes where they are.” Veronica spoke kindly to the boy. Richard turned quickly and ran off to the lake. He was acutely aware of his nakedness as he felt the cool air brush his skin. He could see the girls heads as they swam out from the shallows. He ran through the water until it was deep enough for him to plunge headlong into the cool water. He swam out a little way and watched the two girls swim toward him. Wendy seemed to have forgotten some of her embarrassment as they laughed and played in the water.

It was some time later that Wendy called to Richard “You can stay in the water for a little longer, but Annette and I have to go and prepare lunch.” Richard nodded and carried on swimming. He had made sure that his body was hidden under the water. He had noticed that both girls had not played in the shallows either. He watched as they waded up on to the bank. Their young bodies glistening in the sun, Annette’s skin glowing dark against the paleness of Wendy. Diane watched the two young girls approach. It was the first time she had seen Annette naked. “Come here Annette, I haven’t had a good look at you yet.”

Annette walked toward the reclining girl and stood with her arms by her sides. “Kneel down beside me.” Annette obeyed, kneeling with her knees together and her bottom resting on her ankles. “Kneel up, that’s the way. Now place your knees further apart.”

Annette raised her self on to her knees and placed them wider apart. “That’s it, Now I can see you.” She raised herself on to one elbow and placed her hand on the girls hip. Gently she traced her fingers over the girl’s stomach and down between her legs, cupping her smoothly shaven pubis. She rubbed gently back and forth pressing with her middle finger until she could feel between the lips of the labia. She watched the girls face grimace as she slid her finger up into her vagina. “Did they shave you at the Medical center ?”

“Yes Miss, before the examination.”

“Do you like it like that ?” Diane pushed her finger further up into the girl.

“Ooh…yes Miss it’s all right.”

“Well I think we will keep you shaven for a while I rather like it.” Diane sat up, keeping her finger inside the girl. She pulled the girl forward so that she was knelt over on her hands. Diane placed her other hand on the girls bottom and stroked her fingers down over the buttocks and into the crevice of her bottom. Firmly she probed between the cheeks her finger locating the sphincter. “You have a lovely body, you are a lucky girl.” Diane pushed her finger deftly up into the girls bottom, and started to rotate her other finger inside the girl’s vagina.

“Are you a virgin” Diane asked the girl as she pushed harder into the girls bottom.

“Oooh…Yes Miss.”

“But I can tell that you are enjoying this.” Diane increased the pace and firmness of her fingers, making the girl squirm.

“Tell me, does this feel nice ?” Diane pressed harder and increased the pace of her fingers.

“Y’…yes…Misss….Oooh ……ooh Yes Miss.”

Diane noticed that her hips and began to move from side to side and her mouth hung open as she breathed. Veronica had been watching the proceedings and moved off her chair to kneel in front of the girl. She cupped her hands underneath each of the girl’s breasts and took the nipples between her fingers and thumbs. Diane heard the girl gasp as Veronica squeezed the nipples hard. She pushed harder with her own finger inside the girl’s quivering bottom and looked up to Wendy who stood watching.

“Why don’t you stroke your friend ?”

Wendy knelt down quickly, her young breasts bouncing as she moved. Carefully she began to stroke one hand over the girl’s back and the other between her thighs. Annette began to writhe beneath their fingers. Her breath coming in short gasps.

“I can tell you are going to come soon, you are lovely and wet.” Diane spoke soothingly as her fingers moved round inside the trembling young girl.

“A…aaaargh…aaargh.” Annette’s body stiffened and bucked as she climaxed. Her small hips jerking backward and forward violently. Diane kept up the relentless pressure of her fingers, suddenly pushing a second finger up into the helpless girl’s vagina.

Veronica squeezed hard on the girl’s nipples.

“There what a nice big come, I bet you are feeling that all the way to your toes ?”

“Ooo….oooh…Misssss…pleeeeeease…ooooo” The girl’s body shook violently her legs trembled. The soft flesh of her buttocks quivered in ecstasy.

“A…aaaarrrgghhh….oooOOhh.” Annette’s knees suddenly gave way and she collapsed, her body laying prostrate over Diane’s legs.

“Oooh Miss…Oooh.”

“There don’t you worry.” Diane gently slowed her fingers inside the girl’s vagina and slipped the finger from her bottom.

On a sudden impulse, Wendy bent forward and kissed Diane on the mouth. Her young lips soft and yielding against those of her Mistress. She leaned back quickly and blushed as she realized what she had done.

“Why you impetuous girl.” She looked across at Wendy who hung her head.

“I told you she had a crush on you.” Veronica said laughing.

Diane stroked her hands softly over Annette’s bottom while she recovered and then gently turned her over. She cupped her hand delicately over the girl’s pubis.

“What a lovely little pussy you have, and so sensitive too.” Annette looked up at her Mistress.

“Thank you Miss.” Her lips were trembling.

“I think you have two admirers.” Veronica laughed.

“How about some lunch, do you think you can manage that Annette ?”

Annette got up quickly. “Oh yes Miss, right away Miss.”

“You may both dress before I call Richard in from his swim.”

Wendy looked at her Mistress. “Oh thank you Miss.”

Veronica leaned across to Diane as the maids dressed. Gently she placed her hand on her friends tummy and slid her fingers down inside her bikini bottom until her fingers found the crease of Diane’s vagina.

“Just as I thought, you’re all wet.” She whispered into her ear.

“I know I can never help myself.” She laughed and lay back down, rolling over on to her tummy. Veronica’s trapped hand lay beneath her as she clenched her buttocks , pressing her pubis against the gentle fingers.

“Not now, later.” She whispered to Veronica as she released the pressure of her hips.

“Why did you let them get dressed ?” Veronica asked Diane.

“Because my dear friend, it will increase Wendy’s shame when I make her take it all off again for her smack bottom.”

“You do plan your entertainment well.” Veronica laughed. “Can I have my hand back now,” It was Diane’s turn to laugh. She released her friend’s hand and rolled over on to her back.

“Why don’t you go and get Richard out of the water and dry him off, I’m just to hot and lazy to move.”

Veronica got up and picked up a large towel. She walked down to the water’s edge, her long lithe body moving sensuously.

Richard was enjoying himself tremendously as he swam through the cool water. As he turned in the water he could see Wendy and Annette laying out food on the Picnic table and Veronica walking toward the water with a towel. He started to turn back toward the deeper water when he heard her call.

“Richard, time for lunch.”

He swam toward the shallow water, floating on his stomach until he felt the gravel of the lake bed touch his knees. He knelt forward in the water and covered his groin with one hand while he stood up. Hesitantly he walked toward the waiting girl. As he climbed the bank he placed his other hand to his groin.

“Come on Richard, It’s time for Lunch.” She stepped forward and put the towel around his shoulders. “Follow me and I’ll dry you off.” Veronica turned and walked back to her chair while the boy followed. Once seated she beckoned Richard to stand nearer to her, opening her legs so that he could stand close to the chair. He could not take his eyes off her beautiful body as he stood shivering, his hands pressed tightly to his groin.

Veronica reached around and pulled the towel from his shoulders. She began to dry his chest and arms.

“Turn around.” She pushed at the boy until he was stood with his back to her. She dried his shoulders and back and then moved the towel down over his buttock. Such a lovely bottom she thought as she pressed the towel to his cheeks.

“Bend forward.” She pushed at the small of his back. “Open your legs.” Richard obeyed spreading his legs. His hands tightly clutched over his penis and testicles. He blushed as he felt her hand part his buttocks and the towel being rubbed up and down between them.

“Turn around again.” Once more she pushed his hips until he stood facing her.

“Did you enjoy your swim ?” She asked looking him in the eye.

“Yes thank you Miss.”

“Take your hands away and stand with your legs astride.” Veronica looked into his eyes as she spoke, watching him color up as it dawned on him what she had said. She gently took hold of his wrists and pulled his hands away from his groin. Richard averted his eyes from her gaze and shuffled his feet apart. Slowly and deliberately Veronica lifted the boy’s testicles so they were laid in her hand and began to dry his penis as it lay on top. She dabbed at it gently as she gently caressed his testicles, drawing them forward from his groin. Richard bit his lower lip as she took hold of the tip of his penis and pulled the foreskin back, wrapping the towel around the shaft. Richard trembled as she rubbed the towel over the sensitive rim. “There that should do for now.”

Richard sighed with relief as she stopped rubbing. She let the towel drop to the floor, but instead of letting go of his penis she pulled him forward and pushed her hand between his legs and into the crease of his bottom.

“You seem to be dry enough Richard, go and sit on the blanket and let the sun warm you up a bit.” Veronica let go of his penis and pointed to the blanket where Diane lay. Richard quickly knelt on the rug and laid down on his tummy.

Richard had been made to sit naked between Veronica and Diane while they ate lunch at the picnic table. Diane had placed a towel on the rough wooden bench so that his bottom would not catch splinters.

Both Veronica and Diane had dressed over their bikini’s making Richard feel even more naked.

Annette and Wendy sat opposite them, Wendy occasionally getting up to fetch items from the hampers.

“Right Wendy and Annette, if you will pay attention to me I would like to have a serious word with you both.” The girls looked up as Diane spoke in a firm tone. Wendy began to blush immediately as her eyes met those of her mistress.

I think that I am a reasonably easy person to get along with but, and I repeat but, I will not tolerate disobedience. Wendy chose to disobey me this morning and as Richard already knows to his cost I will not be disobeyed.”

Wendy’s face blushed even more as Diane looked straight into her eyes.

“Richard go and sit over on the blanket, this does not concern you.”

Richard got up from the bench not daring to cover himself as the girls eyes all glanced down at his genitals. He quickly stepped over the bench and walked toward the blankets. Laying down on his stomach he turned his head away from the table and toward the lake.

“Wendy from now on I will ask you to do things only once, if you do not obey me instantly I shall cane your bottom so that you won’t sit down for a month. Do I make myself clear?.” Diane reached over the table and raised the maid’s chin until their eyes met.

“Y’…ess Miss.” The maids bottom lip trembled as she answered Diane.

“Do you realize that you have let me down in front of both Richard and Annette?”

“Y…ess Miss, I’m really sorry.” Wendy’s voice was a mere whisper.

“You have control over the boy, you are to bathe him every morning. What possible difference does it make if he sees you naked?”

“I know Miss…. I’m sorry I truly am.” Wendy voice trailed off as she spoke in earnest tones to her mistress.

“Don’t you like Richard?.”

“Oh yes Miss I think he is a wonderful boy.”

“Then what’s the matter with you then?”

“I don’t know Miss, I really didn’t think I’m so sorry.”

“But you do know that I shall have to punish you, don’t you Wendy?”

Wendy looked deep into Diane’s eyes, she trembled as she spoke but there was a look of love and courage. “I know you have to punish me Miss Diane, I…. I….” Wendy burst in to tears but continued. “I…I love you Miss.” She hung her head as she uttered the words. Diane reached across and lifted her chin once more so that their eyes met.

“I know you love me, I have always known.” Diane’s voice was soft and low as she whispered the words to her maid.

Diane looked into her eyes for quite a few moments before she let go of her chin and sat straight on the wooden bench,

“Annette you are to help Wendy clear the table and then you are to strip her naked. She is not allowed to do it herself. Wendy you must kneel on the bench like Richard did, your knees must be as far apart as you can get them and you must arch you back so that your bottom is thrust upward. Annette is to fetch the cane from the Landrover when you are ready and bring it to me. I know I may sound cold hearted but I must have your obedience and respect. Wendy I am going to give you three strokes of the cane, they will hurt but you will thrust your bottom toward me with each stroke.”

Wendy looked at her Mistress her eyes full of tears. “I will do as you ask Miss, I promise I will.”

“Come round here Wendy and stand in front of me.”

Wendy got up from the table and walked around to stand in front of Diane. Diane quickly pulled the girl forward until she was stood between her thighs.

“Come here my precious girl.” Diane gently drew Wendy forward and down so that she could kiss her gently on the lips.

Wendy felt Diane gently press her mouth on hers and responded by hungrily fastening her lips on those of her mistress. She pulled away, shocked at what she had done, but Diane smiled and pulled Wendy forward again, this time she kissed her gently but pushed her tongue deep inside the girl’s mouth.

“There my precious girl, be ready to receive my cane, and I promise to fill your day with more ecstasy than you thought possible.

Veronica watched as the maid bent her head toward that of her mistress, she had never seen such love and supplication.

It was half an hour later that Diane stood behind the naked body of her maid. Wendy was knelt on the strong wooden bench, her knees spread widely apart and her back arched so that her quivering bottom thrust upward. Veronica sat beside the girl’s knee and slipped her hand between her thighs. Gently she stroked upward until she was able to cup her hand under her pubis. Wendy gasped as Veronica gently teased open the lips of her vagina and slipped a finger up into her.

“Keeps still there’s a good girl.” Veronica began to rotate her finger causing the girl to squirm her hips.

“Let yourself go, it will make things a lot easier.” Veronica increased the pressure of her fingers as she spoke. Diane looked across at Annette standing on the other side of the table. The young girl’s pretty face looked toward her mistress.

“Will you hold her arms please ?” Diane gestured toward Wendy who’s body was pressed firmly down on to the table top. Her hands gripping the far edge. Annette bent forward quickly and held the girl’s arms. She looked up at her mistress to see if she had done it correctly. Diane nodded toward her and moved closer behind Wendy’s upturned bottom. Veronica pushed another finger up into the girl’s vagina, she felt her hips buck as she pushed both fingers firmly up into her.

“Arr.rrgh…mm.” Wendy groaned at the extra intrusion. Diane watched as Wendy’s bottom pushed upward. Without warning she raised the long cane above her head, her eyes fixed on the pale quivering flesh of her target. Measuring her stroke expertly she brought the cane down in a perfect arc.ss

“Arggh…arrrrggh…arrr…rrgh.” Wendy screamed as the bamboo bit into her flesh. Her buttocks quivered and shook as she tried to escape the pain. Veronica pushed hard with her fingers and increased their tempo as the girls body shook from the agony of the stroke.

“Push your bottom out Wendy,” Diane spoke firmly as she raised the cane once more. Wendy was beside herself with pain, she could hardly hear the words of her mistress. The pain seemed to invade every part of her body.

“AAAaaaargggh…arggh…aarggh.” Wendy’s body went rigid as a second stroke struck her across her quivering buttocks. Her thighs trembled uncontrollably as the pain seared through her body. Two bright red weal’s marked her bottom, they reached across the middle of both cheeks. Diane admired her handiwork as she stood back and raised the cane once more. She looked across at Veronica who immediately increased the tempo of her fingers inside the trembling girl.

“Ooooohh…arrrgh…oooohhh…please Miss….I’m…. arrgggh.” Wendy was beside herself with agony her head thrashed from side to side as Annette held her arms tightly. Diane lowered her cane, waiting for the girl to steady herself. She moved forward and gently stroked the inside of her widely spread thighs. Veronica could feel the girl beginning to respond to her ministrations, she brought her other hand up under the girl’s tummy and stroked the tips of her fingers gently over her clitoris, at the same time Diane gently parted the girl’s buttocks taking care to keep her fingers away from the bright red weal’s.

“Oooohhh…arrgghh…ooohhh.” Wendy moaned as sexual sensation mingled with the pain.

“Arrrfgggh….arggghh…oooohhh.” Her hips began to rotate as Veronica and Diane worked busily with their fingers. Diane pushed a slim finger against the girl’s anus and probed gently until she had insinuated the tip into the opening, slowly she pushed until the knuckle disappeared into the hole.

“Oooooohhhh….oooohhhhh.” Wendy moaned as she felt the intrusion her hips moved more rapidly as the girls worked on her.

Diane nodded at Veronica who increased the pace of her fingers once more. Diane stepped back quickly, pulling her finger from the girls bottom. With one continuous movement she raised the cane and brought it down hard, it’s whippy bamboo curling around the juncture between the girls bottom and thighs.

“Arrrggh….aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhh.” Wendy screamed, her orgasm of pleasure spilling into pain as the cane bit into her flesh.

“Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhh…….aaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh.” Her screams echoed through the trees of the clearing as she bucked and thrashed with the pain and pleasure. Diane dropped her cane and moved behind the girl, quickly she pushed her finger back inside the girl’s anus. Veronica pushed upward with her fingers. The poor girl squirmed furiously as they made her come. Annette watched the pitiful tear stained face of her friend as she gasped in anguish and torment. She bent her head and fastened her lips over Wendy’s, kissing her firmly as Veronica and Diane moved their fingers relentlessly inside the sobbing girl. Wendy’s body stiffened as they prolonged her orgasm, her mouth wrenched from Annette’s soft lips as she gasped for air.

“Oooo…oooohhhh….aaaarrrrggggghhh.” She trembled from head to foot her nerves on fire as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

“There my precious girl,” Diane spoke soothingly as she began to slow the pace of her finger pushed fully up into the girl’s bottom. “Try and relax a bit it’s all over now, you’ve nothing more to fear.”

“Oh Miss…please Misss…is it all over ?” Wendy gasped as she tried to speak.

“There there, just relax we’ll help you over to the blanket.” Diane gently withdrew her finger from between the girl’s buttocks and took her around the waist. The three girl’s helped the naked girl over to the blanket where Richard was lying and laid her down.

“Why don’t you go for a swim.” Diane said kindly to Richard as she knelt down beside Wendy. Richard got up immediately not daring to cover himself after what he had heard of Wendy’s thrashing. Diane looked directly at his penis and then up toward his face as he began to blush. “Off you go then I will call you when you are to come out.

“Thank you Miss.” Richard hurried off toward the lake glad to be out of the way. He plunged into the cool water and swam a fair way out before turning and looking back toward the shore.

Diane looked down at her maid. The three stripes were bright red across her bottom. Two were across the middle of the buttocks about two inches apart the third was on the lowest part of her cheeks, just above the thighs.

“Annette fetch me the bag of medicines from the hamper will you, while Veronica and I see what we can do here.” They gently lifted the naked girls hips until her bottom was thrust upward. Veronica rolled up one of the large bath towels and placed it underneath her hips. Wendy was still sobbing from emotion as Diane gently stroked her back and thighs. Annette handed the bag to Veronica who took some antiseptic cream on to her fingertips. Delicately she applied the cream to the weal’s causing the girl’s bottom to squirm. Diane slipped a hand between the girls legs, her thumb pushing up between her bottom cheeks and her fingers slipping between the lips of her vagina. “Keep still while ‘ronica puts some cream on you, there’s a good girl. We don’t want you catching any infection.”

Annette watched as the two girls stroked gently over Wendy’s body their hands softly caressing her. Her bottom was thrust upward prettily by the rolled bath towel. Annette sat at her head and gently took her hand in hers as she watched the girls soothe and caress her friend.

They continued for about ten minutes while Wendy ceased her sobbing and lay there quietly. “Come around here Annette will you.” Diane pointed toward Wendy’s legs. Annette let go of her friends hand and walked round until she was stood at the girls feet. Gently Diane parted Wendy’s legs so they were spread quite widely apart. “Now kneel in between her legs, that’s the way and just pop your dress over your head you don’t need that on now.” Annette knelt down between Wendy’s legs, quickly she hitched up her dress and drew it over her head. Her young breasts wobbled as the material brushed over them. She wore no panties and her firm young bottom glistened in the sun as she sat back down on her heels. “Right Annette do you think you know how to make a girl come?” Annette’s pretty face colored a little as she looked at her mistress.

“Er…yes I think so Miss.”

“Good, then start gently and we’ll see how well you do.” Diane placed her hands between Wendy’s legs and slid them up until they were pressing her thighs open either side of her soft pubic hair.

“Now very gently just start by rubbing over the lips of her little pussy.” Annette shuffled closer and gently placed her delicate fingers on the lips of the naked maid’s vagina. Slowly at first she traced her fingertips along the crease with soft feathery movements. Carefully she teased open the lips and traced a finger along the inside. Little by little her tiny fingers opened the girl’s sex, she leaned forward slipping two fingers up inside the moist orifice.

“That’s the way, I’ll just help you a little by popping a finger into her bottom.” Diane moved her hands upwards parting the girl’s buttocks, gently she slipped her forefinger deep inside Wendy’s anus.

Annette became more bold as she felt the girls pubis press down on to her fingers, she pressed harder, pushing her fingers deep inside the girl’s moist sex. Wendy began to moan. The soft flesh of her inner thighs quivered as she moved her hips in a rhythmic pattern.

Veronica moved toward Wendy’s head, kneeling beside her she cradled her head on to her knee and stroked her hair.

“oooOOOHH….oooohhhh.” Wendy moaned in delight as Annettes busy little fingers delved into her syrupy vagina. Veronica reached beneath the girl’s left breast and took the nipple between her finger and thumb and squeezed gently. Wendy began to move her hips in a rapid motion as she approached her climax.

“Oooohhh…aaarrrgggghh…” Her breathing became rapid and her legs began to move up and down the blanket as Annette increased the pace of her fingers.

“I think Wendy is going to have another little come aren’t you Wendy ?”

“Ooooh….y…esss Miss….ooohhh…aaaarrrggghhh.” Wendy’s hips bucked in sudden spasms as her climax overtook her.

“Don’t stop Annette until I say so.” Diane looked at the young girl as she bent to her task. Her breasts wobbled deliciously as she worked her fingers deep inside Wendy’s quivering body.

“There, what a nice little come you’re having.” Veronica whispered softly to Wendy as she bent her head forward, her lips kissing Wendy softly on the cheek. She squeezed hard on the girl’s nipple as Wendy gasped and gulped for air. Diane pushed her finger hard into the trembling bottom in front of her and brought her free hand down sharply across the red weal’s on the girl’s heaving buttocks.

“Oooo….aaaaarggghhh….mmmm…mmmmm.” Wendy gasped and murmured as her orgasm reached it’s peak, the smack on her bottom heightening the sensation as she came.

“Mmmm….ooooohhh…mmmmmm…mm.” Wendy moaned more softly as her orgasm passed. Annette looked at Diane and then slowed her fingers to gentle caresses. Slowly Wendy stopped moving her body and just lay exhausted, her legs splayed open wide and her lovely raised buttocks relaxed.

“You did very nicely Annette, I think you must have done that before.”

“Oh no Miss I have never done anything like that before.”

“Well I think tonight you can bathe Wendy and then put some more antiseptic on her bottom and after that I want you to make her come again.”

“Yes Miss” Annette looked down as she answered.

“You do intend to do as you are told, don’t you.”

“Ooh yes Miss, I promise to do as you say.”

“Can you hear me Wendy.”

Wendy turned her head toward Diane and pushed herself up slightly. “Yes Miss.”

“Did you hear what I have instructed Annette to do to you ?”

“Y’…yes Miss. Wendy stammered.

“Good we don’t want any more disobedience do we?”

“Oh no Miss I promise it will never happen again.”

“Good, well in that case you may bathe Annette first and make her come while you are bathing her.”

“Yes Miss, I promise Miss.”

“Right do you think you could bear to turn over and lay on your back ?”

Wendy gingerly lifted her hips off the towel while Diane withdrew it. Carefully Wendy turned her self over and slowly let her bottom sink to the blanket.

“There that wasn’t so bad was it ?” Diane knelt over the girl, her head a few inches away from Wendy’s blushing face.

“I know your beating hurt you, but I think it was about time that you were shown what happens when I think you have let me down. You know I think the world of you don’t you.” Diane lowered her face over Wendy’s as she spoke.

“I’m sorry Miss, I promise I will never let you down.” Her eyes looked pleadingly up in those of her mistress.

Diane bent her head and kissed her full on the lips, forcing the young girls mouth open with her tongue. She placed a hand over the girl’s breast and squeezed gently forcing her tongue deeper into her mouth. Diane kissed her until she was breathless, pulling away she saw a look of pure love and adoration in the young maid’s eyes.

“There it’s all over, lay there and rest while ‘ronica and I go for a swim.”

Diane turned to Annette “You can lay there with Wendy or go for a swim it’s up to you.”

“I’ll stay here if it’s all right Miss.”

“OK, by the way you may both dress before Richard gets out of the water.”

“Thank you Miss” Wendy answered this time, her face still flushed from the afternoons events.

Veronica and Diane had finished their swim and stood on the small jetty looking out toward the middle of the lake where Richard was swimming lazily. Diane raised her arm and called to him. Richard turned his head in the water and saw the two girls. He acknowledged with a wave and set off toward the shore. It was several minutes later that he was wading through the shallows. The girls were sat on the blankets. They had all dressed and the picnic hampers had been packed away. Richard tried to look nonchalant as he approached them, but he could see that they were amused rather than fooled by his act. Diane stood up and picked up a towel.

“Come here and let me dry you off you look rather cold.” She looked down toward his penis which had drawn up and wrinkled with the coldness of the lake water. Richard stepped forward to stand in front of her, he could not help trying to cover his genitals with his hands. Diane reached forward before he could cover himself and took hold of his penis.

“My you are cold, kneel down on the blanket and I’ll give you a good rub down.” She kept hold of his penis as he knelt timidly in front of her. Diane followed his movements, kneeling so that her body was close to his. She took her hand from his penis and draped the towel around his shoulders. “Now let’s see what we can do for you, the water must be very cold.” With calculated coolness she took his shriveled penis in both hands. She rubbed gently, her warm hands stimulating his penis. Richard was blushing profusely as she looked him in the eye.

“Dry your arms and shoulders Richard while I warm you up a bit, my you are cold.” She cupped one hand beneath his tight scrotum and began to rub gently back and forth at the same time she gently pushed the foreskin of his penis backward until the rim of the glans was revealed. Richard blushed a deeper red as she looked at him, her face but a few inches from his. “Don’t be a shy little boy, you were all shriveled up down here.” Her eyes dropped to his penis and Richard could not help look down at her gentle fingers as she pushed the foreskin back tightly and pinched the tip of the glans. Richard felt himself beginning to harden and looked at Diane in panic as she slowly slid the foreskin backward and forward, her fingers rubbing over the sensitive glans, pushing the foreskin back, stretching it tightly.

“There that seems better, stand up and I will dry your legs.”

Richard groaned inwardly, his penis was standing out in front of him as she took the towel from his fingers.

“Hands by your side that’s a good boy.” Richard stood up blushing furiously as she began to dry his legs. He could see the girls watching him. All eyes seemed to be on his penis as she pushed his legs further apart and brought the towel up underneath his testicles. Diane’s face was only a few inches away from the boy’s erection as she dried his thighs. Deliberately she took hold of the tip of the penis between her finger and thumb and squeezed the tip of the glans, causing Richard to jerk his hips backward.

“Turn around and bend down and touch your toes, I want to dry your bottom.”

Richard colored up once more as she looked up at him, but turned and slowly bent his body over until his hands could grasp his ankles.

“Further apart that’s the way.” Diane pushed at his legs until his thighs were widely splayed.

She took a small part of the towel in her hand and gently wiped down between the cheeks of his bottom. Cupping his scrotum in her other hand she stood up and bent over him. She dropped the towel and placed a hand on his back. Letting go of his scrotum she smacked him across the buttocks smartly.

“There you’re all done now you can stand up.” Richard straightened up his penis still standing out in front of him. The softness of her hands and the smell of her exotic perfume playing havoc with his senses.

“Annette would you dress him for me.” Diane looked across at the new young maid and pointed at Richard’s clothes.

“Richard go and stand in front of Annette.” Richard felt absolutely humiliated as he hesitantly walked to stand in front of the pretty young maid. His penis was still stiff and wobbled up and down as he walked. He felt foolish having to stand naked in front of the young girl. He dare not look her in the face as she knelt in front of him holding his underpants.

“Lift your leg. “She said matter of factly as she held the pants open at the waist for him to step into.

“Now the other one.” Richard felt waves of embarrassment pass through him as she pulled the pants up over his legs. Deliberately she took hold of the shaft of his penis and as the pants reached his hips she pulled sideways, placing the penis inside the waistband of his underpants. Diane looked on with an amused expression at the way in which the young girl had handled the boy.

The two girls were both naked, their skin soft and suffused in a rosy glow from their baths.

Wendy was laid face down upon her bed, her rounded buttocks pushed high into the air by two pillows which had been placed beneath her hips. Annette’s gentle fingers delicately rubbed ointment into the livid weal’s which delineated her bottom cheeks.

“Oooh that feels so soothing.” Wendy squirmed her hips, her pretty bottom moving seductively from side to side.

“Push your knee’s a little further apart I can’t get at you properly.” Annette murmured as she slipped a hand between the soft flesh of Wendy’s bottom. Deliberately she pushed her hand underneath the prostrate girl, cupping her fingers under the gentle swelling of the young maid’s pubis. Annette felt a tremor run through the body beneath her as she gently pushed two fingers up into the crease of the parted lips of the vagina. With a firm movement she pushed further up inside the moist orifice.

Wendy gasped at the sudden intrusion, her hips lifting off the pillows. Annette stood up from her kneeling position beside the bed. She kept her fingers pushed firmly into the girl’s vagina as she straddled Wendy’s body, sitting lightly on her back facing her legs. She bent forward over the girl’s bottom and pushed her other hand between the cheeks.

Annette worked her fingers diligently, she was determined to make her friend come quickly. Wendy had made her stand with her legs wide apart while she had bathed her. Her clever fingers had penetrated both her vagina and her pretty bottom, making her climax twice before Wendy had let her get out of the bath.

“Relax now, Miss Diane said I should make you come too, so please open your legs as wide as you can.” Annette’s voice was a whisper as she bent forward to her task. Her dainty fingers moved insistently in the syrupy vagina, her other fingers delicately teased the opening of her bottom. Annette pushed with her forefinger against the tightly closed sphincter of Wendy’s bottom. She watched as her finger slid up into the hole.

“Oooohh…oohh……mmmm.mm” Wendy moaned as Annette moved her finger in circular motions inside her bottom. She moved her fingers faster inside the girl’s vagina, pushing her fingers to the limit, at the same time she thrust a second finger up into the wriggling bottom.

“Arrrrrgggg…hhhhhh….Oooohhh…ooooohhhh… I….I’m…ccc…coming…oohh “

Wendy was beside herself with ecstasy as Annette’s busy fingers brought her to a climax. “Does that feel nice?” Annette murmured to the girl as she increased the pace of her fingers.

“Oooooohhh…y…yes, it feels wonderful…aarrrgggh arrrgh. Wendy groaned once more as Annette bent her head forward and bit the quivering buttocks beneath her. Slowly she decreased the pace of her fingers, watching the quivering body of the girl beneath her as her climax subsided.

Later the girls lay side by side on the bed. Annette gently stroked her delicate fingers over her friends breasts, the nipples hard and pointed quivered under her gentle caresses.

“Do we have to bath Richard tonight?” Annette whisper as she turned her head towards Wendy.

“No I think Miss Diane and Veronica are going to do it.” Her friend replied as sat up. She looked down at Annette and stroked her hand down over the girl’s tummy, her hand cupping the smoothly shaved pubis. Annette squeezed her legs together, trapping Wendy’s fingers between the juncture of her thighs. “I think we had better just check to see that I am right about Richard’s bath. Do you want to get dressed and come with me?”.

Richard was laid in bed. He had not seen the girls since they had eaten dinner. It had been nine thirty by the time Richard had got to his room. He had been given no instructions as to what he should do, so he had put on the new pyjamas he had found on the bed and after brushing his teeth had climbed in between the sheets.