A Governess For Richard Part 4

Richard Begins His Therapy

Shafts of sunlight filtered through the serrated edges of the palm tree leaves which covered the conservatory roof. It was another hot day and the skylights of the large glass building had been opened allowing the lazy hum of summer sounds to enter the glassed area. A gentle whisp of cooler air could occasionally be felt through the large opened glass doors which lead to the garden lawns. The design of the conservatory followed the lines of the old Crystal Palace. It had been added to the original building some years after and had been used extensively by the family ever since. The smooth marble floor was laid out in a mosaic pattern. At the sides were beds of palms, grasses and exotic plants. Lady Rawlings sat at an ornate desk which had been placed at one end of the building. In front of her were several cane chairs and table with a glass top. Wine glasses and a filigree silver serving tray containing thermos jugs stood together with cups and saucers and several different bottles of wine. Beyond the table and chairs were two massage tables, their shiny leather surfaces standing three feet high from the floor. Behind these Veronica and Diane were busy arranging bottles and jugs on a small chromium trolley. They were both dressed in tennis whites, their short pleated skirts revealing small white panties as they bent over the top of the trolley.

It was the day that Richard was to begin his therapy. The Medical Center had arranged for the doctor and her staff to visit Lady Rawlings that afternoon. She had spoken several times with the doctor on the telephone and had been left with the impression that they both understood each other well. The doctor had also arranged for someone to come and prepare Richard for his therapy but had given no hint as to what form this might take.

Lady Rawlings looked up from the papers she was reading and saw her maid Wendy approach. Behind Wendy was a young girl dressed in a white tunic. Her dark hair was pinned behind her head, and on top she wore a neat cap with the word ‘Freda’s’ written across the front.

“This girl had been sent by the Medical Center to em.. see Richard, Madam.” Wendy was not quite sure how to announce the reason for the young girl’s visit.

“My name is Jill, Madam. I have been sent to prepare someone called Richard Chambers.” She transferred the bag she was carrying, to the floor and took a piece of paper from her pocket. “It says here he is to be shaved before he has some therapy on his bottom, Madam.”

Lady Rawlings, was rather startled at the forthright way the girl announced her task. Instead of answering straight away she turned to her maid. “You may go back to what you were doing.” The maid gave a little bend from the knee and left the girl standing in front of her mistress.

Lady Rawlings looked at the girl, hiding the amusement she felt at the matter of fact way the girl had announced herself. “I see …. and how is he to be shaved, totally or just the area around his bottom?.”

“Just the area around his bottom I think madam, we usually tidy them up a bit if they are very hairy, but Doctor said this was a young boy.” The girl turned her head as Diane approached, her eyes taking in the girl’s svelte figure and the beautifully tailored tennis outfit.

Diane smiled as she spoke, her well modulated voice instantly capturing the girl’s attention. “You work at Freda’s in town don’t you? I didn’t know they went in for pubic hair dressing.” She laughed, her beautiful face mesmerizing the young hairdresser.

“We have a contract with the Medical Center we do all the work there.” She spoke seriously to Diane.

“Would you have time to do another little job while you are here ?.” Diane had an idea forming in her mind as she remained smiling at the girl. “It is going to be a couple of hours before the People from the Medical Center get here, so there is plenty of time to do Richard, and I would rather like you to shave one of my maids. Is that possible?.

“Yes, certainly if she wants it doing.” The young girl replied.

“My maids do exactly as I say. She might be a little embarrassed, but I can assure you she wont make a fuss, not unless she wants a smack on the bottom.” For the first time the young girl showed some expression on her face. “Do you smack their bottoms if they don’t do what they are told?” Her expression showed an interest in the subject.

“Of course, neither my mother or myself allow our staff to be disobedient, and the girl in question is in no position to argue. So, will you do it ?” Diane had observed the girl while she was talking to her, and thought she detected a quickening of interest when she had mentioned smacking her young maid’s bottom.

“Yes, of course, when would you like me to do it. Now?”

Diane smiled at her. “You sit down and have a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine if you prefer, I will go and fetch her. Her name is Wendy by the way.”

“Thank you, where shall I put my things?.” The girl looked around as Veronica joined them.

“You can put them over here on this trolley, I have arranged the other bottles and things that the Medical Center sent over this morning.” Veronica picked the girls bag up from the floor as she spoke and walked with her toward the trolley.

“Are you going to join in my little bit of fun?” Diane asked her mother quietly.

Lady Rawlings smiled at her pretty daughter. “No, but I will attend when the doctor gets here. Make sure I have a word with her in my study before she comes through here will you.”

“OK mother, I’ll go and fetch Wendy. Will you see to a drink for the girl ?” Diane walked through the magnificent open walk-way which lead into the main part of the house and up the main staircase towards the bedrooms. Wendy and Annette were ironing clothes in the airing room on the first floor. “You can leave the ironing for now both of you.” Wendy and Annette looked up as Diane spoke to them. “I want you both downstairs, in the conservatory.”

“Yes Miss, at once.” Wendy replied. Diane walked with them as they left the room. “You remember what I have told you about disobedience, don’t you Wendy ?”

Wendy looked up at her mistress as they walked down the corridor side by side. “Oh yes Miss, I wouldn’t disobey you again.”

“That’s very good Wendy because I am going to have something done to you which you may not agree with. But I promise you, one complaint and I’ll bend you over and give you six of the very best. Do you understand me?”

Wendy looked at her young Mistress, her face wore a worried expression. “Will it hurt, I mean what you are going to have done to me?.”

Diane smiled at her, “of course not, I would not hurt you, unless it was to punish you.” Diane looked at Wendy. There was definitely a look of love and supplication on the young maid’s face.

The girls stood around one of the massage tables. The young hairdresser was busy laying out her things. Wendy stood in the middle of Veronica and Diane. She already had an idea what was about to happen and was blushing profusely. “This young lady is going to shave you between your legs, so I want you to do exactly as she tells you, so no nonsense now, is that clear?” Diane turned toward the young hairdresser. “Wendy will do precisely what you ask, so if you would like to instruct her we can begin.”

The hairdresser turned toward Wendy. She showed no embarrassment at all as she looked the blushing young maid up and down. Wendy wore a black dress which buttoned down the front. Around her waist was a small white pinafore.

“Get undressed please, and lay on the table.” She watched as Wendy blushed an even deeper red and began undoing the top buttons of her dress. Diane slipped behind her and undid the pinafore. As Wendy reached the buttons at the waist of her dress, the young hairdresser could see the girls breasts as the material sagged open. Wendy finished opening the buttons and reluctantly let the garment slip from her shoulders. Diane caught hold of the dress and placed it with the pinafore on the other massage table.

Wendy was naked except for her small panties. “Pop your panties off and lay on the table, will you ?” The girl walked around to the head of the table as she spoke.

“We’ll have your head at this end.” Wendy was blushing from head to foot as she pushed the small panties down over her thighs and stepped daintily from them. Trying to cover herself as best she could she sat on the low table. The hairdresser immediately placed her hands on the blushing girl’s shoulders and pulled her backwards until she was laid down fully on the table.

“Now I think we will have you turned over on your front… there, that’s the way.” She helped Wendy turn over so that she was laid flat on her stomach. Moving around the table she placed her hands on the girls hips. “Now if you will just get up on to your knees, there that’s it. No not on your hands, go down on to your elbows.” She manipulated the girl’s body as she spoke to her. “There now just get your knees as far apart as you can, there that’s it.”

Diane looked down at Wendy, her bottom was thrust up into the air, her thighs spread widely apart. Her head was turned to one side, her pretty face was bright red. The young hairdresser looked at the four stripes across the girl’s bottom. Three red stripes neatly spaced and a fainter one at the juncture between thigh and buttocks. She said nothing but a quiver of excitement ran through her. “Perhaps you can give me a hand.”

The hairdresser spoke to Annette. “Come around here and put your hands on either side of her bottom, like this.” Annette did as she was bid, and placed her hands on Wendy’s bottom cheeks close to the crease of her buttocks. The young girl took a jug from the trolley and a small soft brush. “Now just hold the cheeks as far apart as you can while I soap in between.”

Wendy blushed at the absolute humiliation of it all, she moaned softly as she felt her buttocks being spread apart. Her body was a delight to look at. Her back curved upwards from the bed, her firm buttocks pushed high. Her knee’s were spread widely apart so that they rested on the very edge, each side of the massage table. She was well aware that all her femininity was on view to the onlookers. Jill looked down at the girl, the young Vietnamese maid was holding the cheeks of her bottom well apart. The neat little star of her sphincter was being tightly stretched as Jill placed her own hand between the crease of the buttocks and stroked her fingers down between her thighs. Her finger nails delicately brushing through the puff of pubic hair covering the girl’s vagina. Wendy trembled as she felt a finger probe between the lips. She quivered as the shaving brush was thrust in between the cheeks of her bottom. She felt the soapy liquid slurp in between her thighs as the hairdresser moved the brush with quite vigorous motions from the top of her buttocks and down over her pubis.

The girl seemed oblivious to the maid’s embarrassment or discomfort. She put down the brush and continued soaping the distraught girl with her hand. Her finger lingering over the swelling of the pubis. Jill watched the girl’s hips tremble as she pushed her fingers firmly over the pubic mound. The flesh felt firm under her hands. Gently she let the tip of her finger penetrate the lips, feeling for the clitoris. The girl shuddered, her buttocks quivering as she felt Jill’s finger push further into the already moist orifice. Annette stretched the buttocks wider as Jill brought her other hand up between the cheeks and impudently pushed her forefinger up into the young girl’s bottom.

Diane looked on as the girls fingers played back and forth between the out-stretched thighs. “Will you pull the buttocks further apart when I tell you ?”

The girl took a small safety razor from the trolley and bent forward over the thrusting buttocks of the young maid. Annette did as she was told and stretched the cheeks wider, allowing the girl to shave between the crease. She worked steadily until there was not a trace of hair up to the lips of the Wendy’s Vagina. She smoothed her finger down between the girl’s bottom, feeling the smoothness of the flesh.

“Right, I think we are ready for you to turn over now, you can let go of her bottom and help her lay on to her back.” Annette obeyed letting the tightly stretched cheeks of her bottom relax.. Wendy moaned as she felt relief after having her buttocks stretched so widely. Her legs and back ached after her strained position.

They turned the girl over until she was laid on her back. Diane noted that Wendy kept her head turned to one side. Her cheeks were bright red. “Pull your knees up.” Wendy was slow to obey. The girl quickly caught hold of Wendy’s leg and pushed the knee up until the girls foot was flat on the table just below her buttocks. “And the other one.” Annette helped Wendy place the other leg in the same position. “Now just let your legs fall outwards, …. relax them, there…that’s the way.”

Wendy turned her face in to padded surface of the bed as they exposed her so openly. Her mouth opened wide but made no sound as she felt the shaving brush being thrust rudely up and down over the lips of her vagina. Both Veronica and Diane gently held the girls thighs open, supporting her knees which extended over the sides of the bed. Wendy blushed as she felt the young hairdresser stroke her fingers over her pubic hair. She watched as the girl reached for the shaving brush and brought it between her thighs. She felt the bristles penetrate between the lips, shuddering as the rough texture of the bristles brushed over her clitoris.

“Arrrgggghhhh…mmmmm.mm” Wendy gasped as the brush was rubbed vigorously in between the tender lips of her sex. She tried to raise her knees but felt gentle fingers pull her thighs even wider apart. The young hairdresser was quite enjoying herself. She had sensed immediately what Diane and the other girl had wanted from her. Quickly she began to shave the small curls of hair from around the lips, occasionally she would push her fingers into the crease and gently tease the lips apart, shaving the minute hairs from the crest. After several minutes she ran her fingers over the whole area of the pubis and down between the crease of her bottom. “I think that should be fine. Shall I put some cream on her ? Otherwise she might develop a razor rash.” She looked at Diane inquiringly.

“Yes I think you had better, nothing looks worse than a sore pussy.”

The young hairdresser smiled at Diane. “To do it properly might take a few minutes, is that all right ?”

Diane smiled and nodded meaningfully to the girl. “I would rather you did it thoroughly… er it doesn’t matter if she becomes…..em aroused, I certainly don’t want her to be sore.” The girl understood immediately. She took a hot flannel from the bowl and squeezed off the excess water. Bending low between girl’s legs she slapped the hot flannel over the smooth fleshy mound of the pubis. Briskly she wiped the cloth over the soft flesh, quickly applying it between the buttocks. She pushed hard, ignoring the girl’s moans as she wiped her bottom. The rough material making the girl’s bottom squirm from side to side as wiped over the sensitive sphincter. She turned to the trolley and took a tube of cream. She watched the girl shiver as she squeezed a generous amount over her naked pubis. Gently but firmly she began to move her hand between the maid’s thighs. Her fingers slipping in between the crease of her sex. She looked at Diane once more to make sure, and gently increased the tempo of her movements.

Wendy began to moan softly as she felt gentle fingers slip into her. Slowly, inexorably she felt herself being seduced by the girl’s clever ministrations. Suddenly she gasped as a creamy finger slid upward into her vagina. “Just relax now.” She heard Diane say as another finger slid up inside her. Diane watched as the firm young body below her shivered with sensation. Her young breasts heaving up and down as she began to breath more deeply. “AAAaaaarggggghhhhh..MMMMMMMmmm.”

Wendy could not help herself as she fought to contain her feelings. Veronica moved to the girl’s head and gently placed her hands over her breasts. With her finger nails she scraped over the nipples until they became firm. “Just you relax now, there’s a good girl.” Wendy could not help herself, her hips began to gyrate as the hairdressers clever fingers increased their pace.

“OOOOOOOOOOOoooohhhh…aaarrrgh.” Her body quivered as she felt a finger being pushed rudely up into her bottom. “Arrhh.eehhhh….pppleease…pleeaase. “The sensation was too much for the young maid her hips thrashed under their fingers

.”..Eeeeehh. …I…Immm ..coming .Aaaarhhhh…” Her head turned wildly from side to side as the girls extracted every last sensation from the young girl’s body. “ There…now, “

Diane stroked her fingers gently up and down the inside of Wendy’s thigh. She felt the shivers of sexual sensation begin to abate as she caressed her flesh. The hairdresser slowed the motions of her hands and gently extracted her finger from the girls bottom. She looked up at Diane, and smiled, her white teeth showing between her pink lips. “I think you did very nicely, come and sit with me over here while we let Wendy recover her senses.”

Jill sat beside Diane on the cane settee and looked across at Veronica and the young Vietnamese maid as they helped Wendy sit up upon the massage table. Her slim naked figure pale against Veronica’s hand which gently stroked over the young girl’s breasts.

“Annette would you come here a moment ?” Diane’s voice broke the silence as she called across the room. She turned her head back toward Jill, “How often do you think we need to shave Wendy to keep her nice and smooth?”

“Oh I think about once a week should be sufficient. It will keep her nice and smooth and if you rub plenty of cream in, she won’t get sore.” Jill looked up as she finished speaking and watched Annette stand in front of her young Mistress.

“Would you like to check Annette to see if she needs shaving again ? It must be nearly a week since she was at the Medical Center.”

Jill looked at Diane and smiled as she answered. “Yes if you like.”

She looked up at Annette. “Come and stand in front of me.” Annette moved sideways until she stood in front of the young hairdresser. Swiftly Jill placed her hands behind the girls knees and pulled her forwards. She pushed both hands up beneath the young maid’s dress and quickly pulled down her panties before she could protest. Leaning forward she pushed the flimsy material over the girl’s ankles. “Just lift your foot so I can get them off, there’s a good girl.” Annette blushed as the girl took her panties from her and laid them on the side of the settee.

Jill looked up at the girl’s face as she slowly pushed her dress up to her waist. “Just hold your dress up like that and open your legs as wide as you can.” Annette took hold of the dress which was bunched around her waist. “As high as you can, there that’s the way.” Jill watched the girl bite her lips she pulled the material of the dress up above her waist and shuffled her legs apart. Annette was now completely naked from the waist down. Her shaven pubis seemed to accentuate her nakedness. Her body looked delightful. Her firm stomach gently curving inwards to the plump flesh of the pubis. The muscles of her thighs tightened as she stretched her legs further apart. Annette felt feathery fingers gently caress the inside of her thigh.

“Open up a bit more, that’s the way.” Jill leaned forward and cupped the girl’s pubic mound. Gently she moved her hand backwards and forwards over the lips of the vagina. She could feel the girl tremble as she teased open the lips with the delicate probing of her fingers.

“She is still very smooth, but I might as well do her again while I am here. Shall I get her up on to the table?.”

Diane smiled. The young maid looked delightful, her hips swaying as Jill rubbed her hand gently between the lips of the vagina. “Yes if you would, I don’t want to keep you from your other work, but I would appreciate it. I will send for Richard so that he is ready by the time you have finished Annette.”

Diane smiled again as she watched Jill turn the girl and give her a little tap on the bottom. “If you will go and get your things off and lay on the table on your tummy, I will be with you in a minute.” Jill said to the girl as she gave another little smack to her bottom. Annette walked toward the massage table, her face was flushed as she faced Wendy and Veronica. Wendy was standing by the side of the table, her naked body contrasting sharply against the black leather covering. “Pop you dress over your head.

Veronica held her arms out to take the dress as she spoke. “Right up on to the table with you, there’s a good girl.” Veronica helped Annette into a kneeling position, pushing and pulling gently until the girl was knelt with her knee’s wide apart and her bottom thrust upward. Her head was turned to the side and resting on her arms. Annette could feel the strain in her back as Veronica applied more pressure, pushing her shoulders down so that her bottom tilted further forward. Veronica moved her hand slowly up over the cheeks of the maids buttocks and down into the crevice of her thighs.

Veronica looked over toward Diane and the young hairdresser. “Annette is ready if you would like to start.” Diane looked toward her friend. “We’ll be there in a minute, Wendy, would you come over here please ?” Diane beckoned with here hand as she spoke.

Wendy’s face was still flushed as she crossed the room toward the two girls. She was acutely aware of her nakedness. She felt the cool air between her thighs, accenting her nudity. She could not help herself as she tried to cover her pubis with her hand. It felt strangely smooth to her touch. She had never felt so naked.

“Just stand in front of me, my you look delightful. Now stop being silly and put your arms by your side.” Wendy looked down, her long eyelashes closing over her blushing cheeks. Reluctantly she let her arms fall to her sides. Her legs were squeezed together modestly as she stood in front of her mistress. “Stand up straight and stop being stupid.” Diane said sharply. “I wont tolerate any nonsense, so you had better do as you are told first time. Now stand with your legs apart and put you hands on top of your head.”

Wendy jumped at the rebuke. She quickly opened her legs and placed her hands on top of her head. “Now stand up straight instead of crouching forward, we will have no more disobedience today. Do you hear me young lady ?.”

Wendy quickly straightened her body. Her young firm breasts bouncing as she stood to attention. “Feet further apart, come along now.” Wendy quickly shuffled her feet so that her legs were wide apart. “Now look at me, when I am talking to you.”

The young maid looked down at her Mistress, “I am sorry Miss.”

“That’s better, now we can see you properly.” Diane leaned forward and ran her hand upward on the inside of the girl’s thigh. She cupped her fingers, and brought her hand up between the girl’s legs. Gently she rubbed her fingers backwards and forwards over the lips of the vagina. Her long finger nails teasing open the plump folds of skin at either side of the crease. “My you do feel nice and smooth doesn’t she Jill.”

Diane took hold of Jill’s wrist and placed her hand on the leg of the naked girl in front of them. Jill smiled quickly at Diane and began to stroke upwards with her soft fingers, she reached between the girl’s legs and pushed her fingers upwards between the buttocks. “Yes she’s nice and smooth now.”

“We had better go and get on with Annette. You can stay where you are Wendy until we are finished. No on second thoughts you can go as you are to mothers office and show her your nice little pussy.” Abruptly Diane let go of the girl and stood up. “Off you go and don’t dawdle.” She turned the girl around and gave her a smack on her pretty bottom. “You can take your hands off your heads but you are not to cover yourself, do you understand ?”

“Yes Miss.” Annette stammered.

Richard watched the flurry of excitement as the small birds chased away a Magpie. He was kneeling on the window seat, his elbows rested on the stone sill enabling him to hold the binoculars steady.

The sound of footsteps caused him to look round. “You must be Richard.” A young woman had entered the bedroom. She wore a nurse’s uniform and was carrying a bag. Richard looked startled as he stood to face her. “I am from the Medical Center where you were examined last week, I have been asked to come and see you.”

The young nurse smiled at the boy and proceeded to the bed where she laid down a large black leather satchel she had been carrying. Richard watched the nurse as she began to take several items from the bag. She was a strikingly beautiful girl of about twenty years of age. She smiled at Richard as she unwrapped some small tubes from their packing. Her teeth were white and even. Her face was extremely pretty. Her brown eyes narrowed as she looked over toward Richard. He blushed a little as their eyes met. Her uniform stretched tightly across her breasts as she stood with her back straight. She shifted her legs apart. the hem of her uniform stretched tight against her legs. The skirt was quite short revealing beautifully tanned thighs, perfect knees and shapely calves. Richard blushed again as she caught him looking at the tops of her legs. She smiled to herself and moved forward toward Richard who was now sat facing her.

“Stand up and let’s have a look at you.” She motioned with her hand for him to step forward. Richard could not bring himself to look her in the eye. He shuffled forward and stood with his head bowed looking at his feet. She gently cupped his chin and lifted his head. “The doctor is coming to start your therapy, so I have to get you ready. They didn’t tell me you were a shy boy.” She smiled kindly at him. “You needn’t be embarrassed there is only the two of us here, so just relax, there’s a good boy.”

Richard blushed once more. The smell of her delicate perfume and the gentle stroking of her fingers on his cheek played havoc with his senses. She stood back and dropped her hands to his waist. “Right, we had better start hadn’t we young man ?” Richard was dressed in a white Tee shirt and blue shorts. His long legs bare, apart from short white sports socks. He had not been wearing shoes.

“What are you going to do Miss ? I didn’t know the doctor was coming today.” Richard’s face had a look of anguish as he spoke to the nurse.

“You needn’t call me Miss. I am Nurse Susan Harvey… just call me nurse if you like.” Her fingers stroked down his cheek and under his chin. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. Let’s have your Tee shirt off first, shall we ?.” The young nurse stood closer to the boy, Richard felt the hem of her uniform touch his bare legs, then the gentle touch of her hands as she held his waist. She quickly pulled the shirt up from his shorts and slid it up revealing his chest to just below his arms. “Arms up above your head…there, that’s the way.” She pulled the shirt over his head and laid it on the window seat behind him.

“Now the shorts.” She reached towards him and pulled him forward by the waistband of his shorts until she could sit on the bed. Quickly she undid the waist catch and pulled down the zip fastener. She placed both palms on either side of his waist and gently slid the shorts to the floor. Richard blushed as she bent to release the shorts from his feet. She sat up and looked at the boy’s face. Richard blushed once again. “Now, you’re not going to be embarrassed all afternoon are you Richard?”

“er.. No Miss.” Richard stammered as he looked down at her pretty face.

“That’s a good boy, now we just need your underpants and your socks off then I can start.” Slowly and deliberately, she tucked her thumbs into the waistband of his underpants. She lifted her head to look at his face. Richard was blushing furiously, he felt dizzy as she gently slid the pants down until they reached the base of his penis. “Try not to be shy there’s a good boy.” Richard felt her breath on his stomach as she lowered her head. She pushed the pants lower, slowly revealing his penis and scrotum. Her head moved forward, her cheek brushing against his thigh as she pushed the pants to the floor.

“Step out of those and then give me your foot.” Gently she took his foot and slid off the sock. Her cheek brushed against his penis as she took the other foot and repeated the procedure. Richard quickly placed his hands over his genitals as he balanced on one foot. The nurse sat upright once more and placed her hands on the boys waist. She was smiling at the way his hands were clutching his genitals.

“We can’t have you being so nervous, can we Richard?” Gently she took hold of each wrist and pulled his hands away, placing them at his sides. “Stand up straight, head straight, chin up, that’s the way.” She lowered her head once more and looked at the boys body. She noticed the firm stomach and well muscled thighs. She noted that his penis had become slightly fuller in shape than when she had first uncovered him. The cool air from the open window seemed to accent Richard’s nakedness as he stood still wondering what the nurse was going to do to him. He shivered as he felt her hand slowly stroke between his thighs, gently pushing his legs apart.

“I am going to give you an enema. Not a big one, just two of these small bags full.” She picked up a clear plastic bag from the bed and showed it to him. Richard’s face was beetroot red as he looked down at the bag she was holding. It was made of a soft plastic which moved as the liquid inside was disturbed. It seemed to mould itself to her fingers as she held it in her palm. One corner of the bag had a blue plastic tube protruding from it, The tube was about six inches long and had a seal over the end. She put the bag down and took a small box from the contents of her bag. Richard watched as she unfolded a square of plastic about the size of a hand towel and placed it over her knees.

“Come around to my side.” She placed her hands on his waist and pulled him around until he was stood by her side his shins just touching her thighs. She placed her right arm around his waist and stroked her hand down over his bottom cheeks. Richard blushed as he felt the delicate touch of her fingers on his bare skin. He looked down in embarrassment as she placed her other hand on his knee and delicately brushed her fingers up between his legs. She pushed her hand up between his thighs until she was able to gently cup his testicles in her palm. She encircled the penis and scrotum with her fingers and pulled the boy’s genitals forward.

“Bend forward over my knee, there’s a good boy.” She gently tapped his bottom as she pulled forward on his genitals. Richard bent over the young nurse’s knees until his hands were touching the floor. He felt her pull his penis forward so that it rested between her thighs before taking her hand from under his stomach. The plastic sheet felt cold against his skin as the weight of his body pressed against it.

The nurse placed her left arm around his waist and pulled him gently towards her until she felt comfortable. His body did not feel heavy as most of his weight was taken by his hands and knees. She gently stroked her hands over his buttocks. a slight shiver ran through the boy as she delicately pushed her finger tips between the crease of his bottom and pulled the cheeks apart. “Are you all right Richard, you’re not uncomfortable are you?”

Richard mumbled indistinctly.

“Answer me, there’s a good boy.”

“I’m…er…alright miss.” Richard managed to stammer.

“Good, I’m just going to lubricate your bottom, so the tube will slide in nice and easily.” She reached beside her and unscrewed the cap from a tube of lubricant. She applied a small amount to her finger, She placed her wrist on his nearest buttock, holding her finger away from his flesh. with her other hand she gently pulled the cheeks apart. With the merest pressure she stroked her lubricated finger over the sphincter, she felt his body jump as the cool lubricant touched the sensitive opening of his bottom. She continued stroking with her finger increasing the pressure as the lubricant moistened the skin. She reached for the tube once more and placed the long nozzle against the opening of the sphincter. “Just relax now Richard.”

Gently she inserted the nozzle and squeezed some more lubricant from the tube. Richard shivered as he felt the cool liquid enter his bottom. She pulled the nozzle out slowly allowing more lubricant to spill between the cheeks of his bottom. Her finger became firmer this time as she rubbed over the opening of his bottom. She teased the orifice with her finger tip and without warning slid her finger up inside his bottom. “Argh….Mmm.” Richard squirmed as he felt her finger enter deep inside him.

“Just relax, I’m not hurting you.” She pushed her finger in and out of his bottom until she felt satisfied the passage was lubricated. Gently she let her finger slide out and reached for the first of the two enema bags. She pulled away the seal and pushed the bag between the lower part of his buttocks with the pipe pointing upright. She bent the plastic pipe over and pushed it deftly up into Richard’s bottom. “Oooo ..er Miss.” Richard gasped at the intrusion as the Nurse pushed the bag firmly between the cheeks of his bottom and began to squeeze slowly. Richard felt the sterile water squirt up into him.

The nurse smiled to herself as she felt Richard’s body through the thin plastic sheet. She thought she could detect an increased pressure on the inside of her thigh which could only mean that the boys penis was becoming hard. Slowly she pulled the empty bag away from his buttocks watching the sphincter contract as the tube slipped out. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it?.” She stroked her hand over his buttocks, watching them flex as if to deny further intrusion.

Richard mumbled something, she could see his face was beetroot red. “What was that Richard, are you all right down there?”

“Er…yes miss.” Richard felt totally humiliated as he lay naked over her knee. He could feel his penis starting to harden against the softness of her thighs.

“Just the other one then, try and relax your bottom.” Richard mumbled once more, but the nurse noticed the buttocks unclench. Once more she pulled his buttocks apart and pushed the second bag between the under-part of the cheeks. She teased open the orifice with the tip of the tube, feeling the boys body squirm as she pushed all six inches up into his bottom.

“Urghghh…Mmm” Richard moaned as he felt the tube push upward inside him. “Just relax Richard,” She squeezed the bag firmly sending a gush of water up into him.

“Argghh…Ooo.” Richard gasped as he felt the cool water jet into his insides. The nurse kept a steady pressure on the bag until all the contents had entered his bottom. She quickly withdrew the tube and put the bag on the bed beside her.

“Now I just want you to stay like this for a few moments and then I’ll take you through to the bathroom.”

When she had been briefed for her visit to the Manor House, the doctor had told her that Richard was very special. She could see now that the she had not exaggerated. The boy’s proportions were perfect, his face, although now extremely flushed was quite beautiful. She slowly stroked her left hand over his back and gently toyed with the hair on the back of his neck. Her right hand moved gently down over his buttocks, her fingers dipped between the inside of his thighs. “We’ll just stay like this for a couple more minutes Richard, so that the enema can do it’s work. Are you all right?”

“Er. .yes Miss.” Richard was intoxicated by the gentle smooth hands slowly caressing his body. Her fingers at the nape of his neck seemed just as intimate as the soft caresses over his bottom. Richard felt his penis stiffen. Try as he might he could not control himself. The nurse felt it too, she smiled as she drew her fingers up between the cheeks of his bottom. She moved her thighs together trapping his penis between them. The plastic sheet could not disguise his erection. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling an answering throb from the boys fully erected penis.

“I think that’s long enough now Richard. if you can try and get up, but keep bent over. I’ll help you to the bathroom.” Richard blushed furiously once more as he realized that he would not be able to hide his erection. “Now I want you to squeeze your buttocks together as tightly as you can. Do you think you can do that for me?” The Nurse placed each hand on either side of his waist as Richard pushed himself up. As soon as his weight was on his legs he quickly put both hands over his penis, cupping it to his body. The Nurse watched with amusement as he crouched forward, vainly trying to cover his penis. She turned him around until he was facing the bathroom door and stood up. Placing her hand upon his back she guided him through the bathroom door to the toilet.

“Just sit on there and try and expel all the water.” She lifted the seat cover and turned the boy so that he was facing her with his back to the toilet. Richard’s face was bright red as she pushed him down on the seat. He sat with his legs tightly together, his hands clutching his penis to his stomach.

“I’ll run a bath while you are doing that.” She leaned over the bath and turned on both of the gold taps. The plug control was already in the closed position. Richard was numb with embarrassment. The pressure in his stomach was quite strong and yet he hoped the nurse might leave before he had to evacuate his bowels. Mercifully she turned and left the bathroom, leaving the taps of the bath running. Richard blew out his breath in relief as he unclenched his buttocks, the water gushed out instantly. Quickly he stood and wiped himself. His penis stood out and upwards from his body as he wiped himself and threw the paper down into the bowl. He had just managed to flush the toilet and cover his genitals with both hands before the nurse entered the bathroom. This time she was carrying a large plastic enema bag which she placed on the side of the bath before turning off the taps. Richard stood as straight as he could without uncovering himself. He watched as she picked up the bag and turned to face him.

“I am going to give you a rinse and then you can have your bath.” Richard looked perplexed as she took his arm and gently pulled him forward so that he was facing the side of the bath. “If you can bend over and rest your hands on the side of the bath.” Richard looked alarmed as she pulled one hand away from his groin and gestured for him to bend over with his hands on the bath. Richard obeyed managing to conceal his genitals until he was well bent over. The nurse leaned over and gently parted the boys buttocks. “Just relax there’s a good boy.”

She deftly pushed the bag between his cheeks and pulled the seal off the long tube. She pressed her fingertip firmly against the sphincter and drew her finger forward, stretching the skin. Without warning she pushed the whole of the tube up into his bottom and squeezed the bag firmly.

“Argggh..Misss.” Richard groaned as the cool liquid squirted up into him. The Nurse leaned her body over his to stop him straightening up. Richard could not help shivering as the gush of water seemed to continue for ever, engorging his stomach without respite. He felt an incredible pressure as the water surged into his bottom. She squeezed the bag until all it’s entire content’s had emptied. The nurse gently pulled the nozzle out, feeling the boy shiver as she pushed two fingers hard against the sphincter.

“If you would just step backwards Richard.” She maneuvered the boy until he was crouched over the toilet bowl, his legs either side of the porcelain. She did not let him sit but held him so that his buttocks were just above the seat. “Now just take your hand away so I can see between your legs.”

Richard slowly uncovered himself as the nurse held his waist and bent down on one knee, her head now only inches from his semi erect penis. “Put your hands on my shoulders, that’s the way, now see if you can let all the water go.” Richard was absolutely humiliated as the young nurse peered between his legs. Gently she cupped the palm of her hand beneath his testicles and lifted them.

“Are you having trouble evacuating Richard?” Richard’s stomach felt bloated and uncomfortable. The nurse placed her other hand over his stomach and pressed firmly. The pressure was too much for Richard to bear. He felt the water suddenly gush down into the toilet bowl. The nurse watched as clean water jetted from between his legs.

“Right, you can sit down now” She let go of him and moved back observing him as he sat on the toilet seat. Richard immediately clasped his hands to his groin. He pressed his legs together dropping his head, more to avoid her steady gaze than to make sure he had covered himself.

“If you just make one last effort… as if you were having trouble going to the toilet.” Richard strained feeling foolish. He could no imagine that there was anything left inside him. He felt drained and totally humiliated. He looked up blushing again as she smiled kindly at him. Her beauty intimidated the boy. Susan was aware of her looks… not in a vain way, but she was cognizant of the effect she had on her patients. She had been fully briefed by the doctor on how to handle Richard. She looked down at his naked body. He was everything she had been lead to expect and more. If there were no alternative instructions from the doctor, she would often try and put patients at their ease by asking about their interests or family. No such subterfuge was required today, the doctor had been most explicit.

“All right Richard, you’ve been a very good boy so far. Just hop into the bath and I will clean you up a bit.” She motioned toward the bath with a graceful movement of her arm. She watched with amusement as he timidly stepped into the bath. He crouched down in the water still covering his groin. Susan saw no reason why she should not extract the maximum enjoyment from the situation.

She moved to the side of the bath, standing over the boy. “Stand up and face me.” Her voice, kindly but firm. Richard looked up, feeling a terrible sense of deja vu as he looked up into her face. Reluctantly he put one hand on the side of the bath and managed to haul himself to his feet. He stood crouching forward, his face almost touching hers. She looked at the boy’s blushing cheeks and trembling lips. His dark eyelashes closed with embarrassment.

Susan felt a stab of pleasure as she lifted chin and watched him timidly open his eyes. “I think we will have both hands on your head. That should keep them out of the way.” She took hold of both his wrists and moved them away from his groin. Richard had blushed to an even deeper color as he lifted his hands and placed them on his head. “Legs apart, come along we are going to be late for the doctor if you don’t hurry and do as I say.” Richard obeyed moving one leg a few inches. Without warning he felt a sharp slap across his bottom. “Come along now open them up properly. “

Richard stared incredulously at the nurse, his humiliation total and complete. “I’m…s.sssorry miss, I mm..mean nurse.” Richard stammered.

“All right Richard, just stand up straight legs nice and wide.” She watched fascinated as the boy obeyed immediately. Susan smiled to her self watching his lithe young body strain as he stood with his back straight, his legs spread wide. She looked down at his penis as it hung down over his testicles. Richard was in a daze as he looked straight ahead, not daring to look into her face. She leaned forward and took a liquid soap container from the corner of the bath. She squeezed a measure into the palm of her hand. Cupping her hand into the water she began to apply the soap to the boy’s shins. She felt his body tremble as she gently smoothed her hands up over his knees and on to his thighs. She took repeated scoops of water as she soaped his legs thoroughly. Occasionally she looked up into his face, noting the trembling lips and blushing cheeks. Deliberately she put her hand under the boy’s chin and turned his head so that he could not avoid looking into her eyes.

She held his head still for a moment before she spoke, her words calculated to cause him acute embarrassment. “You know I have to wash your penis and in between your legs and bottom, so I hope you are not going to make a fuss. Now stand quite still while I soap you.”

She watched his face as her words took effect. Watching the boy’s face she purposefully took hold of his timid penis and held it firmly in her hand. She placed her other hand beneath his testicles, drawing the scrotum forward. Almost immediately she felt the penis begin to stiffen. She pushed the foreskin back, letting the heel of her hand rub over the sensitive tip. Richard’s whole body began to tremble, her words and actions totally humiliating him. She studied the exquisite look of anguish on his face as she brought his penis to a full erection.

His eyes were shut tightly and his breathing was labored. Deftly she pushed the hand holding his testicles through the parted legs and in between his buttocks. She felt the boy gasp as her finger stroked over his sphincter. She pushed the skin of his penis back and drew her hand from his bottom. Letting go of him she stood back and waited silently. She thrilled at the sight of the naked boy, his trembling body heaving as he gasped for breath. His penis stood upright from between his parted thighs. His torso stretched tight as he held his hands on top of his head. She waited until the boy opened his eyes. His immediate reaction was to cover himself as he saw her looking at his down at his groin. He had barely lifted one hand from his head when the young nurse spoke. “Stay as you are, I don’t want to have to tell you again.”

Richard stifled the reaction to cover himself and placed his hand back on his head. He could not help looking down at his erect penis, horrified at his exposure to the pretty nurse. “I want you to bend over with your hands on the end of the bath.” Susan spoke firmly but kindly to the boy. She felt a thrill go through her body as Richard took his hand from his head and bent over. He rested his hand on the edge of the bath between the taps. She stepped closer to him and laid her hand gently on the cheeks of his bottom. “Move your legs as far apart as you can Richard, there’s a good boy.”

Richard mumbled, the words were indiscernible as she placed her other hand between his shoulder blades. “Bend your elbows and straighten your legs. I want your bottom as high as possible.”

She watched with delight as he lowered himself until his head was almost touching the taps. He had straightened his legs, keeping his knees firmly together as he raised his bottom. Susan could not help herself as she stroked her hand over his firm buttocks. She raised her hand and brought it down sharply over the cheeks of his bottom. She felt a thrill run through her body as the boy started like a young colt. “Come along Richard, open those legs, you know I need to wash your bottom.”

Her words and actions were deliberate, she knew the effect they must be having on the young boy. She smiled to herself as he moved his legs as far apart as the bath would allow. To her delight he had arched his back pushing his bottom up toward her hand. “That’s better Richard.” Her voice speaking softly to him as stroked her hand over his bottom. She took her hands away from him and scooped water over his back and buttocks. She admired the beauty of his body as she applied soap to both hands. Deliberately she placed one hand beneath him and took a firm hold of his penis. Firmly squeezing the erect organ, she placed her other hand on his buttocks. With a calculated movement she pushed her fingers between the cheeks and located his sphincter.

“Stay perfectly still Richard.” Her voice was firm as she pushed her finger deftly up into his bottom. She felt the sphincter tighten over the knuckle of her finger as she pushed it up fully into his anus. Richard gasped at the intrusion, his body jerked as she eased the finger slowly in and out of his bottom. She felt his penis throb between her fingers as she located the prostate gland. She pushed the foreskin of his penis back firmly, at the same time curling her fingertip up inside his anus. She felt his penis begin to throb violently as her fingers deliberately brought him to the edge of a sexual climax. Abruptly she withdrew her finger from his bottom and let go of his penis. Although she had not had instructions to the contrary, she did not want the boy to ejaculate. She stood back several paces from the bath and smiled as she observed the boy trembling and panting for breath. His naked body bent over delightfully exposing his upturned buttocks. “All right Richard, you can step out of the bath now and I will dry you and take you down stairs.”

For a moment Richard did not move, his body was shaking and trembling. It was several moments before he stood up. He felt utterly humiliated as he stepped from the bath toward the waiting nurse. His penis bobbing and wobbling as lifted his legs over the side of the bath. She picked up a towel and bent on one knee in front of him. She proceed to dry his thighs, not daring to touch the penis until the boy had got himself more under control. She dried him thoroughly making him turn and bend as she dried between the cheeks of his bottom. “Right Richard, I think you will do.” She stood in front of him and looked him straight in the eye. “There was no need for all that fuss now was there Richard.”

Richard managed to blush an even deeper red as she leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. The material of her tunic brushing against the sensitive tip of his erect penis. She turned and walked into the bedroom. Richard stood where he was, not knowing what to do with himself. “Come along Richard, I am going to take you down stairs in a moment.”

Richard walked through to the bedroom, he held his erect penis clasped to his stomach, doing his best to hide his erection. “The nurse looked amused as he entered the bedroom. “Just sit on the bed while I go downstairs to see if the Doctor is here.”

Susan was delighted with herself as she descended the wide oak banistered staircase. She had been part of the doctor’s team for six months and had already enjoyed many occasions such as this.

She had come to Sarah’s notice during a general meeting of the nursing staff at the Medical Center. The doctor had asked Susan to stay behind after the meeting. She had talked generally to her at first and then asked her to make an appointment to see her in her office. It was at this meeting that Sarah had brought the subject around to sex. She had examined Susan’s attitude carefully eliciting more and more information as she had put her at her ease. Susan remembered blushing at many of the personal and intimate questions, but had answered truthfully. Sarah had carefully built up a profile of the young nurse. It was a week later that Sarah had sent for her. She had been surprised to find two other nurses already in the doctor’s office. She blushed even now as she remembered.

The two nurses were sat at each side of the doctor. As Sarah entered they moved their chairs back from the desk and sat watching her as the doctor invited her to sit in front of the desk. “I enjoyed our little chat the other day and I think you would make a good member of my team. As you know we deal with a variety of examinations, some of which require discretion. I had better introduce you to Nurse Ford and Nurse Todd.”

The two nurses nodded to her as they were introduced. “If you decide to accept my offer, you will be working with them.” Susan had nodded her head to the nurses and turned back to face Sarah. “If you would like time to make up your mind, tell me. If you are ready to make a decision now then I will continue.”

Susan had already decided, she could not explain why but she had felt attracted and yet somewhat in awe of the young doctor. “I really would like to work for you. I will try hard to please you. I have always got on well with my contemporaries, so I am sure we will get along.”

Susan had smiled at the pretty nurse as she spoke. “Good, I took the liberty of getting your file from records. You had a physical about eight months ago. So I would like you to have another one. Apart from that you will be able to start from this coming Monday if you agree.”

Susan had nodded her head. “That would be wonderful and I am sure I can get a medical from my doctor fairly quickly.” She had been puzzled at the doctors knowing smile.

“I have had a word with your head of department to see if a transfer could be arranged should you wish to take the job and they have agreed. It is not necessary for you to go to your doctor for your medical as I am going to give you one now.” Susan had felt shocked as the doctor announced that she would be giving her a medical examination. She could not explain why but she had felt embarrassed. “If you would stand up and undress please. We might as well get started straight away.”

Susan had stood up, numb at the thought of undressing in front of the doctor and smiling nurses. Nurse Todd had moved from her chair to stand beside her. “I will see to your clothes as you take them off.” The nurse had announced brightly. Susan had felt slightly dazed as she began to undress. The young nurse helping her, laying her clothes neatly on a chair as stripped down to her panties and bra. Nurse Todd had moved behind her and had unhooked her bra before she had realized what was happening. Susan had stood in front of the doctor, her arms folded over her breasts. Her legs pressed firmly together at the knees as Sarah moved around the desk. She took her stethoscope and placed it into her ears.

“Hands by your sides, now breathe deeply.” Susan had shivered as the cold diaphragm of the stethoscope touched her flesh. The doctor had turned her around to face the young nurse, placing the stethoscope on her back. She had felt Sarah’s gentle fingers stroke over her shoulders as the cold metal moved over her back. “You seem healthy enough, do you keep fit.” She had asked Susan as she turned her around to face her. Susan remembered only being able to mumble as she felt the nurse behind her place her hands on her waist. Her naked body had trembled as the nurse hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and quickly pulled them down to her ankles. “Step out of them would you.”

The doctor had smiled as she stood back from her. Blushing she had obeyed as the doctor looked over her naked body. Susan shivered, remembering how she had been made to stand with her legs wide apart and cough as the doctor’s gentle fingers cupped her pubis. They had taken her through to the examination room and laid her down, placing her legs in stirrups. The nurses had stood to each side of her as the doctor stood between her outstretched legs.

“Now I want you to relax and let yourself go.” She remembered the events vividly. She had felt the doctor’s gentle fingertips open up the lips of her vagina. Slowly she had felt a delicate probing as a finger was inserted into her. She had begun gasping for breath as Sarah had began to stimulate the delicate tissues of her moist vagina. One nurse had leaned over and had taken both nipples firmly between the finger and thumb of each hand. The second nurse had stroked delicately over her tummy and thighs, feathery caresses accentuating her nakedness. Words, that she now used herself had increased the eroticism of her ordeal. “I want to feel inside your bottom, so just relax your buttocks while I pop a finger in. I will be as gentle as I can.” Susan involuntarily clenched her buttocks as she thought of what Sarah had said to her.

“My my, you are a sensitive girl aren’t you ? Just relax it will be over soon.” The words had sounded far away like an echo as the three girls had brought her to a shattering climax. She remembered the nurse pinching hard on her nipples as the doctor’s finger thrust up deep inside her vagina. A second finger spearing her bottom as the nurse leaned over her. They had held her in a state of pure abandonment as the nurse kissed her hard on the lips, her tongue thrusting to the back of her throat. The sensations she had felt had been an exquisite mixture of shame and wantonness as they skillfully held her climax. Not once but three times they had aroused her to such a passion that she had flayed her head from side to side, her hips thrusting upwards off the surface of the table. It was if she had been in a dream the skilful way their fingers had caressed her. The impudent finger pushed between the quivering cheeks of her bottom as they induced yet another orgasm. She had felt drained as they gently kissed and caressed her. It was with gratitude that she had looked into Sarah’s eyes as they helped her up from the table. On an impulse she had kissed the young doctor hungrily on the lips.

Her looks and willingness to learn had quickly promoted her to a special relationship with Sarah. Over the following months she had practiced many of the things she had learned. How to control a situation or how to cause acute embarrassment with just a simple word or action.

Lady Rawlings sat back at her desk. She brushed a hand over the Sea Island cotton dress she was wearing. Crossing her long legs she pushed back on her chair. Feeling the warmth of the sun on her back from the open window she looked down at her body. Her legs were firm and tanned below the short hem of her dress. Her breasts were firm and without need of support. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of the white cotton dress, feeling the sun against the upper part of her full breasts. She sat with her head back, deep in thought. Her sojourn of quiet contemplation was broken by a knock at the door. “Please enter,” she called, sliding her chair forward once more. She smiled as Wendy peered her head around the high oak door of her office. “Come in Wendy, what can I do for you?” Lady Rawlings tried to stifle a chuckle, watching the blushing face of the naked young girl as she timidly entered the office.

She walked awkwardly, trying to keep her knees together as she moved to stand in front of the desk. The surface of large desk was clear except for a telephone and diary. Wendy stood to attention, her flesh pale and shivering with embarrassment. She held her hands at her side although doing her best to conceal her naked pubis by crossing one leg in front of the other. “What on earth are you up to Wendy, walking around the house without clothes on?”

Wendy looked utterly distressed as her Mistress addressed her. “Miss Diane told me to come and show you Madam.”

Lady Rawlings smiled, knowing full well the discomfort the girl must be feeling. “Show me what Wendy?” She had of course already noticed the freshly shaved pubis.

“This madam.” She looked down as she spoke but kept her legs pressed tightly together.

“Oh you have been shaved, well I can’t see you properly like that. Open your legs so that I can see.” Wendy blushed, the color suffusing her pretty cheeks. Reluctantly she moved her legs apart, her beautifully slender body moving gracefully despite her embarrassment.

“Come on girl wider than that, I can’t see you at all.” Wendy timidly moved her feet further apart, her thighs opening to reveal the smoothly shaven lips of her vagina. “That’s better, I can see you now.” Lady Rawlings leaned forward and looked over her desk at the naked girl. The plump flesh of her pubis stood out from between her parted thighs. She looked delightful, her beautiful full breasts standing out firmly above her slender torso. “You are such a pretty girl Wendy, come around here and stand by me.”

Lady Rawlings spoke kindly watching the girl blush once more as she stepped around the desk and stood by her side. “Now bend over the desk with arms stretched out in front of you… that’s it… tummy flat on the desk. Open your legs that’s it.. and push your bottom up… there that’s the way.”

Lady Rawlings instructed the girl until she was positioned to her satisfaction. Delicately she ran her fingers over the inner part of the girl’s thigh. She felt the flesh quiver with anticipation as she softly touched her fingers to the lips of the girl’s vagina. She moved her hand in between the pretty cheeks of her bottom and then down again, cupping her pubis firmly. Wendy wriggled her bottom prettily as Lady Rawlings parted the lips of the labia, and teased the inner tissue with the very tip of her finger. Without warning she pushed a finger straight up into the moist opening. “Oooohhh.. M.m. madam.”

Wendy gasped as the finger penetrated her. Lady Rawlings stood up, keeping her finger firmly inserted into the young girl. “Keep still now, you look so delicious like that.” Lady Rawlings quickly stroked her other hand between the parted buttocks and moved her fingers delicately over the girl’s sphincter. Deftly she probed the opening, watching the young body squirm.

“Ooops, there we are. Now, doesn’t that feel nice ?” She pushed hard against the puckered rosebud of the opening, watching her finger disappear up inside the trembling bottom.

“Oooo… aaarrrgggghhh Mmm…Madam. Wendy squirmed and wriggled her hips from side to side as Lady Rawlings quickly set to work with her fingers. Without respite she rotated her finger against the sensitive membranes of the vaginal wall. Pushing, probing and squeezing she used her consummate skills to excite her maid. “I am going to make you come and there is nothing you can do about it my pretty girl.” She accented her words with a firm push up into the quivering bottom, inflaming the senses and passion of the prostrate girl beneath her. She watched with fascination as the slender young body bucked and writhed with sheer abandonment. Gently she moved her thumb over the girl’s clitoris, rubbing gently against the sensitive projection. She felt the clitoris harden and swell as the pubis naively pressed against her hand. Her finger pushed hard into the vagina, moving faster as she felt the girl raise her bottom.

“There, I can tell you’re going to come aren’t you?”

“Mmmffffhhh.. Arrggggghhh.. I..I amm …”

The girls voice trailed of as Lady Rawlings deftly slipped a second finger up inside her vagina. She drew the nail of her thumb over the swollen clitoris at the same time pushing her finger hard in between the wriggling cheeks of the girl’s bottom. The response was immediate. “Ooooohhh.. arggghhh.. ooooOOOHH… pleeeeeeessseeee.” Wendy’s body tensed as if she had been struck by lightening. Her pretty legs shaking uncontrollably as Lady Rawlings thoroughly pervaded her body. Wave after wave of indescribable pleasure coursed through the young girl. Her lungs gasped for air, her slender waist heaved up and down as her orgasm continued was cleverly prolonged by Lady Rawlings.

“There, there. You are having a big one, aren’t you ?” She scraped the nail of her thumb once more over the sensitive nub of the clitoris. “Let yourself go, there’s a good girl.” Wendy heaved and writhed her body shone with perspiration as the intensity of her orgasm increased to an unprecedented summit. Lady Rawlings slowed the pace of her fingers before gently with drawing them from the girl. She leaned over her, stroking her back and buttocks tenderly. “There my pretty girl, just lay quietly and don’t move, I will be back in a minute.” Her Ladyship walked from the room closing the door softly behind her.

It was several minutes later when her Ladyship returned. Wendy looked up from the desk to see Annette, still naked follow her Mistress into the room. She was carrying both her own and Wendy’s clothes. Wendy stood upright from her prone position. Although naked she gave a curtsey to Lady Rawlings. “I think you had both better go and have a quick bath. I shall need you in the conservatory in ten minutes.” The smile from Lady Rawlings to her young maid was warm and affectionate. Wendy blushed prettily, her pale flesh showing a red mark across her tummy where she had lain on the desk. She stopped in front of her Mistress and blushed once more. She looked coyly at her Mistress, her long eyelashes fluttered against her blushing cheeks. Lady Rawlings took her hand and drew her forward so that the girl’s naked body was pressed next to her own. She tilted her head and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. “You run along now and have a nice bath.” Lady Rawlings could not suppress a smile as she noted the intense look of love and supplication on the face of her pretty maid.

Richard felt utterly ashamed and humiliated. He is was acutely aware of his penis swinging from side to side as his bare feet trod the stairs behind the nurse. She had come to get him from the bedroom, not letting him having anything to cover himself merely ordering him to follow her down the stairs. She turned to him as they rounded the curved banister leading to the ground floor. “I think the hairdresser is in the conservatory, which I think is along here. Is that right?” Richard nodded his head dumbly. He had scant knowledge of the architecture of the house, but was reasonably sure that they were going the right way. Richard blushed as she looked down at his groin. He had tried covering himself while walking down the stairs, but the awkwardness of holding the banister and his groin at the same time and been too much. He also had not expected the nurse to stop and turn around quite so quickly. His embarrassment quickly turned to anguish as they entered the conservatory. Both Veronica and Diane were seated around the coffee table talking to the young hairdresser.

Richard immediately covered his groin with both hands. He stood behind the nurse as she stopped in front of the girls. “Is that you hiding behind there ? Come and stand here.” Diane’s voice sounded firm. Richard obeyed immediately moving around the nurse to stand in front of the girls.

The young hairdresser looked at her watch as she stood up. “I will have to do him straight away. The doctor will be here in a minute.” She addressed her remarks to the girls, ignoring Richard except to take his arm and lead him to the massage tables. “Up on here as quick as you can, on your hands and knees.” She turned away from him as he struggled up on to the table. “I could do with some more warm water,.” he said to Diane as she arranged her implements upon the trolley.

Richard had been naked many times in front of both Diane and Veronica. His shame and embarrassment rather than diminishing seemed just as acute as when they first met. He was blushing profusely as the young girl turned to him, laying her hand on his bottom. “Shuffle your knees apart, there’s a good boy.” Her soothing voice calculated to increase his shame rather that put him at ease. Diane placed a jug of steaming water upon the trolley and turned to the boy. Bending low she placed her hand beneath his chin and turned his head towards her. “Now, you just do what you are told. You are in a very good position for a smack if you disobey.”

Veronica left her chair and walked over to where Richard was knelt. She stood directly behind him admiring the firm buttocks and parted thighs. She noted the tight sac of the scrotum, the testes bulging from within as placed her hand between his legs and delicately cupped his testicles. “I think Gillian would like you down on your elbows Richard.” Her soft words and gentle touch caused Richard to blush an even deeper red. He slowly let himself down on to his elbows. He realized with utter misery that his bottom was now fully exposed to her gaze. Veronica gently drew her long fingernails along the underside of his testicles. She saw his body quiver like a bow string. Without touching any other part of him she scraped her nail over the very tip of his penis. She watched fascinated as his body jerked in response. “You had better keep still now Richard, while Gillian here shaves your bottom.”

Veronica moved away, allowing the young hairdresser to stand behind the boy. She watched as Gillian thrust the soft bristles of her shaving brush up into the cleft of Richard’s bottom. It was a deliberate action and elicited an immediate response from the young boy. His hips jerked forward as he tried to escape the discomfort of the brush against his sphincter. “Keep quite still, there’s a good boy. I am not going to hurt you.”

Gillian was in her element. The girls had been more than friendly treating her as an equal, which she knew she was not. But their attitude had been far from condescending. She knew Diane had immediately recognized her interest in the stripes on her maid’s bottom. Suggesting perhaps that if Richard was not compliant, a sharp slap or two might be in order. She moved the brush in deft strokes up and down the cleft of the buttocks. When the whole of the anal area was thoroughly lathered in soap. She took her razor and shaved gently and carefully between the cheeks. Taking a hot flannel she rinsed the area and leaned forward to examine her handiwork. “I think I will need some help here,” she said to Diane and Veronica. “Could you hold the cheeks of his bottom apart so that I can shave closer ?”

Richard’s body shuddered as he felt his cheeks being pulled apart. He felt utterly ridiculous as they stretched his flesh, completely exposing the puckered opening of his bottom. He tried to pull away from their hands as Gillian pushed a soapy finger up against the sensitive sphincter. Diligently she ran her soapy finger up and down over his anus. She took her razor once more and shaved around the puckered skin. She noticed the boy had kept his body absolutely still as she used the razor. It was all completely unnecessary, she thought. The boy had no hair at all between the cheeks of his bottom apart from the fine hairs that cover all one’s skin. But she was sure that the actual shaving of his bottom was not really the object of the exercise. “I think we will have you over on your back,.” she said firmly to the boy. “If you would hold his legs for me I would appreciate it.” She smiled at Veronica and Diane. She noticed a knowing smile on Diane’s face as the girls helped Richard to turn over.

They immediately seized his legs and pushed them backwards and out over the edge of the table. She was able to see the boy’s face. His eyes were shut tightly, his eyelashes pressed firmly against his blushing cheeks. His parted lips drew breath noisily. She looked down over his heaving chest to his penis which was laid over his tummy. His buttocks had been forced back above the surface of the bed. She waited a moment until the boy lay still. Both the girls looked at her as they held his legs tightly against there bodies. “I am going to shave around the base of your penis Richard, so I want you to be a good boy and not move while I have the razor in my hand.” Gillian’s words were designed to cause embarrassment. They were also a prelude to what she was to do next.

Deliberately she reached forward and took his penis gently between her thumb and forefinger. Lifting the timid flesh away from his tummy and stretching it upwards. Richard groaned, turning his head sideways as if to escape his predicament. Gillian reached for the tip of his penis with her other hand. Holding the glans between her fingertips and thumb she pulled the foreskin down the shaft. Richard tried in vain to pull his bottom down on to the bed.

Diane spoke sternly. “Just you stay where you are young man, you’ve already had a taste of the rewards disobedience brings.” She turned her head toward Jillian. “I think it will be so much easier to deal with his penis if it wasn’t so soft, don’t you?”

Gillian smiled. “Of course, perhaps a little stimulus at your end might speed things up a bit.” She looked at the boy’s face , making sure his eyes were tightly shut. She grinned at Diane and nodded her head towards the boy’s tumescent organ. Diane laid her free hand on Richard’s chest and ran her long fingernails over his nipple. Veronica copied Diane’s actions, squeezing and pinching the other nipple. Richard groaned and writhed within the confines of his position, his breathing becoming more labored. His mouth was open as he shook his head from side to side, his eyes shut tightly. Gillian could feel his penis throbbing violently as she diligently ran her fingers up and down the shaft. She placed her hand underneath his testicles and squeezed feeling his penis throb as she excited the young boy. “Right young man, I advise you to keep still while I shave around your penis. Richard opened his eyes to find all three girls looking into his face. He blushed immediately the color rushing to his face.

Diane smiled at him. “Just keep still, we don’t want Gillian to cut you, now do we?” Gillian quickly soaped around the base of his penis and began to shave the very base of the shaft. “There, all done now just between your legs a little.” She soaped beneath the tight scrotum and shaved the area.

“All right I think we can relax your legs a little. I’ll just wipe you off and put on some cream. We wouldn’t want your little bottom to get sore now.” She took the flannel and dipped it in the hot jug of water. She pushed the cloth in between the cheeks of his bottom, wiping it as one would a child. “Now your penis, just keep still.” She draped the flannel over the upright organ and squeezed, feeling the boy shudder as the hot cloth enveloped him. “Right my boy, just a little cream, I’ll soon be finished.”

Richard shivered as he felt her gentle fingers smear cool cream up in between the cheeks of his bottom. He tried to force his bottom down, but the girl’s held him tightly as she delicately inserted the tip of her finger up into his bottom. “Oooo..oooorrggggh. Mmmmppffff.” He groaned loudly as her finger was pushed right up into his bottom. She slid her finger back out of his anus and stood back. “I told you to keep still you naughty boy.” She smacked him hard on his upturned buttocks. Richard jerked his hips, his bottom smarting from the smack. “Now are you going to keep still ? Come along answer me.”

Richard opened his eyes, really not daring to look. “Ooohhh.. y’yes..Miss.ss.” He stammered. Gillian was in ecstasy, the thrill of smacking his young bottom made her giddy with pleasure. Richard moaned, his hips moving gently in swaying motion from side to side.

Gillian smacked the boy squarely across both buttocks. “I’m not going to tell you again.” Her senses so heightened by sexual sensation that she had to shake her head to clear it before putting more cream on both hands. She stood between his widely splayed thighs, once again applying cream to his bottom. She teased the opening of the sphincter before pushing her finger straight up inside him. She grasped his penis firmly, pulling the foreskin back to completely expose the glans and most of the shaft.

“Ooooorrggghh.. arrrrgggghh..oh “ Richard groaned. His chest heaved as he fought for air. “Pleeeesssee.. Misssssss..” The young boy was beside himself,. He had lost complete control. His head thrashed from side to side, his mouth slack. Both Diane and Veronica watched in fascination as Richard’s body began to shudder and shake. Their fingers busy pinching and squeezing his nipples. Gillian felt the boy’s imminent climax. She bent her head forward over the throbbing penis. Drawing her lips back she took the glans of the penis between her teeth. She bobbed her head up and down quickly three times, allowing her teeth to scrape the sensitive rim of the glans. She pulled her head back Just in time to watch his semen spurt up into the air. “Arrrrggghhh… aaaaarrrggghhh..oooohhhh. Richard moaned loudly, his body tensing so tightly that the muscles of his chest and legs stood out in sharp relief.

“Mmpfff.. oogghhh. Plesee Misssss…ssss. I c..c..can’t stand any moreeeee..arrrggghh.” Gillian gave a final push with her finger into his anus, before withdrawing it and cupping his testicles. She squeezed them firmly, hearing the boy gasp as she increased the pressure.

“There, there, Richard you are all right now. What a baby you are..” Gillian spoke soothingly, watching the approving look from Diane as she stroked her hand gently over the boy’s chest. Gently she released the pressure on his leg, motioning for Veronica to do the same. They placed his limbs gently on the bed and began to stoke his body soothingly. Veronica leaned over and held his head as she kissed him hard on the lips. She thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and held him until she felt him fight for air. “There there, my precious boy, what a nice big cum you have had.” She stroked his cheeks soothingly, kissing him on the forehead and cheeks. She noticed the big tears in his eyes as he looked up into her face.

“Don’t cry, there’s a good boy, we all love you. Just you lie still and I’ll send for a nice cup of tea.” Gillian now stood to the side of the boy. She held his penis gently in the palm of her hand, carefully wiping a soft damp cloth around the glans. “I’ll clean you up a bit, just you lie still now.” She wiped between his bottom her gentle ministering in contrast with her previous actions.

Richard was seated on the settee in the conservatory, his naked body contrasting starkly against the brown hide. It had been half an hour since the girls had lifted him gently from the massage table and instructed him to sit and wait on the cool leather.

Wendy had brought him a cup of sweet tea. She had redressed in a clean uniform with starched white apron. Richard had blushed as she looked down at his nakedness while handing him the drink. Since the visit from Wendy, Richard had seen no one. He had heard voices several times from the corridor beyond the conservatory and had sat to attention his hands covering his genitals in case someone should walk through. He blushed again at the thought of what the girls had done to him. He had dried his tears with the back of his hand and his blushing face now bore streaks across his cheeks. It had not just been the humiliation of their actions, but the love and tenderness they had shown towards him as they gently kissed and caressed him before helping him from the table. Richard quickly placed his hands over his groin, his knees pressing together tightly as he heard several footsteps approach. He looked up to see Lady Rawlings quickly followed by the doctor from the Medical Center and the nurse who had bathed him earlier.

“Right young man, let’s have a look at you.” The doctor said brightly as she moved in front of Richard. “Stand up and come over here.” The doctor moved toward one of the cane chairs and sat down as the Nurse and Lady Rawlings looked on. Richard stood timidly his hands clasped to his groin covering his genitals. He moved awkwardly to stand in front of the Doctor,. “Take those hands away and let me have a look at you.”

She reached forward and placed her hands on either hip pulling him forward. Blushing profusely Richard let his hands drop to his sides acutely aware of the gaze of the three women as they looked down at his groin. Delicately the doctor placed her fingers around his flaccid penis and gently lifted it upwards. She pushed the foreskin back gently so that the glans was fully exposed. She encircled the shaft holding the foreskin back and deliberately ran her fingernail around the rim and over the opening gently teasing the orifice with the very tip of the nail. Richard reacted immediately, his hips jerking back at the intense sensation in the tip of his penis.

“Keep still young man, I’m not going to hurt you.” The doctor spoke sternly as her fingertips squeezed and manipulated his penis. “That’s better.” The doctor pulled the foreskin over the rim of the glans and then jerked the timid flesh back, stretching the skin tight as she felt the penis begin to erect. Richard blushed once more as he felt his penis harden between her fingers. The doctor continued her manipulation, ignoring the boy’s distress as his penis erected mightily. She moved one hand between his legs and gently cupped her hand around his scrotum. She squeezed with increasing pressure until she heard the boy gasp. Richard looked down with horror as his penis erected, jutting upward from between his thighs.

“Let’s have a look at the foreskin young man.” She looked up into his blushing face as her fingers once again pushed the flesh back over the glans. “The skin seems to be a lot easier than I remember at his examination at the Medical Center. I think perhaps the problem has been that he has reached puberty late, or perhaps lack of opportunity for masturbation.”

The doctor addressed the nurse and Lady Rawlings. “I think probably lack of opportunity, I don’t suppose there is much privacy at the Orphanage.” Lady Rawlings smiled at the doctor as she spoke. “However since he has been here I have had his baths supervised and I make sure that his genitals are thoroughly washed. Perhaps the manipulation of the skin has had some beneficial effect.” Lady Rawlings smiled watching Richard’s face as he blushed once more. The doctor nodded as she tapped the boy’s penis with her fingers.

“Tell me Richard, have you played with this while you were at the orphanage ?” She looked up at his blushing face, his eyes were tightly shut as she continued to tap his erect penis from side to side. “Come along, answer me and look at me when I am talking to you. I am sure Lady Rawlings would not hesitate in smacking that bottom of yours.”

Richard opened his eyes and looked down at the doctor. His body trembled as he watched her place a hand between his legs and firmly cup his testicles. Her pretty face smiled up at him as she squeezed the testes her other hand pushing the foreskin of his penis back over the glans, stretching the skin tight. Richard’s whole body shuddered as he answered her. “Er.. N’no Miss… I haven’t.. er done anything like that.”

Lady Rawlings smiled to herself as she heard the reply. She had had a feeling that her daughter’s summing up of the boy had been correct, it would have been unusual for a boy to faint had he been accustomed to sexual arousal on a regular basis. “I think that you are telling me the truth Richard, now turn around and bend over and touch you toes. I want to examine your bottom.”

Richard blushed once more, his face was suffused in a deep red hue. He turned slowly as the doctor released his penis and testicles. He felt absolutely humiliated as he faced toward Lady Rawlings and the young Nurse. “Now bend right over and touch your toes, legs well apart.. there’s a good boy.” Richard bent over, the blood pounding in his head as he stretched to touch his toes. Immediately he felt the cheeks of his buttocks being pulled apart. The nurse moved forward and handed the doctor a rubber glove from the bag she had placed on one of the chairs. She took a tube of lubricant and removing the top carefully smeared the gel on to the fingers of the glove which the doctor was now wearing. “Would you hold his bottom please Nurse.”

Richard felt his buttocks being stretched once more and almost immediately the cool touch of the doctor’s finger at the opening of his sphincter. “Breathe in there’s a good boy.” The doctor’s voice spoke soothingly as she gently teased the tightly puckered sphincter. “Relax now.. that’s the way.”

With these words she pushed her forefinger firmly up into the boy’s bottom. Richard jerked his body in an effort to stand upright, but felt the firm pressure of the nurse’s hand pushing against the small of his back. The Nurse moved closer to Richard bending her body forward over his back to hold him still. She smoothed her hand over his buttocks and pulled the cheeks apart once more.

“Now you stay quite still for the doctor.. there’s a good boy.” Her words punctuated by the doctor’s finger suddenly penetrating even further into his bottom. Lady Rawlings watched the boy’s body shiver suddenly as the doctor’s finger rubbed over the sensitive gland of the prostate. “Arrggghh… Mmmm..mm.” Richard groaned as he felt an incredible pressure deep in side his penis.

Quickly the doctor withdrew her finger and motioned for the nurse to release his buttocks and let the boy up. Lady Rawlings watched as Richard stood facing her. His penis was erected to such an extent that the tip was pointing up towards her. “Right young man.” The doctor tapped his bottom with the palm of her hand. “We’ll have you up on the table and see what we can do for you. Off you go, climb up onto the table and get on your hands and knees for me, would you.” She smacked his the cheeks of his bottom with a light slap and watched as the boy stumbled forward to the massage table.

The nurse stood beside Richard as he knelt upon the massage bed. She laid out various lotions and apparatus on to the table, which stood along side. Beside the tube of an endoscope she placed three small chromium inserts. These were small tubes measuring approximately one inch in diameter and four inches long, the top of tubes narrowed to a rounded point. The base of the inserts reduced to half an inch before widening into an oval flange. The nurse turned to the doctor as she finished her task. “I think we have everything Doctor.”

She smiled as she watched the doctor move between the boy’s legs. “Just shuffle your knees further apart and move backwards until you are further up this end.” The doctor spoke gently to Richard as she helped him move his body until his knees were widely spread and his feet protruded over the end of the bed. She moved closer to his upturned buttocks and gently ran her hand over the smooth skin of his bottom. “Now just go down on to your elbows and try and arch your back so that I can get at your bottom.”

Richard groaned as he lowered his body and rested his head on the firm surface of the massage table. “Turn your head the other way so that you are facing the nurse.. that’s the way.” The doctor completed her positioning of the boy and stood back. Richard’s buttocks were now thrust upwards, his back arched in a concave and his chest pressed against the crisp white sheet of the bed. The doctor steeped forward immediately behind his buttocks, looking at the boys penis and testicles hanging down between his widely spread thighs. His penis was still swollen but was not completely erect. Quickly the doctor took the lubricant from the nurse and squeezed some on to her gloved hand. She gently applied the cool lubricant between the widely spread cheeks of the boy’s bottom. He fingers smoothing and then probing insistently against the puckered star of the sphincter. She probed gently, the lubricated rubber glove sliding across the smooth skin.

She reached for the endoscope from the nurse and applied more lubricant to the narrow end. “Now breath deeply… in out…in….out, that’s it.” She watched as Richard took up the cadence of the breathing she had indicated. Deftly she pushed the endoscope up into his bottom, watching the involuntary shudder of the boy’s body as the cold steel slipped up into his anus. “Relax.. there’s a good boy.”

She pushed the endoscope further into his bottom, watching the stretched skin of the sphincter slide over the holding flange. “There’s a good boy.. that didn’t hurt a bit now, did it?” She ignored the muffled reply from the boy. Taking the rubber bulb between her finger she began to squeeze in quick motions, carefully watching the sphincter stretch as the steel pincers opened up.

“Argghh… arrgh..” Richard groaned as he felt his bottom being stretched. His hip jerked and trembled as the steel pincers stretched open the sensitive membranes of his anus.

“There I think that will do.” The doctor had deliberately stretched the sphincter wider than was necessary for the endoscopy. “If you come around her Lady Rawlings you can see how resilient the sphincter muscles are, I don’t think you will have any trouble with his bottom.”

The doctor took the other end of the endoscope and turned the eyepiece which in turn turned on a small light situated between the open pincers between the boy’s buttocks. She held the eyepiece to her eye and looked into the apparatus. She could see the narrow passage way of the anus quite clearly. “If you would like to look through here you can see that anal passageway quite clearly.”

She handed the eyepiece to Lady Rawlings. Lady Rawlings looked into the eyepiece, marveling at the clear view she had inside the boy. ‘The wonders of modern science,” she mused as she handed the instrument back. The doctor took the endoscope from her ladyship and slowly released the air valve which at once reduced the pressure from the muscles of the sphincter. Richard breathed deeply as he felt the relief of the incredible pressure stretching his bottom.

“I am going to put an insert into his bottom, these are fairly small and he should be able to hold one inserted for an hour at a time. If he doesn’t respond to this therapy we can always use a bigger size, but I think these will be quite sufficient.” The doctor spoke to Lady Rawlings as she gently pulled the endoscope from the boy’s bottom. Richard sighed with relief as he felt the instrument slide out of him. He watched as the nurse took one of the small metal tubes and squeezed lubricant on to it. Her delicate fingers moved up and down the shaft spreading the glistening gel over the entire surface. She handed the insert to the doctor who took the tube into her gloved hand and proceeded to probe the opening of the sphincter with the narrow end. “If you watch how I do this Lady Rawlings I think it should be no trouble to insert it for an hour each morning and possibly one hour at night.”

Richard’s body shivered as he felt the cold metal being pushed against the opening of his bottom. His back ached as he tried to move his bottom to escape the pressure of the metal against his bottom. His hips jerked as he felt the sharp smack of Lady Rawlings hand across the cheeks of his bottom. “Keep quite still Richard,” she commanded as the doctor deftly pushed the insert neatly up into his bottom. Richard grunted as he felt his bottom being stretched. “There’s a good boy, nearly all in now.”

The doctor pushed the insert firmly and watched as the flesh closed over the narrowed part of the tube, the pressure of the muscles pulling the flange tight against the sphincter. “There you are now, I want you to lay flat on the table and close your legs together.” Richard’s body was trembling quite visibly as he moved his chest forward on the table. The pressure in his bottom was quite intense as he lay flat on the massage bed. “Now close your legs together as tightly as you can.” The nurse moved around the table and took hold of the boys feet, pressing his legs together. Richard felt as if his whole bottom was being stretched. The pressure was intense, he could feel his penis tingle as the insert pressed against the prostate gland. “Now Richard up on your feet, I want you to walk to the end of the conservatory and back. Up you get.”

Richard could hardly move as he tried to turn his body to the side. He felt the soft cool hands of the doctor and nurse help into a sitting position. He tried to ease the pressure on his bottom by taking the weight of his body on his hands. Tentatively he slid his feet to the floor, the pressure in his bottom increasing as he straightened his body.

He waddled rather than walked towards the ornate French windows at the end of the conservatory. He felt absolutely naked and humiliated as he turned to walk back towards the young women. He instinctively covered his genitals with his hands, clutching his penis and testicles close to his body. “Come along, you can walk straighter than that.” The doctor spoke firmly. “Hands by your side stand straight up and walk towards me.”

Richard blushed at the rebuke. He let his hands fall to his sides and blushing profusely he walked slowly towards the doctor. She stood with her pretty legs astride and her hands on her hips watching him intently as he tried to walk as upright as he could back towards her.

“That’s better, now I want you to touch your toes and then stand up straight. You can do it until I tell you to stop. Come along now over you go… right down.. that’s it touch your toes .. now back up again as straight as you can.”

She watched fascinated as the boy’s lithe young body bent and straightened the blushing face contorted with effort as he attempted to straighten his body. The gasp from his lips as the pressure in his bottom increased from the stretching and bending. “I think that will do for now, back up on to the table I want to start the therapy on your penis.” Richard colored up once more as the doctor mentioned his penis.

Lady Rawlings helped the doctor and nurse position the young boy facing upwards upon the massage table. The doctor moved to his side and grasped his penis firmly. Ignoring the look of anguish on his face, she quickly pulled the foreskin back and took the tip of his penis between the finger and thumb of her other hand. “I think you had better have some tissues ready.”

She turned to the nurse as she spoke. “I think if you were to come around to the other side you will be able to see better Lady Rawlings.” She motioned to the far side of the table. “Now you can do this at anytime, it’s merely putting your fingers over the glans like this.”

Lady Rawlings watched as the doctor placed the two fingers and thumb of one hand over the glans of his penis and pulled the foreskin up over them. Richard jerked his hips violently as the doctor stretched the foreskin. He gasped once more as she pulled the flesh back down until it was stretched tight. “You can see he is fully erect now and of course this makes the therapy far more effective.”

Richard began to gasp and groan as the doctor’s fingers firmly pushed the skin of his penis up over the glans and over her fingertips. The nurse moved toward the doctor’s side as she heard the boy groan. His chest was heaving as he fought for breath and his hips moved from side to side as he tried to escape the sensation of her fingers. “I think he is going to ejaculate soon. Nurse would you hold the tissue ?”

The matter of fact tone did nothing to diminish the boy’s utter humiliation or the helplessness of being brought to an impending involuntary orgasm. “The foreskin certainly seems a lot easier.” The doctor’s fingers increased their tempo as she addressed Lady Rawlings. Richard’s hips writhed uncontrollably as the nurse held a tissue above his penis. The doctor quickly took her fingers away from over the glans and firmly cupped the boy’s testicles. She looked at his blushing face noting his open mouth and heaving chest. Firmly she squeezed the scrotum as semen erupted from the tip of his penis.

The nurse neatly caught the first jets of semen as they spurted from the tip of the boy’s penis. Richard was beside himself as the insert in his bottom seemed to be increasing in pressure as his buttocks squeezed together tightly together in the throws of his orgasm. Gently, the nurse laid the tissue over the doctors hand watching as the last drops were coaxed from the boy’s trembling body. The doctor squeezed his testes pushing one finger against the flange of the insert inside his bottom. “There now, you just relax while nurse cleans you up.” She spoke soothingly to the helpless boy.

Lady Rawlings could not help leaning over Richard and gently taking his head in her hands. “There my young man.. you can relax now.” She leaned her head forward and lowered her pretty lips on to his. She kissed him gently stroking his hair. “There, there.. just you lay there and relax.”

Lady Rawlings stroked her hand down his chest and on to his tummy. She looked at the doctor who was gently extracting the last drop of semen, her fingers pressing the flesh in a milking motion, squeezing the shaft as she drew the last droplet to the tip. The nurse gently wiped the tip before the doctor gently laid the flaccid organ against his tummy.

They left Richard and walked toward the corridor leading to her Ladyships office. Richard lay looking up at the Glass roof of the conservatory. He shivered occasionally as the effects of his orgasm and the sensation of the insert in his bottom played upon his nerve ends. His embarrassment was without relief, he blushed as his thoughts passed over the day’s events.

Since being caught naked in the woods he had had little respite from constant humiliation and yet for the first time in his life he felt some security and affection. The orphanage, for all the goodness and charity that it offered had never been able to bestow love and affection on any of the boys and girls. Matron had always been kind although occasionally strict, but Richard could not think of one time that she or any of the staff had shown any affection. His thoughts returned to the present on hearing the return of Lady Rawlings and the doctor and nurse.

He turned his head to see the doctor approach the bed. “There, are you recovered now?” She did not wait for a reply but deliberately ran her cool fingers down over his chest and tummy and gently took hold of his penis. Richard blushed immediately, turning his head as the doctor took two hands to his penis, gently pulling the soft folds of his foreskin down over the glans exposing him fully.

“I am going to have another little look at your penis, so do try and relax this time there’s a good boy.” She pulled the skin of the penis firmly as the nurse stepped forward and gently cupped his testicles. With her other hand she took the boy’s nipple between finger and thumb and squeezed. Richard blushed once more as the looked into his face. “The doctor needs to get your penis nice and stiff so just relax.” Richard blushed once more, a deep flush coloring his face and neck. Lady Rawlings moved around the table so that she stood looking between his parted thighs.

Instinctively she placed her hands gently on his knees, her touch immediately accenting the vulnerability of the naked boy as he laid before her. The doctor smiled at her Ladyship as she quickly brought Richard’s penis to an erected state. His hips had already began to writhe in small gyrations as she skillfully aroused him. Richard felt absolutely helpless, every nerve seemed to be stretched to breaking point as they skillfully played with his senses. The nurse bent her head close to his face, her hand still holding his testicles firmly. “There my young man. You are in a state, aren’t you ?”

She squeezed his nipple firmly at the same time squeezing and releasing the pressure on his testes in a series of quick motions. The doctor looked at Lady Rawlings. “If you wouldn’t mind..” She nodded at the box of tissues on the table beside her. “I want to remove the insert this time.”

Lady Rawlings smiled and took several tissues from the box, she moved to the doctor’s side and watched as she cleverly manipulated the flesh of his penis. She could see the organ pulsating as the doctor quickly pulled the foreskin down the shaft and held it tight. She flattened the palm of her other hand and rubbed it over the tip of the penis in a circular motion.

The effect was almost electric, Richard’s hips began to move violently his bottom almost lifting off the table as he tried to escape the acute sensation of the doctor’s hands. The nurse saw the change in the boy and squeezed his testicles hard, pulling them up from in between his thighs. “Just a few more seconds, there’s a good boy,” the nurse whispered as she increased the pressure on his testicles.

Quickly the doctor reached beneath the nurse’s hand holding his testicles and located the flange of the insert in-between the boy’s writhing bottom. She pulled the foreskin quickly up and down the shaft causing the boy to gasp. “Are you ready?” She looked over at Lady Rawlings.

“Argghh…argghh…” Richard screamed as semen spurted from the tip of his penis.

At that exact moment the doctor pulled the flange of the insert hard, forcing his sphincter to stretch wide as the tube slid from his bottom. “Argghhhh.. arrgggghhh.. argggggggghhhh.” Richard screamed, the sensations seemed to much to bear. His mouth sagged open and his chest heaved as he fought for breath.

“Let’s have all of it, there’s a good boy.” The nurse bent her head close to his, her arm still stretched across his tummy as she squeezed his testicles. “Just a little longer and it will soon be over.”

The words seemed to excite the young boy even more as yet another jet of semen erupted from his penis. The doctor began to slow her hand, she pulled the tube from between his thighs and laid it on the bed. She held the base of the penis firmly and pulled upwards causing the last of the semen to appear in a small globule at the tip of glans. Lady Rawlings wiped her tissue once more over the sensitive opening watching the boy’s knees quiver at the acute sensation.

She threw the tissue on to the table and moved to the head of the bed bending over the boy. “Well Richard you’ve been a very good boy and you deserve a kiss.” Richard looked up as she lowered her beautiful face to his. He felt her soft lips close over his, the sensation overwhelming him as she thrust her tongue inside his mouth. The nurse watched suddenly squeezing his testicles as her ladyship kissed the boy. She held the pressure for a moment before releasing the scrotum and gently stroking her hand over his chest and tummy.

Richard watched the flock of small birds flying above the glass roof of the conservatory. A gentle breeze permeated the air through the opened French windows situated at the end of the glass building. The cooler air seemed to accentuate his nakedness as he lay quietly looking up at the ceiling. It had been over ten minutes since the doctor and nurse had left him. He could still sense the gentle touch of the nurse as she had stroked her hand over his chest and tummy while Her Ladyship had tenderly kissed him upon the lips. She had instructed him to lie still and rest. The low drone and hum of summer insects in the garden were the only sounds he could hear. Through emotional fatigue he began to doze, his eyes closed and his breathing deepened.

Richard was woken abruptly from his dozing state, he had been neither awake nor asleep although a heavy torpor had seemed to invade his body.

“Come along then you’ve had enough rest.” Richard opened his eyes to see the Nurse bending down over him. Her pretty face smiling as she pushed a hand beneath his head and put a glass of orange juice to his lips. Richard sipped the orange juice looking down at his naked body. The nurse took away the glass and gently let his head back down on to the table.

“Richard do you think you can turn over for me and get up on to your knees ?” Richard groaned inwardly, slowly turning his body over so that he lay on his stomach. With an effort he got to his hands and knees. He was not surprised as the nurse placed her hand on his shoulders and pressed. “Down on your elbows there’s a good boy.” Richard obeyed arching his back so that his chest was pressed against the table. He placed his hands together and laid his head upon them. “That’s the way.” She punctuated the remark by slipping a hand beneath him and cupping his testicles. Richard blushed furiously as she took hold of his penis and pulled the foreskin back. “It doesn’t seem quite as tight Richard, I think we are making progress.”

Richard felt more hands gently part his buttocks. “Right keep still young man, while I replace the insert.” Richard had not heard the Doctor approach. Involuntarily he clenched his buttocks against the impending intrusion. “Right young man, we’ll have none of that. Relax your bottom properly.”

Richard felt a lubricated finger gently probe the puckered star of his anus. “Hold still I can’t get at you properly if you keep squirming around.” A sharp slap across his bottom accompanied the instruction. Richard blushed once more his face bright crimson as the nurse watched his face intently.

“Now don’t be a naughty boy, let the doctor get at your bottom properly.” Richard felt the finger gently probe around the opening of his bottom. He grimaced as he felt the acute sensation of her finger as she slowly pushed it up into his anus. He grunted as she suddenly pushed her finger up even further into the tight orifice. “There, that’s better. Now just relax while I insert the appliance.” The nurse was acutely aware of the young boy’s embarrassment as the doctor slowly withdrew her finger and placed the tip of the cylindrical insert up against his sphincter. She watched his body shudder as the cold metal was pushed hard against the puckered opening. “Breathe in deeply, come along now in… and out… in and out…. in.”

Her sentence stopped abruptly as the insert was deftly pushed up into his bottom. “Arggggghhh.. mmmm.. mm. Richard groaned as the metal slid upwards into his bottom.

“There now, that went in nicely.”

The doctor looked across at the nurse who was gently stroking her hand over the boy’s shoulders. She placed her hands on either buttock and spread the cheeks wide. She had never quite analyzed her own feelings or predilections but this moment seemed immensely satisfying. Perhaps it was the feeling of power coupled with a certain sexual domination. Whatever the explanation she knew exactly what she liked and what gave her satisfaction. She squeezed her legs together, her pubis pressed against the edge of the table. The thin material of her white coat transmitting the cold of the table’s steel edge. She reached forward and took a firm hold of the boy’s penis.

“Just you keep still now while I manipulate the foreskin.” Richard grunted as he felt the doctor pull his foreskin back. He grimaced as he felt her deliberately tighten the skin and at the same time squeeze his testicles firmly. The nurse watched intently. The boy’s face was colored bright red as the doctor proceeded to pull the foreskin back and forth along the shaft of his penis.

“Relax there’s a good boy.” The doctor was well aware of the feeling that must be running through his body as the penis became erect. She could see his sphincter had contracted over the metal flange of the insert as she expertly brought him to a full erection. The nurse was gently stroking his back as the doctor increased the pace of her fingers. Richard groaned loudly as the doctor’s delicate fingers pulled the foreskin firmly up the shaft. His body began to tremble as she deftly placed her flattened palm over the tip of the penis and rotated it. Richard tried to raise his hips to escape the intense feeling but the doctor held him firmly.

“Just you keep still if you don’t want another smack.” She increased the tempo of her fingers once more, gesturing to the nurse as she did so. “If you would…?”

The nurse quickly picked up a tissue and held it under the boy just below the tip of his penis. “Arrggghhh arggggghhh.. mmmn..please miss..ssss.” The sensation in his body was incredible. Richard’s hips bucked and shook as he climaxed. Semen spurted from the tip of his penis in an agonizing jet. The nurse held the tissue nearer to the tip as the doctor manipulated the foreskin at a rapid rate. Without warning she took hold of the insert in his bottom and pulled hard. The boy reared up on his hands as the sphincter was stretched wide over the larger circumference of the middle of the tube. “Arrgggghhh ..arggggghhh Pleaeeees miss ssss.”

The boy’s head shook from side to side as the doctor laid the insert on the bed beneath his widely stretched legs and pulled his testicles backwards squeezing them firmly. “Let it all come out there’s a good boy.” She gave him no respite as he ejaculated, rapidly pulling the foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis as she squeezed the testicles still harder. “Arggghhhh.. arggh..arggghhhhhhhhh..” Richard was beside himself as she squeezed the last drop of semen out of his penis.

They left the boy to recover for a few moments before Nurse Harvey helped him from the bed. “Right young man I am going to give you a nice warm bath. It’s all over now so I hope you are going just relax, what do you say?”

Richard managed to mutter. “Y’yes miss.. Thank you.”