A Governess For Richard Part 5

Jane Gets a Job

Shafts of sunlight filtered through the panes of the high window. The mullions casting shadows across the carpet. Lady Rawlings leaned back on her chair and looked across her desk at the young woman. Surely this could not be the grand daughter of Harriet Marwood ?. Or even the daughter of Henrietta who had safeguarded her mother’s reputation, even enhancing it over the years. The young woman could be no more than nineteen years old.

Her face was surely the face of an angel. Her sweet voice was soft with a delicate precise timbre. Jane Marwood was indeed beautiful. Her delicate features smiling beneath jet black hair. Her slim shoulders were set straight as she sat primly in her chair. Although her body was slender, her breasts were full and firm, stretching the smooth cotton of her shirt tightly. She wore a short skirt which finished half way to her pretty knees. Her legs were long and slim. Lady Rawlings remembered how gracefully the girl had moved when she had first walked in.

“I am sure we will get along well together Lady Rawlings.” Jane was saying. “I have only had one other charge before and that was for a period of six months. The rest of my experience has of course been at my mothers school. She did explain to you I think that at the moment it was not possible to take Richard. She does not object in principle of course, I mean about Richard being the only boy. But as yet we, or rather she does not have the appropriate facilities.”

Lady Rawlings was listening to the girl but her mind was elsewhere. She had severe misgivings that Jane would make a suitable School Mistress or Governess for the boy. What Lady Rawlings had in mind was a strict disciplinarian. Someone who would completely understand the nuances and subtleties of the kind of psychological molding she had in mind for her young charge.

Jane had already sensed that her Ladyship was not paying full attention to her. She was aware of the visual impression she made. She had prepared herself for the eventuality of being taken only at face value. Now it seemed was the time to reveal her determination and dominance. “Lady Rawlings would you stand up please.”

Jane’s voice quickly bought her ladyship out of the reverie with her own thoughts. “I won’t tolerate young girls that don’t pay attention in class.” Jane’s voice was still sweet and gentle and yet there was a subtle determination to her tone, almost imperceptible but Lady Rawlings was quite sure of what she heard. Lady Rawlings stood up, almost instinctively. She could not help the look of surprise on her face as she first began to realize the role play the young girl had instigated with one simple command.

“What is your first name, quickly girl answer me.”

Lady Rawlings smiled but answered in a slightly timid tone. “Victoria Miss, but most people know me as Vicki.”

Jane nodded, watching her Ladyship as her face put on a serious expression. “Well Vicki, I am afraid I shall have to punish you. You have been a very naughty girl and I will not tolerate naughty girls. This is for your own good and I want you to take it without fuss. Come here and stand in front of me.”

Lady Rawlings obeyed, standing to attention in front of the slim young girl seated in front of her. She wondered how far Jane was prepared to take the charade. Jane remained seated and reached up underneath the cotton tunic that her ladyship was wearing.

“Hands on your head, there’s a good girl,” Jane said sweetly as she gently pulled her ladyship’s panties down over her knees to her ankles. “Take your shoes off and put your panties over there on the chair.” Her ladyship was at a loss for words. She had been given no time to protest. Almost in shock she obeyed the young girl, taking off her shoes and stepping out of the lace panties before laying them over the chair.

“Stand in front of me Vicki, now hands by your sides… head up and look at me.” Victoria Rawlings had not been spoken to this way since boarding school. It unnerved her in a way and yet she was determined that she would continue at least for a time.

Jane stood up and held Victoria’s chin with gentle fingers. “Look at me Vicki, I don’t want to punish you, but I must.” Her eyes had an expression of gentility and kindness as she spoke. She let go of her Ladyship’s chin and quickly unbuttoned the front of her cotton tunic, before undoing the belt. Lady Rawlings felt the soft gentle touch of the young woman’s fingers as she quickly went about her task. Lady Rawlings shivered involuntarily as Jane exposed her. Apart from the dress that now hung open her Ladyship was naked. Jane gently slipped the garment from her shoulders, exposing her completely.

“Take your dress and put it with your panties.” Victoria Rawlings did as she was told. Even though she understood the real purpose of their interplay she could not help a shiver passing through her body as she laid her dress on the chair and stood back in front of her young interlocutor. “Right my pretty girl, go over there and kneel on that chair.” She pointed to the Chesterfield chair which was placed beneath the partly open window.

Lady Rawlings hesitated, surely the girl would not dare beat her and of course she had nothing to beat her with. She walked to the chesterfield and knelt on the seat facing the padded backrest. “Come along Victoria, not like that. I want one knee on each arm and lay your tummy over the top of the backrest. Hurry up now, I don’t want to have to add to your punishment.”

Lady Rawlings felt herself blush for the first time since she had left school. If she were to kneel on the chair as instructed, her legs would be spread apart to the extreme. She also realized that as she were to lean over her bottom would be thrust upward while her head and shoulders hung down over the other side.

Surely now was the time to call a halt to the proceedings. Something inside her told her no, carry on after all she was in control. She carefully stood on the seat before placing one knee on to the padded arm of the Chesterfield. Holding on to the backrest she was just able to stretch her legs far enough apart to place the other knee on the opposite arm. She shivered as the cold leather on the top of the chair-back touched her tummy. Jane watched her the lithe body of her ladyship as she spread her slim supple legs, her knees pressing into the leather of the arms. Her bottom thrust up into the air as she leaned over the back of the chair. Her buttocks were parted exposing the tiny sphincter. Her pubic mound looked plump and fleshy beneath the neat triangle of soft blonde hair. Lady Rawlings fought her desire to get up and call a halt instead she let her body relax, her back arched gracefully over the back of the chair.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Jane spoke softly and soothingly. “Having to be smacked like a baby at your age.”

Victoria felt cool soft fingers gently caress her naked bottom. The velvety touch slowly moving down over the cheeks, delicately moving between the cleft of her bottom. “Don’t you dare move my girl or there will be extra smacks to follow.”

Lady Rawlings bit her lip in preparation for what she now knew must surely come. It was without warning. There was no lifting of the caressing fingers as the first smack landed on the juncture between thigh and bottom. Smack.. Smack… Smack.. Smack.. and on it went, ten hard smacks in quick succession.

The hand that had caressed her bottom now pressed firmly on the small of her back, holding her securely in place. “Don’t move there’s a good girl, I am afraid there is more to come. I have to punish you properly. I am sorry to say that you will now receive ten strokes of the cane.”

Lady Rawlings was quite beside herself as she heard the warning of more to come. “I think I will have to call a halt.” She was surprised to hear her voice tremble.

“It’s all right Victoria, the strokes are not for you and not today, but I do want you to stay just where you are. Your poor bottom is quite red.” Jane gently stroked over the reddened buttocks with gentle fingers. She slipped her dainty hand between the cleft of her ladyships bottom. Delicately she placed a second hand up between the widely spread thighs and cupped the fleshy plump pubis. Two slim fingers penetrated her in unison, one pushing up into the surprisingly moist vagina. The second finger pushing up into the anus, impaling the reddened buttocks on the end of a finger.

“You naughty girl, you are quite wet, what on earth have you been thinking of ? You are obviously quite incorrigible and I am afraid you must be made an example of.” Lady Rawlings felt herself blush. She could not remember the last time she had felt quite so embarrassed. She could not help move her hips as Jane’s finger gently stroked the inside of her moist vagina.

Jane quickened her fingers, rejoicing in the reluctant movements of the hips beneath her. “Stay still you naughty girl”

Her Ladyship felt the finger being quickly withdrawn from her bottom. Almost instantly she felt two sharp slaps upon her upturned buttocks. “Now do as you are told, you naughty girl.” Immediately Jane pushed her forefinger up into the naked woman’s bottom, watching her squirm as she proceeded to quicken the pace of her fingers within the moist vagina.

“Why I do believe you are going to come, what a naughty girl you are showing off your feelings in this way. If I catch you getting wet like this again I shall stand you up naked facing the classroom and show everyone what a lewd girl you are.”

Lady Rawlings shuddered, her hips quivering as she reached her orgasm. She could not help herself as her hips squirmed deliciously. Jane increased the pressure of her finger in her Ladyships bottom as she thrust her other hand deeper into the woman’s soft vagina. It was the combination of young girls physical ministrations and the imagery of her words that caused her ladyship to react so quickly. She shuddered as she felt a second wave of intense sexual sensation course through her body. Jane quickened the pace and pressure of her fingers as she felt the lithe tanned body squirm and buck beneath her. She leaned her body over the slender back of her victim and gently slowed the pace of her fingers as her ladyship spent once more.

“There, there my pretty girl you are having a big cum aren’t you. I can see you that I shall have to keep a close eye on you if you go on behaving like this.” Jane slid her fingers gently from the warm sensitive flesh of the woman’s vagina and gently took hold of the prominent clitoris, she pinched quite sharply. She watched as her Ladyship’s body stiffened and then shuddered as another wave of sexual pleasure washed over her. Delicately she withdrew her finger from between the quivering buttocks and stroked her hand lovingly over the blushing flesh of her Ladyships reddened bottom cheeks.

“My, my you are a naughty child.” Her words subtly reducing the status of her victim from woman… to girl… to child. Jane continued stroking her Ladyship, first withdrawing her hand from the pubis and stroking gently beneath her tummy, her other hand bestowing feathery touches over her Ladyships quivering buttocks.

After a few moments Jane straightened up and walked back to her chair. “I would like you to get up and come over and stand in front of me. I want you to put your hands on your head and stand in front of me with your legs spread apart. I do not want you to speak unless I tell you to. You may answer me now… is that clear?”

Lady Rawlings got up awkwardly from the chair, her beautiful body glistening in the sunlight from the window. She walked as instructed towards the young girl and stood in front of her. She was totally embarrassed by the situation she found herself in, she spread her legs as wide as she could and placed her hands on top of her head. She felt utterly humiliated as the young girl leaned forward in her chair and cupped her delicate hand between her widely parted thighs. She shuddered as the young girl’s fingers pushed upward into her vagina. Her ladyship was about to protest when the Jane suddenly pulled her hand away and stood up. Her body pressed close to the naked woman. Without warning she took both nipples and pinched them at the same time leaning forward she kissed her ladyship on the mouth, her tongue thrusting between the parted lips. Jane could feel the woman tremble as she kissed her. Letting go of the her nipples she placed her hands gently on either side of her head and pulled her face away.

As she drew back, her Ladyship could see a wistful smile on her face. “I think we ought to start our interview again your Ladyship.. now that you have seen my curriculum vitae so to speak.”

Her ladyship smiled. “I think I will just put my dress on… and yes I think we do have a lot to discuss.”

Jane had watched her Ladyship dress and they now sat in easy chairs at the other end of the room. The large mullions of the window diffracting the sunlight into soft patterns upon the carpet. Lady Rawlings stretched lazily in her chair stretching her tanned legs out in front of her. “I see what you mean now, in fact you have crystallized my ideas in the short time we have had together.”

Lady Rawlings smoothed her hand over her legs as she spoke. “I can see that your methods are far more subtle than I had realized. Of course! periods of absolute normality punctuated with extreme embarrassment and subjugation.”

Jane smiled, her pretty lips poised to speak. “And of course this will eventually lead to the boy having no control at all. In other words he will become sexually aroused on demand. He will have a complete reliance upon the female. He is already as you say intimidated by female beauty and if he is kept completely out of contact with boys of his own age he will not be able to compare his experiences. In fact it would not be advisable for him to have any authoritarian contact with any male.” Jane leaned back in her chair and continued. “He will feel totally secure, he will know that he will always be loved and cared for, at the same time on a different level he will be in a constant state of embarrassment and sexual awareness.”

Lady Rawlings smiled at Jane. The afternoon had been a revelation to her, although she had clear ideas about the future of the boy, it had not always been possible to map out the practicalities of his upbringing. Having Jane in the house would be more than a pleasure and even though she knew her daughter would be taking a keen interest in the boy, she realized that constant supervision was the best solution. Diane and Veronica would be back at school for their last year and she herself had many commitments, not least of which was her duty as magistrate for the Manx judiciary.

“If you are able to start here soon I think it would be advisable for you to have complete supervision of the house staff. As you know we have two maids. One of which has just arrived as a refugee. They are both extremely pretty and may on occasions provide you with some amusement. There are also two girls in the kitchen. Rachael and Claire, they are seventeen and eighteen years old and live here. In fact we are very self contained. The estate office is situated in ‘Far Acre’ That is six miles away. We have over sixteen staff who run the farm estate, none of these have any contact with the household. In fact we allow no visitors at all. Provisions are delivered to the gate house lobby and are brought up by the kitchen staff each morning. The house as you saw when you came is completely walled off so everything within the gardens is private to myself and household staff.”

Jane smiled as her Ladyship explained the intricacies of the household. “Most large estates like this suffer from gossip, especially in the villages. For that reason I have chosen that everyone who works here lives in. None of the staff have any family, so apart from shopping trips to Douglas, they have no contact with the outside world. Even though I have had on occasions to discipline all of the staff we have a very pleasant happy atmosphere.”

Jane smiled. “Do you mean by discipline that you have caned their bottoms ?”

Lady Rawlings gave an impish smile to her new young governess. “Yes all of them at one time or another, and I am sure you will be doing the same after all they will be your responsibility.”

“Tell me about the maids and the kitchen staff and what their exact responsibilities are, and then you can tell me about Richard.”

Lady Rawlings smiled. “I think if I am going to be talking for the rest of the afternoon we had better have some tea.” She rang the bell cord hanging from the wall at the side of her chair. “Wendy, who answered the door to you, will probably answer the bell. I will get Annette to bring the tea tray and you will be able to have a look at her. I will tell you about the kitchen maids first. They are Rachael and Claire. Rachael is from Douglas and was up before me in court as a ward. Her mother died just after she was fifteen, her father had abandoned the family years before to live on the mainland. I don’t think there was too much love in the family and I took pity on her and gave her a job here. She is under a supervisory order until she is twenty-one years old. In essence that means that she is legally in my charge. If she were to leave she would be brought back or jailed upon my decision. She has responded well to kindness and has become an excellent member of the household. She is well built, certainly not plump but shall we say well rounded. I showed her kindness and apart from one little incidence which was the first time I punished her, her conduct has been flawless. In fact the only time she makes a mistake is on purpose”

Jane nodded her head. “Tell me what little incidence and what you did about it.”

“I thought you would pick me up on that. She spilled a large copper cooking pot of soup all over the kitchen floor just prior to dinner. Diane had brought Veronica to the house for the first time and was rather annoyed when we could not serve soup. They laughed about it afterwards, but I do think Diane was very annoyed at the time.”

“How did you punish her?”

“A good smack bottom of course!”

Jane waited knowing that if she did Lady Rawlings would go on with her story. “I was rather tempted to punish her there and then in the kitchen but I was not sure how she would react with Claire present so I waited until the next day and had her come here to my study. I chastised her verbally but with I hope understanding. She broke down into to tears and said that she admitted it should not have happened and that she thought the world of me and would do anything to make it up, In fact I seem to be suffering a lot with hero worship at the moment, Wendy is just as bad.”

Jane smiled, her understanding of human nature surpassed her years. “It is very normal for girls to get a crush on their elders and betters as well as their peers.”

Lady Rawlings nodded her agreement. She brushed back her hair with her hand and smiled at Jane. “Of course I already had an inkling of how the girl felt and I really was hesitant about punishing her, however there was something in her voice that prompted me to carry out what I had already planned. I told her that in view of the seriousness of the occasion I would have to cane her bottom. To my surprise she blushed bright red but nodded her head and said ‘I know madam.” She might have heard that Wendy had already had a smack bottom with the hairbrush I imagine the girls do confide in each other occasionally. To cut a long story short, and I will have to if I am ever going to brief you on the rest of the household. I told her to take off her kitchen coat. It is a white coat and often their only clothing apart from underwear, it often gets very hot in the kitchen. She obeyed without hesitation although I must say she looked very shy and embarrassed. She was wearing a lace bra and panties underneath, obviously not expensive but quite pretty. Her figure is quite astounding without clothes and of course kitchen coats do conceal most of ones shape. I made her stand in her underwear while I fetched a riding crop from the cupboard… I didn’t have a cane at that time. I noticed she had kept her flat shoes on so I made her bend over and take them off. She really looked very pretty bending over. Her breasts are very large and I remember wanting to see how firm they were, so I instructed her to take off her bra and lay her upper body flat on the desk. She seemed extremely shy at having to take off her bra, but she obeyed without hesitation. She really has quite magnificent breasts.”

Jane smiled. “I always strip the girls at school quite naked. It increases their shame and of course makes them feel far more vulnerable. Unless of course we are doing an exposure.”

Lady Rawlings looked quizzically at the young girl. “Exposure? I am not familiar with the term.”

Jane smiled. “It is when we want to make a girl particularly embarrassed in a certain situation. I will make her hold her skirt to her waist and pull her knickers down as far as her knee’s. It is quite effective. I’ll explain some of our methods to you when I start.. I am presuming that I will be starting ?”

“Of course Jane..” Lady Rawlings pretty lips drew back in a smile, revealing perfect white even teeth. “I had decided that you were perfect for the job during our little interlude earlier.”

Jane smiled at her ladyship adjusting her body lazily in the easy chair. “Do go on with your story.”

“Well I waited until she was bent over the desk and laid the crop on the top beside her head so that she would see it close up. I stood behind her and pulled her panties down to the floor. She had bent over with her legs together so that I had no problem in taking them down. I lifted her feet one by one and took her panties off. I remember saying ‘right my girl, up on your toes and get that bottom high in the air.’ She obeyed immediately she really pushed her bottom up, arching her back. She looked quite magnificent bending naked like that. I took the cane and put tapped it upwards between her legs. I said ‘As high as you can with that bottom’ or words to that effect. She really strained to get her bottom higher and as arched her back I gave her the first stroke right across the middle of her bottom. She shook furiously with the first stroke but managed to remain bending over. I gave her a second just above the first one. She really quivered with the pain. I could see her face quite clearly as she had laid her head towards the side I was delivering the crop. I remember telling her to get her bottom higher as I gave her one more right in the juncture between her buttocks and thighs. She really broke then, she twisted her body to the side and looked straight at me, her breasts were heaving as she twisted body on the desk. I really felt sorry for her, but I had decided to give her four and I was determined that she would receive them all. ‘Back flat on the desk and get that bottom up, you have one more to come. If you do not obey me I shall give you six.’ I think those are the words I used.”

Lady Rawlings looked intently at Jane, she could see the excitement in the girls eyes as she recounted the details of the young maid’s punishment. “I had to wait while she regained her composure. She was really trembling by the time she was back in position. I remember thinking how hard it must be to offer your bottom up for punishment when your whole body is on fire with the pain you have already received. I made her wait for a few moments knowing that every nerve was on edge waiting for the last stroke. I stood back and sliced her buttocks from the top. It was more of a downward stroke. She broke immediately. She slid to the floor and lay there writhing on her bottom. It was such a pretty site. I remember chiding her ‘What’s the matter have you no modesty look at you’ or words to that effect. She really did look delightful. She had a little tuft of hair between her legs and a beautiful plump pubis. I watched her as she thrashed about on the floor, trying to get the sting out of her bottom. When she finally did get up I took her over my knee and put some cream on her bottom. I could feel her pushing her pubis against my thigh as she laid across me. I stroked in-between her legs and she climaxed almost immediately. I am sure she now looks forward to being punished more than anything else. I am sure she still feels pain just as much as the first time she was beaten, but I think the thought of what is to happen afterwards sees her through her ordeals.”

A knock at the door interrupted their conversation. “I think Wendy has taken far too long in answering my bell. Perhaps this will give you an opportunity to have a look at the girl in more detail.”

Lady Rawlings turned her head toward the door. “Come in.” Both Wendy and Annette appeared through the door pushing a tea trolley. They wheeled it into the room adjacent to Lady Rawlings and her young guest.

“I took the liberty Madam of bringing both tea and coffee. There are some cakes as well Ma’am.” Lady Rawlings laughed. “You have been busy, I thought you were taking a long time answering the bell.” Wendy stood up primly “I’m sorry Madam, I just thought as it was already passed half past three, that you might be ready for tea.”

Lady Rawlings smiled at her young maid. “You are perfectly right this time Wendy, Would you and Annette care to pour ?”

Lady Rawlings turned toward Jane. “Will you take tea or coffee?”

Jane looked intently at both girls watching their movements. “I will have tea please.”

Lady Rawlings let the girls pour the tea and uncover the pastries before she spoke. “Wendy and Annette come and stand in front of me, I want to introduce you to Jane Marwood.”

She watched Jane observing the girls as they moved to stand in front of the easy chairs. Jane looked the girls up and down as they stood side by side. Wendy with long slender legs stood a head taller than Annette. Both maids were wearing short black dresses, showing off their bare thighs to pretty effect. Lady Rawlings smiled up at them.

“This is Jane Marwood, who will be taking over the supervision of Richard’s education as well as his physical and moral well being. She will be in complete charge of the household during my absences and will have charge of the day to day running with myself. I think you may address her as Miss or Miss Marwood.”

Lady Rawlings turned to Jane with a warm smile. “What would you prefer Jane?”

Jane smiled up at the girls. Her beautiful delicate features giving no hint of the discipline that she was about to wield. “I will be quite happy to be addressed as Miss and I am sure that we will get along splendidly.”

Both Wendy and Annette bobbed a little curtsey and said, “Yes Miss.” in unison.

“Good I think we will all benefit from Jane’s presence.” Lady Rawlings could not help thinking how true her words might be. She continued. “I will inform you of which rooms Jane will occupy when I have time to show her round. I wish to inform Richard myself so I would prefer it if you did not mention it yet. I will be visiting the kitchens later so again I will inform Rachael and Claire. Off you go, you may come and collect the tea things in half an hour.”

Jane watched as the girls walked primly from the room. She was delighted with them both, she turned to Her Ladyship. “They really are very pretty girls and obviously most obedient and willing. I would say Wendy is already bound by love and I imagine Annette is not far behind.”

Lady Rawlings nodded. “You are right, I think Annette is most grateful for her situation here. Her life in Asia I understand was most traumatic. She seems determined to do exactly what she is told in order to keep her position. I would imagine she is willing to put up with most things, she is old enough not to forget the violence or her hunger and poverty in Vietnam.”

“I would like to hear about Claire if you feel like indulging me.” Lady Rawlings laughed her pretty eyes revealing the merriment she felt. “You really are going to keep on the straight and narrow aren’t you. But of course you are quite right we have so much to discuss we will be in conference for days.” She sat back and swung her bare legs up underneath her. “I really do feel like a pussy cat that as had the cream, What you did earlier has proved very therapeutic.”

Jane smiled. “I am sure I enjoyed it as much as you. You have a beautiful body and you really do move so prettily when you are aroused.”

Lady Rawlings was surprised to feel herself blush. “Do you realize you have made me blush, not something I have done for a long time.”

Jane laughed. “I think we are all capable of embarrassment in the right circumstances. I was rather apprehensive when I came here. I have always wanted charge of a young boy and I was rather worried that mother’s description of the boy was overly flattering. I must be honest and say until I had met you I was not sure that your standards would meet mine. I don’t mean that as a detrimental remark but more in the way that when you want something as badly as I do, you are in fear of being let down. Let’s talk about Claire, as you probably have gathered I would like to talk about the boy last.”

Lady Rawlings was looking intently at Jane, her voice was quiet and serious as she spoke. “I will tell you about Claire, but let me put your mind at rest on Richard. He is everything you have been led to expect. His physical appearance is exceptional. For my daughter to enthuse about Richard the way she did I knew he must be above the ordinary. When I first saw him I knew she was right. But let me continue with Claire. She is from the same orphanage as Richard. I saw her there.. oh it must be four years ago. I had been invited to present the education certificates to fifteen year olds. Claire I believe was in the form below. I noticed her initially because of her beauty. She stood out from the others not just with her looks but her graceful movements, even in orphanage clothing she had an air and manner that didn’t belong in those stark, austere surroundings. I mentioned her to Matron who said that she was a quiet unassuming girl. She was bright in class and yet showed kindness and deference to the others. I decided to bring her here. She is, like Rachael and Richard under my legal guardianship until she is twenty-one years old. She is seventeen at present.”

“Why did you decide to use her in the kitchen, if she is so graceful I mean?” Jane inquired.

“Well Wendy was already here and so I started Claire in the Kitchen with perhaps the thought of moving her later on. It was after I had disciplined Rachael that I was in the kitchen one day and noticed that Claire was wearing perfume. I immediately recognized it as Channel 5. So I knew it must have been mine, obviously taken from my dressing table. The girls help clean the rooms so Claire would have ample opportunity to take a quick dab of perfume. I questioned her immediately and she admitted trying some on. I think my best ideas come on the spur of the moment. I instructed Rachael to take Claire up to the bathroom and wash her from head to toe.

“Up in between her legs in her bottom in fact everywhere. Both girls were blushing furiously but I continued to instruct them. After Rachael had bathed Claire she was to bring her as she was (naked in other words) down to my office where she would receive the cane. Rachael told me later that Claire had climaxed as soon as she had began to wash between her legs. In fact I believe she climaxed three times before Rachael had finished.”

Jane was leaning forward her eyes sparkling as Lady Rawlings recounted the events. “I was in my office by the time the girls came down. Claire was blushing from head to toe. It was the first time I had seen her naked. Her body is quite beautiful she has quite large breasts for such a slender frame and her waist is absolutely tiny. She has long slender legs and only wisp of hair between her legs. The girl was covering her pubis with her hands. I remember hair squirming as she stood in front of me. One thing I did notice was a certain excitement within Rachael. She had obviously enjoyed bathing the girl and I suspect making her climax. I made Claire stand to attention with her hands by her sides. She was shivering from head to toe. I fetched the cane (I bought several soon after I had had to use a riding crop on Rachael) and swished it through the air. Her look of anguish was exquisite. I bent her over the desk with her arms outstretched on either side. Her breasts were nicely squashed against the leather surface. I instructed Rachael to stand to the girls side and put one hand underneath her tummy. I reached between the girls legs and placed Rachael’s hand so that she was cupping the girl’s pubis. I told her to take a tight hold knowing that her fingers would press into the vagina. I made Rachael press down on the small of the girls back with her other hand. I gave her four sound strokes of the cane in quick succession. She bucked and reared but managed to stay bent over. As soon as Rachael had released her she slumped at my feet holding on to my legs, pleading that she was sorry. She really was in quite a state. I felt so sorry for her that I sat down and took her over my knee immediately. The most unusual occurrence was that Rachael took a tube of cream from her pocket. The same make of cream that I had used on her, and handed it to me. ‘I thought you might need this’ she said. Can you imagine, she was hoping that I would do to Claire what I had done to her.”

Jane smiled. “You obliged of course.”

“Yes of course.” Lady Rawlings laughed. “But I began to understand that Rachael was really fond of Claire and that she genuinely hoped I would treat her in the same way. I mean even to bringing the same type of cream down from the bathroom. I always keep some here anyway. I instructed Rachael to stroke the girl gently while I rubbed cream on her bottom. It was really a revelation of her feelings for the girl. She stroked her hair and then I noticed her put her hand under the girls breast. I put cream on her poor bottom. The marks were quite livid and I had to be very gentle with her. I pushed my hands between her bottom cheeks and popped a finger into her vagina. I could feel her move her hips almost immediately and it couldn’t have been more that a few minutes before she climaxed so strongly that I thought she was going to have a fit. Rachael in the meantime I am sure was squeezing the poor girls nipples. Since that time they have become inseparable, really good friends and I am sure that hop into each others bed. They share a bedroom through choice although I have offered them bedrooms of their own.”

Jane leaned back a smile on her face. “I am really looking forward to being here. I think that I will have to plan my contact with all the girls rather carefully, but I am sure that tenderness coupled with discipline will give me the control I need. What I need now is to discuss Richard in detail, so that we are both in absolute agreement about his upbringing.”

“I have no doubt we are already in perfect agreement, but I will give you a run down on everything that has happened so far. I have received his school reports from the orphanage and all his medical details.”

Lady Rawlings proceeded to tell Jane about Richard, interrupted only by the maids clearing away the tea trolley. They talked at length, the sun’s rays slowly diminishing through the study window. It was early evening by the time they had finished. As they got up from their chairs, Lady Rawlings said. “I have an idea how you could see Richard and yet still meet him on fresh ground on Monday morning. That is if you would like to stay for dinner. I will ask Wendy and Annette to have their meals with Richard in the small drawing room and we will eat in the dining room. Claire and Rachael enjoy eating in the small conservatory which is just off from the kitchens, so you will be able to meet them on your own terms. How would that suit you?”

Jane nodded her agreement. Lady Rawlings continued, “I will put Richard to bed early and you can see him when he is asleep. He has been at the lake with Diane as Veronica is shopping in Douglas. He is usually tired after swimming all day, so I think you would be able to leave about nine. How long does it take to get back to the school?”

“Oh.. about ten minutes I suppose, there is never any traffic around here and the road is good for a country road.”

It was nine o clock in the evening when Lady Rawlings and Jane Marwood slipped quietly into Richard’s bedroom. The room was dark apart from moonlight from the stone framed window which cast a silvery light over the bed. Lady Rawlings reached down and turned on the bedside light. A soft glow lit the room and for the first time Jane Marwood was able to see her new charge.

“Isn’t he beautiful ?” Jane whispered as she bent over the bed watching the young boy in repose. Richard did not stir as Lady Rawlings carefully lifted the covers and drew them back to the end of the bed, fully exposing the boy’s naked body. Richard was laid on his back with his head turned to one side. Jane examined the boy carefully from head to toe. Indeed he was more than she imagined. She looked at the pale smooth skin, his graceful torso and legs before focusing her attention on his penis and testicles. His penis was slightly laying across his thigh. Jane was sorely tempted to gently cup his penis and testicles in her hand but knew that the risk of waking him would spoil her future plans.

After a few moments Lady Rawlings raised an inquiring eye to Jane. The girl nodded and Her Ladyship gently drew the covers back over the sleeping boy. As they descended the stairs Jane could not help the excitement in her voice. She put her arm around Lady Rawlings and kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

Lady Rawlings smiled. It was now time for her own curiosity to be filled. “I know it’s late Jane but I would like you to do one thing for me before you go. I know we have spent most of the day going through our arrangements, but it will not take long.”

Jane leaned against her companion. “Of course anything you want you only have to ask.”

They entered the small sitting room to the right of the staircase. Lady Rawlings immediately sat down on the large settee looking up at the young girl.

“What is it you want ?” Jane smiled down at her Ladyship as she spoke.

“I want you to strip off your clothes so that I can have a good look at your body.” Jane looked shocked for a second and then smiled. “I suppose fair is fair and I did take you rather by surprise.”

Without hesitation she began to undo the buttons of her shirt, the white silk contrasted starkly with tanned flesh as she slowly revealed her naked breasts. She pulled the silk from beneath the broad leather belt and shrugged off the garment on to the floor. Her breasts were magnificent, jutting straight out from above her narrow waist. Quickly she undid the leather belt letting it drop to the floor. Her red fingernails flashed in the light of the fire as she undid the waistband of her skirt. It slid down her tanned thighs to her feet. She stood for a moment, her splendidly proportioned body glistening with health. She hooked her long delicate fingers into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down over her beautifully proportioned thighs and over her knees to the floor. She kicked them off and stood in front of her Ladyship. Her nipples stood out in sharp relief against the contours of her firm breasts. The dark aureoles were large and plump accentuating the firm flesh of the nipple. Her waist, so tiny against the plump firm flesh of her breasts. Her hips swelled below the tiny waist, a beautiful curvature to the slender legs below.

Lady Rawlings leaned forward and cupped her hand between the girls legs. Her fingers gently caressing the prominent mound of her smoothly shaven pubis. Without warning she slipped a finger between the fleshy mounds at either side of her vagina. “Why Jane you are quite moist. Why don’t you come and sit on my knee.”

Jane moved forward gracefully, her ladyships hand still cupping her pubis as she sat down on her knees. “Now lean back on the settee so that you are laid with just your bottom on my knees.” Jane smiled, almost shyly as she leaned back on to the soft cushions and swung her legs up on to the other side of the settee. “Open up a bit I want to have a little look at you.”

Her Ladyships voice was soft and low as she gently parted the girls thighs. “Now I can get at you, my you have a nice plump pussy.” Gently her ladyship parted the ripe folds of the labia and pushed her finger firmly up into the girl. She could feel and immediate response as she slowly rotated her finger up inside her juicy orifice. She pushed a second finger up into the moist flesh quickly jack-knifing her two fingers. With her other hand she drew back the prepuce exposing the hard nub of the clitoris with feathery strokes of her fingers she watched the clitoris swell. Jane had never been so expertly seduced before. She could not help herself as her hips began to undulate in circular motions between the busy fingers of Her Ladyship.

“Try and control yourself a little longer I want you to have a nice big climax. There, I can see you are losing control.” Lady Rawlings quickened her fingers until the girls hips strained upwards beneath her. Just as she began to climax Lady Rawlings pinched the clitoris hard. The girl bucked as she pinched and rubbed the tender flesh, her other hand busy deep inside the girl’s vagina. “There, you are feeling that aren’t you ?” Her Ladyships words were calculated to increase the girls passion.

“Argghhh mmmmnnn oooh yes sss. Jane arched her back, her bottom was lifted up off her Ladyships knees as she climaxed. “Arggghhh aarrggg mmm.” She felt completely out of control as a finger suddenly speared up into her bottom. “Arrrgghhh.arrrggh.” Jane rolled her head from side to side as wave after wave of sensual pleasure coursed through her body. Gradually her orgasm subsided. She felt the finger being withdrawn gently from her bottom and the delicate feathery strokes of Her Ladyships fingers over thighs and tummy. “Just you relax for a few moments, while I stroke you gently, there my poor baby there…” Lady Rawlings cooed softly to the young girl. Feathery touches caressing her fine skin.

It was several minutes before Jane moved lazily off her Ladyship’s knee and on to the cushions beside her. She curled her pretty legs beneath her and leaned against the back of the settee with her body turned toward her companion. “That was wonderful, Thank you. May I kiss you?” Jane leaned forward without waiting for a reply and kissed the beautiful lips of her Ladyship. Her breasts were thrust against her body as she pushed her tongue deep inside her mouth.

It was past ten-o-clock before Jane stood in the hallway of the Manor House. The outside door was open as they walked through to the stone steps leading to the drive. Jane’s brand new Austin Healey stood gleaming beneath the portico lights. “I will see you late on Sunday evening, my bags will arrive some time on Saturday, I would prefer it if only you unpacked the large one. Everything else can be done by the maids.”

Lady Rawlings smiled. “You have your own canes then?”

Jane smiled impishly as she opened the door of her car and swung her pretty legs over the sill. “Oh yes a huge variety… and other things as well!” She started the car and slammed the car door shut. Leaning out of the window she shouted to Lady Rawlings, her voice only just audible against the revving engine. “It’s my turn next.”