A Great Beach Day

By BIOYA61@aol.com

Part 1

Jan couldn’t believe her good fortune. Here was her first day off in months and the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. As she walked along the boardwalk at Parsons’ Point National Park, her eyes scanned towards the water looking for an isolated area for some undisturbed sun bathing.

After walking about a half mile, Jan crossed into the area that was often frequented by nude sun worshippers. “What the hell,” she thought to herself, “I won’t see anyone I know so why should I care.” About half way between the boardwalk and the water, she found a fairly deserted spot and dropped her blanket and her beach bag onto the sand. Quickly so as to not waste a moment, she spread out her blanket, plopped down onto it and began to rummage through her bag for her visor and paperback book. Having found those two all important items, Jan stood and peeled off her tank top and pushed her shorts

down her slender legs. Now nude from the waist up, she slowly stretched and looked about; “no need for my top here”, she thought and she sat back down wearing only her bright yellow bikini bottoms. She felt comfortable topless and knew that her small yet shapely breasts and long legs made her an extremely attractive beach view.

Jan quickly became engrossed in the latest Robert Parker paperback and didn’t even look up until she suddenly became aware of someone nearby. She looked up and found herself staring into the most beautiful pair of green eyes she’s ever seen. “I’m so sorry; did I startle you,” said the woman who had just dropped her bag in the sand about 15 feet away from Jan’s blanket.

“No, no problem,” responded Jan.

“Oh good, it’s so nice to meet someone friendly here,” said the woman as she began to stretch her blanket out. “My name is Margot Lee” she stated, “and my husband Davis will be along in a moment. We’re renting the house just beyond the dunes for the summer.”

Very nice” said Jan, “I’m Jan Foster” and with that greeting, she went back to her book.

A few moments later a tall ordinary looking man of about fifty arrived on the beach and Jan assumed he was Margot’s husband, Davis. Jan took a moment while they were unpacking their beach gear to look them over. Margot was absolutely magnificent; large, full breasts showing under her beach wrap tapered down to a slender waist and shapely thighs. Her husband dressed in a baggy suit and a large tee shirt was quite handsome too in a careless sort of way. As Jan watched, Margot suddenly reached down and in one motion swept her beach wrap up and over her head. To Jan’s amazement, she was totally naked underneath

and her body was even more magnificent than Jan had first realized. Margot’s breasts were even larger than Jan had originally thought - at least 38Ds and the rest of her was almost Rubenesque; firm, tapered legs, a fine waist and the roundest, firmest buttocks Jan had ever seen on any woman. Jan couldn’t believe the way she found herself checking this stranger out and after another moment, she looked rapidly away.

The next few hours passed quickly and finally Jan realized how much sun she’d had and, made ready to leave. After getting dressed and stowing her things in her bag, she started to walk to the boardwalk. Margot called to her “oh Jan, don’t run off. Davis and I are leaving also and we’d love to have you stop by the house for a cold drink.” Jan began to refuse and then, realizing how nice a cold drink would be said, “sure, I’d like that.”

Jan waited as Davis picked up their things and Margot deftly slipped back into her beach wrap. That done, the three new friends walked towards the boardwalk and the house beyond. As they walked, Jan suddenly began to feel just how much sun she’d gotten. Her skin felt extremely hot, she was sweating and her entire body felt weary. Margot must have noticed Jan’s discomfort because she took the younger girl’s arm saying, “ you looked awfully unsteady my dear, are you all right?” Jan nodded, ‘all of a sudden I feel woozy; I think I got too much sun.”

“Well, do not fret, we’re almost to the house and I know just how to take care of you. I’m a nurse, in fact.” Margot exclaimed. Jan was thankful for her support and allowed her to be assisted across the sand, and onto the porch of a large beach house. Davis stood holding the door open and Margot asked him to go on ahead into the house and run a warm bath. “Come, dear, let me help you to the guest room. I know a bath and some aloe will start you feeling much, much better.” Jan started to protest but realized she needed and actually, was enjoying being taken care of.

Once in the bedroom, Margot took Jan by the shoulders and without hesitation, stripped off her tank top exposing her breasts. Before she could react, the older woman bent before her and pulled down her shorts too. Jan felt herself being helped towards a door at the far end of the room which when opened, revealed the largest most sumptuously furnished bathroom she had ever seen. At the far end was an enormous step in tub easily big enough for 4 people and Margot stood Jan there and suddenly reached down and began to ease the young girl’s bikini bottom over her hips.

“Wait,’ blurted Jan, “ I can do that”.

“Nonsense, dear” replied Margot, “ just stand there and let me take care of you. I’m very good at it and I promise I’ll have you feeling good in no time.” Jan just nodded as what Margot said made good sense. Her bikini bottoms traveled down her legs and off and Jan felt soft, caring hands moving up her legs, brushing her mons and coming to rest on her buttocks.

“Before we get you into the bath, I really must take your temperature” said Margot as she sat down in a chair next to the dressing table and pulled Jan over her lap. As she did so, she pulled her beach wrap up to her waist and Jan suddenly was lying across Margot’s bare lower body. Jan started to protest and then suddenly realized how warm and comforting this position felt. The young girl heard another voice and realized that Margot’s husband Davis had entered the room as he said, “here, dear, I brought the medical equipment you need.” Before she could react, he was gone again and she breathed a sigh

of relief.

However, her relief was short-lived as she felt Margot gently rubbing her hand up through Jan’s crack until it found her rectum and began to push a jelly like substance into her. “Just relax, dear, this won’t hurt and I really need to do it. Now lie quietly and let me do what I must” cooed Margot. Jan sighed and relaxed. This did feel good she realized and as a finger slid up her anus, she felt the stirrings of arousal wetting her pussy. Oh she thought, this couldn’t be - but it is and it feels so nice; before she could stop, she felt herself put her arms around Margot’s hips and hug. The thermometer slid painlessly into her puckered hole and Jan sighed in relief. This felt so good to be taken care of and she surrendered to the feeling. While administering the temp, Margot began to slowly and softly rub Jan’s buttocks and thighs. A few times, she even let her hand slip down into the

young girl’s crease and caress towards her labia; and to her delight, there was no resistance. Jan seemed to have mellowed into a totally relaxed state and was taking everything that Margot was willing to give.

After a few minutes Margot said “now, dear, temperatures finished and I’m going to remove it but don’t move yet, we’re not quite done here. Are you ok?” Jan could only nod and snuggle more into Margot’s fleshy hips. She felt the thermometer being removed and it was suddenly replaced by what Jan assumed was a finger. She started to protest but it felt so very good that the protest died on her lips. In fact, she’d begun to become so sexually aroused by this intrusion that she felt her labia lips dripping and she was firmly pressing herself into this stranger’s lap. The finger in her anus was moving caressingly around inside her while another hand moved over her mons and lips and a finger moved inside her vagina meeting the one already in her anus. The two fingers began to move in unison and Jan began to orgasm before she knew what was happening.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned, “oh my god that’s so good”

“Just enjoy it my dear,” said Margot in response. “There’s much more to come and I’ll take wonderful care of you.”

Part 2

Jan felt positively limp; lying here across a total stranger’s bare lap, having just had an orgasm was strange yet thrilling. “Dear, you have a slight temperature and I’m going to take care of that for you now, ok?” asked Margot. Jan could only nod in her state of euphoria. A moment later she felt Margot’s finger again probing her rear door and then filling her rectum. The finger was withdrawn and now replaced by what felt like a very fat, very long finger, which snaked its way deeply inside her.

“Oh, my God,” moaned Jan. “ What’s happening to me?”

“Not to worry, I’m giving you a nice warm enema with something to relax you and combat your fever,” said Margot; “just relax and enjoy it.” Jan did what she was told and once again felt the older woman’s other hand run down her crease until it reached her pussy and gently began to caress. She felt herself being opened up and a moment later; two fingers entered her moist slit

while a thumb rotated on her clit. Again warmth and sensual feelings washed over her and she found herself running her hands over this woman’s upper legs and onto her buttocks.

Margot was absolutely thrilled by the young woman’s sensuous reaction. Her hand more boldly stroked the woman over her lap and as she finished the enema and began to withdraw the nozzle, she heard a definite moan and felt a hand slide up her leg and grip her left buttock. Margot replaced the enema on her medical tray and immediately put her middle finger into Jan’s anus. “This will help you retain the fluid for a few minutes and then we’ll get you your bath.”

The minutes passed and Jan was totally relaxed as the enema and its contents took effect. Margot continued to caress the young woman and would skillfully bring her near orgasm and then let her float back down again without actually reaching a climax. “OK now Jan, it’s time to expel your enema. Let me help you to the toilet.” Jan felt two pairs of hands lift and guide her to the commode and sit her down. Davis had joined them in the bathroom and he held Jan on the toilet while Margot kneeled before her and gently rubbed her tummy and her pussy. Jan felt a rush as she expelled the fluid from her rear while Margot suddenly lifted her head and sucked Jan’s left breast into her mouth. “Oh my,” said Jan as the most delicious warm fluid feeling swept over her. Margot sucked her nipple and rubbed her clit and Jan felt wave after wave of tremors sweep through her body. Nothing she’d ever experienced had felt this good.

“You’ve been a wonderful girl,” said Margot. “Now we’ll help you into your bath.” Jan felt herself being helped up from the toilet and walked across the room to the giant marble step in bathtub. The water was warm and scented and quickly engulfed the young woman as she sunk down into the white froth. Jan watched as Margot pulled her shift up over her head again revealing her voluptuous body and joined her in the tub. “Here dear, let me soap you up.” said Margot as she began to run her soft hands around Jan’s neck and shoulders. “ Doesn’t this feel good?” Asked the woman as her hands found and began to caress Jan’s breasts. And it felt wonderful as Jan just surrendered herself to the feelings.

Before too long Jan once again felt hands helping her from the tub and wrapping her in soft toweling. She was dried, caressed and she thought, licked by what felt like a number of people until she was finally assisted through a doorway and into another room. “Come dear, it’s time for you to lie down and rest a bit,” she heard Margot say and with that she felt herself being spread out on a soft bed. A moment later, she felt another body and turning, realized that Margot was lying beside her. Jan felt the woman gather her in her arms and pull her close and the next thing she knew, she felt a woman’s breast brushing her lips. Without thought, Jan opened her mouth her fastened on the nipple, beginning to nurse. An exquisite warm feeling coursed

through her and, at that same moment, she felt a pair of lips suddenly fasten upon her pussy and a tongue move swiftly over her clitoris. She didn’t know whether this was a dream or reality and, she didn’t care as the tremor of an orgasm began to fill her body and she surrendered to these wondrous sensations.