A Medical Story

This story is fiction for adult entertainment only. None of the characters are real or based on anyone real.

It started as a routine visit to the Doctor that was required before I started high school. This was only my second gynecological

exam and I was a little nervous. I was scared of having a metal speculum shoved inside me and also a little excited.

As part of the exam the Doctor did a breast exam. I could tell by his look there was a problem. When he brought in a portable x-ray unit I started to really get scared. “I felt something a little unusual and just want a picture,” he said.

After examining the x-ray he called in my mother. “I’ve found a few small anomalies on Melissa’s x-ray and I’m going to have to do a needle biopsy to check it out. Please lie very still,” he said as the nurse swabbed my breast with alcohol. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him preparing the largest syringe I had ever seen. The needle must have been four inches long and

1/8 in thick.

“Just relax this won’t hurt too much.” He squeezed my breast tightly between his thumb and forefinger and quickly inserted the needle through my skin there was a sharp pain but it didn’t really hurt too much. As the needle probed deeper into my breast it eventually came to the little lump. As it pierced it I felt the most intense pain I had ever felt.

I screamed and nearly passed out. He quickly pulled back on the plunger drawing a little blood and tissue into the syringe and withdrew the needle. “I’ll be back in a minute after I look at this under a microscope.”

When he returned he had mom in tow. “Your daughter has a rare neurofibroma; there are 6 small tumors in her right breast and 11 in her left. They are not malignant but should be treated as it can cause severe problems later in life and can lead to cancer. Melissa is really very lucky just a few years ago she would have been given a mastectomy. Now all she needs is a little

chemotherapy and some follow up visits. With your permission we’ll start right away. She will be given a spinal to immobilize her and a new drug called nuraltumor necrosis factor injected directly into each little tumor. The main risk is lowered blood pressure due to the spinal but we will give Melissa something to counteract that. Here you just need to sign this consent


Mom asked a few questions and then signed and was ushered out by the nurse. “Are you scared?” the doctor asked.

I admitted I was. “Well I can’t give you any opiates because they will interfere with the chemotherapy. You see in order to be sure the treatment goes directly into the tumors we will hook you up to an EEG and by watching the pain activity in your brain we can tell when the needle is properly placed, Before I administer the spinal I’m going to give you a shot of cocaine hydrochloride to help raise your blood pressure and calm you down.”

He placed a blood pressure cuff around my arm and pumped it up. “Now make a fist,” he said.

As my veins stood up he inserted the needle into my elbow and as I watched in fascination a little spurt of blood entered the syringe he then depressed the plunger and within seconds a wave of pleasure flowed over my body. My ears were ringing and my clit was throbbing like an orgasm. Oh that was wonderful I see why people want to take it.

“Roll over on your side now and hug your knees and we’ll get you ready for the spinal.” The nurse cleaned a spot on my back with alcohol and I felt an intense pain as the doctor inserted a needle into my back. “When I inject this you will be unable to move or talk,” he said.

Slowly I felt my muscles become stiff. The nurse rolled me onto my back and the doctor asked me to wiggle my toes, I couldn’t. “The curare will leave you fully conscious but unable to move. Nurse please insert a retention enema bulb and a urinary catheter so we don’t have a mess on our hands.” I wanted to squirm as the bulb was placed in my butt and inflated but couldn’t. She tried and tried to insert the catheter but couldn’t. It hurt like hell.

“Give her a little shot of muscle relaxant directly into the urinary sphincter muscle and get that catheter in,” he ordered the nurse. “Wait a second hook up the EEG first then we can use the injection to make sure everything is working.”

They hooked up a bunch of wires to my head and a moment later I felt a needle enter my clitoris.The pain almost made me pass out. “Give her another cc of cocaine hydrochloride to keep her alert and conscious and shove that catheter in.”

The nurse checked my blood pressure while the cuff was still inflated she gave me another I.V. injection, as she released the cuff the rush was just as intense even though I couldn’t move a muscle. The nurse cleaned both of my breasts with alcohol and the next thing I knew the doctor was squeezing my breast tightly. I could feel the pressure on the little lump. I could see the

nurse filling a syringe, tapping out all the air bubbles and giving it to the doctor.

There was a brief pain as he thrust the needle between his fingers he was watching a monitor screen as he probed the needle in and out and around I suddenly felt and intense pain. He saw it on the monitor and probed a little more till the level was as high as it would go then he depressed the plunger. The level went off screen and I passed out for just a second.

I awoke as another needle was going in. This repeated 16 more times when it was finally over the doctor gave me a shot that was an antidote to the curare and finally gave me a shot of dilaudid.

Soon I was comfortably numb and as the nurse removed the enema bulb and catheter I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life.

After a few hours in recovery mom came in and the nurse told her to make another appointment in two weeks.