A New School

By [email protected]

Chapter 1

We’d moved again that year and I had to go to a new school. A new school meant new friends, new teachers, new customs to learn. I always thought it a pain having to start all over again, having to learn the ropes, figure out what was expected of you and what was not and trying to pick up all the little ways of getting around rules and regulations. I hated it. It was even worse when you had to start after the school year had already begun, even if it was only by a few weeks.

I was never very good at making friends quickly. It always took me so much longer than others. That’s just the way it was. So I would sort of hang out in the schoolyard during recess and try and attach myself to this or that group of kids. That was the extent of my hopes, joining in a game would have been beyond my wildest expectations.

One afternoon, it must have been a month or more into the school year, I was walking about the schoolyard during lunch recess. I saw a rather large group of boys huddled in a circle, talking and giggling. As unobtrusively as I could I attached myself to the outer rim of the group and listened to what was going on.

“….I saw it from behind the sofa. She was sucking his dick.” someone was animatedly saying.

“Aw come off it…”

“Yeah, nobody does that..”

I heard a chorus of laughs and hoots and other noises. Clearly opinions were divided. I listened more attentively and figured out from the comments that one of the kids had spied on the sitter and saw her ‘doing something’ with her boyfriend’s prick. I myself thought it a somewhat tall tale at the time. I was a tad too young to have much direct interest in the naughtier goings-on between the sexes. And the concept of oral sex was a mite too sophisticated for innocent me. But I listened attentively nonetheless, hoping no one saw me blush or heard my heart pounding away a mile a minute.

The story telling got entangled in other unlikely happenings. I wasn’t paying attention, my mind still ruminating over the seemingly unsanitary implications of prick sucking, when I noticed that someone was saying something about a doctor.

“…he said he had to take everything off.”

“Everything ? Even his underpants ?”

“Yeah, all the way. Then he had to bend over and the doctor stuck a finger up his butt…”

That elicited an even louder burst of laughter though this was surely not an inconceivable activity. Many of the boys must surely have played ‘doctor’ in the bushes at some time in their younger lives. A finger up the behind should therefore not be so unbelievable. I suppose it wasn’t that, but rather that a grownup should engage in that kind of activity.

I laughed along with everybody else of course, but deep down part of me felt the icy finger of dread caress my spine. This was all good fun when some poor wimp of a kid was subjected to such an indignity. But what if I ever encountered such a depraved physician ? I would be sure to die of mortification.

I should have learned to pay attention to signs and omens, for that is surely what happened to me that day. Listening to what that jolly little group of dirty minded boys had to tell must have been a premonition.

A few months later we were in dead winter. Classes seemed to have been going on for ever and seemed doomed to go on forever as well. There was no end in sight. I had more or less adapted to the new school by now, though the notion of ‘home room’ teachers and splitting up to go to separate classes was still novel to me.

Being a new pupil, and one who had started after the beginning of the school year, it seemed as if I were always plagued by administrative foul-ups. My name was missing on class rosters, getting a school or bus pass was a hassle and other things were mixed up too. It was never anything serious, mind you, but I was never surprised when called in to one of the offices to straighten something out.

That afternoon I was told to report to Principle Chortling’s office. By now he knew me by sight. “Ah, master Gracier, come in, come in. take a seat won’t you ?” He smiled at me and expansively gestured at an empty chair in front of his desk. His reception portended nothing serious. Indeed, his old fashioned mannerisms aside, the principle was rather a bit of a ‘hail-fellow-well-met’ type, or maybe he was just trying to act like an older buddy. Whatever the case I could have done with a bit less familiarity.

He pursed his lips in a reticent grin, “Well Alex my friend, looks like we’ve got another loose end to tie up here.” He held up a sheet of paper. I leaned forward and squinted. From across the desk I could make nothing of it.

“Sir ?” I tried to pretend to act interested, but truly I cared not one fig for whatever administrative paper mess followed me around. If those jokers in the school administration office couldn’t get things straight, who was I to care ?

“Nothing serious, no no, but still. This is something we must take care of.” He placed the paper back flat on his desk and looked at it from over the rim of his glasses. “Seems like you’ve missed your school physical old feller.”

I started to shrug my shoulders but thought better of it. “The ‘big deal’ that was on the tip of my tongue I held back as well. I just made a slight gesture with my hands signifying : ‘What can one do about these things ?’

Apparently the principle had already decided on a plan of action. “You see, Alex, it appears that your home room class had their physicals during the second week of school. You joined us later so….”

So I missed out. What a tragedy.

“In any case we’ve got to set things right. Can’t let this pass by. So I’m sending you to the school doctor. You do know where Dr. Pedderstekker’s office is ?”

Vaguely, but I nodded anyway. “Uhh …sir ? What about classes ?”

“Oh don’t worry about that Alex my boy. You’ll just have to miss them for an hour or so. Not too great a hardship, I trust ? He he.” He winked sideways at me, pretending he too had once been a youngster. I seriously doubted it for he was one of those people who are born looking older than their years. Still, he meant well so I responded back in kind with a contrived smile.

Beaming, the principle stood up and handed me a piece of paper. “Just hand this to Nurse Morris when you get to the doctor’s office. She’ll know what to do.”

That turned out to be the understatement of the year.

I wandered along the corridors until I found the school doctor’s office, tucked away at the end of a dimly lit side hallway. I knocked and entered. An older looking lady in a white uniform and cap was sitting behind a desk. She looked up and smiled at me. “Yes young man ? What can I do for you ? You haven’t had some mishap have you ? A sports accident ? Or aren’t you feeling well ?”

“Oh no ma’am. The principle told me to give you this paper.”

She took it and read it with an amused and thoughtful look on her face. “Well now. That’s typical.” The nurse put the paper down and looked at me. “So you missed your physical eh ?”

“It looks like it. I’m sorry but I started out here after school had already begun…” I apologized unnecessarily.

“Not your fault young man, not your fault. It is rather late in the school-year though and besides, Doctor Pedderstekker won’t be in for the rest of the week I’m afraid. He’s attending a conference on something or other somewhere. Principle Chortling should know. He suggested the Doctor attend.”

“Ohhh…” I said. “I guess I better come back another time then ?”

The lady in white looked thoughtful. “No, that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. What if your physical were overlooked altogether ? You could end up not graduating if this irregularity isn’t straightened out.”

That sounded fishy to me and yet plausible at the same time. In this school you never knew.

“Tell you what, young man.” She looked at the paper I had given her. “Alex, isn’t it ?”

I nodded back.

“Well Alex. I’ll take care of this for you. Why don’t you come along with me and we’ll get this out of the way.”

“Are you sure it’s OK ?” I asked.

“Certainly. I’ve years of experience doing this sort of thing.”

I followed her through the doctor’s office into another side room. It wasn’t much of an examination room I suppose, though there was absolutely no mistaking its purpose. Nurse Morris sorted several pages on a clipboard and started to fill them in. She began with my name, address, date of birth.

“There we are. Now let’s see….measurements and vitals…” She looked up at me and smiled. Nodding at a hanger in a corner of the small room she told me to undress.

I had done this numerous times before, or so I thought. I unlaced my shoes and took off my sweater and shirt. I turned around and presented myself to nurse Morris.

“Yes Alex ? We haven’t got all day. What is it ?”

Is it ? As far as I knew there wasn’t anything. “Ahh, I’m ready nurse…I guess…”

From the look on her face I knew that I had done something wrong.

“Alex. let’s not start off on the wrong foot, shall we ? I don’t like it when youngsters ‘guess’ about anything. Understand ?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m sorry ma’am. I won’t say it again.” I still didn’t understand.

“Say what ?” She questioned. “I’m not talking about anything you said. I’m talking about what you’ve not yet done.”

“I don’t….”

“I said to undress, young man. How in the world can I weigh you like that ?” She pointed in my direction. “Those trousers must weigh a ton. And who knows what you’ve got stuffed in your pockets.”

I looked down at my trousers. They were baggy and rumpled for sure but not all that heavy. “Ohh…I’m sorry nurse….I didn’t know….”

“Haven’t you ever been properly examined before ?”

“I think so…” I mumbled as I turned around and lowered my pants.

“Doesn’t seem so to me….”

I had half turned around to face nurse Morris when she admonished me again. “Everything off…”

I made a face. “Everything ?”

“Yes. Your underpants as well. My goodness, what did you expect ?”

What indeed ? I was crestfallen. Sure, I had done my share of nude swimming at the Y, but this was something different. Getting naked for a school physical ? And for the school nurse no less. What was the world coming to ? This was almost as bad as having your own mom give you a bath.

Slowly I slid my briefs down around my thighs and stepped out of them. Gingerly I tried hanging them on a peg next to my pants. They slipped and fell on the floor. I wondered if I should bend over and pick them up, but decided against it. I would certainly look far too undignified. Before turning around I placed my hands in front of my prick.

Nurse Morris gave me an admonishing look. “None of that in here. I’m broadminded but I don’t condone overt masturbation during school hours.”

She knew I wasn’t fiddling with myself. But this set the tone for the rest of the examination. Nurse Morris liked to assume the naughtiest explanation for any given action.

I tiptoed over towards the scales and measures. I still had my socks on, but apparently nurse Morris had nothing against patients wearing such insignificant pieces of clothing.

Getting my measurements was a big production. Nurse Morris wanted me positioned just so in order to read off my height : back ramrod straight, arms by my side, palms inwards, toes together and touching, hips level and most importantly it seemed to me (or was it just my naughty mind ?), groin jutting out and front. In retrospect I’m surprised she didn’t rearrange my balls so they were hanging evenly. But you know how the male anatomy is constructed : one always hangs lower than the other.

Now I can joke about it, but while I was undergoing the physical I was of another mind. One part of me was flabbergasted that this was happening, another (smaller) part was outraged, another was apprehensive and fearful of what else was in store for me and yet another was thrilled to no end.

She read off my weight a bit more quickly, sliding weights and rings to and fro until a metal bar somewhere hung in balance. Then it was on to the more customary procedures. She got my blood pressure and heart rate, had me hold my breath, checked my eyesight, hearing and probed around my neck and abdomen. The stethoscope was cold of course as she listened to my heart and lungs. All of this was pretty much straightforward and even though I was continually distracted by my flapping prick, nothing overly embarrassing had happened yet.

I had to exert a little more effort to keep my composure intact while nurse Morris measured by shoulders, chest circumference, hip and thigh girth. I was apprehensive lest she start gathering the measurements of another smaller part of my anatomy. I really expected her to start on my penis and testicles next, but luckily she made no move to note their dimensions.

Through some feat of will or from sheer humiliation I was able to keep my penis from stiffening. Maybe it was from the cold. I honestly think I had never been unclothed in a normal room for so long before. And certainly not in the presence of an unknown lady.

I was beginning to think that all things considered, maybe this physical would be like all the others I had endured, the nurse’s quaint little quirk of entirely unclothing the patient aside. Well, I was still young and naive in those days.

Nurse Morris was holding a glass flask. “Right young man. I take it you know what I need from you next ?”

Drat. I coughed sheepishly and took the glass receptacle from nurse’s hands. I had forgotten about urine samples. I was looking around for someplace private to retire to. I should have known by then there was no place closed off in the school examination room, but it was force of habit.

Nurse Morris caught me glancing around and grinned right back at me. “Don’t you know school policy Alex ?”

There were so many contradictory school policies on so many subjects I had no idea what she was referring to. “Ehh… about what ma’am ?”

“Urine collection…” she pointed at the flask. “Policy requires it be done in the presence of medical personnel.”

At that age I was still very innocent in regards to many things, but to my ears that sounded perverted. Whatever for ?

I suppose my expression must have said it all for nurse Morris explained : “It’s to make sure patients don’t substitute samples Alex, that’s all. Don’t go looking for anything more in it.”

Anything more ? Why ever should I ? And besides, who did she think I was ? Houdini ? Where in the world would I be able to secret a clandestine urine sample for switching while standing buck naked ? In my socks? Under my tongue ? Up my nose ?

Really. In my opinion she was taking things to extremes. But it appeared she was just getting into stride.

“I see that you’re not circumcised Alex.” That was the first time she overtly referred to my prick, though I’m sure it was one of the few things about my body she was really interested in. “You’ll have to retract your foreskin when passing water. We don’t want a contaminated sample.”

Contaminated ? What in the world was she talking about ? Did she think I was radioactive or something ?

“Excuse me nurse ?”

“Your foreskin.” She pointed in the direction of my prick. “Pull it back. It’s difficult enough getting a valid reading when urine’s passed through the urethra. Can’t have it infected by the prepuce. If I weren’t so pressed for time I’d prefer doing a catheterisation.”

Pressed for time ? School wasn’t out for another hour. I prayed and hoped she had other duties waiting. And besides, even though I didn’t know what a catheterisation was, it didn’t sound like anything I wanted done.

So dutifully I tried to comply. It was however, rather difficult fiddling around with my prick while holding a glass flask. Nurse Morris realized that and lent a hand. Instead of taking hold of the glass canister however, she told me to take it while she proceeded to rearrange my intimate anatomy to her specifications. She held on to my prick just under the glans and gripped firmly. With her other hand she daintily, but just as firmly pulled down the skin from the tip of my prick.

This was something I had never done on my own, more from a lack of imagination on my part than from any desire to live cleanly and wholesomely I hasten to add. The uncovering of my penis wasn’t actually painful, but I was startled. I made a face and grimaced.

“What’s the matter ? This doesn’t hurt I should hope ?”

Should it ? I hoped not. I shook my head.

“Hmmm…looks like you haven’t much experience with intimate hygiene. We’ll get back to this later. Right now I want at least half a flask. Take your time and relax….”

Good advice indeed, but she must have known I would have trouble relaxing my bladder sufficiently. At times it’s bad enough in a public restroom. How did she think I would respond to this situation ?

I couldn’t pee, try as I might. It wasn’t surprising I would think and certainly not when the nurse is holding on to your tallywacker. But Nurse Morris must have had a lot of experience with this kind of situation. “Well Alex, can’t go ? That’s all right. We’ll try a little trick to get you started. Don’t go away.”

Where did she think I was going to ? She went over to the small sink and wet a washcloth. She took up her position again, my uncovered prick in her one hand. With the other hand she squeezed drops of water onto my wrist. The trickle of water felt not only wet but cold as well. “Tinkle tinkle Alex,” she whispered. “Feel the water dripping on your wrist ? Just relax and let it flow….tinkle tinkle…”

Silly as it sounds the drops on my wrist provoked a response. I closed my eyes and would have closed off my ears as well had it been possible. I felt the pressure build up in my bladder and stream through my prick. Soon I was indeed ‘tinkling’ into the glass canister. And as usual I couldn’t stop. I filled up the flask almost to the brim.

Thankfully nurse Morris didn’t give my prick a few shakes after I was done, but she did roll down my foreskin again into its proper position and afterwards daintily daubed the tip of my prick with a paper tissue. I felt ridiculous.

“There we are…see what you can do if you only put your mind to it ? That wasn’t so difficult, now was it ?”

I mumbled something before blushing. I’d never thought peeing to be difficult per se, I wanted to say. It was just the conditions I was a bit concerned about. I tried to think back to last time anyone had ever held my prick while I peed and honestly couldn’t recall.

At least it was out of the way. As nurse Morris closed and labeled the flask I thought the examination to be just about done. From previous (woefully inadequate) experience, there wasn’t really anything more that I could think of. Which all goes to show how inexperienced I was.

“Take a chair if you will Alex. I still have some papers to fill in.” Nurse Morris said to me. Gratefully I sat down. It looked like she just had a few administrative ends to tie up before I could get back into my clothes.

She straightened the papers and cleared her throat. “There’s still a little questionnaire I have to go over with you. Feeling up to it now ?” nurse Morris asked.

“Ohhh, sure ma’am. No problem.” I was happy to be sitting down so that I could unobtrusively cross my legs and cover a bit of the family jewels.

“Good. Here we go then.”

At first the questionnaire was concerned with questions a typical, normal physician would ask ; a history of my childhood diseases, disorders, allergies, vaccinations, any mishaps or accidents I may have had, broken bones and so on. Then the questions began to cover points concerning eating habits and personal hygiene. She needed to know how often I brushed, washed, took a shower and/or bath, trimmed my nails, changed my undergarments and so on. It seemed to be a rather exhaustive listing all things considered and I wondered how much was medically pertinent. I wouldn’t have been surprised had she asked me often I shined my shoes.

But as I mentioned before, she never seemed very concerned with my lower extremities. In fact she still hadn’t remarked that I was wearing my socks.

From this point onwards the questions took a more personal and private bent. It began when she asked me about my toilet habits. Did I wash after urinating and after having a bowel movement ? This caught me off guard and had I been quicker on my feet I should have remarked that I hadn’t seen her wash after holding my prick.

But I was slightly bewildered by this line of questioning. I answered as truthfully as I could, which was silly of me in retrospect. She wrote down the approximate number of times a day I took a leak. She also asked about the frequency and regularity of my bowel movements and asked me to estimate the amount of time I spent doing so. I found this a slightly distasteful line of questioning but nurse Morris was quite adamant. I overestimated the regularity and ease with which I evacuated my bowels, but for goodness’ sakes, what did she expect ?

“Well Alex. You sound like a very healthy young lad in that respect. Quite unusual in my experience. Well, we’ll see about that…” I thought I saw the ghost of a smile flick across her mouth. “Right well, now on to other things.”

Wasn’t she finished yet ?

“I’ve noticed that you aren’t circumcised.”

I had to suppress an urge to roll my eyes heavenward. What was the big deal ? When swimming at the Y I had noticed quite a few other young boys similarly un-afflicted by the eager surgeon’s knife. To tell the truth I don’t think anyone had ever made a single remark about the pristine condition of my genital equipment. Now here was the school nurse mentioning it for the second time in less than half an hour, and it looked like she was about to make a big production out of this as well.

I tried to smile back at her but ended up looking past nurse Morris at the wall. I wondered if her questioning might not count as some sort of unconstitutional minority badgering.

“Well Alex, nothing wrong with that,” she continued. “But I advise you to be on your guard when doing your military service. There are lots of doctors eager to snip away given half the chance.”

Was this her idea of a joke ?

“That’s not to alarm you dear boy, but you should take good care of your John Thomas here. Wash diligently and regularly.”

“Yes ma’am…” I didn’t even want to dignify her with a response.

“Pull back on your foreskin like I jut did and then wash copiously with warm water and soap. You should do this at least daily, in the morning is best and also after ejaculation.”

I wondered if I had heard correctly. I hoped not.

“Which brings us to the next section in the questionnaire : sexual habits.” She looked at me in amusement as my face feel to my knees. “Oh come now Alex. Don’t act so astonished. I am a practicing nurse and I have heard it all before.”

If so why didn’t she just skip the questions altogether ?

“There’s no need for such reticence. After all, I am bound by an oath of confidentiality you know.”

I would have preferred a vow of silence instead. I wondered what the purpose of all this was.

“Now, just answer the questions truthfully, as I’m sure you’ve been doing so far…” She wasn’t being sarcastic I think. Just letting me know that she took my answers with a grain of salt.

Pointedly studying the questionnaire she continued : when had I reached puberty ? To help me along this tricky subject she gave me a few hints. When I had first sprouted pubic hair ? When had my voice broken ? (I wanted to respond that it was still in one piece thank you). When had my testicles started to descend ? When had I first produced ejaculate ? When had I first orgasmed ? She reminded me that the last two questions were not necessarily linked.

When these embarrassing questions were done with she began to inquire into my masturbatory habits. There was no asking ‘If ?’ That was taken for granted (and rightly so, though I was loath to admit it). How often ? Where ? How ? With whom ?

From there on she asked about any other sexual experience I may had racked up in the meantime. Had I had actual intercourse (with male or female) ? Now I was at least able to answer truthfully.

“Oh no ma’am…certainly not.” I shook my head along in endorsement.

“Oh ? Are you certain ? I would have thought that a good looking lad like you should have no problems attracting suitable partners.”

I wondered about her use of the word ‘partners’. It sounded vaguely ambiguous, as I’m sure she intended it to.

“No ? Well I shall have to take your word for it. Now the young ladies who pass through here haven’t much leeway with the truth in such matters. Up on the table and in the stirrups. A pity medical science hasn’t yet developed a manner in which to ascertain male virginity. One would think with all the advances being made nowadays…” she mused, seemingly wondrous at the lack of progress in that field.

“Of course anal virginity can’t be proven as such in males, but there are indications we can go by.” She looked me in the eyes, as if challenging me to deny something. The trouble was I had no idea what she was droning on about. Only that it sounded embarrassing and naughty.

“…And we’ll come to those later….” She cleared her throat pointedly. “Now however I’d like you to hop up on to the exam table.”

I didn’t hop, just reluctantly did as she asked. Nurse Morris patted the linen covered table. “On your back now Alex, hands by your sides….” she guided me by the shoulders and positioned me as she wanted. “…and let’s spread those legs some more….that’s it….and now flex the knees..”

It looked like the nurse Morris was going to subject me to the ultimate humiliation. In this position my prick and balls were of course prominently exposed to view. She stood to one side of me and began to manhandle my private parts.

Well, I suppose I am slightly exaggerating since she didn’t really hurt me. Not physically at least. But the idea alone !

Nurse Morris daintily took hold of my prick for the second time that day and started feeling up and down the shaft, squeezing or probing now and then, apparently as the whim took her. My testicles received a similar treatment, only more detailed : she rolled each tender object between her fingers and palpated and pushed and prodded everywhere.

It was a most disconcerting process to say the least. I squirmed and fidgeted and kept my eyes tightly shut from the sheer humiliation. None of it did any good and I stiffened into a full blown raging erection.

That didn’t seem to phase nurse Morris in the least bit. Thankfully she made no disparaging remarks as she continued her examination.

“Hmmm…that looks normal enough to me, though I do expect you to work on that prepuce of yours. You should normally be able to easily retract it. We’ll have to do something about that.”

I truly hoped not.

“Now, if you’d lift your legs a little…” As I did so she slipped her hand even lower and felt the area immediately under my testicles. That was a place I doubt I had ever touched myself. Now here I was in the school doctors office with nurse Morris merrily squeezing away as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Maybe for her it was.

“Well Alex, looks like we’re almost finished here for today. There’s just one last thing and then just about everything should be covered.”

She withdrew her hand and let me stretch my legs on the examination table. It was none too soon for me. Anything to get back into my clothes. Even though I still had a raging hard-on I felt less exposed with my legs pressed together. It sound silly in retrospect.

“Turn around please if you will…on your stomach…”

I thought I was going to be grateful getting into that position. At least I would be able to hide my prick from her view. But as I turned around into position I realized it was going to be more uncomfortable than I thought at first. After all, I had my stiff and erect prick to contend with and nowhere to comfortably put it. I wriggled my hips, trying to rearrange my organ somehow. It was all to no avail, It pressed into the padded examination table and felt uncomfortable as I lowered my abdomen downwards.

“Spread your legs a bit…” Nurse Morris told me while already taking hold of my thighs. I should have known. It looked like what I had heard the group of boys talking about a few months ago wasn’t an apocryphal tall tale at all. I feared I was going to be next.

For the first time I ventured an opinion. “Ahh nurse…? What are you going to do …?”

“Do ?” She sounded vaguely pleased I had asked. “Alex, haven’t you ever been properly examined yet ?”

“Oh yes ma’am…” I answered as I squirmed from her handling my buttocks. She was actually going to take a look back there.

“Well then, you should know that an examination of the anus and rectum is part of the normal procedure. Absolutely necessary.”

It was ? That was news to me. I really couldn’t hide my discomfort. “I don’t understand…”

“Hmmm….this is your first time, isn’t it ?’

“I guess so…” I admitted.

“I thought so. Your participation hasn’t been all that eager. Lord knows, the girls give enough trouble as it is, but I would have thought that young gentlemen be a bit less shy.”

What did she expect ? Not all males are eager exhibitionists.

“In any case the body openings should all be carefully examined. Regarding the anus, it is important to check for hemorrhoids, lesions, fissures, abrasions, fistulas, growths, warts or infections…”

Inwardly I recoiled. Yechhh…I would have thought such things in extremely bad taste. Did people really suffer from such afflictions ? It was almost too much to believe. It’s a good thing I was never a naturally inclined hypochondriac.

“Now just relax Alex. It will all be over with before you know it…”

I’m sure that’s what they told the condemned on the way to the electric chair. Courageously I closed my eyes and tried to hide my face in the crook of my arms.

As I lay there on the exam table, ostrich-like, I heard nurse Morris putting on a rubber glove. She snapped it on quite audibly. Then I felt her other hand opening up my buttocks. She put something cool and greasy on my little hole, some form of lubrication I surmised, and then pressed a gloved finger up into my anus.

“Bear down and relax…..don’t fight it Alex…just let it slip in….there we go…” Nurse Morris kept muttering inconsequential nothings as she first rubbed her finger around my mortified bumhole and then stuck it up inside me.

I grunted in surprise and embarrassment. The humiliation aside, I was indeed surprised. Not by any un-surmountable physical discomfort as such, but rather that her probing felt pleasurable. She hooked her finger and twirled it about, pulled outwards several times and then pumped back in again. She also tried to insert it as deeply as possible and while so engaged, slipped her other hand under my abdomen and pressed inwards. Last, she used her inserted finger and thumb to squeeze and kneed my anal sphincter from the inside and outside at the same time. It was a most disconcerting feeling.

She pulled her finger out with a gentle plop.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it ?” she cheerfully asked.

I grunted something, not sure how anything I tried to say would come out. I didn’t trust my voice not to betray me. On the one hand I wanted to rant and rave and protest her handling of my intimate areas. On the other I wouldn’t have minded some more of the same.

“Your muscle tone seems very rigid, I couldn’t help but notice. Are you certain you have no difficulty with your bowel movements Alex ?”

Here we go again, I thought. I shook my head. “No ma’am….not really.”

“I find that rather hard to believe…Oh well, we’ll see about that.” She chuckled softly to herself while patting me on my behind rather forcibly. “You can get up now and put your clothes back on if you desire…”

I hoped she was finally finished. I desired nothing more than to get back into my clothes and out of her office. I hurriedly dressed and followed her back into the main office. Nurse Morris sat down at her desk and motioned for me to sit as well.

She rearranged my papers and sat ticking a finger thoughtfully on the polished desktop. She pursed her lips almost un-noticeably. I was trying to figure out if it was from displeasure or amusement.

“Well now Alex. I’d say that this examination went rather well, all things considered.”

I relaxed.

“…But you’ll have to come back next week anyway, so…”

This was not what I had expected. “Why do I have come back ?”

“Well to begin with, doctor Pedderstekker will need to give you a look over before he signs the papers…”

“I thought you were going to give me the school physical…?”

“Of course I have, but the doctor still needs to sign everything. After all, you wouldn’t want me to misrepresent myself as an accredited physician now, would you ?”

What I wanted was never to set foot in this office again.

“No, no. I’m afraid you’ll have to come back.” She wrote something on a slip of paper. “Just give this to your teacher and report here. I’ve noted the time and date.” She stood up. I did so as well.

“If I’m not mistaken classes should be done by now…” she glanced at a clock hanging on the wall. “So you can scoot right back home. Besides I’ve another patient waiting…So, till next week Alex…” She arched her eyebrows and gave me a pointedly exaggerated smile.

I sighed, not at all happy with the way things were done at this school. “Yes ma’am…”

“Good. Oh yes, if you see anyone in the hall tell them to come right in, will you ?”

I was half of a mind to warn everyone to stay out of this lady’s neighborhood. Instead I nodded as I closed the door behind me.

I was trembling on my knees as I saw a girl of about my age standing demurely next to the doctor’s office. She held schoolbooks in her arms up to her chest, the picture of innocence. As I looked at her she lowered her eyes, blushing.

“Are you waiting for nurse Morris ?” I asked.

She quickly nodded her head. “Yes….”

“Well, she said to go right on in. She’s waiting for you…” I gestured at the door. At that age I was still too unmannered to think of holding it open for a pretty girl.

“Oh…. OK…Thanks…” The girl opened the door and scampered inside.

“Ahh, there you are Barbara. Right on time as always….” I heard nurse Morris say as I tried to listen in. “How are the treatments coming on, eh ?”

I couldn’t hear much more, especially since the girl didn’t talk very loudly. I didn’t dare stand too close to the frosted glass pane, lest nurse Morris catch me hanging around the office door. Besides, a while later I heard another door open and close and figured that the nurse and girl had entered the small exam room.

I wondered what was going to happen to the girl. If it was anything like what I had gone through it looked like young Barbara was in for an unsettling appointment with school-nurse Morris.

But then, what did I know about such things ? I was still the new kid at school.