A Nurse's Rectal Exam By A Patient

By Anonymous

Prologue: I am a 34 year old lesbian RN who works in a clinic in Nevada. I am very guarded about my lesbianism so as not to alarm anyone in this homophobic world in which we live. Thus, no one at the clinic knows of my orientation.

Also, nurses are taught in college to avoid becoming intimate with a patient. Thus, I am very cautious about showing physical affection toward a patient or acknowledging sexual remarks to me, usually from men since I am very feminine looking. I am 5’7”, 130 lbs, 36C, 24, 34. Strawberry blond hair just past my shoulders and green eyes. I am often complimented on my looks.

However, I did let my guard down one time with a very attractive female patient who was in for a standard physical. I don’t believe she knows of my orientation, but I succumbed to her offer. Here it is:

A lady about my age and in very good physical condition has been a patient at the clinic for many years. I have been administering her annual physical for about the past five years. She is married and has two children. During her last physical exam, she complimented me on my gentle technique. I thanked her and continued with the exam. When we finished the pap smear and it was time for her to stand on the floor and bend over the table for the rectal exam, she mentioned to me as I was

gliding my finger into her anus that the physician who used to examine her before I began was very rough and caused her to dread the exam, especially the rectal exam. Then, to my surprise, while I was still inside her rectum, she told me how she has really come to enjoy the rectal exam I do. I thought to myself that this is just another woman who becomes physically excited by the stimulation of the nerves in the rectal area. As I was pulling out of her, she stated that she has had fantasies about my giving her a rectal exam for the past two years. She turned to me and must have noticed the surprised look on my face. She

apologized for being so frank, but she felt that she must tell me. She wanted to know if it was wrong for her to think this way. I am normally a very composed person. But, she caught me off guard. I must admit that I loved giving her a rectal exam because of her sheer beauty. But, I could never jeopardize my medical career and make such a statement. I just muttered that it is somewhat common for a patient to become attached to a caregiver, especially if the caregiver is gentle, as she said I am. But, what she then said really floored me.

She thanked me for the enjoyable rectal exam and then asked me if she could relate another fantasy to me. I said sure–I can keep a secret, especially since we have a confidentiality agreement. She told me that it is her fantasy to give me a rectal exam right after I give her one. She wanted to know if she could carry out her fantasy now.

I must have turned beet red. She again apologized and said she was only wondering. Here is this beautiful women standing in front of me with nothing on but a bra and she wants to get sexual with me! I told her that her fantasy was fine, but it put me in deep professional jeopardy. She told me that she figured that much. And, that is why she would agree to tell anyone, if word ever got out about this, that I was just teaching her about rectal exams. This sounded far-fetched to me, but I must have shown some sign of thinking about this idea. She then assured me that this would only be between us since she could never tell her

husband and since she knew that our relationship should stay professional. Something in her voice convinced me that she was sincere. So, against my better judgment, I agreed to let her rectally examine me.

I asked her if she wanted to put her panties back on. She said that her fantasy required her to be in the same nakedness as when she got her exam. I took her to the counter and showed her the rubber gloves and lubricant. She took a moment to put the glove on since they are tricky to put on for the first time. She then put a generous amount of lubricant on her index finger and smiled. She looked at me with a gleam in her eye and stated that she was ready for the exam.

I walked over to the exam table and slid my pink scrubs to my ankles and then, to give her an erotic show without letting her know it, slowly slid my white panties off my hips and to my knees. I bent over the table. She instantly noticed the dimple I have in my right buttock. I swear that every women I have ever been with falls in love with my dimple. I must admit that it does look sexy, even to me in a mirror. Anyway, this gal had been paying attention during my years of giving her a rectal exam. She gently opened my buttocks with her left hand and gently pressed her right index finger into my anus. As she slid in, she

mentioned to me that this was the first time she had ever been inside a rectum. She had never even fingered herself. She could not believe how tight it is. She worked the finger in and out. I had a hard time not wanting to cum because anal penetration feels great to me. But, soon enough, she was done. I stood up and pulled my panties and scrubs back on. As I turned around, she was smiling from ear to ear and pulling the glove off. She cooed a thank you to me.

I asked her if she wanted me to complete her physical now. We did. She did not mention anything of my rectal exam until we were done and she was dressed, ready to leave. She thanked me and assured me that this would be our secret. I went home that evening concerned about what I had done. But, that was eleven months ago and nothing has ever been said. I guess I am safe.

I must admit that I have a wonderful memory of not only my exam on her, but also her exam on me. We will see what happens when she comes back for her next physical at the end of summer.