A Nurses View On Enemas

I have been a registered nurse for two years. Your special preference letter induced me to write this nurse’s point of view on the enema.

The enema can be a very pleasurable experience, as I found out during my first week of nursing school. After I complained to one of the doctors of stomach cramps, he told me to report at his office that evening for a full checkup.I arrived just as the last patient was leaving. The doctor instructed me to remove my clothing except for my panties and to don one of those backless hospital gowns. The examination proceeded; after a short time he said he would give me a barium enema. The procedure requires several preliminary cleansing enemas and I was told to roll over on my stomach. Both ends of the table were lowered until my bottom was three feet higher than my head and feet. The doctor removed my panties and placed my legs at the sides of the table, revealing my thighs and behind. A rectal thermometer was placed in my anus, I felt quite apprehensive and embarrassed. I had never had an enema before. By looking at a large mirror I noticed the doctor assembling his equipment. He had decided on the largest rubber rectal tube he had - an inch wide and three feet long.

To my surprise, the thought of this huge object being forced into my rectum excited me considerably. After lubricating the tube and removing the thermometer, he slowly inserted the rectal tube into my bottom for a good ten inches. The tube was left hanging as a solution of warm water and soap was mixed in a metal can. The can was attached to the waiting tube and the warm solution filled my rectum. To my pleasure, the procedure was repeated five times before I was ready for the barium enema.As I was returning to the table, no longer embarrassed and looking forward to the barium enema, the doctor entered the room, accompanied by an X-ray technician at the nursing school. He explained that the technician would assist him with the barium enema. After assuming my position on the table, minus my gown, the new arrival fitted a rubber glove on his hand and lubricated it. To my great surprise, he slipped his finger into my waiting anus and proceeded to thoroughly lubricate it until I began to quiver from the exquisite sensation.The tube used for the barium enema was three feet long and one inch wide. On the tip was a massive soft rubber bulb, to prevent premature expulsion of the barium. The bulb was lubricated. The doctor parted my buttocks and the aggressive technician pressed the glistening bulb against my parting anus until it slowly disappeared into my rear. The end of the tube was connected to a can containing four quarts of the barium solution. The solution flowed as my stomach slowly expanded to twice its normal size. The tube was clamped and removed from the enema can, the other end remained in my bottom. The table was then lowered and I rolled over on my back, placing my feet in metal stirrups. X-rays were taken. They then led me naked to a bathroom, the enema tube still dangling between my legs. After I assumed a position directly over the toilet, the doctor reached between my legs and gently pulled the tube from its moorings. I fell to the seat, expelling the massive amount of fluid.Since this first experience with the enema, I take great pleasure in both giving and receiving them. Using a No. 32 rubber rectal tube (available in all drugstores) and a three-quart enema can, I have the male patient remove his clothing and assume a knee-chest position on the bed. This position puts subjects backside high in the air and his legs wide apart. I explain to him that I often use enemas myself and find them soothing and pleasurable. I lubricate his anus inside and out, using a rubber glove. Then ten inches of tubing is inserted slowly and three quarts of warm soapy water injected. As the fluid is running in, the patient’s stomach is massaged to relax the stomach muscles. The tube is clamped and he is placed on a bedpan. Again massaging the patient’s stomach, I slowly remove the tube…My patients tell me they have had enemas before, but admit they prefer my method. Most nurses enjoy giving enemas to young male patients who are not seriously ill. Nurses frequently use them to cleanse or relax themselves simply because the enema , properly given, is a very pleasurable experience.

Registered Nurse