A Physical Exam

I went for an annual physical exam last month which turned out to be unforgettable.

I sat in the doctor’s waiting room a half hour when the nurse came to get me. She led me to a small room and told me to take off all my clothes and put on a gown. Then she closed the door. I did what I was told to find that the gown was too short and had no ties on the back. Then I sat on the cold examination table to wait for the doctor. She came into the room, an attractive well-groomed woman probably in her 40’s, with an east European accent. She was well dressed with a white coat, showing a small amount of cleavage above her blouse.

She sat directly in front of me with her legs crossed as she asked me the usual medical questions. Then came the physical exam. She pulled my gown down which fell around my waist as she ran her cold stethoscope around me back, chest and nipples. She was running her cold hand over me feeling my neck, chest and belly when the gown fell to the floor. She made no effort to pick it up as I sat completely naked. She continued to examine my ears, nose and throat, when she rested one of her cold hands on my thigh. I felt myself begin to get erect.

By the time she finished looking at me I had a full-blown erection, which she completely ignored. “I’m going to give you an enema, so that we can check your colon” she said. And she called in the nurse. The nurse immediately noticed my erect penis, and did not take her eyes off of it as she followed the doctor’s instructions and prepared the enema. I was told to get on my hands and knees on the table, and I quivered with anticipation as I could hear the bag being filled, the hose attached, and the tip lubricated. It seemed like an eternity had passed. Then I felt the slick hose enter me and the warm soapy water begin to flow. My penis which had gone soft, sprang to life, and hardened so much that it began to hurt. The warm water filled me and excited me like nothing before as two women looked on. But it was humiliation that was to follow pleasure.

“Go across the hall to the bathroom, and empty yourself” she ordered. Still nude, and still hard, I opened the door and crossed the hallway. There were two other nurses and a receptionist who saw me and my predicament, and they began to giggle.

When I had finished emptying the enema in the bathroom, I returned to the room, amongst more snickers. The doctor had me kneel on the table again and she inserted a scope inside my ass. As she moved it around, I began to get excited again. She moved it in and out, side to side, deeper and deeper until I could barely stand it. Then it was over.

I stood up, my legs were weak, and my ass felt totally violated. I felt humiliated standing there, naked at the mercy of these two women. But there was something arousing and exciting about this whole ordeal that kept me from turning away.

As the nurse left the room, the doctor ordered me to stand in front of her. She reached down and began fondling my testicles, once again ignoring my erect penis. As she poked and prodded my balls, her still cold hand casually bumped against my penis again and again driving me wilder and wilder. Then she held my penis and rotated it in her hands squeezing and pushing it side to side. Then it happened.

It happened all over her hands. She stood and stared in interest as I kept unloading more and more. I wondered how she would react or what she would say, when, without looking up, she walked to the sink washed her hands, and began heading for the door.

I was still standing there transfixed when she took one last look at me, and told me to get dressed. She left and closed the door. The exam was over.

I went home, and never saw her again since my job moved me to another city. I know I can expect criticism when I tell you this was a true story.