A Physical

Physicals. I never really understood them. If I am going to play a college sport, and I’m not fit enough so that I expire out on the field, isn’t that just my own damn fault ?

Anyhow, I made an appointment for one at County Medical, and just barely. They were slammed with all the high school sports coming in for their physicals, plus colds, and plus at least one female college senior who decided to become a walk on for the soccer team. Me. The appointment was at two-thirty the next day, which was great because I needed the physical as soon as possible. The office number my health care provider had given me was on the eighth floor of the health building, and had a really good view of downtown.

As I walked in, I was surprised to see only pregnant women in the waiting room. As I signed in, the cute little blonde receptionist seemed to notice my wonder and said: “You’re here for a physical?” I nodded. “Dr. Benning works as a mid-wife, but she is also a medical doctor, and helps out with some of the physicals.”

I nodded. I was relieved that my physical was going to be done by a woman, as I always felt uncomfortable with men in any medical situation. As I finished signing in and looked up, I thought I saw the girl’s eyes traveling up and down my body. I had come in just my running gear, a cut-off sweatshirt and spandex shorts with a sports bra, so I guess I was sort of hanging out. But the receptionist just took the forms with a pert smile and said: “I’ll tell the doctor that you’re here.”

Sitting in the waiting room, I wondered what it was like to see…well…women, every part of them, every day. I’ve always appreciated the female body, liked what I can do with mine, and occasionally what it does for others.

Guys seem to like me, at least they tell me so, but lately I’ve been bored with even the roughest, kinkiest stuff some of the guys I go out with can think of.

I’ve also been thinking quite frequently of women. I’d never had a lesbian experience, and I suppose that the idea of bull dykes and submissives was quite unappealing, but with the receptionist ogling me, and thinking of all these women, going into the exam room, unzipping, peeling off clothing, exposing themselves…. I was really getting turned on. I started to feel flush and light-headed. I looked around at the other women in the waiting room, but they hadn’t noticed my hip-squirming and heavy breathing. The blonde eventually called in all the other women, and at three it was my turn.

“Karen Stemple?” I stood. As I turned to set down the magazine I’d been reading and turned back again, I clearly saw the receptionist looking at my ass. As I looked up she finished staring, then looked slowly up over my breasts, right into my eyes, and gave me a smug little smile. “Right this way.”

She seemed no more than nineteen, and I was a little peeved at being ogled, but felt a little jolt at the difference of being looked at in that way by another woman.

The inside of the office was rather richly decorated, thick carpets, oak doors, expensive-looking prints on the walls. The blonde opened the door to one of the exam rooms and said: “Dr. Benning will be right with you.”

As I walked past her into the exam room, she leaned forward just enough so her shoulder brushed my left breast through my sports bra. My nipple seemed to turn to diamond, and a jolt went down my spine. Not knowing what to think, I just kept walking into the exam room, and the girl shut the door, leaving me by myself.

I couldn’t help myself. Sitting on the edge of the exam table I slowly reached down, slid my hand across my lycra-covered lap, and felt for my clitoris. It was very swollen, and I could feel it through the fabric. Just brushing it felt sooo good, I just kept rubbing, up..down..up… The door swung open and in walked Dr. Benning.

I was petrified. I was masturbating in a doctor’s office and was caught by the doctor. She was smiling at me.

“You’d be surprised just how many people, men and women, are turned on by a doctor’s office.”

“Wh-..I-…” I stammered, my blushing face growing even hotter. “No need to explain, Karen,” the doctor said, still smiling. She picked up my chart and studied it. She looked like an actress off a soap opera playing a doctor. Straight, glossy brown hair, a fine-boned Mediterranean face, slim neck, nice-sized breasts, a thin waist, large hips and nicely toned legs. She was about my height, around 5’9”, and was wearing a very undoctor-like low-cut gray dress, with the white doctor’s smock over it. I found myself staring at her breasts through the dress, wondering what her underwear looked like, what she could do to me…

Nodding, she looked up. “It looks like you haven’t had a gynecological exam in quite a while.” My heart stopped this time. The thought of a woman looking at my naked body now, especially this one I now found so attractive, both thrilled and totally embarrassed me. “I can do one for you if you want.”

I just nodded.

“All right, just take off your top there and well start with the breast exam.”

This seemed fairly normal, so I just let my body do the motions. I closed my eyes and slid off the tattered sweat shirt, then slithered out of the sports bra. I felt my breasts fall free. Then I felt the doctor’s slim warm hands on them, gently pushing, prodding. “Arch your back, please, and put your hands behind your neck.” I did so. I felt her gently massaging each breast with a different hand, and it sent jolts down to my pussy. I couldn’t even think. Most of this seemed no different from regular exam, except she was so much gentler and much more attractive than anyone else who’d fondled me. The cuff of her smock brushed my right nipple and it did the diamond trick, again thrilling me and I stiffened.

“What size are you, Karen?”

“Thirty-six C,” I said, my voice shaky. She wrote it down, then started to concentrate on the right breast.

“And how much do you weigh?” I started thinking about her just leaning in and sucking on my nipple, biting it, twisting….

“Uhh….one-ten.” My throat was very dry.

She stopped and wrote down some more on my chart.

“Okay, time to listen to your heart.” She put on her stethoscope and placed it against my rib cage. Even the cold zing made my pussy throb. I knew she could hear my pulse hammering away, but she didn’t say anything.

As she turned to write more on my chart, she idly brushed the cold metal of the scope across my left breast and over the nipple. I opened my eyes and looked towards her face, but she was still writing and seemed not to notice my condition or her part in it. She looked back. “Okay, now if you could just take off those nice little shorts of yours, we can do a pelvic.”

She stepped back about a foot, but made no move to leave or turn around, so I kicked off my running shoes and stood, facing her, about two feet away.

She just stood there with her arms crossed, watching me. I thought about making a show of taking off my shorts, thought how stupid that sounded, then decided to do it anyway.

I started to slowly shake my hips, swaying, as I hooked my thumbs in the waist of my shorts. I pulled them down slowly, right in front of her, flattening my hands against my hips and sliding off the lycra, rolling it, bending down slowly, feeling my breasts hang outwards, away from my body.

Still swaying my hips, I rolled my shorts down to my ankles and stepped away from them, naked as I don’t wear underwear with those shorts. I straighten slowly and looked into her face. She was smiling but her expression hadn’t changed all that much.

“Please sit back on the table.” I was dumbfounded. I had just done a little strip-dance for her, was totally naked, both my nipples rock hard, and she acted totally normal. I sat back on the exam table, numb. I had made such a fool of myself.

The door opened a slight bit, and the blonde came in.

“Do you need any assistance, doctor?” she asked.

“I don’t think so, Leigh. Please put your feet in the stirrups, Karen,” the doctor said. I did so, unthinking. The doctor stuck one slim finger in her mouth, leaned forward between my spread legs, and slowly began to rub my clit with it. I fell back onto my elbows, thrust my hips at her, and moaned.

“Oh, no, I think I should stay for….um…qualitative analysis.” I vaguely heard Leigh say. I heard the door shut, then just leaned back into Dr. Benning’s masterful finger. She slid her finger up into my clitoris hood, her long nail flicking off the tip of my clit. Then she slid it back down, further, further, sliding all of her long slick finger down and back into my pussy. Then just as slowly up and out again.

“You are doing well on your exam, Karen, how do you feel?” the doctor asked in a low voice. All I could do was moan. “Oooohh god….ohhhh…yessss.”

I felt a warm hand on my left breast, and then a wet mouth on my right. Leigh was sucking on my tits. They get quite hard, but only stand up about an eight of an inch. Leigh sucked the right out to three times that and bit down, her perfect little teeth sending icy-good-pain back to my spine and into my pussy.

“Quite a bit of moisture here, Karen. Is that normal for you?” the doctor asked, her finger deep in my pussy. “When you’re being fucked by a female doctor? Tell me, Karen.”

The doctor added two fingers to my pussy, and was using her thumb on my clit, fucking me. I’d never been masturbated by anyone else before, and she had me totally at her fingertips.


Leigh started sucking on my left nipple now, pulling out the right one, twisting and shaking my breast with it. All I was capable of now was short, quick, gasps and short moans.

The doctor was fucking me with her hand now, and I was pumping my hips to meet her pounding hand. Her right hand held my pelvis down firmly just above my left hip-joint, and Leigh shoved me back and held me down by my shoulders.

My pussy liquefied, my nipples almost burst, rockets went off in my brain, and I started to come. My eyes locked back into my head, and all my muscles lost control. My hips were spasming against the doctor’s hands, but she held me down and continued to masturbate me. I started to scream, but a full breast was shoved into my mouth, and I sucked on it hard instead.

“Suck, baby, that’s right. Suck it. You know you want that, huh? More?”, Leigh was saying. The spasms were subsiding, so I reached up and started to caress Leigh’s waist. I slid one hand down Leigh’s curves, and found the edge of her dress. I slipped the hem up over her tight little cheerleader’s ass, and fondled it.

“Mmmm, yeah, touch me, baby. You are so hot…”

Still sucking hungrily on Leigh’s nipples, I slid my left hand around and underneath her bikini underwear, and found that she was shaved. I’d seen other girls that were shaved, but stayed fairly conservative myself. I thought that it felt great underneath my hand.

I slid my middle finger down through her pussy, and felt the juice lubricate and run down my finger.

“Fuck me with it, honey, c’mon. Do it…” I started to try and imitate the doctor’s work on my own pussy, but just then I felt the hot breath and slickness of the doctor’s face against my snatch. I groaned into Leigh’s tit.

Dr. Benning’s mouth started to made me come again quite quickly, but she had another reason for putting her tongue in me. Leigh pulled away from me, stepping off the exam table, and I saw that she had unzipped her dress from the back and let it hang down so I could breastfeed.

As I looked down at the doctor, I saw her unzip her dress and let it fall, but she kept the smock on.

“Leigh, please get my bag from under the sink,” Dr. Benning said. Leigh went to do so. As the doctor stepped out of the dress, I saw that she did not wear a bra, had wonderful, tight breasts, but had on some peculiar looking panties.

At first I thought they were crotchless, because they were white with an odd slit running down the crotch. But as Leigh brought the bag and took out what the doctor had requested, I saw what they were for. Leigh had let her dress slide the rest of the way off, and now knelt in front of the doctor in just her white bikini bottoms. She leaned forward and attached what the doctor had requested: a slim, quite realistic looking, flesh-colored penis. The end of the dildo fit into the slit on the front of the doctor’s panties, and then could be tightened. The panties themselves had durable-looking, adjustable side-straps and although they were well-cut and sexy looking, I was betting that they could take quite a bit of use.

Leigh then leaned forward, kissed the tip of the cock, then opened her pouty little lips and took it down her throat. I was entranced. Leigh was quite good, her head hammering back and forth, taking the cock all the way so her ruby lips met the white of the doctor’s panties. Her blond hair was flying around, and the doctor ran her fingers through it.

After well-lubricating the cock, Leigh stood and kissed the doctor on the lips, their mouths open, the saliva on Leigh’s face glistening as the doctor licked it off. Then she turned to me.

“Karen, please turn over and lie on your stomach.” I rolled over and stuck my ass in the air.

I felt the doctor come in close, and caress my asscheeks.

-Slap!- as she spanked me firmly. I whimpered.

“What was that, Karen?” -Slap!- I moaned. Some men had spanked me, asked me to act like a little girl, but it never did anything for me. Dr. Benning had me raking my nipples against the fabric of the exam table. I reached underneath myself and pinched them.

“What, Karen? Tell me if you think this is wrong, Karen.” -Slap!-

“no”, I moaned into the table.

“What?” -Smack! Smack! Smack!-

“Yes!, Please! Fuck Me! FUCK ME!”

With that said, the doctor grabbed my ass and firmly impaled me with her cock. It slid right up through me, a smooth gliding ream, splitting me in two.

“OH, GOD, YES!” I screamed. I smacked my ass back into the doctor’s firm stomach, needed her to fuck me deep and long. She obliged. Dr. Benning was obviously quite good at fucking other women, especially doggy-style, and we had a good rhythm going. The long cock traveled well inside me smoothly, feeling like it was touching the bottom of my stomach.

I heard some rustling, some cabinets open, the scrape of jars. I felt Leigh’s hand on one ass cheek, rubbing it. Then I felt her other hand, well lubricated, slide just above the doctor’s cock, and push one finger against the pucker of my ass.

I just couldn’t stop moaning. I really like anal sex, especially when a guy would come, and fill my bowels with loads of hot sperm. I loved to feel his cock throbbing in my ass, pumping me full of his load. Leigh slipped a well-oiled finger into my butt, and then another. She countered Dr. Benning’s rhythm perfectly, so I was quite consistently, dually, fully being fucked by these two women.

This time, when the liquid gold started to flow from my pussy out around my body and into my brain, it tingled and shot so much that when my orgasm hit, I just collapsed limply on the table and passed out.

I was in a warm, fuzzy, black, spasming closet. I was throbbing and fucking and coming and I loved it. I think I fell asleep. Either that or I was comatose.

When I woke up, my clothes were piled on the table next to me, my signed physical papers on top. The office was empty, all the lights off, but on the back of the reception room door was a written doctor’s request to both let myself out, but to come back frequently for certain “sexually related reasons.”