A School Medical In Northern England

I went to a big comprehensive in a West Yorkshire mining village. It was quite rough. About once a year the school doctor would come and stay in the school for about a week or two. They usually did full medicals for the first years and anyone who had joined the school from a different authority. Not everyone had one in the first year though. You had to take a medical questionnaire home and only the kids with problematic answers were picked out for a full exam. The rest (including me) just had a quickie.

I still remember it still 21 years on. It was in the medical room which was opposite the PE changing rooms. We just had to take our shirts and shoes and socks off in the changing rooms and then line up outside. The door was left open and it was very quick in and out although some were in quite a time.

At 16, in the 5th year, everyone had a medical and your parents were invited (gulp). I told mine not to come. The same questionnaire went home, but this time it had the time and date of the examination on. I remember it well because it was in November and mine was on bonfire night at 11.00. The day we got back from the October half term holiday, a nurse unexpectedly came into school and we all had to see her to be weighed, measured and have our eyes and hearing tested in preparation for the medical. She filled in the top part of an A4 form which was obviously the full examination schedule. She also asked a few more questions relating to the questionnaire and asked why my parents were not coming.

On the day of the exam there were three of us sitting waiting outside the room all with names next to each other in the alphabet. My surname falls near the end of the alphabet, so most of my friends had already been examined and therefore I had already got a good idea what went on. As each boy came out of the room, he would be back in his school uniform, but looked quite bedraggled as if his hair had been ruffled and he had got dressed really quickly.

When I was called in, I was told to go behind a screen and get undressed. No-one told me how many or how few clothes to take off. There were already a pile of clothes behind the screen belonging to Martin who was currently being examined. I had a good look around and found he had taken everything off apart from his pants. I did the same, but kept my socks on because the white tiled floor was really cold in November!!

A few seconds later, Martin returned in just his gray briefs and told me I had to go round the corner of an L shaped room. There were three people there. The female nurse from the previous week and two males. I later gathered the young male was a medical student on placement.

I was immediately ordered by the nurse to return behind the screen and take my socks off!!

When I returned, just wearing a pair of white pants, I had to stand in front of the doctor’s desk. He watched the medical student examine me, starting from my hair downwards, ears, eyes, mouth, glands etc. All the time he was talking to the doctor, telling him what he was doing and writing things down. He then put a stethoscope on my chest and back. After he had put the instrument back into the pocket of his white coat, he walked away from the table over towards the far wall of the room.

At that point I noticed Martin leave the suite around the corner and the next lad come in to start getting undressed.

The doctor told me to turn round and face him, and then to walk towards him. He was obviously watching my walk and posture. After I had reached him, I had to put both my arms out towards him. He looked for ages at my hands, both tops and palms. Quite suddenly, he let go of my hands and told me to pull my pants down. Sheepishly and slowly, very embarrassed, I lowered them just revealing my newly developing assets. He told me to lower them more, down to the ankles, and clasp my hands together behind my back.

He lifted my cock into the palm of his hand and made some comment about me not being circumcised. He asked if my foreskin gave me any problems and, after I replied “No”, he pulled it back in one gentle movement. It was left like that until I got dressed again. He then felt each of my balls individually and asked me when I’d first noticed that they’d descended. He also asked if I was sexually active!! (I would have been so embarrassed if my mother had seen all that).

He then cupped my scrotum in his hands before asking me to cough twice. After that, he told me to turn around, and bend over and hold my ankles. He looked at the curvature of my spine and then just parted my cheeks very slightly. I could then pull my pants up and walk back to the desk.

Finally, I had to sit on a chair opposite him and pass him both my legs. He tested the reflexes on my knees, ankles and the soles of my feet. He then spent a long time looking at my feet in the same way he had my hands a little earlier.

After that I was told to go get dressed and send out the next lad from behind the screen.