A Story for Bob

By Starry Knight - water_lady_01@yahoo.com

As you enter the door, the room is dark, you hear the mellowing music and the strong smell of incense fills your nostrils. The room lit, only by candle light seems very dark to your unadjusted eyes. I watch you from a shadow knowing you can’t see me, your eyes scan the room for me. You notice the over stuffed pillows on the floor and in the corner something you can’t make out, a large object. You hear my voice sternly say, you’ve kept me waiting, you know I don’t like that.

Your eyes move to the direction of my voice but your eyes are still not quit adjusted. As I move towards you you see me, I’m wearing my thigh high black high heeled boots crotchless panties and demi bra that just cups the bottom of my breasts. My black leather gloves come up above my elbow and my long black hair cascades over my shoulders. In my hand is a long black riding crop. As I move closer you get a better look, and I can see your cock start to grow in your pants. I ask how was the company get together, did you forget about me ?

As you try to explain I stop you, and remind you, you kept me waiting. This warrants punishment!!!

I sit in my big overstuffed chair in front of you. Then in a very stern voice I tell you to strip, take off All your clothes and prepare for your punishment. Now you stand before me completely naked, You have got to be the sexiest man I have ever seen in my life, and all mine! I tell you to come closer and you do so moving slowly. I then tell you to position yourself across my lap, as you do so I make sure your stiff cock is situated between my knees. I inform you I won’t be kept waiting and to remind you the next time.

Woooooosh my paddle comes down on your baby soft tush.

You moan and wiggle and I bring my paddle down again, after a few more times your ass and top of your thighs sting and are bright red! Then I remind you again that you are a bad boy! As you get up you rub your sore ass. I guide you to the large object in the corner as you get closer you realize it’s an examination table. I tell you to lay back on the end of the table and put you legs in the leg cradles, I secure them with Velcro. I secure your hands to the restraints on the side of the table.

I slide the leg cradles as far apart as your legs will allow, from the tray I get a very large candy thermometer and with one finger spread K-Y all over the tip of it. Then pressing it against your tight little asshole, you let out a moan as I slide it in. I take the skinny thermometer and grab your cock with a little KY left I lube the end. Now I slowly insert it in the end of your stiff cock. I step back and look at your sexy body looking so erotic I feel myself starting to get damp. I take the nipple clamps from the tray and move to your side as I lean over to take your nipple between my teeth you feel my hard nipples rub across your body.

I then take an ice cube and rub it across your nipple to get it good and hard, then I attach your nipple clamp. I move to the other side and repeat the same procedure, you wince as the pressure of the clamp tightens on your nipple. I step back and lift my wine glass, I ask you if you’d like some and you reply yes so I dip my nipple in the glass and move toward the head of the table. You open your mouth like a baby waiting to feed, as you take my nipple in your mouth you suck with such expertise, I love the way you suck my nipples.

I move away and say : “Time to check your temperature!”

I slowly withdraw the large thermometer from your ass watching your tight opening snap shut once it is removed. Now I grab your cock and ever so slowly ease that one out. Now I remove a bowl and razor from the tray and cover you groin with shaving cream using a small brush, I cover your scrotum and on down to your ass. You wince as you feel the razor against your skin. I slowly slide it over your skin and across all your tender spots. I take a small bottle of water and pour it on you to remove the excess soap. I can’t resist I cup you soft balls gently in my hands and wrap my hot lips around the head of your cock, making small circles with my tongue on the head of your stiff cock.

Knowing you have had a few drinks and would probably have to pee, I open a plastic bag and remove a long small tube, I tell you to lay still while I insert this. Then you realize it’s a catheter. I lube it with cream and insert the tip into the end of your cock. I gradually feed the tube into you until I reach your bladder. it’s a bit uncomfortable at first but it starts turning into a stimulating feeling. I hang the end of the tube into a bucket, and drip, drip, your urine starts to flow to the bucket. I grab the base of your cock and put on your cock ring and ball spreader just to make sure you don’t come until I am ready to let you. I slip a ball on each side of the leather strip and snap it.

Now I leave you and come back rolling an IV stand with a very large 4 quart enema bag on it with a inflatable nozzle nozzle that resembles a small cock. The sight of the huge bag scares you, and I assure you, you will take the whole thing as your punishment. I put a large amount of K-Y on your tight little opening and slide first one than two fingers inside you so I can massage your hidden gland. Making sure you are lubricated sufficiently I put the nozzle against your opening and run my tongue over your tight balls as I insert the nozzle, when it is totally fed in and in position I inflate the small balloon inside of your sweet ass, I tell you that is so you don’t loose a drop. With that I let the warm water flow, I can see by the look on your face the soapy water is starting to be uncomfortable to you.

I move to the head of the table and tell you again what a bad boy you were keeping me waiting for you! You start to tell me you can’t take anymore so I stop the flow for a moment and massage your belly. When the discomfort subsides I continue the flow. Now your belly is expanded so you look pregnant, I lean over and take your tongue in my mouth and give you a long hot passionate kiss to remind you how deeply I feel about you! Finally the full 4 quarts are inside of you. I leave it there for 15 minutes as I remind you I won’t take second place to anything or anybody, so I won’t be left waiting again.