A Story for Jeannie: Day 5

The last day saw Jeannie and Paul getting ready to return home to their respective spouses. Jeannie was now worried about the whip and cane marks which criss-crossed her whole body. It would be almost impossible to hide herself completely from her husband until they all disappeared.

Of course, Paul had a few more final installments to conclude our story.

He had Jeannie dress for him: of course stockings and suspender belt; short black pleated skirt and white blouse. He allowed her to wear a skimpy bra, but no knickers, in fact she could barely remember which day she had last worn them.

Jeannie was kneeling on the table as he had directed her when Paul came in. She was bent over and he flipped her skirt up over her bare bottom to reveal her stocking clad legs framed by her black suspenders. He traced his finger up her crack slowly. Jeannie shivered in anticipation.

Paul lubricated his finger in her cunt before inserting it slowing into Jeannie’s anus, gradually getting deeper and deeper until he had his whole finger in, and then two fingers. Jeannie was beginning to show some reaction, moaning softly and thrusting back onto his hand. With his other hand Paul played with her clitoris, wanking it to erection like a miniature penis.

Paul removed his digits and went into the kitchen, returning shortly with a tube, funnel and plastic bottle filled with liquid. Without further ado, he inserted the tube into Jeannie’s ass, pushing it deep until at least eight inches had disappeared inside her. Paul then connected the tube to the funnel. He told Jeannie that she was to hold the liquid in her bowels until he told her to release it, and warned her that she would be whipped if she let a single drop spill.

He pored the warm liquid down the tube and immediately Jeannie reacted as it filled her insides. He continued to fill her to the brim, she called and begged him to stop but on he continued, saying that she was here to obey him to the letter regardless of her own feelings, and that she would accept this punishment just like all the others. Jeannie stayed silent.

Paul removed the tube and replaced it with a large butt plug which he fed into her ass, pushing it past the second bulb until it was securely embedded. After a few minutes Jeannie began to feel the liquid warming her insides. More than that it was making her hot, Paul had liquidised some ginger root and mixed it into the warm soapy water to form a potent enema.

Jeannie was beginning to feel the cramps in her stomach, the pain was unbearable and she moaned loudly. Paul laughed at her predicament, taunting her and saying that he was going to make her expel the liquid whilst he watched and take pictures of her. Jeannie flushed, both with embarrassment and because she was aching to open her bowels and flush the liquid out of her body.

Paul began to lightly spank Jeannie’s bare bottom, warming it gently. She was still sore from the weeks torment, but she was also becoming aroused too, her nates and the heat from her ass and pussy intermingling to form one huge desire.

Paul told her to stand and he undressed her whilst she hopped about trying to retain the potent mix. Her insides were churning, she was desperate to go.

At last Paul took her hand and led her outside, Jeannie hobbling somewhat with the butt plug and her cramped stomach. He took her to an opening in the wood behind the cabin and told her to take the plug out of her ass. Jeannie eagerly fumbled for the plug, having difficulty grasping it because it was so embedded in her. She was spurting from her ass by the time she managed to tug it free, and the subsequent eruption flooded forth from her deepest bowels, on and on until nothing remained. She felt empty, and open, the disgusting mess covering the ground and her feet. Meanwhile Paul had taken a dozen pictures of her from all sides. He told her to wash herself in the stream nearby and Jeannie squatted in front of him and cleaned herself once more.

When she was clean Jeannie offered herself to Paul by bending over and thrusting her buttocks lewdly at him. He needed no further bidding and plunged into her cunt in one thrust. Their fucking took on the intensity of two animals, hard and thrusting. Before he orgasmed he withdrew from her pussy and fucked her up the ass once again, filling it quickly with his sticky seed. Jeannie had meanwhile been coming since Paul had first entered her, over and over again, one long multi-orgasmic spasm.

They showered and packed later, having made love tenderly and slowly one last time.

Paul dropped Jeannie off at the airport and assured her that she had fulfilled all his commands to the letter. Jeannie made him promise that they would do this again soon. Their next emails were sure going to be dull after this…..