A Story of Changes

By [email protected]

A Slow Boat to (Indo) China

Jean-Christophe was almost 16 when he went to stay with his mother’s half sister that autumn, Justine de Varennes. She owned a moderately large building just off the Avenue Foch, a very fashionable neighborhood in Paris. It was a late 19th century house, renovated just before the war and elegantly decorated with all the modern conveniences of the time. It was divided into several apartments, but the three highest floors were reserved for his aunt and her maid. It was spacious beyond her apparent needs, certainly compared to conditions most French lived in at the time, but she prized her privacy and made use of almost all the rooms in one way or another. Indeed, it was because of all the room she had, that Justine agreed to take in her young nephew for an indefinite period. That was the given explanation of course. Only later would her ulterior motive become apparent.

Jean-Christophe’s mother had just remarried several months previously to an official attached to the Colonial Ministry. She was a war widow, her gallant and dashing young husband, having been killed in Alsace during the bitter winter of 1944. He was a captain attached to the French Second Armored division, the famous ‘Deuxieme DB’ that under General LeClerc was the first Allied unit to enter Paris in August, 1944. The young officer was seen in newsreels across the country at the general’s side, boldly striding through the streets of the capital to accept the German surrender. This brought him modest fame, a promotion some weeks later, and a state pension for his widow when he was killed by a mortar round that cold winter in a small village near Colmar.

Jean-Christophe’s mother made the best of it, capitalizing on her late husband’s status as a war hero to attend all and every patriots association meeting that she could, all the while looking out for a suitable candidate-husband who would keep her in a better style than her now dead spouse had. She finally reeled in a middle aged fellow, married him before he came to his senses and was more than willing to go with him to French Indochina, where she imagined a life of luxury and wealth awaited her.

What became of her aspirations in that far away land before the war for liberation broke out in all its fury, does not concern us. However the new husband did not take kindly to dragging her son along, especially since his new wife had virtually neglected to inform him of Jean-Christophe’s existence, and had kept him out of sight at all times and so hopefully out of mind. Soon it sunk in that not only had he acquired an appealing and willing new bride, but also a 15 year old step-son. Instinctively he thought of sending the boy off to some remote boarding school, preferably one run by a very strict and dour religious order living in a picturesque but run-down building with no serviceable plumbing facilities, drafty hallways and cold dormitories. But here reasons of health interfered. Jean-Christophe’s mother protested that he was too delicate and would be ill too often. The cost of paying for a decent pensionnat was also taken into consideration, and since both husband and wife could make a Scotsman seem like a spendthrift by comparison, all thought of bundling the boy off was abandoned. By chance however his mother thought of asking her half sister to take the boy in, as a temporary measure of course, until they were settled in Hanoi.

To everyone’s surprise, Justine agreed after having spent an afternoon with Jean-Christophe and discussing various details with his mother. Some weeks later the new couple departed by boat for Indochina, certain that their fortune awaited them in that distant, but glittering outpost of the French Empire. Jean-Christophe and his aunt bade the travelers farewell in a not too emotional leave taking at the quay in Le Havre and returned by train to Paris the same evening.

Night was falling over the city as they stepped out into the busy streets in front of the Gare de Saint Nazaire. They took a taxi to Justine’s apartment. During the ride she took the young boys hand and held it until they stepped out in front of the building on the elegant street where he would be spending the next few months. Jean-Christophe was ready to start what he thought would be a short interlude in his life. It turned out to be for a much longer period and of much more consequence than anyone ever could have imagined.

Justine de Varennes let her young half-nephew get used to his new surroundings during the first weeks. He was given a nice room, one floor above the living area, with a view onto the gardens at the back of the house. Justine had her bedroom at the end of the hall. The maid, Anne, slept a floor higher, in a small room under the roof, as was customary at the time.

The building had central heating and modern plumbing, not a common feature in most French households. There were several bathrooms with running warm water, large bathtubs and bidets. All in all it was very tasteful and by contemporary standards it was an interior that radiated good taste and the money it took to keep it in style.

Jean-Christophe went to a lycée a few streets away. He came home for the afternoon dinner and went back until 5 o’clock. It was a typical French school of the period, the teachers were unimaginative, grim and dour. He did well during the time he was there, as he had always done in every school he attended. His schoolwork did not take up much of his time, so that after supper he was free to do as he wished. Usually he read a lot, and in this he was fortunate, since his Aunt had a rather extensive library.

Jean Christophe Gets a Bath



A Visit to the Doctor

The next morning Justine announced that she had made an appointment with the doctor for Jean-Christophe. In the afternoon, she would accompany him downstairs to the doctor’s office. She reassured him that something would be done to remedy his ‘condition’.

The young boy didn’t really look forward to a doctor’s appointment at all. He was always apprehensive about such visits as in the past they had entailed nothing but unpleasantness, such as getting shots or being given obnoxious tasting medicine. But his aunt was firm, everything had been arraigned by her and apparently there was no getting around it. She know ‘le docteur’ personally and was certain that Jean-Christophe could be taken care off so he could have a normal zizi, like other boys, she laughingly teased him.

Jean-Christophe didn’t laugh at all and would have been content if he hadn’t been made to take that bath with his aunt Justine. Then he would have been left alone and not be made to show his penis to a strange doctor. Still there was nothing to be done about it. After lunch he was told to take a short nap in his room. Afterwards, he was given clean underclothes and socks to wear and made to drink a cup of tea ‘to calm him down’.

When it was time, Justine and Jean-Christophe took the elevator down to the ground floor and rang the doctor’s bell. They were buzzed in and immediately shown into the doctor’s study. A woman of Justine’s age sat in the large upholstered chair behind the desk. She was wearing a white medical frock and had a stethoscope around her neck.

“Jean-Christophe, say hello to Docteur VV” his aunt told the boy. He was shocked. The doctor was a woman. He had imagined all the time that the doctor would be a man, indeed, he hardly considered it possible to be otherwise. But his confusion was understandable. Even though the French language uses but two genders, masculine and feminine, one still spoke of ‘le docteur’ or. ‘le medecin’ even though the person in question might be a woman. Indeed, one might speak of ‘Madame le docteur’ and still use the masculine pronoun all in one and the same sentence.. And even though that may seem to be an unbelievable shortcoming , such are the vagaries of certain languages, French certainly included. In any case Jean-Christophe was crestfallen and had no time to ponder on the inherent contradictions of his native tongue. How could his aunt subject him to such humiliation?

Silently he stepped forward and said hello. Justine then told him that she would be back for him later, when the Doctor had finished examining him. She gave him a kiss on the mouth, ruffled his hair and left, after bidding doctor VV a good afternoon.

“Well, young man, I can see that you’re a bit surprised at seeing me. Don’t worry, I really am a doctor. A gynecologist actually. Do you know what we do ?” doctor VV asked.

“No,” the boy curtly responded.

“We specialize in treating people’s sex organs and everything that has to do with them. We mostly help in delivering babies and taking care of woman’s parts so they can have children, but that’s not my specialization. I am mostly interested in the genitals in so far as they have to do with sex. Mostly I have female patients, but there are a large number of men who experience difficulties of some kind with their things. A little bit like you.’ she smiled.

“Now I know your aunt personally, so I am going to devote all my attention to you this afternoon. I’m going to start out by giving you an extensive examination so we can get an idea about your general condition. When that’s over, we’ll go on to your specific problem. So…” she said getting up and taking hold of Jean-Christophe’s hand, “I suggest you come along with me into the adjoining room so we can get started right away.”

They entered a well heated, windowless room, that looked every bit like a standard medical examination room. There was a small sink along the wall, a scale and measure, glass medical cabinets containing an array of mystifying and ominous looking metal and glass devices, there were some chairs, a small desk and an examination table, covered with white linen. The table was quite ingenious. Not only could it be lowered and raised from the floor, but it was also constructed so it could be adjusted into various reclining or seated positions. There were also numerous points and joints where it was possible to attach other instruments, supports and supplementary parts. It looked daunting and ominous to young Jean-Christophe., even worse than a dentist’s chair.

Doctor took him to a corner where there was a clothes stand and a chair. She told him to please undress for her. Hesitantly, Jean-Christophe undid his shoelaces, and took off various garments one by one, slowly hanging them on the hooks of the clothes hanger. He was down to his trousers and underwear when doctor came up to him.

“A little bit faster please, we’ve got a lot to do today.” she rebuked him. “Here, let me help you take these last things off,” and she helped Jean-Christophe unbuckle his belt. She stood behind him and knelt on one knee, loosening the button on his pants and pulling them down around his ankles. He stepped out of them, reluctantly. His hands instinctively went down to his underpants and grabbed the rim, trying to hold them up.

Doctor laughed a little. “Silly boy, don’t be so shy with me. We’ve got to take off all your clothes so that I can examine you. All the people who come here must do so, otherwise I can’t see what’s wrong with their organs. “

“But I’m scared.” Jean-Christophe protested.

“But you mustn’t be, I won’t hurt you,” Doctor continued “and there’s no reason at all to be ashamed. I’m a doctor after all, and I’ve seen all kinds of penises and women’s parts.”

“But I’m still ashamed…”

“Of what, dear ?” she gently asked, for she knew that at this stage it was imperative not to scare the boy overly much. She would require his cooperation to accomplish what she had in mind and gaining a measure of trust would pay dividends later on. “Tell me what it is. I won’t laugh.”

Having no other real alternative, since he knew the examination would take place whether he wished it or not, his aunt would see to that, he haltingly told doctor that he was afraid his penis would look funny to her, especially when it became stiff and hard.

“Oh you darling boy,” she exclaimed, relieved that it was only this, “I never laugh when I see boys organs. I think they’re very handsome and nice to look at. And besides, don’t worry if your zizi becomes hard, because that’s one of the things I have to examine anyway. Sometimes boys are so anxious that they can’t get a hard penis by themselves and we have to help them. But I’m sure that won’t be the case with you,” she said and having said that she removed Jean-Christophe’s hands from his briefs, told him to put them on his head and swiftly pulled down his underpants, exposing his genitals to her view. She left them hanging around his ankles while she removed his undershirt.

“There, that’s better now isn’t it Jean-Christophe ?” doctor VV inquired. “Now I want you to bend down and step out of your underpants so you can hang them with your other clothes.”

While he did so, she made sure he was aware of her eyes looking him over. He blushed when he turned around and crossed his hands over his penis. Doctor grimaced and said that she would have none of that in her examination room. That said she pulled his hands away and took him to the sink.

She poured some liquid soap onto her hands and worked up a fine lather. She motioned to Jean-Christophe to do the same. After they had both rinsed and dried their hands, Doctor VV took a fresh towel and spread it open in front of the sink. She made Jean-Christophe stand on it and then took a different flask of soap. Once again she lathered her hands with a sweet smelling soap and turned to face the boy.

“I’m going to wash you before we begin. I always do it to everyone with this special soap even if you’ve just been in bath before you came here, so don’t try and protest. Just lift up your hands and open your legs a little bit, I’m going to clean your genitals thoroughly, “ she said as she began to work her hands all over the young lads’ pubic region. She started by slipping her hand up under his penis and sliding her fingers along the crack of his buttocks. Feigning an indifferent air, as if she did this all the time, she forced Jean’-Christophe’s’ legs open wider and applied the soap to the creases in his groin and finally to his hardening penis. Not only did she follow this procedure in order to have a cleansed sexual region, as some of her patients had abominable hygienic habits, but more specifically in order to conduct a preliminary manual examination of the genitals in a less tense setting. Having first established hand conduct with the patients sex organ in an informal manner, subsequent examinations and probing were generally experienced as being less daunting to most patients. The soapy lathering was also a soothing and pleasurable undertaking in itself. This proved to be so with Jean-Christophe as well. Although his heart beat faster and his knees trembled slightly, it was out of pleasure rather than from dread. His penis hardened and become as stiff as a rod, sticking straight out in front of him, at a 45 degree angle.

Doctor VV congratulated herself that the initial contact had gone so easily, for she had patients who taxed her patience to the utmost. Compared to them, the boy had almost offered himself to her without any hesitation. She was sure that Justine de Varennes was right about the boy and that he would be the perfect specimen to try out her theories and therapy on.

Just as Justine had claimed, the young boy was clearly into puberty but had not developed along normal lines. To begin with she could find no sign of external testicles or of a fully developed scrotal sac. She was sure that they would be found nestled up above his penis, undescended and hopefully non-operational. It would take deeper probing, most likely via the anus to locate them but she was sure they would remain relatively inactive, even without her treatment. That they produced a slight amount of hormones was however apparent in the lad’s body hair. His pubic hair was sparse and his upper thighs, face and chest were clean of any trace of male growth. His armpits however sported a dark patch that would hereafter be kept clean and his lower legs were much like those of any female : a slight sprinkling of darker hairs ran up to his knees. Overall his skin was very soft and of an even complexion. She also remarked his hips, much wider than that of a normal male his age. All these signs were to the doctors’ satisfaction.

His penis was not abnormally small, but a bit under the average length and width. He was not circumcised and his prepuce covered the glans entirely. From what Justine had told her, the boy could not expose his glans or pull back his foreskin very far, it being too painful for him to do so. She took his stiff little tool in her hand and commenced giving it her full attention. Doctor VV tried to retract the prepuce gently but had hardly started pulling downwards when Jean-Christophe let out a cry of pain. He pulled away quickly, his eyes smarting.

“I’m sorry Jean-Christophe, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she softly told the boy, “Your aunt told me about the problem you have with your penis, just like right now. That’s what we’re going to fix. So come back to me and don’t worry, I won’t try to pull back your skin right now. Let me just get on with cleaning you up so we can start the examination. All right ?”

“It hurts too much like that,” he told her.

“Yes, I can see that clearly now. But I’ll help you fix it, so that you can have a normal penis like other boys. But you have to come back now. If you like I’ll let you clean it this time, so I won’t hurt you again by accident, all right ?” Doctor asked.

That seemed to be acceptable to the boy for the moment, so Doctor poured the liquid soap into his hands and watched as he rubbed the lather onto his organ.

When this was done to her satisfaction, she let Jean-Christophe rinse his hands then made him bend over and grab his ankles. In this position, his anus and buttocks were exposed and she lathered them just as she had done with his front side. His little asshole was surrounded by just a light down of hair and was colored a very alluring shade of pinkish red, almost like his lips. It puckered up in a raised rim of soft flesh. Rubbing the soapy lather over his buttocks and along the crease of his ass, Doctor pushed up with her finger into his little opening. Immediately the boy tensed his muscles and flinched. She took her other hand and placed it on his abdomen, just above his penis and used it to steady his body, so he could not pull away so easily.

“Please, Jean-Christophe, just stay still, I’m not going to hurt you. I just have to wash your bottom very thoroughly. I need you to be clean all over for the exam later.” she told him. With that she again placed her finger up against his asshole and washed it vigorously, but did not attempt to insert it into his rectum.

Finally Jean-Christophe was pronounced clean and he was rinsed and dried off.

After first establishing manual contact with her patient’s genitals during the washing, she had generally found it best to then proceed with the more routine items of a medical examination. She weighed and measured the boy, found him to be somewhat under the norm for boys of his age, and more delicately built. She listened to his heart and lungs, felt his liver, his lymph nodes in the neck and armpits. She tested his reflexes with the classical rubber hammer and found all to be in order. He did have a very rudimentary swelling of the breasts, much like that of a young girl after her first menses. They were delicate to the touch. Doctor also felt that his nipples were larger than those of other boys his age. She looked into his ears and up his nostrils with a small probe. His eyes were normal, Jean-Christophe did not need glasses for either reading or other activities. His teeth were in order as was his tongue and lips. Overall he was not un-muscled so much as soft in build.

Doctor VV took his measurements and put her preliminary findings down on paper. She was convinced that Jean-Christophe was just the type of boy she was looking for and had no doubt at all that the subsequent extended genital examination would confirm her hopes. The problem of the boys’ foreskin was very minor, something she routinely treated as a small matter. In this case however, she decided that she must use his inability to expose his glans as an alibi to set up a sustained treatment for the boy and as a way of winning his trust and gratitude. This would not be accomplished quickly, but would be a gradual process, first some kind of bond being necessary between doctor and patient. Besides, she would not embark on such a novel therapy on just a whim. There had to be a solid psychological base and necessity on the part of the boy. Of course, he would need to be manipulated to a certain extent, as he was far too young to know his own mind on matters such as Justine and the Doctor would ultimately decide on. And if it did not lead to anything the advantage of her therapy was that it was physically reversible.

Of course she and Justine would proceed, of that she was sure now. Now however she thought it best to sit down for an intimate talk with Jean-Christophe. If she could steer the conversation in the direction she wanted, she was sure she could have the boy agree to most anything she proposed. She thought it best to stop the examination for a while and to concentrate on establishing a rapport, get him to loosen up and trust her. So, after writing down her observations, she laid down her pen, looked up at Jean-Christophe and smiled.

“I think we’ll pause now for a while. I want to ask you some questions about yourself and talk a bit.” She stood up and took a chair, motioning for the boy to sit down. She took another and sat down in front of him.

“Maybe you could tell me something about yourself first, like where you were born, what you like to do outside of school and so on,” she began.

Jean-Christophe answered her questions slowly at first and clearly without too much enthusiasm. But Doctor VV was experienced at this type of conversation and had soon steered it around to the topics she wanted to probe more deeply.

“Of course you know why your aunt sent you to me don’t you ?” Doctor asked.

“Because I can’t pull the skin away from the top of my penis.”

“That’s right, but do you know why that’s important ?”

That was the question he really did want answered, for in truth he had no idea what all the fuss was about. He had always been like he was, had never given it a thought until his aunt gave him a bath two days ago and insisted on ‘thoroughly’ washing him. Now he was sitting naked in front of a doctor, a woman doctor on top of it, who was touching him in places no one had even looked at before.

“Well you see, soon you’ll start having strange, but nice feelings about other people, and those feelings will affect your sex organs. You will feel warm and excited, and in boys the little zizi, becomes much larger and stiff, just like yours right now.”

This embarrassed him and he made to cover his member, but Doctor VV pulled his hands away. “Now none of that, I’ve told you before. Don’t try to hide your sex, I want you naked so that I can observe your penis.” She leaned forward and spread his legs apart, telling him to keep this posture.

“Anyway, when it becomes stiff, the skin over the top, usually comes away and the tip of your penis, the glans is exposed. The glans is very sensitive and it feels very nice and exciting when it is rubbed or stroked. Boys normally play with their own penis until it feels so special that a white liquid comes spurting out. That liquid is what helps make babies, but for it to do that, it has to be put deep into a woman’s organ. The female organ fits nice and snug around the man’s penis and by sliding it in and out the foreskin is pulled back and the male organ is so stimulated that the liquid is spurt out.”

Doctor VV continued in this manner, going into the details of procreation that are usually misinterpreted by children. At the same time she questioned him on his knowledge of sex, what he had learned from friends or in school, what he had heard, seen or imagined. She enlightened Jean-Christophe on numerous aspects and shocked him on many. She skimmed over the actual process of having babies, rightly guessing that boys of Jean-Christophe’s age are interested in other matters. She concentrated on the pleasure aspect of sexual play and why it was imperative that his foreskin problem be rectified. Of course it was impossible to know to what extent the boy agreed with her statements, but he seemed to be genuinely paying attention. She noticed in addition that he was less tense and that his erection had receded, leaving his limp member hanging forward, between his spread legs.

“Have you ever played with yourself, Jean-Christophe ?” she decided to ask. Receiving no answer she continued, “You certainly mustn’t be ashamed if you do, because almost everyone does. Not everyone will admit it, but it is true. If you don’t have a lover whom you can do it with, you really should do it yourself. It’s not very healthy to go too long without having an orgasm and ejaculating.”

“I don’t think so…”

She could see that he was shy, as most men are at first when asked about their masturbation activity. It would be best to skim over this for the moment she decided.

“Well, that’s not important for the moment, but I do want you to understand that it is imperative that we correct your condition so you can have normal sex later. Understood ?”

Jean-Christophe nodded.

“Good,” Doctor nodded, putting down her pen on the desk and getting up, “I think it’s time we get on with the examination, there’s still a lot to be done before your aunt comes back for you later.” She went to a cabinet on the wall and took out a large glass jar. She gave it to Jean-Christophe to hold and told him to make water into it. It was to be analyzed for the standard medical tests performed on urine she told the boy.

He made to turn away from her view but the doctor came up beside him and told him to hold the jar with both hands. Standing in back of him she took hold of his penis with one hand and pressed down on his bladder with the other, causing Jean-Christophe to emit a thin stream of urine which she guided into the glass jar. He was too surprised to protest against this seemingly childish manner of helping him pee and besides, Doctor VV knew how to apply pressure to reluctant or sluggish bladders. While he was passing water she squeezed his member several times, interrupting the flow of urine. By the time Jean-Christophe had finished, his penis had stiffened again and stood straight up, making it very impractical to pee into a jar.

Doctor took the sample, screwed on the lid and put it away on her desk.

“There now, that wasn’t hard at all, was it my dear ?” she asked.

“No, doctor,” he blushed.

“Now I’m going to do an intensive examination of your sex organs. I have a special table for my patients to lay down on so they’ll be comfortable and so I’ll be able to see everything easily. So come along now over here,” she said, taking Jean-Christophe over to the other part of the room. They went up to the ominous looking table Jean-Christophe had first noticed with such trepidation when he first entered the room an hour ago. Unconsciously, he held back, dreading having to take place on that intimidating contraption. Doctor VV knew that most men were horribly ashamed of laying naked on her examination table for the first time, and acknowledged the fact that she enjoyed forcing them to do so. Of course, she didn’t physically force anyone, but rather, ordered and compelled them. To her satisfaction it almost always worked.

“Come along now, Jean-Christophe, and sit down,” she motioned.

Knowing it would be futile to refuse, the boy took the small step-up and sat down on the edge of the table. Doctor told him to slide backwards until he was leaning against the reclining section. She then took one ankle at a time, and opening up his legs, placed them in the stirrups attached to each side of the table. Doctor then fastened his ankles with rubber straps, making it impossible for Jean-Christophe to change his position during the examination. She adjusted the stirrups to her satisfaction by moving the pivot rods and raised his legs and thighs upwards by pushing his knees closer to his chest. At the same time, she forced his legs open wide and raised the support under his lower back, bringing not only his genitals, but also his anal region into prominent view. She placed a small pillow under the boy’s back to make him a bit more comfortable, and finally, Doctor unlocked a clamp and unhinged the end part of the table down so that the boy’s buttocks were no longer supported and hung out over the rim. She was now ready to start.

“Now I want you to close your eyes, and relax. I’m going to feel your penis, see if everything is all right aside from your foreskin, and do a general examination. I’m going to take your measurements also and some photographs. I’ll want to take them when you’re stiff and later when you’ve become soft. Do you understand ?” she asked the boy.

Jean-Christophe managed to answer even though he was almost livid with shame at the position he was forced to assume.

“Good, don’t squirm or try and pull away. If you do I will have to strap you to the table. And besides,” she added with a smile, “most boys enjoy having their sex organs touched by a woman.”

Having said that she started by taking hold of the rigid penis and forced it into an upright position, pointing almost 90 degrees straight out from Jean-Christophe’s belly. She used her fingers to feel all up and down the organ, noting the growth of pubic hair at the base of the shaft, the texture and color of the skin, it’s rigidity and other outward characteristics. There were few prominent veins to be seen, nor any noticeable irregularities other than a narrow tapering foreskin at the end of his member. She prodded and probed his penis, but found nothing to take note of so far. Doctor VV refrained from examining his scrotum and testicles (or apparent lack of) at the moment.

When she had written down the measurements she turned her scrutiny to the boy’s prepuce. Even erect, it still covered his glans penis entirely. Only by pulling down on the shaft was she able to uncover the upper portion of his glans, revealing his urethral opening and the surrounding moist pink-purplish skin. Doctor pulled up and down several times, stretching the opening in Jean-Christophe’s foreskin to the maximum it could take for the moment. The young boy let a soft yelp of pain and tears formed in his eyes.

“Did that hurt very much ?” Doctor asked, full well knowing that it did. “I’m sorry if it did, but this situation definitely needs correcting. Normally I should be able to pull back the skin with two or three slight jerks. I want to do just one more thing to your prepuce today.”

She went to a cabinet and took a tube of ointment. “This should make your penis somewhat less sensitive,” she explained as she squeezed a small amount onto her forefinger. Using her left hand, Doctor forced Jean-Christophe’s foreskin upwards, bunching it together, she then inserted her ointment covered finger into the opening and rubbed it onto his glans and under his foreskin. The salve cooled the skin and caused a tingling sensation, not quite preventing pain, but lessening it. Doctor was then able to feel the glans in its’ entirety, down to the frenulum and the corona, the rim of the glans penis. She did not feel any obvious obstructions or growths of skin adhering to the foreskin and penis as she slid her finger around. She probed more thoroughly on the underside where the prepuce is connected to the shaft. Even though it somewhat deadened the pain, the ointment was not enough to keep Jean-Christophe from suffering acute discomfort at her probing. Doctor VV Withdrew her finger and wiped it on a towel.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it my boy ?” she asked, not waiting for an answer. “I don’t think there’s much wrong with your foreskin that some simple stretching won’t help. But I’ll go into that afterwards with your Aunt. Now I want to continue the examination.”

“But aren’t you finished yet ?” Jean-Christophe asked a bit fearfully, “I thought you were only going to look at my zizi.”

“Young man, I wouldn’t be doing a thorough job if I stopped now. Besides I have to examine your sex organs entirely, and a penis is only part of them, no matter what most males think.”

Next, she turned her attention to the scrotum. In Jean-Christophe it was clearly underdeveloped, resembling that of a pre-adolescent boy. There was a barely visible sac attached to the underside of his penis shaft, but it did not hang loosely, nor did it contain any discernible testicles. The skin was thick and rimpled. Doctor used her fingers to gently squeeze it. Pushing deeper and probing along the edges, she did not feel the presence of any male glands. She put the flat of her hand against the proto-scrotum and applied pressure, finally she placed her fingers in one crease of the young boys groin and her thumb in the opposite . She told Jean-Christophe she was going feel as deep as she could and that he was not to move his pelvis. When she exerted pressure on his lower sex organs he tensed visibly but held steady. She squeezed harder and pressed deep into his groin. Faintly she could discern his small testicles, nestled up higher in his belly, as yet undescended. Satisfied, Doctor let go and made a note to feel for them when she conducted her anal examination.

The lad still had a raging erection, indeed all the probing and handling of his genitals had only made it firmer. The tip of his foreskin was glistening with moisture. Doctor took a paper towel and wiped his penis dry. She decided to take several photographs of his organs now, while he was stiff. Later she would record them in rest.

When this was done she directed her attention to his anal region. She first felt over his buttocks, parted his cheeks and noted the relatively wide girth of the boys hips. There was just a light growth of hair around his anus, which puckered up and pulsed in and out ever so slightly. She felt all along the crease of his buttocks, probed here and there to note the elasticity of the skin and finally handled Jean-Christophe’s anal opening.

He tensed and clenched his sphincter, trying to pull away. Doctor fingered his opening, pushing in and out, gently massaging the general area. She was accustomed to patients being overly shy when she examined their anus and rectums, and was prepared to help them relax. In Jean-Christophe’s case she decided that it would be best to administer a light sedative which would not only calm him somewhat, but would also aid in distending the anal muscles. The fastest results would be obtained by administering it anally.

She took a solution and diluted it with warm water. This she sucked into a rubber bulb that had a pliable tube with a nozzle attached. She dipped the nozzle into a jar of lubricating cream and put some on her finger also.

“I have to examine your bottom very thoroughly Jean-Christophe. Also on the inside. Do you understand what that means ?” she asked.

“I don’t think so….” he replied.

“That means that I have to put my finger into your anus and feel around inside of you.”

“Oh…” he said his voice almost breaking, “Must you do that ?”

“Certainly, there’s no getting around that. It’s best if you try and relax. I’m going to give you something to help you calm down.”

“I can’t drink anything lying down like this,” Jean-Christophe said.

“Oh don’t worry,” Doctor told him, “You won’t have to drink anything. I’m going to put the medicine straight into your bottom. That way it will start to work in a few minutes,” she explained.

She rubbed the cream onto the boy’s anus and immediately inserted the tube. It was not very wide and entered without any difficulty, even though the boy was very tense.

“There, now. It’s already in your bottom Jean-Christophe, “ Doctor said while she pushed the rubber tube in as far as possible. She then squeezed the bulb, expelling the liquid into his rectum. It was but a small amount, nothing compared to what was introduced during a full enema or even in what the French called ‘un petit lavement’. Still, she could observe that he was not used to having anything inserted into his anus. She kept the nozzle in his rectum while her finger rubbed and pressed the tight opening. After a minute or two, she slowly retracted the tube and applied some more cream onto Jean-Christophe’s anus.

Doctor kept up a steady rhythm, every now and then, pressing her finger into the boys asshole, but never quite inserting it all the way. He was loosening up noticeably and no longer vigorously resisted her exploring finger.

“Are you ready now, Jean-Christophe ?” she gently asked. “I know this feels strange to you but I must put my finger inside your bottom now or we’ll never get done this afternoon.”

He had become a trifle sleepy due to the sedative, and more relaxed. He nodded and Doctor smiled back at him.

She put more pressure on his hole and steadily forced her finger up into the boys’ rectum. She was able to slide it in without much resistance, but she did note that his anus was very tight, and would definitely need widening during the coming treatments. Feeling inside, Doctor noted nothing out of the ordinary. He had no hemorrhoids or growths, no abnormalities that she could discern. She probed for his prostate gland, noted its shape and size. Underneath it, to both sides, she found Jean-Christophe’s underdeveloped testicles. She had to force her finger in all the way to get at them. She kept it inside of him longer than was normally needed for this type of examination but did so to determine his reaction to anal stimulation. He did not try to expel her finger, which sometimes happens during a rectal probing. Using her other hand, Doctor pushed it into various parts of his lower abdomen, forcing her four fingers deep among his inner organs. This caused Jean-Christophe considerable discomfort, though not actual pain. She handled his penis at the same time, pulling it downwards between his outstrecthched legs, and then pushing it in the opposite direction, against his belly.

“I want you to try and push my finger out of your bottom, Jean-Christophe, “ she ordered. “Push very hard with your belly now.”

She felt his sphincter tighten around her finger, but she kept it inserted in the boys rectum. He was told to do so repeatedly. Finally she pulled her finger out and cleaned it under the faucet.

“There, that’s done with. It wasn’t so bad now, my boy was it ?” she asked.

“No, Doctor….not really,” he hesitantly said.

“Good, because I want you to get very used to having things put into your anus. Your Aunt and I will both help train you until you can accept objects of a proper size, just like grown-ups.”

He didn’t understand what she meant by that last remark, though it did sound somewhat ominous. However Jean-Christophe was relieved that Doctor had released his bindings and allowed him to remove his ankles from the stirrups. She told him to rest a bit on the table, laying flat on his back before getting up. Thankful that he was allowed to leave the embarrassing position he had been forced to assume, he relaxed and tried to forget the sensations he had experienced when Doctor inserted her finger into his asshole. In one way it had been horribly humiliating, even if it was a doctor doing the probing, never before had anyone touched him in those places. On the other hand, once the initial shock had passed he had to admit that it had not been entirely unpleasant either. He had felt an agreeable tingling deep inside of him, a warmth radiating from some unknown place in his bowels. When Doctor told him to push her finger out, he found the pleasure even greater. What is more, his boys prick had never been stiffer or harder before. Her handling of his penis and fannyhole at the same time been even more agreeable. Why even now, as he lay upon his back, looking at the back of Doctors white frock while she busied herself looking for something, his prick stood straight up, engorged and pulsing with his every breath. Even though he did not consciously decide so nor realize it, he was truly pleased and excited with all the attention his genitals were getting from Doctor. She regularly praised him if he did as she asked, and all in all he did not mind being naked around her, or having a stiff penis for her to feel and touch.

“You can stand up now Jean-Christophe, and come over here, next to me,” she motioned. “I still have to measure and photograph you, when you’re soft. I also want a sample of your semen, so we’ll take that first, all right ?”

The boy stood up and nodded.

“Do you want to do it yourself, or shall I help you ?”Doctor asked.

Never having masturbated to orgasm, or watched any other boy do so, Jean-Christophe had no real idea what Doctor was asking of him. He knew it had something to do with his penis, but was at a loss at what.

“Maybe you can do it better than I can,” he finally responded.

She was not quite sure if that remark was to be taken literally or if it was a very clever way of being serviced by a lady. The latter was most likely correct she thought and very original, so she just smirked and handed Jean-Christophe a small glass bowl.

“Hold this bowl under the tip of your penis and let everything spurt into it. Now turn around and face away from me,” she ordered.

He obeyed, wondering what was to happen next. Doctor then took him by the hips and pressed his body backwards, into hers. she leaned forward and took hold of his erect penis. In her experience, when collecting semen samples from patients, men either climaxed almost immediately or took a very long time about it, being too embarrassed or tense to orgasm in the presence of a doctor. Some had to be left alone, usually with pictures of nude women or stories, some even had to have their wives present. With a number of them, it was best to let them handle their organs themselves while either watching them or not, as the case might be. Others were best given a helping hand. Young boys seldom experienced great difficulties so she was rather surprised that Jean-Christophe did not respond to her. She tried various manners of playing with his stiff prick : stroking it, squeezing, rubbing, pumping it, and other techniques, but he did not climax.

“Would you like to touch your zizi yourself, Jean-Christophe ? You mustn’t be ashamed, you know. I’ve seen many men do so.” she suggested.

He somewhat reluctantly took hold of his penis, and started pumping up and down. Clearly, however, the boy had no clue as how to go about climaxing, as nothing came of his efforts. “Maybe he really is a novice at sex play” Doctor thought and she decided to take a different approach.

“I want you stay as you are Jean-Christophe, and not look back.” She let go of the boy and loosened her gown. She slid her panties down and slipped them into her pocket. At the counter she dipped her finger into the lubricant again. Then she went with the boy over to the examining table and told him to bend over and place his forehead on the edge. As the table was elevated, he did not have to bend over much. His bottom and asshole, were exposed however and Doctor quickly slipped her oiled finger into his anus. She pushed it in and out while taking his penis to hand again.

“Hold the bowl under your zizi, Jean-Christophe and don’t think of anything except of how nice my finger feels in your bottom. I’ve opened up my gown and don’t have any clothes on underneath. Since you’ve been such a good boy during the examination today, I’m going to let my naked breasts and belly touch your backside. I don’t do this for many patients, so I want you to enjoy this and let your penis spurt everything out. All right ?”

She moved slightly to one side and bent over so that her breasts pressed against Jean-Christophes’ back. Her right hand pumped up and down on his rigid penis while her left hand worked on his asshole. Doctor applied a less wide motion and instead concentrated on stimulating the boys’ glans, enveloping it in her fist. Jean-Christophe’s breathing grew more rapid and she could sense the build-up of orgasmic tension. His anal muscles grew rigid and began to contract in a steady rhythm, he clenched his toes and leg muscles. Finally his torso spasmed in a series of short convulsions and he emitted a low moan of pleasure, his penis releasing a small amount of white fluid in short gushes. Doctor felt some of it on her fingers, but most of the semen was deposited in the bowl Jean-Christophe was holding. It was a small amount compared to most emissions she had observed, but sufficient for the analysis she needed.

When Jean-Christophe had finished climaxing and stopped shuddering, she removed her fist from his shrinking member and took the bowl out of his hands. It’s a wonder he didn’t drop it during his orgasm, she thought. She withdrew from his anus and he flinched a trifle. She then had him stand up straight, take hold of his penis and smear the remaining fluid onto his hands. He was told to examine the fluid, smell it and taste it with his tongue. The last he was reluctant to do, so instead she lifted her semen stained finger to his lips and waited until he overcame his reluctance and gingerly flicked his tongue out. Of course he wrinkled his nose at first at the unusual scent and taste, but Doctor encouraged him to try again and soon she had introduced her finger all the way past his lips. She kept it inside, letting him suck while she caressed his tongue and the rest of his mouth. When that had gone on long enough she withdrew and led the boy over to the wash basin. There, Doctor cleaned his genitals and anus with a washcloth, then dried them.

Finally, she took a series of full length photos of the boy with his penis in rest. She had to put him back on the examination table for a short while to complete her measurements of his flaccid genitals and her close up pictures. This was quickly completed and Jean-Christophe was told that the examination was over. He was allowed to get up off the table and started to go towards his clothes. Doctor called him back.

“No no, Jean-Christophe,” she said motioning him to come sit down next to her, “We’ve finished with the actual examination for today, but there are still some things I have to explain to you before your Aunt Justine comes back for you. There are also some things I want her to see, so you better not get dressed yet. Besides, I told you already that I prefer my patients to be naked when they’re in my office. Was is so awful after all?”

“No not really,’ he admitted sitting down, “But I’d rather be dressed when Aunt Justine comes for me. It feels funny for her to see me like this.”

“Well, there’s no point to it, you’d just have to take everything off again later. She is your aunt and besides, she does know what naked boys look like. “

“Why would I have to take my clothes off again ?”

“There are some things I must show your aunt.” she cut him off before he could object again, “You’ll see, don’t worry about it. Now to other things. First your foreskin. There are two ways of correcting your little problem. The fastest way is to have you admitted to a hospital where a surgeon would just simply circumcise your penis, that is cut away the extra skin. Then you would have a penis like that of a Muslim. Did you ever see that when you lived in Algiers ?”

“A few times,” he replied in dread at the mere thought.

“Now I don’t really think that is such a good method, even though it is done almost regularly in the United States. It’s not advisable to circumcise grown boys or men, unless absolutely avoidable. In your case I think we can use a different method. It will take a bit longer but you won’t have to go to a hospital, we can do it here in my office and even at home with your aunt.”

That sounded much better to the boy. He looked visibly relieved.

“I’ll put some special cream on the outside of your penis to help soften the skin. Then someone will massage it and try to stretch your foreskin so the opening will grow larger. This will take a few days, maybe 4 or 5 at the most. Then when you can pull your prepuce all the way down, I’ll attach a small device to hold it in place, so that it will naturally stretch and become the normal size. This device won’t have to stay attached more than a week or two. Afterwards you must take care to regularly retract your foreskin so it won’t grow narrow again. Now that you’ve heard of both possibilities, do you have a preference, or would you like to think about it ?”

Doctor knew that was a silly question, as few people relished being admitted to a hospital and operated on.

“I don’t want to go to a hospital.” Jean-Christophe said.

“Good,” she replied, “I didn’t think so. We’ll start today then. Agreed ?”


“I’ll write you a note, excusing you from school in the meantime. I’ll have your aunt deliver it. I’m sure you won’t object to that ?”

He beamed at the unexpected deliverance from scholastic drudgery, “Oh no, not at all Doctor.”

“Good. I’m also going to prescribe some medicine for you to take every day. I’ll explain it all to your aunt.”

As if on cue there was a knock on the door. Justine de Varennes entered and after greeting Doctor VV and her young nephew sat down. She was told what Jean-Christophe had just heard and she approved of his choice. Doctor then had Jean-Christophe lay down on the examination table once again, so she could point out various things to Justine. He did not get an erection from Doctor’s handling this time, much to his relief, but he still felt uncomfortable when she once again tried to pull down his foreskin. He was even more uncomfortable when he was told to take hold of his penis and keep it pressed to his belly. In that position, his aunt had a clear view of his lower sexual region. Doctor pointed out the lack of testicles, but avoided making it sound anything very much out of the ordinary. She even did her best to make it sound like an unexpected benefit. Since Jean-Christophe had no way of knowing what normal genitals were supposed to look like, it was very easy to keep him uninformed on this matter. Finally Doctor again lubricated her finger and stuck it up his anus. She told Justine that as she could clearly see, the boy was much too narrow and would have to be widened here as well. After commenting on a few points Jean-Christophe did not understand, Doctor withdrew her finger from his asshole and he was allowed to get up. Justine accompanied him to the corner where his clothes were hung and helped him dress. When he was finally fully clothed, Jean-Christophe was sent into the waiting room and told to occupy himself, while Justine and the Doctor had a talk.

“Well,” said Justine, “what do you think of my little lodger ? Is he suitable ?”

“It’s almost too good to be true. He seems so naive and innocent for a 16 year old. He gave me no trouble at all practically. He hardly protested when I ordered him to undress and he did everything that I told him to. I think that he enjoyed himself this afternoon. Maybe he doesn’t realize it yet, but he will soon. He’ll get over whatever shyness he has after a further appointment or two with me.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that you concur. And his body ?”

“At least his physical attributes are incontestable. Very little evidence of sexual ripening, no developed or active testes, clear pre-puberal attributes and even some cross-gender traits. I do think it will work.” Doctor seemed very pleased.

“How do we carry on from here ?” Justine asked.

“It would be best to get him started on the hormonal supplements as soon as possible. I want you to administer his first dose tonight. We should start seeing results in about a week or two. In the meantime, I will see him every two or three days, while you begin with the foreskin stretching and anal widening. I also think it would be best to gradually introduce him to various aspects of what we have in store for him. Don’t be abrupt when you propose the changes to his appearance and wardrobe, act like they’re completely normal…”

“I know how to go about this, you know. “

“Of course, I just hope that this time everything will go well.”

“It will this time.”

“I’ll write a note excusing him from school, so that you’ll have ample time to occupy yourself with him. His parents won’t be a problem?”

“With them all the way in Hanoi ? I think not. I’ll write regularly to his mother and if she does decide to return to France, I’ll have ample warning. We just stop the treatment and Jean-Christophe should revert to his old self inside of a month. There will be no trouble from her. Besides, I think she is finally glad to be off without him.”

“Good, here is a three days dosage. That’s all I have here for the moment “ Doctor said, taking a flat cigar box sized package out of her drawer and handing them to Justine. “I’ll have more prepared by the time they’re up.”

As Justine was getting up to leave Doctor said, “I was thinking of having Sigrid Kitzsler assist us.”

“Doctor Kitzslers’ daughter ?”

“Yes, she’s in her last year at the Sorbonne and is showing great promise I hear. You won’t be able to keep an eye on Jean-Christophe 24 hours a day. She can help.”

“Can she be trusted ?”

“Oh yes, I’m sure of that. There will be nothing to fear on that point. She knows the general outline anyway and is quite enthusiastic. Besides she’s younger than you or I, that might come in useful some time.”

“All right, I suppose so.”

Justine got up and went to fetch Jean-Christophe.

The Evening

After dinner, Jean-Christophe was left to occupy himself with a book for an hour or so. It was October, and on a rainy dreary day such as this, it gets dark early in Paris. There was no television yet at that time, and aside from going out to the movies or visiting friends, there was not much to occupy a young boy’s time. Since it was such a damp chilly day, it having rained on and off, Justine ordered the heating turned on. The apartment was cozily warm, the drapes were drawn against the dark autumn skies and Jean-Christophe sat in the couch in the living room, trying to sort out his feelings about what had happened to him.

Clearly, it had been a special occasion, though he wasn’t very sure if he had been embarrassed beyond his wildest fears or if he had ever been so deliciously excited in all his life. The doctor was certainly not like others he had visited when ill. He had never imagined being examined like he had been that afternoon, the nudity and the intimacy of Doctor’s probing had been shockingly humiliating at first, but at the same time, he had been wondrously aroused and proud of all the attention she was paying him. All things considered, he had rather enjoyed being naked in her presence, certainly as she had no objection at all to his being stiff. Of course, his orgasm, the first with another person present, was quite pleasant indeed. He looked forward to his next appointment, but would never admit it to anyone yet. Certainly not to his aunt Justine, though she was the one who had started it all in the first place. She was certainly not in the dark about what Doctor had done with him, but had not referred to anything since coming back to her apartment with Jean-Christophe. He didn’t quite know how to conduct himself with her for the moment. Maybe he should just act as if it the were the most natural and normal Doctor’s visit he had ever had ? Or maybe Justine was waiting for him to comment on the afternoon’s events ? He didn’t really know, although he was fairly certain that he detected a ghost of a smile on his aunt’s lips all that evening at dinner. Still, just thinking about the examination aroused him.

He was somewhat lost in his thoughts when Justine came into the room. She held out her hand to Jean-Christophe, beckoning’ “Come along Jean-Christophe, it’s time we started following the Doctor’s instructions.”

The boy put down his book and followed her into the hall. They entered Justine’s bedroom.

“We’re going to start the treatment Doctor prescribed for you this afternoon, dear and afterwards I’ll give you a first dose of the medicine. But first I think it’s best if I give you a nice warm bath so that you’ll be fresh and clean all over.” Justine smiled at Jean-Christophe. “We’ll use my bathroom this time, it’s much larger than the one in the hall, and I have all the necessary things already set out.”

There was a large vanity dresser with a three piece folding mirror set above it. Justine sat down in a chair in front it with her back towards the wall. She beckoned for the boy to come to her. “Undress now, so you can get in the bath.”

Still shy and modest, he turned around and made for the bathroom door. His aunt called him back. “No, no, Jean-Christophe, you’re not to undress alone. I want you to do the same as you did with Doctor this afternoon. Stand right here in front of me while you take off your clothes.”

With downcast eyes he approached his aunt. She reached out and pulled him closer to her. He bent down to unlace and remove his shoes. Pushing them aside he began to pull his sweater over his head. “Start with your trousers first Jean-Christophe” Justine commanded. Not waiting she reached out and unbuckled his belt, opened his buttons and let his pants fall down around his ankles. She then told Jean-Christophe to pull up his sweater and shirt to his shoulders. His heart started beating faster, though he could not really tell if it was from fear or anticipation. What was his aunt planning on doing with him ? Was it to be something along the lines of this afternoon’s experiences ? Part of him did not relish a repeat performance. The other part trembled with ill concealed anticipation and delight. His young little boy prick stiffened and bulged in his underpants.

Justine wasn’t quite sure if she should comment on his erection or pretend to ignore it as a normal occurrence. For the moment she choose to say nothing. She did slide her hands along Jean-Christophes’ buttocks and under his briefs, grabbing both cheeks of his firm bottom and giving them a good squeeze while pulling them apart so she could ride her finger along the crack of his ass. This caused him to stiffen even more so that his underpants jutted out in plain view. Justine ran her hands under the hem and slowly pulled them down, forcing Jean-Christophe’s erect penis to be bent lower. He pulled his abdomen backwards, straining to release his semi-imprisoned organ. His bottom was bared, but still not his front.

“Oh my, Jean-Christophe,” Justine mockingly smiled, “isn’t there enough room for your little zizi ? Step out of your pants now so I can remove this.” Next she had him take off his upper garments and turn away from her. Justine took hold of his prick and squeezed the shaft. She then finally pulled his briefs all the way down to his knees. Opening her legs, she guided Jean-Christophe between them. For a while she just played with his penis, feeling up and down, rubbing and stroking it. The boy said nothing, did not protest or try to pull away. She had thought that he might put up a little more resistance to her intimate touches but apparently he was easily dominated. Of course he was surely enjoying all this attention and the sexual excitement. Justine knew that from now on, it would not be difficult to make Jean-Christophe follow her wishes.

Finally deciding to get on with the treatment, she told Jean-Christophe to remove his remaining garment. He was to bend over and not lift up his legs to slip his underpants off. While doing so, he was fully aware that his aunt was looking at his bared anus.

“Pick up your clothes and put them in the hamper now, dear,” she said, “While I change into something more appropriate. I can’t wear this while washing you.” While he was gathering up his things, Justine unbuttoned her dress and quickly stepped out of it. She was clad in a very fine set of matching bra and knickers, a dark garter belt holding up her stockings. These she removed. She then went to a closet and took out a white bath robe, unhooked her bra, slipped the robe on and turned to face Jean-Christophe. He had been watching her, as she had hoped he would. Finally before fastening the wrap around cord, Justine stepped out of her knickers and panties. allowing the boy a glimpse of her sex organs.

“I’ll put out a robe for you too, if you like. You can put it on after your bath. All right ?” she asked not waiting for an answer. “Let’s see what will fit you.”

Justine called Jean-Christophe to her side while she rummaged around inside the closet. She took out a few garments and held them next to the boy. They were all somewhat large and uncompromisingly feminine. He blushed furiously and his prick hardened even more, the shaft bobbing up and down in tune to his pounding heart. He mumbled something.

Of course Justine had expected some form of protest so she pre emptorially gave a little laugh. “Oh my, Jean-Christophe, what’s the matter ? Don’t you like my clothes ? Don’t you think they’re pretty ?”

“Oh yes, they certainly are,” he nearly stammered, “But I can’t put any of those on.”

“Why not ?” Justine asked with a slight tone of innocent incredibility to her voice. “Don’t you like my taste in clothes ?”

“Of course I do Aunt, it’s just that … they’re for ladies.” he managed to get out.

“Silly boy,” she mocked, “That doesn’t bother me at all. Anyway, these are the only bathrobes I have and I certainly don’t mind.”

“But I can’t just put them on…”

“Why not ? I told you that I won’t mind. I even think that you’d look very nice in one of my robes. Anyway,” she finished, not willing to press the point for the moment, “We’ll see after you’ve had your bath and your medicine.”

Jean-Christophe could not help notice however, that his aunt choose a small light colored robe with short sleeves trimmed in lace, and laid it out on her bed. She smiled at him, took his hand and told him to come with her into the bathroom.

The bathroom was very large compared to contemporary standards. Not only was there an oversized enameled bath set in one corner, there was also a double washstand, a bidet and an American type toilet. The last was rather unusual, since the French generally prefer to build a small closet sized privy, usually containing a French style toilet where one is required to squat. There were also several shelves, filled with all manner of jars, tubs and boxes. Last of all, Jean-Christophe noticed a small metal table, upholstered and covered with a linen sheet. It made him think of Doctors examination table.

Justine went to draw a bath. She opened the faucets and poured a generous amount of bail salts in the tub. As the hot water dissolved the crystals, a sweet fragrance filled the air.

“Go to the toilet now before getting into the bath, dear,” she ordered.

Jean-Christophe went to the bowl and lifted up the seat.

“No no, Jean-Christophe, no standing up to pee any more, from now on we want you to sit down when you use the toilet.” Justine went to him and lowered the seat. She turned him around and pushed him gently down. His erect penis pointed upwards and he didn’t know how to proceed. If he peed now, he would most certainly wet the floor in front of him.

“Oh my,” Justine sighed in mock exasperation, “Sometimes those stiff little zizis can be a nuisance. You’ll just have to learn to control yourself in the future, my dear. Here, let me help you this time,” and she pushed his penis into the bowl, allowing Jean-Christophe to slide back a bit to accommodate the pressure on his groin.

It took a while before he could relax sufficiently to empty himself. Justine kept murmuring encouragement’s and pressing on his abdomen, pushing her fingers into the boy’s bladder. He become somewhat less stiff while peeing and finally finished. Justine had kept hold of him all the while. Now he was ready to get up, but his aunt told him to clean himself first. Seeing that he didn’t know what she expected, she told him that she would demonstrate once and that hereafter he was to follow this procedure without fault.

She tore off a small amount of toilet paper and cleaned the remaining few drops of urine off the boys’ penis. Then he was allowed to get up. Justine flushed the bowl and afterwards took Jean-Christophe to one of the washstands. She selected a jar and opened it.

“I’m going to rub this cream on your skin first, it will soften it and clean out your pores,” she told him.

Pouring some of the light colored cream onto her hands, she began applying the cool lotion to Jean-Christophe’s legs and thighs. Justine worked slowly, rubbing it in firmly, feeling almost every inch of his body. She took great care in anointing his buttocks and genitals, using a single finger to work the cream into his anus and on his penis. Jean-Christophe was told to raise his arms above his head, and while so positioned, Justine spread the lotion over his torso and abdomen, not forgetting to add a generous amount to his armpits. When that was finished, she worked the lotion onto his neck and face, taking care to avoid his eyes and mouth. She slowly massaged his cheeks and asked how it felt.

“It feels very soft and smells very nice,” he replied.

“Good, because from now on, we’ll do this regularly so that your skin will become nice and smooth, won’t that be nice Jean-Christophe ?” she asked.

“Oh yes, Aunt Justine,” he replied.

“Good, now go sit on the table until the bath is full, dear.”

Justine busied herself choosing various soaps and other creams and lotions while Jean-Christophe waited. She laid them out next to him on the table so that he could see what she was preparing to use. Mostly they were expensive looking products such as those sold at cosmetic and beauty shops. Along with all of these was a flat box containing several finger sized cylinders with tapered ends. Justine noticed Jean-Christophe eyeing them and asked if he knew what they were. He said that he didn’t.

“This is the medicine Doctor has prepared for you. I’m give it you after you’ve had your bath,” she explained. But this didn’t explain anything to Jean-Christophe What type of medicine as this ?

Justine could see that he was puzzled and a little anxious. Should she tell him how he was to take his medicine or would it only upset him ? Up till now he had accepted everything he was asked to do with hardly any fuss, so deep down she suspected that the boy was secretly pleased by all the attention he was getting. She and the Doctor wanted to take Jean-Christophe down the path as a willing, albeight a manipulated, subject. Therefore it was important not to shock the boy too much at first. It was difficult to gauge what he found repugnant and what excited him. He probably wasn’t always sure himself, she correctly thought, and therefore it was important that she didn’t force him to overcome too many barriers at once. It was always best to alternate the unpleasant with the gratifying. In this case it would matter little if he was told before or after the bath, as he would have to take his first dose of medicine tonight in any case.

“Don’t you know what this is Jean-Christophe ?” she asked.

He shook his head and said, “I don’t think so…”

“Why it’s very simple. You’ve probably had to take very ill tasting medicine from time to time, haven’t you ? Well in order to spare her patients that, certainly if they have to take it for a length of time, Doctor likes to prescribe suppositories. It’s better for the stomach that way, and you can take stronger doses,” Justine explained.

“Oh no,” Jean-Christophe said, “I don’t like taking medicine like a baby.”

“Nonsense, many doctors prefer their patients to take suppos, even if they’re grown-up. It’s not so bad at all, you’ll see,” she replied, pushing the box to one side and taking Jean-Christophe’s arm. “Come now, the bath is full.”

Justine closed the faucets and felt the fragrant smelling water. It was nice and warm, steam rising into the air. She helped the boy into the tub and let him sit on the edge for a while to accustom himself to the temperature. Then she told him to lay and soak, she would help him wash later. Going to the light switch, Justine turned off all the lights save for a small neon light over the washstand. The bathroom was hushed and quiet in the ensuing semi-darkness, and all the smells and perfumed scents seemed enhanced by it. Jean-Christophe lay up to his neck in the warm bath, soaking up the heat and enjoying the relaxing intimate atmosphere. Justine told him to stretch out and close his eyes, whereupon she placed a damp washcloth over his face, covering his eyes. She stroked his head and neck, every now and then going lower to brush over his chest and feel if his cock was still erect. He did not pull away when she touched him there, actually she was quite sure that he arched his pelvis upwards ever so slightly, bringing his organ closer to her hand. She smiled to herself. He was enjoying this, and so was she.

Some 15 minutes later, Justine judged that it was time to wash the boy so she switched on the lights. Most of the lotion she had rubbed him in with, had either washed off or been absorbed by his skin. She took a washcloth and liberally lathered it with a soft soap. Jean-Christophe was thoroughly washed from head to toe by his aunt. Of course she paid special attention to his genitals and anus, working her soap covered finger partially into his ass hole and diligently cleaning his penis and whatever part of his glans that was accessible. Jean-Christophe did not protest or pull back while Justine was busily scrubbing his body. She used a supplementary soap to clean his face and afterwards shampooed his hair twice, rinsing it with clear water from a spray attachment. When all this was finished, he was allowed out of the tub and dried off.

“Come over to the table now, Jean-Christophe,” Justine ordered, “and lay down on your stomach.”

He had some difficulty placing his enlarged prick under his belly but managed to get into a comfortable position. Justine told him to relax and made him open his legs, giving her easier access to his anus. She took a dab of lubricating cream on her index finger and began massaging the boys narrow opening, finally inserting it deep into his bottom. She slid back and forth, sometimes twisting her finger around. When Jean-Christophe clenched his muscles, she told him not to resist, but allow his little hole to open up and accept what was inside him. She entered him several times, each time encountering less resistance. After some minutes of this she took one of the suppositories and gently started sliding it into the boy’s rectum. He quivered a bit and tensed up, but Justine slowly and surely pushed the finger long object all the way in. To make sure it was lodged deep in his bowels, she once again inserted her index finger and worked the medicine higher up into his rectum. She kept her finger in until she began to feel the suppo dissolving from the boys internal body heat. Through it all Jean-Christophe hadn’t said a word.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, now, was it ?” she asked. “Can you keep it inside of you long enough ? It will take a least an hour or two for it to dissolve and be sufficiently absorbed.”

“I don’t know, Aunt Justine,” he replied, “I’ve never done this before. It feels funny inside of me.”

“Well, you’ll have to keep it in you, or we’ll just have to start all over again,” she said. “But I have something that will keep the medicine in place.” She went into her bedroom and returned shortly with a leather belt and several smaller straps with an object attached. It was a small sized anal plug that could be fixed to the belt. When inserted, it was no longer possible to expel the plug without loosening the belt first. Justine put a small amount of cream on the head of the miniature dildo and parting his buttocks quickly and deftly slid it up his rectum before he realized what she was doing. Making him stand up, she fastened the belt around his waist.

“We’ll keep this on you for a while until the suppo is dissolved.”

He made such a face that Justine just had to let out a small laugh. “Silly boy, it’s not all that bad. I know it doesn’t hurt, it just feels funny at first. You’ll get used to it in a few minutes.” She looked at his stiff organ, its head glistening with pre-ejaculate. “There are many people who thoroughly enjoy wearing such devices, you know, even much larger ones. I can see that your zizi doesn’t seem to mind. Just look how hard it is,” she said, giving it an affectionate rub.

That made him blush and look away from her. “Anyway,” she continued, “It’s just as well, because now we get on with your treatment. Come back on the table and sit facing me. Open your legs a bit.”

Justine took a tube of cream and applied some of it the Jean-Christophe’s foreskin. She carefully and slowly worked it into his prepuce, pulling downwards on his shaft so as to enlarge his covering skin. Justine did her massaging gently but firmly, several times taking the end of his foreskin between two fingers and pinching it softly. This way she was able to work the cream along the underside of Jean-Christophe’s prepuce. Justine kept this up for some 20 minutes, all the while timing her touches so that he was not brought to a climax by her ministrations to his sex.

Jean-Christophe had soon closed his eyes and let the waves of pleasure flow through his prick into his bowels and along his anus. From time to time he opened his mouth and flicked his tongue along his pouting lips, wetting them with his saliva. He gripped the table’s edge to steady himself, for at times he was trembling with delight. Justine however, did not allow him to climax, so that by the end of the treatment he was weak from the sexual passion and desire he was feeling. This was all part of the effect Justine and Doctor wanted to create for Jean-Christophe. It seemed that they had certainly succeeded.

“There, that’s finished for now,” Justine said, cleaning her fingers under the faucet and drying them off. “I want you to let the cream dry on your zizi. Don’t touch it either or I’ll be very cross with you. Understand ?”

He nodded, his eyes still closed and breathing heavily.

“Maybe you had better go into the bedroom and lie down for a while. I have to wash myself and put my beauty lotions on before going to bed.” She took him by the hand and led him to her bed. There, she took the robe she had previously laid out, and slipped in on the boy. Though aware of what Justine was doing, he did not protest at the feminine garments. “Just lay down now and rest a little. I’ll be back soon and then we can both go to sleep. All right ?”

“All right,” he replied as Justine covered him with the sheets.

Back in the bathroom, she listened to Jean-Christophes’ breathing, wondering if he was so sexually excited that he would masturbate as soon as she was away. She had warned him not to, but would not have been surprised if he had started frigging himself furiously as soon as she was out of sight. However she heard nothing except for his deep breathing. She wasn’t sure if he had heeded her out of obedience or out of exhaustion. Either way, she decided that before going to sleep, she would reward Jean-Christophe by letting him orgasm. It was still too soon to let him play with himself and besides she wanted to link his sexual gratification to female bodies. At the same time she and Doctor both wanted Jean-Christophe to identify himself with female traits, forms, mannerisms and the like to make him aspire to becoming a replica of that which gave him so much pleasure in the first place. So just as Doctor had done this afternoon she would manually stroke him. Afterwards she would need relief as well, as the situations she created for Jean-Christophe were extremely titillating for her. Being more practiced, she could channel her desires more surely and postpone fulfillment for longer periods if need be, though she preferred at least one daily orgasm. And even Justine found it very difficult to sleep soundly when in a state of sexual tension. So she decided that as an extra treat, Jean-Christophe would be allowed to watch her bedtime masturbation .

She took her time with her evening care, paying fastidious attention to applying all the creams, lotions and beauty aids she was accustomed to using. Her regime had kept her body in wonderful shape, her figure that of a 10 year younger woman. Her breasts were firm and pert, her belly flat, her thighs and buttocks taut, her pubis and anus clean shaven.

When finished, she slipped on a thin nightgown and closed the bathroom door. By the dim nightstand light she could see that Jean-Christophe was still asleep in her bed as she pulled back the covers, uncovering the boy. She laid a small towel down next to him and slowly opened his bathrobe. He was no longer erect even though the anal plug was still in place. Justine decided to unfasten the belt and remove the little device. He opened his eyes sleepily and recognized his aunt vaguely. She rolled him over on his back and spread his legs to remove the plug. This aroused Jean-Christophe somewhat and left his empty ass hole with a tingling sensation. Justine put the leather belt and plug on a night-table, and lay down next to the boy, taking him in her arms. She opened his robe and her nightgown, but did not want to remove either tonight. He stiffened quickly and gratefully embraced his sweet smelling and beautiful aunt. Responding to her caresses and whispered encouragement’s Jean-Christophe placed his arms around Justine.

“You’ve been a good patient and a proper child today, Jean-Christophe,” she softly told him, “For that I’m going to reward you by letting you have an orgasm with me, just like you did with Doctor this afternoon. But this time we’ll do it for fun, not to get a sample of your semen. Would you like that ?”

“Oh yes, aunt Justine,” he eagerly responded, “I’d like that very much.”

“Good, and if you continue to be so obedient, we’ll do this and other nice sex things every day. But you must promise to obey me and doctor in every way, and do whatever we ask you to. All right ?”

“I promise, I really do,” he answered.

“Fine, but don’t forget your promise to me now.”

“I won’t, I won’t.”

She kissed the boy on the mouth, forcing his mouth open and slipping her tongue into him. He eagerly, if somewhat clumsily, responded with a deep passion. Justine placed his hand on her breast and encouraged him to feel her ample bust. This was the first time Jean-Christophe had ever touched and felt a naked female. He was thrilled to no end, it seemed as if his entire body was dissolving into waves of desire, as if he could find refuge forever in his aunt’s arms.

Even though Justine preferred female sex partners, she had sampled many types of men as well. She abhorred strong hairy types, and favored younger, physically less mature males, those who were endowed with more feminine traits being her favorite. Jean-Christophe pleased her already, so when she and Doctor were finished with his training and treatment, he would be even more endearing. Oddly the knowledge of what was in store for the boy, made her more fond of him, even somewhat enamored. If he had been sullen or resisting she was sure that she would have adopted a severe and cruel attitude towards him, using punishment and denial as her tools. Now she was determined to make the treatment an exciting and intoxicatingly thrilling sexual discovery for Jean-Christophe, though that did not mean that he would be allowed any extra liberties. Still she found it hard to deny him access to other parts of her body. Later he would be given more privileges when he had proven himself and passed the required tests.

So even though her sex organs were moist with desire, and she would have enjoyed letting Jean-Christophe pump himself to a climax inside of her, she resisted the idea and did not even permit him to feel her below the waist. His penis did rub against her abdomen, but whenever his hands started to move lower, she promptly took hold of them. She whispered that he was not to touch her there yet. Later if he behaved well, things would change.

Finally she told Jean-Christophe to turn around and lay with his back towards her. Then Justine spread the small towel open she had taken from the bathroom and positioned it under his stiff little prick. Snuggling up against the boy, so her naked breasts pressed against his back, she took his penis in her hand and started frigging him gently. She told him keep to towel under his penis and to put his hand around hers while she stroked his zizi. He closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure. Justine wanted him to climax quickly so she deftly pressed and played with his anus. She introduced her finger in his rectum and pumped in and out. This had the desired effect, for soon she could feel his sphincter muscles spasming and rhythmically clenching and releasing her index finger. At the same time a stream of semen pulsed forth from his prick, rolling down Justine’s hand. When she felt Jean-Christophe ejaculate, she brought his hand around to his glans and made sure that he also received an amount of the milky white fluid on his fingers. She waited some moments to allow him to compose himself and catch his breath, then she took his semen covered hand and brought it up to his mouth. Justine pressed his fingers onto his lips and told him to taste the fluid. He had already done so this afternoon in Doctor’s office, so he was less reluctant than she had expected. She rubbed her stained fingers on his breast and nipples and told him to just let it dry.

“Now, it’s my turn,” she told him, giving him a little kiss on the lips and faintly tasting the boy’s semen. “Just stay here and watch. I’ll yet you see how ladies play with themselves. But remember, don’t touch me while I’m busy, all right ?”

“I won’t” he answered.

Justine placed a pillow under her bottom and lay down on her back, legs spread open and knees slightly raised, her pink slit in view. Even though Justine’s bedroom was dimly lit, it was apparent to the boy that his aunt had a hairless mon and vagina. Inexperienced in sexual matters he may have been, even he knew that pubic hair was the norm and that Justine must have shaved it off. He found it an attractive sight.

Closing her eyes, Justine slowly caressed the outer lips of her vagina, and using one hand, parted them to allow her to slide her fingers along the moist inner skin. She moved higher and uncovered her clitoris. This was something that Jean-Christophe couldn’t clearly make out in the semi-darkness, but he did notice that she began to breath faster and heavier. With her other hand she pinched her nipples and cupped her breasts, sometimes with a ferociousness that surprised the young boy.

At last she convulsed, her pelvis bobbing up and down while Justine lifted her torso into the air, eyes closed and head arched back. She made soft sobbing sounds before collapsing on the bed. Justine had gone straight to work and not prolonged her self-indulgence as was sometimes the case. She was satisfied for the moment, and after composing herself, she came back to Jean-Christophe and drew the covers over them both. Giving him a last good night kiss, she put an arm over her nephew and told him to get some sleep.

The Following Days

The next morning Justine notified school that her nephew would not be attending classes for some time since he was being treated for an illness She did not specify what was wrong with the boy, only that it was not very serious but due to his delicate condition it would be some time before he returned. The school would be sent the doctor’s note.

Jean-Christophe was kept inside for the next three days and received a similar, if a somewhat more intensified treatment. Justine applied the stretching cream on his foreskin at least twice daily and made sure he received his medicine regularly. The first morning after sleeping with Justine, he was not given his old clothes back. She gave him a robe to wear that was similar to the one he had slept in. It was short and just didn’t cover his genitals and buttocks. If he bent over to pick up something, his backside was completely bared and if he raised his arms the hem-line came to above his navel. At first he was sulky at being forced to wear Justine’s clothes, but he was reminded of his promise the night before and given nothing at all to wear. His humor improved after breakfast however and afterwards he did not give Justine much trouble with what she choose for him to wear.

In fact during those three days he mostly wore the robe and slippers, and sometimes was given panties or a pair of knickers to put on. At night he was given one of Justine’s nightgowns. The apartment was kept well heated, so Jean-Christophe did not need much in the first place. However wearing female clothing was something she wanted the boy to get used to as soon as possible.

The first days she gave him several baths a day. This was done in order to soften his skin and to get him used to extended periods of attending to his appearance and body care. Justine diligently applied the stretching lotion to Jean-Christophe’s foreskin and would certainly have been able to uncover his glans completely, but she wanted that to take place in Doctor’s office. She made sure that she personally gave him his daily medication and waited until it was completely dissolved before letting Jean-Christophe go.


This is as far as I got.

The story outline was supposed to be the following : during the following visit to the doctor he is shaved and gets his first enema, Soon after the doctor introduces Sigrid Kitzsler to Jean Christophe and his aunt and she comes to stay with them as a sort of medical student/minder/au pair girl. She is studying medicine at the Sorbonne (specializing in gynecology of course). Her father used to work at the prestigious Reich Institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene before the war. Around 1940 he was assigned to a team looking for methods of sterilizing males. An unexpected by-product of his work was a rough method of gender transformation (males to females) by chemical and hormonal means. He refused to use human subjects for further research and was expelled from the Institute by 1943. He saved notes on his work, and after the war began experimenting on patients by proxy.

The doctor VV is working together with him and Jean Christophe is one of his try-outs so to speak. The transformation is easier to do on a male with inactive testicles such as Jean Christophe has. The elder Kitzsler sends his daughter Sigrid to observe and participate in the examinations and transformation. She is of course an oversexed Nordic beauty who helps the boy learn all about sex and desire. I think she is an East Prussian (from Konigsberg) or a Brandenburger. She has raven black hair, jet straight and cut in a sort of ‘pageboy’ style. I would like her to be a sort of cross between Louise Brooks, Lotte Lenya and Isabella Rosselini, (contrary to popular image, by far most Germans have dark hair, not blond). Sigrid Kitzsler’s hairstyle is a type that was very popular during the 20’s and 30’s. She hates Nazis and utterly despises the Soviets (maybe something happened to her during the final days of the war when the Red Army overran her part of Germany).

She is sent by her father to Paris to continue her medical studies. She later becomes a renowned expert in gender transformation and sexology, beating the Danish team that ‘made’ Christine Jorgenson in 1952. She prefers females as sex partners and simply adores feminizing boys.

Sigrid Kitzsler, Aunt Justine , the Doctor VV and Jean Christophe (later Christine) are supposed to have many sexual encounters and examinations before the boy is finally finished as a she-male. He learns the ‘tricks of the trade’, how to be submissive, how to please males and females, how to dress and many other things. Justine then ‘rents’ him to affluent clients who are willing to pay outrageous amounts to have sex with the gorgeous boy/girl.

And just for fun : Jean Christophes mother never does come back from Indo China, she is one of the first victims of a terrorist bombing by the Viet Minh in Hanoi.

Note : ‘ZIZI’ is I’m sure you’ve guessed a French slang word for penis. I couldn’t give you an exact rendering, but it’s a somewhat childish word (like wee wee or peter) but not that infantile either. It’s a sort of semi-impolite word that just about all females will use, but not all males (a lot will though). It can be used in a non-sexual context without being vulgar. In a sexual context it denotes a sort of non-macho approach to sex, an older woman will almost certainly refer to her younger male lovers penis as ‘un zizi’. It’s also considered to be a quite acceptable word to be used in films. Also, a child always has a ‘zizi’. Only adults have the other thing, une bite, (a prick). Yes, a prick in French is feminine, and a vagina (le vagin) is masculine. What a crazy language.