A Story

The heat was such that even her sweat wanted to sweat. Wearing a sleeveless blouse with nothing on beneath, the circles under her arms were clear indication of just how hot the day truly was. Every now and then, she’d peel the blouse away from her sweating breasts and blow into the opening-cooling her chest, causing her nipples to stand erect. During a heat wave like this, it was impossible to get anyone to look at a broken air conditioner without a week or two wait.

She could see him as he pulled into the garage and get out of the truck. There are only a few days he wished he’d installed air in the truck and this was one of them. His drive home was a long one, made even worse by the heat of the day and the traffic on the road.

Walking in, he grumbled a greeting and pecked her on the cheek. Hardly the passion he’d shown when they first met, but she knew his day had not been the best. Nevertheless, it was no cause for him to be bitchy. Hell, she was just as hot as he was.

Shutting the refrigerator, he stood up and opened a beer, wiping his forehead. She moved toward him to hug him only to be met with a quick hug and release.

“Enough,” she thought to herself. Walking up behind him, she pulled his ass to the front of her sweat soaked blouse and shorts, wrapping her hands around his waist and chest. Pulling away a bit, he was surprised to find her grasp so strong.

“Stay right where you are, mister,” she ordered. “You know, I’ve had a fucking rough day too.” With that said, she moved around his front, pulling him behind her by the waist of his pants. He followed, somewhat stupidly, beer in hand, as she pulled him down the hall to the large bathroom. “Sit down for a minute and finish your beer,” she said, almost ordering.

He did just that as she rummaged in the bathroom closet. Finding what she’d been looking for, she hid it from him as she worked. He knew, or at least thought he knew what she was doing and felt himself getting hard.

She was quick and precise, having done this a thousand times before. A little soap, a little oil, some water. But this time, the water was much cooler than usual. Not cold, but lukewarm.

Finished, she left whatever she was working on in the sink and turned to him.

“Now, you can let me have my way and help me, or you can bitch again and be sorry for what you’ll miss.”

He nodded and smiled, curious, and more than a bit contrite for his attitude when he walked in from work.

She said, “Get undressed, honey.” He did so willingly as he watched her do the same. He always marveled at her tiny body and how much pleasure it gave her. Hell, how much pleasure it gave him. She was small enough to manhandle, but when she made love, she was nearly too much to handle. He gazed at her shaved pubic area, which she kept completely smooth for herself and for him. His eyes moved to her sweat soaked blouse, which she was unbuttoning, revealing the soft, silky tissue that made up her breasts.

Both naked, they looked at each other for a moment. It was hot as hell, but he felt a chill run through him.

Turning away to the sink, she pulled the enema bag out, full and dripping moisture from the exterior. Attached to the bag was a hose that formed a “Y” so that two hoses came from one. On each of the two hoses was a large, dildo shaped enema tip.

Smiling, she said, “You do me and I’ll do you and we’ll both cool off together.”

Responding, he said, “Ladies first, honey.”

With that, she gave him the bag and went down on her hands and knees, putting her shoulders down to the floor, keeping her ass high and spread wide.

Moving behind her, he opened the tube of KY and applied a generous amount to the nozzle and his hand. His finger slid right into her. Taking his time, he massaged her ass, inside and out, gently pushing a second finger inside. Lubricated now, he inserted the lubricated nozzle inside of her. Clamping her ass together, she rose to her feet. “Your turn now, baby,” she told him.

He took the same position that she’d just abandoned. Smiling at the sight in front of her, she knelt and opened his ass. One finger quickly went inside. She felt him tense, so she slowly but firmly fucked him. She could feel his ass relax and took that as the cue to insert her second finger. Small they were, but she knew how to make her fingers talk with him. She knew just how good he felt right now, because he had the same effect on her.

Removing her fingers, she could see his ass still stretched from the recent intrusion. Without waiting, she lubricated the second enema tip and inserted it into him. The cool temperature of the water collided with the warm air of the room, causing small water droplets to form on the stainless steel nozzle.

Both of them connected, she helped him stand and then laid him back down on his back, on top of the bathmat.

Turning, she hung the bag on the ever-ready hook, just a few feet above the floor, on the side of the cabinet.

Maneuvering herself around, she guided herself to his stiff cock and slid it into her. Relaxing when he fully inside of her, she placed a couple of towels under her knees to cushion the hard floor.

That done, she reached around and opened the clamp. The cool water hit them both nearly simultaneously. Feeling the water invade her bowels, she began pumping on his cock while his hands roamed her body, starting at her clit, working up and then back down.

They both knew the enemas wouldn’t be much trouble to retain. They’d both given each other much more. But since they were sharing the bag, they were dividing the water in half.

She continued her up and down motion until she felt herself cuming. Leaning back, toward his feet, she reached between her legs and began to rub her clit while he lightly scratched her breasts and belly with his fingernails. The first orgasm was quick and built violently into an immediate second orgasm.

As her body shook, she could feel the water inside of her. She let go again, this time having to clamp down hard on the nozzle so she didn’t spill.

She knew he was ready, all he needed was a little persuasion. He always tried to last so long, and sometimes, she loved that. But today, she wanted his cum so she could just lie on top of him, lightly, and feel the warmth and comfort of his body.

Reaching between her legs again, she circled her thumb and index finger around his cock and began to jerk him off as she rode him.

As his eyes opened, he began to say something, but she put her other finger on his lips and said, “Shhh. Just give me your cum.”

He exploded into her, his hips rising off the floor again and again, trying to get deeper. As his orgasm released, she continued jerking him off, to get as much of him inside of her as she could.

Slowing now, she kept her hand around the base of his cock, pulling gently, not only to get more of his cum, but to help keep him erect for as long as possible.

Leaning forward now, she released him and put her face to his, supporting her weight on her elbows.

After this round of lovemaking, the air suddenly felt cooler. Or perhaps it was just the enemas having their effect.