A Strange Feeling

I had told my friend, Sue to phone if she wanted help with anything. Sue had just went through some very difficult personal problems. She wanted someone with here, any time she went out. Recently, I had been doing that and enjoyed her company.

As I arrived, Sue said, be there in a sec, which was her way of telling me she was still doing her make up or getting dressed. I replied back, ok. when Sue came into the room, wow, she looked wonderful in her tight fitting attire. I loved the way she could walk around in those five inch or six inch hi-heels. as she, floated through the hall, i knew she had her six inch heels on today. As she drew near, i could see the blue t-strap with the six inch heels, with the blue leather jeans and the white vest. Her click, clack, then click, click, was the way she walked. The closer to me she got the more my heart pounded. She turned me

on, in more that one way. Her mere presence brought me a feeling of wow, but, I had never taken her to bed. I wanted to, but never did.

She said, are you ready to go, I said, sure. Then in the truck she said, I want you to do something when we get back. I should also say it is something that you might find neat. I gave a non thinking answer of, ok.

I took her grocery shopping, then to the pharmacy, then to the shoe repair store. She probably had over a hundred

pair of hi-heels and more. The smell of the leather, the way she walked in them, and her manners really turned me on.

On the way to her home we talked about all her new furniture, and here new plumbing in the bathroom. She was into health

scene and vitamin products. She was also into taking a weekly enema, which she called a colonic. I was not sure I wanted

to be part of the plumbing, so to speak. I wanted to make it with her, but was not sure about the rest. I had heard Sue was in to all types of sexual rituals, but was very cautious about whom she saw. I had asked her some time back, to show me what she was into, without hurting me. Her reply was that she would think about it, with her usual chuckle laugh and her cat grin. After asking I got a strange feeling down my back. My thoughts after asking, were mixed, half fear, half wondering. Here I was wondering about her again. Sue, asked me, cat got your tongue, you’re too quiet. I replied, I am concerned on my driving you home safely. She replied, don’t you want to know, what I want to do to you when we get to my house?

Just then, a car pulled in front of us, almost causing me to hit them. I said to Sue, people like that should have their wheels pulled from them, as they don’t look where they are going. Sue asked calmly, don’t you want to know what I want you to do when we get to my house? I was thinking of the bags of groceries, and other items, and replied, I’ll help you put all this away, if you will make me a sandwich and give me a coke-a-cola. After all it had been several months since I had asked her to show me what she was into, without causing me any pain. Usually Sue makes me a meat loaf sandwich, and gives me a soda, that is very cold. We sit down together and eat and talk. I love her, and would do anything within reason for her.

I pulled into the driveway and Sue said, Joe, I want you to pull into the garage. This way you can have a nap after you help me with all my shopping. I replied, a nap would probably be good, after bringing all that in to the house. She said, with her funny chuckle, I’ll make some food for us”. As she walked into the house in those heels, I was hoping to hold her tight and love her. Wow, is all I could think about her. Well, back to the real world now, I must take all the bags, boxes and packages inside. I started with the groceries first, there must have been five bags of them. When I came back out the packages she picked up from the shoe store had fallen over, and one of the boxes had opened up. There in front of me was a pair of six inch heels that did not look normal. One of the silver shoes had no heel in the shoe. It had a funny looking back about three inches across. It looked like something could be put in there and the draw string could be pulled to hold it there. Also there were a lot of small black leather belts that were placed on inside of the shoe about every two inches. I took a good look at this shoe, the toe had wires coming out of the side, I felt inside the toe area and it felt like rubber of some type. There was a smooth ridge all the way around it. Then I looked at the other silver shoe, which had a large round pipe hooked at the heel instead of a heel. As I looked closer this shoe did not have a place for the heel of the foot, nothing but a big hole. This shoe like the other one had wires dangling from the front and the same small black leather belts. I was wondering, what type of hi-heeled shoes are these?? I put the shoes back into the box and carried them and the other items from the shoe shop in and set them down. Sue looked and said, Joe, take these to the end of the counter. I did and returned to the truck to get the final bags and boxes. When all done, I said to Sue, sure was a busy day. Sue replied, yes it sure was, why don’t you get washed up and have some food. I went into the rest room and got washed up. I washed my hands and wiped off my face. Then I noticed in Sue’s rest room, a funny looking gadget hooked into the shower. It resembled a hose you would have on your kitchen sink, except it had a rubber tip with threads on the inside.

I thought it was some new gadget. I did not pay much attention, as i flushed the toilet. The toilet was different and so was the additional shower. Sue called out, hey Joe, did you get lost in there or did you fall in. Should I come and help? I replied,

just taking a dump and washing up. Sue said the food was served. I replied, ok, be there soon. With that I flushed, no the toilet flushed for me when i got up. I pulled up my pants, washed my hands again and was amazed. I did not have to turn on the water, just stuck my hands under the faucet and instant warm water. Super technology, I thought as I dried my hands and went down the hall to the kitchen. Sue had set out our usual food, except there was a card by my sandwich. Sue said, don’t read it till were done with our food. I replied, your the boss, lady. She had changed her blue pants for a blue striped leather skirt. It

was very short and showed off her black nylons and her lovely legs.

As we were eating, she said, why did you call me the boss lady? I said, well, your one sweet lady, I like you and I feel your the

boss. She replied, you are one sweet guy, Joe. Toward the end of the meal I complemented her on the food. She thanked me and said, Joe read your card now. I started to read it and it said, to a real special guy who has helped a gal out of a bind

without asking any questions, I want to say thank you. Yours Sue. I thanked her for the card and she looked me right in

the eye and said, I know you don’t have anything planned for the next couple of days, and I want to show you, and let you

experience some things that will blow your mind. I got that same feeling I did when I asked her the question, for her to show me what she was into, without hurting me.

Sue whisked me off to another room and she told me to strip down. She helped me, I stripped down. My cock, came to attention. Sue noticed and told me, Joe, I think I am in love with you and I want to share some things special with you. I am not going to hurt you. She then lead me to another room, where I was told to take a shower, I’ll join you. I stepped in and the shower turned on, warm water. Sue, came in and she looked wonderful. Firm breasts, nice waist, and a beautiful body. I thought we were going to connect for a while, as my cock was still standing at attention. Sue had a strange looking tube that she connected to the rubber tube. She told me to turn around and bend over. She had put lubrication on her latex gloved hand, and lubricated me. It felt good, then she took the strange looking tube and pressed a lever and water came out. She stuck this in my butt and I felt the water entering me, it felt good at first, then my gut started to cramp. She massaged my gut and sat me on a extended toilet seat with the water still running. It felt strange at first, the water going in and running out. First, the water was brown, then it changed to clear after a short time. Sue continued to massage my gut.

Then, she turned the water off and pulled the tube from my butt, and started to massage my gut, and my cock jumped to

attention. She then soaped me up and rinsed me down and then stepped out and asked where is the towel, Sue said it’s

on the stool. I found it and dried off, it felt good to have her with me and be clean.

Once we were both dried off she said to sit her and wait, until she returned. She came back in an outfit that was very eye catching, leather breasts cups, that molded to her figure, six inch thigh high boots. I stood there and could not move. Then she took me to a room and picked up the box that had the silver heels in it. She opened the box and said, I want to show you how this works.

Slowly, she put my cock into the shoe. Next she put the leather tongue over my cock and snapped it down. Then the belts went over leather tongue, she tightened each one of the belts with care not to hurt my cock. By this time my balls had fallen through the hole and were in the draw string pouch which she quickly tightened up. The silver heel was now part of me, it sent shivers up and down my spine, I wanted to shoot my wad. Sue took me into the other room and told me to kneel down, and lay across this hammock.

I laid down across this hammock and when I was flattened out she put restraints across my arms and legs, and the top

part of the hammock that my silver heel was resting fell in. Sue quickly put a rubber gag in my mouth, she said, “I am about to start you on a quest, one you will never want to quit. I am going to show you not only what I do, but will do it to you, plus some additional pleasures. I did not resist, how could I, my fore arms were chained down as well as my legs and feet were pinned, with some type of wooden stocks. I thought to myself, be careful of what you ask for, as it could cause you great harm.

Sue put her heeled foot on my back, I shuddered as she pushed down. I heard a click. The silver heel locked onto my cock was locked in place. I felt a little movement, but not much. despite all the tied up feeling, I was comfortable, I was not hurting.

I saw Sue grab the wires and connect them to a box. This box looked strange, as it had many dials and a tube of K-Y jelly. She pushed a button and I felt K-Y jelly coating my entire cock and balls. Then she said, Joe you must relax now it is important. I looked up at Sue and was going to ask, how am I going to relax, when I am emersed in so much pleasure. The gag firmly planted in my mouth, prevented me from speaking. Sue then put a leather hood over my head, She connected a tube to the gage and i felt air flowing in.

I was scared at first with the hood going over my head, but with the air flowing I started to get relaxed. What ever this was it

was relaxing me. Then, I was trying to remember if there were any hose connections, on those silver hi heels, I only remembered the wires. Sue gave me a kiss on the back, and said here you go.

I felt my ass being lubricated again and something was being pushed in. It felt very big, then small again. I wanted to push it out, but no luck. Then, I felt the whole shoe vibrate, Then I felt electric current pass from my balls to my cock. Yes, this was starting to shake and shock me and making my cock want to shoot its load. But the vibrations suddenly slowed, and the shocks increased. It was time to cum. Then I felt strange shocks from my ass to my balls, and next from my ass to my cock. Suddenly as the vibrations had slowed they increased, and the shocks decreased. The erotic sensations, felt wonderful. I wished Sue wouldn’t have put the gag in my mouth, or the hood on my head, as I wanted to tell her thank you. Just then I could not contain the sexual excitement and started to cum.

Then I felt something else, as my cum came out of my cock, in addition to the vibration and shocks, I felt new pleasure with a

small sucking feeling. The rubber I felt earlier acted like a seal with my cock being in the middle. The front of my cock was

in some type of container inside the silver heels. Now I was tingling from the tip of my cock to the base of my balls. I tried to buck to no avail, as I was pinned down. the feelings of pleasure continued, draining every drop of cum out of my balls. I finally passed out from the continued feelings of sexual pleasure. I woke up later in a bed of white silk sheets. Sue was looking at me from the chair. She said, how was that for openers? I replied, thank you, it felt great. Sue held up a baby food jar filled with a grayish liquid, she set it down on the table and said, “This is how much cum you had in you”. I said that is quit a bit. Sue said for me to rest, as she placed her hi-heeled boot by my head, “there is more for you experience”.