A Student Examination

I was sitting in the junior doctors room, early for once. In fact so early I could hardly believe it myself. It was over an hour until the ward round was due. But I had to be early. If I was late again I would be in more trouble and might even get thrown out. So there I was waiting, a little bored, but at least not in line for another dressing down by the big consultant, that ever so fierce Sir Hector Maitland.

To relieve the boredom I thought I would plan my mission for tonight. The object of the mission was easy: to get Helga, the gorgeous Swedish medical exchange student in to bed. The actual tactics that were to be used was another story. She was well renowned for being pretty untouchable. However I had cleared the first obstacle. The one normally thought to be the most difficult. She was going to come to my apartment for dinner.

So I was just getting to grips with the sort of music that would be playing when she arrived when the door suddenly opened. I was startled on two counts. Firstly, no one was expected for a while and secondly the person that came through the door was that petite, newly qualified Japanese nurse Mira.

‘I thought I saw you come in,’ she said. Her voice was the opposite of her build. It was deep, strong and resonant like audible mahogany. Her figure on the other hand was small, fragile and precious like cherry blossom quivering in the breeze.

‘Yes, got to be on time today. It’s my last chance,’ I replied after quickly gaining my composure. ‘I didn’t think that there’d be anybody here for a while yet.’

‘Oh there won’t,’ came the confident reply along with a look that gave me, a trainee doctor a few clues to a condition. So I inquired. ‘Are you OK? You look as if you are in need of something.’

‘Yes, I think I am. But I’m not sure what. Perhaps you could check me out?’

I made a slightly quizzical expression and said, ‘Hmmm. We don’t have time for a full examination, but I could have a quick look at you.’

‘I would be very grateful if you could doctor,’ she replied in an almost pleading way. ‘We wont be disturbed in exam room two,’ she quickly added.

I followed her in to the room, taking the stethoscope out of my pocket and hooking the ear pieces round my neck. Apart from that, the only other equipment I would need for this particular exam were my hands.

‘Where do you want me doctor ?’ she asked. Her voice was now soft and pliant.

‘Just stand there while I take your pulse and give you a swift visual inspection.’ I gently instructed.

Before taking hold of her hand I stood back so I could take in her whole uniformed body.

As is the way with all good examination procedures I started at the top and worked to the bottom. Under her perfectly starched white hat her rich black hair was partially tied back. The remainder was equally draped seductively over each shoulder. The almond shaped eyes were dark in color but they shone with a naughty brightness. She had applied just the right amount of make up to increase the line if her perfectly molded jaw. Not too much to cover up her flawless fine smooth skin. The red of her lips made them sensual and welcoming. This was underlined by the soft expression they formed.

Although she was in the standard pure white onepiece uniform it was clinging enough to show off the outline of her desirably curvy figure. Beneath the material it was pretty easy to make out the shape of the small white bra that contained breasts that were small but firm and pert. There was also a hint of pubic mound behind tiny knickers. The legs which extended below the uniform were smooth, strong and tempting in their own right. Her whole stature which was straight and oozed sexuality supported on fine feet housed in shiny black stiletto heeled shoes.

My quick visual check done I took her wrist and held it gently while I felt for her pulse. During all this time I said nothing. I just fed my eyes with anticipation and filled my head with her sweet smell.

‘A little fast.’ I said with a grin as I put he hand back down by her side. I then began to place the stethoscope in my ears saying, ‘I’m going to have a listen to the top of your chest now Mira.’

I had not warmed the chestpiece. I knew that she would enjoy the chill feel on her skin and the examination proper could begin.

There was enough of her chest exposed for me not to need her to open her uniform. Yet.

So with the eager stethoscope chestpiece in my right hand I moved towards her. As I placed the stethoscope on her skin she started to breathe slowly and deeply. There was no need for me to speak. Her chest was rising and falling with nice easy rhythm. I moved the chestpiece around placing it gently on one spot and then the next. Her breathing sounded like a spring breeze in an avenue of cyprus trees. I was in the initial stages of long and lasting arousal.

‘I need you to open this now please,’ I said gesturing to her uniform, earpieces still in place and chestpiece poised to pounce.

The zip was eased down. She did it slowly, teasingly. Her head was tilted a bit to the side and slightly forward allowing her gaze to appear innocent and tempting. Our eyes locked for a brief moment. I knew she could tell that my blood was flowing in the required direction. This only made it pump me harder.

She held her uniform apart allowing me access to the rest of her chest. I started listening at the aortic valve, moving slowly yet purposefully round to the apex. Spending time drinking in the deep thud of her perfectly rhythmic heart. The sound was an opening overture to a symphony of almost uncontrollable lust. I listened with open eyes that studied the breasts which were waiting behind the white veil of the soft white bra. The small areola were just visible surrounding the tiny protrusions of her nipples.

‘Excellent,’ I said, and meant it. I stood up fully upright, placed the stethoscope back round my neck and commanded, ‘Strip right down and lie on the couch.’

She complied. I watched with one hundred per cent attention as she stepped out of the uniform, released her succulent breasts and slid meager panties down over her elegant ankles and feet. With an economy of movement like that of a cat she climbed on to the couch, becoming supine and inviting.

My engorged member lead me the three steps to the edge of the couch. Again I visually devoured her beauty. My heart and respiration rates were definitely increased. With a mild tremble in my hands I reinserted the stethoscope earpieces and placed the chestpiece on her now exposed chest. I let it roam around the main areas of the heart. Then I moved it over her breasts. Although the touch of the chestpiece on her skin was light I could feel their responsive firmness. After giving both breasts a going over with the diaphragm I turned the chestpiece round to the bell. I knew it would be a bit warm so I blew on it gently. Mira watched. She then closed her eyes and assumed as expression of expectant pleasure. I placed the chilled bell over her left nipple. The moan she let out was barley audible, more of a vocal sigh. I could feel the bell being forced up as her nipples became erect. I repeated the same process on her right nipple with the same grateful result.

I whispered quietly in to her ear, ‘You’re doing just fine. Almost finished. Let’s have a little feel of your abdomen now.’

Her eyes remained closed, her nipples hard and her body relaxed. I used my hands to work thoroughly and easily on her warm soft stomach. She kept relaxed as my fingers firmly pressed down and felt for any abnormalities. With my hand still exploring her lower body I lent forward and whispered in her again, ‘Time to do your breasts now.’

I felt her tense as my fingers followed the outer outline of her body up to her breasts. The brush of my fingers was as light as a sable brush. Feeling around both breasts simultaneously I was aware of her waves of tense anticipation ebb and flow. I deliberately kept away from the nipples and surrounding areolae. Their time was fast approaching. I quickly wetted both my fingers and cooled them with a breath. This time the moan was clear yet contained, as my wet finger tips touched the solidity of her nipples. I let my thumbs join in the action and rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Gentle quivers of excitement were rippling through her body.

‘Internal now.’ Was all I said in a breathy growl. Mira was not the only one excited. My throbbing penis was dying to get loose and do its work.

My right hand moved down between her upper thighs which I parted with a tender push. In a continuation of the same movement my second finger began an upward motion from the top of her anal cavity towards her vaginal opening. Her moist warm fluid assisted in allowing my finger to ease into her vagina and slip up to the point where her clitoris was waiting aroused and expectant. Reaching the clitoris my finger began a soft slow circular movement. Now there was no holding the expression of delight. Mira began a moan which was almost like a whimper. She was clearly becoming ecstatic. So was I. Hardly able to control myself my lips gathered up Mira’s left nipple and introduced it to my enthusiastic tongue. At first I kept my movements slow, matching the rhythm of my finger. Then both actions speeded up in response to her reaction. her small tremors of pleasure were quickly being replaced by full scale eruptions of hedonistic delight. I massaged faster. My tongue flicked faster and I sucked harder. I was finding it hard to keep all these things going because her ecstatic writhing was reaching a crescendo. So I writhed in sympathy causing me to rub against the couch. We were both in a state of complete cosmic pleasure.

The release when it came was total and joint. Her body went in to a spasm of sheer ecstasy. Her cry was from the heart, loud and thankful. I released a guttural yell along with a turbo charged gush which filled my underpants.

She held me to her breasts and I put my arms around her holding her tightly. We remained in this embrace until we regained our strength and composure. That done I stood up and said. ‘I recommend a follow up appointment next week.’

She did not reply. She just lent up on her elbow with a very satisfied expression and nodded.

I turned and went out of the exam room to head for the toilet to do a bit of cleaning up. The door had just closed and I turned to walk away when I bumped straight in to Helga.