A Total Draining

A few years ago, while on a work assignment in England, I experienced some serious stomach cramps that became so bad that I checked myself into a small local hospital to see if they could help me get some relief.

The hospital was small, with only one doctor and nurse on duty during the night shift when I arrived and I was the only patient. I was admitted into the hospital, shown to my room and then told to remove all my clothing and get dressed in the normal issue hospital gown. I then got into the bed in my room, all curled up in a ball.

Soon the nurse arrived, pushing a hospital cart from which an enema bag was hanging. I had contemplated that this is what would happen to me so I was semi prepared. She did the expected: told me to roll over on my left side, pulled the blanket back to expose my rear end, opened my cheek crack to expose the hole and carefully greased it by poking in her finger covered with Vaseline. Then, in went the nozzle with expected click of the hose stop and the water starting to flow. All of this was done with little conversation; all very professional and matter of fact.

I need to stop here to say that I am a normal male that when someone pokes around in the private parts some things happen; normal happenings, but those which we males wish we could control better. When the blanket was pulled back my manly rod began to grow and by the time the nozzle was inserted it was in full upright glory. I was up to this time thankful that the only focus was in the rear and not the front. But, alas that was all to change very quickly.

After the water flow had proceeded for about 30 seconds, I felt the nurse quietly slip her hand over my hip and down to the rod which was standing up in full glory. When she discovered that it was hard as can be, her words were, “Oh, my what have we here?” We must immediately do something about this.”

She then very quickly stopped the flow of the enema and pulled out the nozzle. I was then informed that I must roll on to my back. I protested this move because I knew what would be sticking up in full glory. But, I found a nurse that mean to be minded and I finally complied, trying my best to keep the hospital gown at least covering the rod. However, the nurse quickly removed the cover, and I was totally exposed with my manhood standing at attention and doing little uncontrollable nods to the nurse.

I was then informed that there was a hospital policy that any penis in a hard condition needed to be covered by a condom to prevent accidental discharge. Very conveniently there was a condom on the cart that had been rolled in. It was efficiently removed from the package and rolled onto my waiting manhood. During this condom installation, my penis was massaged as well as a thorough exploration of the family jewels. I was embarrassed at the situation that I was in, but my stomach still hurt and I need relief. I was just about to roll back over to my side in an attempt to conceal the private parts, but I was stopped and told that there was more to come. The nurse then put a donut affair over the top of my penis. It was about 4 inches in diameter and 4 inches thick with the hole in the center that snuggly fit over my penis. The nurse told me that this covering would “help to control this end of the business.” The contraption felt funny, but the feeling sort of reminded my of the place between my wife’s legs which made this manhood feel so good. This feeling was especially pronounced when the nurse slid the donut up and down a few times.

Finally I was allowed to roll back over to my side, the nozzle re-inserted and the water flow started again. As the water flow started, I noted a slight vibration began to start in the donut that was wrapped around my manhood. As the enema progressed, the vibration also increased in intensity until my total attention was on the massage that my manhood was receiving and not on the enema. It took but a short time until there was an eruption at which time the nurse stopped the flow again and again removed the nozzle from my rear. I was then instructed to roll again on to my back at which time the donut was removed. Then the nurse also carefully removed the condom, being careful to not spill any of the white fluid that was inside. My private parts was then thoroughly washed with soap and water and then carefully dried. There was so much attention paid to my tool that it again stood at attention.

Hospital rules – hard penis gets condom. So, my penis was clothed again with the condom and also with the donut. This time however, I was told to slide to the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide with my heels touching my bottom. The nurse then stuck her finger in my butt hole in a manner that her finger was pressing on my prostrate gland and the vibrator in the donut again turned on. Again it didn’t take too long for the eruption to happen; filling the condom with white fluid. Again the removal of the donut, the condom, the thorough washing, and again my manhood stood at attention. The procedure was accomplished 3 more times (resulting in 5 times for my penis to erupt) before my manhood did not grow again. All this had to occur, before the nurse could proceed with helping me with my real problem – hospital rules.

The enema now proceeded, forcing me to take into my lower intestines over one and one-half bags of water before I was allowed to relieve myself. During this evolution, the nurse massaged my belly; especially when I complained that I was going to burst. I have to admit that my manhood felt totally non-functional because of the previous exercise that it received. This was really evident when the stomach massaging took place by the nurse’s arm inserted from my backside to the front by way of my crotch brushing and rubbing on my private parts during the process.

It felt good to sit on the john and get rid of all the enema fluid and my problem seemed to be gone. However, the doctor thought it best for me to remain at least another day for observation and as he put it, “another clean-up”.

And so it was, I remained in that little hospital for another 24 hours during which time I received 2 more enemas; which also included use of the donut. In fact my manhood erupted a total of 9 times total before I left the hospital – it will never be the same.