A Treatment They Won't Soon Forget

By Anonymous

My twin nieces Mandy and Candy were staying with me while my sister was out of town for a job interview. She had left strict orders to attend to their needs. They are 18 and I am 56. Their bedroom is next to mine. I have seen them nude many times in the past and it hasn’t bothered me.

The night before last they broke out into a terrible fight. I said, “Girls, how old are you? How would your mother handle this, I will not put up with this.” Mandy thought a spanking would probably be in order.

I said, “I hate to do it, but if it will make you behave, come into my den.”

They both laughed. “You’re not our father!” I told them to bend over my desk and pull those pants down now. I had chosen a ping pong paddle for the occasion… Wham! Ohhhhhhh! Wham! Ouch! “I will be good,” Mandy cried. Three more strikes and she was crying like a baby, I made her stand in the corner for l hour. Candy was watching in horror because she knew she was next.

“Honey, since you are a little shorter you will undress and lay across my lap.” Mandy was still standing and sobbing. Candy obeyed since she did not want it to be more than her sister got… Whap! Not a sound. Whap! Whap! Finally, she started sobbing like a little girl. I finished with ten more resounding swats. When I finished the spanking, they hugged me and said that I was the boss and no more fights.

It was noon the following Saturday and I had taken them to the movies for handling their spankings so well. They knew it was for their own good. In fact, I think they were hoping for another one. I said, “What is the matter girls? It’s high noon.” The answer was what I hoped for.

“Sir, we have a stomach ache and haven’t been able to go to the bathroom in three days.”

I said, “What would your mother do?”

Mandy said, “We would both get a large volume enema over your lap with a two quart bag.” Candy yelled at her sister for saying that.

I said, “You must have forgotten about your spanking the other night,” and I swatted her as a reminder. I escorted them into the bathroom in which I have a cot and all the enema supplies. “OK girls, who’s first?” They both laughed. I told Mandy to get on the cot and lay on your left side and to do it now. She did as I said. After preparing the bagfull, I held the bag high and her sister slipped the big douche nozzle in all the way. She began to complain. Candy gave her sister a swat and told her to behave.

It took a long time for Mandy to complete her enema. She held it in for almost ten minutes. Candy had used a butt plug. Finally she burst on to the toilet with a violent eruption of feces and gas. She was cussing me out the whole time. I laughed and raised her up and spanked her again. She stopped. I cleaned her up and made her take a shower. She said, “Never again.”

I said, “We’ll see.”

Candy was laughing at her sister the whole time. I said sternly, “Cut it out. It is your turn.” She blushed and laid down. It was hard for her to get comfortable. I administered the Vaseline with a gloved finger. She was so compacted that I had a hard time inserting my finger. I decided on a long colon tube and three quarts for her. She was not a happy camper. She said, “I cannot take all that.”

“You probably won’t be able to, but take as much as you can.” She started sobbing after two quarts, so I let her go to the toilet with much the same results as her sister. She said she might need another one and so I gave her another. This time she took all three quarts quite easily. I told them, “For being nice young ladies, I will take you to another movie, but before we go I have some important business to get to.” I then sent them downstairs to watch TV and I repeated the procedure on myself. They both knew what I was doing and they were giggling and laughing hysterically. I can’t wait to give them their next spanking. But they had been through enough, so I let them off. I would have laughed at myself too.