A Victorian Story

Chapter One

This is a story of an old Mansion in Boston Massachusetts. The house is run by John Clyster. This story does include spankings and the enemas give are non consensual . The head nurse and maid is Annie The help is Alice, Betty, Joann, an Carla. The house has twenty five rooms. The toilets are emptied by conveyor belt to an underground septic tank. They have cold water pumps. The water has to be heated for bathing, washing and giving enemas. There is a massive irrigation room on the second floor, containing a cabinet for all the enema and douching equipment. All the girls must report on Friday after work at seven to the irrigation room. All six girls are laid out at once and given a massive cleansing enema. The girls rack up demerits and if they get fifty in a week they earn a trip over Mr. Clyster’s knee.

Chapter Two

It is six thirty p.m. and all the girls are in position for their enema. Annie has the chore of doing the enemas. They usually last till nine. Then the girls report to John’s study at 9:30. for chastisement. Tonight it is Carla and Joann’s turn. It is double duty. They broke an expensive lamp and of course John is very upset.

Anne has filled six enema bags and starts the flow. All the girls are quite uncomfortable. Some of them can’t wait to sit on the enema chair and relieve themselves. It is nine thirty and the time for Carla and Joann is near. They both have their housecoats on and report to the study.

In the study there is a big desk with ropes. Carla arrives a little late, she had to give Annie her enema. She has an excuse-slip from Annie. Carla goes first and Joanne ties her down and she gets ten of the best with the slipper. The girls have to spank one another while John watches. If they don’t do it hard enough he steps in and does it for them.

Then it was Joanne’s turn. Carla has time to settle down and delivers the hard spanking. John approves of the slipperings and denotes the result of the spanking and gives the girls a hug, They don’t like the spankings but love John for paying them.

Chapter Three

It is the next morning and John Clyster has been feeling rotten all week. He has made a nine a.m. appointment in the irrigation room with Annie and Carla. They both can’t wait to see John under the enema syringe. This is sweet revenge.

John gave Annie a spanking yesterday. To get back at him she has mixed in soapsuds and glycerin to cause cramping. John had no idea that they were doing this. John was right on time. He was completely nude in the middle of the room. He lay down on his left side. He did not like enemas so the girls strapped him down. They knew they couldn’t be to mean or they would be spanked again. They stood on each side. Carla put petroleum jelly on the nozzle and Joanne lubricated his anus and turned the water on.

John is forty years old and has an enema every Saturday. John started complaining and the girls started pumping the water into him even faster. While Carla was massaging his tummy and he accidentally ejaculated all over her. Finally the enema was over. They wiped him and the table off. All the other girls were listening and laughing on the floor below

Chapter Four

John was so glad the two girls were finished giving him his enema that he was relaxing for a few minutes on the enema chair. He was feeling much better They stood him in a tub and showered him with warm water to get all the waste off him. Then the girls got him dressed and went down and had a big lunch and talked about their spanking enemas. It was a very spanked and cleansed group.

the end