A Visit To The Clinic

Alex & Kelly’s Examinations and Treatment at the Kitzsler Clinic

Karen Gracier’ s stepdaughter, Kelly had finally come of age and it had happened almost without her noticing it. Kelly was now a striking young girl of 16, fully developed and beautiful beyond words. Almost overnight it seemed that she had grown into a young adult and taken an interest in all the things that drive parents half mad with anxiety. Sex and boys were the main ones, and truthfully at times it seemed as if they were the only things Kelly showed any enthusiasm for. She tried to hide the sex part from Karen as best she could, but having already gone through that stage when young herself, her step-mother wasn’t fooled one bit by Kelly’s stories and excuses. Maybe Kelly wouldn’t have gone so overboard if her 15 year old cousin Alex hadn’t come to spend the summer vacation, but who could have predicted that they would take such a liking to each other ?

With her husband away, Karen had thought it a good idea if her nephew came for the vacation. Kelly was, predictably, at first quite indignant at the thought of having a younger relative around whom she would have to spend time with, like it or not. But as unlikely as it may seem, after a few days of cautious tiptoeing around each other, they suddenly discovered that they were going to get along together just fine. They got along together far too fine to Karen’s liking. She discovered them kissing several times, once even with Kelly’s blouse undone and young Alex’s belt unbuckled and fly unzipped. Karen surmised that soon they would progress beyond this stage.

Karen, although pleased in one way, remembered her own adolescence, and took it upon herself to keep a tight watch on both Kelly and Alex from then on. As she had expected, both youngsters developed a fondness for each other that went beyond normal family friendship. Although she held quite enlightened and practical views on matters of teenage sexual relations, she was concerned about the well being of both her charges. She herself did not feel quite up to the task of imparting all the necessary information and trivia needed to conduct sexual contact in safety and comfort and decided to delegate this matter to a person better qualified to handle it. An appointment was made for both youngsters at Doctor Kitzsler’s clinic. They would be staying there for three or four days and receive an intensive but practical sexual education seminar after the Doctor had given them each a thorough physical examination.

Kelly and Alex were both informed of the appointment and made to understand in no uncertain terms that they had better go and make the best of it, or else suffer some very harsh consequences. They agreed to what seemed to be the inevitable and duly packed their overnight bags, expecting their stay at the clinic to be no big thing.

The next day, Karen drove them to Doctor Kitzsler’s clinic and set them off at the reception desk. The young lady at the counter put all the wheels in motion by logging them into the admissions computer and a few minutes later a nurse came to escort Kelly and Alex to their rooms.

The Preparations


They were taken up an elevator and down a long corridor until they reached a door marked ‘Reserved Access’. The nurse unlocked it for the youngsters to pass through and afterwards locked it again before accompanying them farther into the building. Finally they reached their destination. The nurse showed each of them into a nicely furnished hospital room. The rooms both had a standard type hospital bed on wheels, several chairs, a table, a closet and a small washing area with sink and faucets. It all looked quite nice but it wasn’t until the nurse had gone that they each realized there were no windows in the room and no toilet or shower either.

After unpacking their bags of the few items they had brought with them, first Kelly and then Alex ventured back out into the hallway looking for each other’s rooms and scouting out the area.

They were talking together in the corridor when they heard someone approaching. They saw a nurse pushing a cart followed by an older looking lady. The lady was dressed in a lab coat and was carrying a clipboard under her arm. When she saw Kelly and Alex together she seemed quite displeased and directed them into an examination room. She introduced herself. Her name was Doctor Sigrid Kitzsler, she was both owner of the clinic and in charge of it’s day to day operations. As a personal favor to Karen she had agreed to admit both of them to her clinic for an exhaustive check-up and to impart some practical knowledge about sexual matters. Alex could not help smirking.

The Doctor smiled back at him, the advantage of experience belying her friendly manner. She did not want to get into an argument with either of them about the wisdom of age versus the enthusiasm of youth so she curtly informed them of the rules that were to be observed during their stay : there was to be no visiting without permission, each of them would have their examinations conducted separately unless otherwise indicated, and all instructions from both the staff and herself were to be obeyed, no matter how embarrassing or odd they may seem.

If they complied she promised them their stay to be enlightening and unusual. If they refused cooperation she guaranteed them a disconcerting time before they were sent back to Karen who would be given a very negative report on their attitude of non compliance. Kelly and Alex wisely kept silent and agreed to Doctor Kitzsler’s conditions. Kelly was escorted back to her room by the nurse while Alex was told to stay in the examination room with the doctor.

Alex’s Examination Starts

Strictly speaking neither Alex nor Kelly had been admitted for any specific medical reason. She was well aware of Karen’s purpose for sending them to her clinic and she approved of it wholeheartedly. Doctor Kitzsler would give them both a general check-up, a very thorough gyno-rectal-sexual examination, and afterwards impart a few tantalizing bits of non everyday erotic technique. That she would be enjoying herself immensely throughout was one of the perks of being a physician.

“Since we are already in an examination room we’ll start the preparations. You don’t have to go back to your room to undress. Just put your clothes in the hamper and everything will be washed and pressed when you leave.” Doctor Kitzsler explained.

Alex looked around warily and started to undress. He removed his vest and shirt and stood waiting for further instructions. The doctor was readying various utensils on the cart and glanced up to see if Alex was ready yet. When she saw him standing waiting, with his trousers and shoes still on she grew impatient.

“Young man,” she sternly said, “When I say to undress I mean to remove all your clothes. Do you understand ?”

“Everything ?” Alex questioned.

“Quite, I will tolerate no false modesty during your stay. From what your Aunt Karen has described to me, you aren’t all that reluctant to be seen naked by members of the female gender.”

Alex blushed.

“I have to fit you with a device so I can take some readings of your vital signs and other indicators. When those have been collected we can start with the actual examination,” the doctor explained somewhat impatiently. “Now I will tolerate no more dallying from here on. If necessary I will explain what the purpose of each procedure is. If I don’t, I want you to comply just as well. Do you understand ?”

The boy nodded.

“Very well, now please take off the rest of your clothing so we can proceed.”

Alex lowered his trousers after removing his shoes and socks. Finally he managed to work up enough resolution to take off his briefs. He gathered all his clothes and dropped them in the hamper. Then he turned around, keeping his genitals covered with his hands.

“Hands at you side please,” the doctor ordered.

Finally standing naked she was able to apprise his outward physical appearance.

He was rather well built and healthy looking at first glance, if a trifle on the smallish side. Of course, Doctor Kitzsler was not taken in by outward physical appearances, she had too much experience for that. It was quite possible that the lad had any number of ailments, afflictions or what not. She doubted it, but was certainly going to go over him with care.

One thing that wasn’t giving the boy any trouble was his erectile process, a fact that was glaringly obvious, much to her secret delight. His lustful adolescent prick was certainly on the ball and stood straight out in front of him, stiff and ready. She noted that he wasn’t circumcised, seemed to be of a normal size and was thankfully not too hairy around the pubic region. If truth be told, the doctor abhorred body hair and practiced a quite strict regimen : she removed her own under-arm, pubic and leg hair fastidiously and did the same to her patients whenever circumstances permitted. In her clinic circumstances were usually very accommodating. She was quite sure that young Alex was going to get the examination of his life. Kelly would also be getting an in-depth and very extensive treatment as well.

She told Alex to sit on the raised examination table with his hands at his sides. She then took several electrodes and attached them to various places on his chest. Obviously they were to monitor his heartbeat and respiration. He had never displayed any dysfunctions in these areas and was relieved that he knew what was going on. He relaxed even more when the doctor explained that no wires were required for these simple measuring devices, all the signals were transmitted to a recording device. It was only necessary to remain in the same room for the readings to be registered. When she was done the Doctor had attached some twenty different electrodes to various points on his chest and abdomen. They were taped in place so they would not fall off.

His erection had subsided some so that his penis no longer stuck upwards, but hung in a half arc, seemingly undecided about which way to go. Doctor Kitzsler ordered Alex to spread his legs and to lean over backwards, supporting himself by placing his hands in back of him. In order not to alarm the boy unduly at this stage of his stay she explained what the purpose of the next procedure was.

Doctor Kitzsler preferred not to draw blood unnecessarily if the readings she required could be acquired in other ways. Over the years she had perfected various methods and protocols for obtaining readings by measuring natural bodily secretions such as saliva, sweat, mucus, and of course urine. Other than that she had been able to obtain surprisingly accurate readings of hormone levels in natural vaginal and penile secretions. She also relied on seminal fluid and the sexual secretions of the vagina for other indicators. Since Alex was uncircumcised it was easier for her to obtain the normal penile liquids that kept the glans penis lubricated.

The tip of his penis was already moist but she still applied a small amount of neutral lubricant to her fingers which she rubbed onto his glans. She gradually retracted his foreskin until the boy’s prepuce was pulled back over the rim of his corona. Of course her handling stiffened him almost immediately but she took as little notice of his embarrassment as she had at first. His glans was now uncovered and she noted that it looked healthy and free of any rash or spots. It was slightly reddish in color but hardly more so than the rest of his organ.

She explained the nature of what she was doing in general terms to the boy and said that she had to obtain several hours worth of secretions. She would therefore fit his penis with a holding device for the receptacle. Before starting she asked him when he had last masturbated to ejaculation.

Alex didn’t know what to say and muttered something unintelligible.

“Come now, speak up please. It’s nothing to be ashamed of you know. Of course if you’ve had sex to orgasm with anyone last I need to know as well. I hope I haven’t offended you by implying that you only masturbate,” she said with a very amused smile on her face. “Is that the case then ? “

“Oh no I haven’t ..eh & had sex with anyone,” he replied.

“Well then, when was your last orgasm ?”

“I guess it was last night.”

“You guess ? Was it such an unmemorable experience that you’ve forgotten already ?” Doctor Kitzsler asked looking Alex straight into the eyes. “I don’t care for any false modesty you know. I fully expect my patients to masturbate regularly if they have no other outlet for their sexual urges. It’s very unhealthy not to. If you don’t or have a problem with that then I think that’s something we should look into.”

“Yes, it was last night. I’m sure.”

“Alone ?”

“Oh yes, certainly,” he replied.

“Very well. But in any case I think I’ll make a point of looking into your habits more closely. Now let’s get on with the task at hand.”

She went to the pushcart and took a small double-ring shaped device. She dipped it in a jar of lubricating jelly and slid it over his glans until it was placed below the rim of his corona. She tightened a few small screws until it fit closely around his penis. She then let go of Alex’s foreskin and observing that it began to slide up, pulled it back downwards again and tightened the device until the boy’s prepuce was firmly held in place.

She didn’t want him unduly alarmed and explained that the ring device was only to keep his foreskin from covering the penis while the secretions were being collected. These type of instruments were quite old she said. In previous centuries they had been used as an alternative to circumcision or as a deterrent to masturbation. Queen Victoria’s husband had worn one regularly, it was said in order to keep his penis clean and free of odors. That was of course totally unnecessary she explained, since a daily washing was much more effective. The real reason the rings were so popular in the 19th century, was because they were believed to prevent masturbation. On the other hand she believed that many men found it to be quite pleasurable wearing the devices, on account of the constant friction and all the handling the fitting of the device required in the first place.

In any case Alex’s retractor ring was in place. The doctor took a small bulbous rubber sheath and fitted it over his exposed glans. Then she opened a heavy duty anal condom and slid it over the entire length of his penis. Finally she took an apparatus that was shaped like a hollow tube. It had a constricting ring at the open end and several binding strings. She slid it over Alex’s organ, fit the ring around the base of his testicles so it could not be removed and fastened the bindings around his waist. His pens was now encased in several housings, and any secretions would be caught in the first covering rubber.

When Doctor Kitzsler was done she stood back and admired the sight. The hard hollow tube encasing Alex’s prick stood out at a right angle to his body. His penis was firmly but not unpleasantly confined to the bindings and the weight of all the devices together brought a constant pressure to bear on his organ.

Doctor Kitzsler then explained that it was necessary to wait several hours before removing the coverings. In the meantime he was to rest. She gave him a glass of water to drink containing a mild relaxant and told him to lay down on the examination table. After a few minutes had passed, Alex began to feel pleasantly relaxed and slightly sleepy. Noticing his tranquil condition, Doctor Kitzsler unwrapped a large thumb-sized suppository containing a stronger uninhibitor and sleeping agent. She coated the suppo with a lubricant and after having Alex turn on his side, parted his buttocks and quickly slipped the tranquilizer up his anus. The boy was so relaxed by then that he did not quite understand what was going on. That was the doctor’s intention of course. Within ten minutes the suppo took effect and Alex slipped off into a relaxed sleep.

She checked his vital signs on the monitor to verify his condition so that she could proceed with the next part of the preliminary examination.

Before proceeding with the collection of his penile secretions, it was required that the boy’s semen be expelled. The level of hormones just after ejaculation was a set mark Doctor Kitzsler used to compare later levels with. In some cases she allowed the male to use manual masturbation to empty his seminal reservoir, sometimes she or a nurse helped. More often though she preferred to obtain ejaculation through electrical stimulation. That was her intention now. She had sedated the boy so he would offer no resistance and furthermore she had discovered that by supplying a subconsciously experienced orgasm her male patients were less inhibited during the later, more intensive stages of the examination.

First she attached his wrists to a Velcro restrainer on the side of the table then she applied a daub of lubricant to Alex’s anus and rapidly worked it into his opening. Next she inserted a nozzle into the boy’s rectum and pressed out a generous amount of conducting jelly. The doctor took the 15 centimeter long and 3 centimeter wide stimulating probe and applied a generous amount of jelly along its’ entire shaft. The head was bulbous shaped, the probe itself was curved so that current could be sent into the prostate gland, hastening orgasm and providing for maximum ejaculate levels. The bottom end was connected via a thin wire to a control box.

She spread his ass cheeks with one hand and then deftly inserted the probe with the other. She did not waste much time pushing it up into his rectum. Had he been awake she would have proceeded in a less hurried manner, taking her time to dilate the anal opening and gently work the probe in.

Alex stirred in his light sleep and felt a very unusual sensation coming from his bottom. He half opened his eyes trying to come to full consciousness but the sedation was too strong to overcome. Doctor Kitzsler gently pressed his head back down onto the table and whispered in a low voice to just relax and not move.

She switched on the current and slowly increased the intensity of stimulation. Alex’s body stiffened visibly and he emitted a low groan of pleasure. Instinctively he tried to move his hands to his penis but being fastened to the table, he was unable to do so. Doctor Kitzsler smiled to herself, observing that as usual a male grabbed his own genitals almost as a matter of instinct.

The boy could not take this kind of treatment for very long without finally succumbing to the intense electrical stimulation. He began to shake along his entire body, moaning and rolling his head to and fro. Then he tensed, muscles and tendons prominently visible, jerked several times very rapidly and sank back onto the examination table, exhausted and drained.

Doctor Kitzsler noted with satisfaction that Alex had climaxed without much effort on her part. That boded well for the rest of the stay. She removed the coverings around his now limp penis, took the plastic bag containing his semen, labeled it and set it in the out tray for analysis in the lab.

Once the bag was removed she took some water and neutral soap, washed his sex organ, dried it off and once again prepared him for secretion collection. Alex slept through it all. The doctor called the nurse back into the examination room, gave instructions for Alex to be taken back to his own room and mentally prepared herself for the next stage.

Kelly Learns of Possibilities

Kelly waited apprehensively for the doctor. She was sitting on the side of her bed and looked up when the elder lady entered.

“It’s all right Kelly, don’t get up for me,” she said somewhat sarcastically while sitting down on the bed next to the young girl. “You don. t seem very pleased to see me. Is there anything I can do to help put you more at ease ?”

“I don. t think that I. m going to like it here at all. What are you going to do to me anyway ?” the young girl asked rather indignantly.

Doctor Kitzsler sighed inwardly. She would have to soothe this young girl. s fears before proceeding. More wasted time. If she hadn. t taken on this task as a personal favor for Karen, she would have been tempted to either show the girl to the front door or else sedate her and get on with the examination. Indeed, if this were a male patient she would not have lost a second in calling for an orderly and doing just so.

Still, her apparent stern appearance belied feelings of concern and empathy which she was wonderfully well at hiding. She could not help but admire this striking young female and admitted to herself that in similar circumstances she too might have voiced her concerns about the coming proceedings just as vocally, if not more so. She wistfully remembered her own adolescence, grateful for the initiation and coaching she had received when still young and in command of a body in its. prime.

Sigrid Kitzsler gazed at Kelly for several moments and decided upon her course of action. She would go out of her way to make this a pleasant experience for the girl.

“Kelly, your mother requested& “

“She. s not my mother, you know, she. s just my step-mother.” Kelly interrupted.

“Of course, whatever. I stand corrected,” the Doctor conceded with a wry smile. “In any case, Karen,” she emphasized, “requested that you and your cousin be given a thorough physical and afterwards be . instructed. in sexual techniques.”

“I. m not ignorant you know. I mean even without those silly sex ed classes in High School I still know all about it.”

This caused the Doctor to smile in spite of herself. Youth ! “Do you really ? My, my, you must have covered a lot of ground. I wasn. t aware that the county education board took all that enlightened a view. . All. is certainly quite a lot.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Actually I do. It. s just that you don. t know what I mean, or what I have to offer. You could go home with your sense of pride or whatever intact and miss learning things that could otherwise take you decades to experience or even conceive of.”

“What are you talking about ?”

“”Kelly, there is so much more to sex than just kissing and fucking you know,” the Doctor said, deliberately being profane. “Anyone of your age can open up their legs and get a boy to stick his prick inside of you and pump in and out. A lot manage quite well and get very pregnant to boot.”

Doctor Kitzsler paused and softened her voice, indicating that the vulgar language had just been a means of getting Kelly to listen. “Sex is such an incredibly complex matrix of likes, dislikes, mental and physical sensations, such a culturally sanctioned and determined activity that at times I wonder how so many of us ever find any fulfillment in the whole matter. And when we do, we are usually past our prime years and regret all the wasted opportunities we passed up.”

Kelly was silent, her expression pensive.

“Wouldn. t you like to learn more about your sexual possibilities, your true inclinations, what your deep rooted yearnings are ? Wouldn. t you really like to learn what really turns you on ? The good old fashioned . in and out. is a lot of fun, but there IS a lot more to sex than that.” The Doctor let this sink in for a while. “And odd as it may seem, you. re not here as a punishment.”

Clearly, Kelly found that hard to believe.

“It. s true. I. m sure that Karen does not disapprove of you and your cousin doing some youthful experimentation, just as long as you. re both careful. It. s just that she isn. t up to doing the tutoring. Most parents aren. t you know. Or as is most likely the case, she may think that any effort on her part would be wasted. You wouldn. t listen to her advice in the first place.”

That hit home. “I guess so.” Kelly conceded.

“Sometimes, things like this are better handled by an outsider. That. s where I can be of assistance.”

“But what are you going to do ?”

“First off, examine you as would any other physician. There will be an emphasis on gynecological aspects. Then you will both be allowed to better acquaint yourselves with sexual organs of both genders. This is to be taken very liberally and literally, you may be assured. Finally I will instruct you in certain techniques and methods of erotic play, hygiene and care such as I find fitting for each of you.”

The Doctor took a folder and handed Kelly several sheets of paper. “Here is a questionnaire that I would like you to look through and fill in. Meanwhile, I have to attend to several other matters and will be back later. Please think carefully about what we. ve discussed.”

With that, she got up and left Kelly with the papers.

Alex Sleeps On

Sigrid Kitzsler hoped that she wasn. t wasting her time with Kelly and Alex. She was sure that the girl would give her no trouble and cooperate in the examinations and other procedures. Especially after reading through the questionnaire. If not, well then so be it. She would send both youngsters off packing and get on with her business.

But, the lady Doctor could not but help smiling, she had to admit that a certain degree of reluctance on the part of her patients added a dash of delicious titillation to the proceedings. She pondered that apparent contradiction and several others as well, as she entered Alex. s room several hours later.

Alex had slept off the effects of the sedation. Combined with the relaxation provided for by an electrically induced anal based orgasm he had passed an uneventful six hours of deep sleep with his penis encased in the doctor’s secretion collection device. By the time he woke up it was early evening outside, but in his windowless room he had no idea of the real time. Not that it was in any way necessary for him to know in the first place. Doctor Kitzsler was known for keeping very erratic hours if the mood took her. She had discovered that her natural rhythms provided for maximum levels of sexual susceptibility after dark or else just after awakening. If both were combined they reinforced one the other. She did make a rather unscientific but nonetheless generally correct presumption, that this would be the case for many other people as well. So, whenever she was treating a special case, or something that held a special interest for her she tried to time the examinations to coincide with the patients’ (and her own) sexual peaks.

Entering the room she went over to the boy and looked him over. He was not quite awake yet. That suited her fine. The doctor pulled back the light sheet covering Alex so that he was totally exposed. Working quickly she removed the various sheaths and straps around his organ and placed the collection tissue into a sealed specimen box.

She pulled the sheet back up over him before he was aware of what had happened.

The doctor decided to let Alex awake naturally. She left him in his room and gave instructions to one of the nurses to page her when the boy was fully awake.

Kelly Makes a Decision

When the Doctor left, Kelly wasn. t sure what to think. On the one hand she thought that her step-mother had really gone too far this time in making her come to this place. It was all good and well to go for a physical check-up annually, but this didn. t resemble anything she had ever experienced before.

Then again, Doctor Kitzsler had intrigued her. While she did seem to a bit formal at first, she had said some interesting things. What if she really meant them ?

Neither could Kelly contain her curiosity at the questionnaire she had been given. There were some 400 questions to be answered, mostly in a yes/no format and all of them were sex related. Some were straightforward enough; those were of the . how have you kissed/petted ?. variety, then going on to the . masturbation practices. , . copulation. , . oral/anal activities. , . group activities. , . homo/hetero/bi. and then eventually moving on to some very strange but fascinating sounding sexual practices.

Actually the questionnaire was not as exhaustive as the unabridged version Doctor Kitzsler had edited for various studies and journals. But for a young, relatively inexperienced girl such as Kelly, the activities referred to conjured up hedonistic and sensuous delights. The doctor was probably correct in her assumptions she had to admit to herself. Just reading about all this was enough to get her aroused. Wouldn. t it be wonderful to learn more and maybe even do some of these things ?

Yes, it certainly would be Kelly concluded, as she looked up from the pages, her hands trembling from exhilaration and sexual arousal. Why just thinking of the following questions was enough to get her started :

Have you ever :

  1. tasted your own orgasmic liquids?

  2. inserted your finger into your rectum?

  3. used ben-wah balls (Note 3)?

What in the world were ben-wah balls ?

Have you ever :

  1. practiced masochism (Note 8)?

  2. practiced bondage?

  3. practiced domination?

  4. practiced submission?

  5. practiced sodomy(Note 9)?

  6. practiced coprophilia(Note 10)?

  7. practiced frotteurism(Note 11)?

  8. practiced klismaphilia(Note 12)?

  9. practiced necrophilia(Note 13)?

  10. practiced mysophilia(Note 14)?

  11. practiced scoptophilia(Note 15)?

  12. practiced urophilia(Note 16)?

By the time that Doctor Kitzsler got back to Kelly, it didn. t take long for the girl to agree to cooperate fully and actively. The Doctor hadn. t expected anything else, but nonetheless she was pleased that she had needed to expend so relatively little effort.

“Now that everything is settled I. ll briefly run over what you can expect.” Doctor Kitzsler explained to the girl. “We. ll clean you up a bit first and then do a general physical. I. ll assign a nurse to assist you.”

Kelly frowned. “I shower every day.”

“I. m sure you do, but still I would prefer it if you were to follow our procedures. Extending extra care to personal hygiene is never wasted.”

The Doctor continued. “The pelvic and genital exam will be somewhat more extensive, but not unpleasant. When I. ve ascertained that all is well we. ll hold a little discussion on sexual matters. During that discussion I will see what avenues of instruction we will embark upon.” She smiled and stood up indicating that she was about to leave.

“Before I leave I would like for you to disrobe please.”

Kelly was wearing a nightgown she had brought along from home. She looked at the Doctor to see if she was serious, but wisely decided not to question her instruction. She turned around and gingerly unbuttoned her gown before pulling it over her head. She turned around still holding the garment in front of her.

“I. ll take that and have it washed by the end of your stay.” She held out her hand. Kelly gave it to her, and shyly stood naked in front of the doctor.

By anyone. s standards Kelly was a most beautiful and captivating young lady. Sweet sixteen she may have been, but she had already been kissed, and no wonder either. She was well developed, breasts full and firm, proudly jutting out and tipped with the reddest of nipples the Doctor had ever seen. Her belly was flat and taut, the result of a regime of healthy exercise, swimming, jogging and school sports. Her lower abdomen tapered down to an alluring pubis, the Venus mound bulging slightly outwards and covered with an already thickening growth of pubic hair. Her thighs and legs were nicely formed and here too the Doctor noted the presence of adult hair growth. Kelly. s hips were keeping in proportion to her breasts; that is they were well formed and though not overly large, certainly not underdeveloped by anyone. s standards. The Doctor indicated that Kelly was to turn around and show her backside. As expected the Doctor saw a well formed spine and ample buttocks. She was pleased at what she saw. It didn. t look like the effort she would expend on the girl would be much of a hardship.

Doctor Kitzsler decided to see how easily Kelly would comply to the upcoming examination procedures and asked her to lie down on the bed, face upwards. She was then told to spread her legs and bend her knees upwards. Kelly hesitated a bit and then complied, deciding that since she was here in the clinic for a sexually related check-up she would have to expose her genitals at some time or another. Even though she overcame her natural reluctance with less effort than most girls her age would require, the Doctor could see that in this instance Kelly was making a more or less wholehearted attempt at compliance. Sigrid Kitzsler placed her hands between the girls legs and pushed them wider open. She then brushed her hands over Kelly. s pubis and vaginal lips, ruffling the hair, noting it. s color and texture.

“I. ll assign nurse Andrea to you. She will prepare you for the examination later on today. I. m sorry to say that I really don. t have time to attend to all the preliminaries.” The Doctor said.

“Preliminaries ?” Kelly asked with a trace of worry in her voice.

“The normal of course, body hair shaving, followed by internal and external washing. The nurse is quite competent.”

The doctor. s tone bordered on the impatient so Kelly refrained from asking anything else, even though she did not like the sound of . internal washing. . She hoped it that was meant she give her teeth a thorough brushing and flossing, but somehow she doubted it.

Meanwhile the doctor had briefly parted the girl. s outer labia, given her clitoris a quick look over and then felt around her anal opening, pushing a finger up against the opening, but not inside.

That done, Kelly was allowed to stretch her legs while the doctor briefly examined her breasts and nipples. Finished, doctor Kitzsler told Kelly she could sit up now while she waited for nurse Andrea to arrive. She left the naked and bewildered girl to ponder her situation.

Nurse Andrea

Several minutes passed while Kelly sat waiting on the bed. The doctor hadn. t left any clothes for the youngsters behind, their own garments having been taken for . cleaning. and no others having been issued to them. Kelly was considering draping one of the sheets from the bed around her, not for warmth since it was quite comfortable in the clinic, but out of modesty. She doubted that would ingratiate her with Doctor Kitzsler so she wisely refrained.

The door to her room opened and in stepped a young nurse. She was smiling in a very friendly manner and immediately introduced herself. She was nurse Andrea and had been assigned by the doctor to oversee Kelly. s preparation. Her uniform was immaculately clean, a crisply starched white two piece jacket and short skirt that fit her very tightly. Andrea herself was a not overly large woman, and to Kelly looked to be in her late 20s with a head of shortly cut blond hair. In fact, were it not for Nurse Andrea. s well formed breasts, quite prominent underneath the tight fitting jacket, she might at first glance have been mistaken for a male, even if a rather feminine one. But first impressions are not always correct and at second glance Kelly could not help but realize that Andrea was a most striking female.

“I see that you. ve been scheduled for a regular check-up followed by an in-depth gyno-rectal. And after that I take it that & “ here she looked at her papers, “ah, yes& .I should have known. A few sessions of . extra-curricular activity. .” At this she chuckled and Kelly blushed.

“Oh my, if you. re blushing now I wonder what shade of red you. ll be by the time the Doctor is finished with you ?”

That remark, while being intended as a reassuring, though not necessarily untrue flippancy did not do much to calm Kelly. s misapprehensions.

“Me and my big mouth,” apologized Nurse Andrea, sitting down next to Kelly. “Just trying to put you at ease.” She was silent for a while, musing.

“You know, you may be a bit nervous now, but I guarantee you won. t be bored later on. If you know what I mean.”

Kelly didn. t know what to say to that since she didn. t really know what the Nurse meant. She kept silent.

“What I mean is, that if you go along in the spirit of things, so to speak, you will probably have a very special experience here. I know that Doctor Kitzsler can be a bit daunting at first, but believe me, she has all of her patients. welfare at heart, especially those special cases like yours. I went through the same procedures and lots more afterwards and I was very grateful for the opportunities it gave me.”

“What opportunities ?” Kelly asked.

“To find out things about myself and my body, what I liked or didn. t. Personal and sexual things.”

“That. s what the Doctor said to me too.”

“Good, then there. s no need for any soul searching. There. s still a lot we have to get done and it doesn. t do to be tardy here in Doctor Kitzsler. s Clinic.” Andrea stood up and headed to the door. “I think you had better accompany me to the washing facility.”

Kelly stood up but hesitated. “I haven. t any clothes.”

“You won. t be needing any where we. re going either. Just come along as you are.” She opened the door and beckoned to Kelly. “There is absolutely no need to be the least bit shy. Just come along now.”

Reluctantly she went to Andrea who took hold of the girl. s wrist, guiding her out into the hallway. They headed for a door at the end of the corridor. Kelly first felt quite embarrassed at having to walk naked though the aisle especially without any shoes, odd as it may sound. She had the tendency to walk toe to heel, very gingerly and to press her buttocks together, though to what purpose she could not have said if asked. Luckily no one bothered.

Nurse Andrea, who was quite experienced at accompanying and attending similar patients at the Clinic also noticed the reoccurring traits the nervous ones showed. Inwardly she smiled; this was going to be a pleasurable tour of duty. And to think she was being paid for this ! It was just too good to be true.

Cleaning Kelly

They entered the washing facility, Andrea closing the door behind them. The room was paneled with white tiles, giving it a pristine clean hospital look. There were several types of bathing and cleaning apparatuses including simple sinks, showers, a bidet and a bath. The room contained several drains in the floor, there were hospital cabinets along the walls containing all types of equipment and assorted material and there was even an examination table with the ever present stirrups and hooks. During the following days it would seem to Kelly that just about every room in Doctor Kitzsler. s clinic contained one of these tables, either an elaborately equipped model or one more basic in design. She was not all that wrong either.

The Washing and Cleaning Facility was a daunting place to enter at first, though thankfully there was no overtly overpowering medicinal odor to it. Rather it smelled something akin to a cross between a beauty parlor and her own bathroom after she had taken a copious shower or bath with scented oils or gel.

“First we. ll start with the body hair. Doctor is quite adamant about that.” Andrea went over to a cabinet and came back with several items : a tube containing a depilatory cream, a pair of Latex gloves and a spatula. She guided Kelly over to a shower stall and put the objects down on a nearby trolley.

“Could you lift up your arms please, Kelly,” the nurse requested. As Kelly did so she could she that the girl did shave her underarm hair. Nevertheless it had been several days since the last shaving apparently. Andrea took the Latex gloves and worked her hands into the tight fitting apparel. Kelly watched fascinated as Andrea finished pulling them on with a final snap. The nurse then squeezed a generous amount of the cream onto her fingers and commenced rubbing it into Kelly. s armpits.

The gel was cool and had a sharp, sweetish odor to it. It tickled under her arms and it was all Kelly could do not to start giggling. That part of her anatomy done, Andrea indicated that she would next cover Kelly. s legs and thighs. Of course Kelly regularly shaved there as well, but even so, only a chemically based solution could rid the body of hair to the degree that Doctor Kitzsler found acceptable.

“OK, I want you to wait here for a while until we can rinse the cream off. It should only take a few minutes.” Andrea explained.

After busying herself with various items Andrea came back. She took the spatula and scraped along Kelly. s inner thigh. The gel that she removed contained body hair, so enough time had passed for the depilatory to do its work. The nurse scraped Kelly. s armpits first, and then her legs and thighs. When most of the cream was removed the girl was then told to step into a shower stall. Andrea opened the faucet and checked the water temperature. Using a detachable shower head, she then sprayed the tepid water over Kelly. s legs, rinsing off whatever residue remained of the gel. Nurse completed the cleaning with a soft washcloth.

She let the girl dry herself off before taking her over to a padded examination table. Andrea spread a fresh towel over the lower half.

“I. d like you to lay down on your back now, Kelly so I can get the rest of the hair off.”

Kelly had of course expected this, but when Andrea had skipped spreading the depilatory gel on her pubis, she had hoped that that area would be left alone. She was wrong.

“Do you really have to remove my hair down there ?” she asked.

“You mean your pubic hair ? Oh by all means. Even if Doctor Kitzsler didn. t insist on it, it would still be more hygienic in view of your upcoming examination. It may feel funny at first, but you. ll get used to it after a few hours at most. And remember, if you don. t like it shaved, it will always grow back, it always does whether you want it to or not. But just as a personal tip, I. d take up the habit of remaining denuded.”

“What do you mean ? Won. t people think I. m odd or something ?” Kelly asked.

“Well first of all, unless you. re a flasher or unless you. re used to going to clothing optional beaches, very few people will notice to begin with, unless you expressly let them.”

Kelly blushed.

“That aside, you. d be surprised at how most males react towards a smoothly shaven pubis. Or females too, for that matter. It sort of & . ahhh& facilitates certain actions.” Andrea said in a jokingly hinting tone. “I. m sure the Doctor will instruct you in the details. Now come on, climb onto the table please.”

Kelly mounted the table and lay down. Nurse adjusted the towel and the girl to her liking and had her spread her legs. Then she placed a pillow under the small of Kelly. s back, raising the girls buttocks and exposing her anus. Kelly clearly experienced this position as a quite humiliating one and turned her head away to the side, blushing deeply.

“We. ll start at the bottom this time and work our way up,” Andrea announced while spreading a blob of cream into the sparse hairs surrounding Kelly. s pulsing little anal hole. Nurse then used a spatula to carefully apply a layer of the gel on the outlying genital region, taking care not to get any of the mildly corrosive cream on Kelly. s sensitive labia. The girl did not have a very dense growth of pubic hair to begin with and neither were her outer lips particularly covered.

While the depilatory was doing its work on Kelly. s genitals, the nurse went over the young girl. s legs with a fine comb, or rather a fine razor and manually shaved off the odd remaining hairs. All done, Andrea ran her hands over Kelly. s smooth legs, ostensibly as if to check for any last leftover strands of hair, but more for the sheer pleasure of it.

Nurse took a clean spatula and scraped the gel off taking care not to miss any of it. Once cleaned off with a neutralizing lotion it was possible for Andrea to continue the denuding of Kelly. s pubis. The anal region was clear of any offending hairs when Andrea carefully pulled the girl. s labia taut and slowly shaved all remaining hair. She delicately parted the vaginal lips when necessary and skirted the girl. s clitoral area with care, using slow, steady and very short strokes with the safety razor. Thankfully Kelly had a remarkably unblemished skin so there were no cuts or abrasions made in the area Andrea had to manually clean.

Andrea had all the while also been paying attention to the state of Kelly. s genitals, gauging the extent of the girl. s possible arousal or nervousness in this situation. She did not note any discernable secretion of fluids from Kelly. s vagina, but was not at all surprised and quite pleased actually, to notice that Kelly. s little clitoris had visibly stiffened. Her vaginal lips were slightly discolored and blushed as well, though that could just as easily have come from the shaving combined with effects of the depilatory cream.

In any case Kelly was now quite denuded and better looking for it in Andrea. s opinion. She sported a pleasantly prominent pubis with a high placed vaginal opening, so that standing upright, one could clearly see the enticing upper end of her slit. The nurse finished this part of the preparations by rubbing a moisturizing cream over Kelly. s recently denuded lower parts.

It would be difficult to describe Kelly. s mental state at this moment. She was somewhat confused at the conflicting emotions she experienced : shame and humiliation at being placed and exposed in such a fashion, but also an unprecedented sense of bodily arousal that was akin to the sexual emotions she was familiar with, but somehow translocated at the same time. She was surprised at how easily she had let it all be done.

She felt odd at being shaven bare between the legs and did not really understand the apparent emphasis and enthusiasm that both the Doctor and Nurse showed in this regard. There was still much that she did not understand about sexual matters, though she did not want to admit so to the nurse. The vague references and allusions that Andrea continuously made were at times both confusing, intriguing and arousing.

The soothing cream that the nurse rubbed over her tingling genitals felt cool and refreshing, and fragrantly smelling as well. Kelly now felt slightly wet and squishy between her legs but cleaner as well.

“That. s finished,” said the nurse, standing back to admire her handiwork. “You look much better this way. I. m sure Doctor will be pleased. Now lets start the cleaning. I. ll let you take a nice long bath after we finish with the last internal rinse. Why don. t you just sit down on the table while I go prepare your enema.”

“My what ?” Kelly asked, not exactly sure of the meaning of the word, but having a pretty good guess.

“Your enema, you. ve surely had one before ?” Andrea asked.

“No& I don. t think so.” Kelly replied.

“Really ? Are you sure ? I. d think that just about everyone has had one at one time or another.”

“Well I haven. t, at least not that I can remember.”

“It. s not something one readily forgets, I. d say. Are you familiar with the procedure ?”

“Sort of& . But I. m not exactly sure how it works.” Kelly grossly understated.

“Well, it. s nothing to be alarmed at, not in the least. It. s just a procedure to clean out the lower digestive tract. We use water to flush out any accumulated waste matter.” Andrea explained, being deliberately vague.

“How much do I have to drink ? I can. t take all that much at once.” Kelly said.

How much fun this was, being a tad misleading and then watching the expressions on the patients face when understanding dawned, Andrea thought.

“Oh my Kelly, it doesn. t work like that. You don. t have to drink anything. We insert the water directly into your anus via a plastic nozzle and rubber tube.”

“Oh& ..” the silence that followed did not belie the young girl. s embarrassment.

“It. s quite pleasant if done correctly and gently. Don. t worry a bit, I. m very good at this and we. ll take all the time necessary.” Nurse Andrea explained. This was going to be even be even more pleasant than she suspected. The first time could be such a determining experience and Andrea wanted make sure that Kelly remembered hers. “Since this is your first time, I. d like you to lay down on the examination table on your left side.”

Kelly climbed up and assumed the position. “Good, now raise your right leg upwards to your chest& that. s good& .. a little higher now, maybe if you just hug your knee a bit.” Andrea pushed upwards a bit and positioned Kelly just a trifle more on her face, so that the girls buttocks were more exposed. She then also moved the girl. s left leg upwards and in that posture Kelly. s anal and vaginal region was easily accessible. The labial lips were stretched and invitingly naked, the anal sphincter nestled away in the crack of the girls bottom, just a mere spreading of the fingers away from view.

The nurse went over to a sink and prepared the enema solution. For a first cleansing it would be necessary to activate the colonic response in Kelly. s bowels. A mildly irritating mixture of soap and a vegetable oil sounded like the ideal solution. It would not do to make it too strong so as to provoke any unpleasant cramping, but it would at least have to cause an intestinal reaction of some order.

Andrea choose a very small 1 ½ liter capacity enamel container. It had an old fashioned look to it, even though it had been manufactured just several years ago.

“Kelly, could you tell me if you. d be comfortable with a large or medium sized nozzle tip ?” the nurse asked, deliberately choosing to broach a subject she was sure Kelly had never bothered with.

“Uh& . I don. t know, Nurse. Maybe a small size would be better ?”

“Oh come on,” Andrea chuckled, “Don. t tell me I have to use a children. s size nozzle. They. re not much larger around than my index finger. You. d hardly feel it going in.” That was a gross distortion of a personal opinion, but Andrea couldn. t help herself. “You. ve surely accommodated larger objects.”

“What do you mean ?” Kelly asked.

“Haven. t you ever played with your anus, inserted things, let someone else do so ?”

“No& not really& well not really& .nothing very big in any case. It hurts too much.”

“That. s OK, nothing to be ashamed of. I. m sure that the Doctor will help you in that area.”

“She will ?” Kelly asked.

“Oh yes, both you and Alex will get the same treatment in that respect. A true trans-gender experience. It. s one of the doctor. s personal pet peeves..

“You mean Alex is getting the same treatment right now ?” Kelly asked, perking up at the thought.

“Well not exactly right now of course, but rest assured, except for vaginal and penile related matters, there is hardly any difference between male and female in regards to treatment in this clinic.”

The image of Alex bent over and exposed as she was, ready to get a nozzle up his rear, was to her surprise quite arousing. “Will he be shaved like I was ?” Kelly asked.

“I don. t doubt it for a moment. Now listen, I. m going to use this medium sized tip, it. s only 22 mm in diameter and I. ll grease it well.”

The nurse applied a generous amount of lubrication on the nozzle and attached it to the rubber tube running from the container. The device was filled up with the warm water solution of soap and oil and hooked up on a metal holder attached to the table. Andrea opened up the shut-off valve for a short while to purge any air left in the tubing. A dribble of milky colored water seeped out of the perforations in the nozzle tip.

She gave Kelly the lubricated nozzle and told her to hold it for a moment while she . made her ready.” Of course this was entirely intentional on Andrea. s part, as she could have just as easily have placed the greased instrument on a towel or what not. No, she wanted the girl to hold the object that was going to be inserted up into her rectum, to gaze at it and to imagine how it would feel going in. Kelly daintily, or perhaps distastefully is a better word, held onto the nozzle with the tips of her thumb and index finger. She could not help making a face, grimacing at the sight of the curved black plastic cylinder, all shiny with lubricating gel. There were a few drops of residual moisture left on the head as well and the sight of those gleaming beads of milky colored water caused Kelly to feel a shiver of apprehension. At the same time she experienced an almost intimate arousal and emotions of conflicting tensions. She closed her eyes in order not to gaze at the instrument of impending insertion, but could not shut out the medicinal and soapy odors drifting from the canister on the hook above her. And odd though it seemed to her at the time, she also detected a trace of lemon fragrance, fresh and sweet amid the other smells.

“I. m going to lubricate you as well before insertion Kelly,” Nurse told her, bringing the girl out of her reverie. “Just relax a bit and if you can, push outwards with your sphnicter please. Don. t be shy about it& ..here we go& ..gently now& ..” and then Kelly felt nurse Andrea. s finger rubbing up against her anus, pushing softly, retracting again and penetrating deeper, until the digit slipped into her anal opening. It went in surprisingly painlessly, though the sensation was one Kelly was not at all used to. Andrea twirled her finger about slowly, spreading the gel inside Kelly and along the inner tract of the girl. s anal sphincter. Nurse didn. t hurry the procedure either and asked Kelly to flex and relax her rectal muscles several times, keeping the greased digit in place all the while.

Kelly hadn. t ever had much practice in using her anus for much other than the natural processes, that was quite apparent to nurse Andrea. s observations. She then slowly and tenderly retracted her finger and pulled off the Latex glove.

“I. ll take the nozzle now, Kelly,” she said while the girl inwardly cringed at the thought of what was to come next. Kelly felt the nurse. s hands lift up the right cheek of her bottom and move her fingers down towards her anal area, parting her buttocks and stretching the anus wide. Andrea then pressed in with the tip of the lubricated nozzle and made small circles around her little hole, narrowing in and then continuing the circular motions with a smaller diameter, deftly inserted the black plastic nozzle into Kelly. s rectum. She gasped quietly, but still audibly and Andrea gently rubbed her buttocks to reassure the girl that all was well.

“There, we. re inside& .that wasn. t so bad at all now was it ?” she remarked needlessly cheerfully. “Just a little bit more now& & I. m going to get it all in there& . OK here we are. Are you all right Kelly ?”

Aside from a beating heart and violated rear hole, Kelly was fine. In fact once the nozzle had penetrated her, she felt very little of it being inserted to it. s full length. She was conscious of it. s presence of course and it felt mildly irritating, but nowhere near as painful as she thought it would be. She relaxed somewhat and the resulting slackening of muscle tension was apparent to Andrea. The nurse let go of Kelly. s cheek and opened the valve allowing the warm water and soap solution to flow into the youngster. s lower intestinal tract.

Kelly moaned, half in fright at the unexpected intensity of the rush of fluids inside of her, and half in amazement at the warm pleasing glow that was spreading into her abdomen. Andrea made sure that the flow of water was kept to a minimal acceptable debit and instructed Kelly to lift up her right leg a trifle. The nurse slipped her free right hand through the girl. s thighs in order to rub and massage the girl. s belly, now growing taut from the accumulation of liquid inside the intestine. In doing so she intentionally placed her hand and wrist in a position that allowed it to press against and rub the girl. s vaginal lips while at the same time massaging the abdomen. Andrea could not yet feel Kelly growing moist from the indirect masturbation she was applying but did note that the girl did not cringe or attempt to move away either. She actually closed her thighs tight around Andrea. s arm and continued to make soft moaning sounds.

As the half way mark was passed Kelly started feeling an unpleasant irritating burning sensation inside of her intestine. The soap and oil were beginning to effect the colon lining and this irritation in turn caused a series of gradually more potent and serious cramps, the likes of which Kelly had but seldom experienced before. By the time the last of the solution had trickled inside of her, Kelly was rhythmically moving her hips in pace with the contractions and spasms of her colon. She tensed her sphincter tightly around the still intruding nozzle so as not to void the contents of her bowels.

“Now, it. s best for you to retain everything inside of you for several minutes more, Kelly.”

“Oh, I don. t think that& ..I& & can wait& & that long& “ she gasped out between cramps.

“Of course you can. Breath through your mouth to lessen the cramping but just hold on or I. ll have to start all over again.” The nurse said.

Kelly did not for a moment doubt that and grit her teeth together. As she realized that it was possible to retain the solution by riding out the contractions inwardly, she focused less and less on the possible consequences of a mishap and began to anticipate the oncoming convulsions, mentally preparing herself by breathing deeply and also by enjoying the gentle rubbing of her belly and genitals by nurse Andrea. She became less apprehensive of the physical unpleasantness of the process and more attuned to the powerful and pleasurable response her body was making to the cleansing. Yes her anus burned from the soap solution and she experienced a most immediate need to evacuate her bowels, but once she realized that she could contain those urges if necessary, they receded in importance to be replaced by an awareness of the strength of those strong surges pulsing through her lower body.

She shut her eyes and concentrated on the feelings of well being that were discernable amid those other powerful bodily needs. Oddly, after a first series of violent cramping, the urge to expel receded for a while, only to come back shortly later, receding again and returning at regular intervals.

Finally a sufficient amount of time had passed and Nurse announced that she would now be retracting the nozzle from Kelly. s anus. The girl felt it slip out, infinitely more easily than it had entered, dripping a bit of water over her lower buttocks. Andrea asked Kelly if she would like a bedpan to expel in or if she would prefer to use a normal toilet.

Needless to say, Kelly preferred the relative indignity of waggling over to the appliance with tightly clenched buttocks to the ultimate humiliation of using a hospital bedpan. Andrea hadn. t expected any less either and watched with concealed amusement as Kelly hurriedly made it to the toilet without any spilling. The toilet was not in an enclosed cabin, but rather set next to the room. s bidet. Andrea busied herself with cleaning the used canister and nozzle so that Kelly could at least this first time, go about her business relatively unobserved.

She let go with a sigh of relief and felt the water and waste matter drain out of her with a rush. After the first release, there followed several minutes of progressively smaller amounts of water being expelled. She could actually feel the water settling in her colon from time to time, trickling downwards under the combined forces of gravity and intestinal peristalsis. She strained to press the last amount from her and finally slouched over forwards, hugging her knees and legs, momentarily weak from the powerful evacuation and the colonic cramping.

Nurse Andrea indicated that she was to clean herself and afterwards handed Kelly a towel to dry off the perspiration provoked by the process. Gratefully Kelly accepted and let Andrea help in the toweling. Andrea then announced that she was to receive a second and third rinse but only with clear water this time. These enemas should cause no cramping or discomfort and were only intended to flush out any small remains of fecal matter left after the first cleansing.

Reassured that the following canisters contained only clear water Kelly assented without any problem. And indeed it was as nurse Andrea had predicted. There was no cramping or unpleasantness, just the pleasurable feeling of warm water entering her entrails, distending them and heating her pubic and genital regions as a welcome by-product. Then came the slower and more controlled expelling of the liquid until she felt drained and empty, and surprisingly light and clear-headed as well.

After the final rinse Andrea had Kelly come back to the examination table one last time and after placing the girl on her back and having her pull up her knees, nurse deftly and quickly inserted a soothing and relaxing suppo into Kelly. s anus. It would soon melt and coat her insides with a protective and moisturizing covering, preventing any damage or irritation to the mucous membranes of her intestine.

By then Kelly had lost just about any vestige of shame she had in the presence of Andrea and was almost disappointed when the nurse announced that a nice normal, but thorough soaking bath would just about conclude the . preparations. .

Gratefully she climbed into the fragrant bubbly water after being soaped and rinsed by Andrea in a nearby shower stall. When Kelly inquired into the reason of the double washing, Andrea replied something about the . inscrutable oriental nature. of her employer.

“I thought that Kitzsler was a German sounding name ?” a bewildered Kelly asked. “She doesn. t look Asian to me at all.”

Andrea laughed softly. “Of course the Doctor isn. t Oriental, it. s just another of her preferences. It is a Japanese custom not to take a bath . in your own dirt. and the Doctor has no compulsions against adopting sensible and hygienic customs.” Nurse looked at the lovely girl now laying stretched out in the warm sparkling water. “Yes, you. ll certainly find that she has no compulsions against such things whatsoever. None at all.”

Alex Wakes Up

Doctor Kitzsler had been informed that young Alex was awake and she was on her way to his room. First though, she stopped at the Shower-Bath Annex to check on how Kelly and Andrea were coming along. While Kelly was resting with closed eyes in the tub and luxuriating in the warm water and afterglow of her cleansings, Nurse Andrea and the Doctor had a short conversation in the hallway. Kelly was doing just fine and cooperating almost wholeheartedly, that was obvious from Andrea. s description. Apparently the young girl had taken easily to Andrea and adjusted to assuming exposing positions and having intimate procedures performed on her. Although not overly surprised at this development, the doctor was nonetheless pleased. She was a not altogether bad judge of human nature and could usually correctly gauge most patients. reactions to the treatments and sessions at her clinic. This did not prevent her from appearing to be a somewhat distant and cold person, a fact quite untrue but unalterable nonetheless.

Sigrid Kitzsler had grown up during the war in Germany, her father being in disfavor during the last three years with certain elements in the regime and being very much in personal danger all the while. He remained on his guard and mistrustful of friends and acquaintances and only by steering a most circumventious course did he avoid arrest and incarceration. This attitude was most certainly passed on to his young daughter, then in the first years of medical school. After the war she continued her studies at the Sorbonne and later moved to the US, but she could never rid herself of a vestige of seeming coldness, indifference and lack of feeling.

Nothing was further from the truth, for she was a person most voracious in her sexual appetites, loyal to those she loved, in mind if not in deed and one never prone to forget a favor or service. Of course she did not expect anyone, least of all herself or her lovers to practice any immoderate degree of sexual exclusiveness. For the past several years, Nurse Andrea had been her more or less steady sexual partner, and all things taken into account, it had been the younger nurse who had done more sharing around than the doctor.

Doctor Kitzsler smiled inwardly after leaving Andrea to get on with her work. It was quite obvious to her that the nurse was already laying a basis for further intimacies with Kelly. She correctly surmised that it would be best to let Andrea have her way with Kelly, while remaining within the parameters of the girl. s sojourn here at the clinic in the first place. Would she join in also ? Doctor Kitzsler was prone to doubt it. Observing such situations and treatments was a pleasure of and unto itself for her and she did not really feel that it would be beneficial to Kelly if she were overwhelmed with all manners of personalized sexual relations at this stage in her life. Better to let Andrea take a dynamic part in Kelly. s treatment and for herself to participate as an instructor and tutor.

Alex would be a different matter. First off, she preferred a female body to a male for pleasure and gratification, unless the male was at least slightly feminized and submissive. Alex was neither at the moment and not really available for alteration within the time frame at hand. She would therefore content herself with giving the boy a very thorough, but professional exam and tutoring. There would be no treatments or . therapy. that could lead to any emotional bonding or attachments. This would entail a seemingly greater degree of standoffishness on her part but still it seemed the wiser course to follow.

Glad to have mentally arranged her priorities Sigrid Kitzsler stepped into Alex. s room. The boy was still unclothed and sitting on the edge of his bed, partaking of a light meal. He put down the cup of tea he had been given when he saw the Doctor enter the room.

“Hello, Alex,” she said. “Feeling refreshed after your nap ?”

“Ah, yes, I guess so.” He waited a few seconds. “Excuse me, Doctor, but could I have some clothes to put on please ?”

“Are you cold ? Because if so I can set the room temperature a bit higher.” Doctor replied, being pointedly evasive.

“No, it. s just that I feel funny like this.”

“How do you mean ?”

“I mean being naked, without any clothes. I feel silly.”

“Oh come now, you. re in my clinic and I don. t think anyone would even dare suggest anything of that kind. Has anyone said or indicated anything to you ?”

“No, no. It. s not that. I. d just like something to wear. That. s all.”

“Oh I see,” said Doctor Kitzsler feigning understanding, “What you. re trying to say is that you. re feeling ashamed. Correct ?”

“I suppose so.”

“Well, I can tell you there is no need for that at all. This is a medical facility after all, and nudity is totally normal, acceptable and actually quite necessary in many situations. If you really insist I can get you a hospital gown, but they do little more than cover the chest and they leave one feeling even more exposed in the end. And that in several ways, believe me.” she joked. Alex didn. t get the pun so she just continued.

“And you would have to take it off most of the time anyway. I really think that you should just get used to being unclothed for the duration of your stay. From what I. ve heard, Kelly has had few problems in that regard.”

“Well, if you say so& “ Alex consented.

“If I may be so straightforward. I think what you are really saying is that you feel awkward whenever you get an erection. That is what embarrasses you, isn. t it ?”

As the Doctor had foreseen, this produced exactly the results she had expected. Alex turned a shade of red, shifted his hips and tried to cover up an emerging organ. The doctor came closer and prevented him from using his hands to cover himself. She smiled and gently berated the boy.

“As I. ve said before, there is no need for any modesty in this clinic. You. ll just have to get used to it. Everyone working here has seen any number of erect penises, for goodness sakes. Yours may not be the most handsome I. ve come across, but it. s certainly a fine specimen. Nothing to be ashamed of. There doesn. t seem to be anything at all wrong with it at first glance, but a more thorough examination will determine that to my satisfaction.”

This caused Alex to blush even more. It was so confusing to being needlessly embarrassed and complimented for the same reason.

“Besides,” the Doctor continued. “You. ll look even better after the preparations and after you. ve been cleaned up for the exam and therapy.”

“What kind of preparations do you mean ?” Alex asked.

“Just the usual : shaving and cleaning. Nothing out of the ordinary. Kelly is getting the same treatment.”

She stood up and indicated that Alex do so as well. “Finish your tea now and come along with me. Nurse Andrea should be about finished with Kelly by now and I want her to get started on you.”

Alex drank the last of his tea and got up. “Doctor, could I be excused for a moment before I come along ?” He asked.

“What ever for ?”

“I. d like to use the & .ah bathroom, please.”

“I think we. ll wait with that until I deliver you to the Cleaning Room. There are facilities there and besides it. s best if you follow the procedures we insist upon in the clinic.”

“But I really have to go & .”

“I said before that it will be taken care of at the proper moment. Just come along and we. ll get everything started.” She stood at the door waiting with her hand on the knob.

Alex uneasily accompanied Doctor Kitzsler into the hallway, his semi-erect prick providing him no end of embarrassment. The doctor placed a hand on his shoulder to guide him along and keep him in the middle of the corridor. Had she not, she was sure the boy would have slunk along the walls walking sideways to hide his front-view.

Now, whereas Kelly and Andrea had gone this way without encountering any others of the clinic staff, Alex was not so lucky. Twice, young and neatly dressed nurses passed them, nodding curtly to their employer. Alex kept his head as far down as he could, but still imagined the female nurses eyes straying to his genitals. He was of course entirely correct in his supposition but he need not have worried that there was any hint of disapproval or amusement in their gaze. Far from it, for the nurses, full well knowing the scope and range of Doctor Kitzsler. s treatments and therapy, were more disappointed than anything else at not being allowed to assist her with this good-looking boy. They hoped that perhaps their assistance would be required at a later stage.

In any case, after passing several of the most disconcerting minutes of his life negotiating the hallways of Doctor Kitzsler. s clinic, Alex arrived at the Bathing and Cleaning Facility. The doctor knocked briefly and entered with her patient.

Kelly & Alex Together Again

The Doctor. s timing could not have been better had it been planned and orchestrated to the second. Andrea had just helped Kelly out of the bath and had gone over to the counter to get a dry towel for the girl. Standing wet and enticingly naked, she presented a lovely view to anyone entering the bathing facility. Alex was momentarily taken back, half embarrassed at finding his cousin in this stage of undress and smitten to a similar degree. Never having seen each other entirely nude before, both were flustered initially, then self-conscious of their condition and finally delighted at what they saw. Of course this scala of emotions was experienced as a very confusing and non-linear set of not altogether clear cut occurrences. In simpler terms both were bashfully delighted at what they saw of each other, but eager not to appear so.

“Well, I see we. ve come just in time,” the Doctor needlessly said. “As soon as you. ve dried off Kelly I can fit her with the absorption device and we can get started on young Alex here.”

“Very well, Doctor,” Andrea replied while draping a towel over Kelly. s shoulders.

The girl looked at the Doctor questioningly.

“Its nothing special, Kelly,” the doctor said, anticipating the girl. s question. “Alex has already finished with a similar procedure. It hardly encompasses the least discomfort, you. ll see.”

She turned to Alex and led him to a counter. She handed him a large glass receptacle. “Now we can take care of that request of yours, Alex.”

He stood holding the container, not knowing what the doctor meant. “How do you mean ?”

“You did ask to use a bathroom ?”

He nodded, knowing what was coming next, but not pleased to hear it.

“Well, since I most definitely need a urine sample, now would be a good time to provide one.”

“Here ?” he asked.

“Where else ? Would you rather go back into the hallway ? Really, you are taking this embarrassment stance of yours to quite unnecessary lengths. Please just empty your bladder into the receptacle. If necessary either Nurse or I can assist you with holding either of the two instruments if you can. t manage with your own two hands.”

In fact it was difficult to do so and was expressly meant to be so. The glass container was too large to be safely held with one hand, and as usual with males at this stage of the examination, their organs were much too stiff to be forced downwards, let alone relaxed enough to urinate. Alex was in a quandary, though that might be too intellectual a word to describe his condition. It would be simpler to say that he didn. t know how to proceed.

“Andrea, I think Kelly can dry herself off. You go and assist our patient here.” The doctor said.

Nurse Andrea nodded and walked over to Alex, all smiles. Kelly couldn. t help but watch.

“Hello Alex, my name is Andrea as I. m sure you. ve heard. Which would you prefer : that I hold the container or your penis ?” she nonchalantly asked.

What a question to be put to a young male ! This was almost an embarrassment of mortifications. Not that in other circumstances he wouldn. t have been delighted at Andrea. s suggestion. But to have this done in front of his naked cousin and the stern Doctor was more than a trifle bewildering, to say the least. In fact, at that very moment he bitterly regretted possessing a sex organ with a mind seemingly of it. s own. Why did the blasted thing always raise it. s head at such inappropriate moments ? The females of the race had it much easier in that regard he considered.

Erroneously deciding that the humiliating situation he was in was his aunt. s fault and not that of his own youthful libido, he guaranteed himself that he would not forget all this. Of course, when everything was finally finished at the clinic and he was sent back to Karen. s home, he truly never did forget much of what had happened to him while under Doctor Kitzsler. s care. But, interestingly enough, the ultimate memories of his sojourn would turn out to be much more educational, nostalgic and agreeable than the thoughts he was entertaining at this moment.

“I guess you. d better hold the container, if you don. t mind.” Alex finally replied, choosing the lesser of two evils, if they could be called that.

“Of course I don. t mind. Here give that to me,” Andrea said taking the receptacle and holding it under his penis.

Alex closed his eyes and forced himself to think of anything else but his predicament. Of course it was like trying not to think of a white elephant. While not entirely stiff and erect, his organ was just too aroused to be considered flaccid by any standards. Consequently it was very difficult for the boy to relax sufficiently enough to urinate.

Knowing when not to fight Nature, Doctor Kitzsler made a point of noisily drying Kelly off and busying herself with the girl, giving Alex the impression that not all eyes in the room were staring at him or his penis. After a minute of deep breathing, and an almost superhuman effort on the boy. s part, the pressure in his bladder finally overcame his embarrassment and contentedly he felt the urine streaming outwards and filling the container in Nurse Andrea. s hands.

His organ, after having fulfilled at least one of Nature. s intended tasks was blessedly in a state of acceptable limpness. He was holding it gingerly with one hand on the shaft and the other pulling back his foreskin. The stream of urine trickled out to a few last spurts and drops. Normally Alex would then have given his prick a good shaking to rid it of the last clinging drops, but in this situation he was not certain how to proceed. He certainly did not want to be considered anything of an uncouth slob in sight of these three ladies, but his hands were all tied up, figuratively speaking.

This situation was of course nothing new or out of the ordinary for the Doctor and Nurse, and Andrea deftly produced a small paper towel from her vest pocket. Setting the container aside, she professionally pressed it against the boy. s dripping glans, thereby absorbing any remaining drops of urine. She gave a small pull on his shaft, retracting the foreskin a bit further before taking the tissue away and disposing of it in a waste receptacle. That finished, she gave Alex a little smile as if to say : that was a job well done.

Doctor Kitzsler finished drying off Kelly and now that Andrea had completed her little task, she was instructed to rub the girl. s skin with a moisturizing and conditioning cream. The Nurse choose a sweet lemon scented lotion and diligently applied it to all parts of Kelly. s freshly washed body. Andrea started on the girl. s neck and shoulders and progressively worked her way downwards, asking Kelly to raise her arms or part her legs whenever necessary. The cream was soft and soothing and felt particularly pleasing when rubbed into her recently denuded pubis and genital area. The aroma was gentle and fragrant, not contrived or artificial and wafted about her body, pleasing to herself and others in the vicinity.

The Doctor went to the counter and brought another glass receptacle over to Kelly. “I. ll need a urine sample from you just as well.” she said handing over the container.

“Where shall I fill it ?” Kelly asked.

“It doesn. t matter. If you like, why not go over to the bidet where you can crouch down and steady yourself by holding on ?”

Kelly looked a bit non-plussed. It seemed a bit undignified to just bend down, spread her legs open and urinate in front of everyone. If front of Andrea she wouldn. t have minded, Doctor Kitzsler she could take as well, but to have to do so in front of her male cousin was taking it too far in her opinion. She hadn. t minded watching Alex one bit, quite the opposite in fact, but now that the shoe was on the other foot she didn. t really feel so confident any more.

“I can. t help you like I did Alex, I. m sorry about that,” said Andrea in the manner of a joke. “But come with me to the bidet anyway, I. ll give you a hand to steady yourself.”

Kelly followed the nurse who took the container and placed it on the floor to one side of the enamel bidet. Andrea took a cloth and spread it open, then repositioned the glass container onto the middle of the towel. Somehow the implications of the necessity for the towel were disconcerting. Being female, she was not expected to be able to control her stream of urine.

Andrea motioned for her to bend down and position herself above the receptacle. Kelly was made to face the middle of the room, rather than being allowed to turn away from the others. She reddened in spite of herself.

“Just hold on to my hand while you urinate, Kelly.” the nurse said, sitting down on the edge of the bidet. Closing her eyes, Kelly concentrated on the task before her. She placed the glass container between her spread thighs and balancing herself somewhat unsteadily she hoped that she wouldn. t spill too much or loose her equilibrium and topple over. That would be just too humiliating.

She relaxed her body and willed the flow to start. She felt her bladder contract and press the urine outwards in a growing stream. Not being able to control the direction as well as a male could, the first drops fell short of the mark and trickled along the girls outer labia or fell onto the towel. Then picking up force, the jet of yellowish fluid spurt out in a steady stream, tinkling noisily into the container and rapidly filling it up. At the end of the expulsion, once again a substantial amount of urine fell in other places than was intended, some dribbling down the crack of her ass and along the girl. s thighs, or else just splashing onto the cloth. Relieved at having finished urinating in sight of all the others, Kelly was however more than mortified when Andrea took the glass container away and picked up the soiled towel to use it to wipe away the residual moisture on her thighs and vulva. A chastened Kelly stood up, aided by Nurse Andrea. She could not help notice how Alex was staring at her, not with an open smile on his face, but with something approaching one.

The Doctor labeled the containers, closed them off and put them away for later analysis in the bio-chemistry lab. Now she had but one task to perform on Kelly before she was bought back to her room.

She instructed Kelly to take place on the examination table once again. Reluctantly she did so, sitting upright until the Doctor approached her with a metal trolley, upon which were several instruments.

“Now Kelly, after I fit you with an absorption device you can go back to your room and get some rest.”

Kelly looked at the trolley but could only make out a hollow plastic cylindrical device, filled with holes and openings all along its. shaft. She watched fascinated and apprehensive as the doctor took a wad of white cotton-like material, rolled it into a smaller bolt and pushed it into the hollow chamber of the larger dark colored container. The container was, she realized, about twice the size of a sanitary tampon, rounded off at the tip and end, and just like a tampon was equipped with a trailing string attached to one extremity. Unlike the sanitary devices however, this one was much larger. In fact it was with a sinking feeling that she realized it was more or less the size of an erect penis. And she knew just where the doctor was going to insert it. Whatever could it be for ? Her period wasn. t due for several weeks.

“Kelly, I want you to lay on your back please, supine position and open your legs. There. s no need for you to put your legs in the stirrups if you. d just pull your thighs up a bit higher& .that. s it& . Just place your hands under your knees and hug them tight& & Very good.” The Doctor said as Kelly assumed the position.

Doctor Kitzsler took the cylinder and applied a coating of a very watery lubricant, rubbing it lightly along the surface and taking care not to clog any of the openings.

“I. m going to insert this device into your vagina, Kelly. It should not cause much more discomfort than a normal tampon. It is elastic and will easily bend into whatever shape your lower body assumes. It will only stay in place for 12 hours and then I. ll remove it.”

“What. s it for Doctor ?” the girl asked.

“I. ve already explained it to Alex here, who. been outfitted and recorded while you were busy with the questionnaire and the cleaning. In any case, it. s for the collection of natural hormonal and other secretions. By collecting vaginal fluids, emissions and discharges I can dispense with drawing blood. The lab analyses are just as accurate as standard bloodtests and less of a hardship on the patient,” the doctor explained as she readied the device. “Or would you prefer that I get an arterial needle and draw blood ?”

“No, no, please. I guess this is much better.” Kelly hastily responded, caught in a dilemma.

“Yes, most of my patients think so as well when they realize the alternative. Now, just relax while I insert this& “

Doctor Kitzsler spread the girls. labia open with two fingers, admiring the work her nurse had done in denuding and shaving Kelly. s genitals. They were soft and taut, the outer lips gently rounded and full, almost concealing the inner labia, but not completely. These darker colored folds of flesh glistened alluringly, nestled warmly and invitingly in her vulval opening. Opening up the girl. s sex organ, the doctor gently inserted the tip of the collection device, moved it around to assure there was no blockage and then by pressing on its. end part she slid it all the way up into Kelly. s vaginal canal. The doctor. s finger followed inwards forcing the cylinder out of sight until only the white string protruded. She withdrew her now damp finger and allowed Kelly to stand up.

“There now, I. d say you. re taken care of. How does it feel Kelly ?” the doctor asked.

How did she feel ? Distinctly odd of course and filled up in an intimate place. The plastic was not quite as pliable as a sanitary tampon and much larger in any case. It felt sensual in a certain vague way when she walked around, but what bothered her most was the string hanging down between her thighs. Still there was not much she could do about that for the moment and Kelly desperately wanted to be allowed back to her room before any new embarrassments were visited upon her.

Kelly mumbled something more or less non-committal.

“You can go back to your room now and get some rest. It would even be best if you were to get some sleep. I don. t want you to do anything that would upset the vaginal fluid collection. That means no manual stimulation or playing with yourself before going to sleep. Do you understand Kelly ?” the Doctor said.

She nodded curtly, never even having entertained the idea until the Doctor warned her of it. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Alex grin and she felt even more flustered.

Alex had stood very silent throughout the entire procedure and had shifted his position, moving ever closer to get a better view of his exposed cousin. What he saw was very arousing and interesting indeed. Maybe this hospital stay would not be so bad after all, he thought.

The Doctor turned to Andrea and instructed her to accompany Kelly back to her room. Gratefully the young girl left the Bathing Facility, escorted by the Nurse.

The Doctor, who had not missed noticing Alex creep into a better viewing position, now turned around to face him with a stern face. “Well young man, I don. t know what you have to grin like that about. Now that you. ve had a premature view of Kelly, I think it. s your turn to be taken care of.”

Kelly is Tucked In

Kelly was in a state of mixed emotions. What a bewildering past few hours she had spent ! First off, she had been understandably indignant at having to come to the clinic in the first place, then she had become gradually intrigued and won over by Doctor Kitzsler. The cleanings had also been something of a shock, but somehow it seemed that she and nurse Andrea got along rather well together, so that by the time the young girl was finished with her bath, she was feeling very relaxed and calm about the prospects of the upcoming treatments. She had lost most of those typical feelings of immoderate shame that are so usual when a person is required to assume certain positions for a number of medical procedures.

Then the Doctor and Alex had come in and spoiled everything. She didn. t really know what it was that had upset her so, for her cousin. s action. s were not all that incomprehensible. She would most likely have done the same and taken in a good eyeful of Alex. s nakedness and exposure if the roles were reversed. Still there was something that raked.

Kelly did not say anything on the way back to her room and was oddly unconcerned when another nurse passed by. She did however reach for Nurse Andreas. s hand.

Back in her room she sat down on the bed while Andrea went to the Nurse. s Station to bring back a bite to eat and a cup of tea for the girl.

“Here we go, Kelly. This will pep you up. I know it sounds like a cliché from an old movie, but a good strong cup of tea will do you loads of good,” Andrea said smiling.

“Thanks.” Kelly took a sip or two and put the cup back down.

“My goodness, Kelly. You. re looking down and out. Feeling tired ?”

“I don. t know. I guess so.”

“Well, that. s only normal. A deep cleansing enema can be somewhat strenuous a first time. And a warm bath can make one very sleepy.”

“I know.”

“But it. s not that though, is it ?” Andrea asked. “I think it bothered you to have Alex present at the end. It was that, wasn. t it ?”

“I suppose so.” She remained silent for a while then furled her brow and started vehemently. “Did you see him staring at me ? While I had to pee in that ridiculous bottle with my legs open wide for him to see ? He ought to be ashamed of himself& “

Nurse tried to hide her smile. “Dear me, Kelly. I wouldn. t get so worked up about a little thing like that. After all, you gave him a good eyeful when he came in with his prick in the air, didn. t you ?”

That caused Kelly to smile in spite of herself. “How could I help it ? He can. t even keep his thing under control, can he ?”

“Well, in my experience, that happens quite often with males.” Andrea joked. “That. s how they. re built.”

“Still, he was acting horrid.”

“Not really, he was doing what any other boy would have done in similar circumstances : getting a good look. Don. t let it bother you. You. ll get your turn.” Now Andrea sported a knowing grin from ear to ear. “In fact, if I know anything about Doctor Kitzsler it. s that she. s more predisposed to females than to males. I guarantee you that your cousin is going to be in for some very big surprises.”

This perked Kelly up. “What do you mean ?”

“Look, I can. t go into details at this stage, but you can be sure that the Doctor really puts the males through their paces and keeps them off balance. I. d say that that boy will end up more amazed at what will happen to him than you ever will be. If that. s any consolation.”


“Right now for instance he. ll be starting with the same treatment you were given : hair removed and a series of cleaning enemas. And you know that boys make a big deal about their pubic hair. King of the jungle and all that, don. t you know.” Andrea said.

The nurse continued. “Besides, I thought you two were rather fond of each other ? He is a nice looking boy.”

“I thought so too& “

“Look Kelly, don. t take all this too seriously. He. s curious to see you naked, and you are too in regards to him. Don. t deny it. Later on you. ll both have fond memories of your short stay here.”

Andrea pushed the tray closer to Kelly. “Now eat this sandwich and drink your tea. I have to be getting back.” She stood up and went to a closet to fetch a light blanket.

“I. ll give you this blanket so you can sleep more comfortably, OK ?” she asked.

“Thanks, but I. m not cold.” Said Kelly.

“It. s just so you. ll feel more comfortable with something covering you.”

Andrea spread it out over the girl. She came closer and kissed Kelly on the cheek. Kelly smiled and in return pressed her lips onto the nurses. . Briefly their tongues flicked around each other. s. Kelly sighed and looked downwards.

The Nurse brushed the back of her hand softly against Kelly. s cheek and caressed her neck. “That was very sweet of you, Kelly, but now I really must be going. Try and get some rest and remember what the Doctor said : no playing around with yourself before sleep. Promise ?”

“I wasn. t going to, honest.”

With that Andrea gave Kelly a smile and was out the door.

Alex Gets Shaved and Cleaned

Even before Nurse Andrea and Kelly were out the door, the Doctor was preparing the various utensils, instruments and products she would need to get Alex properly cleaned. She didn. t expect Andrea back for at least half an hour and in the meantime, she wanted to get started. First would come the shaving.

From the looks of it, removing the boy. s body hair wouldn. t be much work. He was thankfully not one of those hairy male specimens. Alex had no chest hair to speak of, a moderate amount on his lower legs and thighs and a normal growth of pubic hair. The doctor decided against the use of a razor, first of all because of the intensive labor involved, and also because of the potential of causing cuts and abrasions. Besides, the use of a depilatory cream or lotion was usually experienced as being a touch too feminine and therefore embarrassing for most males. That reason alone would have been sufficient for Doctor Kitzsler.

Before beginning with that task, she wanted to start the process of Alex. s colonic cleaning. She would give him the usual number of irrigating enemas after the shaving was finished, but beforehand she wanted his rectum and intestines activated and put on standby. It would be a gradual process that she wanted to invoke and therefore she went to a small refrigerating unit and took out a foil wrapped object. It was a finger sized suppository, rounded at the tip and composed of various mild but effectively irritating substances : glycerin, vegetable oil, essence of certain herbs and ginger. The concentrations of active ingredients were very low and intended to gradually provoke a colonic response. By the time his shaving was finished, Alex would most likely be experiencing a discernable urge to expel, even without the inevitable enema which was to proceed it.

The doctor instructed Alex to face the examination table, place his arms on the top and bend forward. She dipped the large suppo in a jar of lubricant, used one hand to part the boy. s buttocks and with the other, deftly and quickly inserted the rectal pill up into Alex. s anal opening. It was cold, just coming from the refrigerator, and Alex pulled away instinctively and clenched his sphincter, though to no avail. Before he knew it, it was up his rear end, nestled inside of him and already beginning to melt and discard the active ingredients.

Before he could ask about the purpose of the suppo, Alex was instructed to accompany the Doctor to a wash basin. Doctor Kitzsler spread a large towel on the floor and placed Alex on it. She then, just as with Kelly, first pulled on a pair of rubber gloves to protect her hands from the hair removal cream.

The underarms were the first parts of Alex. s anatomy to be coated with the sharp smelling white cream. Since the external male genitalia are far less sensitive than the female, there was no counter indication against rubbing the depilatory into his pubic hair. The doctor did take care not to rub any onto the exposed tip of his penis. She followed up on his lower body, and used a new tube of cream to complete coating his thighs, legs and upper feet.

Alex had stood mutely silent throughout the application of the cream, not really sure what the doctor was actually doing to him. He suspected that some kind of soap, maybe something of a disinfectant nature was being rubbed in, but he was not sure and not really interested in the first place. His mind was on other matters.

First off, his erection had come back from all the handling and rubbing the doctor was doing. He had also been made to open his legs, so that Doctor Kitzsler could apply the cream to his anal and adjacent regions. She seemingly paid no attention to the state of his member, erect or not. Every now and then she would move the stiff pole to one side or another, the better to coat an otherwise inaccessible part of his genitalia.

Secondly, by the time she got started on his legs, he began to experience an irritation inside of his bowels. It was slight at first, no more than a clearly discernable, but irrevocable contracting and expanding of the lower large intestine. Shortly thereafter the feeling was more akin to a constant cramping and Alex had to consciously be on his guard to maintain control over his anal sphincter. He felt a mild burning sensation inside of him and rightly surmised that it was being caused by the object the Doctor had inserted into his rectum. He refrained from complaining about it however, even though he began to desperately yearn for an occasion to relieve himself.

Finished, Doctor took off the Latex gloves and discarded them. She instructed Alex to wait where he was and not to touch the lotion covered parts of his body. Not that he had any intent of getting the strongly smelling cream onto his hands in the first place.

After several minutes passed, Alex was taken to an shower stall. Doctor Kitzsler adjusted the water to a warm but agreeable temperature and commenced to direct the spray onto Alex. s lower body. Looking downwards at the swirling water in he basin, he was shocked to see dark strands of hair mixed with the residue of lotion. He looked at his thighs and legs and realized that it was his own body hair he saw flowing down the drain.

“My hair is coming off !” he needlessly said.

Doctor Kitzsler continued spraying. “Off course it is, Alex. What did you think I was doing ?”

“I don. t know. I thought you were washing me or something !” Alex excitedly said.

“Actually I am. Now hold still and stop your complaining. Would you rather I have done this with a razor and risked nicking and cutting your skin ?”

“I guess not, but why are you doing this ?”

“To clean you young man. I want a clean body, inside and out before examination. It. s more hygienic, facilitates certain procedures and has a beneficial cosmetic value into the bargain.”

The Doctor had started rinsing his penis and testicles and with deep dismay Alex saw his that his pubic hair was being removed just as effectively as the rest.

“Don. t make a big fuss about this until you see the results,” the doctor said forestalling any complaints. She pointed the water spray up along the cleft of his buttocks while instructing him to squat and open his legs. “There is no reason to place much store on one. s pubic hair, you know. If one refers to keep it, it should at least be as meticulously groomed and trimmed as that on one. s head. But all things considered you are better off without it. Consider this, if you like, as the beginning of the instruction and tutoring you will be receiving here.”

Alex didn. t consider it anything of the sort. How humiliating ! His genitals were to be as bare and nude as that of a pre-pubescent, no to mention his legs. How would he ever explain this in school ? Then he thankfully remembered that it was still summer vacation. Hopefully everything would have grown back by September.

The Doctor turned off the spray before taking a plastic scraper to remove the depilatory cream from Alex. s underarms. Lastly she took a wet washcloth and removed any last clinging traces of cream or hair. Alex was given a towel and allowed to dry off.

Doctor Kitzsler looked him up and down while having him turn fore and aft. She had done quite a good job of the hair removal, there being only the odd remaining growth here and there. Those would come off with the razor in a little while and then Alex would be gratifyingly clean shaven and smooth, a much more presentable sight in her opinion.

“Good, now that the outside is finished, it. s time to get you cleaned up inside.”

Alex experienced a rather noticeable cramp and had to consciously clench his sphincter to prevent any embarrassing loss. “Ah, Doctor, could I please be excused before we start on that ?” he asked.

“Whatever for now ?”

“I really need to use the bathroom, please.”

“Alex, that will be taken care of at the proper moment.”

“But I really have to go& “

“You must learn to control yourself. The proper procedure is that internal irrigation proceeds evacuation of bowel contents. I just told you that we will start on that shortly. Now please do as I direct you.”

Of course Doctor Kitzsler was being deliberately obtuse. From the young boy. s lack of response she surmised that he had no idea what an . internal irrigation. was. That was her intention of course. She was also quite sure that he thought he was experiencing a pressing need to void his bowels. His present discomfort was surely primarily mental : fear of loss of bowel control, uncertainty about how to restrain himself, what to reveal about his physical needs and so on. In any case, he would be enemaed before anything else and that would certainly allow Alex to experience an . urgent need. in all of its. vigor.

“Why don. t you sit down while I get everything ready.” The doctor pointed towards the examination table. “I. ll be just a minute or two. Then we can proceed.”

Alex had of course seen the gynecological exam table with stirrups and full equipment upon entering the room, but had erroneously thought it something used on females only. In fact he was quite sure that Kelly had spent some time in the contraption and was sorry he hadn. t able to witness that. But hearing Doctor Kitzsler non-chalantly suggesting that he take place on it, even for what he hoped to be but a short intermezzo was decidedly disconcerting if not downright humiliating. He gingerly went closer and leaned against it, not wanting to climb up and sit down and so give this unorthodox doctor any more funny ideas.

But truly Alex was engaged in a mental equivalent of whistling in the dark. Doctor Kitzsler had forgotten more . funny ideas. than young Alex Gracier had ever entertained in his 16 years. She knew exactly what she was doing and to what degree she wanted her patients off guard and confused. While busying herself at one of the metal trolleys she turned back to look at Alex.

“It. s quite all right, young man. It won. t bite you. Just sit down on the table. I will get you properly positioned when I. ve done with this.”

Alex. s heart sank. Surely he had misunderstood ? Properly positioned ? He sincerely hoped that meant removing those intimidating looking metal rods and stirrups. Why even laying down in his erect penile condition would be something akin to fatal mortification, but to be strapped like a woman in this contraption was just too awful to contemplate. But even as he was trying to fob off his fears and convince himself of the opposite, he knew how things were going to end up.

Still there was something about the examination table that fascinated him in a disquieting manner. It looked so solid and intimidating, also complicated on account of the numerous levers, locking pins, gears, attachment points and other daunting looking mechanical refinements. The only reassuring aspect of the device was that there were no apparent electrical connections or motors built on that he could see. At least there was no immediate danger of being electrocuted in any embarrassing area.

Alex noted that the white cotton sheet which covered the table. s padded surface was somewhat wrinkled and had obviously been used a short while before. Kelly would of course have been placed here and that thought, how inappropriate it might be, was a compensation of sorts for what he expected he would have to endure. He felt over the surface and was certain that he detected a trace of moisture. Was it just moisture from a cleansing or washing, or was this maybe a residue of his cousin. s vaginal secretions ? Alex of course used other words in his mind but the thoughts were just as pleasing.

In any case he took seat on the table and resignedly watched Sigrid Kitzsler busily preparing things. He wondered what it would be now and hoped that she would get on with it since he really did need to go to the bathroom.

Uncharacteristically, the female doctor was undecided which type of device to use on Alex. She had all types of rectal irrigation instruments at her disposal, some being of the latest design and others quite archaic but still serviceable nonetheless. Not surprisingly she favored the older types of appliances if given a choice, notably those she had been introduced to during her training as a doctor so many years ago.

Older did not necessarily mean simpler or less complicated, for some of the devices in her collection (for that is what it really was) were very intricate in design and use, if not in ornamentation itself. The craftsmanship was generally of a very high standard and these older instruments had surely withstood the test of time.

Still she decided that this was not an opportune moment to put one of her more favorite contrivances to use. All things considered she preferred to use them in a less time-restrained context and if possible with an attendant to assist her (and enjoy the procedure as well). It was getting later than she had allowed for and all things considered it was best for her to get Alex irrigated, emptied and cleaned up so she could get back to her quarters at a decent hour. Much as she enjoyed these special examinations, there were other tasks involved in the efficient running of a clinic.

To keep things simple Doctor Kitzsler choose one of her favorite older models, a basic bulb syringe, made in dark red ribbed rubber with a triple bulbed nozzle in black Bakelite. Originally manufactured and marketed as a combination vaginal/rectal irrigator, it also sported a flange type shield to prevent accidental deep insertion when used in the female genitalia. The nozzle itself was not especially large as vaginal models go, but certainly of a sufficient girth to make itself felt in just about any normal rectum. She felt that this particular device was most appropriate for the present situation.

She unscrewed the nozzle and put it in an antiseptic solution. While that part of the device was being prudently if somewhat unnecessarily thoroughly disinfected, the doctor opened a hot water facet and rinsed out the interior of the rubber bulb with some of the same antiseptic solution prior to cleaning it out with water. Next she took a liter sized canister/bowl and filled it with fairly warm water adding a packet of soap powder, a small amount of baking soda (though it was packaged as a medical product and therefore more expensive) and last several tablespoons of a vegetable oil for good measure.

Sigrid Kitzsler was quite certain from Alex. s comportment and remarks that he would have no trouble at all in emptying his bowels unaided by the enematic solution, but this was a pleasure she did not want to forego. There was something intangible which she relished about such procedures. She could not truthfully state that she enjoyed forcing her will on others to any inordinate degree, nor was she in any way prone to inflict pain or undue humiliation on her patients. She did rather have very clear-cut ideas on which procedures and measures produced the best results in the long run and was not hesitant to apply those procedures rigorously and diligently. Even if the patient did not see eye to eye with her. In fact, hardly any of her first-time patients did. It was only upon completion of their treatments, sessions, examinations or whatever that they came to fully appreciate Doctor Sigrid Kitzsler. s expertise in these matters. Few complained and most continued their patronage of her services in one way or another.

Finished with mixing the warm water solution, the doctor placed all the items she would need on a separate cart : a clean towel and tissues, a pair of thin Latex gloves, the clyster syringe, the canister of enema solution, a tube of lubricant jelly, several rectal probes for good measure and a safety razor. When all the items were neatly and orderly placed she rolled the cart over to the examination table where young Alex Gracier was anxiously waiting. She took care to give the boy a good eyeful of the articles laid out for use on his intimate areas.

“There now. We. re all set. Just one small thing to take care of and then you can scoot off to a convenience,” she told Alex, expressly minimizing his upcoming treatment.

Now it must be said that for her a preparatory enema was hardly more than a perfunctory rectal cleansing, something hardly worthy of note in her scheme of medical procedures. This was not so for her present patient though. Alex was barely acquainted with the practice and once he grasped what this female doctor was going to do with the items on her cart it must be said that he was most uneasy about the prospects.

“Why don. t you recline backwards and make yourself comfortable ?” she told Alex while positioning the cart exactly to her liking.

That was easier said than done of course, especially when the patient patently refused to even consider placing his legs in the stirrups. Alex squirmed his way backwards a bit, leaned back on his elbows and left his legs dangling over the edge in a very uncomfortable position indeed. In so doing he only succeeded in assuming a position in which his pelvis (with the attendant erect male member) was jutted forwards in a manner which thankfully only parodied obscenity without actually being so.

“Alex, it might be best if you placed your legs in the holders ?” the doctor suggested.

“I can. t do that& “

“Let me give you a hand,” she said while taking hold of his ankle.

“No, no& I can do it, & .but I mean that I can. t really& ..ah, do it.” He lamely finished.

“Whatever do you mean ?” she asked, full well knowing exactly what he meant.

“This is for women. I can. t use this.”

“What you probably mean is . for females. , and besides you. re wrong on both counts. This is a simple gynecological examination table, unisex if you will,” she said smiling, “For use on both genders, irregardless of age. Most anal and rectal examinations are also performed with the patient on this table. It has been designed with the patient. s comfort in mind as well as for facilitating access to the recto-genital area.”

The doctor. s explanation did little in settling any doubts in Alex. s mind, but once again he knew that he would ultimately have to do as she instructed.

“Come now, just slide back a bit more and lift up your legs one at a time.” She took first the right and then the boy. s left leg and placed them in the stirrups, placing one hand around his ankle and the other under his knee. “I won. t bother strapping you in since this should be over with fairly quick,” she reassured Alex, hoping that little mercies would help settle his unnecessary trepidation.

Doctor Kitzsler then moved the trolley into position just aside from the boy. s wide spread legs and took the left hand Latex glove. Holding her hand outstretched before her, she rather demonstratively and deliberately over-dramatically worked the tight fitting covering on, flexing her fingers now and then, finally pulling the ridge downwards and letting go with an audible and satisfying snap. While not quite as dramatic as a brain surgeon suiting up, this little performance of the doctor. s caused Alex to feel a distinct additional flutter of uneasiness.

It was in situations such as these that her staff wondered how she could keep a straight face. After all, she was only going to lubricate the boy. s asshole, stick a finger in and wriggle it about prior to enemaing him. Of course no one actually commented on her behavior, not even behind her back since Sigrid Kitzsler was owner of the clinic and a very generous if demanding employer. Nurse Andrea allowed herself more liberties on this account, but was still aware that Doctor Kitzsler was not grandstanding or putting on airs. It was just her personality. She did everything thoroughly and professionally, no matter how small or inconsequential it seemed. Andrea also had more than a sneaking suspicion that Sigrid Kitzsler enjoyed all of this immensely. She certainly did and considered it one of he perks of her job.

It was at that moment that Andrea softly knocked on the door and entered the Cleaning Facility. Seeing Alex on the exam table she surmised that the doctor was in the process of giving the youngster an internal rinse.

Doctor Kitzsler paused for a moment to look over in Andrea. s direction and indicated with a nod of her head that she was to come over and assist her.

“Well it looks like I. m just in time to be of some assistance,” she said to no one in particular.

“Ah Andrea, fine. As soon as Alex has had his cleaning and expelled I. ll let you take over with the rest.”

That settled, Doctor Kitzsler unscrewed the tube of lubricant and squeezed an amount onto her gloved hand. Knowing the routine, Andrea moved closer and positioned herself so she could help pull Alex. s buttocks further apart, facilitating access to his clean shaven anus. The Doctor applied some of the jelly to his little hole and surrounding area and spread it about. She moved her gloved finger in a small circle around his anal sphincter, massaging it, pressing inwards a bit, withdrawing and then pressing deeper until after judging the moment right, she bore down and slid her finger inside of Alex. s rectum.

This was not the first time he had been penetrated anally with something or other while in the doctor. s clinic, but it was of a different order for the boy. At least that was his appreciation. While not exactly painful, her inserted digit was uncomfortable, especially since she was not keeping it still but continued to move it about in different directions and manners. Satisfied that the boy was sufficiently lubricated for the moment she then withdrew the offending appendage.

Taking the clyster syringe in her ungloved hand, Doctor Kitzsler squeezed the red rubber, turned the nozzle downwards and stuck the tip into the warm soapy solution. As the water was drawn up into the main rubber body of the bulb syringe, it made an audible gurgling noise. The doctor turned the device right side up, squeezed the remaining air out and once again sucked the enematic solution into the rubber bulb. Satisfied that the receptacle was sufficiently full she prepared to insert the nozzle into Alex. s lubricated and not all that eager anus.

“Just relax now. You. ll feel the liquid entering you but don. t resist. Just let it flow. Ready ?”

Alex was of a mind to say no, but wisely refrained. He just looked away and waited for all of this to be over with.

The syringe Doctor Kitzsler had chosen was one with a less than ordinary nozzle. There were three protuberances near the tip, which in the doctor. s opinion resulted in very noticeable and pleasing sensations when it was inserted into the recipients. bottom. She was of such an opinion being a connoisseur as it were, and speaking from many years of clinical and personal experience. Alex initially had a different notion on this matter and visibly flinched when the nozzle end was pushed up his own little end.

Three times his anus expanded and contracted as the tip was forced all the way in. The rubber flange was pushed up against his buttocks as far as it would go and he could feel Doctor Kitzsler move the device to and fro, to work it up his insides to the maximum penetration. She then squeezed an amount of the warm soapy liquid up the boy. s rectum and quickly pulled out the nozzle tip to refill it once again. In so doing several drops of water leaked out and dripped down the crease of his buttocks. Nurse Andrea saw this and used a tissue to clean Alex off.

When that was finished, Doctor Kitzsler was ready with the following bulb syringe and in short order repeated the procedure. This she did 4 times until all the liquid was used up and merrily doing it. s work in Alex. s irritated insides.

Indeed, by the time all the solution was squirted up his reluctant rectum Alex was experiencing a most urgent and almost uncontrollable urge to expel all the contents of his bowels. His insides churned with intestinal cramping and it was all the boy could do not to let his sphincter go on the spot. The rectal suppository combined with the soapy solution had made for a powerful irritant indeed.

Nurse Andrea removed all the instruments and devices used for the intestinal washing and brought them to a sterilizing container. Doctor Kitzsler peeled the glove off her hand and discarded it in a waste basket before she placed her hand on Alex. s abdomen. Moving his stiff prick out of the way, she rubbed over his slightly distended belly, intending to relieve some of the more unpleasant feelings produced by filling the rectum with liquid. His cramps lessened somewhat but not the urgent imperative to relieve himself.

The new ones never were very good in controlling themselves with a first enema, Doctor Kitzsler thought. She watched Alex grit his teeth and rock back and forth trying to ride out the cramping. Maybe she had made the solution a mite too irritating for a novice she conceded. Still she waited until Andrea was finished with the cleaning up and had come back. Together they lifted Alex. s legs out of the stirrups so he would not have to exert himself and risk losing control over his sphincter in the process.

Just to be on the safe side, the Doctor took a sanitary napkin and pressed it between Alex. s buttocks up against his anus. So distracted was he by the internal discomfort that Alex didn. t even comment on what was otherwise a rather grave assault on his male dignity. She then allowed him to hurry off to a nearby commode. Andrea accompanied him, gently smiling at his unmanly stooped-over gait. If he stayed long at the Kitzsler Clinic he would surely learn how to take his enemas like a man she thought. But for now she was grateful that he didn. t spill anything on the way.

Alex knew by now that he should not have expected to be allowed use of a closed off water closet. He almost wanted to ask to be taken to another more secluded convenience but his need was so great by now that he just quickly placed himself down on the toilet seat and let go, Nurse Andrea nearby or not. He did bend over and so avoided looking at the others in the room, but that could have been an unconscious reaction to the continued cramping.

In any case it was a blessed relief to be rid of his bowel contents, both the natural and artificially injected contents. After a first cascade of fluids and waste there followed several lesser evacuations over a period of several minutes. Nurse Andrea stood by, solicitously intending her presence to confer concern for his well-being. Instead she only succeeded in embarrassing the boy once the first urgent rush of water had gushed out. The violent exertion had made Alex perspire to a certain degree and Andrea placed a dry towel over his neck and back to help him dry off.

Finally everything had passed and Alex had nothing left to expel. As a last indignity, Doctor Kitzsler quickly inspected to toilet contents, but found nothing irregular. Alex was given tissues to clean himself off with and shortly afterwards everything was flushed out of sight.

Doctor Kitzsler exercised her prerogatives as a physician and having finished the main treatment left Nurse Andrea to fold up the loose ends and clean up. Alex was to be given a warm bath and thoroughly cleaned before being allowed back to his room for a short period of rest.

Now this was not a chore that Andrea objected to at all. In fact it might even well have been that Doctor Kitzsler left Alex alone in Andrea. s charge as a means of granting the nurse a little favor. It also never hurt for a little positive bonding to develop between recipients of intimate care and their caretakers. Andrea was quite good at that, something not only attributable to the lesser age difference between the two, but more due to the nurse. s inherent outgoing character.

Alex was more than grateful to see Doctor Kitzsler leave the room.

“Well now, Alex. I think you could do with a nice bath now, don. t you ?” Andrea asked.

“I guess so.”

“Come on, it. ll do you a world of good.”

Andrea took Alex by the hand and led him to an enameled bathtub. She opened the faucets and set the water to a pleasantly high temperature. While the bath was filling up, she gave Alex the same double washing treatment as she had given Kelly. Using a bath gel, she first rubbed the sweet scented soap onto the boy. s body from top to bottom, paying special attention to his genitals and rectal region. He too was taken to a nearby shower stall and quickly rinsed off before being allowed into the bathtub.

“There now, just stretch out in the water and relax for a while.”

Alex did as Andrea suggested. He closed his eyes and let the warmth work into his body. Andrea watched him and smiled to herself. Such a lovely looking boy she thought. Well built and proportioned, good complexion and skin tone, no overt deficiencies. She too thought that he looked quite handsome and alluring after being shaved, one of Doctor Kitzsler. s more justifiable quirks. He was also surprisingly well mannered considering the circumstances. No back talk or snide remarks, just the normal hesitation and reluctance displayed by patients the world over when confronted with certain medical procedures.

All in all both Alex and Kelly were quite docile and little trouble. It was just that the Doctor liked to see her charges display a little enthusiasm when they started on the more advanced activities. That though, Andrea was certain, would not be a problem with the Gracier children. She did wonder from time to time how Doctor Kitzsler always managed to attract such patients in the first place. It was beyond her, though she was not complaining in the least. Andrea would have been quite content in taking intimate care of an unending procession of like patients. These two however, were going to be a real treat, no doubt about that.

The Doctor. s Collection

Much as she would have enjoyed overseeing Alex. s further treatment in the Washing Facility, Doctor Kitzsler still had a clinic to run. Tomorrow would come early as it always did and she wanted to be prepared for the days work, both physically and mentally. She allowed Andrea about an hour or so to finish with Alex and have him tucked away in his hospital bed.

That gave her enough time to take care of some minor administrative matters and prepare herself for sleep. But before heading to her office, she wanted to look into some possibilities she was considering for the Gracier children.

Tomorrow they would both be submitted to their physical exams, with of course the even more exhaustive and detailed pelvic for the girl and a similar gyno-rectal for the boy. Even though she had performed such examinations an uncountable number of times, the doctor still thoroughly enjoyed herself when her subjects were such adorable specimens as these. She had the procedure down pat as it were, and could have knocked them off in assembly-line style had she been so inclined. But that was not her inclination by any means.

Sigrid Kitzsler wanted to savor and enjoy tomorrows examinations and she wanted the patients to do so as well. To that end she generally preferred to proceed at a more leisurely pace and use a combination of uncommon instruments and techniques. Upon reflection, she decided to pay a visit to her private collection of medical devices, utensils and gadgets.

She had started her training during the last years of the war and afterwards completed it at the Medical Faculty at the Sorbonne University. Being the only daughter of a renowned and expert gynecologist she had picked up an amount of practical knowledge and skills even before she officially enrolled in Medical School. She was also quite familiar with the instruments then in use and archaic though they may seem now, they were quite satisfactory to the daily tasks of a physician in those days. In fact, there was a large variety of devices available then, standardization then not being a concept as universally embraced as now.

Young Sigrid Kitzsler did not readily discard her equipment and over the years while of course acquiring the latest and most modern tools her profession required, she had never discarded her older instruments. In fact, without really consciously deciding to do so she had avidly started to collect gynecological devices of all kinds, rectal examination instruments and irrigation appliances included. She would find these in the oddest of places, as often as not at public auctions in regards to the obviously older pieces. But the gross of her collection was actually just discarded instruments, temporarily stored by doctors, specialists or other clinics, then forgotten about until a chance remark or inquiry by Doctor Kitzsler reminded the owners that, now that she mentioned it, yes there was some old junk she was free to look though if that sort of thing interested her. And it did, immensely. Some of her best finds had been made in the less affluent nations that her travels sometimes took her too. Why once in India, of all places, she had come across a publishing company reprinting facsimiles of old 19th century medical textbooks. These were not intended as collectors items but rather as actual textbooks for university students.

Her collection was quite sizable, included some quite old and expensive medical instruments. Most were largely still in working order. The older apparatus were often solidly constructed, intricate in design and of a fine craftsmanship in their own right. For some inexplicable reason, many patients were even more intimidated by these older devices than they were by the more modern ones. Why that was she could not adequately explain, it only pleased her that this was so.

She entered her collection room and switched on the lights. Many objects were neatly on display behind glass or on shelves, but just as many were stored away in drawers or boxes. The sight of all these devices, designed expressly for the purpose of examining human genitalia and the lower colonic tract sent a shiver of delicious anticipation down her spine and sexual organs. The knowledge that at one time or another all these things had been inserted into intimate bodily orifices of embarrassed and unwilling patients was enough to give her satisfaction in it. own right.

The centerpiece of her collection was set, quite appropriately enough, in the center of the room. It was a late 19th century French examination table :it had then been called une table á speculum. It was built of sturdy cast iron with an industrial Art Nouveau motif and finished with lather padding and polished mahogany. In accordance with the tastes of the time it was profusely crenellated and the legs were doubtlessly modeled on one or another Louis Something Style. It sported leather padded cushions, a sort of foot rest on which the patient could support their legs and was hinged in the normal places. There were several levers, ratchets and gears which gave it quite an intimidating look.

Doctor Kitzsler had come upon this particular piece when she was still in Paris, just after her graduation. Somehow or other she had always held onto it during the years, leaving it in the care of others or else making use of it occasionally, circumstances permitting. Finally she had it shipped over to her new clinic in the US. For Sigrid Kitzsler it was one of her most cherished possessions.

It seemed that during the Belle Epoque and until just after the Great War, medical science and manufacturers had joined forces and succeeded in creating and producing a most varied array of recto-genital examination instruments. Many presented a daunting appearance, solidly built with a multitude of gauges, levers, handles, and what not, often finished in gleaming copper or brass with delicately carved numerals and symbols.

The doctor. s assortment of speculums was justly her pride and joy, easily the crown jewel of her collection. She had several examples of very early 18th century solid cylindrical devices, things not much more than hollow tubes which allowed simple viewing inside the vulva with the aid no doubt of a candle and mirror. There were quite a number of later instruments as well, hinged speculums, which were hinged cones, not overly long and circular in design. Then there was a multitude of the familiar duck-beak shaped speculum, although they were of a vast variety, coming in all shapes, lengths and forms. Some had very small blades, others were much larger and oddly shaped, there were even several fenestrated models, the blades being no more than wire frames, which allowed for a large viewing area inside the vaginal canal. There were double hinged and three bladed models, large and small in size, some for use on prepubescents and virgins, some undoubtedly for rectal use. She also possessed several vaginal viewing instruments made of glass, of which the inside was coated with reflecting silver. Essentially they were nothing more than hollow cylinders, trumpeted at one end and beveled at the other. Although less well known than the typical hinged two bladed speculum, they were called Ferguson. s speculums, after the designer. The models without a reflective inside coating did have the advantage of allowing an unimpeded view of the interior female sex organ, vaginal walls and all, but being constructed of glass they were fragile and decidedly more difficult to introduce.

She choose to use one of those for her examination of Kelly tomorrow. Aside from that she also took along a traditional two pronged speculum and a set of vaginal depressors, or Sim. s speculums. These were shoe-horn shaped metal instruments of various sizes attached to a large handle. They were inserted into the vagina and once in place, the physician was able to open up the vaginal entrance by pulling the depressor to one side while holding the opposing labia taut in the opposite direction. These had been among her father. s favorite tools and she had herself been instructed in their use during her training. In her experience, for some reason she was unable to explain, female patients found the use of this instrument even more humiliating than that of a normal speculum. A good enough reason for her to take a set along.

A pity she had so little time, otherwise Sigrid Kitzsler would surely have spent a longer period looking through her collection, perhaps deciding to take along some other arcane but interesting medical gadget to try out on her charges.

Taking a last quick look around, she turned off the lights and closed the door behind her.

Alex Gets Tucked In

Meanwhile, Alex was still soaking in the bath Nurse Andrea had prepared for him. She had put in various fragrantly scented bath oils and salts, a luxury that normal adolescent boys do not permit themselves, lest they compromise their masculinity. Clearly the staff at the Kitzsler Clinic had totally different ideas about manliness than those found in the average adolescent.

By now of course, Alex had experienced such a baffling array of assaults upon his imagined dignity that he was glad just to lay in a hot bath and be allowed to keep his legs closed for a change. He even relaxed sufficiently for his otherwise eternally tumescent prick to shrink back to it. s normal waiting state.

Unnoticed, Andrea dimmed the lights in the room very slowly, until the room took on an intimate and more comfortable appearance. It now seemed to be something more like an oversized bathroom rather than a Clinical Bathing Facility. The nurse did not have any task to occupy herself with at the moment, so she pulled up a chair next to the bathtub. She watched sweat forming on the boy. s forehead and used a washcloth to wipe it off then brushed his hair back with the back of her hand. Alex opened his eyes, wondering if there was going to be yet another bewildering ritual performed on his body.

“Don. t look so alarmed,” Andrea chuckled, “I was only wiping your forehead.”

“Sorry, I almost forgot you were here.” Alex looked around. “Is everything all right ? Why are the lights so dim ?”

“It. s all right. I just turned them down a bit. Hospital lights can be so harsh, don. t you think ? I thought it might be more relaxing for you.”

“Oh& well yes, it. s OK I guess,” Alex said, but clearly his tone stated that he was on his guard.

“Alex,” Andrea said jovially, “There. s no need to be so suspicious of the Doctor and myself, you know.”


“Oh come on. What you. ve been through today is nothing. Really. This stuff happens in hospitals all the time. The interesting part is yet to come.”

“What interesting part ?”

“Hasn. t Doctor Kitzsler gone over this with you yet ? It seems as if you and your cousin are two very suspicious and untrusting teenagers.”

“I wonder why ?” That was Alex the sarcast talking.

“I don. t know why. Maybe you could tell me.”

“This sure is a funny hospital for starters.”

“This is not really a hospital, but a clinic. Clinics are smaller. And this is a very serious place.”

“OK, so it. s a clinic. Same difference. You sure do funny things with people though.”

“Oh Alex, come now,” Andrea said in a hurt tone, “What. s so funny about all this ?”

“You know what I mean. This is weird stuff.”

“That is silly and you know it. Everything we do is medically justified and quite common practice as well. That may not be your opinion, but you don. t really have all that much experience, do you ?” The ultimate put down.

Silence ensued. Andrea felt that the Alex. s stay at the clinic would be better served if the conversation took a more positive direction.

“Besides, this could be so instructive and so much fun if you. d be a bit more open about it.”

“Haven. t I been open enough today ?”

As soon as he said it, Alex realized what double meaning could be attached to that sentence. He burst out in giggles. So did Andrea.

“Do you see what I mean now ?” Andrea laughed.

“I still think this is all very funny.”

“Well I can promise you some interesting and enlightening activities tomorrow,” Said Andrea.

“Like what ?”

“You. re both scheduled for your physicals to begin with. I think Doctor Kitzsler will do both of you at the same time.”

“You mean she. ll be doing Kelly while I. m watching ?”

“Most likely. Enticing prospect ?”

It was very enticing, but something so unheard of that Alex was sure there was a catch involved somewhere.

“Of course Kelly will be allowed to see me too, I guess ?”

“Naturally. We must be evenhanded. No preferences one way or the other.”

“I don. t know& “

“What. s to know ? Really, sometimes I don. t understand youngsters. You. ll go to any lengths to see each other naked. Here you have a golden opportunity handed to you on a silver platter and you. re trying to get out of it. For goodness sakes, just have some fun. Here. s a chance to really get a good eyeful of a naked girl.” Andrea paused, hoping Alex was picturing the scene in his mind. s eye.

“And when I say naked, I mean spread-eagle naked, nothing hidden. Kelly seems like a very pretty girl to me, you know.”

“I guess so& .”

“Alex, believe me, I know. In more ways than you think.”

“What do you mean ?” Alex asked.

“I am a nurse.”

“I know.”

“I help Doctor Kitzsler in many different capacities.”

“How do you mean ?” This was starting to sound interesting.

“Well, for instance. You. ll both be instructed in sexual physiology and it. s not much of a mystery to males how they. re built. Right ?”

“I guess so.”

“For females it. s a bit different. Especially for young girls. They don. t know how they. re equipped exactly. So the doctor likes to use a female model from time to time. Me.”

“Really ? You mean you. re examined too ?”

“In a way. I usually let the girls examine me. Maybe inspect me would be a better word.”

Ho ho. Alex finally understood what Andrea was driving at. Now that would be loads of fun now, wouldn. t it ?

“Don. t you mind ?”

“Not really. I. m doing it in the name of science you know.” There followed a good laugh. “But seriously, it. s OK. Especially with such good looking patients as you two.” Andrea looked Alex in the eyes while a smile played upon her lips.

If it hadn. t been for the dimmed lights, one would have noticed Alex blushing. As it was, his lustful little prick came back into action and that was something Andrea didn. t miss. She playfully stirred the water in the tub and almost absent-mindedly brushed against his stiffening penis.

“I see you. re definitely looking forward to tomorrow after all.”

“No& it. s not that..”

“Silly. Yes it is and you know it.” Andrea smiled and stood up. “I think it. s time to get you back into your room for some rest. Better come on out of the bath now, Alex.”

He stood up, revealing that indeed his organ was at attention once again. Andrea gave him a towel. After he was dried off, Nurse Andrea pondered what she should put on his skin : a cream or moisturizing lotion, or perhaps some soft talcum powder ? Both had definite benefits.

In the end she decided upon a similar lotion as she had used on Kelly. It was softer on the skin and smelled nicer in any case. She was sure that Alex would protest no matter what she used, but at least she could then truthfully say that it was required and that Kelly had been treated in the same manner.

She was wrong however. As soon as she came with the unmistakable tube of lotion and told the boy to lift his arms and spread his legs, he complied without uttering a word. She rubbed the cream all over his body with soft gentle strokes. It was a very pleasant and sensuous process, all the more so when Andrea started on his private parts. Disappointingly she didn. t spend all that much time or effort in treating his eager sex organ as he would have wished. She did however part his buttocks and work some of the lotion along the crease and into his anus. When she touched him there he flinched and grimaced.

“What. s the matter ? Are you sore back there ?” Andrea asked.

“A little bit I think. It. s sort of sensitive.”

“We. d better take care of that tonight. Let. s see what we can do& “ Andrea said after finishing with the cream. She went over to one of the medical cabinets and took some things over to a counter. “You. re not very used to stimulating your anus are you ?”

“Of course not.”

“There. s no . of course. to it, Alex. Lot. s of people play with it during masturbation or insert objects into it for fun.”

“I don. t.”

Andrea was sure that Alex was just bluffing. From experience she knew that when questioned about their sexual activities, people were prone to either wildly exaggerate or lead unbelievably chaste lives. “Well, you don. t know what you. re missing then, do you ?”

“I guess so.”

“You know Alex, tomorrow the doctor is really going to pay that part of your anatomy a lot of attention. Here. s something that will help you to be prepared.”

“What is it ?”

“This is just a small anal dilator. It. s a special model with a hollow perforated interior. It can hold medication or whatever while it. s inserted. I think it would be a good idea to wear it tonight. The ointment inside will sooth the skin and anal area. And by stretching your anal sphincter you. ll be able to accommodate whatever the Doctor uses tomorrow more easily.”

The nurse held up a slender 10 cm long black object. I was flanged at one end with al pair of strings attached to it. Andrea spread a bit of lubricating jelly on the tip and motioned for him to come closer.

“I can. t wear anything like that !”

“Alex, I. m doing you a favor. This is to help you out.”

She told Alex to bend forward a little and to spread his buttocks with his hands. She then quickly and without much fuss slipped the anal plug into his anal opening. Andrea then took the strings and tied them together after looping them high up around his waist. The dilator was made of pliable soft plastic and fit the contours of the body as it moved around. Still, Alex was quite aware of it. s presence. He felt distinctly odd standing up with such an object up his bottom.

“There we are,” Andrea said. “After a little while you won. t even know it. s in you. And you won. t feel so sore anymore by tomorrow morning.”

This Alex doubted. And he was definitely not thrilled about what was in store for him tomorrow. But like so many things at the clinic, he figured it was just best to take them in stride and see how everything turned out.

“I guess we. re finished here,” said Andrea. “Shall we go ?” Alex followed her out into the hallway, and looked quickly around to see if there was anyone in the vicinity. No one was in sight to his utter gratitude. They both walked through the deserted corridors, Alex a little uncertain due to the anal dilator. Everytime he moved it seemed to press against part of his interior anatomy. Not that it was totally unpleasant after a while, but it did make him very self-conscious and certainly did no good at all to help relieve the stiffness of his penis. If anything it was even harder than before.

They made it back without any mishaps, though Alex was glad for the relative privacy of his hospital room. He sat down on the bed.

“Think you can get some rest now ?” Nurse Andrea asked.

“I don. t know. I suppose so.” Actually he was very tired from the warm bath, but still quite keyed up from all the attendant emotions. Also the anal plug didn. t do much to settle him down either.

“Would you like something to drink before bed ? A cup of tea, some warm milk ?”

“Ugh, no thanks. I. m not a little baby any more.” He grimaced.

“Yes I can see that.”

Knowing she meant his stiff prick he tried to shift his body into another position.

“Is there anything special you do at home before you fall asleep ?”

“I don. t think so,” he replied.

“Don. t you allow yourself an orgasm perhaps ?” Andrea curiously asked phrasing the question in a neutral manner.

“Sometimes, I guess.”

“Why don. t you do so now ?”

“Now ? I can. t do that.”

“Why not ? You don. t have to worry about your hormonal readings. That. s already been taken care of.”

“I don. t know. I. d feel silly.”

“Oh Alex, don. t say that. Actually you. d be doing me a favor. I. d know that you. d be getting your rest, and besides I rather like to watch men play with themselves.”

He had never heard anyone ever say anything like that before and he didn. t really know how to react to it. It took a bit more for Andrea to convince Alex that it was perfectly acceptable and even expected that he masturbate for her. She was very much aware of the inhibitions that had to be overcome and she joked and teased him along until he finally consented. So many unexpected things had happened to him at the clinic that his natural reluctance took a back seat to his normal male urges.

Andrea dimmed the lights in the room, since semi-darkness created a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. She sat down on the bed next to him and guided his hand down to his prick, urging him to take hold of it and do what he normally did.

Alex was nervous and excited all at once. Most of his sexual activity had been solo, a few noteworthy and for him memorable exceptions notwithstanding. His encounters with the opposite sex had been limited to mutual petting and mostly clumsy and ineffectual but well intentioned groping. The females usually had it easier with this type of activity since it takes no great amount of dexterity or cleverness to find and fondle an erect penis. But for all their genuine attempts to provide sexual gratification, it was still so that Alex, like most young males, could provide a more varied and intense pleasure to himself than his girl friends could. While not yet an accredited expert in masturbation techniques, he was not far off in getting his Bachelor. s Degree, so to speak.

Alex began a slow stroking with one hand, using the other to grab his organ at the shaft. He applied himself to the task and even though he was stiff and erect and apparently in a state of sexual excitation, he still couldn. t quite bring himself over he edge. This was something that Andrea had encountered quite often and it didn. t surprise her. She talked softly to Alex, whispering her encouragements in the dark. Every now and then she would brush the back of her hand across his face and lips and tease his nipples lower down. She also urged him to adopt a more open and relaxed position : instead of keeping his legs ramrod straight ahead of him tightly tensed, she told Alex to open his thighs wider and bend his legs at the knees, exposing himself further. Andrea guided his left hand lower still and indicated that he stimulate his scrotum and perineum. She herself gently moved the anal dilator around in small circles.

All of this could ultimately have but one result and finally overcome by the familiar masturbation routine and Andrea. s participation he crossed the edge and climaxed. As orgasms went it wasn. t all fireworks and exploding stars, Alex was still too inexperienced and inhibited with partner sex to relax sufficiently and enjoy it entirely. But come he did and the unmistakable flow of semen from his prick that covered his fist and dripped down his penis attested to that.

Andrea was pleased. Her charge had passed another test of sorts. She complimented him on his performance, cuddled Alex a little and then handed him a small towel with which to clean himself off.

Now it really was time for sleep. She told the boy to crawl under the blankets and try and get a good night. s rest. She would be back for him in the morning.

Doctor Kitzsler Reminisces

Sigrid Kitzsler was at her desk in her private quarters going over some paperwork when Andrea entered the room with a quick and soft knock on the door. She went over to the doctor and put a hand around her shoulder, smiled and bent over for a quick kiss.

“Did you finally get young Master Alex off to bed ?”

“Oh yes. Without much trouble really. I fit him with an anal dilator and let him masturbate himself to orgasm in his room.”

“I think you mean . induced. him. Any difficulties performing ?”

“No, hardly any. Just the usual initial hesitancy. Then he got over my being present and did fine.” Andrea smiled at the memory

“I. m sure you helped our patient along actively. Or am I wrong ?”

“I didn. t have to do all that much really. These two are quite a find. So embarrassed and yet they perform so well at the same time. They are so adorable.”

“Aren. t they now ?” Doctor Kitzsler smiled. “You know Andrea dear, I. ve been here so long and yet this country never ceases to amaze me.”

Andrea arched her eyebrows, a questioning look on her face.

“Such healthy citizens. You know when I was young in Germany, we were taught that this was a country populated by a degenerate bastard race, unfit and inferior. How wrong that was.”

“Well it is the Melting Pot and all that you know.”

“I thought it was a Salad Bowl nowadays. Isn. t that the politically correct term ?” Sigrid Kitzsler laughingly asked, uncharacteristically being ironic.

“I guess so.”

“Still, I suppose one finds such youngsters in every country. There is certainly no dearth of sexually charged adolescents anywhere that I know of.”

She smiled and looked pensive, reliving old memories.

“You know, Andrea, it is often thought that people were so straight-laced when I was young, but I don. t really believe that is so.”

“Oh ?”

“Oh certainly. Why even in the BDM there was always this undercurrent of barely concealed sexuality and eroticism.”

“BDM ?” Andrea asked.

“Sorry,” Doctor Kitzsler shook her head in amusement. “The Bund Deutscher Madel, it was required that all youngsters join up before the war. It means the Young German Girls League in German, the female equivalent to the Hitler Youth. I couldn. t possibly have refused what with Papa. s position at the Institute. And besides, at the time it was quite fun actually.”

Andrea arched her eyebrows.

“Oh yes. It most certainly was. What we did we know or care about politics at that age ? We were always busy with something or other. Marching around in parades, spending time in the country helping out with harvests and festivals, engaged in sports and competitions. Never a dull moment really. And some of the girls were so gorgeous. Quite beautiful at that age really, most of them. And you know, for all of the professed Puritanism of the regime we certainly did a lot of fooling around with one another.”

“Tell me about it.” Andrea urged. It was not often that her employer was so talkative about anything, let alone her past. This was quite interesting.

“I think that our Fuhrerin preferred girls to men, even at my age that was quite apparent to me. She also had quite a predilection for Nudism in all it. s forms. FKK we called it in German : Freie Korper Kultur. Whenever possible we did gymnastics in the nude or went sunbathing and swimming along the Baltic Coast in summer. It was quite cool at times if not downright chilly and I remember that quite a number of our group caught colds afterwards. But like good little daughters of the Fatherland we were expected to bear it all, cheerfully and uncomplainingly.”

“That doesn. t sound like anything I. ve ever heard,” said Andrea.

“I should hope not. I would think that you are mature enough not to believe in any of the Hollywood versions of history.”

“Of course not,” the young nurse replied though they both knew all too well that a knowledge of history was something that Andrea did not posses by any stretch of the imagination. She was extremely interested in hearing about Sigrid Kitzsler. s early years though.

“We weren. t all caricatures or stereotypes you know. Papa certainly wasn. t an Erich von Stroheim or anything like that.”

But since Andrea didn. t know who the doctor was talking about she couldn. t say one way or the other. “What was he like then ?” she asked.

“My father ? A gifted physician I suppose. He had a small private clinic in Berlin before the war and was rather well known in certain circles. High society no doubt, the prominent and wealthy people who run things. Also quite a number of artists and writers I believe, movie stars also. They were all his patients at one time or another. I think he was rather vain about having treated some of them. It pleased him to no end.”

“What did he treat them for ?”

“Oh goodness me, mostly inconsequential things I suppose. Nervous disorders of all kinds : tensions, depressions, despondency, plain boredom quite often I suspect. And of course everything to do with repressed or unexpressed sexuality. You can always count on the moneyed classes to be afflicted by that. Especially the wives.”

“Oh, was he a psychologist then?”

“No nothing like that at all. He didn. t take to that crowd, Freud, Jung, Reich or the others. He wasn. t much for talking about things. I think he found doing things more to his liking.”

“I see.”

“Papa usually left the psyche out of things if he felt there was a manner of giving a physical treatment.”

“And that was & ?”

The Doctor smiled knowing that Andrea was stringing her along. “Don. t act so naive my dear. His treatments were not too much different from what we give our special patients. A thorough examination, a good cleansing and then an easing of tensions. It never did them any harm whatsoever and usually a world of good, all things considered.”

Both grinned. Andrea could not help giggling.

“I do think it is quite universal. Anyway he told me it was something he had learned during the Great War”

“The Great War ?” Andrea asked.

“Word War One for you Americans. He volunteered for the medical corps early on I believe. He explained how the men were rotated in the trenches. Something like two weeks in a reserve trench, then the same period in the front lines and then a week or two for recuperation. R and R you would say now.”

Andrea was quite curious what all this was leading to.

“Many of the men were in bad condition when they came back from the front lines. Not only from wounds or anything, but mentally as well as physically. From the dirt and filth, the abominable living conditions, the lack of hygiene. Many suffered from a constant diarrhea but even more became chronically constipated, sometimes during the entire period in the trenches. Fear can lock up one. s bowels just as easily as it causes them to run you know. So one of his standard treatments was the giving of rigorous enemas. He claimed it was very beneficial. Especially when the treatments were given by the female nursing staff. It did no end of good in boosting morale.”

“You. re kidding.”

“Andrea, have you ever known me to be frivolous or prone to joking ?”

“No& “

“If you think about it, it. s very obvious and not so incredible. Would you be able to defecate in a muddy trench full of rats, lice, and who knows what other filth ? With bullets flying around and shells bursting ? No wonder the soldiers held everything up if they could. My father just noticed the obvious beneficial effects and decided that the therapy was worth pursuing back in civilian life. He bought several very modern colonic cleansing apparatuses and put them to good use. And as we both know, when a cleansing is followed by a relieving of sexual tensions the patients are very grateful and satisfied indeed. Of course it must be dressed up in the proper manner and presented as an accredited and acceptable medical practice. I think that Papa was very good at that part.”

“You. re not so bad either& “

“I. ll take that as a compliment.”

“It was meant as one.”

“Good, but I do think that I. ve talked more than enough tonight. Are you tired yet ?”

“A little, but a bath would do wonders.”

“I suppose it would& & “

“Whatever happened to your father. s clinic ?” Andrea could not but help asking.

“I think he sold it when he was offered the position at the Institute. That was just before the war broke out I think. I remember moving and being quite sad to leave that large stately house& .. But come on now, Andrea, enough of this. Let. s have that bath, shall we ?”

Andrea went to the adjacent bathroom and started drawing a bath for the both of them. After several minutes, Sigrid Kitzsler entered the room and undressed, eagerly anticipating what was to follow.

But what passed between the lovely nurse and the doctor that night is not our concern.