A Visit to the Natural Health Clinic

I was reading in the City Paper about a place that offered various services including COLONIC IRRIGATION. In these days, that advertisement could be very straight forward and/or it could be a front to get one into the situation where “other services” could be offered. Either way, I know that I like the true value of the colonic irrigation, not to mention the feeling of the tube in my ass, so I made an appointment.

When I called the number it was a tape machine which explained the various services, but at the end of the recording it gave another number to call to schedule services and concluded by saying, “If you’re not serious about your health, don’t call.” That was a clue to me that this place might truly be for real. So I called the next number and the woman who answered took my number and within a few minutes was call was returned. The woman who returned my call asked whether I had ever had a colonic before and what was the reason that I did it. So, I answered “yes” and said that I liked the way it feels. I guess that was good enough reason for her to schedule an appointment with me tonight at 7:00.

It turned out that the place was located in a small two-story office building off of old Route 3 in Millersville. Still not knowing what to expect, I climbed the steps to the 2nd floor. I had been thinking about this for the several days before my appointment, wondering how I could introduce the sexual aspect if, in fact, this place was willing to participate and was just being cautious. I was also wondering how to get my temperature taken rectally and had figured that I would just ask, basing my question on a past experience somewhere else. But, that never got a chance to happen since I forgot my thermometer and left it at home this morning. I was going to stop and buy another one, but I decided to wait it out, and if the place was an “enema parlor” there would always be another time.

Upon entering the place it became very quickly apparent to me that this was the real thing, “real” being defined as a place where colonics are given. The door was answered by an older woman and the therapist, Sharon, was a middle aged black lady. Nonetheless, I enjoyed seeing her don the latex exam gloves as she asked me to go across the hall and remove my clothes.

I stepped into the bathroom and the first thing I wanted to do was take a shit. I had to go and I didn’t think it would be right for the therapist’s finger to encounter that right away. (However, I am reminded of the time in Austin, Texas where the therapist did encounter this and used the opportunity to, basically, give me an enema before the colonic. I also think, since I’d been there a number of times, that she was actually developing a “thing” for me because I sensed that she would tease me a little, or expose me a little, or accidentally brush up against me. It was just at this time that my assignment changed and I stopped going to Austin). Then, since I am not a “pig”, I cleaned my ass with soap and water. But, as I was sitting on the toilet I looked around and in the medicine cabinet there was a box of Tampax tampons. So, I grabbed one of those and put it in my pants pocket for later use. I put on the gown, and it is almost ankle- length, but it does open in the back and my cheeks did feel the breeze as I walked across the hall to the colonic room. I like that.

I climbed up on the table and lay on my left side, the gown quickly separating and exposing my ass to the therapist. She asked me to pull my knees up more, and this was better because it served to spread my cheeks and expose my asshole. I felt the wonderfully familiar feeling of my cheeks being spread and her finger applying KY jelly to my asshole, then inserting and twisting her finger all the way inside. For the brief period that it lasted, I enjoyed it, and she was thorough as she rotated her finger in my asshole and then slowly removed it. Next, came the tube. It is nice and wide and almost to the point of being too wide…but my asshole quickly adapted to its size. I must have been stressed out from work because she had to remind me to take a deep breath so that she could get the tube inserted. Once inserted, she told me to turn over on my back (a position that I love-on my back, legs spread & knees up, with the colon tube in my ass). I must have turned too quickly or exerted some pressure because the tube came out.

What a shame! I had to turn back on my side for it to be reinserted, but not before she lubed up my asshole again. Now, over on my back, as the gown slipped away and exposed my thigh briefly until she covered me back up. What a strange feeling that is to be completely naked underneath, with a tube coming from my ass, and the therapist’s hand under my gown, pressed against my buttocks to hold the tube in place. If I were to get a hard-on, it would be pretty obvious. Since there was supposed to be NOTHING sexual about this experience at the moment (regardless of how I felt or what I did about it) getting a hard-on would have been most inappropriate and embarrassing. I controlled myself so it didn’t happen (and, in fact, it’s hard to maintain a hard on with constant rectal/anal pressure and water flowing in and out).

The therapist and I had a nice conversation and I interjected my California experience, sharing the fact that I had received a “high colonic”. I also fabricated the story that the therapist in California was doing some sort of research and. therefore, asked me to fill out some questions, took my blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature, both before and after the high colonic. I mentioned that I thought it was rather strange that she took my temperature rectally (pretty good, huh? I HAD to get it in there!). But, this therapist didn’t seem surprised, explained to me that high colonics were unlawful here, and said that a lot of medically associated therapists do monitor a patient’s vital signs pre/post treatment. So, I asked her about my temperature being taken rectally, hoping to start a discussion on the subject (for upcoming masturbation session), and she just explained that it is the most accurate way to measure body temperature and rules out irregularities caused by eating, drinking, or smoking.

By now, the colonic treatment was finished. As the therapist removed the tube, she gave me a paper towel to “place over my butt” for my journey to the toilet. Getting off the table, the gown followed my movement, so I wasn’t able to expose myself at all. In the bathroom, I sat down on the toilet and expelled what remaining water there was. I sat on the toilet jerking off, but for some reason I was unable to get a hard-on. I cleaned myself up and went back into the colonic room to get dressed. I reached into my pants pocket for the tampon and noticed that it said “extra large” or something like that.

Too late now. The tube of KY jelly was close at hand so I put some on my finger and lubed up my asshole, then took some and put it on the end of the tampon. How does this thing work? It’s hard to push it up my ass since the applicator sort of slides, but this gave me a clue as to the applicator’s purpose and design: the bottom of the applicator slides into the top, and as it does, inserts the tampon BUT it is also designed so as not to go through the top part of the applicator. The tampon remains in place so that the applicator can be slid out. Ingenious! This is kind of neat to feel the pressure of the tampon inside of my ass with the string dangling out. I know the theory of the tampon, and I could feel it expanding in my ass, sucking up every bit of moisture it could find. It sort of burned, and the pressure was sort of uncomfortable, but I had to endure this as part of my self imposed treatment. I finished dressing and left the room, feeling the tampon move in my ass with my every movement. I paid the money ($50) and left, walking down the stairs, the tampon now riding deep and wide in my ass.

Getting into the car was fun, because as I sat down, I felt the tampon expand more and the fullness sensation increased. I sort of like this but I would rather have been lying on my back masturbating-not sitting on my ass driving. I guess it was a 1/2 hour ride back home, and I moved around in the seat of the car to get the tampon lodged deeper, so it would let my asshole close, and to get it adjusted width wise so I would just feel the familiar and comfortable pressure that anal aficionados enjoy. By the time I got home, I had reached this point, but also, I had experienced enough of it. It was time for it to come out, perhaps my asshole was “tired”, or the tampon provided a dull stimulation, but enough was enough. I went into the bathroom and bent over, enjoying the feeling of the tampon coming out. I was surprised to see how long it had gotten, but the width didn’t shock me. I was hoping to come home and masturbate while the tampon was still inside, but I don’t think that the two activities are compatible.

The tampon is designed to absorb moisture, which means it doesn’t move in the asshole. I think the whole thing about anal stimulation is lubrication and movement; this you’re not going to have with a tampon. However, it was a nice conclusion and could be fun to use again in an exam scenario or as part of a little D/s fantasy nurse scenario (I have a European film where a female is given an enema, and following her expulsion, tampons are inserted in her pussy and her ass…that was kind of neat to watch).