A Visit To The Pediatrician

My story begins when I go to my former pediatrician’s office to pick up a copy of my vaccination record for my new GP. I

have been seeing this new doctor for a few years, and just recently the issue of past vaccinations arose, so I thought getting my records was a good idea. I show up at the end of the day, rushing to his office right from work. By the time I get there, the receptionist is just closing, but welcomes me in to pick up my chart. She mentions that Dr. Burns is still in his office catching up on some files and that if I wanted to pop my head in to say hello it was ok. As I head down to his office I hear her leave and lock the door behind her.

“Dr. Burns? It’s me, Melissa Corey. Just wanted to say hi while I was here.” He looked up from his chart and motioned for me to take a seat in front of him. As I removed my coat he finished writing and pushed the file aside. “Melissa my dear, it’s so good to see you again. How are you?” We spent a few minutes chatting - I told him all about my job and how happy I was to get something right after graduating from college. He listened and seemed genuinely interested. It’s funny when you become an adult and talk like one with the person who has seen you in every aspect turn into who you are. But that is not the object of this story. As I stand up to say goodbye, Dr. Burns stands as well and reaches over to put his hand on my shoulder. “you know Melissa, you are due for a tetanus booster. Why don’t I give it to you now and spare you a trip to your doctor?”

I agreed to his offer - it made sense to do it while I was there instead of making another trip. He lead me into an exam room and asked me to remove my blouse. I unbuttoned my blouse as he prepared the syringe. As he swabbed my arm, I sneezed. Dr. Burns remarked that he didn’t remember me having allergies and asked if I was coming down with something. I answered that with the excitement of the new job and all my normal routine had been slightly off, so maybe I was. As he plunged the syringe into my arm, he suggested that he check me out, just to be safe. I reluctantly agreed, knowing full well that arguing with him was futile.

“Well Melissa, you know the routine - take everything off and jump up on the table.” As Dr. Burns spoke he turned to wash his hands at the sink. I had already removed my blouse and then continued by taking off my skirt, lingering for a moment before removing my tights, as I debated whether I should take my bra and panties off as well. I decided to leave them on, afterall, he is a pediatrician! As I sat on the table, he turned around. He looked at me and remarked what a beautiful woman I had become. He began by taking my blood pressure and then looking into my eyes, ears and throat. As I said “aaahh”, he remarked that there was a bit of redness there. After feeling my glands, he informed me that he wanted to take a strep culture, just to be certain. He took the swab and then continued with the exam. He listened to my chest, and then undid my bra to listen to my

heart. I must have blushed a little, as he said that he had seen plenty of breasts before and not to be embarrassed. That made me even more embarrassed! But on with the story.

Next was taking my temperature, a procedure I remember loathing as I got older. You see, Dr. Burns was a stickler for detail and insisted not only on using a rectal thermometer, but he used a digital one that beeped when it was done. I was hoping that he would respect my dignity and spare me the humiliation. But I should have known better. “C’mon now Melissa, on your tummy like a good girl” chided the good doctor. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Not only was I about to have my temperature taken in my ass by a pediatrician, but he was talking to me as if I were a child. I wished that the exam table would suddenly melt into the floor. I reluctantly rolled onto my stomach and obligingly lifted my hips so that he could lower my panties.

He then dipped the thermometer in vaseline and brought it towards me. I could feel the weight of his stare upon my rosebud when he drove the thermometer home. He then rested his hand on my buttocks and started to ask me about my last visit to the gynecologist as my temp registered. I didn’t answer him as I couldn’t believe he was asking me that! After a few moments of silence, he spoke, telling me that with the changing times, and girls getting sexually active earlier in life that he had begun performing pelvics on some of his patients and was thinking of expanding his general pediatric practice to a pediatric gynecology practice. I was a bit surprised to be hearing all this and just nodded as I felt my cheeks turning a lovely shade of crimson.

“Now Melissa, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m sure that by now you have seen a gynecologist and I just wanted to know how recently, as a concern of general health. So, when was your last visit?” I told him that I hadn’t been to one since my senior year of college. Actually, the only gynecologist I had ever seen was at college. Of course he was not happy with that answer and decided that when he finished checking me out he would demonstrate his gynecological technique to me too. I could hardly

wait…Luckily, the thermometer beeped as we were finishing that conversation. It seems that I was running a temp and the good doctor was glad that he caught it. “Probably nothing more than a mild throat infection. We’ll get that cleared right up with some antibiotics, now why don’t you lie back so I can finish the examination.”

I lay back and he began by palpating my abdomen. I closed my eyes at this point, as simply looking at him embarrassed me

further. He prodded for a minute or so, mumbled something about feeling a mass, and then continued down to my panties.

He did the one thing that bothered me even more than his rectal temp method - he lifted the band of my panties, took a look, and then pulled them back up. I don’t really know why that bothered me so much, but it did. He had me sit up before continuing with the rest of the exam. “Well, I felt something when I was examining your abdomen - it may be nothing it may be something, so please answer me honestly. When was your last bowel movement?” I actually was a bit worried, and quickly answered that I had last gone yesterday morning. His “uh-huh” response was not reassuring. Nor were the comments that followed. “Well then Melissa, I think I should do a rectal examination to rule out anything more serious, as I’m not so sure that it is just constipation.” At this point, I was no longer all that comfortable sitting clad only in panties at the age of 23 at my pediatrician’s office. I wanted to politely tell him that I would call my GP tomorrow and schedule an appointment, but I was feeling intimidated, as if he would call my mother if I left, so reluctantly I continued to comply with the good doctor’s instructions and followed him to the bathroom so he could collect a urine sample and so that I could empty my bladder before both the pelvic and rectal exams.

I followed him back to the exam room, noting the silence in the rest of the office. I sat up on the table and Dr. Burns extended the stirrups. He informed me that he wanted to begin with the pelvic and then end with the rectal exam. Just lovely I thought to myself - let this be a lesson to me to have records faxed in the future! But on with the exam. He snapped on a pair of gloves and began by visually inspecting my genitals - he scrutinized as if he had never seen an adult woman naked before. He then examined my vaginal lips and tugged a little at my pubic hair. He explained that he wanted to assess the coarseness and length

  • I had never heard of that, but was too annoyed already to question him. I think he sensed that, as a few other aspects

of the exam seemed out of the ordinary. He continued by running his index finger up and down my slit. I wanted to stop myself, but I started getting wet, VERY wet. I couldn’t believe myself or the situation. I just closed my eyes and lay there on the exam table. He flicked my clit a few times and then announced that he was going to begin with the speculum and then the bimanual exam. With that, he turned to pick up a speculum.

He inserted the cool metal and began to slowly expand it, causing me little discomfort. He shone a penlight to see my cervix and then took a Pap smear. He withdrew the swab, and then closed the handles, turned the speculum, and removed it from my vagina. After replacing the speculum on the tray, he squeezed some KY onto his fingers and started with one finger in my vagina. He then pushed in a second finger and felt around some more. With two fingers in, he then pushed down above my pubic bone, and explained that he was trying to feel my ovaries. After a few moments, he stopped pressing and withdrew his fingers. My eyes still closed, I heard him squeeze KY again. Without warning, he had a finger in my vagina and one poking at my anus. He told me to relax to allow him entrance, and I stifled a sob. He continued pressing forward and my anal ring allowed his finger to penetrate my rectum. He pushed around and then removed his fingers from both holes. I took a deep breath, opened my eyes, and began to sit up. He was stripping off his gloves when he noticed me sitting up. “Melissa, we aren’t quite done yet. There’s still the rectal exam to do. Please lie back down.” Silly me. I thought he was done after that finger fucking of my ass. But once again he had a card up his sleeve.

With my legs in the stirrups, he pushed them wider so as to give him a better view of my anus. He put on a fresh pair of gloves, dabbed on some KY and began to insert his finger. He pushed in, slowly at first and soon I felt him penetrate beyond his second knuckle. He twisted and turned his finger, seeming not to want to miss a millimetre of my previously virgin area. He removed his finger and I breathed a sigh of relief. Until, that is I saw him pick up a rectal speculum. “I want to get a better look, and take a swab back there. This might hurt a bit, as you are rather tight, but if you relax it won’t be that bad. Now take a deep breath…” He was so calm compared to my bundle of nerves, as he pushed the shiny metal into me. And he was right - it did hurt! I wanted to scream out, but instead I lay there like a rag doll as he continued his assault on my anal area. Satisfied with the depth of the speculum, he began expanding it, and once again produced the penlight to take a better look. He took the hemocult swab, closed and removed the speculum, much to my relief. Before allowing me up, he re-inserted his finger and pressed down on my abdomen with his other hand. He mumbled something incomprehensible, and then withdrew his finger. At last I was allowed to sit up.

I realized my nakedness as Doc Burns turned to speak to me. He told me that everything appeared to be normal, however he

was concerned about the mass he had felt in my abdomen. He gave me the option of an enema, which would allow him to

examine the contents of my bowels, or a suppository which would most likely take effect when I got home. I chose to maintain what little dignity remained and opted for the suppository. He seemed somewhat disappointed when I gave my response but chose not to argue. He opened a cabinet and withdrew two suppositories. He unwrapped the little bullets, relubed his finger and inserted the first. He kept his finger in my anus for a moment, withdrew it and pushed the second one home. This time his finger lingered much longer, and he explained that he wanted it to melt completely. He then squeezed my buttocks together for a few minutes and then finally wiped away the excess lube and whatnot that was around my hole. He turned to wash his hands and I began to get dressed. I pulled my panties on quickly and then looked for my bra, hoping to cover as much of myself as quickly as I could. I had one arm of my blouse on when the good doctor turned to me and said “Now Melissa, I hope you haven’t forgotten about that mild throat infection. We still need to deal with that.” I replied that I thought he was going to

prescribe some antibiotics. “Oh yes Melissa, antibiotics are necessary, however I think that a shot will be more effective than oral antibiotics. You can finish putting on your blouse, but then please hop back on to the table, lying on your tummy.”

I was in shock, again! I was hardly expecting another needle, let alone one in my ass. But I knew that I had no choice, so once again I was lying face down on the table. The shot wasn’t a painful as I thought it would be, although maybe it was - I couldn’t tell you, because I passed out before Doc Burns started plunging the antibiotics into me. By the time I came to, he was finished his assault on my body and was washing up. I sat up, still feeling a bit woozy, and he told me that I could get dressed. He also

mentioned that my best course of action would be to have another shot tomorrow and a third one the next day. The alternative was 10 days on oral antibiotics. Needless to say, I took the prescription for 10 days. As I was walking out of the office, I debated whether or not to thank him. But I heard him close his office door and I was pretty sure that I heard him unzip his pants - I figured that was thanks enough.

  • NOTE: This is in no way a true story. It is perhaps a description of my ultimate fantasy, however. Hope you enjoyed it!