A Young Man Goes Shopping

A young man walks into a sex boutique in a large city. It is a class establishment, he notices as he looks around. He starts as he realizes that what he had taken for manikins displaying various sex toys are really people posing as manikins. He looks at the scene nearest the door, which has a pretty young woman reclining with her legs spread while she thrusts a dildo into her pussy. Farther along is a pair of women, one of them kneeling while the other one fucks her from behind with a large strap-on dildo. A third scene has a young man bent over a leather horse while his mistress applies a paddle to his ass. The customer feels his cock stir as he realizes the young man also has a butt plug in his ass.

Tearing his eyes away from the scene, he continues into the shop, until he is approached by a mature, older woman as he looks into one of the sales cases.

“May I help you sir,” she asks.

“Yes,” he says, blushing slightly. He never can appear completely nonchalant about these things. “I am looking for a penis shaped enema nozzle. Do you have any?”

“Yes sir, we do.” She leads him over to a case containing enema equipment. “But if I may ask you some questions, I will be able to help you better.”

“All right.”

“Is this item for you or some one else?”

“It’s for me.” Now he is blushing!

“Do you know what size you need? We have several different diameters.”

“Well, I have a idea, but I don’t know for sure.

“Is this your first time buying something like this, sir?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Well, we can fit you with one of our nozzles, if you would like. A lot of our first time customers seem to like this. That way there is no question about the fit. We can make it as snug or as loose as you like.

Blushing furiously the young man stammers, “I-I-I had no idea that you did such things!”

“Oh, yes sir! We do it all the time. And you see, when we are finished fitting the nozzle to you, . . . well, we know you want to try it out, and we can do this too! All in the comfort and privacy of our fitting room.

The young man is amazed by what he has heard! He feels his cock becoming erect as he imagines “being fitted”.

“Now there is a fee for this service,” the sales woman continues. But all of our customers seem to feel that it is very reasonable considering the services that we provide. And we certainly want to make you happy with your purchase and our store!”

“Well, I must say I am intrigued by all of this! Yes, I think I’d like to be fitted.”

“Very well, sir. If you will wait here, I’ll go get one of our fitters. Oh! Did you want a male or a female fitter?”

“Female, please Ma’am.”

“Very well. You wait right here.” And the sales lady disappears, leaving the young man to look around the store in wonder; as if he doesn’t believe what is going to happen.

The sales lady returns, leading a very pretty young girl. “This is Janice, sir. She will take care of you.”

Janice smiles at the young man. “If you’ll follow me sir, I’ll show you to the fitting room.”

In a daze, the young man follows his lovely “fitter” up a flight of stairs and into a small room. In the room is a padded table and some sort of rack. The room is very warm; at least that is how it feels to the young man.

“I’ll need you to strip now sir,” Janice tells him, “while I get the instruments. You are to be fitted with an enema nozzle, is that correct sir?”

“Y-Y-Yes, that’s right, Miss.

“Very well, if you’ll put your clothes over there,” she indicates a chair, “I’ll be right back. Oh, Mildred said you had an idea about the size. It would help if I knew what it was.”

“I think about 1 1/2 inches, to start with, Miss.”

“And do you want a snug or loose fit, sir?”

“Fairly snug. I-I-I enjoy the feeling of my anus being stretched.”

“Very well then, if you’ll take your clothes off and get up on the table for me, I’ll be right back!”

So saying, Janice leaves the room. The young man begins to undress, placing his clothing on the chair. He has just taken off his underpants when, with a knock, Janice comes back into the room. Seeing that he is naked, the girl looks him over. A very erect cock is immediately apparent, as is a bright red face! It is obvious to her that the young man does not know what to do next, so she takes him by the hand and leads him over to the table.

“Now sir, please climb up on the table and kneel with your bottom toward me.”

Numbly, the young man does as he is told. When he is kneeling in the position that she wants him in, Janice has him spread his legs and begins to fasten them to the table with straps.

“Uh, is that necessary?”

“Well sir, most of our customers find it reassuring. They know that they can’t fall if they are strapped on.”

“All right.” The young man is still not sure about it, and he becomes even more nervous when the young girl straps his hands.

“Don’t worry about a thing, sir. There, all finished! Now, I’ll get the measuring instruments.” The girl walks over to the rack and rolls it into place behind the young man’s buttocks. She then picks up what appears to be a wooden dildo and fits it into place on the rack. She adjusts the dildo until it is the same height as the young man’s anus and lubricates it carefully with KY jelly. She pauses, then rolls the rack back away from the table.

“I almost forgot to grease you,” she says as she begins to work a well lubed finger into the young man’s anus.

“O-o-o-o-oh!! I-I-I’m glad you didn’t!” It’s all the young man can do to keep from cuming as Janice slides another finger into his ass.

“There! Lets see what we’ve got.” Janice rolls the rack back into position and locks it into place. “Now sir, push back onto the dildo and let me see how it fits.”

Gingerly, the young man pushes his bottom back until he can feel the dildo sliding into his anus.

“Back a little farther, sir. That’s it! Now, that’s a 1 1/2 inch dildo. Slide back and forth on it and tell me how it feels.”

Rocking back and forth, the young man fucks himself with the dildo. “That . . . that feels good.”

“How tight is it?”

“Not very.”

“All right, let’s try a 1 3/4 inch this time. Hold still.” Janice releases the dildo from the rack, leaving it in the young man’s anus. “Now move up until I get the next one ready.” In answer to his unspoken question she says, “Oh, I always leave the last one inserted until I get the next one ready. That way your anus doesn’t have a chance to tighten up.”

“Oh.” The young man looks back at the girl as she fastens a larger dildo to the rack and lubricates it. “Uh, is there some way that I could watch what you are doing?”

“Of course! Here, I’ll get a mirror.” The girl rolls a large mirror in front of the table and aims it to reflect the images in a smaller one on the rack. “How’s that?”

“Better, thank you.” Now the young man can see the dildo in his ass as well as the one on the rack. He watches as Janice, one hand on his hip, grasps the end of the embedded dildo and withdraws it from his anus.

“Push back again sir,” she says as she guides him back onto the larger phallus.

The young man feels his ass stretch a little more this time as the dildo enters him.

“Now, slide back and forth on it for me.” The girl does not realize that he would do all most anything for her in order to continue to get the sensations he is feeling. Or maybe she does. “How does this one feel?”

“Tighter than the last one, but it’s not bad.”

“Good! Now let’s try a 1 7/8. Oh, be still so I can unfasten it, you silly thing!” Again leaving the dildo inserted, the girl fastens the next size in place and lubes it as he watches. She notices that his cock is pulsing to the beat of his heart and that he can’t help wiggling his ass to the sensations of the dildo.

This time she lays one hand on his buttocks as she slides the dildo out of his dilated anus and guides him back onto the new one. “Come on, back just a little more. There, it’s in nice and deep!”

“O-o-oh! Oh, that stretches me!”

“Is it hurting you?”

“N-n-no, but I’ve never had anything that big in me before!”

“See if you can slide back and forth on it for me. That’s a good boy! Now how does that feel?”

“It stretches me but I’m OK.”

“Well, lets try a 2 inch then. I think that’s as big as you would be able to take.” She unfastens the wooden dildo and moves him forward out of her way as she places the last one in the rack. “Now take it easy as you push onto this one!” Janice removes the embedded prick and guides him back.

“O-o-o-oh! O-o-o-oh, god!”

“Are you all right?”

“O-o-oh, it hurts so good! I’ve never felt anything like this before!”

“Can you work yourself on it?”

“M-m-maybe. A-a-ah!”

“Feel good?”

“Oh yes! Feels wonderful! But . . . I don’t know if I want a nozzle this big.”

“You probably don’t. The only reason you got this one in without a lot of pain is the fact that you worked up to it. I think you would be better off with a 1 3/4 inch one at most.”

“Y-y-you’re probably right. Uh, the lady downstairs . . .”


“Yes. Uh, Mildred said that you could help me try out the nozzle once we had the size?”

“That’s right.”

“Well . . . I’d like to try it, but . . . Could I keep this one in me while you get it ready?”

“I’ll let you keep it in a while, but I need to remove it and give your anus time to tighten up before I give you the enema. You won’t be able to hold the nozzle in if I don’t.”

“Oh, OK. Thanks.”

Janice strokes his thigh and buttock. “You really enjoy having something in your anus, don’t you.”

“Yes, I always have.”

“Ever been fucked in the ass?”

“N-n-no. I’ve been afraid to try it with a man, and I can’t find any girls that are willing.”

“Oh, really. I’d think a girl would jump at the chance to fuck a man in the ass.”

“Well, I haven’t found one yet. They think I’m crazy for wanting them to.”

“Maybe that will change.” Janice unfastens the last dildo from the rack and rolls the rack back out of the way. “Tell me how you like your enemas.”

“Warm but not too hot, a little soap.”

“How much water?”

“The most I’ve ever taken is two quarts.”

“All right. You enjoy the dildo while I get the nozzle and enema bag.”

“Thank you, Janice.”

The young man looks at himself in the mirror as the girl goes out. Never in his wildest dreams has he imagined that he would be strapped to a table, naked, a monstrous dildo in his anus, while a pretty young girl discusses how his anus is being stretched. And now she is going to give him an enema. “This is wonderful!” he thinks to himself. He wiggles his ass as the dildo sends waves of pleasure through his body.

“I hope you’re having fun,” Janice says as she returns with the enema gear. “Because,” and she gently slides the dildo out of the young man’s ass, “I have to take this out now.”

“J-j-just as long as you put another one in.”

“I will in a minute, but you need to tighten up. See,” and the girl inserts three fingers effortlessly into his ass.

“O-o-oh! You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that!”

The girl withdraws her fingers, “Well we don’t want that. Not just yet, anyway. Now lets get your enema ready.”

Janice rolls up a portable stand and hangs the enema bag from it. Walking around in front of the young man, she shows him the nozzle. “This is what is going in your ass in just a minute. How do you like it?”

“It looks wonderful!”

“Very well then, I’ll proceed.”

After she has attached the nozzle to the hose of the enema bag, Janice begins to stroke the fake cock like it is a real one. She caresses it and rubs it along the young man’s bottom cheeks and crack before she begins to lubricate it. When it is nice and slick, the girl reaches up and, spreading the young man’s cheeks apart with one hand, slowly inserts the nozzle into his waiting rectum. As it is going in, she reaches between his leg and grasps his prick!

“A-a-ah! Oh! What are you doing? Oh! Don’t stop!”

“Now be quiet, you silly thing. I’m not going to let you cum until I have the water in you!”

“Yes! Please! I want to cum with my bowels full of water and my ass full of cock!”

“And so you shall,” she says as she releases the slip on the bag.

The young man feels the gush of water flowing into his bowels. He starts to writhe as the water fills him up, but the girl begins to stroke his cock and he forgets his discomfort as he revels in the sensations she is giving him. As the bag empties, Janice closes the slip again to keep the water locked in the young man’s bowels. He is completely full now, and the urge to empty himself is building; but not as fast as the urge to cum. He clamps his anus down on the nozzle and as Janice senses this, she begins to move the prick in and out of his ass; fucking him with it. This drives the young man wild and his penis erupts, spraying the table with his sperm. When she sees this, Janice begins to spank his ass, telling him what a bad boy he is to cum all over the table. She is still fucking his anus with the nozzle as she spanks him and she can feel his anus working on the nozzle as she drives it in and out of his hole.

“Oh! Oh, it hurts so good! B-b-but . . . please stop.”

“Why do you want me to stop?”

“B-b-because! I can’t stand any more! Please, Janice!”

The girl stops fucking and spanking him. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes. T-thank you. Uh, can I go to the bathroom now?”

“How bad do you need to go?”

“U-u-ugh! I don’t know if I can hold it much longer!”

“Well you had better hold it! If you mess this room up, I’ll make you clean it up!”

“Then would you please let me go to the bathroom?”

“Of course, dear. You wait right there and I’ll go get a pot.”

Janice leaves the room and returns with a chamber pot. She sets it down by the table and starts to unstrap the young man.

“Now you hold on until I finish unstrapping you, then I’ll help you down and get you on the pot.”

The young man’s face is a study in concentration as he tries to hold the massive enema in. Janice finishes taking him loose and helps him down from the table. She guides him over to the pot and positions his bottom over it. The nozzle is still protruding from his ass and she grasps it and pulls it out, allowing him to expel the water and get the relief he craves.

“You just rest there for a minute,” Janice steps behind the young man and begins to remove her clothes. When she is naked, she takes a double ended dildo and inserts it into her cunt. The fake prick sticks out in front of her as she walks back in front of the young man.

“Now! I want you to suck my dick!” The girl moves up so that the young man can take the prick into his mouth. As he sucks on the dildo, he realizes that the girl has shaved her pubic hair. “Are you through relieving yourself?” His head nods. “Stand up then; no you better not stop sucking me!”

The young man gets to his feet, bent over at the waist, his mouth still surrounding the fake dick. His penis, which had been going limp, swiftly hardens again. As she stands in front of him, Janice reaches for a roll of toilet paper. “All right, you may stop. Now grab those ankles.” She moves around behind him and begins to clean his ass. Gently wiping his bottom, she reaches for his cock again. She strokes it with one hand as she finishes cleaning him. “Do you know what’s going to happen now?”

“Y-you’re going to fuck me?”

“Well, I don’t know. I probably shouldn’t. Do you want me to?”


“How bad do you want me to? Beg for it.”

“Please! Please fuck me! I want you to fuck me!”

“And so I shall.” Janice reaches for a tube of lubricant, and begins to grease his anus once again. She then steps behind him and slowly inserts the dildo into the young man’s bottom. When it is embedded fully, she begins to stroke in and out; drawing the fake cock out until all but the head is visible and then shoving it back all the way in. As she fucks his anus, the cock is working in her pussy; stimulating and exciting her. She is already aroused from playing with the young man’s bottom and it doesn’t take long for her to reach orgasm. Janice screams and lurches against the young man’s buttocks as she cums. She reaches down and grasps his throbbing organ.

“Did you cum?”

“N-no, Janice.”

“Good! Because you are going to fuck me in the ass! Right now!”

Janice slides the dildo out of the young man’s anus. Leaving it embedded in her pussy, she moves around in front of him and bends over. She reaches back and spreads her cheeks so that he has a good look at her puckered hole. “Get the lube and grease me up! Hurry!”

The young man, dazed from the sight of the girl in front of him, finally finds the tube of lubricant. He squeezes a blob out onto his finger and applies it to the offered hole. Working first one and then another finger into the girl’s anus, he feels her hole loosen up as his fingers stretch her. Janice is gasping at the sensation and thrusting her bottom back at him.

“Oh! Now grease your dick and stick it in me. Hurry!”

The young man lubes his penis as ordered and moves up behind the waiting girl. Putting the head of his cock to her opening, he thrusts and then gasps as his cock is swallowed by her tight clasping hole. The young man has never felt anything as hot and tight as Janice’s back passage and he keeps his penis deep in her hole until the girl begins to squirm and wiggle her bottom. Reluctantly, he eases his penis out of it’s hot , grasping sheath until only the head remains; then he plows back into her. He fucks her, slowly at first, then faster as the urge to cum builds inside his balls. Janice is almost beside herself as the young man slams his cock into her ass. She is fingering her clit when she feels him thrust deep inside her rear and squirt his cum into her. The sensation is all she needs to reach her peak, and she screams again as she cums.

The young man, having emptied his balls into Janice’s lovely backside, slumps over onto her back, his penis still embedded in her anus. After two organisms, it is all Janice can do to remain on her feet. As she regains her senses, she reaches back and gently removes the softening cock from her neither hole. Her touch revives the young man, and he moves back away from the girl.

Janice turns and looks at the young man. An expression of utter contentment is on his face and his cock hangs limply in front of him. The girl moves over to him and caresses his face.

“Are you satisfied with your new nozzle, Sir?”

“V-v-very satisfied, Janice.”

“And was the enema satisfactory also?”

“Oh yes. Completely.”

“Very good. Did you enjoy being fucked in the ass?”

“W-w-why yes. I did indeed!”

“And how about fucking me in the ass? Did you like that?”

“I-I-I’ve never experienced anything like it, Janice! Was it e-enjoyable for you too?”

The girl laughs softly. “You couldn’t tell, you silly thing?”

“B-but I didn’t think. . .”

“You didn’t think that girl were supposed to like that sort of thing?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well, if it feels good when someone slips a hard cock or dildo into your anus and lets you ride on it, why wouldn’t it feel good to me?”

“I-I-I don’t know. I just thought that women didn’t like having their bottoms fucked.”

“I suspect that some of them don’t. Maybe because they haven’t ever tried it, or because they have been taught that their anus is dirty and they shouldn’t get any pleasure from something dirty. It’s certainly their loss. I’ve always enjoyed anal stimulation, since I was a little girl.”

“H-how did you find out that you liked it?”

“Well, my parents gave me an enema every Saturday night for as long as I can remember. Of course they did it for health reasons, but I think that my father enjoyed greasing my little hole and slipping the nozzle in. I would be naked, and he would sit down on a chair in the bathroom and lay me over his knees. Bottom up, of course. He used to give me the most marvelous sensations by rubbing my anus with his finger to relax it and then easing his finger inside me as he greased me up. Mother was always there, and she seemed to enjoy watching him do it while she got the enema solution ready. Then Father would spread my cheeks with one hand as he pushed the nozzle in. I usually had to take a quart of solution, although as I grew up the amount was increased to 2 quarts. When it was all in me, Father would squeeze my bottom cheeks together to help me hold it in. Sometimes, if I was having trouble holding the solution, he would slip his finger back into me so that I had something to clamp down on. So as I grew up, I didn’t think anything about someone touching me there. I just enjoyed the sensations.”

“D-d-did he ever do anything else?”

“You mean did he try to fuck me? No, he never did. Oh, he rubbed my bottom as I lay across his knees but that’s all. When I was 14 and had gotten my period, Mother told me about boys and sex and how girls got pregnant. She said that it would be much better if I masturbated to relieve myself, rather then going out and fucking some guy who I didn’t know from Adam. And she showed me how to do it. She had me get undressed and lie back on the bed with my bottom at the edge of it and my legs drawn back up to my chest so that she could get to me. She had a small dildo that she gave me and showed me how to get it wet with my juices. Then she slid it into my cunt and showed me how to use it and how to rub my clittie to make myself cum. After I had cum for her, she said that as much as I enjoyed taking the enemas, I might enjoy having the dildo in my bottom. When I told her that I thought I would, she went to get the Vaseline. She held my legs back while she greased up my little hole. It felt so wonderful after I had cum that I couldn’t keep from wiggling my bottom and pushing down onto her finger when she slipped it inside me. When Mother had me very slick and loose, she slowly pushed the dildo into my anus. I came just from the sensation of being penetrated, and I came several more times as Mother worked the dildo in and out of me and played with my clit. It was a very enjoyable way to be taught about sex.” Janice shivers as she remembers. Then she notices something nudging her hairless crotch. Looking down, the girl sees a rigid penis attached to an obviously excited young man. “Why sir, something seems to have come up!”

“Y-yes it has!”

Janice takes the cock in her hand and gently strokes it. “So you like hearing about my childhood?”

“O-o-oh! Oh yes! It excites me very much.”

“That’s obvious!” Janice grins as she continues to stroke his penis. “Should I tell you more?”

“Yes, please!”

“Very well. After Mother and I had had our little “talk”, I would ask her questions about boys and sex as I learned more about both. I think Mother enjoyed the chance to talk about sex, since I could tell that she and Father loved each other very much and both of them enjoyed each other’s bodies. She told me that she would often strap on a dildo and fuck Father in the ass while she jacked his cock off. Mother said that made him cum harder then anything else she did. When I asked her if all men would enjoy being fucked in the ass, she said that she didn’t see why not, but most of them would probably be afraid to be that vulnerable to a women.

Another time we were talking about girls getting fucked in the ass and she said that she certainly enjoyed it, but that she had been given enemas as she was being brought up, as I had, and she thought that was why she could accept the fact that she liked having something in her anus. She told me that was one reason that she and Father gave me enemas; to show me that there was nothing wrong with any part of my body and that I should enjoy anything that felt good to me.”

“D-did you and your Mother ever. . .”

“What, dear?”

“Did you ever have sex together?”

“Yes, we did. Father was gone on some lengthy business trips while I was growing up, and as I grew older, Mother and I would sleep together when he was gone. One night Mother was having trouble sleeping. She was very restless and she woke me up masturbating. I lay there and watched until I got excited, then I started to play with myself too. When Mother saw this she asked me if I wanted to play with her. This excited me even more and I told her so. She got up and got a double ended dildo out of her toy drawer. She came back to the bed and told me to take off my nightgown. When I was naked, she asked me if I wanted the dildo in my pussy or my anus. I told her I wanted it up my bottom, so she greased it up and slipped it into me. Then she said that since I was taking it up the ass, she would too. She got on her hands and knees in front of me and had me put the other end of the dildo in her ass, then I started thrusting in and out of her while she played with her clit. After she had cum several times, I pulled out and she got behind me and fucked my bottom. It didn’t take long for me to cum, but she kept fucking me until I almost passed out from cuming. After that, we had sex together many times. We both loved having our anuses stretched around a big cock and I think that we both enjoyed seeing each other’s hole being stretched. I know I did.”

Janice has been stroking the young man’s cock all the time that she has been talking. Now, sensing another oncoming climax, she whirls around and bending over, presents her bottom hole to the young man’s rampant penis. She gasps as he drills his cock home and then shoots his cum deep into her bowels.