Administering A Sports Physical

This true story involves one of several hundred sport physicals I have administered over the years.

I am a registered nurse in a busy clinic in Nevada. We specialize in administering physicals and doing in-office surgical procedures, such as vasectomies, minor cosmetic work, etc. We have become so busy that the lead physician now allows the senior nurses (of which I am one) to administer sport and employment physicals. Since no one in the clinic knows that I am a lesbian, I am assigned female patients.

Not too long ago, an 18 year old senior girl came in for a sport physical for her cheerleading squad. She was very pretty - 5’7”, 125 lbs., C-cup breasts, narrow waist, and slightly flaring hips. She had a nice tan and appeared to be in good physical condition - her blond hair was smooth and shiny while her blue eyes were clear.

I instructed her to remove all her clothing except for her brassiere and panties. I stayed in the room to prepare for the physical and watched her undress out of the corner of my eye. She slipped off her white blouse after taking off her sandals. She then lowered her jean shorts. She looked very attractive in her white bra and flowered panties.

She came over and sat on the exam table without my needing to tell her to do so. Thus, I began the exam. I showed her a chart of the female body and pointed out what I would be examining during each phase of the exam. I began with the head. I examined her eyes, ears, nose, throat, etc. I then moved to her neck, explaining to her what I was doing as I was doing it.

I then showed her on the chart the lungs and heart and began to listen to them on her. We then talked about the importance of wearing a good sports bra to protect her breasts. I then had her remove her brassiere and showed her how to check her breasts for lumps and to check for stretch marks, indicating that her breasts are not being properly supported. I was enthused that she readily removed her bra for me as that signaled to me that I would probably have no trouble getting her out of her panties.

I then had her put her bra back on and instructed her to lie on her back. I showed her on the chart that I would be checking her stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. I listened with the stethoscope and then palpated. Everything seemed fine. I then had her sit up. I explained to her on the chart that a major muscle is the uterine muscle. It needs to be checked during a sport physical and can only be checked via a rectal exam. She nodded her head as if saying that she understood.

I allowed her to sit there while I put on a rubber glove and lubricant on my right hand and index finger. I then approached her while rolling a small stool and asked her to stand up on the floor. I asked her to face the table, slide her panties to mid-thigh, and bend over the table. She took a deep breath and turned around. I could sense that this was going to be uncomfortable for her. She hesitatingly put her thumbs into her waist line and began to slowly slide the panties down. What came into view was awesome! A perfectly shaped butt! She slid the panties almost to her knees and then bent over the table.

Wow! Her buttocks were small enough that they opened on their own to expose a perfectly hairless pink anus leading down to a tight slightly haired vagina. I put my left hand on her left gluteus and gently opened her up just a tad more. I felt her tense up. I told her to just relax - this would only take a minute. I placed my lubricated finger against her anus and began to make gentle pushings into her orifice. I heard her suck in her breath and tighten up. I asked her to bear down as if having a bowel movement. She said she was afraid to do that. I understood. It is common for a patient to be afraid to bear down for fear of having a bowel movement or at the very least expelling flatulence. So, I just gently kept pushing inward. Eventually my first knuckle made it past her sphincter and the rest of my finger made it in.

My goodness, she was tight! What a wonderful feeling! As I probed in her rectum to feel her uterine muscle, I noticed that her rectum was full of fecal material. While I was still inside her, I asked her when she last had a bowel movement. She said that she could not remember. I asked if she had been having trouble with bowel movements. She admitted that when she tried to defecate that morning, she was unable.

I withdrew my finger after being satisfied with the tautness of her uterine muscle and told her she could pull her panties back on. I watched as those beautiful orbs disappeared under the flowers.

I then told the girl that she should probably have an enema to get her bowels back on track again. She seemed to blush and told me that her mother told her the same thing yesterday. She told me though that she did not want anyone “poking around back there.” She doesn’t even let her boyfriend touch her there, she said.

I explained that I am a health professional and administer several per day. I told her that it would be in her best interest to get cleaned out. I told her that I take an enema at least twice per month for cleansing purposes. She then asked me who gives me my enemas. I told her, truthfully, that another nurse does. (I did not want to tell her that the other nurse is Lisa, my lover). This seemed to reassure her and she then agreed to let me give her an enema.

I took a Fleet enema from the storage cabinet and showed it to her. I took off the protective cover and showed her how it would work. She seemed comfortable with the situation.

I had her remove her panties and lie on her left side. I gently lifted her right buttock and exposed her anus. I slid the nozzle into her anus and began to squeeze the water into her. She did not say anything or make any noises.

When the water was completely in her, I removed the nozzle and held her buttocks together with my left hand for a moment to alleviate any desire she may have to defecate immediately. I then walked to the counter and threw away the bottle. As I turned back to her, I could not help but gaze at the cute gal lying on the table with her buttocks exposed.

I told her I was leaving the room and that she should lie like that for another five minutes and then use the bathroom that is attached to the room. I told her I would be back in fifteen minutes.

When I came back, I could tell by the stench in the room that she had defecated a load. I asked her how it went. She said a lot came out. I told her to bend over the table again and I would check to see how it felt inside her now. Again, I was presented with a lovely view. I gently went about my business and checked her rectum. She was now clean. We then finished the physical by checking her legs, knees, and ankles.

I told her she could get dressed and I would come back in five minutes for any last questions from her.

When I came back, she was dressed and had no questions. She did, however, give me a hug for helping her to feel better. She then asked me if she could call me directly if she ever needed an enema again in the future. I professionally said she could.

When I got home that night and told my lover Lisa about the event, she thought that maybe we should pay a home visit to the girl if she ever calls. That way, the girl could meet the nurse who gives me my enemas. And, who knows what might happen from there…