Adolescent Enemas

This is a continuation of my posting about my earliest introduction to kinky enema activity under the control of my older sister, Sharon. I left off at the age of 12 or 13 after she had given me my regular Saturday morning enema while allowing my younger sister, Susan, and her friend watch the enema procedure. Susan was allowed to masturbate me to show her friend how to manipulate a male and see an ejaculation. This was embarrassing but it was also something so special I remember it vividly today. After they allowed me to privately expel the enema, I was dismissed and Sharon administered an enema to both Susan and her friend, Paula, because Paula had never had one but was curious to experience one after she saw how it affected me. I was not allowed to participate but I could hear some giggles and the sounds of their enemas being expelled through the closed door. The narrative continues from that time.

The pattern of an enema every Saturday morning continued for many years. Sharon was 17 and my primary nurse, occasionally giving the task to Susan for unusual circumstances. She continued to shave my pubic hair, insisting that my younger sister develop hers before I was allowed to have mine. Susan deviously enjoyed the occasions when she could shave, enema and masturbate me. One evening Susan and I were home alone and knew neither Sharon or my father would return for at least two hours. Sharon came and asked if she could give me an enema right then. I agreed to let her do it as I found the enema experiences more positive than negative. It was embarrassing to be naked in front of my younger sister and submit to an enema from her but that was countered by the sensations of having my anus lubricated, the penetration of the rectal nozzle, the gentle warmth filling my belly and then the feeling of her lotioned hand masturbating my hard cock. I was ready to undress in a moment but Susan said she wanted to call Paula and have her come over again to help. What choice did I have?

Paula arrived in 15 minutes and we soon got down to the business at hand. I went to my bedroom to undress and they went to the bathroom to prepare the enema equipment. My cock was hard by the time I got to my bedroom, much less undressed. It felt silly with it pointed up and out hairless like a child’s but ready to spurt like an adult. I entered the bathroom and saw them filling the red bag with soapy water, but something else caught my eye. There was an enormous white bulb syringe that Paula brought from her house. It was larger than any of the douche bulbs available now so I suspect it held 12 to 16 ounces. It had a large, black douche nozzle and a plastic ring at the base so it couldn’t be inserted too far. They spread a towel on the counter top and had me lay there. I got up on my side but they made me roll over, cock-side-up. Paula hung the bag on the shower rod and brought the nozzle over to me.

They didn’t begin immediately, but played with my penis for a couple moments. Paula said her brother who was my age, had a much thicker one than me and had lots of hair. Susan told her that Sharon kept me hairless so my small penis looked more like a boy’s than a teenager’s. They got a charge from pushing it around and letting it spring back into place. Eventually they had me pull back my legs and Susan inserted the nozzle into me. They let the water flow and I took the entire bagful. I was full and thought I had taken everything, but Paula picked up the bulb and brought it to my hole. She attempted to stick it in while I was struggling to hold everything back. She didn’t get the right spot and pushed. Not painful but I thought it would be in my best interest to help, so I reached down to help guide the nozzle up into me. I closed my eyes knowing I soon would feel her injection.

She pushed the douche nozzle all the way into me until I could feel the plastic ring rest against my anus. By this time I was no longer embarrassed as the pressure in my belly occupied most of my thoughts. Then she squeezed the bulb and I felt a blast of cold water rush in. I expected her to be satisfied with that or to refill the bulb for another shot but she released her hand and let the bulb suck the water back out of me. That done, she repeated the process several times. I was doing my best to hold everything but these additions of nearly a half quart of water to an already full bowel were real tests to retain. I wasn’t thinking of the erotic part of things, just straining to hold the waves of fluid and then relishing the brief times that the water was sucked out.

On a particularly hard squeeze, I strained to control my asshole and suddenly I ejaculated without anyone touching my penis at all. It was entirely weird that the internal pumping stimulation and my muscle contractions induced this orgasm. I had to open my eyes to watch the semen shoot out all over my tummy. Then they let me go to the toilet but both of them watched as I let go.

When I was empty, they had me climb back on the counter as Paula wanted to masturbate me. I complied but couldn’t cum again despite her persistent hand. Susan decided to stimulate my anus a bit so she inserted the bulb syringe nozzle and moved it in and out of my anus in rhythm with Paula’s hand. This produced the orgasm they were looking for. Before I got down , Susan squeezed the bulb and injected the air into me. It felt like I had to fart, so I did. The laughed but I felt much better. We cleaned everything up before anyone else came home and our secret was safe.

Several weeks later a similar situation developed when no one else was home so Susan wanted to give me an enema. I could see that she liked her role controlling me and using me for sexual experimentation so I thought I’d see if I could get some give and take with her. I agreed to let her give me an enema but I would get to give her one first and without Paula. She didn’t like this idea at first but she soon gave in. We both were naked and I gave her maybe one quart of water. As she sat on the toilet expelling, she had me kneel on the floor in front of her with my chest on the rim of the bathtub and gave me my soapy treatment. I took the whole bag and then wanted to expel but she wouldn’t get off the toilet for me. I struggled to hold it eventually getting in the tub, standing on my tip-toes, anything to try to hold it but I could feel some water leaking out and run down my legs. She sat there laughing at me and I looked to see my legs streaked with brown water. I finally couldn’t hold it any more so I had to let go. It was gross and embarrassing but at least I felt better.

Seeing that, Susan wiped and got up so I could finish the regular way. I had to clean things up before she invited me to lay on her bed so she could jerk me off. Then she got an idea, remembering the bulb syringe. She went and got the enema bag and removed the hose from the bag. She inserted the nozzle in my ass and then blew into the hose to fill me that way. She did this a few times and my tummy was really full of air. Then I said what was fair for me was fair for her. She clamped the hose and found another nozzle. I put that on the other end of the hose, licked it for lubrication and inserted it into her cute bottom. She opened the clamp and some excess air escaped from me into her. We looked funny, connected rectally with the red enema hose but it was really exciting to feel the air go back and forth as she resumed to masturbate me until I discharged a sticky load. When we removed the nozzles, both of us farted several times.

Susan wanted another enema session after a month or so but wanted to show Paula the air trick. I said that was OK but that both she and Paula would get a small enema before they gave me mine. I wasn’t sure if Paula would agree but she did. I don’t think any of us really knew about sex and fucking, we just thought this was sensual and basically pleasant. I’m sure our parents wouldn’t have approved but it was more experimentation without risk than just plain sex. When Paula undressed, I could see that she had firm breasts with large brown nipples bulging out from the roundness of her breasts. Her nipples were not just on her rounded breasts they were almost like another small scoop of ice cream on top of a larger one.

She also had pubic hair, a small swatch coming up in the front slightly above the cleft of her vulva. Her hair was as dark as the hair on her head. When she lay back on the towel, I could see that she also had some dark hair in her underarms. Her mother wouldn’t let her shave until she was 13. She may have been more self conscious about her underarm hair than being naked, but I found it really special and have had a fondness for naturally hairy women since then. I couldn’t touch her but was excited to watch her enema and the toilet session. Susan then took her place on the counter and I was able to lubricate her anus and insert the nozzle. As she was laying there with her legs brought back and spread, I could see a few hairs just beginning to show on her outer lips. There probably weren’t more that 10 all together and Susan didn’t even know they were there. I was overjoyed because now Sharon would stop shaving me!

I used some Vaseline to lubricate her anus and I gently slid my finger up into her. She didn’t object because my finger wasn’t much larger than the enema nozzle and certainly was smaller than what came out. I probed around inside and could feel a firm mass. When I removed my finger, it was obvious what I had touched. My finger was smeared with her brown waste but it didn’t seem gross and wiped off easily. She took her soapsuds and then it was time for them to purge me. They wanted to see me pee first so I had to stand in front of the toilet and try to urinate. It was nearly impossible with my erection, but eventually I relaxed enough to pee. Paula took hold of my penis and moved the stream around the toilet. I expected to lay on the counter as well for my enema, but the girls decided to have me lay on the floor and then roll back with my legs up and shoulders down so that my ass was pointing straight up and my genitals were also in plain view, my cock right above my face and mouth. Susan mixed a bag of fresh soapsuds and injected it into me.

My penis was hard as it had been for the duration of our game and I could feel something building up inside. I wanted to get up but they made me stay there and take it all. No one was touching my cock as the bag was nearly empty when another spontaneous orgasm hit me as I was looking into Paula’s pretty pussy as she squatted near my head. My sperm came shooting out, all over my own face. Some got in my mouth as I had my first unpleasant orgasm with the girls. I don’t know if this is what they had intended, but their laughter made me very suspicious.

In all the years since and in all the kinky videos, etc. that I have seen, only once have I seen a female place a male in that position and masturbate him so he discharges on his own face. It is common to see guys cum on female faces to either show their orgasm or to illustrate the male superiority over the female. To have the tables turned in this symbolic way was degrading to me then even before I knew what I know now. But the pressure in my belly was becoming more evident and I had to use the toilet.

The 15 minutes I spent there let me mellow out a bit and rekindle the sexual side of things. Susan was ready to show Paula the air trick but Paula suggested that Susan fill her with an enema and then the hose could be plugged into me and the water transferred from Paula into me instead of just air. Susan thought that was OK so she gave Paula a full bag of very warm water. She closed the clamp and detached the hose from the bag so she could put another nozzle on that end. I had to lay on the floor on my back and they inserted the nozzle into my rear. Paula stood up over me with one leg on each side of my waist. I could look up at her ass and pussy as Susan opened the nozzle so I could get my second helping from a human enema bag.

My cock got hard again as the past humiliation was erased by the present ecstasy. After awhile, we traded places and I returned the water to her. Susan had us both stand together as gravity didn’t matter and we could give each other waves of enema fluid be tensing our muscles. It was kind of neat.

Time came to end things so Paula was allowed to sit on the toilet and drain herself while I had to stand by her with the hose stuck in the toilet between her legs and have my fluid drain that way. Both of the girls played with my cock and I had another orgasm standing there with the enema hose draining my bowels as they attempted to drain my semen. I did shoot another load although there wasn’t much semen at all, only 2 or 3 small squirts. But the first one shot out really far, hitting the wall from at least 3 feet away. I don’t know if the girls had any desire to masturbate themselves or if they didn’t even know about their sexual abilities. I certainly didn’t know about stimulating them or perhaps our session could have been more intense.

Well, enough for installment number 2. I hope you have enjoyed this and perhaps can get some ideas for your own kinky adventures. I would enjoy hearing your stories or enema adventures directly or as postings.