Adventures in Medical Fem-Dom

I am the author of several Fem Dom stories posted on the net group Alt.Sex.Stories during the past year, entitled “Costumed Capers, Tommy/Tomi, Terry, and Dominated By Young Girls.” I never had any interest in Female Domination prior to last year, and I thought you might be interested in how those stories came about.

The following story represents my experiences last winter with the women of the medical professions. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent, but the substance of this account is true (or is it?).

Due to a couple of ruptured disks in my back, I spent most of last winter in extreme pain and was dosed up on every pain killer available plus muscle relaxants due to spasms in my back. Over the course of 6 months I was poked, prodded, and generally handled by a series of Nurses, Female Doctors, x-ray Techs, MRI Techs, Physical Therapists, etc. Having been very active all my life, I was not used to being unable to move about freely nor to be handled at will by all these women. I was in so much pain however, that I didn’t really care what happened to me as long as they found some way to get rid of the pain. As I would lay at home, in between sessions, I realized that some of the “procedures” I had been subjected to were not necessarily carried out in the “standard” way, if fact some were specifically done in such a way as to allow the women (and in a couple of cases their friends or co-workers) to “check me out”.

At any rate, I had surgery; then started the recovery process with more physical therapy etc.

The net effect of all of this thinking was that I would be laying there in bed, recalling in detail the procedures and of the women involved. Now as you might suspect, XXSU Medical Center is a Teaching Hospital so patients get used to everything being done at least twice and usually with an audience. No matter what it is, the student will look over the situation, take readings, etc. which are then checked by a regular staff member or faculty member; then they finally get around to doing what ever the procedure is and the results are checked. Since our medical coverage only pays 100% at XXSU facilities except for emergencies, the patient has no choice about where the treatment will take place unless they are willing to pay 20-50% of the tab.

All of this thinking (and I am sure the drugs helped also), started little fantasies moving around in my head and since I hate watching game shows and soaps all day, yet couldn’t get out of bed without a 15-20 minute effort and a whole lot of pain. I had my computer moved to a position where I could see the monitor from the bed and could put the keyboard on my stomach while laying down. Then started to write for my own amusement. Pain killers and muscle relaxants do strange things to the mind and I soon found my self writing stories about young boys being dominated by their female peers and forced into crossdressing, B & D, and various other “humiliating” situations.

In retrospect, the topics are interesting since I was never really interested in these subjects before, but the words just “flowed” out and onto the screen before me. I also had an almost constant hard-on while writing and found it necessary to stop every once and awhile to relieve the pressure in my balls. I also started paying more attention to what was going on during my treatments and how some of the young women in particular went to great lengths to have me nude whether it was necessary or not; and how there always seemed to be a need for other women to come and go during this period.

Now I never have claimed to be a hunk or body-builder type, but I have always stayed in good shape, opting for a toned build over bulk. This allowed for more flexibility and speed than bulk muscles and that was what I needed.

It was all in his imagination - I hear you say….

I think not… an example please…. OK

Chapter 1 : Usual Procedures ?

My primary care Doctor now is a woman named Dr. Nancy W. (Before all this it was a man Dr. Bell). When the muscles in my back spasmed into two big knots, I managed to make it to the office, ( I should note here, that this is a family medical clinic and that when I entered, all of the patients in the waiting room were women and children), but quickly found that Dr. Bell was on vacation. The receptionist saw how much pain I was in and told me that Dr. W. could see me immediately. I didn’t care who saw me, I just needed help. I was quickly ushered back to an examination room, where the nurse (whose name I later learned is Vicky) told me to undress and put on the usual gown. She then left and after about 5 minutes returned and took my blood pressure and heart rate, then told me to get up on the examination table. As I slowly moved to get on the table, she noticed that I still had my jockey shorts on and said, “those have to go too.” Without time for me to respond, she bent in front of me and hiked up my gown and pulled down the underwear, pausing with her eyes 6” from my cock. As I stepped out of the garment, she guided it over my ankles and her hair brushed against the sensitive head of my prick (which responded with a half erection).

On the table, I was told to lay back and the half hard member was causing a distinct bulge in the gown. I was placed with my knees up and feet flat on the table which of course meant that the gown covered nothing of my crotch when viewed from the direction of my feet. She then produced a rectal thermometer and a tube of KY jelly and after lubricating her gloved finger slowly inserted it into my ass. Other than the obligatory prostate exams all men must undergo, my little hole remained virgin, and in fact had never been entered by a female finger (I’m sorry to say!). Standing between my knees and looking me right in the eyes, she slowly moved her finger deeper into me, spreading the slick lube around. Her finger made contact with my prostate and in nothing flat, my cock was hard as a rock and extending it’s full 7 inches (now you know). The nurse looked down and then looked back at me and smiled. She then removed her finger and inserted the thermometer. She held onto it and slowly moved it in and out as she looked at her wrist watch with a grin on her face. After what seemed like more than sufficient time, she removed it and recorded the reading, then using a tissue in her gloved hand, placed her other hand on my groin just above my cock, with the back of her hand brushing against it, while she wiped the lubricant from my ass.

She then told me I could put my feet down and left the room. Needless to say, the gown had this big peak in the middle as she left.

Within 2 minutes (and before my cock could deflate) Dr. W. came in accompanied by another woman wearing a lab coat. The Dr. introduced the woman as Mary, a medical student and asked if it would be all right for her to be present during the examination. I looked over at Mary and my heart just about stopped. Now Vicky had been good looking at about 5-6 with a slim trim body and average breasts. But Mary was a tall “willowy” brunette with a classic “model’s body” she had legs that just seemed to go on forever and had to have been at least 5-10, but it was hard to tell laying flat on my back on an examination table. I told the Doctor that it was OK with me. At that point, Mary looked at me and then giggled as her eyes came to rest on the “tent” in my gown and quickly placed her slim right hand over her mouth as she attempted to regain her composure. The Doctor looked at her quizzically, then followed her sight line and grinned also. All I could do was turn beet red, but couldn’t force the boner down no matter how much I wanted it to go away.

The Doctor then got down to business and proceeded with the examination. I was told to stand and then the gown was removed. Standing nude in front of these two women with 7” of hard cock pointed straight out, I was probed and handled by both as they examined the muscles of my back. The examination, was typical of the type one gets with a general physical and included both of them listening to my heart and lungs with their stethoscopes, testing reflexes, checking for hernias ( I must admit that I did groan when Mary handled my balls), and having me attempt to twist different ways to see where it hurt the most. The only thing unusual was that I was completely nude throughout.

The Doctor then told me to bend over the table and both gave me rectal exams massaging my prostate and discussing it’s size, shape and condition as if I were not present. During this exam, Vicky came back into the room and stood in the corner while the Doctor examined me. She left during the first rectal exam and I noticed out of the corner of my eye during the second rectal exam by Mary, had left the door open. I could hear people going back and forth in the hallway. When Mary was examining my balls from behind, between my legs as my hard cock pointed down, I groaned. This brought a snicker from outside, so it was obvious that I had an audience in the hall. Keeping me bent over with my butt pointed towards the door and the family jewels clearly visible between my legs, the Doctors made detailed examination of the knotted muscles in my back.

The Doctor then ordered a series of x-rays to be taken and called for Vicky to escort me to the x-ray room at the other end of the hall.

I was then given my gown back and Vicky and I slowly walked down the hall to the x-ray room. Due to the knotted muscles in my back, I could not take steps longer than about 12 inches without feeling like I was being stabbed; so it took an eternity to make it the 75 feet down the hall. Along the way, we passed a number of women ranging in age from young girls of 11 or 12 to old women in their 70’s.

The whole way, the gown was pushed out in front of me and this was cause for amusement among them all. The gown being pushed out in front also meant that it was pulled apart in the back and Vicky, who was helping me walk, was guiding me with her hand on my ass.

In the x-ray room, a short blonde woman who looked to be no more than 22 greeted me with a big smile and told me her name was Cindy and that she would be taking the x-rays. I was told to sit on the edge of a table while she filled out some forms and then was walked over to the tilt type X-ray table. I was placed with my back against it and the cold surface caused me to shudder when my ass contacted it. Once I was against it, Cindy pulled straps from the sides of the table and then lifted the gown and secured them around my waist. While she was trying to secure it, the gown kept getting tangled in the straps and she was getting frustrated. Then she just reached up and untied the neck string and pulled it off saying something to the effect “Damn, lets get rid of this stupid thing, I’ve already seen your stuff anyway!”. She then quickly added two more straps which secured my shoulders and legs. I was now, therefore securely strapped to a vertical table, unable to move, with a hard-on pointing straight out from my body, facing the door, which Vicky had once again left open. Only this time I could see the hallway and the people passing by. There was only one room beyond the X-ray room which I later learned is used for storage of supplies and that day it seemed that the entire female staff needed to get something from that room.

Cindy then proceeded with the x-rays and tilted the powered table in a bunch different angles while she shot the pictures. Being tilted around caused me to get dizzy so I just closed my eyes and went with the flow. When she was done, she removed the straps and the table was placed in a horizontal position with me on my back and yes that pole was still pointed straight up. All through this, every time it would start to go down, Cindy or Vicky who was helping her would find some need to run their hand over my stomach, thighs, or brush against my cock, which would instantly return it to full size. “Now you stay on your back while I develop these pictures,” Cindy instructed. “That way if I need to reshoot any of them we won’t have to get you back onto the table.”

So there I lay, nude with a hard-on in the middle of the room, with the door open. While Cindy was in the darkroom, Vicky sat in a chair by a work table and shortly, I heard someone enter the room. “Oh hi Ann,” said Vicky looking towards the door. Then into my line of sight walked the receptionist (who looked to be just out of High School) carrying 3 cups of coffee.

“I brought you some coffee” she offered and set the tray on the table by Vicky. Shortly Cindy came out and the three of them started talking as though I wasn’t even there, except, that I could see Ann clearly as she was positioned so that when she talked to Cindy, she was also looking directly at me. Ann tried to be discrete (unlike some of the others who just plain stared) and stole little peeks at my cock, then would blush slightly and look away. What seemed to be about ten minutes later a buzzer went off and Cindy went back into the darkroom and checked the x-rays. In a couple of minutes, she came back out an pronounced them fine and that I could be returned to the examination room.

I was then allowed to get up, but due to the contracted muscles in my back I needed help, so Vicky and Ann each took an arm and helped me to stand by the table, Vicky, during this stood directly in front of me and as I slid down from the high table guided my body against hers so that her breasts rubbed me from my stomach to my chest. Then she placed her thigh between my legs and held it against my groin while she helped me put the gown back on. The smooth feel of her nylon uniform dress against my bare cock once again had it standing at full attention.

The hallway scenario was repeated again, gown tented out in front, hand on bare ass in back.

Back in the exam room, the Doctor returned and explained that she believed I had a bad disk pressing against the nerves which was causing the muscles to contract. She pointed out that according to my history, I have had back problems off and on for 10 years and that she is going to refer me to a surgeon for further examination. She has already arranged for an appointment two days later but in the mean time I will need to get an MRI scan for the surgeons use. Vicky left to set up the MRI appointment and the Doctor told me that she was going to give me two shots and that I was to go directly home (which she noted is less than 5 miles away). The first shot was a powerful pain killer and one should not operate a vehicle under it’s influence; it won’t take effect in the time it will take one to get home, but will shortly thereafter. The other shot was to relax my muscles, “They are hard as rocks” (this brought a chuckle from Mary who was looking at my hard cock pushing out the gown). I knew what she was looking at and turned red again. They had me get dressed except for pulling up my pants then gave me the two shots and a prescription to be filled later. “Now go home quickly!” ordered the doctor, “Vicky will call you later with the information on your MRI appointment.”

Well I made it home OK and my cock was still hard when I got there, but not for long. When that muscle relaxant took effect, it was a good thing I was in bed, on my back because I have never been so relaxed. Every muscle in my body turned to jelly and I was quickly asleep for the next 6 hours.

As I said, I was in so much pain during the above, I really didn’t care what they did to me. Hell they could have done it down on the city square for all I cared at the time. But does the above sound like “standard” medical procedures? Is it any wonder that scenarios of female domination were bouncing around in my head? Would you like to hear more about my medical adventures?

Chapter 2 - A Sexy MRI

Vicky called me that evening and told me that she had set up my MRI at a private facility since the XXSU MRI was booked solid for the next couple of weeks. She also said not to worry about the cost since my health plan would pay as they had referred me.

About an hour later I got a call from a woman at the MRI facility who confirmed my appointment for 10:00pm the next night, so that I could take the pictures with me to the surgeon the following day. I was told to wear some-thing like a sweat-suit and absolutely no metal of any kind. I was asked about implants, etc. and told to be on time since I was the last appointment for the day and that they were staying late to get me in.

At 9:45 the next evening, I slowly hobbled into the MRI facility and was greeted by a heavy-set lady in her 50’s. “You must be Jim,” she said as she locked the door behind me. “You are a little early, so why don’t you fill out these forms, then I’ll have the nurse come out and see you; they are tied up with another patient right now.”

I was then handed a pile of forms and given a seat at a table in the lobby. Ten minutes later, I hear a sexy voice say,” Are You Jim?” I look up and see a beautiful redhead, with the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen, Wearing one of the tightest nurse’s pantsuits with curves in all of the right places.

“Ye.. Yes” I stuttered, trying to bring my blood pressure back down to earth bound levels.

“Good, I’m Nancy, the duty nurse.”

“Oh, uh, Vicky said to tell you she said Hi,” I offered trying to avoid looking at her chest, where her uniform was tailored to showoff to maximum benefit her “C” cup sized tits.

“Yes, she told me all about you when she made your appointment.”

Nancy quickly reviewed the forms and then handed them to the older woman, who threw them in a tray and while putting her coat on told Nancy that she was through for the day and would see her tomorrow. Nancy followed her to the door and let her out then relocked the door after she exited.

Nancy then returned to me and said to follow her back to the imaging room, where the technician was waiting. Again, I slowly made my way back through a hallway using short steps to avoid pain and soon found myself in a large room which housed a giant machine with a hole in the middle. Kind of like a two story donut made out of white ceramic material. Waiting in the room was a small dark haired woman who looked more like a 12 year old than an adult. She was introduced as Jane, the MRI technician and she explained the machine and how it worked. At no more that 5’1” and tiny in all of her features, I had a hard time convincing my brain that this person who looked like a prepubescent girl was a technician, but her voice which was very soft was conveying technical information well beyond her visual age.

Jane asked Nancy if I was ready and Nancy replied that she still had to do the basic medical checks before they started, but had brought me straight back rather than using one of the examining rooms to save time. Jane said she was going back into the control room and to give her a yell when I was ready.

Nancy then brought out a blood pressure gauge and took my reading (which I was still sure had to be higher than a kite), then listened to my heart (which was beating at 90 MPH) and lungs with her stethoscope.

Then facing me she told me to undress, as they didn’t want any clothing to “distort” the images. Wearing only a sweatshirt, sweatpants, jockey shorts, and tennis shoes, this didn’t take long until I got down to the shorts. “Those TOO!” she said as she stood in front of me with her arms crossed over her tight jacket and a grin on her face.

In my mid-40’s I have been nude in front of a number of women, which never bothered me, but for the fourth time in two days I was being ordered by a woman (who was at most 26) to strip in front of her and someone else, since Jane was clearly visible through the window of the control room. I was embarrassed and turned red, I could feel the heat around my ears. I don’t know why, I just was.

Nancy then told me to turn around and I could feel her hands moving over the muscles of my lower back, she turned me some more and I was now facing Jane at her console some 5 feet away on the other side of the glass window, and who was smiling from ear to ear as she surveyed my body. “Good, the muscles are relaxed so we should be able to get good pictures of your spine.”

Nancy, then had me bend over and put my hands on the rails for the MRI bed and told me she was going to take my temperature. “Vicky says you prefer a rectal temp. and I always thought those were the most accurate anyway.”

Before I could reply, I felt her finger pressing into my ass and it almost immediately opened to admit her probing digit. While she worked some lube into me she called out to Jane that I was almost ready and to come in because I would need help getting up onto the apparatus. I heard the door open and close and had absolutely no doubt that Beautiful Nancy and Cute Little Jane were both now behind me and looking at my ass. Nancy, replaced her finger with the thermometer and as Vicky had done, held it with her fingers and moved it around, and in and out while she waited. The bulb of the device was rubbing against my prostate and sure enough I soon had a hard prick pointing straight down between my wide spread legs.

“Very nice” I heard Jane whisper to Nancy who did not give a response I could hear.

Nancy, then wiped the excess lube from my puckered hole and the two of them turned me to face them. Jane giggled, “Well ONE muscle isn’t relaxed!” This caused Nancy to laugh and me to turn even redder.

“That often happens with a rectal temp.” Nancy said to Jane, trying to sound authoritative. “OK stud, up on the tray.”

As I tried to get up on the plastic tray mounted on the rails, I got stabbed with pain and my cock immediately deflated. The women helped me inch my way up and back and Nancy’s tits were all over me, but I was in no shape to appreciate them. Tears were freely flowing down my cheeks as I fought back the pain. Once in place, Jane came to where my head was laying in a set of blocks, as I squeezed my eyes trying to shut down the tears. She gently stroked my head and ran her fingers through my hair, and almost whispered, “God that must have REALLY hurt. Just relax now and we’ll get this over with.”

I relaxed as best I could and Jane put a set of earplugs into my ears after telling me to lay perfectly still. “This machine will sound like a jackhammer when I move the magnets around and it will be very tight in the tunnel, but don’t worry, we’ll be right here and you can talk to me through the intercom located above your head.

Jane then disappeared as Nancy finished setting the sides of the tractor bed to hold me in a fixed position. The bed started to move, and soon I was traveling into the machine and lost all reference points. The top of the passageway was less than 6” from my nose and although I have never been claustrophobic, I sure was feeling it then. I was like being in a coffin and I could feel my heart rate jump and even though I knew the machine was open on both ends, found it hard to breathe.

I could hear Jane talking to Nancy on the intercom.

“Nance, I’m picking up increased heart and breathing rates; since this is a lower back series, I’m going to run him up near the other end, do something to distract him or we may have to sedate him!”

I tried to calm down, but the closeness was more than I could take; there was no rationality too it, I just knew, I would die in there. Soon, the bed started moving again and then stopped, just a flash of light became visible above my head. “Jim, tilt you head back so you can see out of the machine,” I heard Jane’s voice say. “Good now, hold your head in that exact position, don’t move until I tell you.”

“Jim, this is Nancy,” I heard faintly, not coming through the speaker, “look at me Jim, can you see me Jim?” Just then she came into view in the crack of space visible between the tractor bed and the machine.

“I can see movement, but I can’t tell what it is,” I replied. Then suddenly, the white color visible through the crack turned flesh tone from the center out and I saw a pair of gorgeous breasts displayed upside down from my point of view. The nipples were rose red on very pale white skin and were standing erect like two missiles ready for launch. All I could say was “Oh Nancy, they’re beautiful!” I couldn’t move a muscle the way I was pinned in that contraption,… well that’s not true… I did move one muscle. I got hard again!

Nancy, squeezed her breasts together, then pinched her nipples and pulled on them, allowing them to snap back, my total attention was focused on the fantastic sight above and behind me, just visible.

“Nancy! What the HELL are you doing!” Jane yelled through the intercom. Apparently, Jane could not see her since the machine was between them.

“Just what you said!” Nancy’s fainter voice replied, “Distracting him!”

Jane started laughing “The Doc ain’t going to believe these pictures; I’ve never seen an MRI of a hard cock before!” “The profile shots are just great !”

Shortly, the machine which had been making a high pitched noise, wound down and then came to a stop. The tractor bed started moving again towards my feet and the vision of those wonderful breasts was gone from sight.

When I came out the other end, Nancy was standing beside the bed and her uniform was again closed. Jane came out and said the computer images were being transferred to film and that they could get me back down now. My hard cock was still pointing up at a 45 degree angle towards my belly. But as soon as we started the process of getting me off the machine, I got stabbed in the back again and ended up on the floor, curled up and crying again. Both women tried to ease me into a comfortable position, but the pain was relentless. Finally the spasm passed and Nancy helped me get dressed while Jane went to retrieve the films. As she pulled up my sweatpants, Nancy gave my cock a squeeze and gave me a kiss on the cheek “for being such a good sport.”

The women helped me across the ice covered parking lot and into my car for the drive home. Then said goodnight as they separated and went to their own vehicles.

When I got home, I took the films out of the big envelope and looked at them. Sure enough, 6 shots showed my stiff cock pointing right out there and I knew, that would not be missed in the future.

Chapter 3 - The Surgeon and Physical Therapy

The next day was my appointment at the surgeons office, arriving at the appointed hour I was ushered to an examination room and given a new pile of forms to complete and again told to undress and put on the pro- offered gown. The nurse took the file from Dr. W. and the envelopes of x-ray and MRI pictures and told me the Doctor would be with me in about 15 minutes. While sitting in the room, wearing that thin gown and filling out the latest 50 forms, I hear a disruption in the adjacent room.

“OH MY GOD! Janet… Janet! You have to see this! You’re not going to believe it!”

I didn’t need to ask what the nurse was looking at nor what she wanted Janet to see. I knew it was my MRI pictures with the prominent hard-on clearly visible including two views which showed it in cross section. All I could do was turn red and try to ignore the laughter and cackling from the other side of the wall.

About 5 minutes later and before the Doctor came in, the Nurse returned to pickup and check the paperwork. While looking over the insurance forms, she casually said, “Oh by the way, Jim, those are very interesting MRI pictures, everything came our very clear; we’ve never seen any like them before!” Then smiled at me as I again turned very red.

The Doctor arrived shortly thereafter and the Nurse left with the pile of paperwork. After the usual exam conducted by orthopedic specialists, he told me he was going to schedule me for an MRI. I advised him that I had already had one and had brought the film with me. He then left and said he would look them over then be right back.

When he returned, he was smiling and said; “I see you had an interesting MRI session.”

“You might say that,” I replied, “But the pictures also don’t tell that I left that way either.”


“Well anyway it looks to me that you have two herniated and/or ruptured disks, probably degenerative, since you don’t indicate an accident, either one of which could be pressing against a nerve which is probably what is causing the muscles to spasm. Now, I prefer to use surgery as a last resort, so we are going to try a conservative approach and give you some anti-inflammatory drugs to take in addition to what Dr. W. has prescribed and also schedule you for 5 weeks of daily Physical Therapy. If that doesn’t work, then I will arrange for a second opinion and probably schedule you for surgery. Check with the Nurse after you get dressed, she will have setup the PT appointment for you.”

After dressing, I went out to the Nurse’s desk and she handed me a note showing my appointment the next day at the hospital physical therapy department. “I’ve already talked to them, Jim, so they know what to expect and I will send them a file with the necessary procedures to be performed. Have fun!”

Physical Therapy

The next morning I reported to the Outpatient Physical Therapy Department as scheduled, on arrival, I checked in at the desk and was told I needed to see Barbara, the Director, who would evaluate my case and assign my therapist. I was then lead back through a long room with curtained off cubicles each containing a padded table and electronic equipment, to an office near the back of the area. Inside was a tall slim black woman with very dark skin, and her hair fixed up in kind of a bun at the back of her head. She introduced herself as the Director, then added “But just call me Barbara, we are informal here in Physical Therapy.” She pulled my file from a tray and started reading through it, flipping the pages rather rapidly. While she was doing that, I was checking out the two dozen certificates and degrees hanging on the wall telling me how qualified she was.

At one point, she kind of snickered and when I glanced over she was looking at my file with her hand over her mouth. When she turned the page up to see the next one, I saw the reason for the snicker. In the file was a Xerox copy of one of the MRI’s with (you guessed it) my hard cock stuck out. I turned red, but she never said a word about it.

“OK Mr. …”

“Just call me Jim,” I replied, “Since Physical Therapy is informal.”

“OK, Jim, Dr. R. has ordered 5 weeks of therapy, 5 times per week, to include hot packs, massage, electro-stimulation, and supervised exercise in a special set of exercises for back problems called ‘Spine Neutral’ exercises. But before we can do that, we will need to do a complete evaluation of your present condition, so that we have a point against which to measure progress.”

“When do we start?”

“Today, but … Jim you know this is a teaching hospital… I have a class of new Physical Therapy students starting their clinical practice this week and I am going to use you as part of their training… as an instructor here at the University, you know how important it is for our students to have hands on training…”

“Uh…” was all I could get out.

“I will be back for you in about 10 minutes and we will do the evaluation, then I will assign your case to one of the students under the supervision of one of my staff therapists.”

Barbara came back a little while later and ushered me to an adjacent room. “OK Jim, I will need you to get completely undressed and put on this gown, (indicating one on a massage table) do you need any help? No.. Good, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”

I got undressed as ordered and put on the gown. This one however, must have been made for a midget, because it just barely covered my butt and the Velcro on the catches was just about shot.

Barbara returned and taking me by the arm lead me through an adjacent door into a classroom where there were seated 25-30 young women students between the ages of 18 and about 23 and two older women probably in their 30’s and one male student.

“Class, this is Jim. He is a new patient of ours and is an instructor here at the university. As a new patient, he needs a complete evaluation write up, and has agreed to assist me in showing you how do that.”

When the hell did I agree to that! (she never asked me, she told me I was going to) went through my head like a lightning bolt. But at this point I was standing in front of the class and in considerable pain so what the hell … Let’s get it over with !

So there I was, standing in front of about 30 young women (and 1 male) wearing nothing but a very short examination gown (which as I said just barely covered my ass). Barbara, then selected two students to come forward and assist with the procedure.

Beth was a small slim blonde with a cute face and a “boy cut” hair style and rather flat chested; who looked at most 18 years old and Susan was a woman in her mid 20’s, about 5-6, long black hair tied in a pony tail (god do I love pony tails but that is another story). She was kind of homely looking with her glasses on but with a body that would stop trains. We are talking something like 44-26-38, I mean the biggest breasts I had ever seen on someone her size.

Now I am not really into big breasts, in fact, I prefer small breasts as they are more pleasing to the eye (It has also been my experience that small breasted women tend to be more adventurous in sex :I am not making any generalizations, just an observation, based upon my actual experience). But Susan’s just could not be ignored.

Beth started things rolling by measuring my height and weight, chest, waist and hip measurements, then asked Barbara, the nature of the problem. Barbara, handed the women three sheets of paper from my file, which outlined the disk problem, and the Doctor’s prescription for Physical Therapy. While Beth was looking over this paperwork, Susan started through a series of questions regarding medical history, current complaints, what movements were painful, rate the pain on a 1-10 scale, any other health problems, etc.

Beth then asked me to turn around so that they could check the area where the muscle spasms occurred and as I did so she opened the back of the gown, so that my cute little ass was now on display to a whole room full of women. Now the muscles in my back were at the time partially knotted, and both women poked and prodded the area, then brought out some kind of instrument to measure density, and took readings from adjacent areas as well as the affected area. Barbara, then told the rest of the class to gather around, where they could closely observe.

Next I was asked to stretch as far overhead as I could, which of course caused the gown to raise up all the way around and while I was in this position, they took additional readings and I was looking at half a dozen women directly in front of me. They were not looking at my face however, or watching what Beth and Susan were doing but looking directly down at my crotch and smiling. Next I was bent left and right and measurements taken with a device which gave them the angle of maximum bend and then told to bend backwards as far as possible which thrust my hips upward and the gown retracted onto my stomach. The entire class could now see my crotch since I’m bent back and several giggles erupted from the area behind my head.

“Now ladies, Jim has been kind enough to allow us to practice on him, so let’s not embarrass him!” said Barbara, (Kind of late for that thought ! runs through my mind). As my ears and face turn bright red.

Next, I was to bend forward, and since the back of the gown had not been rehooked, when I bent to touch my toes, it slid down my arms and off onto the floor so fast I couldn’t catch it. I was now standing bent over forward, completely nude, with my ass pointed at 18 or 20 women behind me. Again measurements were taken and Beth told me to stand back upright.

“Wait a minute Beth, you need to take a density reading, since this stretches his lower back to the maximum,” observed Barbara.

So I was told to remain in that position, while they again pressed this device against my back. “Now move your feet apart, Jim, and try to put your hands on the floor; that’s it, wider, until you can reach it.”

By the time I can reach the floor, my feet are about 3’ apart and I know damn well that my cock, balls, and asshole are wide open to view by everyone behind me because I could see them from between my legs. There were a lot of smiling women and elbows nudging each other and again their attention didn’t seem to be on what Beth and Susan were doing with the device on my back.

Now the whole series of movements was repeated, only this time with my hands behind my head and completely nude, since Barbara observed that “That old rag, doesn’t want to stay on and gets in the way, anyway.”

When that was done, Barbara, had four of the students move a massage table to the front of the class room and told me to get up on the table.

I had learned the hard way that two movements were guaranteed to cause my back to spasm. One getting out of a chair without lifting myself with my arms and two, trying to get onto something higher than my butt by backing onto it, which was how she wanted me to do it.

“I can’t do that Barbara, if I try to back onto it, I’ll get stabbed by pain.” I said.

“Sure you can.” she replied, “Don’t be such a baby!”

“Barbara, every time, I have tried to back onto anything higher than a chair for the past week, I have had a violent muscle spasm; so don’t give me that baby shit !”

I was mad, I had played her little game so far, but calling me a baby in front of the class was going too far! The room was dead silent; everyone knew, Barbara had crossed a line and were waiting for her response.

“Now listen Jim…”

“No you listen Barbara, If you want to use me to instruct your class, OK, but I don’t have to put up with that crap, and will not ! Do you understand? Or should i have the faculty council disciplinary board explain it to you!”

You could have heard a pin drop!

“Uh, Jim you are absolutely correct, I was out of line and I apologize… Could you allow us to continue…?”

“Fine, if you want me on the table, I’ll get on the table, but not by backing onto it.” I then turned, leaned over the table, and pulled myself onto it face down, then one at a time pulled my legs up with gritted teeth, due to the pain and laid face down on the table.

“Thank you Jim… Class we will continue now…”

Barbara, then started into what actually sounded like professional instruction of the students. Pointing out the various muscles involved in my problem and asking for student opinion as to what massage techniques should be used, to release the tension in the affected area. She then queried the students as to the other instructions from the doctor and what they would need to do to follow those orders in my case. When the question and answer session between teacher and students wound down, Barbara asked me what time of day I would be available for my treatments. I advised that I was available anytime, as I was unable to work in this condition and was on medical leave.

“Fine, your case will be handled by Beth and the staff Therapist will be Lisa J. Lisa, would you and Beth please take Jim to the treatment area and get started on his treatment for today.”

Laying nude on the table, I looked to my right and out of the crowd a tall woman approached, wearing a white lab coat. She was slender and has dark brown hair, which like Beth’s was in a “Boy Cut” style. She wore 3 diamonds pierced into each ear and also like Beth was small chested. At about age 30, she walked with assurance and smiled down at me as she said, “ Hi! Jim, let’s get you up and over to the other room for your treatment; Do you need help or would you rather get up on your own. I know that people with back problems usually don’t like people pulling on them because it can hurt pretty badly.”

I smiled back, “I’ll get up on my own, if you don’t mind.” and started edging myself back off the table until I was again standing, bent over it, then lifted my torso off with my arms.

Lisa put her hand in the small of my back and gently guided me towards the door. At that point, I realized I was still completely nude and was headed for a public area, and stopped dead in my tracks.

“What’s the matter Jim?”

“Uh, shouldn’t I put something on?”

“No need, we are going to the last cubical where you undressed, it’s just on the other side of the door. Beth, why don’t you walk in front, then no one will be able to see anything.”

So out we went and when we hit the other side, I stayed close behind Beth and slid into the curtained off cubical before anyone could see me. Lisa maintained her hand on my back the whole way.

“Beth go get some hot packs and we’ll get Jim started.”

Lisa then had me get up on the table and lay on my back, I was acutely conscious that I was laying there nude under the attention of a fully clothed woman, who I might add, had the most pleasant smile and expressive brown eyes, I have had the pleasure to observe…

Beth came back with the hot packs and the two women helped me sit up then arraigned them on the table and laid me back on them. The wet heat was fantastic and Lisa then put a sheet over me and said they would be back in 20 minutes.

The hot packs felt so good that I fell asleep and in what seemed like no time at all, felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and a soft voice calling me back to consciousness . “Jim… Jim… wake up Jim…”

As I opened my eyes, I saw little Beth leaning over me smiling with her hand resting on my chest just above the left nipple. “Time to wake up! I have to do your back now.”

They sat me up again and removed the pads from below me, then had me turn over onto my stomach. The sheet was removed and Beth explained that she was going to attach some electrical leads to my back which would conduct charges into the muscle. I indicated that I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of getting jolted and she explained that it was more like a “tingle” and would pulse, that it released the tension in the muscles and actually felt pretty good.

Six pads were placed on my back from the top of my butocks upward to the middle of my back on either side of the spine. When she turned on the machine, I felt the “tingle” on the bottom set of pads and the muscles in my ass contracted, then released, and the next set of pads activated. The effect was a moving contraction - release sequence from the bottom upward, then started over again.

After a couple of cycles, I told her that it really did feel good, and that I shouldn’t have worried.

Both women sat in chairs adjacent to my table while the machine worked me over and discussed my case. Lisa was questioning Beth on the “Spine Neutral” exercises and it seemed that the younger woman gave the right answers since each response got a nod from Lisa.

Next came the massage, and Beth put some lotion on my back and started working on the area between my lower ribs and the bottom of the spine. After about 3 minutes, Lisa stopped her and told her she would need to force much harder with her hands and that she should stroke all the way up and out onto my shoulders about every third time, to prevent cramping in adjacent muscle groups. Likewise that she should also work downward away from the primary site for the same reason. She then lubed up her hands and demonstrated the technique she had been describing. It was fantastic ! I knew immediately, that I had never really had a massage until Lisa went to work on me. She worked at it for a couple of minutes, then started talking to me as she stroked.

“You must workout a lot Jim, You have great muscle tone.”

“Not in the regular sense of pumping iron,” I replied, I teach physical education, and that keeps me pretty well toned and flexible.”

“A little more than ‘pretty well’ I’d say, there’s hardly any fat on you anywhere; you wouldn’t believe how many really out of shape people we treat here. I enjoy working on someone who takes care of themselves for a change.”

After a couple more minutes, Lisa turned me back over to Beth and guided her through the techniques, occasionally telling her to use more or less pressure, work her thumb in such a way, press here, stroke there, etc. I was in heaven!

Beth massaged me for about another half hour then wiped off the excess massage lubricant and told me to sit up on the edge of the table. Getting up to the required position, she handed me a thick spiral bound booklet which was a manual from some back clinic on how to perform the various “spine neutral” exercises and explained the benefits of each exercise. Both women were sitting on chairs in front of me and although I had been nude in front of these women for the past two hours, and both had examined me in detail, I suddenly became conscience of my state of undress when I realized that my crotch was at their eye level and that I was fully exposed. I turned red and felt my ears heat up; which caused Beth to give me a strange look.

“Something wrong?”

“Uh, no… I, I just realized I am sitting here carrying on a “normal” conversation with two very lovely women; me naked and them fully clothed.”

“Oh Jim, relax…” said Lisa, “We are in a ‘professional’ situation, not a social one, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about… you have a very good body and should be proud of it.”

Just then another therapist walked in and after glancing over at me, told Lisa that one of her patients in the Orthopedic Post-Op ward was having problems and could she break free to go up and work with her.

“Sure, tell them I’ll be right up; Beth is familiar enough with the exercise program to instruct Jim on how to do them and I see no need for me to stay here. Beth, get him started on the first 10 exercises and I will see you both tomorrow morning. Bye Jim… see you at 10:00 sharp.”

Beth then positioned me on the table on my hands and knees and we started through the various exercises. The series must have been developed by someone into serious pain, because for slow movement exercises, I have never felt so much stress. For example, with your hands and knees set 6” out from your body line and while holding your abdominal muscles fully contracted, extend your right arm and left leg together, outward raising both at the same time, while you balance on your left hand and right knee until you reach maximum elevation and extension. This should take about 10-15 seconds, now slowly (in a controlled manner) lower them and switch to the other arm/leg combination. Remember to keep your abdominals locked throughout the movement; do this 10 times for each side.

Needless to say, doing these nude shows everything you have. Especially, when you are on a table and the viewer is standing with her head at the same height as your back line. Additionally, Beth would hold one hand on my back and the other on my stomach throughout many of the repetitions to make sure that the abdominals were being held tight. Or would have a hand on one of my thighs or arms or cheeks of my butt either to guide me or check muscle stress, in particular near the end when an arm or leg would begin to tremble. All this contact from her soft hands was beginning to cause some trembling for a different reason.

At one point when she was squeezing the cheek on the right side of my ass, I said, “ Uh, Beth… If you keep that up, Uh… you are going to get some, Uh … unprofessional, Uh… results…”

Her fingers at that point were between the cheeks in the crack and her thumb was making circular pressing movement into the hip side of the muscle.

“Uh, Beth, I assume it is your left hand,… well to be quite honest, … it… it is getting me excited…”

Without, moving the hand, she looked between my wide spread legs and at my fully exposed groin. The cock was just short of full extension and was pointed downward towards the table. “Ohhh, I see what you Mean!”

Without warning, she reached under me with her right hand and grasped my shaft, which immediately came to full erection and gave it several pulls as if milking a cow, then just held it for a while, clamped tightly in her hand.

“Well I think that is enough for today.” she said in a husky voice, then released my cock and told me to sit on the edge of the table facing her again.

I moved to the sitting position and my cock was standing straight up. Beth then spread my legs and stepped between them; lightly ran her hands over my sides, then said, “Jim, I’m going to help you get down, now, so I want you to put your arms on my shoulders and your legs around my hips, then I’m going to pull you towards me and let you slide down my body to the floor, OK?”

Before I could answer, she reached between us and moved my cock to a vertical position pressed between us, then tightly hugged me around the chest below the arms and pulled me forward. As my butt cleared the table, my cock and balls slid down the front of her uniform as my inner thighs slid down the outside of her body.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed.

“What… What’s wrong?”

“Your buttons! The buttons on my balls!”

Beth, giggled, then while still hugging me, reached down with her left hand and gently massaged my balls in her tiny hand, while making cooing sounds with her head pressed against my chest.

I groaned and trembled at her manipulation and was just short of cumming when she abruptly stopped and backed away.

“OK Jim, I’ve got to go now, but I’ll see you in the morning. Get dressed and don’t forget to sign the log on your way out.” She turned and was gone through the curtain.

It was a hard drive back to the house thinking about that sexy little minx and her wonderful hands.

Chapter 4 - Physical Therapy Day 2

The next day I reported to Physical Therapy as scheduled and was met by Beth at the reception desk, then ushered back to the same treatment booth as the previous day.

“Undress Jim and get up on the table, while I go get your hot packs.”

I stripped and then looked around for one of the gowns and finding none, worked my way up onto the table face down.

When Beth returned, I asked about a gown, and she just smiled and said, “It’ll just get in the way, so I didn’t get one out; now sit up a minute and I’ll put these under you.”

So I sat up and she positioned the pads then had me lay back on them and covered me with a sheet, then left as had happened the day before.

After 30 minutes, she returned and did the electro stimulation, and then started the manual massage. This day however, she spent a considerable amount of time massaging downward onto my rear end, which I might say felt great. We talked as she worked, and she told me that she had just turned 19 and had moved to the city from the Chicago area. Her goal was to be a specialist in sports therapy and that she eventually wanted to get her Master’s Degree and open a specialized clinic of her own.

When she had completed the massage, she again directed me in the exercises. This time we started with me on my back and did some new ones involving leg lifts and arm leg combinations. Again, her soft hand spent most of the time on my stomach as I did the exercises and I was acutely aware that this pretty young woman had a completely unobstructed view of my entire front side. The idle movement of her hand inches away from and occasionally brushing my cock had the expected effect, I was soon sporting a boner with a mind of it’s own.

Beth took note of it with a very long stare but never made any move to touch it directly or made any comment about it.

“OK, up on your hands and knees, Jim, and we’ll do the ones you learned yesterday.”

“What’s this ‘WE’” I said in a joking manner, “I haven’t seen you do any of these exercises yet.”

“No and you probably never will ! ‘WE’ as in your doctor ordered that you be supervised in these exercises to prevent injury and I am the designated ‘Supervisor’, now move mister!”

“Yes Massa,” I said chuckling imitating slave talk from some old movie I had seen.

“Not Master - Mistress,” she replied, “But you may call me ‘Missy,” she said with a wink and a grin.

So there I am again, on hands and knees, my cock pointing like a missile and my balls hanging down between my open legs. Beth again places one hand on my back and the other on my stomach as I do the controlled exercises and again I feel the one on my back work downward until it is continuously on my butt and gently massaging the right cheek.

Her hand on my stomach abruptly moved downward and she grasped my hard cock in her tiny hand.

“Don’t move your hips, when you do the extensions” she said with a husky voice. Still holding onto my cock as she spoke. “Now continue….”

These exercises were hard enough, but with her holding onto my shaft as I started moving, it was too much. Changing positions caused my cock to pull against her hand and her little finger was wrapped around just below the head on that sensitive part. I groaned with each movement. Then I heard a giggle !

Looking over my right shoulder, to my shock, I see Lisa with four other female students standing in the open curtain doorway. I couldn’t believe it! I’m kneeling (wide open) with Beth firmly holding my steel hard cock in front of a bunch of young women. I turned beet red and dropped my head down onto my forearms. Beth still held me tightly.

“Well Beth, I brought these other students over to observe how to do these exercises, but I must say, that is a unique way to maintain supervisory control.”

“Uh.. Lisa, he kept moving his hips when he changed and, and… it seemed like an easy way to prevent that…”

The women moved into the booth, and now surrounded the table. “We’ll see,” said Lisa, “continue the exercises.”

“OK, Jim let’s start again; up on your hands.” Beth ordered, with her right hand still firmly clamped on my cock.

Lisa lifted my shoulders bending me backwards and I put my arms back in position. She then stood by my head with her body almost touching my hair. I could smell her perfume strongly and she kept her hands on my shoulders just inside the arms, laying lightly with her fingers extending onto my back, her thumbs pointed downward on the front. “Come on Jim, let’s get going here,” her soft voice almost whispered.

I started again and during the course of the exercises, all of the women ran their hands over my body, back, stomach, arms, legs, ass, but Beth maintained her grip on my still hard cock. All of this contact had me just short of cumming, and pre-cum was dripping from my cock down onto the sheet on the table. My balls felt like they were about to explode and I could feel the sack drawn up in anticipation of climax.

Lisa, told me to stop.

“OK girls, that’s it, you can go now.” Then turned to Beth after they had gone.

“Beth, you have created considerable muscle tension in this patient, putting additional stress on his lower back, which he certainly doesn’t need; and it is your responsibility to relieve his stress… Do you understand?”

“Uh… yes Lisa, I… I’ll take care of it.”

“Fine, I’ll be in my office. I want to see you when you are done.”

Lisa then left, and Beth’s left hand which had been massaging my right ass cheek again, moved downward and gently squeezed my balls. “Uuuuhhhhggggaaaahhh” I moaned, and her right hand worked my cock in smooth long strokes. In short order, I sprayed cum all over the sheet below me, then collapsed onto my side, laying on the juice soaked cloth. As my body rolled on the way down, Beth kept stroking until my formerly hard cock, was back to normal size. Beth used her left hand to stroke my body, and ran her fingers along the right side of my head, through my hair, returning with her index finger tracing my jaw line. Her right hand, continued to gently massage my prick, then my cock and balls together.

“Thank you Beth,” I rasped.

“Your welcome,” she said as she bent forward and gave me a quick ‘sisterly’ kiss on the lips. “Now lets get you cleaned up and dressed, that’s it for today.”

Beth then used a washcloth to wipe the cum from me and again positioned me to help me get off of the table. When she stepped between my legs, however, she looked down at my exposed genitals and then unbuttoned her smock and turned the big buttons under. “Wouldn’t want a repeat of yesterday!” she giggled as she wrapped her arms around me as if picking up a small child.

When my feet hit the floor and took my weight, she continued to hold on, hugging me with her body pressed full length against me and her small head held firmly against my chest. I returned her hug but was unsure as to what to do. She was so young and I was in no condition physically to get involved in a sexual affair at the time. After a couple of minutes, she released me and looked up into my eyes while still lightly maintaining her hold with her hands on my waist. I leaned forward, and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She responded by opening her mouth as my tongue brushed her lips and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. After breaking off, she gently patted my ass and smiled. “See you tomorrow sport!”

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I had trouble sleeping anyway due to the constant pain. But this night, I spent most of the night thinking about cute little Beth, her firm little body, her wonderful hands, and her sweet tasting mouth.

Physical Therapy - Day Three

The next day when I reported for my appointment, it was Lisa who met me at the reception desk. “Jim, I need you to come back to my office before we get started today… If you would follow me please?”

In her office, Lisa asked me to sit down, then started slowly, with a worried look on her face….

“Jim, I want to apologize for what happened yesterday, Beth was way out of line….. and…. Had I known what she, she was doing…. I wouldn’t have brought the other students into the treatment booth…”

Lisa had a trembling sound to her voice and it was clear that she was worried that I might report what had happened. Her right hand was cupping her chin and her eyes were downcast as if to avoid contact until I gave her a response. There was a pause as I tried to formulate an answer…

“Please, Jim, don’t report this incident, or… or I’ll lose my job… I should have been present… and, and I wasn’t… I can assure you that it won’t happen again…”

Lisa was on the verge of tears, so I slowly stood and walked around the desk, until I was standing beside her seated form; she rose slowly, and was now shaking.

“Lisa, relax… I’m not going to report you or Beth or anyone…” I gently put my hand on her shoulder and at my touch, she grabbed me around the chest, with her arms under mine and hugged me forcefully; her whole body was trembling. Her head was pressed into my shoulder and I gently stroked the back of her head and neck as I continued.

“Lisa, Beth is a young girl and still learning about life, she had a little fun at my expense, … but I don’t care… No one was hurt, and other than being embarrassed at being exhibited to the other students in that condition,… and they had already seen me nude anyway… Oh what the Hell! It’s OK…. Don’t worry about it…”

“Oh God Thank You Jim!” “I… I just don’t know what I would have done… if… if you were really upset and pushed the issue…” She then looked up at me and then kissed me VERY thoroughly, then rested her head against me again while I held her. Her body soon stopped trembling and after a couple of minutes, she drew back and tried to regain her professional composure.

“Are you OK?” I asked as I still lightly held her slim shoulders.

“Yes.. yes… I’m fine, we… we better get started on your treatment.”

Lisa then led me down the main hallway to another area than the one previously used, and opened a door to what was apparently another treatment area. Inside, I was led to another (solid) door and beyond it was a ‘private’ treatment room, with the same type of equipment.

“Please get undressed Jim and I’ll be right back.”

I stripped and got onto the massage table and Lisa soon returned with the hot packs. This time she had me lay on my stomach and she put the packs on my back rather than have me lay on top of them. She then seated herself in a chair beside me and we made small talk while the heat soaked into my back for 30 minutes. Lisa was wearing a skirt, and my angle of view was such that as she crossed and uncrossed her long legs, I was getting quite a show of supple thigh flesh and an occasional flash of pink panties.

Lisa then went to work on my back and I will have to say that I have never had a massage like that before or since. Instead of the lower back massage, this was a full body massage lasting over an hour. When she had me turn over to do the front, I was hard as a rock and she just smiled, then went to work on the front side of my legs. After she had relaxed every other muscle on my body, she gently cupped my balls in one hand and gave my cock long gentle strokes for a couple of minutes, then without warning, leaned over and sucked me full length into her mouth.

Her tongue seemed to be everywhere, all at once, slashing along the shaft, around the head, and back again. I was groaning continuously, as I felt the head repeatedly against the back of her throat. When, I came, it was explosive, I don’t think I have ever cum that hard, my entire body convulsed and it felt like gallons of cum were being pumped out. Lisa drank it all except for a small drop at the corner of her mouth and I tasted it when she kissed me as I came back among the living. As I opened my eyes, she was poised above me, looking down into my eyes and I just reached up and pulled her down until our mouths met, then gave her my best soul wrenching kiss. I stroked her shoulders and back as we kissed and gently caressed her firm behind, her breasts were pressed against me and I could feel her hard nipples through the thin material of her blouse.

“Thank you Lisa… I’ve… I’ve never felt anything that good ever… Never had an orgasm like that…”

“Your welcome Sir, now let’s do your exercises.”

“But… But won’t you let me do something for you?”

“Not today, you needed that, and so did I, so let’s get back with the program.” This was accompanied by a playful slap on the hip, “Get Up and get into position and start with the leg extensions… Come on!”

So I went through the full set of exercises, and I might add, Lisa was much more of a demanding supervisor than was Beth. Every one of them had to be done “perfectly” or it had to be done over. I was covered with sweat by the time I was done and felt like I had run a marathon, total exhaustion.

Lisa, helped me get off of the table and then wiped me down before I got dressed. Before, opening the door, she turned to me and gave me another big hug and a deep kiss which was accompanied by a gentle squeeze of my crotch.

Lisa led me back to the main hallway, and as I was going towards the exit, I met Beth, who immediately became cautious, and looked a little scared.

“Hi Beth, …. Are you OK? … Is there some place we can talk for a minute?”

Beth led me into an adjacent room and closed the door behind us.

“Beth, Lisa and I talked today, and everything will be OK, I told her I’m not reporting anything to anyone… Do you understand?”

Beth had her back against the door and was trembling and her face was flushed.

“Beth?” and I stepped towards her and gently traced a finger along her jaw and tilted her chin up so I could see her eyes. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, and I quickly moved closer and then hugged the tiny girl. She buried her face into my shirt and then returned the hug with all of her strength; while I stroked her head, neck and back and told her everything would be all right.

When she got her composure back together enough, she told me that Lisa had really chewed her out and had threatened to have her thrown out of school if I filed a complaint with the administration.

My back was starting to hurt so I sat down in a chair and Beth was standing in front of me looking like a 6 year old who was lost. I took her by the hand and guided her to sit on my right leg, with her legs between mine and her shoulders encircled by my right arm. She laid her head against my chest and I gently ran my hand over her arms and rested my chin on top of her head.

Beth shifted slightly and curled up on my lap like a little girl and turned her body towards mine. I held her against me and my left hand was on the back of her thigh, keeping her from sliding off.

We just sat with me holding her and slightly rocking for a while until I felt her body stop trembling and her breathing drop to a slow steady pace. I kissed her forehead and stroked her cheek and neck.

“Are you OK now Missy?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes (smile) Jim, I feel much better…”

“Missy, I love holding you, … but I can’t do this much longer… my back…”

“Oh God ! No! Jim I’m so sorry!” and she jumped up off of my lap.

I held onto her left hand and said, “Easy Missy, it was just starting to cramp, … I’m OK.” My use of the name ‘Missy’ brought an impish smile to her face.

I had trouble getting up from the chair and Beth helped me, then pulled my left arm around her shoulders and told me to lean on her. She then walked me out to my car and helped me get in.

“Are you going to be able to get home all right Jim?”

“Sure, I only live a couple of miles from here.”

“O-yeah, where?” and I told her my address; “I don’t live very far from there, maybe I should stop in on my way home and check on you, yes I’m going to do that, I’ll see you about 6:15 this evening.”

She said it so fast, that I didn’t have time to respond and by the time I did get my mouth to work she was already headed back across the parking lot towards the hospital building.

The drive home was uneventful and I spent the usual afternoon doing nothing except trying to find a position that didn’t hurt my back, be it sitting, standing or laying. I had gotten into the habit of only wearing a robe at home and spent a lot of time either laying on the sofa or sitting in a ‘lay-z-boy’ love seat (double recliner) in my living room. I was asleep in the recliner with a blanket over me when my doorbell rang at 6:12 p.m. and after waking and realizing who it probably was just stayed where I was and yelled, “Come on in Beth the door is unlocked.”

Beth came in and was wearing a long coat, “Hi Jim, how you doing?”

Without looking up I replied, “About the same…” “Take off you coat and stay awhile…”

I no more than got that out of my mouth, when I did look over at her and she was taking the coat off. Beth was wearing a sexy little exercise outfit consisting of a white “crop top” T-shirt and Red nylon running shorts, the kind with the split on the side that runs up to the waist band, and tennis shoes with white athletic socks. She was not wearing a bra, because her nipples were clearly visible through the thin cotton material and were likewise clearly erect. After looking at her firm little body, I was erect also, but fortunately it was under the blanket.

Beth came over to where I was sitting and leaned over the arm of the recliner and brushed my hair back with her fingers then lightly stroked my cheek.

“You look comfortable, does the other side of that recline too?”

“Yes… It’s a double recliner.”

Without saying anything more, she walked around my feet and sat down beside me, then moved her half of the seat back until we were side-by-side. Then she turned on her side facing me and moved her head over towards me and planted a kiss on my lips. Then rolled further until she was laying partially over me with her chin resting on my chest and her pretty blue eyes gazing into mine.

“Hi!” she said with a big smile on her face.

“Hi, yourself!” I replied and gathered her head with my hands, her short blonde hair was like silk, and I moved her a little higher so that her forehead was even with my lips and gently kissed her. She turned her head in and kissed my neck as I ran my hands over the firm muscles of her back and shoulders under the crop top and hugged her to me.

“You feel wonderful” I whispered in her ear and she gave a little giggle and burrowed her body closer to mine, moving her hands under her and inside my robe, stroking my sides and chest. “That’s nice..” I said and continued to massage her shoulders. “Let me sit up a little,” I said and moved the recliner into a more vertical position, This put her on her left side laying across my lap with her head resting in the crook of my right arm and I moved my left hand to the small of her back and then downward onto her firm backside. Beth just snuggled into me and said “ This is nice !” then kissed my chest through the open spot in my robe.

For the next hour we just sat there cuddling each other, gently stroking and whispering, my left hand roamed freely over her ass under the loose legs of her shorts and I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing up through the blanket into her side.

I stroked her thighs and soon slid my hand up the front of her shorts and lightly brought my fingers over her pussy. Then withdrew my hand and pulled her shorts down to her knees, then off. Her pubic area was almost hairless, the lips were bare, with just a little tuff of blonde hair above her slit. It reminded me of some of the 12 and 13 year olds I had seen as a boy. Her little pussy was just beautiful and I told her so as I lightly slid 3 fingers across the surface of it. As I moved my hand down, I let the outer lips pass between my fingers and the center finger rubbed directly across the hood of her clit. She was very wet and I continued down until the finger tip was poised at her opening and then gently moved my finger into her tight canal until it was fully inserted. Her breathing was fast and her chest was heaving as I slowly moved my finger in and out and rubbed her clitoris. Deep moaning sounds came from her throat and when she tilted her head back, I kissed her deeply. Her hips moved in synchronization with my hand and after a short while her body stiffened, then relaxed as a guttural sound passed from her mouth to mine.

I moved my hand up over her smooth belly and continued northward onto her chest. Then moved her outward from my body and pulled her crop top up and off over her head. Beth immediately crossed her arms over her small breasts and with my right arm again around her shoulders, I whispered to her…

“Beth… don’t hide your breasts from me, you are beautiful… you have nothing to be ashamed of…”

“They’re so small… she whined… I look like a boy.”

“Not to me you don’t… move your hands… that’s it,” and when her right nipple cleared, I immediately leaned forward and sucked it into my mouth. It was already hard but after I stroked it with my tongue and gently nipped it, it seemed to grow and get even harder. Beth dropped both her hands giving me free access to her firm little “A” cup breasts. I alternated massaging and sucking first one then the other, then laid her back against me so that her back was against my chest and I had both hands around her and on her breasts.

“I think I’ll teach you a massage technique that I know they don’t teach in Physical Therapy,” I said into her ear. “It’s called a nipple massage,” I continued and she giggled. Now the way this is done is to take the tip of your little finger and just very lightly touch the tip of the nipple; now very slowly move your hand so that the nipple drags along the bottom side of the finger and back, to the base of the palm; now forward and out to the end of the ring finger and back to the base of the palm; now forward and out the middle finger…

“God! It’s on fire!” she squealed as my fingers continued their slow trek across her right nipple. I then gave her left nipple the same treatment and by the time I got to my left index finger she was squirming all over and begging me to suck on them. Instead, I pinched both nipple at the same time and pulled outward on the tender flesh… Beth stiffened, “I’m, I’m cumming !” and she did, her body spasming hard then relaxing. I turned her back toward me and she rested with her still hard nipples rubbing against my chest. “I didn’t know it was possible to cum from just touching my nipples,” she whispered then kissed my neck and chest.

“Now I want to do something for you,” she whispered as she moved off of my lap and pulled the blanket from me and opened my robe, revealing my hard cock. Beth then moved to a squatting position, with her feet on either side of me and her knees just outside my shoulders. Holding onto the top of the chair back with her left hand, she reached under herself with her right and guided my cock to her love hole. I could feel the heat radiating from her as she slid the head of my cock between the lips of her small cunt and when she had me positioned directly below her, she lowered herself onto me in one smooth movement downward. It felt like her pussy was sucking me in and when I looked down between us I could see her small lips stretched wide and pressed against my groin. Beth was incredibly tight and the internal muscles ripped along my cock, yet neither of us were moving at all.

Beth then placed both hands on the back of the seat and using it as a leverage point, pulled herself up to where only the head of my cock remained inside, then lowered herself back down until flesh met flesh. She started this rocking in a steady motion and I stroked her entire body while she pumped us. Positioned as she was, the only part of her I couldn’t reach was her hands and her feet, but her smooth thighs, ass, side, back and breasts were right there and accessible. She increased speed and was soon covered with a thin coating of sweat as she worked out on my pole and was moaning and sighing with each up and down motion. When she came, her internal muscles clamped like a fist and I was no longer able to hold back as they milked me dry. Beth collapsed on to my lap and I pulled her to me and tilted the chair back, this put her weight onto my chest and her legs which were now tucked inside my arms and against my sides. I continued stroking her body as she lay atop me and tried to recover her normal breathing. Her back was soaked with sweat and I could feel our sex juices draining from her onto my belly as we both tried to recover.

After a while, Beth slid her legs downward and this placed her wet crotch just above my prick, “Oh.. I’ve got you all wet down there…”

“Missy, you can get me wet down there anytime you want, anywhere you want!” Then kissed her.

Just then my chime clock sounded and Beth was up like a shot. “Shit! It’s 8:00, I’ve got to get home quick or my roommate will be wondering what happened to me.”

Beth quickly put her shorts and crop top back on and then bending over the arm of the chair, kissed me goodbye and was headed for the door.

“See you in the morning!” and was gone.

Physical Therapy - Day Four

I arrived at the usual time and was met by Beth at the reception desk and she escorted me to one of the regular treatment booths. During the massage, Lisa stuck her head through the curtains and then later returned with another student, a small oriental girl (sorry but she looked like a 10 year old so it’s hard to think of her as a woman) who she introduced as ‘Lin May’. Lisa described the techniques Beth was using while Beth worked on me and then had Lin take over and finish the massage. I still don’t know how such a tiny woman could exert as much pressure as she did. Lin was about 4’8” and at most 85 lb. and tiny in all regards. She was small enough that she used a step stool in order to get high enough and to get her hands in the correct positions and used her entire body weight it seemed at points.

With the massage done, Lisa then told the girls to put me through the exercises and that she would be back later. Once again, I am doing the exercises completely nude in front of a new woman, Lin; (I was no longer embarrassed about being naked in front of Beth and Lisa) and about half way through, Beth grabbed her favorite handle to keep me from moving my hips, which again turned hard. After a few minutes, Beth asked Lin if she wanted to take over and there was an immediate switch over and I felt Lin’s tiny fingers wrap around my pole. Her hand was still covered with the massage lubricant and consequently, when I changed positions, my cock would slip through her warm hand, and without trying I found myself jacking off just by doing the exercises.

“Not move!” Lin said to me and clamped down hard on my prick. “Not move hips… Keep still!”

“I’m trying to keep them still,” I replied, “but switching knees causes me to move…”

Lin Moved from the side to behind me and reached between my legs and again grabbed hold of my cock and pulled down. I groaned, then she put her other hand on my ass with her fingers spread and two of them down into the crack. “Continue!”

I started again, and found almost immediately, that when I raised my leg, her fingertip pressed against my asshole and this sent a little jolt like an electric shock through me. Each repetition, again pressed my hole against her finger, which was still covered with lube and after about six or seven, I found myself at full extension with her finger buried to the knuckle up inside my ass. Again I groaned and Beth asked what was the matter. “Her finger,” I replied and Beth who had not seen what was going on behind, moved to where she could, then giggled.

“Move down onto your forearms and knees,” Beth instructed, and I gratefully fell forward as directed. Lin kept her finger buried, then gently rotated it around and started a slow in and out movement. Soon she added a second finger, while still holding my cock. I couldn’t move my hips in this position (due to the back problem) and she wasn’t moving her hand on my cock. So I just lay there getting a prostate massage and no relief.

After a couple more minutes of this, Beth told Lin that was all and she could leave. Lin extracted her hand from me and released my cock. When she was gone, Beth cleaned up my ass and helped me off of the table. Then, while holding my stiff cock, gave me a brief kiss and said she would stop over that evening to take care of the rest of my ‘treatment.’

That evening, I was up when Beth came to the door and when I opened it, she immediately stepped forward, opened my robe and hugged me running her hands up my bare back and over my ass.

“Uh, Beth, don’t you think we should move inside first?” as she was pulling the robe down off of my shoulders.

Beth giggled and shoved me backwards into the room then quickly closed the door behind her. She then opened her coat and I could see the same exercise outfit she had worn the previous evening, only this time it was damp with sweat.

“I just got done with my aerobics class,” she said and then guiding me backwards added, “Where is the shower? I need one.”

I took her into the bathroom, and in a flash she was stripped with her firm little behind pointed directly at me. Her pussy lips were clearly visible between her legs and the muscles in her thighs and back were tight and rippled as she moved.

“I gave a soft whistle,” as I stood in doorway looking at her sweet little behind and she looked over her shoulder, smiling and said, “Like what you see?”

“Like is not the proper word, “love” is the word I think!”

With that she gave her butt a wiggle and giggled again. (I use the word ‘butt’ because with her small body and slim hips, from the back she looks more like a young boy than a woman… Not that I’m complaining, because I’m certainly not !)

“In the shower, mister, we are going to take one together!” She then grabbed my hand and into the warm spray we went.

Beth, soaped up her hands and worked them all over me, massaging as she went; I soon was hard and my boner pressed into the soft skin of her belly. “Keep that thought! I want that just the way it is!” she giggled as she gently stroked my pole.

“Do me!” she said as she turned her back to me and I proceeded to reciprocate, massaging her firm young muscles as I washed her lovely body. Her skin was pale and almost clear, I could see the underlying blood vessels in a number of places as little blue lines crossing just under the skin. It was also smooth as silk, with almost no hair anywhere. I reached around her and soaped her front side, making long strokes from shoulder to hip, gently working her small breasts, until her nipples stood out firm and hard. Then reached down between her legs and firmly washed her crotch, she turned towards me, riding on my hand and leaned her head into my shoulder as my fingers worked her and I used my other hand to caress her backside as she pressed her cunt into my right hand.

“Yes… Yes… Yes…” she kept murmuring as I worked my fingers over her clitoris, outer and inner lips. She held on tightly and had her head thrown back, baring her neck, which I kissed and licked, then worked my mouth up to her lips and kissed her deeply, her hips were thrusting against my hand and then I felt her pause and stiffen, then collapse against me on wobbly feet. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her to me and we just stood there for a while with the warm spray washing down over us. After about 10 minutes, we finished rinsing and, got out of the shower and dried each other off. Then she grabbed hold of my still hard cock and lead me back to the living room and down onto the double recliner.

Beth, then climbed onto my lap and pulled the blanket which was laying on the other side over us and curled up against me. “This is nice,” she whispered, “I could stay right here forever.”

I held her and gently caressed her lethal body under the blanket, “You can stay as long as you want Missy.”

The name ‘Missy’ was like a trigger, she immediately, shifted positions so that she was straddling me and after positioning my cock, sat down on it in a single stroke. Then gently rocked her body back and forth in a slow sensual fucking motion, her cunt muscles grabbed hold of me and milked me with every movement, I came after about 35 strokes and she just stayed on top of me with my soft prick in her pussy and rested with her head on my shoulder and my hands stroking her sides, back and ass.

In about 10 minutes, my soft cock still inside her again got hard, and she started moving again, very slowly, with deliberate strokes. This time I lasted for about forty minutes and we both came hard, then relaxed and cuddled for another hour, enjoying the glow from each others bodies.

At about 9:00 we got up and took another shower and this time Beth said she had to go. Her workout outfit was still wet, so I offered her a large T-shirt which fit her like a dress and she left wearing it (and nothing else) under her jacket, with her shorts and crop top under her arm.

For the next two weeks, I reported daily for my therapy, two days per week, Lisa would handle the treatment, the other three days, Beth handled it. Lisa would usually have one of the other students with her, but Beth always worked alone, unless Lisa “dumped another student on her.” Three days per week Beth would come to the house and spend the evening sitting on my lap and making love to me always in a slow and gentle manner (knowing that I was not able to do many of the normal positions) usually with her on top and riding herself and me to several orgasms each. After the second time, we moved to the bedroom and I enjoyed eating her young pussy every time she came over after that. In the chair there was just no way for me to bend to where I could reach her with my mouth, without killing myself.

The third week, Beth showed up one evening with her roommate, Jennifer.

Chapter 7 - Beth and Jennifer

It was a Wednesday evening and as usual I was sitting in my recliner watching the evening news, when Beth rang the door bell. Knowing that she was coming over, I just yelled that the door was open and for her to come on in, my attention was focused on the news program.

Shortly, Beth appeared and to my shock was accompanied by another woman, who appeared to be in her mid 20’s, about 5-8 and a little heavy. Not fat but “plump” looking. She had straight dark brown hair which was currently tied back in a pony tail and was wearing an all white pants suit like a nurses uniform.

“Hi Jim,” called Beth as she entered, “Uh Jim, I want you to meet my roommate… This is Jennifer.”

“So this is the dastardly roommate, Beth is always worried about when she stays late,” I said with a smile.

“Hi Jim, glad to meet you, Beth has told me a lot about you,” she then paused and continued, “You mean this little twerp has been using me as an excuse to run off and leave you? I don’t care what she does, I just asked her to call me if she was altering her schedule greatly, so I wouldn’t worry about her.”

“Soooo Beth, nowww we know you really didn’t have to leave, just call eh…” I kidded her. Beth turned red with blush and Jennifer thought it was hilarious.

“Oh Beth lighten up and come over her,” I offered and the small girl moved over beside me and I sat her down on the arm of the chair and ran my right hand up along her spine, while taking her left hand in my left hand and kissed it lightly. “Just kidding Missy, just kidding…”

Beth took my hand and held it between hers, then shifted so that she was looking at me.

“Jim… uh, Jennifer has a problem, and, and I thought you could help her…”

I looked over at Jennifer and she was now the one who was turning red and had her eyes downcast. “You know I will, If I can, Missy. What’s the problem?”

Beth got up and went over to her roommate and guided her to a standing position beside the chair, then stood beside her with her right arm around the larger woman.

“Jennifer’s boyfriend split about six months ago and, and well, she hasn’t had any since he left…” “I… I thought maybe, you and she… could …. you know!”

“Well I don’t know. Is that what you want Jennifer?” The woman trembled and turned her head away from me. She looked like she was about ready to run.

“Jennifer… YOU KNOW YOU DO!” Beth almost shouted.

“Jennifer… Jennifer, look at me,” I said in as calm and soothing a voice as I could muster, “Would you like to make love, Jennifer?”

“Yes” was the whispered reply.

“Then get undressed and come here,” I gently proposed.

Immediately, Beth started unbuttoning Jennifer’s top and quickly had it off, then pulled down on her elastic waist band pulling both pants and panties down in one movement. Jennifer had a lush bush covering her womanhood and while I gazed at it, Beth was stripping the woman of her camisole and bra. Jennifer was a little overweight, which was visible as heavier arms, shoulders, thighs and a rounded belly, but still well within the bounds of acceptable to my taste. Her breasts were a firm bull B Cup plus but not quite a C cup and tipped by dark brown nipples which were stiffening as I watched.

I took her hand and guided her to a sitting position on my lap, then gently stroked her face and neck and reached up and removed the rubber band from her hair, allowing it to fall down, caressing her shoulders. Jennifer was scared and her whole body trembled, so I pulled her to me and gently kissed her forehead, cheeks, neck and then mouth as I encircled her shoulders with my arm. She responded and moved so that her breasts brushed against me and I began stroking the rest of her body. When I cupped her right breast in my hand, and gave it a light squeeze it was like a shock passing through her. She dove on my mouth and kissed my for all she was worth. I was gasping when she finally broke for air.

Mean while, little Beth had stripped and was between my legs, sucking my cock to a hard erection.

“Ladies, let’s move to the bedroom, I can’t do much in this chair,” I offered.

Both women helped me up and we went arm in arm to the bedroom, where I had Jennifer lay down and I proceeded to explore her pussy with my tongue through three quick orgasms. The first was almost immediate when I flicked my tongue over her clitoris, the second while I explored the space between her inner and outer lips and the third as I sucked directly on her hole with my tongue buried as far inside as I could get it.

“God it had been soooo… long,” Jennifer almost cried.

“Jennifer, with my back problem you are going to have to be on top…” I suggested.

“On top! I’ve never gotten to do it that way, my, my boyfriends always used the missionary or doggy positions… course they never licked me down there (almost whispered)… I… I won’t hurt you will I? I know I weigh more than I should, and… and I don’t want to hurt you…”

“Jenny, quit worrying and just straddle my hips, then do what feels good to you.”

Soon Jennifer was impaled on my cock and working herself towards an orgasm. Beth, was sitting on her knees beside us and when I looked at her she was smiling and then moved so that she was straddling my head, her beautiful young pussy poised above my mouth.

“Eat me slave!”

“Yes Missy…” before I could say more, her body was grinding away on my face, her thighs locked around my head.

I don’t know how many times the women came, I was in heaven and they switched several times. I came three times, and was covered with pussy juice from my head to my knees. By the time they were done, I was exhausted and only vaguely remember them cleaning me with a washcloth, I slept continuously that night and was almost late for my appointment the next day.

For the balance of my Physical Therapy, Beth and Jennifer visited me. Beth, usually 3 times per week and Jennifer once or twice, but never again together. At the end of the 5 weeks, I was scheduled to return to the surgeons office for my follow-up. On the last day, Lisa and Beth did an entire evaluation similar to the one on the first day.

“It’s not any better, is it Jim ?” asked Lisa.

“No, I feel better for an hour or two after the treatment, then the pain comes back and I have to take the pills.”

“Well Jim, we’ve done everything we can for you, but it didn’t work… they will probably have to operate.” said Lisa.

“Ladies, I want to thank you for trying, and …” before I could say more, both came to where I was sitting and hugged me, then each gave me a deep kiss.

“Good Luck Jim, we have to go now, we have a patient waiting…” and they walked out of the office.

Chapter 8 : Back to the Surgeon and the Hospital

The following morning, I reported back to the surgeon’s office and as usual was told by the nurse to strip and put on a gown. (Note: I have come to the conclusion that doctors and nurses can’t talk to someone with clothes on; stripping the patient makes them vulnerable and gives the medical person a dominant position).

After the exam, the Doctor decided that (1) I needed surgery, (2) He was going to put me in traction for the next week due to the amount of medication currently needed to keep the pain levels short of crippling, and (3) He would arrange for a second opinion while I was in the hospital.

I was admitted to XXSU Hospital immediately following the exam and taken to a room in the orthopedic wing. Now, I don’t know who thought up the idea of traction but I am sure that they were a bondage enthusiast. A belt is placed under the arms attached to cables which are anchored at the head of the bed, then leather cuffs are attached to the ankles which are attached to cables running up over a metal framework and weights attached. A second belt is placed low on the hips and it’s cables pull towards the foot of the bed. In short, you are placed in a contraption reminiscent of “the rack” and I am sure that Torquemada the grand inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition would have immediately recognized and appreciated it.

Additionally, after spending the past 2 months on high powered pain killers, I was suddenly cutoff “cold turkey” with the explanation “this will reduce your tolerance so that when you need them after the surgery they will be more effective.”

Needless to say, I was not in the best of moods for the next couple of days… and if that wasn’t enough, the head nurse on the floor could be best described as an ex-marine drill sergeant and bitch-goddess of the West all rolled up into a 250 lb. lump of nasty. As far as she was concerned, I was a piece of meat, generally to be ignored, and without any feelings needing consideration.

After the first 24 hours of no pain drugs I was wringing wet, in considerable pain especially where the traction belts were secured and my back muscles were in almost constant spasms. My pleas for her to check with the doctor about getting some muscle relaxants were ignored, even though I knew that the medical order only said to eliminate the pain medication.

Another 24 hours pass and no matter what I wanted or needed it was a “forget it” situation. Including when I asked for a urinal or bedpan and it was denied. Having ignored my repeated requests for a urinal or bedpan, I eventually pissed the bed and then she got mad that I had made a mess. She screamed and yelled for 15 minutes about it and I had no choice but to listen. When she was done, she just stood there glaring at me with her fists balled up.

“Maybe the next time I ask for a urinal you won’t ignore it,” I hissed in reply and she stomped out of the door.

About 20 minutes later, two student nurses and a male nurse arrived with clean sheets. The male nurse instructed the students on how to remove and replace the wet bedding while I was secured in traction. He told me to grab onto the rail above my head and adjusted the weights hooked to my ankles and before I knew what was going on, I was suspended about 6” over the bed by the cables attached to my torso and ankles.

He then removed the gown and pulled the sheets from under me leaving me hanging there completely nude.

“OK ladies, he is going to need a bath and while you are at it, he has surgery next Monday, so we might as well shave him now so that it will go quicker on Sunday when we have fewer staff. I have to go check on the rest of my patients, can you handle this?”

“Sure Bill no problem!”

When he left, the two student nurses approached and both made no pretense of anything other than that they were surveying my fully exposed body. “Let’s get him washed up,” said the one; a good looking brunette, about 20 years old and about 5-6 and slim.

“I’ll get the stuff,” replied the other who looked younger, 18 at most I guessed and a petite 5-1 or 5-2, with shiny black hair.

In short order, they were washing me from head to toe and the feel of their hands working on my body had the predictable effect of getting me hard. I just hung there with my eyes closed, enjoying the bath, until I heard the shorter one giggle. Opening one eye, I saw her staring at my hard cock with a big grin on her face.

“Not bad,” whispered the brunette and they both giggled again.

“All done with the bath Mr. … “ as she realized she didn’t know my name.

“Jim” I filled in for her.

“All done with the bath Jim, now we have to shave you for surgery.”

“Whatever,” I replied. Hanging there suspended, there wasn’t anything I could do about it so I just decided to go with the flow.

“How do we get at his back?” one of them asked. “I’ll get Nurse Jones.” was the reply (Shit! I thought the battle ax bitch!)

Shortly the younger student returned with the head nurse. “Got him trussed up good I see!” “Why don’t you go and get the other students and I’ll show all of you at once how to work the hardware.” Both students left to round up the others.

“Well stud I see the girls got you excited,” she sarcastically remarked as she smirked at me. Flicking my cock with her finger, “We’ll make sure all the sweet young things see your puny little cock and everything else while we are at it.”

A couple of minutes later, the room was full of at least a dozen student nurses all in the 18-21 age bracket and representing just about every physical type and race.

“Listen up ladies, this patient is scheduled for back surgery next Monday, and Billy will not have time on Sunday to do a full shave, so Amy and Judi are going to do it today. That way Billy will only have to do a touchup on Sunday.” She then launched into a description of how the traction hardware worked which I ignored. All I could see was a room full of young women surrounding my nude body, many of whom were staring at my equipment rather than the bed’s equipment.

“Cross your arms on that bar Bucco,” the head nurse directed at me, “I said cross your arms!” This got my attention and I re-gripped the bar over head. She then did something which brought my feet together and then reached across me to my hip and rotated my suspended body so that I was now hanging face down; and my feet were now spread wide to the corners of the bed stabilizing my face down position. “OK did everybody see how that was done? Good! Amy, Judy and Leslie you help them… I want everything from this belt down shaved on both sides… So let’s get to it…”

“The rest of you come with me and we will learn about pneumatic beds and check back on these 3 later.”

The Head Nurse Ms. Jones and the students left the room at that point, leaving me with the two who had washed me (Amy the smaller girl and Judy the brunette) along with Leslie a tall slim black girl. Leslie immediately took charge. “You two work on his legs and I’ll start here and work down.”

As they spread (what I supposed was) shaving gel over my legs and back, I asked, “Why are you shaving my legs, they are operating on my back?”

“First, because Nurse Jones told us to,” replied Amy and “Second, because you will be wearing surgical stockings after the operation; kind of like very tight thigh-hi stockings and they will be much more comfortable if you don’t have hair on your legs.”

“And the front side has to be shaved,” added the black girl, “so that no germs can hide in that nasty hair near the bandages or wound site.”

My back was done quickly as I have almost no hair on my chest or back anyway, but Amy and Judy were spending considerable time on my legs. Mean while, Leslie was spreading the gel on my ass and her fingers were gliding up and down the crack to the base of my balls. Her razor was soon removing the hair from my butt and after she had scraped the sides she stopped.

“Amy, could you pull his cheeks apart so I can get down inside?”

“Sure Les…”

Hands gripped the muscles of my ass and spread them wide and now the sharp blade was removing every hair from the crack and around my asshole down to the base where my scrotum starts.

The gel made my skin slippery and once, I felt a fingertip enter my backside, all of this handling had my cock hard again and it’s tip was just brushing the bed below me.

“All done, let’s turn him back over,” Leslie ruled.

Feet together, rotate.

Feet stretched wide apart, face up, cock pointed up.

“OK. Back to work!”

Amy was again working on my left leg as Judy worked on the right. Leslie spread gel on my chest and quickly removed the few hairs there, then spread gel from my stomach downward until her fingers were spreading it on and around my stiff cock, then onto my balls. She looked me in the eyes and smiled as she massaged the gel into my groin and stroked my cock until it twitched.

Then out came the blade and she quickly stripped by stomach area, then move downward. In a flash, all of the pubic hair above my cock was gone, before she paused. Holding my shaft at the head, she gently passed the blade down it’s sides then on down where the sack meets the tighter skin of the groin.

At this point, Amy and Judy put some slack in the cables then stretched my legs wider apart, so that Leslie could get easy access to my balls. Gripping the slacker skin between thumb and finger with one hand she pulled it tight then carefully scraped it clean, this was repeated again and again at different angles until she was satisfied that she had gotten it all. Her gel covered hand then cupped my balls and gently massaged them again, as she looked to my face and smiled.

Amy and Judy reset the traction and I was again suspended and stretched wide. All three girls got washcloths and proceeded to wash all the areas they had shaved, then patted it dry and rubbed it with a cream of some kind. All three took the opportunity to cream coat my cock and balls and twice, fingers were fully buried up my ass. I just hung there, eyes closed and moaning as they worked on my body. Unfortunately, they didn’t finish the job.

As they spread the clean sheets out below me, Nurse Jones and the other student nurses returned.

“Well Stud, I see that they got rid of all that nasty hair,” the head nurse gloated, “Smooth as a baby’s ass, just the way it should be.”

The nurse then ignored me and checked the bedding to make sure that it was placed properly, then told the students to lower me onto the bed. I should note that in traction, “onto” means just barely touching, since you are stretched on their torture device. A single sheet was then placed over me and the show moved off elsewhere.

Later that night, I awoke to the feel of a warm tongue swirling around the head of my cock. I could make out a white uniform dress bending over me but the room was dark and I couldn’t see who was sucking me. Whoever, it was, I was getting a first class blowjob, as the mouth worked feverishly on my cock and a hand gently massaged my balls.

When I came, it felt like I was pumping gallons of cum, but the mouth just kept sucking until there was no more to pump.

“Leslie?” I asked

“Yes Jim, I figured I owed you that after leaving you stiff this afternoon. Besides, I’ve never gone down on a shaved cock before…”

“All I can say is thank you!, I’ve never felt it that good before…”

“My pleasure sir!” and the tall black girl leaned over and kissed me. Then have me a quick squeeze on the cock and was gone. Neither, of us ever mentioned it again, and I sometimes wonder whether it really happened or was a dream…..

Chapter 9 : Mid Week (In Traction)

It’s now Wednesday of my week on the rack and I am frequently breaking out in cold sweats from the withdrawal of the pain medications. My chest, ankles and hips are raw from the pull of the traction straps and my entire body feels like it should be 7’ long from the constant pull of the weights for 2 1/2 days.

After my midnight blowjob from Leslie, I paid more attention to her when she had occasion to be in my room. As noted before, Leslie was a tall slim Black woman, probably about 22 years old. What I had failed to notice before (probably due to pain and drug side effects) was, how beautiful she was and that she spoke with a somewhat foreign accent. Her skin was coal black with a kind of luster to it that I can’t find the right words to describe. Her hips were wide and her breasts large (looked to be about a 38-C) but on her large frame looked just right. It turned out that she was indeed a foreign student from Nigeria and was engaged to marry a Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry. At any rate, I sure enjoyed that head-job (assuming it really happened, and I’m still not 100% sure it did). The only doubt I have about it is that her demeanor was 100% professional from the next morning on, not even any more groping of my balls like the day before. Oh Well!…

Amy and Judy it seemed were my assigned student nurses under the direction of Head (Ball Buster) Nurse Jones. Both were very nice to me and really tried hard to make sure I was as comfortable as possible given the circumstances. The only bright spot of my days was my daily sponge bath and rubdown from these two lovely young ladies. The feel of their hands on my now hairless body was enough to make be forget the pain for a while and especially the feel of my hairless crotch being handled by them. Unfortunately, I got no relief from them; they would work me over until I was hard as rock, then the “procedure” was over.

Late Wednesday, the Surgeon stopped in to check on me and conducted an exam. Shortly the “Second Opinion” Surgeon arrived and also examined me. My X-rays and MRI films were put on the lightboxes on the wall and the two discussed my case. They then left for a while and came back with their verdict. “Jim, you have a ruptured disk at the L-4, L-5 section of your back that is causing your problem; It has to come out or you could end up with permanent damage. You have another adjacent disk which is herniated but not ruptured at L- 3, L-4 but in our opinion it can stay, but we can’t say for sure until we get in there and look at it. Either way, the L-4, L-5 one has got to go, it is pressing on the nerves and will damage them.”

I had been expecting this so it was no big shock. “Do what you have to do,” I replied, “Just get rid of the pain and get me going again.”

“Jim, we can’t guarantee that you will not have pain even after the operation… It depends on how much damage has already been done to the nerves. It will however, stop the spasms and get you up and around again; do you still want to go ahead ?”


My operation was confirmed for 6:00 am on Monday, it was now just a matter of waiting until then. What I didn’t know, (because I couldn’t see them) was that the doctors left my X-rays and MRI’s on the wall mounted boxes when they left.

For the rest of that day and most of Thursday, there was a seeming constant flow of student nurses just inside the door to my room (where I couldn’t see them). The only reason I know they came and went was that I could hear semi-whispered phrases like “God look at that!” followed by giggles and then quick footsteps out the door and sometimes laughter in the hallway.

Late on Thursday Beth and her roommate Jennifer stopped in to visit.

“Hi Jim, advertising your wares?” asked Jennifer.

“What are you talking about?”

“Your MRI’s by the door dummy.”

“Oh shit! You got to be kidding me! Take them down and bring them over here please.”

Jennifer walked around the corner and came back immediately carrying 3 MRI films and a big envelope. “These were on the viewer,” she said as she handed them to me.

(You got it; one of them was the MRI sheet showing my hard cock in perfect profile)

“Well that explains why all the traffic at the door,” I sighed. As I put the films in the envelope and placed in between the bed and the nightstand.

“But they did look DELICIOUS,” said Jennifer with a chuckle, “Almost good enough to eat!”

“You ought to know!” I replied with a smile on my face. Which brought a blush to hers.

“So how you getting along big guy ?” interjected Beth my cute little Physical Therapist.

“Like a victim of the Inquisition, stretched on the rack, and itching all over where they shaved me…”

“Shaved you?”


“Can I see?”

“Why not, you’ve seen it all before.”

Beth then lifted the sheet and peeked underneath, “OOH I LIKE IT!” she squealed.

“Let ME see,” said Jennifer as she elbowed her way in beside Beth, “OH YES, I KNOW COULD EAT THAT!”

“Promises, Promises, all I get is promises…” I ventured.

Beth and Jennifer had a quick whispered conference and Beth headed for the door while Jennifer pulled down the sheet. Jennifer leaned over me and slowly traced her tongue along the top of my cock as her left hand cupped my hairless balls and gently massaged them. In nothing flat, I was hard and she licked every part of my exposed groin, then went to work in earnest on sucking my pole. It was more than I could take, the feel of her tongue on that bare flesh which was twice as sensitive as usual, resulted in me quickly filling her mouth with my cum and she just kept on sucking. When I went soft, she stood and leaning over my face kissed me full on the mouth; I could taste my own juice on her lips as our tongues dipped back and forth in each others mouths.

Jennifer then broke off the kissing and went to the door and Beth returned without her. Beth immediately reached for my hairless cock and balls and began working them while she kissed my face, neck, and mouth.

“Ummm, I REALLY like the feel without all that hair,” she purred into my ear, “I think you should keep it that way…” At this point my just used cock was coming back to life and she immediately moved downward. I closed my eyes as she closed her mouth over my shaft and I savored the great feeling as she worked me full length into her mouth and down her throat. When I looked down, I saw the most beautiful sight. Little Beth, with her mouth full of my cock, and her big blue eyes looking directly up my body at me as she sucked for all she was worth and moved up and down the shaft. In short order I came and she just kept on sucking and swallowing, until there was no more to get and I was starting to go soft. She then released me from her mouth and moved back up to kiss me on the lips. I stroked her buns as we kissed, but being tied to the bed, I couldn’t do anything more.

Beth went back out and got Jennifer and we talked for a while, about how they were doing and I filled them in on my upcoming operation. They said they had to go, but that they would try to stop back before Monday, and definitely would be in to see me after the operation. I rested better that night than any other that week.

Friday, brought a stream of nurses and women technicians through the room, to perform one thing or another each of whom, managed to off handedly mention my MRI pictures and how they were, “cute; interesting, unusual, etc.” All I could do was turn red and try to ignore them.

Also on Friday, Head Nurse Jones arrived again with her troop of a dozen students and after checking me over decided that some hairs were starting to reappear and that I needed shaving again. This time, I was shaved by HER in front of the class and whereas Amy, Judy and Leslie had been gentle, Head Bitch Jones was very rough and basically treated me like a slab of meat.

Saturday and Sunday I finally got some rest from the parade through my room, it seems that the nursing staff works 12 hour shifts on weekends and on my ward at least, very few students were on duty. The Day nurse was an older woman (mid-thirties) named Millie, with bright red hair cut short and a “Motherly” approach to her job and Bill the male nurse who had been on duty when I checked was the Night nurse. Millie explained that she and Bill worked 3, 12 hour days per week and got paid for 40 hours. She had small children and the schedule allowed her to be home more, yet still receive full pay and benefits. Bill, she said, was going to graduate school and the schedule allowed him to be free all week for classes, plus he got reduced tuition as a full-time staff member.

Saturday, the doctor’s secretary brought a pile of papers for me to sign: Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, Informed Consent Waiver, etc. By the way, if you haven’t had surgery lately, the paperwork alone will scare the shit out of you. That Informed Consent form tells you about the 1-2% who never come out of anesthesia, the 1% who die on the table from heart failure, the approx. 1% who have permanent brain damage as a result of strokes resulting from blood clots passing into the blood stream, and a mathematics prognosis for your successful survival of the surgery. Or how about the 40/60 chance that you might end up paralyzed for life. The others have you designate who will make medical decisions for you while you are out and until/or if you don’t recover. Whether, you want measures taken to prolong your life if you are brain dead or severely brain damaged, etc. Wonderful reading for the day before you are about to have major spinal surgery.

Up till then I had not been concerned about the implications of surgery, of course, the only surgery I had ever had was to have my tonsils removed when I was a kid. Now, I was worried. Late Saturday night I couldn’t go to sleep, and was laying there re-reading those forms for the 50th time. That’s when Bill came in on rounds…

“Hey guy, what are you still doing up?”

“Can’t sleep, these forms…” and I visibly trembled.

Bill picked up one of the forms and looked it over; “Man their sense of timing sure sucks, doesn’t it.” he offered.

“I’ll be straight with you Bill, I wasn’t worried until they brought this shit in today…. Now, now I’m getting scared …”

“Hey man don’t let that crap get too you, yeah it’s true that around 1 out of a hundred don’t wake up from the table, but that’s based on the total number of operations. Hell, some of those were all but dead when they put them under and it also includes accident victims, and old farts and those so out of shape that their systems couldn’t take the strain of the surgery. Your chances are more like 1 in 10,000 guy, you’re young and strong and don’t have any problems other than that disk. Shit, I’d bet those odds any day.”

“Well why doesn’t it say that?”

“That’s legal bullshit to cover their asses man; if they don’t give you the stats and something goes wrong, then you or your family can sue the shit out of them. Like I said, don’t worry man, you’ll do fine. Besides, you don’t want to disappoint all those little student nurses who are lining up to put the make on you when you get back on your feet do you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You teach self-defense and martial arts at the rec. building don’t you?”

“Yea, but not last term or this, due to my back…”

“Hell man, you are the talk of the whole School of Nursing. You, my man have been deemed a hunk, a prime marital candidate, AND winner of the all-time sexiest X-Ray/MRI contest. Once you are back on your feet, your classes will be filled with young pussy that already knows what you have and are after it; think THAT one over!”

“You mean?”

“I mean copies of a certain MRI are circulating all over the School of Nursing and through half the hospital female staff…Now give me that paperwork, and get to sleep, I’ll check back in 30 minutes and if you are not asleep, I get my trusty little hypo and put you to sleep. Understood?”

“Yep!” and I handed the papers to him as he reached for the light switch. I apparently met his deadline since I don’t remember getting any shot.


I had the operation and recovered quickly. During my recovery, Beth and Jennifer both stopped over at my house about once per week each. Five weeks later when I returned to work full-time, I was called to my Department Chairman’s office.

“Jim how do you feel about teaching evening classes?”

“I’m not to big on them, they sure knock hell out of my social life,” I replied.

“Oh, well I guess I’ll have to call these people back and decline then…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well we got a couple of special requests for classes next quarter, one from the School of Nursing and the other from the School of Allied Medical Professions for Self Defense classes for their students; but ONLY if YOU could teach them. They even forwarded pre-registration forms for enough students to fill 5 classes, but two of them would have to be evening classes.”

Dr. G. handed me the paperwork and there before me were rosters for 5 classes of twenty students each (ALL WOMEN!!!) from the medical area. A quick glance at the lists, showed a lot of names that looked familiar and others I thought I recognized from my various treatments and procedures.

“You say they specifically requested me to teach them?”

“No question about it; here look at the letter from the school of Nursing it has a request letter attached from the Student Nurses Association, it has you name in bold and underlined both! What the hell did you do while you were getting your back fixed?”

“Just did what they told me,” I replied, “and tried to get back on my feet as quick as I could.”

“Well when I called down there, the Dean told me she could keep your classes full for the next couple of years; you must have impressed someone down there.”

“All I can say sir, is that I will do the best I can. Tell them I will take the classes requested and any more they want in the future. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my fans, as they say in the music business..