The year 1990 proved to be one of the most exciting years in the lives of me and my two brothers. We were boarding in a private school run by the Church of England Presbytery. It was the home for over 250 young people like ourselves, whose parents were serving in church missions all over the world. Our father had been a missionary for almost all of our lives and although we missed them very much our lives were rather normal and we were to able to achieve good marks ,much to the satisfaction of our parents and of course the headmaster.

We had just received word that our parents were soon to arrive to take us out of school. They were beginning a months furlough before they would be reassigned. We were making many plans for their arrival. and what places we might go for the holiday.

One day we were called into the headmaster’s office and advised that our parents would not be coming as planned. Something of an urgent nature had developed which was going to keep our parents in South Africa, however there was a good side to the news. The new mission site where they were to take up residence had a school, and we were being sent to join our parents on their new assignment. The headmaster presented me with a letter which had recently arrived, explaining the details of the new mission field and that there would be boys our own age and white, of course, for us to play with.

Leopoldville we were told was a beautiful city and the headmaster advised us that we would be very happy there, and that we should make the best of the opportunity as very few children would ever have an experience such as the one we were about to undertake. The headmaster advised that he would be unhappy to see us leaving but the family was the unit by which all children thrived and we should be with our parents. He had arranged for our clothes to be packed up, and for our plane tickets. I was twelve almost thirteen, Robert ( bobby) was next and he was eleven, while Clinton ( Clinty) was ten. I would be in charge of the trip and the boys were advised that my word would be law. We were traveling unescorted so it was to our great advantage to be observant and not twiddle away valuable time gawking at every little thing we saw. “You would look like tourists and that would never do, eh Lads ?” the head laughed.

We were having a very difficult time keeping from jumping through our skylights in our dorm , we were so happy. Actually strung quite out you know. What great news, we were happy the furlough had been canceled otherwise we would not be going to Africa. We could hardly imagine what it was like, other than the descriptions our parents wrote in their many letters to us. Some of the areas were quite downright frightning, while others seemed like islands of paradise just waiting for the Christians to convert them in to normal good living people.

Our parents were well known as strong activists within the church and especially among the missionaries of the the world. Mrs and Mrs Charles Hendrickson were held in high regard and consequently when others heard we were the offspring of the two outstanding clergy, we were welcomed with open arms. Some arms we did not care to be embraced in.

Our trip was quite awesome and , in spite of the headmaster’s warnings, we were all agog as absorbed the multitude of sights awaiting we young travelers. We were on our best behavior with never a wrong word exiting our mouths. That is to say, we were not above using naughty fowl words when the occasion required it. It was fortunate for us that our parents were not always with us on those occasions or out would come the bible and in some cases a bar of soap which would wash our mouths of the vile words that had crept into our vocabulary. We were always on our guard. On one occasion my brothers lit into me reminding me that I might be overheard and judged to be dead on the spot.

I had set our suitcases down while we cleared the customs in Franfort, and I had stupidly not accounted for all out luggage until we were almost ready to board out adjoining flight. I noticed the briefcase was gone and it seemed ,without thinking, my immediate response was a resounding “ Oh shit” Both angels looked at me and burst out laughing. I left them there while I ran back the half mile to find my brief case. It had been recovered by a security guard and I was able to retrieve it after identifying the contents, which ,I might say would have made my mother collapse right then and there. I unfortunately was not too aware of what I might encounter in the way of reading material ,so brought along a few copies of Playboy, Penthouse and a few other magazines of questionable content for my young mind. I soaked it up like a sponge as did the other members of the dormitory. Missionary children or not, life was not all what we had been lead to believe and we should do everything to familiarize ourselves with the “real World” debauchery included. I was twelve after all and these enriched magazines, that had my mother ever glimpsed, would have meant one thousand years in purgatory to say nothing of a sore ass. Oooops I should mention at this point that both my parents were strong disciplinarians and believed in the old adage that sparing the rod did indeed spoil the child.

My Mother was waiting at the incoming gate in Leopoldville International Airport. We were excited to see her as she explained that father was at the Churches Mission Headquarters trying to straighten out some misunderstanding. Never the mind, she assured us, all would be well and that we were going to love our new home. She was quite giddy at seeing us, and embraced and hugged and kissed and all those other motherly attributes. Mother advised that we would be staying in the hotel for the night as our new home was not quite vacated by the present owner. We would move in tomorrow after our furniture had been redeemed from the local storage company. Where Mother and father had been up until now, had required few furnishings so ours had been in storage for some time. Now we would be living on the outskirts of the huge southern city. I could have counted all the white people on two hands as the airport was alive with Africans or descendants there of. Children eyed us as we entered our taxi for the trip to the hotel. They seemed as black as spades and their white teeth and whites of their eyes, only made the scene more fascinating.

Father had not shown up as of dinner time so we went into the dining lounge without him. Mother was positive he would arrive momentarily . We ordered appetizers, which seemed only proper, however I wondered how my parents, being church workers, could afford living in a hotel and eating in the main dining room with appetizers served beforehand if you please. Quite posh and I was very impressed. Bobby and Clinty gawked at everyone who walked by our table until mother scolded them not to stare that these people were at home here and that we were the intruders ,if you will.

As we sat eating our leg of lamb, mother explained where they had spent the last year and how thankful she was to the church authorities for removing them from the horrible place, It was like being at the ends of the earth and the people were heathens incapable of learning anything of the Lord’s works or his ways. She told us in no uncertain terms that she was happy we were not to be subjected to the ways of those terrible people, who spent most of their time naked and doing little to improve their lot in life. Clinty made the first vocal statement concerning the naked people asking if he would be able to go naked as well. Mother swatted him across the side of the head. which only made Bobby and I chuckle all the more . Bobby and I thought the going naked idea to be truly a lark, and wouldn’t it be a gas.. Oh Hum we were home again One happy family. I often wondered what made mother so sanctimonious regarding the behavior of other people. She judged everyone to be heathen and non Christians.

Father eventually arrived. He looked terrible his hair all as true and his clothes looked beheveled. He greeted us in his usual , Handshaking, style. Never an embrace or hug. Someone might think he was homosexual embracing young boys in public. My parents seemed to be bearing Christ’s Cross for him referring to the Cross they had to bear as the results of incompetent doings on the part of our church.

Father sat down and immediately commenced munching the appetizers as he announced that there had been a change of plans, a temporary one, mind you, but none the less a change. We would not be moving into our new home in Leopoldville, but would, instead, be returning to the Jungle in the Nuhpanu Valley. I had never heard of the place but I did know that there would be naked girls. Mother was aghast and sniveled into her handkerchief as Father tried to consoled her telling her that it might be the Lord’s will that we should have to return for a short time.

“What about our dear boys. What will become of them in that desolate hole of iniquity. Why can’t we return them now to England and to their school?” Mother went on. I hoped father would not cave in as he usually did, and we be allowed to enter into the land of Voooommsville.

The experience will be good for them, and after all it is only for a short time what can happen to them that would be so terrible.” Father offered

“ You know right well Charles. They will be seduced and corrupted beyond redemption. Oh what have we ever done to deserve this ?” She bleated into her handkerchief.

Father hastily offered her his handkerchief as she was blubbering in a Kleenex long ago demolished with tremendous honkings.

“When do we have to go, and are those terrible lodgings still available. I’m sure they have been ransacked by those perverts we call our brothers and sisters. Oh Charles I don’t know if I am up to this. My poor babies What will become of them?” she went on creating a scene and drawing the attention of other diners.

“You boys will be confined to the yard. You may not under any circumstances venture into the village or associate with the people. Now hear that please. I’ll not wish to punish you for disobedience,” she admonished. Father just shrugged his shoulders and having finished his meal got up and started going through his pockets to ,I presumed, find enough to pay for our meal. Appetizers as well>

Outside the hotel our things had been gathered and stacked in a pile and was surrounded by what seemed millions of children poking and sniffing at our luggage. “Scoot. get away with you, On your way,” Mother scolded, to no avail whatsoever. Bobby, Clinty and I were being given the once over and by the kids. We were in our traveling short pants and shirts with African hiking boots. We were outfitted for a Safari, I imagined.

Our taxi arrived and our things unceremoniously thrown into a luggage rack on the back. It was an old 1960 Chrysler New Yorker. I did know my cars as I collected car cards. Mother and Clinty sat in the front seat while Bobby and I sat in the back with Father. Our conversation was very formal as he inquired of our schooling and conditions at Home. He seemed very preoccupied with Mother’s behaviour, and kept trying to mollify her with words of endearment. She wasn’t having any of it, and I think if she were a swearing person like myself, would have dropped a few ‘Shit’ words every now and again. She had almost torn father’s handkerchief to shreds as she knotted and unknotted the nose rag.

We had driven for what seemed like hours and it was already starting to get dark. As we drove through the scrub bushes , completely naked people were seen darting here and there along the road getting out of our path. My eyes were straining as I tried to catch sight of a truly naked tribes person. What I discovered was that the Men wore tiny leather pouches over their dinngers with nothing behind, The women wore tiny aprons that covered their privates but there hootters were flailing about and there was nothing to hide their bare asses. I wished it could have been brighter. I had spotted, as had Bobby, several younger girls whose upper torso showed distinct possibilities. I laughed because neither one of us had ever seen a real pair up until now, and only then in pictures. Here was Walla Land. I tried to behave in a modest indifferent way trying to disguise my excitement and I must admit, arousal. Bobby had a bad habit of always punching my gonads when ever I had an erection. This evening was not be any different from others. I silently cursed him and mouthed for him to butt out. Bobby should talk the horny little creep.

I could see how mother would find this very disturbing but little did I know how much until we pulled up in front of our Adobe Hacienda. It was a rather large thatched roof house of trees, mud etc with a front t porch to sit outside where the smells from within would not suffocate the tenants.

I could see why we had not been brought out before, other than the location of the village, but because there was very little room. I would have to sleep out on the porch. That didn’t bother me as it would cooler and fresher, I hoped.

At last we were alone, at least as far as the taxi was concerned. People were coming to the house (Shack) bidding mother welcome back and bringing various food items, and of course giving us the once over. I had sort of promised myself I would not stare, but there was no way, no matter where I tried to look, that there wasn’t a pair of hooters staring me in the face or a little boys weeny in full erection pointing in my direction.

The Tribal Chief came over and officially welcomed Mother and Father and of course especially the little white Modees. I t wasn’t long before we were left alone and after Mother had prepared a snack, we were guided off to bed. Bobby and Clinty were in one double bed together, while I was on a single swing sort of hammock ,on the porch. It was hot and I wondered how much clothing I should doft, and whether or not I should sleep in my Pajamas. It would be too stifling for that ,so I chose to sleep in my ginch, as did my brothers.

I laid awake for sometime thinking about what I had seen and wondered if I was normal or was I truly lusting for the forbidden fruit. I wouldn’t have known how to peel the fruit let alone nibble at the contents. I was in a turmoil and wondered how I was going to get through all these new experiences in my life. I silently prayed I would not be tempted, at least any more than I had already.

Father went out for several days at a time visiting the various (Parishes) as he called them. They were just other villages much like the one we were living in. At first it was difficult to get into the swing of things as it were. It was beastly hot and most of the time I wore nothing but a pair of light cotton shorts. I was even learning to go barefoot and was learning a few native words from our house servant. She was a very large lady and we were told to call her Nanoodo. She was very kind and spoke several words of English, enough to let us know when she was annoyed or happy. She would sit and talk to us about her people and how they came to be here. She had lost her children, a boy and a girl, to the dreaded Mustva disease (a parasite that got into the intestinal tract and slowly destroyed the colon as well as the immune system.) Her husband had departed years ago and now she was all alone. She took to us as though we were her own. This pleased mother who had more time to carry out her part of the mission business. Nanoodo wore a dress so as not to embarrass my father and we children. I was almost choked sometimes when she would crush us to her more than ample breasts in a show of affection and love. Clinty was quite prone to getting scrapes and bruises and Nanoodo always was able to repair his wounds and his crying. I suspected he was her favorite.

I was learning to play with the other kids around my age although it didn’t seem to make any difference as we all played together no matter what age. Mother insisted that we wore our shorts and not to reduce ourselves to the level of the natives hear abouts. Well what mother didn’t know was that we really had no choice. I remember we were with the village kids and were heading towards the river which ran beside the village. There were several reed boats and even an outboard motor on one commercial boat tied up at the landing. The kids were always making fun of us and making rude signs about our private parts. Even though we were included in the games we never felt quite part . We were outsiders and were to be watched and not trusted too much. Mother and Father in particular had to be watched. They spread tall tales about other Gods and required close observation.

The three of us were trekking along a trail with make believe spears. They were quite sharp and could be made to stick into the ground when thrown correctly. I was learning. Several boys about my age were showing me how to hold the spear and were holding my arms and my legs so as to be in the right position, when I felt my shorts being pulled down and I fell to the ground minus any clothing at all. I tried to cover up but to no avail. They just laughed and made signs that seemed to indicate that now we were one of them. Bobby and Clint had their shorts removed so here we were all three white naked urchins amongst the very very black kids.

These games went on for several weeks. Mother never new that we were brown under our shorts and not only on our upper bodies and legs. I was sitting one day on the bank with three other boys when Nanoodo walked by and stopped and looked me over. I know she had seen me naked before but this time she walked over to me and sat down beside me. She took hold of my penis in her hand and told me I was not yet a man, and that my penis was not ready to shed it’s hat which I later learned was my foreskin. None of the boys I played with had been circumcised. This was left to the ceremonial chiefs for the young adolescent who was entering manhood. She told me that when I was to become a man my hat would be removed by the chiefs and I would spend five days alone with my aching appendage. I knew this would never happen to me as I was not one of them. When a young man lost his hat he was bandaged and a leather sleeve was provided for his penis to slip in to. This was a sign of his manhood. I was glad we hadn’t been circumcised as we would surely have been ostracized as law breakers. We weren’t ready. I felt strange sometimes by what was happening to my penis and wondered if I was coming close to becoming a man. I didn’t think I would like that ceremony. The hat was removed with a sharp stone, the bleeding stopped with a special balm administered by the witch doctor. I’m convinced that every family should have their own witch doctor but no rock knives.

Our tribe’s witch doctor drove from village to village in a Cadillac coupe DeVille . He always traveled with two assistants. One drove and the other two rode in the back. Most of the time he looked like an ordinary businessman wearing a white shirt and black trousers, No shoes though .

My family met the witch doctor one evening when he came to visit. I knew he must get paid for his visits because he seemed to have lots of money . People paid him with all kinds of produce and animals. He came to visit my family and marched the three of us out towards the river where he told us, in broken English to remove our shorts. We stood naked in front of him as he examined us from head to scrotum. He especially examined Bobby and me by feeling our penises until we both got erections. he laughed and shook his head up and down. I presumed he was satisfied that we were not going to contaminate the other children. Mother lived in her own little world and avoided any contact with the other ladies at least as much as possible.

Nanoodo Bobby and I, were walking through the village when we came across a mother holding a six or seven year old on her lap and was slowly masturbating him. He was erected and for a moment I was shocked and stopped dead in my tracks. Nanoodo looked questioningly into my eyes and asked me why I stared, was there some reason why a mother should not give pleasure to her son if it would make him happy. I looked away and started walking again with Nanoodo. She seemed to feel my embarrassment and put her arm on my shoulders telling me I was not too old to be made happy. All little men should be made to feel happy and free, she advised. That was a mother’s job.

Bobby was a little stunned but Clint, who usually played with the younger ones, ran over and sat down beside the mother watching her provide happiness. I wanted to call to him but Nanoodo hugged me closer to her and motioned me to follow her. Bobby was all eyes glancing back at Clint as he sat naked beside the Mother. The mother glanced kindly at Clint and put her hand on his head. She smiled as she told her son to get up and to sit beside her while she made Clint happy. Nanoodo told me it would be good for Clint to feel the security of this fine Mother. I watched as she lifted Clint and sat him on her lap leaning his head against her shoulder. She commenced to slowly masturbate him. He smiled and I could almost hear him cooing. For some reason I wasn’t upset by this at all and secretly wished it were me being made happy.

It was a kind motherly act of friendship whether I thought it unorthodox from my standards, it certainly wasn’t from theirs. After that I often noticed the practice and at no time did anyone feel strange about it. Nanoodo and I walked to the river and sat down on the edge. The water was slightly cooling and it was so peaceful just sitting and relaxing. Nanoodo was humming a little melody and sticking her feet into the water. She moved closer and motioned me to lay against her breasts and just close my eyes. I would feel happy and relaxed soon. I was relaxed, at least until Nanoodo started to masturbate me. I struggled to get away but her big arms gripped me and held me fast as she started to tell me of the customs of her people. She said I was a tense little boy and needed her ministrations. I was erected immediately and looked around to see if there was anyone around. We were alone and I lay quietly as she proceeded to make me happy. I had masturbated before and had quite enjoyed the feeling but I had never ejaculated that is until Nanoodo brought me to a full climax at which time she smothered me to her big snookers which she had uncovered.

I was resting my head on her bare bosom. I had never been so happy in all my life as I shot a huge squirt of sperm into Nanoodo’s hand. She slowly commenced to rub it all over my stomach and chest. She lifted me and walked into the river where she proceeded to bathe me holding me above the water as she did so. Several children had gathered by then and were sitting quietly on the shore watching. It was almost like I was being baptized. I felt like I had never felt before. Nanoodo just smiled and cuddled me to her as she brought me back to shore. I don’t know what happened to Clint but I knew I was completely happy as never before. I hoped he was too. I didn’t know who was making Bobby happy.

Nanoodo continued to make me happy every other day, and I was no longer afraid of being seen as I had the opportunity to watch other boys my age spill their semen , always rubbing it into their bodies afterwards. I found out it was part of making me into a man soon. I would learn in a year or two.

The story really begins at this point now that the stage has been set.

Mother went with my father on several of his expeditions to visit his parishes leaving us in the more than ample care of Nonoodo. She babied us like we were her own. Clint had his happiness hour with her as well. I don’t know how happy he ever got but Bobby and I were very happy. almost every day. At least until I came down with something.

Nanoodo looked at me quizzically one day and put her hand on my head. I was feeling sick to my stomach and I felt like I was going to get the Diaohorea. I ran to the side of our shack and squatted down letting my bowels pour out at the same time I threw up. Nanoodo was there in a flash holding my butt in her hands like I was sitting on a toilet and I just let myself drain. This was embarrassing. I threw up again. By this time I couldn’t see straight. My eyes were dimming and my legs would not support me. Nanoodo carried me to the house where she bathed me with cool water and cleaned my bottom. She looked into my mouth ,under my arms, and turned me over to look at my butt hole, Mutot. She could have done anything to me. My twelve year old body felt like it was ninety. She covered me and I heard her giving orders to the someone. She picked me up and sat me on her lap and cradled me like I was a baby. I was about to throw up again and she quickly lifted me to the yard perimeter where I vomited and then emptied my colon right in front of her. She cradled my bottom in her hands like she had done before. I wanted to die. That was the last thing I remember.

The next thing I recall was seeing the flames from a fire and the witch doctor dancing around in a circle pretending to spear me. I could have cared less as every now and again he would touch my body then take off on another tangent of dancing and hollering.

Then he squatted down beside me and partially dragged me to the center near where the fire was burning. He was no longer in his white shirt and black pants but dressed in native get- up with feathers and reeds and things. I could see him and I could hear as he spoke in broken English.

“Steefen.. You have been infested with the Barcooya which has brought Mustuv to your body. They have invaded your stomach . They are like little round flat bugs and they live in your long waste place. I will make them leave you young Steefen. He! He! He!. he laughed “I will make them wish they were dead. He! He! He!” he laughed again. He motioned to his two sidekicks, body guards,assistants. who knows what. One was carrying what looked like a wine skin only larger and it was full. I could see that. The other carried a hallowed out wooden tube.

“Steven you are to lay absolutely still. He will come tonight, perhaps tomorrow night, but you must lay still at night. Your pain will not leave you until Clonadder has come and had his fill. I know you are with great pain . You trust me? He! He! He !” he laughed again. I was about to poo again and I couldn’t get up. Nanoodo rolled me over onto my stomach and I threw up and let it all run out both ends at the same time. The witch doctor patted my back. I felt Nanoodo wipe me clean then she bent me over her knee and she spread my butt cheeks apart. I would feel something being stuck into my hole. I cried out it pained so much. I screamed as that wooden shaft was inserted into my rectum. There was a leather covering over the end of the tube and to it were attached two thongs of leather. When the Witch doctor was satisfied it was where it should be I felt him tugging at the strings and slowly pulled the leather cover out my hole alongside the tube.

I had never felt such terrible pain and I wept continually, all the time being securely held but at the same time comforted by Nanoodo. The two guards took hold of my feet and hung me upside down with my head barely touching the ground. Something spilled onto the ground in front of my face and it looked to be moving crawling. My position prevented me from vomiting any more and there was no way I could poo. I then felt my stomach being filled with something. I was being held upside down and some terrible concoction was being poured into my rectum. Oddly enough I felt no urge to evacuate it. I could feel it moving. It was the same tuff that had spilt on the ground in front of my face. My stomach pain was subsiding slightly, although I could feel a great deal of movement inside me stomach. I had been given several enemas at the boarding school and I was aware I was getting one now, but nothing I ever had in school could equal what was happening to me at this time I really didn’t care..

The guards lowered me to the ground and lay me on my stomach. Nanoodo rubbed my back and cooed quietly to me as the doctor removed the huge tube from my rectum. I screamed again as the tube came to the blunt end and my anus closed over it tightly.

I watched as the Witch Doctor took the wineskin and poured the contents on to the ground in a sort of line towards the bushes alongside the clearing. Then he came back to me and raised my legs so that I was laying flat on my back knees raised as though I would be reading a book or something. He instructed me to place my hands under my head. I was to lay like that untill it was over. “What was over.” I wondered. My stomach ached and my butt ached and I wanted to die. Nanoodo never once left me, just sat quietly at my head and soothing my forehead. I was about to speak when the Witch Doctor motioned me to silence He cocked his ear as though listening for something. His guard went to the car and the Witch doctor took the wineskin and once again poured some of the contents on to my penis so that it ran down between my legs and into a puddle by my butt end.

He then sat at the opposite side of the clearing to where he had poured the concoction and waited. I wished whatever they were waiting for would come or whatever so I could get well again and go home. I was shivering from chills even though I had the fever.

I looked back over my head to Nanoodo who smiled and patted my cheek. The witch doctor was sitting where he had been all the time. The fire glowed a soft deep red as the flickering flames cast aerie shadow on the surrounding bushes. All of a sudden Nanoodo stiffened and put her fingers to her lips and securing my arms firmly. Then I felt something at my crotch.There was no one near us. But there was something sort of probing at my anus. It was the strangest feeling I had ever had. I wanted to look up but could not. I wanted to close my butt hole but couldn’t due to the way I was laying. Then I felt whatever it was, slowly making its way into my anus and then into my rectum. Then I realized it must be a snake of some sort. No one had moved but I could feel it. Slowly it entered and I could feel it expanding my hole very slowly at first then faster. I could feel it in my stomach. I felt my anus close as whatever it was completely inside of me. I could feel the thing squirming, that’s the only way I can describe it. Squirming around then over the top of my belly then down then back. I think I could see my stomach moving in the fire light.

My pain was slowly subsiding. I wanted to move but Nanoodo made me lay still patting my head all the time. She whispered that it would soon be over. I had been a good boy and for that ,my illness which killed her children and many people, would be gone and I would be well again. I would never catch it again. She said it came from the river from animal droppings. A parasite I figured had gotten into me and I nearly died.

The snake moved around and all over until I could see the sun rising over the hills. It was coming daylight and I remember the Witch doctor saying it would be only in the night. The old man was still sitting quietly rocking back and forth and chanting quietly. Then I felt like I had to poo as the snake made it’s way to my anus. I wondered what kind of a snake ate waste material right in a person’s intestines. He must have gained weight because he was fat and as he moved his head out of my hole I felt like he was going to tear me apart. I groaned and moaned as Nanoodo held me and patted my head saying it was almost done. The two guards reappeared and took hold of my legs and secured them so I could not move. The snake continued to make its way out .It had to be well over and inch thick and a couple of feet long or more.

Then the pain started to subside and I knew the snake was out. It obviously slithered away from whence it had come. I had no stomach pain. My hole was the only thing sore. The doctor ordered my legs be pulled flat and I was lifted to my feet. Nanoodo cuddled me to her as she steadied my trembling legs. The witch doctor patted me on the head and on the stomach then on my penis and motioned his assistants to leave. They left in the car.

Nanoodo walked slowly with me to the rivers edge where she allowed me to poo out what had been poured into me. When we sat again and I rested my head on her lap, she commenced to make me happy and told me the story of the Clonadder.

The little parasites embedded their bodies into the colon lining and flushing and other means would not dislodge them. The Clonadder had a tongue that seemed to remove the bugs where nothing else could. It was a delicacy to the snake ,she told me. The enema ,of lord knows what, was used to attract Clonadder from the bushes around the clearing. The thought sent shivers up my back however I was no longer feverish .Nanoodo continued her minstrations and it was soothing and so relaxing I fell into a deep sleep. I awoke in my own hammock on the porch the next morning wondering if I had had a bad dream. My swollen ass hole would attest to the fact that something had been up there. I was feeling better, and I remember being so sick. It had been no dream. I was alive and all because of Nanoodo and the witch doctor. I am a believer.

We were there for the rest of the year before we were sent back to England and then over to the United states to live. The rest of that year saw me nearly to manhood, and Nanoodo comforted me almost daily before bed time. How I fell in love with her. Mother never knew what had occurred other than Clint informing her I had had a bout of the flu. Clint was also a great proponent of the happiness theme. Bobby was like me and was about ready for the manhood test. I was glad we were leaving before the tests took place. Many of my friends lost their hats that year.

Africa 3

We were moping about as we waited for the three days to pass when we would be heading back to England. I had never felt so terrible to leave anywhere in my life. Bobby and Clint shared my feelings and despite our protests and pleadings, we were packed and waiting for the boat to take us down river to the main village. There we would take a car to the airport then to the big city.

I was thirteen and very knowledgeable about the way of Nanoodo’s people. I had grown to love them and had many good friends who were unhappy to see me leaving..Nanoodo paid particular attention to me each day I was her Manosha.(Son) She had cared for me and nursed me back to health when I was deathly ill. She

was more a care giver than my mother. She too counted the days until we were leaving this”dreadful place,” as mother called it. I’m sure in all her travels with my father,they had learned as much about the culture as I had which included the customs of the people..

Nanoodo insisted Bobby and I spend the last two night with her in her hut. Mother reluctantly agreed knowing how attached we were to her and she to us. We swam before bed, then Nanoodo made us happy, then another swim then another happiness interlude. Bobby and I could hardly sleep thinking about what we were going to be

giving up. I think ,had I been given the opportunity ,I would have stayed here even if it meant losing my hat. I could survive that but could I survive the city again with it’s high and mighty private boarding schools.

The boat came and our belongings were packed aboard . I felt devastated as I looked into the eyes of my weeping friends. I prayed that somehow things could be reversed. The boat was loaded and it appeared that there would be only room for two people .Father decided he would be one because he had the trip preparations to make. He suggested that we might want to spend another day or so until the boat returned for us. We all three

readily agreed and encouraged our parents that the arrangement would be a good one and that Nanoodo would look after us very well and see us off when the time came. Reluctantly mother climbed aboard and waved as the boat started its down river trip with out us. She waved and it was a wave like she would never see us again. I felt a little sad for mother but then, she turned and looked forward and never cast a backward glance. We were dressed in shorts and shirt with sandals . Mother was not going to have us arrive in civilization looking like natives. She had discovered our brown bodies and felt it was time we were leaving as we were truly becoming like the villagers. “Naked Savages” mother called them “ You boys are no better than the rest of them ..Look at you ,you’re almost heathens. I hope the Lord forgives what has happened to you these many

months.” No sooner had the boat turned the bend and the three of us were stripping out of our clothes

and running away with our friends. We had made reed ropes from vines which we hung from very high trees. We would swing way out into the shallow river falling some twenty or more feet off the end of the rope. With several of these ropes it became a competition to determine a winner for the highest swinger. Bobby , for some unknown reason was the highest almost everytime. We figured he must have mystical powers. The villagers would often come to watch us and I think they even placed bets on who the winners would be. It was glorious and all the time Nanoodo was there for us.

Three days went by before we received word that the boat had hit a dead head in the river on its return trip ,and had sunk. Another was being located. In the meantime my Mother left for England while my father carried on his church business waiting for us to return. I don’t think he cared one way or another. Mother had always been on his case from the very first.

Nanoodo and Bobby and I were sitting one evening on the bank eating spirit fruit. It was so quiet and peaceful we usually fell asleep as we rested lounging in the soft grass. I told Nanoodo I had to poo and would return in a few minutes. We had a special place where we would do our poopoos. I squatted and strained and completing the bowel movement returned to find the Witch Doctor sitting with Bobby and Nanoodo.

“Hello Sir “ I said acknowledging his station in the tribe. He liked me and he appreciated my respect for him. I had good reason to respect him and his doctoring ability. Other than the occasional belly ache I was well and had never had a recurrence. He had said as much. He looked at me and reaching up he placed his hand in the small of my back supporting me while he felt my penis and then my stomach.He always did that He

said ,in his own tongue, that he wanted to check me over. Nanoodo told him Ihad just had a bowel movement. He replied “Excellent let us examine the turd” as he called my poo poo. I was a little embarrassed as I went with him to show him where I had done my jobby. He poked at the little pile with his stick then getting down on his

hands an knees he examined it more closely. He brought the end of the stick to his nose and sniffed. I knew

this was his way of determining if his patients were well or not, because I had seen him do this before. I had certainly been surprised by his actions.

We walked back to Nanoodo and explained to her that he was prescribing a series of purges for my bowels. I was to be flushed clean. He felt it was an extra precaution against any recurrences of my previous illness. I understood most of what he said having learned the language quite well,however I was not too enthusiastic about the fact he was going to give me an enema. I had seen other kids get them. They would be bent over the mother or fathers lap and a thin brush reed would be inserted into their anus. Then the father would

fill his mouth with a mixture of some kind ,put the reed into his mouth and force it into his child’s rectums. This would be repeated several times until either the father couldn’t develop enough pressure to squirt any more fluid in, or the child would be full. I think they both went together. When the rectum was full it took a great pressure to get any more in,at least it looked that way to me. I wondered if the witch doctor would do it or

Nanoodo. The doctor laughed and pointed to me and my bum, then laughed again. He walked over to his car and returned with a modern everyday enamel enema pot with the accompanying rubber hose. He explained that it was brand new and that I would be the first one to have it used on. He told Nanoodo that he had had it tried on

him first and agreed it was much more effective than the reed up the butt method. I remember having had enemas from this kind of gear while in boarding school so I was not unfamiliar with the procedure.

The witch doctor told Nanoodo to come with him while he demonstrated the filling of the can. Then lubricating the end and the customary expelling or air so I wouldn’t get a cramp. I had been all through that. I was worried about how much they would make me take. Nanoodo and the doctor returned and She sat on a stump and motioned me over her lap. I had long since given up being embarrassed at having my anus displayed for all the other kids to see. Bobby watched as she parted my cheeks and aimed the tube end at my quivering butt hole. Other than the witch doctor’s finger,I had not had anything go up there since the snake and I wondered if it would feel the same. The tube was inserted by the witch doctor. When the reeds were used for enema,they were only inserted about two inches or so he laughed and seemed delighted to see the tubing sliding well up my hole into the top of my rectum. I felt the tube stop and there was a little pain for a second or so.He laughed some more then spoke to Nanoodo. He explained that the tube had come to the first curve in the colon. By twisting and allowing the flow to start, the tube would make the curve and continue inward. It was a “miraculous invention “ he proclaimed laughing as he continued to twist and push while the liquid made its way slowly filling my bowels. Neither asked me if I was getting full they just continued to insert the tube and allow the whole container to drain into me. I was writhing by that time and the doctor laughed and pulled the tube out in one fell sweep. He helped me up from Nanoodo’s lap and patted me on the stomach and made me jump up and down like we were doing the Boy’s Dance. Several boys had gathered and joined in the dance and each inspecting the can and hose. I jumped up and down until I was ready to burst. The doctor felt my stomach again and pushed here and there then took my penis and pulled it a couple of times until I was erected. “Go now. Go and you are clean my son” he said laughing. He pointed to Bobby, who readily accepted the invitation. The can was refilled and the boys who were taking in everything , wanted to be next,teasing the witch doctor but respectfully and virtually begging to be allowed to be clean like me.

Bobby took over half the can and the doctor allowed him to do his dance and pumped his little dick a few times. Bobby was already erected as he had been from the beginning.

The witch doctor allowed Nanoodo to get up and had her refill the can. He would do the boys himself as he sat on the stump and had the next boy lay across his lap. In went the tube and the water making the recipient giggle and squirm in complete happiness. He took the whole can. I am sure they had larger intestines than we did because they sometimes would go for days without pooing. They said animals smelled their poo if they had to go while on a hunting trip. That made sense. So getting an enema before you went hunting would make it much easier for them. I was feeling great. I think I was getting a little lethargic so the enema helped me . Bobby too was feeling great and wanted to wrestle with me and kept teasing the boy who was laying across the doctors lap.

When we were done. The doctor said he would back in two days to do it all again. Every one of my friends lined up to ask to have the doctor do them again. They felt very privileged to have been administered to by the Great Man himself.

The next time we all received an added bonus. As usual I was his star patient. The doctor filled me completely then made me dance then patted my stomach then while I was still holding the huge enema, he began to masturbate me until I blew. I must have shot about two feet or more. All the other boys admired my performance by shouting OOOOOHHH!. He laughed and said I had been a very good boy and I was getting

ready for entry into manhood. With that he examined my foreskin pulling it down. I think he was figuring how much he would have to cut off. I shivered at the thought.