After A Bicycle Ride

By Anonymous

When I stopped by to visit my fetching new neighbor, I mentioned that my legs were sore from a long bicycle ride I had just finished. She’s a nurse and insisted that I submit to an examination because of her being so experienced in such matters. She sent me into her office and told me to disrobe, put on the towel, and lie on her massage table.

Laying face up covered only by a small wash cloth, she came back into the room dressed in nurse-white. Her skirt was so short and tight that I could see that she was wearing stockings and garters. The white high heels she was wearing made her legs look long and shapely. With her blouse opened to a few buttons it revealed lots of delicious cleavage. She wore lots of makeup with hot red lipstick that contrasted nicely with her jet black hair.

She took my pulse and asked me all sorts of questions which even included when I last had sex, and how often I masturbated. As she turned around and bent over her desk to write this all down, her short skirt rode up even higher. By the time she turned around another button has magically opened on her blouse. Now I could see the sides of her breasts and her lacy push up bra. All this is of course was getting me very horny. My semi-hard cock started to lift the towel into an embarrassing tent. I became a little red-faced. She looked at my erection and gave me a mischievous smile. Adjusting the wash cloth she said, “Relax, we’ll take care of that later.”

She began to massage my legs and lean over me while doing it, giving me a clear view of her beautiful tits. As she worked up my legs to my thighs she spread my legs wider apart. She begin to massage my thighs “accidentally” brushing against my balls many times.

A wet spot was showing on the towel now. She removed the towel and gazed at my cock. “Nice,” she said, “Turn over onto your stomach.”

She took off her skirt leaving her in a sexy white bra, panties, stockings and heels. Once again she began massaging me. When I looked at her in her sexy attire my cock ached as it pressed into the table dripping with lust.

As she massaged my butt she traced her finger slowly along the crack of my ass and down to my balls. This caused me to suck in large quantities of air as I breathe. She knew she was driving me crazy but continued to tease me. She eventually took my balls in hand and begin to massage them. She squeezed them just enough too cause me a little pain. She asked me if I liked her outfit. I told her I liked it very much. She squeezed my balls again and started tickling them lightly while she walked around the table and stood with her pussy inches from my faces. I looked up at her sexy tits in their bra. She took my balls in her hand again and continued massaging. Turning to the side she asked me if I liked her ass. I exclaimed that I loved her ass! She smiled, squeezed my balls and said, “Good, I like a man who appreciates my ass…. most men don’t show a woman’s ass enough appreciation.”

I told her she could count on me to show her ass enough appreciation. She smiled and turned around and took her panties off giving me a view of her ass framed by her white garter belt. She came over to me with her close cropped pussy so near to my face I could feel its heat (and it was hot).

I reached out to touch her but she backed away. She said, “No touching, if you move again you leave.” She moved her pussy even closer to my face as she let go of my balls and began to play with my ass hole. While I stared at her pussy she slowly penetrated my ass hole. She told me to relax and fingered me again. I had a puddle on the table under my belly. After a few minutes of fingering my ass she asked me if I liked what she was doing, I told her I did. She took her finger out of my ass and turned around so her ass was in front of my face. She backed her crack right up to my mouth and said I should thank her. I kissed both cheeks and she took my balls in her hand again. As she squeezed them she said, “Why don’t you run your tongue up and down the crack of my ass ?” I did, and she said, “Good boy you’re learning.”

Then she lubed her fingers and put two of them right on my ass hole. She started squeezing my balls and told me to take both of her fingers up my ass. As I lifted my butt it pushed her fingers into my ass. She said, “That’s it, fuck yourself… that’s it… good boy.” She reamed me good.

Popping her fingers out of my butt he asked me to lay on my side. Once again I was staring at her beautiful pussy. She put some massage oil on her palms and spread it over her hands. My cock was as big as it ever was; I was praying she would touch it. She reached out and caressed my cock for the first time, squeezing the head in her greasy palm as I gazed at her pussy and tits. She lubed my cock and balls with the oil, stroking my cock for a little while until I was breathing very heavy. She told me to move my mouth closer to her pussy and kiss it while she stroked my cock. I did. She told me to keep kissing it till she ordered me to stop. I did. I kissed it for quite a while. She pressed her pussy into my face and held me close to her. Whenever I did it right and pleased her she squeezed my balls and said, “That’s good”. She was getting very hot and wet.

She climbed onto the table so her ass was over my face. She began jerking me off until I was close to shooting my load, then she stopped and asked me if I would enjoy licking her ass. Yes I said I’m dying to lick your ass. She chuckled and lowered her ass to my mouth and I licked along the entire crack. Squeezing my balls she encouraged me to lick it. I slowly traced circles around her ass hole as she pressed down into my face. She picked up the pace of my masturbation. She asked me to show her how much I liked her ass. I began licking it like candy. Squeezing my balls she asked me if I wanted to cum. I told her I wanted to cum in the worst way. She said “OK, suck my ass while I play with my pussy and if you do it real good I’ll jerk you off and let you shoot your whole load onto my tits.” I quickly agreed.

She sat on my face and masturbated her clit while I sucked her ass hole for quite a while. As her passion grew she told me to stick out my tongue so she could fuck her ass with my tongue. Finally she groaned, “I’m gonna cum, stick your tongue up my ass,” as she pressed down onto my face and came. I had kept my part of the bargain

She didn’t get up but continued to sit on my face and told me to “pepper her ass hole with kisses” while she recovered. After a while she told me to stop. She said I did a good job and it was my turn. She got a dildo out of her desk and greased it up real good. She snapped the dildo to an attachment on the wall so it stuck out of the wall at ass height. She helped me off the table and led me to the dildo. She backed me up against the wall so the dildo pressed between my ass cheeks. She pulled up a chair and sat in front of me. I looked down on her tits. She began massaging my balls with both hands, squeezing them and pulling on them. Reaching under she pressed the dildo right against my ass hole as I stood there. The dildo felt good pressing against my ass as she stroked my cock and played with my balls. She said, “Do you want to cum on my tits?”

“Yes,” I said. She increased the speed of her jerking. She brought me to the edge of orgasm and squeezed my balls to prevent me from cumming. I was going crazy I wanted to cum but I didn’t want her to stop. She kept this up for quite a while until I was frantic to cum. She said if I really wanted to cum I would have back up onto the dildo and take it up my ass, then I could cum. I told her I would do whatever she wanted if she would just let me cum.

“Good boy. Bend over a little more.” I agreed and bent forward a little and she pressed my hips back against the dildo till it slowly penetrated my ass. She really started jerking me off and said, “That’s it take all of it up your ass, good boy, go ahead and fuck yourself.” I was so far gone I started fucking myself on the dildo while she jerked me off. She leaned forward so her tits (pushed up in her bra) were closer to my cock.

She said “OK you can cum now. Cum for me, don’t hold back, shoot it on my tits.” Finally my orgasm started and she pushed me all the way on to the dildo like a shish-kebab. It was buried deep in my ass and hot jets of cum were splashing onto her tits. She milked my cock and squeezed every last drop from my balls. “Good boy,” she said.

Now I go over her place once a week for my “treatment” as she calls it. We are both dating other people but find our mid week meeting a nice twist from our usual relationships. Two weeks ago she had her girlfriend over on “treatment” night. I was embarrassed at first but she convinced me she wanted to see me “fuck myself.” Of course first I had to lick both of their asses while they masturbated. I didn’t mind a bit. I do appreciate a woman’s ass more than ever before. Even my girlfriend has noticed.