All You Have To Do Is Ask

The blizzard of ‘96 in the Northeast U.S. I had been shoveling my ass off all day long to try and clear some 25” of snow. Finally done - at least what was going to get done. Got the cars free, time to drive around and see what was going on in the world. The neighborhood was fair, the main roads were in pretty good shape, and the Interstate system looked great. Stop for a coffee at the High’s Store (for those far away, it’s a convenience store like a 7-11).

For some reason, when I go into convenience stores, I always look in the row where medical things are, to see what they carry: douches, enemas, suppositories, Vaseline, KY jelly, thermometers, etc. Interesting to take a mental note of this. As I was ‘taking inventory’, I overheard the clerk speaking on the telephone: “Yeah, yeah, I don’t know…soon I hope, yeah, yeah…I’ll come and get you, don’t worry…hold on.”

Then, the clerk stopped her phone conversation and looked up at me, “Is there something I can help you with?”

Quick. Be quick. I looked at what was in the ‘medical department’ and noticed that there weren’t any oral thermometers. “Yeah - do you have any more thermometers?,” I asked.

“Just a minute,” the clerk said and returned to the telephone. “Hold on a sec, I’ll be right back,” and she laid the phone on the counter. She came over to where I was standing and took a quick glance over the various items. She saw the thermometers hanging there and took one off the hook. “Here you go,” she said, and turned to walk toward the counter.

I studied what she had handed me and said, “Thank you, but I’m looking for an oral thermometer - this one say’s it’s ideal for baby and I think it’s a rectal thermometer.” I approached the counter and handed it to her. She studied it and then asked the person on the phone, “What’s the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?” After a brief pause, the clerk giggled and said to the person on the other end of the phone, “I know that! I mean, can you use a rectal thermometer as an oral thermometer?”

There was a longer pause this time and then the clerk said to me, “Do you know how to take a rectal temperature?”

Hmmmm. Let’s see where this goes. “I don’t know - never done it before,” I answered.

The clerk repeated this back to the other voice on the phone, then listened for a while. She said to me, “Does it really make a difference? Who’s it for?”

Quick. Be quick. “Me! I need it. Been in the cold all day. Want to make sure I’m not getting a fever,” I quickly replied. Again, she repeated this back to the telephone and listened. More questions.

“Do you live near here?” she asked me.

“Yes - just a few miles north,” I answered. She relayed this information.

“Could you go by the Cardiff Apartments and the hospital?” she then asked.

“Sure - no problem. Actually, it’s on my way home,” I said. And this, too, was relayed on the phone followed by some more conversation from the voice on the other end. Then some more communication to me.

“Okay, this is easy if you can help me out - I’ve gotten delayed here. Stop by the Cardiff Apartments, # 7034 Carriage Lane. My sister will be waiting outside. She’s a nurse at the hospital. Take her to work and she’ll show you how to use the thermometer. OK?” she asked.

Stunned! I was stunned! “Uh, oh, ah…..OK, sure,” I answered. Where was this going? Her sister is a nurse? She’s going to show me how to use the thermometer? I hear the deal being relayed to her sister, the voice on the other end of the phone. Then the conversation ended.

The clerk walked from behind the counter and went to the medical section. She came back with a small tube. I noticed that it said ‘Vaseline - Pocket Size.’

“Kathy, that’s my sister, said you’ll need this, too,” and then she rung up the thermometer and the Vaseline and put them in the bag. While she did this, I was looking her over and wondering whether there may be any resemblance between her and her sister. If so, that would be ok. I took the bag and headed out of the store, into my car, and on to the short distance between the High’s Store and the Cardiff Apartments - left turn, there’s Carriage Lane…7002, 4, 6,… OK got it…7028, 30, here’s somebody standing outside…in front of 7034. I rolled down the window: “You looking for a ride to the hospital?”

“Yeah. You looking for a temperature check ?,” was her response as she crossed in front of the car and got inside. As she sat down, she loosened up her coat and took off her hat. I noticed her name tag - K. Dreyer, RN. Extending her hand to me she said, “Hi, I’m Nurse Kathy.”

Whoa! What a smile, deep brown eyes, beautiful face, dark brown hair up in a bun. I got so consumed with her appearance that I don’t think I ever told her my name. I just said, “Hi!” and drove off to the hospital.

The ride to the hospital was quick and we made small talk about the weather - never talked about ‘my problem.’ As we pulled in to the hospital, Nurse Kathy told me to park in the Emergency Room spots. “After all, this is an emergency isn’t it?,” she giggled.

“Follow me,” she said as we got out of the car and walked into the Emergency Room. I followed her inside, past the desk and down the hall, into an examination room. Of course, this was a hospital so the examining room wasn’t exactly like that found in a doctor’s office, but it certainly had an examination table.

I walked inside with Nurse Kathy and she took off her coat and hung it on the back of the door. Scrubs. Hmmmm. I was sort of hoping for a nurse’s uniform but the scrubs did have a certain appeal. As she hung up her coat I noticed that her body was firm and I could see her cheeks against the cotton material of the scrubs.

“Now, where’s your bag?,” she asked, standing in front of me with her arms across her chest.

Damn, I forgot to bring it in. What an idiot! I told her that it was still in the car.

“Tell me, exactly what is it that you’re trying to accomplish?,” she said, and she unfolded her arms and placed her hands on her hips. This was great. I could see her breasts pushing against the top, and her hips and thighs were accentuated as she stood there with her hands on her hips and her feet spread slightly apart. Have to answer the question…

“I wanted to get a thermometer so I could see if I was getting a fever, and all they had at High’s was a rectal thermometer,” I answered.

“Okay, I get it - so you don’t know how to use a rectal thermometer but that’s no big deal if you could just have your temperature checked?,” she stated.

“Yeah,” I said. Then I realized that I had screwed up. I had bypassed the rectal thermometer in favor of just having my temperature checked. We were in a hospital. Surely they had an oral thermometer or maybe even one of those ridiculous ear thermometers. Damn! What an idiot, again!

“This is easy. I’ll just take your temperature with a rectal thermometer and you’ll see how easy it is and we’ll get a reading at the same time,” she said.

No response from me. I was so engrossed in thinking how I had blown this chance I didn’t hear a thing. I just sat there looking at her.

“Hey, did you hear what I said? Get out of your pants,” she instructed.

I heard that! “Get out of my pants?,” I asked.

“Yeah. I’m going to take your temperature,” she said as she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

I took off my coat and hung it on the door over hers. Then I took off my boots and pants, leaving me standing there in my socks and my underwear, and my long sleeved T-shirt. I was getting hot, as in horny, standing in this exam room in my underwear, knowing that Nurse Kathy would be returning to take my temperature - rectally.

Before too long, the door opened and in she walked. “Okay, get up on the table on your stomach - that’s how you take a temperature. Either that, or on the side with the legs drawn up,” she said.

I got up on the examining table and lay down on my stomach. I felt her hands pulling under the waistband of my underwear and it was obvious what I was to do. I raised my hips and she pulled my underwear down to my knees.

She stood next to a counter and when I looked over at her, I was looking right at her thighs and her ass. I didn’t realize that scrubs could be so revealing in their own way. I saw a rectal thermometer and a tube of KY jelly lying on the counter. Nurse Kathy was putting on latex exam gloves.

She turned to look at me as she was sliding the second glove on her hand and said, “Lubrication is the key. Of course, at home there would be no need to use exam gloves, but in the hospital it’s procedure.”

She took the tube of KY in her hand and approached my butt. “Spread your legs for me a little bit,” she said as I felt her hand between my thighs. Then I felt her hand trace a path up my thighs to my cheeks, where she spread her fingers apart and this exposed my asshole. I felt the tube of KY against my cheeks and then I felt the cool lubricant being squeezed out onto my asshole. I felt her finger spreading the KY around my asshole. “Now, exhale,” she said, and as I did, I felt her finger slide slowly into my asshole, twisting from side to side as she inserted it the full length. “See, with plenty of lubrication, you don’t feel a thing,” she said, as she applied steady pressure to her finger. Well, ‘don’t feel a thing’ was an understatement - she probably should have said, ‘don’t feel any discomfort.’

I was feeling GREAT with her finger in my ass and she was moving it around a little bit, in and out, side to side. I felt my dick getting hard beneath me. Then, Nurse Kathy curled her fingertip and the feeling was intensified. “That’s your prostate,” she said, as she pushed on it. “It’s the essence of a man’s sexual being, and I thought I might as well let you know that,” she continued as she rubbed her fingertip on my prostate. My asshole involuntarily clenched tightly against her finger. “See? You can’t help it,” she said, and then she slowly removed her finger from my asshole. Now my dick has achieved a full hard-on underneath me and it’s everything I can do to keep from undulating on the exam table.

She left me lying on the examination table as she walked over to the counter and picked up the thermometer, applying KY to its length. “Lubricate the anus and the rectum, as well as the thermometer, and it’s smooth sailing,” she said as she again approached my ass. I felt my cheeks being spread and she placed the tip of the thermometer against my asshole. I clenched my muscles slightly and then I felt the tip pass my asshole and she steadily inserted the thermometer. “Wait for that anal spasm when the thermometer touches the anus, then insert it - no problem, right?,” she said, as she stood behind me and rubbed my cheeks as the thermometer registered.

“Appears not,” I said. What could I say? I’m lying bare-assed on the exam table with a thermometer in my ass and the nurse is taking it all in and rubbing my cheeks while it registers.

“Of course, if you’re taking your own temperature, it’s a little hard to take care of these preliminaries, but they always work when you have to take somebody else’s temperature,” said Nurse Kathy.

“Wait a minute. How often do you have to take somebody’s temperature rectally?,” I had to ask.

“The rectal temperature is the most accurate. I always take mine that way, and I take everybody’s temperature that way,” Nurse Kathy replied. As she said this, she adjusted the thermometer in my ass by twisting it a little bit, tugging on it a little bit, and then inserting it a little further. I could only think of her butt with a thermometer sticking out of it. That kept my dick hard.

I lay there in silence, exposing my ass, as this quite attractive nurse rubs my asscheeks and diddles a thermometer in my ass. “Okay, 4 minutes are up - that’s the magic time,” she said, as I felt the thermometer slide from my ass. I look over my shoulder to see Nurse Kathy wiping the thermometer with a tissue and holding it up to read it. “99.6 - perfect. It’s one degree higher rectally,” I’m told.

Nurse Kathy approached the counter and put the thermometer in the sink, the KY jelly back on the counter, and removed the exam gloves and threw them in the trash. I watched all of this, and somehow, the nurse in scrubs was looking pretty good. She ran her hand over the area just above my cheeks and said, “Lie here a minute. I’ll be right back.”

Okay, I’ll just lie right here. I wonder what is going on. I can’t help but move around on the exam table to stimulate my very hard dick. The cool air across my cheeks and the exposure in this medical environment is very erotic. My asshole has been sensitized to the point where even the lubricant feels good. I am almost in a dreamland, slowly moving my hips on the table, when the door opens again.

Nurse Kathy walks in and, standing next to the exam table, places her hand squarely upon my asscheeks, squeezes them a little. “Okay, turn over, let me show you something,” she says.

I hear a noise, like metal against metal, and I feel a bit of a vibration in the table. Nurse Kathy is pulling out something from the end of the table. I look to the side to see her sliding a round stool across the floor. When I turn over, I quickly realize that my dick is rock hard and standing straight up. I place my hands over my genitals and let my legs hang over the end of the examining table. My underwear slides down my legs and falls to the floor.

Nurse Kathy takes my feet and places them in footrests (stirrups). This further exposes me, at least my asshole. “C’mon, don’t you think I’ve seen all this before - and besides, do you think I’m going to hurt you?,” she says as she takes my hands away from my genitals and places them at my side. She walks over to the counter and puts on another pair of exam gloves and applies KY jelly to her index finger. Then she walks to the end of the examining table and sits on the little stool directly below my ass. She spreads my knees apart. “Remember, I showed you your prostate - you liked that?,” she said, as I felt her lubricated fingertip press against my asshole.

I didn’t have to say anything as I pressed against her finger. “Well, it wouldn’t be right for me to let you leave without showing you exactly how it functions, would it?,” she asked. And with that, she had massaged her finger around my asshole enough that she slowly slid it all the way inside and moved it around…then placed it directly against my prostate. “See how you squeeze your ass tight when I touch it?,” she said, as she started a rhythm against my prostate. “And see how your penis flinches, too?,” she said.

By this time, I was beginning to work in the rhythm of her finger going in and out of my asshole and bumping against my prostate. She was using her free hand to rub along my thighs and occasionally to stroke my balls. “Do you masturbate?,” she asked.

I hesitated. She took my right hand and moved it up to my very hard dick. My natural response was to wrap my hand around it. She kept her hand on mine and stroked it up and down. “Y-ye-, yes, I do,” I finally responded.

“Well, go ahead, and I’ll help you along,” she said as she continued to guide my hand up and down along my shaft.

She had worked up an alternating rhythm between her finger in my ass and her hand moving my hand up and down my dick. When her finger went in my ass, her hand stroked up; when her finger came out, her hand stroked down. As she taught me the rhythm, she took her hand from mine and continued with her rubbing of my thighs and stroking my balls. Her finger moved faster, and so did my stroking. Through the pace of her finger-fucking my asshole, she controlled the pace of my dick stroking.

She could feel my approaching orgasm as my ass tightened on her finger and my hips began to move more frantically. My feet pressed against the stirrups and my hips raised. As I shot my cum, she slid her finger all the way into my ass and applied steady pressure to my prostate. Her free hand was ready with a tissue and caught every drop of cum spewing from my dick. When I was finished cumming, my hips lowered to the table and she knew just the right time to slide her finger from my asshole. She took another tissue and wiped away the KY.

I lay there exposed in the stirrups, having just jerked off in front of the nurse while she examined my prostate (finger-fucked my ass). Nurse Kathy stood up and walked over to the counter. She took off the exam gloves and threw them away. As she was washing her hands, I let my arm fall from the exam table so that my hand could touch her leg. I wrapped my fingers around the inside of her thigh and rubbed it.

She said to me, “You see, the rectal temperature is more accurate, but you have to be careful that you don’t get too aroused due to the anal stimulation.” Then she stepped to the side, out of reach of my hand, and dried her hands. Walking past me, she ran her hand down my thigh and said, “I hope you learned how to use the thermometer,” and then she took her coat and left the exam room, as I watched her ass bounce in the scrubs.

I continued to lie there in the stirrups, thinking about what had just happened, as my hand lightly rubbed my belly. Again, I entered a dreamland, when all of a sudden the door burst open and I was jerked back into reality. I looked up to see this stout 50 year-old woman in a white nurse’s uniform. She barged about half way into the room before realizing that it was “occupied.”

Stunned, she said, “Oh, excuse me. I thought Dreyer was finished with her patient,” and she turned to leave the examining room, closing the door behind her. It was over. This was my cue to get dressed and go home.