An Aerobics Show

It was a nice Sunday afternoon at the Mall, and I was strolling around looking at all the fine female specimens that sooner or later end up on the doctor’s examining table. At center-court I noticed a large gathering of people and I heard some upbeat music which I recognized as the music that is used for aerobic dancing or exercising. Sure enough, I was right as I came upon a regional competition for female aerobic dancing.

I stood off to the side and looked at all the nice trim & fit bodies strutting their stuff on the stage. After I got comfortable in these surroundings, I began to take note of the periphery. I noticed that the dancers would exit stage left and, while still bouncing to the beat, follow signs that said “COOL DOWN AREA & EVALUATION”.

The first thought that came to my mind was that this was an area where some less intensive exercising was done, followed by a shower and change into street clothes.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that a lot can be learned from just observing and listening. What I found out about this COOL DOWN AREA & EVALUATION was similar to what I had imagined, except that the evaluation was a medical evaluation to insure that the body had returned to a steady-state level for everyday activities.

Hmmmmm, I thought. I wonder what sort of medical evaluation is conducted? For the next 1/2 hour, I pondered how I might get a glimpse of this area. Then, it hit me - everybody around me was dressed casually, yet I was in my suit since I had just come from church (of all places!). It would probably not be out of place to introduce myself as Doctor So-and-So with some bullshit story about research that was currently being conducted on the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic exercise as compared against the orthopedic detriments. Yeah - that would work. Let me find out who’s in charge.

It wasn’t too long before I had met Dr. Lynn McIntyre (Ph.D. or MD?), Director of the Mid-Atlantic Aerobic Association and Chairperson for the competition. She was very interested in my “work” and we had a wonderful conversation as she explained to me all the information that I needed to know about aerobic exercise. When she got to the part about the importance of “cooling down”, I paid particular attention and directed the conversation toward the “evaluation” that was being conducted. She told me that each participant was required to exit the stage and follow a laid-out course to the evaluation area; leaving the stage with a brisk jog and slowing to a moderate walk by the time they reached the evaluation area. Once at the evaluation area, their respiration, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and temperature were recorded. If these “vitals” were within tolerance, the participant continued on to the showers; if not, they jogged in place at a specified rate and for a specified period, gradually slowing down, until their “vitals” reached a level within tolerance “Temperature.”…

Did I hear her say “temperature”???

I expressed a special interest in the evaluation, commenting on how I thought this was an excellent way to insure that the body which had just been carefully exercised was not abused afterwards. I mentioned that I was unfamiliar with the process and she was quick to invite me to review the area. YES!

While we had been talking, Lynn was dressed in athletic sweat pants and top, a sort of jogging suit. And, let me tell you about her: She’s about 5’6” tall and about 125 pounds max. with shoulder length light brown hair and very striking facial features. She had mentioned that she had done a lot of swimming before getting into aerobics and I pictured a lean and tight body. Now, she was taking of the jacket and sliding off the sweat pants and I could see that I was right. She had nicely developed arm and leg muscles, was tanned not to extremes, had a firm but not protruding butt and, as I expected, round and noticeable breasts but certainly no more than a handful. As she shed the sweat-suit she told me that she was about to demonstrate an exercise and would then be going through the COOL DOWN process and on to the Evaluation Area. I was to meet her there when she gave me a nod. She walked toward the stage in her outfit of a half tank-top and short shorts, white socks and tennis shoes.

I watched her strut her stuff across the stage, a fine line between aerobic dancing/exercise and some of the finest erotic dancing that I have seen in the best nude clubs. After about 15 minutes, she gave me the nod and I proceeded via the COOL DOWN route to the evaluation area. As I approached the door, I was stopped by a burly guy and questioned as to whether I was Dr. Mueller. Mueller??? Oh, yes, that’s me…Dr. Mueller (formerly Dr. So-and-So). I was admitted into what looked like a waiting room and sat down. I noticed a sign on the wall which said :



(Leave Bra & Panties On)



My thoughts were beginning to race when Lynn came into the room and, while walking briskly past me, grabbed my arm and told me to follow her…through the door to the left…the evaluation area! OK!

We went through the door and as it closed quickly behind us I noticed a row of eight examining tables along two walls, four exam tables on each side. On four of the tables were perfect female specimens being attended to by nurses:

Table 1 -The nurse was listening to the girl’s chest…as the girl sat in her bra & panties.

Table 2 -The nurse was taking a pulse…as the girl sat there in her bra & panties.

Table 3 -The nurse was standing back and the girl, in bra and panties, was rolling onto her stomach and stretching out on the exam table.

Table 4 -The nurse was standing back, making notations on her clipboard, and WHAT ?…the girl’s panties had been lowered to her knees and a thermometer had been inserted into her ass ?

Lynn walked over to the other side of the room to Table 7 and, without hesitation removed her half T-shirt and short shorts and hopped up on the table. Sitting there in a white sports bra and basic white cotton bikini panties she was quickly attended to by the nurse. I was introduced and the nurse got on with her business. It didn’t take the nurse long to measure the respiration, pulse, blood pressure and heart rate. Before I knew it, Lynn had laid upon the exam table on her stomach and the nurse had lowered her panties to her knees. I asked why the rectal temperature and Lynn told me that it is more accurate and a constant reading across subjects as opposed to an oral temperature which varies from subject to subject. This was all explained to me as the nurse put her hand between Lynn’s thighs to spread her legs more, separated her buttocks, had donned latex exam gloves, applied lubricant to Lynn’s rectum and the thermometer, and had inserted the thermometer. In fact, in trying to maintain my guise, I had almost missed this…but not quite. Now, the nurse and I am standing back while Lynn lies on the table for 4 minutes while the thermometer registers. What a nice sight to see, and yes, her buttocks are well rounded and tight…and the thermometer protrudes from between them.

The time passes and the nurse removes the thermometer, takes the reading and notes it on her clipboard, and slides Lynn’s panties back up. Over before I knew it! Lynn rolled back over and sat up and the nurse released her to the shower. Lynn got off the exam table and - standing there in sports bra and panties, white socks and tennis shoes - shook my hand and told me that she hoped my questions had been answered. What else could I say but Thank you — which I did. Lynn gather up her clothes and went through another door which I presumed to be the locker room.

I left the Mall and went home to jerk off!