An Afternoon With Aunt Lisa

Perversely it seemed as if my parents had taken up living a life of secluded domesticity. No more going out on weekends, no taking in a movie in town or dinner at a restaurant with friends. I wondered if they were doing it on purpose just to see how frustrated I would get. I also wondered if maybe somehow my sister had tattle-taled on me, though for the life of me I don’t know how she could have known of anything Aunt Lisa did to me that night in the bathroom.

As usual it was my innate paranoia. My parents were just not in the going-out mood it seemed, much to my dissatisfaction. On the one hand I was eagerly looking forward to some kind of repeat performance, on the other I was wondering how I should act if Aunt Lisa ever came back to sit again. Should I sneak off to the bathroom as before and wait for her to come knocking ? Inform her ahead of time or wait for her to initiate something ? Good grief things could be so difficult at times. Was this a foretaste of life as a grown-up ? If so, they could keep it.

But things worked out differently. One afternoon my mother had an errand for me to run. Could I cycle over to Aunt Lisa’s house and deliver a package of clothes for alterations ? Of course I agreed, though on the way over I began wondering what she would think when I rang the bell. As it turned out she was ready and waiting since my mother had phoned I was on my way.

“Alex, how nice of you to come by,.” she said as I stood in the doorway with the parcel in my arms.

“My mother asked me to give you this.” I held out the paper wrapped parcel.

“Yes, I know. She phoned you were coming by to drop it off.” Aunt Lisa took the parcel and set it down on a dresser. “Would you like to come inside ?”

“Well, I dunno….maybe I better go back home…” Of course that was the last thing on my mind. If nothing else, I was planning on seeing some of my friends.

“Nonsense,” she said taking me by the hand. “Why don’t you put your bike in the hallway and come inside with me. Why I’ve been to your house so often and you’ve never been to mine yet.”

True enough of course, though hardly relevant. One didn’t really socialize with the sitters in those days. But is was as good an excuse as any to get me inside. And though reluctant with my stomach all a flutter, I was eager as well, compelled by an unconscious desire to see what might happen.

At first not much did. Aunt Lisa took me to her old-fashioned parlor and showed me through the ground floor and backyard, as if I had any interest in the first place. In her kitchen she prepared tea and probably knowing full well my weakness for ice cream, offered me a large well adorned chocolate parfait with home made whipped cream. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I politely gobbled the treat down while Aunt Lisa sat sipping tea and making unimportant small talk about school, my family and such. I did my best to keep up the conversation, but that was never one of my stronger points. In fact I was and still am downright pitiful when it comes to exercising verbal skills. Not that it really mattered. Aunt Lisa had my number and was just waiting for the right moment to dial.

“Finished already ? My but it’s nice to see a young man eat so heartily. Would you like some more ?”

Actually I would have, but thought it best to decline. “Thank you, but I shouldn’t.”

“Well, perhaps you’re right. We wouldn’t want you to go home with an upset stomach, would we Alex ?”

I supposed not and shrugged.

“Speaking of which, how have you been feeling lately my dear ?”

“All right…I guess…” Even I knew this was an opening to begin about something completely different.

“No more problems like last time ?”

“Not really…”

“Are you sure ?”

“Sort of….” I exaggerated.

“It’s all right. You can tell me surely. After all, there’s nothing to hide from me anymore, don’t you think ?”

He he, if only she knew. Grown-ups do so like to think they know everything.

“Remember last time ?”

How could I forget ?

“Well using a finger isn’t the way to do things like that. Would you like me to show you what to use instead ? I have the proper things upstairs if you’d like to see them.”

Truly she must have been able to read my mind. Even so I blushed and mumbled something that even I couldn’t understand.

“I thought so.” She stood up with a smile on her face and guided me by the shoulder. “Come along Alex, I have everything all set out. I’m sure you’ll be interested in what I have to show you.”

An understatement if ever there was one. With a pounding heart I followed Aunt Lisa up the stairway. In the hall she opened up a door and waited for me to enter first. Inside was a large bed and vanity with wardrobe. I guessed this to be her bedroom.

She bade me sit down on a padded stool in front of her vanity dresser. There was a large mirror above it with shelves to each side, lined with vials, jars and bottles. One of the drawers was partway open and I spied several white satiny items of apparel inside, undergarments no doubt. Aunt Lisa caught me looking but said nothing as she went into an adjoining room. She came back with several items which she placed on the vanity top in front of me.

“Here we are…” she stepped back behind me. “have you ever seen anything like these before?”

Well, there was no doubt that here in front of me was the ‘balloon thing’ she had referred to that night in my bathroom. It was a vaguely pear-shaped thing made of red rubber, it was ribbed down it’s length and had a small opening on top. Next to it she had lain out several dark longish tube like objects. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that these were nozzles to be fitted into the rubber balloon. And it took even less imagination to figure out where the nozzles were inserted. This was my first sight of a real honest to goodness clyster, an enema bulb.

Instinctively I shuddered in appreciative imagining and simultaneous dread. What I had been reading about in my grandfather’s book was not some fantasy or made-up tale. Here was an actual instrument sitting before me.

“It’s OK Alex. This is what is called a clyster. You can take hold of it if you wish. Squeeze it good and hard, it’s all right. This little thing has been squeezed good and hard many times before…” she chuckled.

I shivered deliciously and picked up the rubber clyster bulb. It was empty of course as I compressed it in my quivering palm, a stream of air hissing out mischievously. I couldn’t control myself and giggled.

“Looks tempting, doesn’t it ?”

I shrugged but couldn’t help grinning.

“Of course it does. I’m sure you’d enjoy using one of these, wouldn’t you ?” Aunt Lisa took the instrument from me and fitted it with a nozzle. I noticed she didn’t choose the smallest one either. “Do you know how it works ?”

I would have bet my life’s savings, had I any, that the nozzle was meant to be inserted into my favorite little hole. Beyond that I had a pretty good idea from reading my grandfather’s book, but didn’t want to commit myself to any particular procedure.

“Well, first of all we fill the rubber clyster with a special mixture of water and things, nice and warm and then the nozzle goes up into your fannyhole where everything is squirted out. We do this several times until your bottom is nice and filled up.”

I couldn’t help but notice that she used the second person possessive several times.

“Then we wait a while and everything comes out. How does that sound ?” she cheerfully asked.

Even to uninitiated me it sounded vastly oversimplified. But temptingly delightful and naughty. I was all for it, but of course I couldn’t just come right and say so. That would have been too simple.

“I dunno….what goes in the water ?”

“Ohhh, there are several things that are very nice and helpful. Usually some soap or glycerin. That felt nice when I used it, remember ?”

Did I ever. I nodded.

“But this way is ever so much better. We can get the glycerin and soap or whatever much deeper into your bottom and up your insides.”

I wondered about the ‘whatever’, but didn’t ask her to elaborate.

Aunt Lisa placed the clyster back on the vanity and rubbed the back of my neck with her palm. “Would you like for me to try it out on you ?” She smiled knowingly and seductively.

“I don’t think I should…”

“Oh silly boy, come now. Don’t tell me you’re still shy ? I’ve washed and helped you already. Surely you’d like me to do so again. Wasn’t it nice last time ?”

“Oh yes….I guess so..”

“You guess ? Don’t you remember ? Well then, I’d better remind you just how much you liked it.” She took my hand and had me stand up. “Why don’t you put your clothes on the bed over here and we’ll go into the bathroom. All right ?”

“Undress ?” It was as stupid a question as ever I have asked. Still I was nervous and of course at that age I hadn’t had much experience, if not to say none of undressing at a lady’s behest.

“Of course silly. Just take everything right off, as if you’re going to take a bath.”

I desired nothing less, but didn’t wish to appear too eager. As if I could have fooled her anyway. I untied my shoes and clumsily and unsteadily stepped out of them. Socks, shirt and upper garments followed. I was hesitating with my pants when Aunt Lisa clucked and unbuckled them herself. “Still a little bit bashful ? Let me help you in that case. Shall we?”

In no time at all I was standing naked in front of her, my prick already nice and stiff. She gave it a playful squeeze. “There we are. Doesn’t that feel much better ? Besides, it looks as if your little wee-wee here really needed some fresh air.”

I reddened, even though you’d think I would have expected this.

“Now, why don’t you sit down on the bed while I get ready.” She had me sit on her mattress. “I don’t want to mess up my clothes while you’re getting a clyster.” Gathering up the nozzles from the vanity, she gave them to me. “Here, why don’t you choose one of these in the meanwhile. I‘m going to change into something more practical.”

The nozzles were clearly of different types. One was rather small and short, hardly more than the diameter of a ballpoint pen. Another was larger around and slightly curved with a thicker, bulbous tip. It looked rather nasty and wicked to me. So did the next one which was not much more than a thick black cylinder with a hole in the rounded tip. But it was a rather large cylinder all things considered. I tried to imagine this thing being inserted up my asshole, but just couldn’t see it being done. Or rather I could envision it, but not without foreboding.

The last nozzle was totally different. It was made of a whitish colored plastic, was long, slim, curved and heavily ribbed with multiple small perforations around the orbicular tip. Clearly it intrigued me most of all.

Meanwhile out of the corner of my eye, I was following Aunt Lisa’s preparations. I was no expert, but to me it seemed as if her preparations consisted of not much more than undressing down to her slip and knickers. As she stood with her back to me, I saw her reach up under her slip and unlatch her brassiere from behind. She twisted around somewhat, until she discarded the bra, pulling it out from under her chemise like a contortionist. I couldn’t help but watch mesmerized. I shivered in anticipation and amazement. Clearly this was shaping up into something of another magnitude altogether.

Finished, she turned around and saw me shaking. “Goodness me, I didn’t know you would be chilly dear boy. Here, let’s get something for you to wear. We don’t want you catching a cold, do we ?”

My trembling didn’t have much to do with the temperature since her house was well heated. Even so, Aunt Lisa went over to her wardrobe and came back with a half length white frilly gown. “Here we are. Just put this on in the meantime.”

Even as I stood up with Aunt Lisa putting my arms into the sleeves, I tried protesting. “I can’t wear this….”

“Nonsense, just until we get some warm water inside of you. Come along now. Doesn’t this feel nice and soft ?” She bundled me up in the garment and beamed. “There now. Have you chosen a nozzle you’d like to have me use ?”

Was I to choose ? I didn’t know that was the idea. Looking at the different nozzles I had no idea at all which would be best. Wanting to play safe, I pointed at the smallest.

“Alex, surely you can’t be serious ? You’re much too big a boy for that nozzle. Why it’s even smaller than my finger and that went in so easily.”

Not knowing what to say, I pointed at the long ribbed model. “Oh silly me, actually Alex, this one is for ladies only. This isn’t really for bumholes or fannies. We use this in a different hole, you know.”

I didn’t, not then at least. For me the concept of vaginal douching was a tad too sophisticated. And I didn’t really have any idea of the build and shape of a vagina at that age. For me, female genitals were not much more than a slit between the legs. Later on in life, I would be delightedly enlightened, but for the moment my knowledge was extremely rudimentary.

“Well,” she giggled, ‘Maybe it doesn’t matter really, but let’s use one of the other two all the same, shall we ? I’m sure you’re a big enough boy for either. Besides, you’d best start practicing with your fanny before long. One of these days you might find it handy to be able to accommodate things of this size.”

“What do you mean Aunt Lisa ?” I didn’t have a clue what she was referring to. A finger up the behind was as far as my experience had taken me so far. It looked like these nozzles were going to be the next stage, but whatever was she hinting at ?

“Oh, no matter now. Maybe another time I’ll explain.”

She gathered all the equipment, clyster bulb and nozzles and led me into her bathroom.

It was a neatly tiled room, decorated with white colored ceramics and bordered with turn of the century art nouveau motifs. The bathtub and sink were made of heavy porcelain and gleaming copper plumbing. There was a toilet off to the corner and a bidet, something that up till then I still naively thought of as a ‘footbath’. A few small cabinets on the wall, a larger model constructed of metal and glass and lastly, an odd looking long padded table on wheels completed the contents of Aunt Lisa’s washroom.

She set the clyster bulb and nozzles on the sink counter and turned on the hot water faucet. Adding a dash of soap to the sink, we watched a head of foam build up.

“Let’s start by giving these things a good wash.” Aunt Lisa dropped the clyster and the two largest nozzles into the sink. The other two smaller ones she put back in a drawer. “Now maybe you had better wash up as well. Just a little wash. All right ?”

Without waiting for me to answer, and I probably would have meekly and stupidly just nodded acquiescence anyway, she led me by the hand over to the bidet. I looked at my feet. Were they really all that dirty and smelly ?

But instead of occupying herself with my feet, Aunt Lisa had me drape open the white robe of hers I was wearing and crouch down over the bidet, legs spread wide open. She turned on the faucet and soaped up a washcloth. To my amazement and delight she began to wash my genitals and anal region vigorously and thoroughly. My face reddening, understanding dawned about the primary function of this little bathroom appliance. What a nifty little device for after-toilet use. Why had I never thought of that before ? Or better still : why hadn’t I been instructed by my parents ? As with many things, I hadn’t been fully and completely enlightened about a bidet’s primary function.

Bundling the gown above my waist, Aunt Lisa dried me off. “There we are. Nice and clean where it matters.”

Hanging the towel on the rack to dry she told me to hop up onto the padded table and wait for her to gather a few things together. I found it an odd piece of furniture to be in a bathroom. There was a white linen cloth over the surface, though underneath I could clearly feel the leather padding. One end of the table was slightly elevated. I surmised this was to lean back on.

Aunt Lisa took several items from a medicine cabinet on the wall and set them on a counter. I recognized a jar of Vaseline but about the other object I wasn’t all that certain. It was cylinder shaped, the size of my index finger and packed in aluminum foil.

“Have you been to the toilet yet today Alex ?” she asked me.

I had and said so.

“Well, no matter. There is always something left, believe me. Besides, this is meant as a little demonstration for you, so you’ll know how to go about things on your own, should the need ever arise.” She smiled knowingly at me, probably well knowing how ‘needy’ I might get.

She began unpacking the foil wrapped object. “I think it’s always best to start out with a little suppo before the clyster.” Now I recognized the torpedo shaped object. I might have known, though from previous experience, the suppositories I had seen had been much much smaller than this one. I really didn’t find it appropriate to talk about a ‘little’ suppo.

When it was unpacked, Aunt Lisa delicately laid it out on the foil and opened the Vaseline jar. She took a glob on her finger and rubbed it over the suppo, greasing it thoroughly.

“Lay down on your back now….that’s right.”

I rigidly lay down, trying to keep the gown over my prick. But in this position Aunt Lisa’s garment was far too short to cover my genitals. It rode high as I stretched out. She took hold of my ankles and pushed them apart.

“Come on now, spread your legs open wide for me Alex. How else do you expect me to get the suppo up into your fanny ?”

I complied, opening my thighs and bending my knees upward as Aunt Lisa instructed.

“Push out while I slip the suppository into you. Just pretend you’re sitting on the toilet.”

I found that an odd way of putting things, considering I had never been to the toilet while laying down. But I knew what she meant and bore down as she inserted the rectal pill into me. Her finger followed, wiggling about and moving the suppo even farther into my bowels.

Slowly she withdrew her digit and gave me a pat on the behind. “There we are. Now let’s just wait a bit for it to start working.” Aunt Lisa smiled at me. “That wasn’t so bad, now was it ?”

Who had ever said it was ?

After cleaning her hands on a towel she came back and said that while we were waiting she was going to take a ‘closer look at me’. Telling me to spread my legs again she lifted the satiny gown up and bunched it up on my chest. She then placed a small pillow under my back, in effect raising my pubic region higher above the padded table surface. As I expected she took hold of my prick. “I’m just going to take a little look at your wee-wee and things, Alex. I’m sure you won’t mind, now will you ? After all, you’re growing almost every day and we have to keep an eye on things, don’t we ?”

I was sure that growing or not, she would have liked to keep an eye on the ‘things’ she was busily fooling about with. My penis, stiff of course, got a very thorough look-over. Aunt Lisa felt up and down the shaft, squeezed my testicles and rolled them around in her fingers and tried retracting my foreskin. I grimaced as she did so.

“That didn’t hurt, did it dear ?”

I made a face. No it didn’t really hurt, but it did smart. And my glans felt decidedly naked and chilly exposed to the air.

“It’s very important you do this regularly you know. You’ve got to keep clean to begin with and later it will be important when you’re playing together with someone.”

I knew that she wasn’t referring to Cowboys and Indians. But what exactly I was still ignorant of. She must have seen that I was a bit confused for she laughed softly while tugging my prick. “When you’re playing with each other’s wee-wees and other things.”

That caused me to blush. Such direct and unambiguous language I was not exactly used to. Nor even to the concept. Playing around with someone else’s private parts ? Whatever was the world coming to ? Aunt Lisa smiled even more. “Silly boy, there’s no need to be so shy with me. It’s best to say things as they are, don’t you think ?”

I had no opinion on the matter and said nothing as she continued to fiddle around with me.

“Soon you won’t be able to wait to get the girls out of their panties and their legs open wide. Want to know a little secret ?”

I nodded since I knew she was going to tell me anyway.

“Well, most girls can’t wait either. And they’re just as eager to get you out of your pants as well. That’s why you’ve got to be clean all the time. Understand ?”

I didn’t really, but tentatively nodded anyway.

“Good, don’t forget to pull back your skin whenever you wash. All right ?”

Apparently she was satisfied and let me sit back up. Aunt Lisa went to the sink and opened up the faucet. She felt the temperature with her hand and let the sink fill up a ways.

“I think we can start with the clyster now, what do you say ?”

I said nothing, but watched with eyes opened wide as Aunt Lisa added several squirts of liquid soap and a few other things to the sink. She stirred everything with her hand and held it up to her nose to smell. “Mmmmm…that should do it.”

Taking the clyster bulb in her hand, she attached the large sized black nozzle and rubbed some Vaseline over the tip and shaft. That done, she put the nozzle tip into the sink, squeezed out the air and drew up an amount of water into the clyster bulb. She did this until it was filled up. Lastly she had me lay own on my back and pull up my knees.

“Just a little bit of cream for your fannyhole… we go…” She rubbed it in quickly, no doubt eager to get to the next, more pleasurable stage of the proceedings.

As I lay down on my back, I watched Aunt Lisa take the enema bulb and insert the nozzle into my behind. She parted my buttocks even further with her left hand and working in small circles, deftly and quickly stuck the nozzle up into me. The bulbous tip distended my anal sphincter discernibly as it entered, but the sensation was hardly painful. If anything it felt good, but in a strenuous manner, as if I had had a good work-out. In a way I suppose I had, though the real exercise was yet to come.

With the tip inside my rectum, Aunt Lisa squeezed the solution into me. It was nicely warm and I could feel the warmth flow up into my bowels, tingling and irritating both at once. While retracting the nozzle, Aunt Lisa placed two fingers on either side of my asshole and squeezed them gently together while she pulled out the shaft.

“There we are, Alex. We don’t want to leak anything, do we ?” she needlessly said.

Once again she filled up the rubber bulb and emptied its contents inside of me. This she did some half a dozen times until she judged it enough for me.

She was approximately correct in her assessment. Half a dozen clysters was a nice volume, just enough for someone of my little experience, but a shade short of what I could have borne, had I let my inclinations free reign.

In any case, Aunt Lisa put the rubber bulb away and keeping me in the same position, she began to rub my abdomen in small circles. But first she moved to the end of the padded table and stood between my outstretched legs, opening them a bit further. Standing so, so could of course easily access my stiff penis and other delicate parts of my anatomy. She brushed against my prick quite often, either with her bare wrists or clothed arms. I couldn’t say which felt the most titillating.

I saw her look at my face from time to time. She would smile and nod, giving me little encouragements or praising my cooperation. I didn’t have to do much except lay down and accept my ‘aunts’ ministrations. No hardship indeed, but she seemed pleased and kept up her cooing and meaningless nothings….”my, my…such a good little boy you are….laying so calmly while we take care of your fannyhole…..oh yes indeed….and such a cute stiffie of a wee-wee…all hard and firm…so handsome and pretty….doesn’t that feel nice darling little boy ?….”

And so she went on and on, in a soothing and mesmerizing tone of voice. Soon, Aunt Lisa dropped the pretence of rubbing only my belly and had begun to cup my testicles with one hand, while either stroking my prick or rubbing and pushing into my asshole with the other. She massaged the area just below my testicles as well. She did so quite vigorously in fact, kneading and probing with one or several fingers. This was very pleasurable indeed, almost as much as the rhythmic stroking of my sex organ.

But while Aunt Lisa was engaged in fondling me, the enema solution was beginning to work inside of my intestines as well. Gradually I felt a series of cramps and spasms grow in intensity, until I had to grit my teeth together and rock back and forth from the effort of containing the contractions.

Of course Aunt Lisa noticed this and slowed down her stroking and rubbing. “What’s the matter Alex, I’m not hurting you I hope….?”

“Oh no, aunt Lisa….it’s just that…I really have to ….go now…” The words came in gasps as I grimaced.

“Can you wait just a little longer for your Auntie, darling ? We don’t want to let everything out too soon, do we ? You should really try and wait just a few minutes more. Do you think you can manage that ?”

I nodded.

“Good. I know you’re a well-behaved boy and can do whatever I ask. Besides, that’s how clysters are taken. It never does to be in a hurry….and it feels so nice, doesn’t it ?”

“Oh yes, aunt Lisa,” I replied.

“Especially when there’s someone to play with your stiff wee-wee….isn’t that so ?”

I blushed, though of course she was correct.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed about, Alex….everybody likes it…though they won’t always admit it. But we’re not going to act so silly are we, now ?”

“Whatever you say….”

“Of course dear…you’re going to be a proper little gentleman for you aunt Lisa, aren’t you ? It will be so much fun, you’ll see…..”

Well, it had been a lot of fun already, I can assure you. That first time at her house she didn’t do much beyond clyster me and stroke and pull my genitals until I was on the verge of what I later learned was orgasming. But she (wisely ?) stopped just short of allowing me to ejaculate. Instead, she slowed the rhythm of her rubbing while I gradually recovered my composure.

“Good boy….that was nice, wasn’t it ? Now I’m going to give you one last warm shot of water and soap up your fannyhole and then you go and sit on the toilet and let everything out. All right ?”

“Yes, aunt Lisa…” I had my eyes closed while trying to get my emotions and lust under control. Aside from that, there was also my clystered rectum to contend with. I was definitely experiencing a need to expel and would not care to put it off much longer.

Aunt Lisa filled up the bulb one last time and sucked up soapy water. For good measure she rubbed some soap along the nozzle shaft before sticking it into my anus. I felt little of it going in, since it takes a while for soap to start irritating the rectal muscles. But shortly after the nozzle was retracted, a strong burning sensation began to spread along my anus and up into me. The soap was doing its work very effectively indeed.

“You can sit up now, Alex….there we go…just wait until you don’t feel too much….” She guided me to a sitting position. After several minutes the spasms passed and aunt Lisa urged to me hurry over to the commode and let everything come out.

I needed little urging to do as she said and gratefully plopped down on the toilet seat. Aunt Lisa stood up and stood next to me, stroking my head and neck as I strained to evacuate the contents of my bowels, water, soap and everything.

Normally I wouldn’t have envisioned myself doing so without being mortally humiliated, but this wasn’t the first time Aunt Lisa was present while I used a convenience. It took a while for me to finish, as usual there were several interspersed gushings-forth from my bowels, each diminishing in strength and volume, but unstoppable nonetheless.

I remained sitting on the toilet seat for a while, slumped over and trembling from the effort and pleasure. I was slightly light-headed as well.

“All done Alex ?” Aunt Lisa asked. I looked up and nodded. “Good, stand up now and we’ll clean you up…”

After wiping myself, she had me come over to the sink, and using a washcloth and an ample amount of soap, aunt Lisa had me bend over so she could access my behind. She scrubbed the entire area diligently, soaping and rinsing me several times and daintily cleaning my anus by probing with finger and washcloth. She told me to push out so that no part would remain unwashed.

After drying me off she lastly anointed my much handled sphincter with a soft and smoothing lotion. “There we are…all set. How was that now Alex ? Don’t you feel much better ?”

Of course I did, there was no denying that.

“I knew you would like it. Isn’t this so much more better than just sticking a soapy finger up your fannyhole ? This is how grown-ups do it.”

Well, for once there was something positively alluring about their ways. Maybe there were other nice things they did as well ?

“There are other things we can do as well, if you liked your clyster that is …”

“Oh yes, aunt Lisa, I really did. It was very…special and nice…”

“Yes, it certainly was. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now that you’re growing so fast, it’s very important that you pay proper attention to your body. You must keep it clean inside and out. I’m sure you understand ?”

Oh, I understood all right, no question about that.

“Well, then. I suppose we’d better get you back into your clothes.”

In a way it seemed a shame, after all being naked in the presence of aunt Lisa was hardly a hardship. It was unnerving at times, though I suppose the word ‘titillating’ or ‘arousing’ would be more appropriate.

She took me by the hand and led me back into her bedroom. As I was changing back into my clothes, not without some regrets, aunt Lisa looked out the window and waved. She turned to me and beckoned I come over to her.

She was still in her slip as she stood smiling by her bedroom window. I had my undershirt and briefs back on, not much more as I joined her. “Look, Alex. It’s my neighbor, Mrs. Sympelmund. Wave hello…” She took me by the shoulders and had me pressed up against her front before I could back away.

I was mortified and wanted to duck out of sight, but aunt Lisa must have foreseen that I would be too shy. My hands went down to my groin, quite unnecessarily since I was wearing briefs in the first place and my prick was well under the windowsill anyway. But aunt Lisa took my right hand and holding it upwards she waved it to her neighbor. I felt like an utter fool.

Still I couldn’t help but look across the street at the lady leaning out of her balcony. She was someone of around aunt Lisa’s age I guessed, a bit plumper with blond made up hair. At least she was more fully dressed than either of us was at the moment. Not that our semi nudity seemed to bother aunt Lisa in any manner.

After a few ridiculous waves and some gesticulating back and forth between the two ladies, I was let go to resume my dressing. I hurriedly got back into all my clothes and was dressed by the time Aunt Lisa was done with her urban semaphoring.

Smiling she came back towards the bed and put the rest of her clothes on. “Wasn’t that a coincidence now ? Mrs. Sympelmund and I are very good friends, you know Alex.”

I didn’t and cared not a whit. Of course, polite lad that I was brought up to be, I nodded several times.

“Well, I suppose we are all finished up here for today, don’t you think ?”

I guess we were, though in a way I wished we weren’t.

“Let’s go downstairs and have a cup of tea before you’re on your way. You should always drink something refreshing after a clystering, you know.”

Well, it looked like I was learning all the time. We went down to the kitchen where aunt Lisa quickly prepared a pot of tea. As I was sipping my teacup, the front door bell rang. Aunt Lisa got up to see who it was. I hoped it wasn’t my mother come to see where I was staying. I had told her I was off to my friends for the rest of the afternoon after delivering the package, but a guilty conscience takes no heed of rational thought processes.

I was relieved when I heard an unknown female voice from the hallway. I couldn’t make out what she was saying, but aunt Lisa was more audible. “Nonsense, it’s no bother at all. I’ve just made a pot of fresh tea. I insist you come in and join us.”

Good grief, there was nothing worse than having to sit at a table and sip tea with two ladies. I tried to finish my cup but it was still much too hot.

Aunt Lisa and the neighbor from across the street entered the kitchen. “Alex, this is Mrs. Sympelmund. She’s come to say hello.”

I stood up nervously. “Hello ma’am…” I said.

“And hello to you as well, young man. Alex is your name I take it ?”

“Yes ma’am….”

“How nice. And such a good looking fellow you are too. It looks like your aunt is taking good care of you.”

Aunt Lisa smiled at this. “Oh yes. I’ve just given him his first real clyster this afternoon.”

“How exciting !” Mrs. Sympelmund clapped her hands in approval. “And all went well I hope?”

“It certainly did. Alex is a very exemplary young lad, especially when it comes to hygiene. Why, he’s the soul of cooperation.”

“That’s certainly nice to hear. I wish Monique were more like that.” The lady turned to me. “My daughter is named Monique. She’s about your age I think…Just like you, she comes over here to your aunt’s house for her hygiene sessions.”

I think my eyes widened in surprise.

“Oh yes. Monique certainly benefits from the internal cleansings she gets. But she could be a little more enthusiastic about them, especially with all the trouble your aunt goes to…”

“Tsk tsk, Mrs. Sympelmund. It’s no trouble at all. Besides, Monique isn’t all that uncooperative. I think she is just a little bit shy.”

“I suppose so…” she sighed in mock exasperation at the ways of youth. “Why if only I had been able to receive such treatments when I was young….”

“Yes…a shame…” aunt Lisa agreed. “That’s why we’re going to take such good care of young Alex here, isn’t that so ?”

Both ladies smiled at me. I squirmed in my seat and tried to hide my face behind the tea cup.

“Well, maybe next time we can make it a special occasion for Alex. What do you think Mrs. Sympelmund ?”

“That would be lovely ! Positively enchanting.”

I apparently was not going to have any say in the matter that was being discussed. A typical state of affairs.

By now my tea was finished and aunt Lisa could see that I wanted to be off. She stood up and I followed her into the hallway after having said farewell to Mrs. Sympelmund.

“Well, Alex. I suppose you had better be going now. Did you like what we did this afternoon?”

Of course I did but it was difficult for me to admit so. I hemmed and hawed and said something noncommittal.

“Oh come now….wouldn’t you like to come back again ?”

I blushed but nodded. “Yes…I think so…”

“Good. I thought so. That’s settled then. I’ll give your mother a call then.”

I looked at her in alarm.

“Silly boy. I mean when the alterations to her clothes are done.”

Oh, that. I had completely forgotten the reason I had come by in the first place. I nodded, relieved.

“All right then. Now behave in the meantime.”

“I will…” I promised not meaning a word.

“Good, now give us a little kiss and off you go.…”

I pecked her on the cheek before taking my bicycle back into the street. I looked around furtively first, hoping there was no-one I recognized. Apparently there wasn’t. So with a last wave to aunt Lisa standing in the doorway of her home, I cycled off, wondering what I had gotten myself into. But whatever it was, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.