An Anonymous Story

After an international sales trip that took him through several time zones in a five day period, Bob fell into bed after midnight on Friday vowing to sleep until Saturday afternoon. He woke up late on Saturday afternoon and realized he hadn’t had a bowel movement for the past three days. He showered and dressed, and went down to his corner drug store to find a cure.

“HI Bob,” waved Betty, the attractive well-endowed owner, from behind the pharmacy counter. Bob waved back, and headed for the laxative section. Betty walked from behind the counter and joined Bob in the aisle. “Anything I can help you with?” she asked, smiling.

“I hope so Betty,” replied Bob, “I just got back from a hectic trip and I’m constipated. It’s been about three days now.”

“Oh, poor dear. I bet you need relief right away.” offered Betty.

“Yes, it’s not very comfortable. How fast do these laxatives work?”

“Not very fast at all Bob. I’d recommend an enema instead. It’s nearly instant relief, and it’s better for you than a laxative.”

Bob’s mind immediately flashed back to the enemas he’d received as a child, and he protested, “No thanks, I’d rather wait. I hated those enemas as a kid.”

Betty smiled, “Then it probably wasn’t given properly Bob. A properly administered enema can be a very pleasant experience, and certainly no more uncomfortable than the way you’re already feeling. Sandy and I use them all the time.” Said Betty as she gestured to her daughter in her mid 20’s who was also a pharmacist. “Giving yourself an enema is a very awkward experience, Bob. We’re closing the store in another half hour, so why don’t you get an enema outfit and bring it over to our place in about an hour. We’ll get you fixed up in no time.”

Bob was so uncomfortable, that he was ready to agree to anything that might have him feeling better quickly. Betty’s professional manner also helped put him at ease. “OK, I’m anxious to feel better soon, as long as I’m not putting you to any trouble.”

“It’s no problem at all Bob. Let’s get the equipment you’ll need.” said Betty as they walked over to a section with hot water bottles, douche equipment and enema bags. “This is the best value Bob,” added Betty as she selected an open top enema bag. “We really ought to get you an enema bulb as well in case you have to be loosened up with some warm mineral oil, but I’m all out of them. One of these bulb douche syringes will work just as well.”

Bob took the items back to the counter where Sandy rang up the sale as Betty told her, “Bob’s coming over in an hour and we’ll show him how comfortable an enema can be.”

Sandy broke into a big smile and added, “Bob, you’re going to feel better in no time at all.”

Betty wrote down their address as Sandy put the equipment in a bag.

Bob went home and sat, half dreading the experience and half looking forward to Betty and Sandy being so intimate with him. The 37 year old Bob had always found himself attracted to the mid-40’ish Betty who was just a bit chubby but who had a remarkable figure. He had also flirted with Sandy who was fairly thin except for her large breasts.

Bob awoke from his daydream just in time to grab the bag of equipment and walk over to their home.

He rang the bell and Sandy opened the door. “Hi Bob! Come on in.” She smiled. Bob noticed that Sandy was wearing a white nurse’s dress, and Sandy quickly noticed his surprise. “I changed into this, which was left over from when I first studied nursing prior to going into pharmacy. I thought it might put you a little more at ease. Mom’s just getting everything ready for you. She tells me that you’ve always thought enemas were painful and unpleasant.”

“Yes, I’ve always hated them”. Replied Bob. “Fortunately I stopped getting them before I was a teenager.”

“That’s a shame Bob. They ought to be pleasurable and make you feel a lot better.” Said Sandy. “Mom and I really enjoy a good gentle enema.”

Just then Betty walked in. “Oh, Hi Bob.” Bob noticed that Betty was still wearing her white coat from the pharmacy. “Why don’t you come into my bedroom and you can change privately. I’ve left a hospital gown for you on the bed.”

Bob was surprised, but then thankful that they were going to allow him to preserve some of his modesty. He quickly changed and opened the door.

“Since we’re an enema oriented family, Bob, we have a special setup just for enemas. Come on in.” Invited Betty as she held the door open to another bedroom.

Bob was surprised to see a physician’s examining table in the middle of the room, along with a stand obviously designed to hold an enema bag. There was a sink, a bed pan, and a cabinet with other equipment and supplies.

“Just hop up here.” invited Betty, patting the table. “We’ll get your enema all ready.” Sandy brought in the bag from the pharmacy, and started running the water, and Betty donned a pair of latex gloves and lubricated them with K-Y jelly. “Bob, I’m going to gently feel around inside you to see if you’re terribly impacted before we start. I’ll try to be really gentle if you’ll just relax. Could you turn on your left side please?”

Bob turned, and then felt Betty’s finger slowly teasing the outside of his rectal opening. He tried his best to relax as Betty coaxed him, “That’s a good boy, open up a little more, that’s a good boy.” Bob winced as he felt a bit of pain and Betty announced, “Yes, there’s an impaction there Bob, we’re better off starting with a little warm mineral oil.”

Sandy went off to the kitchen and came back in a couple of minutes with warm mineral oil in a bowl. “Bob, if you can get up on your hands an knees, we’ll try to get a little oil in there.”

Bob watched as Betty dipped the end of the douche bulb in the mineral oil and squeezed. The bulb filled slowly, but when it was full Betty held it upright, squeezed again, lowered it into the bowl, and filled the bulb again. “Now try to relax again Bob.” coaxed Betty, as Bob felt the warm nozzle slide into his rectum. “Squeezing now, Bob” announced Betty as Bob felt the oil ooze into him. After about a minute, Betty withdrew the nozzle.

“You can roll over and lie down now Bob.” Offered Betty. “How do you feel?”

“Not as bad as I thought it would be, Betty. I really appreciate this. It’s so embarrassing, you know.”

“Nonsense Bob. Are you afraid you’ll get an erection?”

“I uh…” Bob stammered, then blushed.

Betty walked over and put her hands on the sides of Bob’s face. “Bob, you’re a good looking man. If you got an erection, Sandy and I would be flattered. Besides, an erection sends blood to the pelvic region and that’s good for the muscles you need to evacuate properly. You also ought to know than an enema puts pressure on the prostate gland, which leads a lot of men to get an erection when they have an enema. So, an erection is good for you. It also helps take your mind off the enema and concentrate on the good feelings. In fact, maybe I ought to help it along.”

Bob relaxed, and then smiled as Betty ran her gloved hand on his semi rigid member. She stroked him casually for a couple of minutes while Sandy stroked his head. Betty glanced at her watch and asked, “Can we help you to the toilet now Bob?”

The ladies helped bob to the toilet and shut the door as he strained away. Finally he passed a rather large one, and a few smaller pieces before the oil started coming out. Betty came to the door and asked about the results, and Bob told her.

“Sit for a couple more minutes, then we’ll try a warm water enema..” announced Betty.

Bob flushed, cleaned himself, and went back into the enema room. Sandy had already filled the enema bag, and he hopped up on the table. “I’ll give you this one.” Said Sandy as she slipped into latex gloves and lubricated her index finger with K-Y. “Get on to your left side and relax as I grease you up.”

Bob felt Sandy’s finger slip into him, and then feel around. “This is your prostate, Bob,” she told him as she pressed gently. Bob felt the pleasure as she rubbed it gently. “If I massaged it properly, I could make you ejaculate, but I won’t do that now. I’m taking out my finger and putting in the nozzle.”

After the nozzle was firmly seated in Bob’s rear, Sandy walked around and looked into Bob’s face. “Are you ready for your enema? If it gets too fast, or if you get too full, just let me know and I’ll stop it. OK?”

Bob nodded and Sandy went around behind him. No sooner did he hear the click of the clamp on the tube, he felt Sandy’s hand on his now erect member. She stroked him lightly and gently as Bob felt the warm water flow into him.

Betty, who had been in another room, came in and pulled up a stool on the side of the table right in front of Bob. She stroked Bob’s head, and asked, “Is you enema comfortable Bob?”

Bob nodded, and then a cramp came along. “That hurts!”.

“OK Bob, we’ll stop for a bit.” replied Sandy as Bob heard the clamp click into the stop position. “Let me rub your stomach.”

As Sandy rubbed, Betty put her arms around Bob’s head and pulled his face into her bosom. She leaned over and whispered “Do you like my breasts, Bob? Would you like to play with them to take your mind off your enema?”

“Yes” murmured Bob.

Betty licked Bob’s ear and continued, “They’re really big Bob, they’re 40 DD, and my nipples are real hard and just aching to be sucked. Would you like to do that?”

Again, Bob murmured “Yes.”.

Betty stood up and opened her white lab coat to reveal only her bra and panties underneath. She hung the coat on a hook and reached behind her to open her bra, pulled the straps off each shoulder, and hung the bra over the coat. Bob stared at the huge dark nipples as Betty sat down again and lifted her right breast up to his lips.

Bob immediately clamped his mouth on the nipple and as he began to suck Betty stroked his head with her other hand. “I’m starting your enema again, Bob.” said Sandy as he heard the click of the release clamp on his enema hose.

Bob continued to suck as the warm water filled him. With Sandy’s had stroking him, and Betty pushing her nipple hard against his mouth, Bob paid little attention to the minor discomfort of the enema.

“You’re doing so well at taking your enema, Bob” cooed Betty as she continued to stroke his head. “It’s almost finished.”

Sure enough, Bob soon heard the gurgle of the last water leaving the bag, and the click of the clamp as Sandy shut it off. She removed her hand from Bob’s organ and told him, “I’m taking out the nozzle now, so try to hold the water inside you.”

Bob clenched his cheeks together as he felt Sandy slowly remove the nozzle. Just lie like that for a couple of minutes if you can, to let your enema do its job.” Asked Sandy.

Bob continued to suck Betty’s nipple as he felt the pressure of the warm water inside his bowels.

Betty withdrew her nipple after a couple of minutes, saying “OK Bob, let’s get you into the bathroom.” The women helped him up and guided him onto the toilet. “Try to hold it a couple more minutes if you can, Bob.” Urged Betty.

“I can’t hold it any more!” Exclaimed Bob as the toilet filled with a spray of warm water. The women closed the bathroom door and left him to evacuate.

Bob spent a good half hour on the toilet, with the women asking him from time to time if he was all right. Finally, when he felt he was finished, Bob flushed and cleaned himself up.

Bob walked back into the enema room, where the women were waiting for him, and told them, “Wow! I feel a hundred percent better now. Thank you very much. I never realized how pleasant an enema could be. Not only do I feel great, I’m suddenly very hungry. Can I take you two ladies out to dinner?”

“Sounds great Bob. I’m hungry too.” said Betty.

“Me too.” Said Sandy. Let’s get changed.

Bob went into Betty’s bedroom to change back into his clothes, and found he didn’t seem surprised when Betty followed him into the room and began changing as well. “How about the new Italian place that opened down the street?” asked Bob.

“Sounds good to me, Sandy and I have been meaning to try it.” Replied Betty.

As they left the house and began walking, Sandy suddenly exclaimed, “Bob! Guess what we forgot?”

“What?” asked Bob.

“We forgot to bring you to a climax.” Explained Sandy. “That must be horrible to be sexually stimulated during your enema, and then not be brought to climax afterward. Can we make it up to you after dinner?”

“I’d have to be a fool to turn that down, Sandy.” Answered Bob, “But I really wasn’t expecting it.”

Betty piped up, “Bob, we didn’t want to bring you to a climax during your enema, because that would have made it hard for you to hold it all, but it’s not healthy to be aroused like that and then not come to orgasm. But,” she added with a twinkle in her eye, “It will give you something to look forward to during dinner.”

During the dinner they chatted about Bob’s trip, about Betty’s divorce and how Sandy decided to follow her mother into pharmacy. When coffee was served, the conversation turned back to enemas.

Sandy was the first to speak. “Bob, mom and I have at least one enema a week. We usually give them to each other, and neither one of us seems to get colds or any other problems. Dad wouldn’t have anything to do with them. You’re the first man we’ve given an enema to in our special room. If you enjoyed it, we’d love to have you come back. Mom and I talked it over, and we both like you, and we’d like you to join our little weekly enema club. Will you?”

Bob blushed and stammered “S sure.”

“Good.” Said Betty, reaching over to squeeze Bob’s hand. “The first meeting will be later tonight …”

As Bob, Betty and Sandy began walking back to Betty’s place, Betty took Bob’s hand and spoke. “Bob, I know some things have happened pretty fast today, and Sandy and I realize you may have a lot of questions. You may feel a little uncomfortable as well. We’ve both chatted with you when you’ve come into the drugstore, and we think you’re a really decent man. I hope you’re not overwhelmed or that you might feel threatened by how quickly things seem to have developed.”

Betty paused for a moment, then continued. “Sandy and I are both strong minded independent women. While we both have many friends who are male, we also find a lot of men feel somehow threatened by us. You can also understand that most men might not share our interest in enemas. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we don’t want to lose you.”

Betty sighed, “There I’ve told you how we feel. Now I want to know how you feel.”

Bob thought for a moment and then replied. “I’ve got some mixed feelings right now Betty. Getting the enemas from you two was a highly pleasurable experience. It’s just that I didn’t expect this that I’d get so involved with the two of you and reach this level of intimacy so soon. But, the more I think of it, the more I realize how happy I am to be with you and Sandy. You are both very attractive to me, and if anything, I’m confused as to which one of you I should be paying the most attention to.”

Sandy laughed. “Bob, we’re not jealous. We’re normal heterosexual women who want to see each other happy. Both of us have had fantasies about getting a man involved in our activities because, well, it’s just not the same getting an enema from another woman. Women are a lot less shy about helping each other with such intimate activities, but we don’t stimulate each other sexually. Speaking of fantasies, Bob, what are your sexual fantasies?”

Betty spoke before Bob could say anything. “Bob, Sandy doesn’t mean to put you on the spot, but we all have sexual fantasies. Some of ours involve enemas, some of yours may not, but if there’s a way we can help bring your fantasies to life, you might become more eager for helping us with some of ours.”

Bob spoke slowly. “I think you already hit upon one of those fantasies. Earlier this afternoon when you were holding your breast up to my mouth while Sandy was administering my enema, I found that I liked the idea of the female taking charge in a gentle way. I’m also excited by the idea of giving an enema to both of you. I suppose it is the idea of surrendering to someone who is going to provide me with pleasure, pamper me, baby me, that sort of thing.”

“Have you ever thought of being treated like a baby?” asked Sandy brightly.

“Well, yes, as a matter of fact.” Volunteered Bob. “To be pampered, fed, maybe even to be diapered. I hope this doesn’t sound perverted.”

“Not at all, Bob” said Betty seriously. “You’d be amazed at the number of people who come in the drugstore and buy adult sized diapers. I don’t think they’re all being used by those who have lost bladder and bowel control.”

“Just a minute Bob, you and Sandy wait here.” Said Betty, as Bob noticed they’d reached the corner by the drugstore.

Betty unlocked the store as Sandy turned to Bob and said, “We’re going to have some fun tonight Bob, I hope you’re up for it.”

Bob blushed and replied, “I think so, this is the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a long time.”

Betty came out of the store and locked up, and Bob noticed she was carrying a large bag. They chatted about other things as they finished the walk back to Betty’s place.

Once in the door, Betty went to the kitchen to put on some coffee, while Sandy and Bob sat down in the living room. Betty came in shortly, and asked, “OK, whose turn is it?”

“Bob just had his enema, I had one last Sunday. When was your last enema?” Sandy asked Betty.

“Over a week ago, I’ve just been too busy lately.” Offered Betty. “Don’t forget that we promised Bob that we’d find a way to bring him to climax.” Betty turned to look at Bob. “Maybe there’s a way we could combine the two! Bob, what do you think?”

“S s sure!” stammered Bob.

“Great!” replied Betty. “Why don’t I go into the bedroom, and you two can come up with a little fantasy for me. Just come and get me when you’re ready.”

Betty walked over to Bob, and gently rubbed his obvious erection as she bent over and kissed him on the ear, “I want both you and the nozzle inside me at the same time.”

Sandy moved over to sit on the sofa with Bob. She put her hand on his knee as they discussed the appropriate fantasy for Betty. After a few minutes, Sandy took Bob by the hand and lead him into her bedroom to get ready. Sandy changed out of her shorts and blouse into her tight fitting nurse’s uniform again, making no effort at modesty as Bob turned away. “Oh, Bob, you’re going to see more than I’m showing sometime soon, so don’t be modest about it. Get those clothes off and put on this white lab coat.”

They then entered the enema room, where Sandy opened a drawer on the cabinet and selected various enema equipment, assembled everything, and left it sitting by the sink. She then grabbed a small box, a rubber sheet, told Bob to put on a pair of latex gloves, and to bring along the portable enema stand.

They walked in to Betty’s bedroom with everything, to find her on the bed wearing only her bra and panties. “Hi, I’m Dr. Bob, and this is my assistant.” announced Bob. “We just have to check you over before giving you your enema. Could I ask you to get up on your hands and knees please?”

As Betty followed his instructions, Bob applied K-Y jelly from a tube to his gloved right index finger, and then pulled Betty’s panties almost to her knees.

“I’m just going to lubricate you before taking your temperature, Betty. Let me know if you feel any discomfort.” said Bob as he slowly inserted his finger into Betty’s rectum.

Betty moaned softly as she felt Bob’s finger slide into her. He moved it in and out for a good minute before removing it to announce, “I’m just going to take your temperature now.” And inserted the rectal thermometer.

“I’m sure you’d be more comfortable without that bra.” Announced Bob, as he undid the four clasps on Betty’s back. He then slid the bra off as Betty lifted each hand. He then gently lifted each knee to remove Betty’s panties. “I’ll have to examine your breasts as well.” Bob removed the rubber gloves and began running his fingers over Betty’s large breasts dangling just an inch or so above the bed. He gently pulled the nipples, almost in a milking motion.

“Everything feels ok, but I really have to probe you internally, Betty. Fortunately I have just the probe handy, and it’s already been warmed up.”

Betty chuckled at Bob’s joke. “I think I know the probe you’re talking about. I like a nice hard probe. Is it hard?”

Bob turned to Sandy and asked, “Would you please prepare Betty’s enema?”

When Sandy returned with the enema, Bob removed the thermometer and announced to Betty that her temperature was normal. “I’m going to insert the enema now Betty, but I won’t start it until I’m in position for those other important tests.”

Bob slid the enema nozzle into Betty as she moaned again. Then he removed his lab coat and underwear, walked around to the other side of the bed, and rolled over next to Betty. She straddled him with her knees on either side of his thighs as the hose snaked out of her rear.

“Ready whenever you say so.” Offered Sandy as Bob reached up and rubbed his palms over Betty’s hanging breasts. He reached down between Betty’s legs and felt the wetness, while she reached for his erection and guided it into her.

As her weight settled on Bob, he told Sandy, “Now” and Betty gasped as she felt the warm fluid flowing into her.

Bob pulled Betty toward him and kissed her deeply as they moved together gently. He rubbed her nipple while running his other hand down her back as Betty moaned softly again.

Betty broke their kiss and shifted slightly to dangle a breast in Bob’s face. His lips quickly found her nipple and he began to suck gently as he tongued the rigid nipple. This seemed to spur Betty on, as she intensified her thrusting against Bob, who held the breast he was sucking with one hand while using the other to stimulate Betty’s clitoris as the warm water continued to fill her.

“Suck me, honey! I can feel you so deep, it feels so good.” Moaned Betty as she continued to grind against Bob. “You’re going to make me come! I want you to come with me!”

Bob didn’t need too much encouragement. He could feel Betty’s abdomen getting heavier against him from the rushing enema, and as Betty came to a shuddering climax, he found himself spurting far up inside her. As they rested, out of breath, holding each other, the gentle gurgle of the enema bag signaled the end of Betty’s enema.

“Can you hold it if I take the nozzle out?” asked Sandy.

“If I can hold it through an orgasm like that, I shouldn’t have any trouble holding it without the nozzle.” Laughed Betty.

Shortly after Sandy gently pulled the nozzle out, Betty excused herself to run to the bathroom.

Sandy sat down on the edge of the bed next to Bob and gently stroked his head. “Bob, that was so wonderful to watch her get that much pleasure, I can hardly wait for my turn. Will you be able to spend the night here?”

“Sure,” grinned Bob. “I wouldn’t miss the next installment for anything!”

“Great, I’ll be right back.” Said Sandy as she left the room. Bob could hear Betty in the bathroom evacuating her enema in nearly rhythmic spurts, punctuated by the occasional flush.

Sandy returned carrying the big bag Betty had picked up at the drugstore, then left the room again and returned with a warm washcloth and a small basin. She washed Bob’s genitals and dried them carefully with a towel, motioning him to roll over. Bob felt her wash his backside, and then apply some baby powder as she slapped him playfully.

She went to the bag and pulled out a box of adult sized diapers. After opening the box and extracting one, she laid it on the bed, and rolled Bob back over on it. “Since you’re not used to enemas, I think it would be better if you slept with this, because we don’t want any accidents.”

Bob meekly complied, wondering where the adventure would take him next.

Bob woke up gently as he felt a hand reaching inside his diaper, and realized he must have fallen asleep while Sandy was talking to him.

“Good boy,” Said Betty, as she reached around and felt the dry cloth. “You didn’t leak at all during the night.” She then put her arms around Bob and held him tight to her breasts.

“Wow, I must have been exhausted,” Exclaimed Bob, as he nuzzled against her cheek.

There was a knock on the door, and Sandy came in with coffee for everyone. “I hope everyone had a good sleep. Breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes.”

Bob got up, and jumped in the shower, only to find Betty joining him after a minute or two. She washed him thoroughly, and he returned the favor, paying particular attention to her breasts and backside. As they toweled each other dry, Betty said, “Bob, I’ve really enjoyed being with you. I hope we can spend some time together soon.”

“Me too,” Said Bob, “But how do you feel about Sandy being involved?”

“Let’s talk about that at breakfast.” Said Betty.

They got dressed and followed the smell of bacon and eggs to the kitchen, where Sandy was just setting out the plates. As they ate, Sandy spoke first. “Bob, do you feel a bit awkward with me around?”

“Well, ummm…” Stammered Bob.

“Then don’t worry about it. “Replied Sandy, “Before you came along we decided that if we found a man who enjoyed enemas like you do, that we would share. I still plan to go out on dates, but I also hope we’ll be able to share some enema adventures. This is so new to you, I can understand your confusion. Do you think it might help a bit if we talked about our fantasies?”

“Mine came true last night!” Laughed Betty as she leaned over and gave Bob a kiss on the cheek. I’d always wanted to have sex while getting an enema, and you made it happen Bob.”

“I’ve always wanted a slow, gentle enema while I’m leaning over the knee of a dominant man who keeps touching me in all the right sensitive places.” Offered Sandy in a very matter-of- fact manner. “I’d like him to play `doctor’ with me and see him get so carried away with it that he has to drop his professional manner and make passionate love to me.”

“Wow.” Interjected Bob. “That sounds very erotic!”

“And, speaking of erotic, Bob, what about you? What fantasies do you have?” Asked Betty.

“Well, come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind being treated like a little boy.” Admitted Bob. “I have a lot of responsibility in my life, and I’ve always kind of wanted to be able to `go home to mommy’ once in a while and not have to worry about anything.” Bob turned to Betty and said “I really got into it when you put your nipple into my mouth while Sandy was giving me my enema. I felt helpless, yet well loved and cared for. Does that sound silly?”

“Not at all, Bob!” Offered Sandy quickly. “I think there are a lot more men who feel that way that would never admit it. The next time, we’re going to baby you just right!”

Betty laughed, “You know Bob, my nipples are getting hard right now just thinking about you sucking them.”

It was Sandy’s turn to laugh. “Mine too!” She then turned to Betty and grinned, “At least you got to climax last night. Bob fell asleep before I could do anything with him.”

“Uh, sorry about that.” Replied Bob. “Can I make it up to you?”

Betty and Sandy exchanged glances, and Sandy said, “Sure. How about now?”

“You folks go ahead, I’ll look after the breakfast dishes.” Offered Betty cheerfully. “Besides Bob, I think you need to climax again too, judging from that erection you had in the shower.”

Sandy took Bob’s hand and guided him toward her bedroom where she sat him on the edge of the bed. “I know we promised you we’d baby you, but can that wait until next week? I’d just like to have you make love to me this morning.”

“Sure” said Bob, as he stood up and put his arms around her. “This is all so new and exciting for me.”

Sandy looked up at Bob, and he kissed her. He ran his fingers gently over her breast and smiled, “Yes they are erect, aren’t they.”

“Yes,” whispered Sandy. “Kiss them, please?”

Bob slid her T-shirt up and put his lips on her bra-less nipples. As he sucked, Sandy pulled him tighter against her. He felt her hands on his belt, undoing his pants, and sliding them down. She reached for his erection and began to caress it gently.

She pulled her nipple away from his mouth and offered him the other one as she began to stroke him. Soon she pulled away again, and dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth.

Bob was forced to beg her to stop so they could finish undressing and get into bed. Sandy immediately got on to her hands and knees and took Bob back into her mouth as he reached down and gently teased her nipples with his hand. Soon, he had to roll her over and enter her.

Sandy was so warm and moist that he entered her fully on the first thrust as she looked up at him with adoring eyes. “Bob, this feels so good, I know I’m going to come any time now. I want you to come inside me, I want to feel you squirting inside me.”

Within moments, Sandy was consumed with an orgasm, and Bob followed nearly instantly. “Stay inside me as long as you can, Bob.” Pleaded Sandy as she held him tightly. “Suck my nipples, Bob, just like a baby. You’re going to be my baby next week, and we’ll give you a nice warm comfortable enema so your system will be nice and clean.”

Bob and Sandy drifted off to sleep for a few minutes, but finally woke up when he slipped out of her. Bob kissed her again, and ran his fingers over her nipples. “I’ll think of sucking your nipples all week long” he told Sandy. “But I have to go get some work done before Monday morning.

“I’ll think of having them sucked by you.” Smiled Sandy as they both got out of bed and started dressing.

Bob went to the kitchen, where Betty was sitting at the table having a coffee. “Next weekend?” Asked Betty.

“You bet!” Replied Bob. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Monday went agonizingly slowly for Bob, and he found himself working quickly so he’d have time to stop by the drugstore and see Betty and Sandy after work.

“Hi Bob!” Exclaimed Betty as soon as he walked into the store. “Sandy, look who’s here!”

Sandy came out from the office and greeted Bob with a kiss. “We missed you, Bob. We’re glad you stopped by.

Betty came over and squeezed Bob, and he couldn’t help but notice how she pressed her breasts against him.

“I just wanted to see both of you, and I just couldn’t wait until the weekend.”

“We’re happy you came in, Bob.” Said Betty. “Sandy and I feel the same way. You’re used to travelling, why don’t you pack a suitcase and come stay with us for a few days, at least while we’re so excited with each other!”

“Wow! That’s an idea!” Exclaimed Bob. I’ll go home and pack right now!

“Great!” Replied Betty. “We’ll be home in about an hour”.

The women had been home for about 5 minutes when Bob showed up. “You can put your things in the closet in the enema room.” Volunteered Betty. “If you’ll get undressed and hop on the examination table, Sandy has a little surprise for you.”

Bob did as he was told and in a couple of minutes, Sandy walked in wearing her nurse’s uniform.

“How’s little Bobby tonight?” She asked as she opened a drawer and took out a large square of cloth. “Let’s take a look here.” Sandy inspected Bob’s member, then grabbed a can of baby powder and sprinkled some on him. “Roll over like a good little boy.” She commanded, as she opened the crack between his buttocks and sprinkled in more baby powder. “Now roll back over again.” She instructed as she folded the cloth into a triangle, and slid it under Bob’s backside. She expertly brought the folds together and secured them with a diaper pin. “Time for dinner.” she announced, as she brought Bob out to the living room where Betty was sitting with the drapes closed.

“Lie down here.” Said Betty, patting the couch next to her. Bob laid down with as Betty directed his head toward her lap. She hugged his face close to her breasts, and stroked his hair. “Time for dinner.” She announced as she opened the front of her blouse and revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra.

As Betty lifted her nipple into Bob’s mouth, he began to suck. “That’s a good little boy, suck harder and get your dinner.” Betty told Bob as she held his head close to her breast.

Bob realized how comfortable he felt. There was a bond that made this all seem so natural, that the women cared about him and wanted to give him the fantasies he so desperately needed.

After a few minutes, Betty pulled her breast away from Bob and offered him the other one. He greedily clamped down on her other nipple, sucking hard and enjoying the intimacy.

While he nursed, Bob could feel Betty’s legs rubbing together beneath him. Soon, he felt her breathing become more rapid, and she started to moan. She bent down to kiss his neck, and began to hold him tighter. Soon the moans increased, and Bob heard sounds just like he had heard the other night when he had been inside her. Sure enough, his sucking had triggered a climax for Betty.

She continued to allow him to suck for a few minutes, before he pulled away to look at her face which radiated pure contentment. Betty pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply. “That was an amazing climax Bob, I never knew I could come just by having my breasts sucked like that.”

Just then, Sandy came back into the living room, and announced that the “real dinner” would be served.

As they ate, Sandy and Betty came to the agreement that whichever one of them had not had the most recent climax would be welcoming Bob to their bed that evening.