An Early Morning Pick Me Up

She felt the warm wetness on her face and smiled softly before realizing it was the dog and not Jon. As he reached to pull the dog away as she tried to cover her face she heard him giggling. “You ok honey ?” he asked.

She mumbles, “Uh huh,” trying not to let the morning overtake the night yet.

“Go back to sleep lover,” he said. “I am just going to make some coffee. You were up late and can use the rest.” She didn’t argue but drifted back into that slumber so deep it was dreamless.

She awoke to a warm filling sensations and the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Why would he bring her coffee she wondered. She never drank coffee and he knew that. Before she could realize what was happening she was hit with the first wave of slight cramping. OH MY GOD!!!!! She wasn’t drinking the coffee. He was giving her an enema. A 2 quart coffee enema.

Again he giggled softly. “Thought you needed something to start your day honey…I would have used mountain dew but was afraid it would give you too big a sugar rush,” he quipped. They often shared this tender moment. The two of them joined by this taboo they both shared. He loved her. He often told her that. And she knew that she loved him. She had never given herself so completely to someone. At any given moment she would lay down her life for him. He had touched her deep, deeper than the coffee was now penetrating her bowels.

“I used a colon tube honey. Thought you would enjoy it high.”

As she felt the warm fluid coursing thorough her bowels she became more and more aroused. His had reached between her legs to begin its steady rhythm on her clit. He knew how to touch her. How to make her writhe like no man before him had ever done. As his fingers began their work she heard soft moans escape her. Betraying her. She could deny him nothing … not that she would deny even herself this. She had always been anally erotic, and he knew just how to play her.

He continued to stoke her clit. She felt her orgasm rising as his fingers danced their magic and he rhythmically stroked the colon tube in and out of her ass. Her hips began their bucking, as he whispered in her ear, “Not yet lover, not just yet.”

She felt him lift the bag high as the remainder of the coffee pushed its way into her bowels. When she thought she could take no more, she felt the colon tube snake its way out of her ass. He continued to massage her womanhood as he coaxed her up on all fours. She knew what was to come next. The most glorious lovemaking they ever shared. It was always that way. With him each act was a pure expression of their love.

She was a bit shocked as he eased his cock against her ass. Thinking he had just miss aimed she shifted slightly. He countered. “Relax lover, I promise to be gentle. Trust me.”

How could she not ? She has trusted him for what seemed like an eternity. She would always trust him. She arched her back and felt the coffee shift deep insider her. As he entered her ass she felt no pain. Only pressure and his loving arms caressing her back and hips. As he glided in slowly, being careful not to hurt her she heard his name escape her lips. “Jon, yes baby, ppplllleeeaaassseee!!!!”

He knew his cue. In one stroke he slid his member home and waited as her ass spasmed around his cock. Allowing her time to adjust before he began a steady in and out movement. He didn’t have to wait long. Before he expected she began pumping back and forth on his rock hard cock nearly bringing him off before he was ready. God what a sensation he thought. Her warmth, the warmth of the coffee, the tightness of her sphincter. So much sensation. So little time.

Just as he thought he was done for, he felt her pitch herself back on his rod, arch her back and scream in ecstasy. “YESSSSSSS!!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!!!”

He needed no more coaxing. He knew his window of opportunity was open and waiting. He began pounding her in earnest. His rhythmic strokes becoming closer together.

At last her dam broke and she shrieked her pleasure in a cry of ecstasy, “IIIIIIIII’mmmm CCCCCCUUUUMMINNNGG!!!”

With that he let loose his own seed. Spraying deep within her. Cream for her coffee. With that thought a smile crossed his face. They both collapsed on the bed, him still within her. He slowly massaged her back as the final remnants of the union ebbed through her body. He slipped from her. Before long the cramping was more than she could take.

He assisted her up and to the bathroom. As he helped her to sit on the commode, he gently stroked her hair, held her and said, “Good morning lover, thought you could use some coffee to help wake you.”

She giggled as the torrent of the coffee left her in an urgent flood. “Thank you baby,” she replied. He held her tight and said merely, “I love you.”