An Enema Fantasy in the Hospital

I looked out the window of the hospital room. It was dark. A good night’s sleep is just what the doctor ordered, I thought. There wasn’t really much to do, and there was nothing really physically wrong with me. I was there for an annual check up, and my doctor said the tests would go smoother if they were all scheduled at the same time.

Ever lay in a hospital room…just waiting? Not really worrying. It’s boring. I wasn’t in the mood to watch more TV, and I had read the paper twice already. The book I started just wasn’t going anywhere. So there I lay, waiting for sleep to come and take me to tomorrow.

Then from the corner of my eye I saw a shadow at the door. A nurse was standing there. Long brown hair cascaded down her shoulders. She was trim and from what I could see, about 30 something. She entered the room, and approached the bed. There was something familiar about this woman, and friendly.

“Bob?”, she said with a slight questioning tone is her soft and sultry voice.

I strained my eyes to catch a good look at her face as she approached my bed. I listened to the click of her shoes as she walked across the room.

“Yep, that’s the name.” I answered.

I would have known who you were without looking at your chart she whispered in a soft understanding and very seductive tone. “Bob, it’s me, Diane from college. Don’t you remember?”

Well, there are some thing’s a man never forgets. Like his first love, or in this case, his most unusual. Diane was coming back to me now. It was at least 14 years since I had laid eyes on her, but that casual, sensual, manor was absolutely the same as it had been all those years ago. Diane, you could say, was different. Definitely different. This woman had a man’s sex drive. And for a guy in college, that was like dying and going to heaven.

Remember Diane? Are you kidding? How can you forget a 22 year old blond with a Playboy body for whom nothing…absolutely nothing was off limits. I think Diane was every man’s fantasy. She was pretty. She was willing. And she was mine. After 14 years she was standing here…smiling at me with that same bad girl grin she perfected when her mind was concocting some wild sexy idea to try out.

“So you’re a nurse?” I weakly asked. Christ, it was obvious. Sure she was a nurse. But that was the best I could manage as my mind raced back to our college fling. And the memories of her lust and lovemaking flooded back. She hovered above me with that knowing look. She was wearing a knee length white nurse’s uniform with the last three buttons on the front undone.. Just enough so that when she walked the dress rustled revealing her firm thighs. Just watching her walk was enough to make a guy hard.

“Not much to say?” she said softly. “Listen, let me tell you why I’m here. The doctor said to monitor your bowel movements, and it looks like you haven’t done anything since you were admitted. I know you’re just here for some simple tests, but we have got to go by the books. Bob, my old friend, it looks like you need a little help in that department. Do you get my drift?” She paused and looked right in my eyes. She smiled that smile I recalled from years ago.

Well, maybe I wasn’t a rocket scientist. But then I didn’t have to be to figure out what she was cooking up. This woman always liked the dominance thing. The power trip. I guess that was one reason she became a nurse. So how was she going to do it? One of those quickie Fleet enemas? Just to get the job done? No, that was definitely not Diane’s style. Especially with an old lover like me. She had something extra in that mind of hers. Something delicious. And warm. And wet.

By now my mind was racing. In the fraction of a second I was transformed from a bored patient to a man on the emotional edge. It didn’t take long to feel that intense desire well up in my groin. God; Just thinking of what this woman might come up with was already driving me wild. And she hadn’t done a thing yet. But somehow I knew what was coming, and was anticipating her next move.

“Listen, Bobby, we could do this the hospital way. Or….since it’s the night shift, and there’s not much else to do, we could play doctor… the way we used to. In fact, I have already decided. We’re doing it my way. I was always the bossy type. You used to like that, remember?” she asked.

“Remember?” I answered, “Who the hell could ever forget, and by the way, Diane, it’s good to see you.” I replied.

She nodded. Then winked, turned, and started to walk. “Be back in a jiffy,” she said as she moved towards the door. Her legs were still incredible. They were long and firm. And I well remembered what was at the end. In no time at all she returned, and headed to the bathroom. She was holding a red rubber enema bag. Attached to the white tubing was a short black nozzle. The kind every old fashioned 50’s mom used as standard operating equipment years ago. She beckoned me to the sink while she adjusted the hot and cold water. She began filling the enema bag. When she was satisfied with the amount of water it held, she emptied a small amount of liquid soap solution into the bag, and screwed the tube on.

“I want you to watch, Bobby. It’s for old times sake. I want you to think about everything before we do it. I want you to know what’s coming…what I’m going to give you.” She brushed up against my pajamas I was hard, very hard. She looked down at my bulging pajamas and ran her tongue across her lips. Then with a subtle, seemingly casual gesture, her hand flitted along my hard shaft. God, if I was this excited now, how the hell was I going to hold back and not come instantly when she actually got down to the real thing?

“Here, get out of those pajamas and put this on.” she said while handing me a traditional hospital gown that tied in the back. Then she added, “And don’t bother tying it honey, that’s not gonna be necessary for this treatment. Just listen to me. You have been a very naughty boy.” She smiled. I could see that her desire was rising too. She must be getting as wet as I was stiff. Her face was flushed now. And it seemed her anticipation of administering the enema was as strong as mine in waiting to receive it. “Christ,” I thought, “Nothing like two animals in heat waiting to give each other intense pleasure and mentally counting down the moments.”

“It’s time Bobby. You know what to do. I just know you remember how to take an enema. Did you hear me, little boy? I’m going to give you an enema. A warm, deep enema.” She knew that word repeated in her delicious low sultry voice could almost cause an orgasm. She motioned for me to climb back onto the bed. Then she went over to the door and shut it. “I think this should be between us. Besides no one should interrupt us at this hour.”

I lay on my side and brought my knee to my chest. I remember that was the right way. My eyes were wide open. I didn’t want to miss a thing. She hung the enema bag from a standard hospital poll next to the bed and reached for the tube of K-Y Jelly that she had placed on the night table earlier. I saw her squeeze some of it’s contents into her hand and lubricate the enema nozzle with it. Then she moved her body closer to the bed and intentionally rubbed against me, raising her knee to expose her nylon clad leg. She leaned over me and looked down with that baby, now I’ve got you where I want you look. Both of her legs now pressed against me….lightly touching my hard, erect penis. I could feel the nylon against my body.

Anticipation, heart pounding anticipation and intense excitement! I felt it all as she leaned over the bed, and for the first time since she had entered the room purposefully touched me with a firm hand. She moved my hospital gown to my side exposing my rear. I was breathing heavily. Anticipation, I thought, it was half the experience; Half the pleasure! After all, I reminded myself, this enema thing is very mental. The idea that a strong woman who likes to dominate was going to take over control of my totally submissive and receptive body was incredibly exciting.

She said nothing as she squeezed out the lubricant again, and with the fingers of her left hand, firmly spread my cheeks apart exposing my anus to a rush of cool air and the feeling of openness and absolute submission. I was completely in nurse Diane’s control. Sensitive to each subtle motion she made. I felt her reach for my anus with her right hand, and place a small amount of lubricant directly on my rectum. She began to gently massage it round and round my anus.

Good I thought, she was taking her time. Nothing was rushed. She was enjoying the experience as much as I. I felt her finger probe my anus. She slipped it in, slowly, then applying some pressure her finger probed deeper. She knew exactly where and how to do this. She was now in as deep as her finger could go. Ripples of intense pleasure filled my anus and radiated throughout my body. My cock grew harder and harder. I was breathing heavily. She patiently rotated her finger around and around inside my rectum. Administering more and more pleasure. Then she slipped her finger out.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it,” she whispered, and not waiting or expecting an answer, she grasped the enema tube and the nozzle in her hand. Again, she spread my cheeks with that firm, professional nurse’s touch. And again, I felt my anus open and servile. What a delicious feeling…to be lying in a darkened room with only subtle soft light, and an incredibly sensual woman, poised above me in a nurse’s uniform, holding an enema tube. She paused. I sensed her hand approach my anus. Then I felt the nozzle penetrate my body.

If ever a man could feel what it would be like to be a woman about to be penetrated with erotic pleasure, this must be the sensation. Relinquishing all control, I anticipated hearing the subtle click and what would follow. Diane knew exactly what she was doing.


A second or so passed. Then I felt it. Warm water invaded my anus and surged deep into my bowels. I felt her hand holding the end of the nozzle, gently pressing. Her other hand stroked my bottom, then worked it’s way to my belly. The water continued to flow. Deeper and deeper. Again waves of intense pleasure enveloped my entire body. As the water surged inside my anus, I continued to feel her presence above me as she leaned her body into mine, rubbing her nylon stocking covered legs against me. I opened my eyes which had closed before the first warm, soapy wave invaded my colon. She was leaning over me, her soft breasts plainly visible.

I wanted her. All of her. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to eat her wet pussy. I wanted to press my tongue to her anus and give her the kind of pleasure she was giving me. I wanted to feel her laying across my lap with her panties down around her knees receiving an enema from me.

I could feel her breathing. I could feel her being. I sensed her awareness of her own domination and of my submission. I lay there, as the enema continued. More and more water was rushing deep inside. I felt the wetness. I felt the warmth.

She clamped the enema tube closed. There was not much water left. “Just hold it in a minute,” she said. She slipped the nozzle out, reached for the bag, and walked towards the bathroom. I heard the water running as she refilled the enema bag.

“Now for a special treat since you have taken your first enema like a good boy,” she said. I was devouring every word….relishing every subtle move she made. If anyone in this world knew exactly how to give an erotic enema, this woman did. Once more, Diane stood above me and inserted the nozzle into my rectum. Once more I heard the “click”. The water was warmer this time. I felt it rushing deep inside me. Again, the waves of sexual pleasure came, a sense of fullness in my belly grew.

Holding the tube in one hand, she slid into a chair next to the bed, and moved her mouth next to my throbbing penis. I felt her grasp it with her hand and guide it into her lush waiting mouth. She began to suck. I felt her mouth close tightly around my cock as she moved it up and down. I felt it slide against her wet tongue, her lips closed tightly on the shaft as it moved in and out, growing still harder.

My cock was absolutely rigid now. And about to explode in Diane’s mouth. As the warmth continued to invade my anus and flow deeper and deeper, I felt my climax begin. Intense pleasure assaulted my senses. I felt the release of fluid as my orgasm reached it’s peak and exploded in Diane’s mouth and then subsided.

She grasped my hard cock with her hand, squeezing it. She removed the enema nozzle and with that “bad little girl” smile said, “Not bad for an old college flame? Huh?”

As I headed for the bathroom, I heard her walk to the door. “Got some other patients to see now, Bobby,” she said. “Hope you had a nice time, maybe you will return the favor some day.”

I can’t wait to do it !