An Enema Fantasy

Fantasies? I’ve given a great many enemas to a great many women, so I can give you realities first …

Some of the most enjoyable enemas I’ve given have been long-distance punishment enemas. This is like phone sex, except that you are telling your friend to take an enema. I have a very naughty friend who I’ve punished in this way a number of times. Generally, I have her take off her pants and panties and spread a rubber sheet on her bed. Then I follow her into her bathroom (she has a cordless phone … the joys of modern technology) and tell her to get out the enema bag, attach the largest nozzle she has, the large green-plastic barium retention nozzle. This is a nozzle designed to be used in the administration of barium enemas in the hospital; since barium enemas are notoriously hard to retain, the nozzle has ridges on it to prevent it being squeezed out by the young lady’s spasming anus … at least until the doctor decides that it’s time for the young lady to have the nozzle taken out. But I digress.

So now she has to fill the bag with warm water and salt. I don’t usually give soapy water enemas to her, although they are much more punishing … I reserve soapy water enemas (soapsuds Enemas, SSEs) for ‘thorough cleansings’, which I administer prior to anal sex. I then tell her to take the bag out to her bedroom and hang it from the IV stand she has … I bought one for me and one for her … both have gotten an incredible amount of use.

Now I send her back into the bathroom to get the Vaseline and the suppositories. Back in her bedroom, she has to lie face down on the rubber sheet (and doesn’t that feel special) and insert three suppositories into her bottom. Of course she groans and moans and gripes about having to do this, but she does … usually I make her insert extra suppositories for excessive complaints or tardiness in following my instructions.

While the glycerin suppositories are doing their work, I make her describe to me how she looks, bare-bottom up with the bulging enema bag hanging by her head, how embarrassing it is to be in this position etc. This is great fun for us both; I am extremely verbal and creative when it comes to inventing scenarios and the psychology is as much fun as the sensation …

After she’s had the suppositories in for five minutes or more it’s time for the enema. I make her describe to me how she’s greasing the nozzle, how it feels when she has to put it into her behind, and then have her give me a running commentary as the water is running in. When all the water has gone in I make her stay on the bed until she absolutely has to go, and then I follow her into the bathroom and stay on the phone until I have heard at least the first few squirts come out.

At this point I usually leave the bathroom (she hangs up the phone) so that she can expel the rest in private, but then she has to call me back as soon as she is done.

These are great scenarios. Unfortunately I can’t give her spankings long distance but oh well.