An Enema in Norway

I’m a 20 year old Norwegian woman. I want to tell you of the experience that led me to the thrill and enjoyment of being an enema addict.

I remember it so well, my first experience with the pleasure of receiving a hot enema.

I was only sixteen years old, and had just had an accident on the downhill ski slopes. I was not feeling good at all. It had been a few days since the fall and I realized that I had to go see the doctor to have my leg examined. It was swollen and very painful. I called the hospital, and they asked me to come and see him the next morning. I was relieved that he was going to help me take the pain away.

My parents were away at work Since they did not think that the leg was badly injured, they said I could see the doctor by myself.

That morning I went into the bathroom and took a long, hot bath. It felt really good to be laying in the tub, feeling the hot water all over my body. I felt quite relaxed when I stood up from the tub and rubbed myself dry.

After getting dressed and eating some breakfast, I called for a taxicab, and waited. I told the driver that I wanted to go to the hospital. In a few minutes, we were parked outside the entrance. I went in the door and over to the reception desk. I was told to sit over in the waiting area, and they would call me up. More waiting, and my leg was so sore.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait for long before a nurse came out and called my name. I followed her into the examination room, where the doctor was waiting.

He asked me to take my pants off and lay on the examination table. He took a quick look at my leg and called for an x-ray. I was rolled into the x-ray room, and quite quickly they shot a picture of my leg. Then the bad news, there was serious damage to the knee.

I was rolled back into the examination room, end the doctor explained to me that a surgery was necessary to remedy the situation. He explained the procedure and that they wanted to do it the same day. I decided that I would not let my parents know before the surgery, since they did not take me seriously, when I told them I thought I damaged my leg.

I was sent up to the section in the hospital that took care of people with that kind of injuries.

More waiting!! After a couple of hours, however, a beautiful nurse in her early 20’s came into my room and rolled my bed into another room. The room was a little strange. It had a bench, a sink, and a toilet, and a couple of stands. I asked why I was rolled in here, and she said with a smile on her face that I had to be prepared for the surgery. She told me she had to give me an enema.

I wondered what an enema was.

She asked me to take down my underwear. I was surprised. What did that have to do with the surgery? So I asked her, why and what she was going to do. The nurse was so sweet and she smiled at me before telling me that I had to be given an enema before the surgery. I told her that I did know what an enema was. She explained to me that before I was put to sleep for the surgery they had to empty my colon so I did not have an accident during the operation. She said that to do it, she would put a small nozzle in my anus and fill me with warm water.

I was shocked! My face turned as red as a tomato. First of all, the nurse was absolutely gorgeous, and I was already turned on by her (yes I’m a lesbian). Now I was going to have to expose my sex and anal-opening to her. It was both humiliating and stimulating.

She went over to the shelf and started to prepare the equipment she was going to use during the procedure. I laid in the bed watching her find a water tank, a large hose and a black nozzle. She assembled the equipment and went over to the sink and filled the tank with water. Then she pulled on a pair of thin rubber gloves and smiled at me again. After she was finished she came over to my bed. She asked me to lay on my left side with my back facing her. Well, at least this way she would not see me blushing.

She took lubricant so she could use it to coat my anus. I could feel the soft cool latex of her gloved hand as she parted my bottom to reveal my opening. Then I felt her finger touch me. It felt like an electric shock as she moved her fingers inside and around my opening. I could feel myself getting aroused, really wet in my pussy. I was instantly getting hot for her.

After a few moments of this lovely probing, I felt the nozzle touching my anal-opening. It was incredible and I moaned into the pillow. It was the first time I had ever felt anything going that way in my ass. Before then, things had always gone the other way. She gently slid the nozzle deeper inside my ass. It felt hard and slippery as she pushed it in.

After the nozzle was in place, she told me she was going to open the clamp. I had felt a little disgusted about the whole enema, but when she opened the clamp, that all changed. I was instantly excited by the feeling of the hot water inside my rectum. I also felt the back of her gloved hand touching my wet pussy. I do not think that was on purpose, she had to hold the nozzle in place. But it felt so good, being all filled up and having her hand touching my vaginal lips.

I moaned louder this time. she asked if it was painful. I told her that it was not. She did not ask me anymore questions. But, I know she was getting aroused about by the way the enema was exciting me so much. I peeked over my should at the nurse. Her face was a bit red, and I could see that her nipples were getting erect. So were mine, they were swollen and I wanted very badly to touch them. I looked up at the water tank, it was half full now, and it felt even better inside me as it slowly emptied. The warmth and fullness felt so very nice.

By the time that the tank was empty and my colon quite full, my pussy was dripping wet. She MUST have been able to feel it, or to see how swollen and moist it was. She took the nozzle out of me and went over to the sink and washed it. She told me that I had to hold the enema for five minutes, and she would be back then to tell me what to do.

By the time she left the room I was so excited and wet I just had to masturbate, I laid in the back, massaging my stomach. It felt so great to feel the water inside and the wetness of my pussy. I used one hand to massage my stomach and one on my clit. I rubbed it gently at first, moving one finger up and down on it. Then, I slipped the finger inside my vagina. I could feel the warm water in my rectum. I was so excited that I reached an orgasm within minutes. I was laying on my back with my legs apart, still slowly touching my clit when she entered the door. I was so embarrassed, laying here in front of this beautiful nurse masturbating because of being aroused from receiving an enema.

She told me it was okay, and that she said she felt the same way when she received them. She went on to tell me that she took them solo for erotic reason, and if I liked it that much I should too. I asked her how and where I could get equipment etc. She told me that I could get a set from the drugstore.

After a few minutes I felt a incredible urge to expel, she helped me out of the bed and over to the toilet. The instant I sat down on the toilet my asshole exploded as the enema water came gushing out of me. After a few minutes, I felt empty. My beautiful nurse cleaned me and dried me, then she took my arm and helped me over to my bed again.

I started asking questions so I could learn about enemas. Then, all of a sudden, she asked me if I wanted another one.

I replied, “Yes if you want to.”

She smiled her beautiful smile and went over to the shelf again, and prepared a new enema for me.

This time, I was on my stomach when I felt the nozzle going inside me. Once again I felt the sensational feeling of the hot water hitting my inside. She said it was okay if I wanted to touch myself. When I looked over my shoulder at her she, was touching her breasts. My hand found its way between my legs and I began to touch my erect clitoris. I massaged it with my eyes closed. I was rubbing it softly with my fingertips. Then I heard her moan. I looked at her. She was beside me, one hand holding the nozzle while she was massaging her pussy with the other. Her hand was inside her panties and her skirt has pulled up around her waist.

Watching her and touching myself was so arousing. I could feel her hand touching my bottom as she held the nozzle deep inside me. She was moving it in an out a bit. I could see too, that one of her gloved hands was inside her underwear. She was moving it quickly and moaning softly. We both soon reached the height of excitement, and we both orgasmed at the same time.

What an unbelievable experience. The orgasm I felt when I was filled with my hot enema was very different and much better that the ones I had at home when masturbating in my bed. More powerful and it lasted longer too. The warmth and pressure from the enema filling my colon was very nice.

After a few moments, when we both got our breath back, she bent over and kissed me softly on the face. She told me her orgasm had felt wonderful. I told her I loved both the enema and her orgasm, and thanked her for sharing the experience with me.

Just as before, she helped me to the toilet so I could enjoy the relief of the expulsion.

Now I was ready for my surgery.

That, is how I became an enema addict. I still enjoy them as often as I can. My biggest fantasy is to once again to meet my enema nurse. I fell in love with her at the hospital and she is still on my mind when I lay on the bed with my nozzle inside me, letting the hot water tickle my colon. I miss her, I really miss her a lot.