An Enema Story

As you sit in your living room you start thinking that maybe you should create your own excitement. Maybe you should give yourself a hot, soapy enema, massage your clit while you make yourself hold the water, then take a relaxing warm bath before allowing yourself to expel - - but the phone suddenly rings, startling you out of your reverie.

“Hello?” you answer on the third ring taking a deep breath to control libido.

It’s Erica, your next door neighbor, “Mo ! I am so angry with you right now! I know that it’s not all your fault, but I am still so mad that I can’t talk!! I want you to come over here right now so that we can ‘discuss’ this.”

“Wha . . What in the world are you talking about Erica ? “ You finally stammer. “I haven’t done anything that should make you so angry with me. But OK sure, I’ll come over in a little while and we can talk.”

“NO young lady, I want you over here immediately. RIGHT NOW!!!” she yells back slamming down the phone.

You have no idea what has upset your beautiful neighbor. The two of you have been friends for quite some time and have in fact, have shared many of your more private and intimate thoughts - she has supported you through many of your everyday trials and tribulations over the last few years. Erica is the tallest woman that you have ever known - taller than most men in fact. She seems to tower over her husband, Freddy by several inches even in stocking feet. Although you have never seen her unclothed, you have seen her in a skimpy bathing suite, so you know that she has large firm breasts, and that she keeps her pussy shaved just like you do. Most men consider her a real knock-out - including your own.

Puzzled you slip on your shoes, and walk over to her house. Erica is standing at the door as you walk up the steps. She holds it open for you carefully pass by her. She is wearing a sheer black teddy (her nipples making small dark circles against the bodice - her slick pussy clearly visible in the crotch), and high heeled pumps making her tower over you. Her long dark auburn hair glistens in the sunlight, but a black anger is written all over her face. Erica silently looks down on you standing in the middle of her living room, taking a deep puff from her long menthol cigarette. Although Erica is 42 years old, she is the most beautiful and sensual woman that you have ever known. Finally, she speaks to you as she exhales the smoke toward the ceiling.

“Go into the rec-room! she orders, “There’s someone there I want you to see. He can tell you why I am so upset with you!”

Erica grasps your arm and directs you to the back of her fine home into the recreational room. Entering the room your jaw drops as you see her husband, Freddy tied face down, bare ass naked to the large leather hassock in the middle of the room. Each of his wrists are securely tied to a separate leg, his nude body stretched across the seat with each knee bound to an opposite leg. Freddy’s thighs are stretched wide exposing not only his ass hole, but also his balls and peter are very visible dangling in between his legs. His butt had been paddled (maybe whipped is a better description) until it was bruised with many long painful welts, and the skin blood red - he was still sobbing from Erica’s severe flogging.

“Tell her Freddy what you just confessed to me a few minutes ago!” Erica orders her husband. “DO IT NOW OR I SWEAR, I’LL BEAT YOUR ASS UNTIL IT BLEEDS THIS TIME!!”

“Oh Mo,” Freddy sobs, “She made me tell! She kept hitting my butt with her hair brush, and then used that thin bamboo rod over and over! I had to tell her about the time we kissed. Forgive me, but she would have blistered me all day unless I confessed. She said that she would give me an ENEMA if I didn’t confess! Please, don’t hate me, please. Her enemas scare me!”

“What about it Mo?” Erica snarls taking another drag from her cigarette. “Tell me about this kiss - you trying to get in the sack with this worthless piece of shit? Don’t lie because Freddy has already come clean.”

“I . . . . I don’t know . . . know what to say,” you stammer trying to remember what he might be referring to. Then it dawns on you. A month or so ago while Erica was out of town, Freddy’s car wouldn’t start when he was leaving work, and he called to ask if you could give him a ride home. He leaned over and gave you a ‘brotherly’ kiss on your lips as he was getting out of the car when you got him home. Sure, you kissed back, but innocently enough.

“Erica! It was like kissing my brother - nothing more,” you stammer once again. “Please there was nothing more to it, really!”

“I don’t believe you! Mo, Freddy has admitted that he wants to get into your pants that’s why I beat him so hard,” she declares right in your face. “Now I’ve caught you lying to me so BOTH of you has to be punished for your infidelity. NOW, strip out of your clothes!”

Although you’re terrified, you take off all of your clothes as she releases her well spanked husband. Obviously he led her to believe that the simple thank you kiss was more, much more, and she’s not going to believe the truth. Is she going to tie you down as she had Freddy to beat your ass? Or does she have something more sinister in mind?

You are now standing totally naked in front of Erica and Freddy, and are feeling so very embarrassed and helpless - even though his eyes are directed at the floor, Erica is staring at you intently. Your rose tattoo is glowing even redder, and oddly enough you can feel your pussy start to get wet as a twinge of sexual excitement pulsed through your loins.

“March into my bathroom young lady, you’re going to get Freddy’s enema as your punishment. Go on! You know the way. Freddy admitted that you kissed him first so you get the enema and then a spanking!”

“I . . . I didn’t ….” you start to respond before she slaps your ass as hard as she can with her open hand. Your aborted answer turns into a painful yelp.

Obviously she had the punishment planned ahead, because as you enter her bathroom you see the already full enema bag, the largest one that you have ever seen. It must be holding at least a gallon of soapy water! Erica forces you to your knees, with your head resting on the floor, your butt high in the air. On her order, Freddy comes around to help hold your shoulders down and to keep you from resisting the punishment enema.

“Oh lord Erica!” you moan. “I’ve never had an enema that big before! Please don’t force all of the water up me. Pleeeese! I’m sorry that I kissed your husband, it won’t ever happen again.”

“Shut up you little slut!” she snaps back taking a last puff from her cigarette. “I’m going to give you the whole bag, and I have made it extra soapy so it will be very hard to hold. You were a very bad girl and have to be punished.”

Erica reaches up on the vanity for the tube of mint toothpaste gel. She roughly sticks the end of the tube directly into your up-turned ass hole, and squirts a large glob of cream into you. You cry out softly as the mint starts to sting your tight little butt hole. She inserts her finger to spread the gel. After a few minutes, you feel her finger being withdrawn, but only to be forced into your moist cunt. Again you cry out as the tingling gel is smeared over your quivering clit.

After what seemed an eternity, Erica reaches for the ‘special’ enema nozzle she purchased from Beth Tyler’s catalog. It looked way too big to be inserted into your ass, but with strong steady pressure, you feel your sphincter stretch to its limit. You cry and beg through your pain for her to use something smaller, but with added determination she jams the device all the way inside you. You lurch and scream as the bulbous end finally is forced deep into your rectum.

“Now my little whoring bitch,” you are faintly aware hearing her say, “it’s time to fill you up until you feel like you’re going to burst.”

Freddy puts more pressure on your head and shoulders as Erica opens the enema bag’s clamp releasing a torrent of hot, soapy water. The enema shoots into you very rapidly causing your tummy to immediately cramp. Knowing that she is causing you pain, she slaps your butt hard several times as she pulls the nozzle from your ass, to only jam it back. You feel that the water is going to explode out of you any second, but the large bulb on the nozzle keeps it all inside.

“Erica, no more, NO MORE PLEEEESE. I can’t take anymore. You have to stop the enema now!!” you plead for mercy.

As Erica stop the torturous flow, “Mo, I have given you two quarts, and the bag is only half empty. Now confess that you want to fuck my Freddy!” Even if you were ‘playing around’ Freddy would be the last person that you would want to fuck. He is such a wimp - no balls at all. BUT you can’t say that to Erica - not now at least.

Hoping that a confession (even a false one) will keep you from having to take the next two quarts of soapy enema solution, you whisper, “Erica I am so sorry that I tried to get Freddy’s to fuck me the other night. I don’t know what came over me, just horny I guess since my husband was out of town. I promise, I’ll never do it again. Please no more enema, please.”

“ I don’t believe you Mo!! Freddy admitted while I was blistering him that you have tried more than once to seduce him. So I am going to make you to take the whole enema so you will think twice next time.” You hear that awful ‘click’ as she restarts the enema.

The pressure in your belly builds quickly as more and more water is forced up you. You cry out several times begging her to stop - sobbing. In response to your pleas, Erica takes her long handled wooden hair brush, and brutally paddles your up-turned cheeks. You don’t know what is hurting worse, the sharp stings from the brush or the force of the enema, but you know you are being punished for something that you didn’t do. Freddy lied to save his own ass (literally) - “Just you wait Freddy, just you wait. I’ll get even with you, you son of a bitch” you think as Erica blisters your ass again and again.

After what seemed like hours, the full gallon size enema is all inside you. Your belly is distended, heavy like you’re eight months pregnant. You have never, ever felt so bloated in your life. You have no idea how she was able to get that much water up you. This was the enema of enemas. Your desperate to release the soapy molten solution, but you suspect that Erica has other plans.

Leaving the huge bulbous end of the enema nozzle lodged inside you to seal off any possibilities of leaks, she flips you over on your back. You look up as she straddles your head and watch as she unbuttons the crotch of her teddy. She calmly lights another Virginia Slims 120 menthol cigarette.

“Now my pet,” she says exhaling smoke with each word, “since you tried to piss on me, watch as I soak your face good with my hot stream.” At once she starts to pee, the yellow flow splashing against you face. Instinctively hoping to please her, you open your mouth to catch as much of her urine as you can.

“Well, well!” she comments as her bladder finally empties. “I guess you are finally learning just who is boss around here. Come over here Freddy, you need to lick me clean. Don’t you dare miss one drop on my pee, or I’ll give you the next enema.”

Frantically, you lay watching as Freddy leans over you and reaches out for Erica’s wet pussy with his tongue. Erica puffs on her cigarette as he inserts his tongue into her vagina, then licks her clit. Your tummy is cramping badly - you desperately have to sit on the toilet that is so near, yet so very far away. Erica rhythmically moves her hips as her husband’s tongue starts to make her hot. He licks and sucks her hard little bud until finally, holding her cigarette between her lips, she uses both hand to grab his hair forcing his face against her twat hard. From your position directly under her, you watch as she fucks his face. She is so wet that her pussy juices are literally dripping all over your face where you can taste her musky flow. Luckily, she is not having her period, that would be some experience if she was. Faster, and faster she fucks his tongue, and at long last reaches the peak of her orgasm - screaming out loudly as the waves of pleasure flow over her from head to toe. Freddy retreats to a corner in the bathroom after his statuesque dominate wife’s quivering subsides. She takes a puff from her cigarette as she looks down at you still laying at her feet, your hair soaked, your face wet from here pee and pussy juices, your taught, round belly protruding toward the ceiling, the never ending cramps gripping you strongly.

“OK Mo, I think that you have learned your lesson,” she says putting out the cigarette. “Get up and stand over here. Now, bend over so I can remove my nozzle.”

Then after the huge instrument has been pulled out, “Now go home. You can leave by the back door, I don’t want you to dirty my bathroom when you expel your enema. After you get home, you can set down on your toilet and release your water. But as you let it run out of you, I want you to play with yourself.”

“You mean, you want me to masturbate?” you ask through your embarrassment.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I am ordering you to do!! From now on I am the boss.”

A big sob chokes through your lips as you start to run home totally nude, your tummy overflowing with the enema. You pray that you’ll make it without anyone seeing you. The back yards are somewhat secluded, but not totally private. Well before you reach your own yard, a strong cramp grips your lower belly forcing you to fall doubled over to your knees. Much to your extreme embarrassment, the first of many long streams of water erupt from your tortured ass splashing over Erica’s lawn. With your eyes tightly closed - your fingers find your hard hot clit. The only sound is your soft moaning, everything else is in some different world. In this one you know full well that two pairs of eyes are watching you intently from the house.