An Episode In Hokkaido

Hokkaido’s Red Lamp District

During his visit to Japan, Paul Weldon took a trip one day to the northern island of Hokkaido, staying in a small hotel near the town of Hokodate. It was a complete change for him and for once in his lifetime he was completely cut off from newspapers and contact with the outside world. But, inevitably, for a man as active as Paul Weldon, time began to drag after a day or two and he decided to spend a day in Hakodate, a place he had intended to avoid as much as possible.

Hakodate is not a particularly interesting town. It is on the west coast of Hokkaido, a fishing center with such industries as fish canning and sulfur extraction. It is big enough, however, to sustain a red lamp district and it is there that Paul went to get some relief from his boredom.

As he walked down one of the streets where he had been told he would find the ‘best’ girls he saw a strikingly beautiful teenager looking down at him from the open window of her room on the first floor of a house where four or five girls had their headquarters. He was at once attracted by her lovely eyes and beautiful smile and he had no hesitation in going into the open doorway and up the stairs when she nodded to him.

She was waiting at the door of her room, dressed in a blue kimono. She was no more than five feet tall and judging by her slender arms visible in the wide short sleeves of her robe she was altogether small and almost fragile.

She continued to smile at him as she bowed an invitation. As soon as he’d entered the room she closed the door, hanging a card in Japanese on the outside to the effect that she hadn’t to be disturbed, and then waved him to a low divan with numerous delightfully embroidered cushions. As soon as he sat down she produced a teapot and two small cups, handing one to her visitor.

‘You like Japanese girl?’ she asked him as she sat on a cushion in front of him.

‘Very much, very much,’ said Paul. ‘Especially you. What is your name?

‘’Kiwiko,’ she said. ‘It was also the name of my grandmother. Do you like it too?’

‘Kiwiko. Yes, I think it suits you. But tell me how old are you?’

‘Seventeen,’ she said smiling again. ‘It is already quite old in Japan, you know.’

She certainly didn’t look more than fourteen, thought Paul but he was relieved to hear that she would be considered of age in Europe. She might be better developed than he had thought when she took off her kimono, though he had never seen a Japanese woman with particularly large breasts or prominent buttocks.

She sipped her tea and then, putting her cup down, she got to her feet and began to unfasten the sash which held her kimono together. Paul watched eagerly as the robe slipped down her body to reveal her nakedness.

He was pleasantly surprised to see that her breasts were larger than he would have expected and that her thighs were not as slim as those of most Japanese women. When the robe slipped to the floor he saw that she was attractively built, despite a certain fragility about her. He would certainly enjoy going to bed with her.

‘You like?’ she asked him as she turned round so that he could also get a back view.

‘Very beautiful.’ He was on his feet and he grabbed hold of her and pulled her onto the divan. She let him kiss her soft voluptuous lips but then she said that she would have to prepare him.


‘Yes, I wash you first,’ she said.

He was quite happy to be washed by her and when he had undressed she began to wash the lower part of his body in warm soapy water, paying particular attention to his genitals and then to his crotch and anus. When she was satisfied that he was clean she dried him in a soft towel after which she sprinkled and rubbed in a scented powder.

It was then that Paul had his first real surprise.

Kiwiko Suggests an Enema

‘I now give enema,’ Kiwiko said as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

‘Enema?’ echoed Paul.

‘Yes, an enema,’ she said matter of factly.

‘What on earth for, Kiwiko?’ Paul demanded. He was completely at a loss. First he thought he hadn’t heard her properly or that perhaps an enema meant something different to her. But now it seemed that she meant what she said.

‘Best Japanese girls always give enema,’ she said smiling.

‘But, Kiwiko, I don’t want an enema. Why should I want an enema?’

‘You always have enema with best Japanese girl. You must be clean inside as well as outside. You enjoy too,’ she spoke reassuringly.

He had never heard that there were prostitutes in any part of the world that gave enemas to their clients before sex. It must be something peculiar to Hokkaido, or was it just an idiosyncrasy of hers?

‘I’m not sure that I want an enema, Kiwiko,’ said Paul now speaking in earnest. ‘I’ve never had an enema and I don’t particularly want to start now. I want to make love to you.

‘You must have enema,’ she said firmly. ‘If you never have one you are not clean inside. Besides many men they like and enjoy as much as sex. It is like what you call an orgasm. Some men they can come with enema. And I will help you in other ways.

‘Well, if you are sure, then I suppose I’ll have to have it.’ It sounded rather bizarre but if some men got an orgasm from an enema and she was also ready to assist him, then it might be worth trying, he decided.

‘Englishman right to have enema with Japanese girl,’ she said. ‘Now I get you ready.’

He was sitting on a low bed but the girl now asked him to stand up whereupon she placed a rubber-covered board over the bed and asked him to lie down on it.

‘You lie on left side,’ she told him as he placed himself on the firm rubber board.

When he was in the right position she pushed his left leg forward and felt for his anus. He felt her fingers which she had quickly lubricated with her saliva pressing against his anus and a moment later one finger must have penetrated perhaps half an inch, though with some difficulty. She drew it out and as it was insufficiently lubricated it seemed to draw the membrane with it and Paul began to feel uncomfortable. But it was something worth putting up with he decided, for it wasn’t everyday you had a Japanese teenager pushing a finger into your arse.

Kiwiko had now used a tube of lubricant and at this stage of proceedings continued to explore with her fingers, parts of his anus.

Japanese Preliminaries

She pushed her finger into his anus again and this time it slid in a little further, but she was still finding considerable resistance from the sphincter muscle. She enjoyed these preliminaries and was certainly in no hurry. She was certain, too, that unless her client was very different from other men he would soon begin to get a considerable amount of pleasure from the way her finger worked on his anus. He did.

It was the first time any woman had ever touched him in that part of his body, or, for that matter anyone of either sex had touched him. He found it pleasing at first and gradually it became almost exciting. He liked the way she kept lubricating her finger and then pushing it gently into the orifice, a fraction further each time. Then she would make a gentle attempt to widen the hole slightly before withdrawing her finger to lubricate it again.

He felt his whole body relaxing to the unique massage of his anal orifice and he had soon decided that it was an erogenous zone that he would have to pay more attention to in future. It was also a strangely pleasant thing to have a girl paying such a lot of attention to a part of the body that is generally despised and neglected.

He thought she must be almost ready to go ahead with the enema, and as suspected, she told him that she was not going to give him the enema.

‘While your bottom is relaxed and you are excited, that is best time,’ she announced.

Paul was now ready to believe in her judgment implicitly and he eagerly waited while she prepared the enema.

She busied herself in an adjoining room and a few minutes later she came in carrying a large jug. Judging from the steam the jug must have contained a hot liquid. Kiwiko then moved a small stand into the room to which was fixed a glass jar, narrowing at the bottom to a short tube (reminding him of the upper part of a coffee percolator) to which was attached a long rubber tube fitted with a stop-cock and nozzle.

Kiwiko brought the stand which moved on noiseless casters close to the bed and after adjusting the stop-cock she poured some of the liquid from the jug into the glass jar. It was cooler now and looked to Paul like soapy water.

The young girl then took the temperature of the fluid.

‘It is a little hot for you yet,’ was her comment, ‘But I prepare the nozzle.’

The nozzle, attached to the end of the rubber tube, was about a quarter of an inch in diameter at its widest part, Kiwiko took a tube of what appeared to be a lubricant and smeared it over the nozzle.

She bent over Paul, pushed him into position and then slowly urged the nozzle into his anus. Paul felt like a man on an operating table. His heart began to beat faster and for a fleeting moment he almost got to his feet to tell her he was not going to go through with it.

But when he felt her calming hands on his buttocks he relaxed again. She appeared to know what she was going to use, and however strange it might be it wouldn’t kill him, he decided. The, after all, he was going to enjoy the pleasure of her body afterwards: what did an enema matter if you got the beautiful young Japanese girl’s body in return?

Kiwiko Administers an Enema

She flexed his right leg again and pushed the nozzle deeper into his rectum. Paul could feel it, but he was rather surprised that it didn’t hurt at all. As he had never had anything inserted into his rectum in his life before he had assumed that it would be painful.

The fluid now flowed into him and he could feel it inside, creeping higher and higher. When he began to feel the weight of the water was going to be too much for him to hold he half turned to her.

‘Don’t turn round,’ she said quickly, ‘or it will be extremely painful. I’m switching off now.

He lay there with the warm water inside him, trying to persuade himself that he was going to be really clean for her. After all it had not been so bad, much less painful than he had expected and at the end of it was - Kiwiko.

She stroked his head gently and then reached down to take his limp penis in her hand.

‘You like?’ she suggested.

‘Like what?’ he wasn’t sure whether she meant the enema or the way she was fondling his cock.

‘The enema?’ He asked her again.

‘Well, I meant all the things that I am doing to you,’ she said. ‘You see a Japanese girl likes to please her man.

‘Of course,’ said Paul. ‘I like everything you do, even the enema.’

He was growing erect and he wondered whether she would bring him to an orgasm with the enema still inside him.

But after a while she let go of him and told him to get ready to use the bedpan she had placed near the bed. He really didn’t fancy the ides of using a bedpan in her presence, but she said there was no alternative as the lavatory was on the next floor.

He got to his feet, sat on the bedpan and released the fluid. It took a minute or two before he felt that all had been evacuated.

But as he got to his feet again more water trickled from his anus and she told him to sit down again. After another minute or two he felt sure that he had evacuated himself thoroughly.

When he got to his feet Kiwiko came over and wiped him. No one had ever done that to him since he was a baby, he thought.

The warm water had all been ejected and he felt a strange kind of emptiness. He was still in a state of sexual arousal and now more than ever eager to get his hands on Kiwiko.

The girl quickly removed the pan from the room and then pushed out the enema stand and the other paraphernalia. When she came back into the room she closed the door with an air of finality and joined him on the bed.

‘You feel better?’ she asked him, smiling into his eyes.

‘Yes, I do. It was an extraordinary experience for me. I think I shall enjoy it even more next time. But you can see,’ he moved her hand to his swollen prick -you can see how you have affected me.’

‘Yes, now I make love to you, yes?’

She stroked his throbbing organ for a moment or two and then after briefly kissing his lips, she concentrated on his penis.

He shuddered with excitement, hardly able to control himself. rolling his head from side to side as she roused him to fever pitch.

‘Oh, please stop now,’ he gasped, almost on the edge of orgasm, he lay back to stroke her hair until he felt able to let her continue.

‘Come to me,’ he asked her and drew her up the bed until he could kiss her soft, warm lips. ‘You mustn’t make me come too quickly, my darling,’ he told her as he took her in his arms and slid one hand to her thighs.

‘Yes, darling, I understand,’ was her soft rejoinder.

He lay with her in his arms for a while and then he moved her onto her back, looking down at her girlish attractions before moving between her thighs.

He had time to look at her properly now and he thought she must be younger than she had claimed. Her face was so unbelievably beautiful that he almost began to hate himself for using her. She ought to be the wife of some very kind or very rich man instead of letting men use her body for payment.

Her breasts were a little larger than he had expected and despite the sense of fragility that he felt about her she nevertheless had a nice buoyant body with good arms and strong though slim thighs.

He pushed his penis into the inviting lips and then he slid into her. She wasn’t large, he was pleased to discover, and when he was right inside her she gripped him tightly for a moment to show him that she could hold him inside her if she so desired.

Now he lowered himself, all his weight on top of her, and she at once put her legs around him. When their mouths met again it was almost electrifying. Her beautiful mouth at once triggered off the most delicious feelings in his body and as the sensations moved to his genitals he started to move inside her.

Kiwiko had had only a few men and it was still an exciting experience for her. She liked this Englishman and she was ready to enjoy herself with him, forgetting for the time being all the problems in her life. She felt his phallus begin its invasion of her treasure. His lips were on hers and he slowly began his thrusting movements into her soft warm sheath. He reached the top and then he drew it down the clinging sheath again before impelling it into her, now deeper then before, urging it to the very hilt till he felt their pelvises crunch together, their pubic hair enmeshed. His tongue now probed her sweet mouth, tasting her saliva as the first pre-orgasmic spasm took his breath away.

Kiwiko squirmed and pulled him tighter as he rested for a moment inside her, taking a deep breath to inhibit the involuntary spasms of his prick, and then he bent her thighs up and she moved her legs to his shoulders.

Looking down at her now he could see his prick entering and leaving her as he moved up and down, a sight which at once intensified his desire for her. Slowly he increased the tempo of his thrusts into her lovely cunt, often using a screwing movement to provoke and stimulate her to the maximum, probing and racking the luscious, gripping membrane as her muscular spasms came faster and faster and as her body responded completely to his energetic, body-penetrating thrusts.

His hands moved under her buttocks, one in each palm; then he dug his finger-nails deep into her girlish flesh until he could feel the hard rod of his prick moving inside her. Then from mild thrusts he began to ram his greedy phallus into her with lustful abandon, felt his prick pulsate on the edge of orgasm, and in a few brief moments of tempestuous, uncontrolled sexual ecstasy, he came in a climax it was impossible to control. He sent his spunk into her soft, girlish flesh, sent it deep into her innermost recesses, filling her with it and provoking her to rapturous cries of delight as she twisted in uncontrollable ecstasy.