An Examination to Remember

I was sitting in the reception area of the doctor’s office, waiting to be seen for my annual physical. Naturally, the doctor was running late, and I was left in the reception area with my thoughts…thoughts of having to be poked and prodded, and generally embarrassed in front of the doctor and the old bitch of a nurse that assisted him. But, I hadn’t seen the old bitch yet. When I arrived, there was a note on the counter which said, “PLEASE SIGN IN- SOMEONE WILL BE WITH YOU SHORTLY”.

After sitting for about fifteen minutes, I heard the door to the examining room open, and paying it no mind, I continued to read the magazine that had captured my attention for the duration. Soon, my senses detected a wonderful aroma, not like the stale smell produced when the old bitch would walk by. I looked up to see that, behind the counter, the old bitch had been replaced by a very attractive nurse. She was all of 23, of average height and weight, and from what I could see, was probably graced with the body of a goddess. She had shoulder length sandy-blonde hair, and a tan that indicated she had spent plenty of time in the sun this past summer.

I continued to observe her as she tended to her administrative duties.

My intense observation was interrupted by the boisterous entrance of a young lady who immediately proceeded to the counter and asked to be seen by the doctor. The local college is just a few blocks away from the doctor’s office, and apparently, this young lady was in the process of registering and had forgotten to obtain a physical examination certificate.

Upon listening more closely, I was able to ascertain that the young lady was a freshman who had been admitted at a late date and did not have the benefit of receiving all of the requisite paperwork. The nurse asked this young lady to have a seat and then approached me…with specimen bottle in hand. “Mr. Johnson”, she said, “proceed to Examining Room # 2, remove all of your clothes and put the gown on, and provide me with a urine specimen. The doctor will be able to see you shortly”. As I was walking down the hall, I heard the nurse on the phone with the doctor, explaining the young lady’s urgent predicament. I entered Examining Room # 2 and began shedding my clothes.

Standing there in my underwear and socks, and looking around the room, I noticed that I could see into the other examining room through the reflection of the mirror in the connecting bathroom. What I noticed was that the nurse and the rather boisterous young lady (whose name I later ascertained was Sally) had entered the examining room. The nurse was explaining to Sally that she was quite fortunate to be seen on such short notice. The practice had just been sold, and the new doctor was trying to establish a favorable rapport with the community. Then, another woman walked into the examining room. She was wearing a white lab coat and introduced herself to Sally as Dr. Joyce. So, what has happened is that the old town doctor has sold out, left town, and taken the old bitch with him! Dr. Joyce is about 40 years old, and has retained her figure nicely. She has short brown hair and a firm body, accentuated well, even through her sweater, skirt, and lab coat. What is about to happen is going to be very interesting.

“Good morning, Sally. I think that we can get this physical out of the way in no time at all”, said Dr. Joyce. “Step over here to the scale and let’s take your weight.” Sally stepped on the scale and her weight of 116 pounds and her height of 5’6” was recorded on the form attached to Dr. Joyce’s clipboard. “I have to go into the other room for a minute. My nurse will take your blood pressure and when I return we’ll finish up with the examination.” Upon hearing this, I figured that my turn was next. I was sorry that I was not going to see the rest of the examination…or so I thought. I hurriedly left the bathroom and sat next to the examining table waiting for Dr. Joyce to enter. The next thing I heard was Dr. Joyce saying, “Sally, remove your top and your pants and get on the examining table.” I immediately resumed my position in the bathroom.

Sally had just removed her top and was unbuttoning the top of her nicely fitting blue jeans. As she pulled the zipper down, and eased the pants over her ass, I could see that this was a body which had been carefully exposed to the sun without too much cover. With Sally now standing there in her bra and white bikini panties, Dr. Joyce said, “You can remove your bra, and do you mind if we don’t have an extra gown? The patient in examining room # 2 used the last one that we had.” “No, Dr. Joyce, I have nothing to hide, and besides, you’ve seen me like this for a number of years now anyway,” was Sally’s response as she reached behind herself, unsnapped the bra and removed it. She walked over to the examining table and sat on it. I enjoyed the view of her tight, young ass in the bikini panties.

“OK now, Sally, please lie down on your stomach”, said Dr. Joyce. Sally quickly complied with the doctor’s instructions. “Sally, I need to take your temperature, and our new policy in the office is to take all temperatures rectally. Raise your hips and let me help you remove your panties.”

“Dr. Joyce, I thought we stopped all of that when I was a little girl. Why do we have to take my temperature that way?”, protested Sally.

“Because we get a more accurate reading. Now stop fussing and let’s get those panties off.” With that, Dr. Joyce approached the examining table, and in one swift and steady motion, had grabbed the top of Sally’s panties and pulled them down her legs and off. Nurse Adams was wheeling a cart closer to the examining table as Dr. Joyce spread Sally’s legs apart.

“Oh, Dr. Joyce. This is so embarrassing. I hated this as a child and now you’re doing it to me again.” All the while, Dr. Joyce was making preparations. She had put on a pair of latex examining gloves and Nurse Adams was lubricating the thermometer with KY jelly.

“Nurse Adams is going to hold your buttocks apart while I lubricate your rectum. This will make the thermometer go in a lot easier and you won’t even notice it.” While I was looking up the end of the examining table, greeted by the view of two gorgeous buttocks and the faint site of a neatly trimmed bush, Nurse Adams separated Sally’s buttocks and made my view even better. Now, I could clearly see her rectum and the trail of hair which tried to protect the opening to her vagina. But, this exposed position had taken advantage of the opportunity to provide me with a full shot of both orifices.

Dr. Joyce was spreading KY jelly on her index finger and then she began to apply it to Sally’s rectum. She spread it all around the area and then began to insert her finger just to the first knuckle. “Dr. Joyce, STOP, that feels weird. It’s worse than what I remember.” Dr. Joyce continued to lubricate the inside of Sally’s rectum and as she removed her finger she said, “Sally, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be. And, I have to insert my finger all the way inside later on when we do the rectal examination. I’d recommend that you try to loosen up a little bit. Now, I’m going to insert the thermometer.”

As Nurse Adams continued to hold Sally’s buttocks apart, Dr. Joyce removed her finger and quickly placed the thermometer inside Sally’s cheeks.

As the thermometer slid inside, Sally began to whimper. Nurse Adams began to massage Sally’s buttocks and said, “Don’t worry Sally. I know this is a new experience for you, and nobody likes it. But, we take everybody’s temperature this way and its not really that bad if you don’t make it more than what it is.” Nurse Adams’ massage of Sally’s buttocks became more expansive, and she rubbed Sally’s back and legs, always returning to her buttocks and thighs. I could see that this massage had relaxed Sally as her buttocks lost their tension and she spread her legs to the width that Dr. Joyce had positioned them. “Nurse Adams, why don’t you go to Examining Room # 2 and start with Mr. Johnson. I’ll continue with Sally and you can return when I do the pelvic exam. Take all of his vital signs, and I believe you know how to conduct the respiratory and abdominal examinations”, instructed Dr. Joyce.

Nurse Adams began to head my way. Before she left the room, I was able to see Dr. Joyce spread Sally’s buttocks and slowly remove the thermometer. As it slid out, Sally again emitted some whimpers. Dr. Joyce continued in her professional manner, taking some Kleenex and wiping between Sally’s buttocks. “99.6-perfect. It appears that you’re in fine health.

Turn over now and let’s get on with this examination”, said Dr. Joyce. I saw Sally turn over on her back and prop herself up on her elbows. This provided me with an excellent view of her nicely shaped breasts-firm with nipples protruding in the cool room, her flat belly, and the very neatly trimmed bush around her vagina. This was the end of my view for now. Nurse Adams was on her way.

I returned to the examining room, and not a moment too soon! Nurse Adams walked in, wheeling the cart in front of her that contained her examination supplies: stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, examination gloves, KY jelly, and rectal thermometer. I was in for the same treatment that I had just witnessed, but never had I been intimately exposed to the nurse before. “Good morning, Mr. Johnson. I’m going to get started with your examination until Dr. Joyce is ready to see you. Get up on the examining table and loosen your gown”, said Nurse Adams. She was truly professional and she was going through with this examination. Why did I think anything different?

I sat on the table as Nurse Adams approached me. She reached for my left arm and began applying the blood pressure cuff. Her left thigh rested against my leg, and the hand of my outstretched arm was just able to touch the dress that covered her body. She didn’t notice my pleasure and continued with her analysis. Finishing with my blood pressure, she lowered my gown to my waist. She took the stethoscope and began applying it to my chest. “Lie down on your back so I can listen to your abdomen”, she said.

I did as instructed, and as I moved onto the table, my gown fell to the floor, leaving me covered only by my underpants. Her warm hands began palpating my chest and my abdomen, pushing against me with the cool stethoscope. As she reached across my body, her stomach rested on mine.

I could see her thighs encased in the white stockings, and the rising hem of her skirt. And then, it was over. She put the stethoscope away and busied herself with making notes on the clipboard.

Then, Nurse Adams approached me again. “Mr. Johnson, I’m going to make a preliminary palpitation of your abdomen”. She began by lightly running her hands across my stomach, then gently prodding to each side. Next, her hands approached the top of my underpants, and before I knew it, she had one hand inside applying gentle pressure. My cock began to swell…just a little bit. I could feel it against my underpants. Her prodding continued for a bit longer and then she was through. “Your abdomen feels very firm. When was your last bowel movement?”, she asked. As I responded, I noticed that Nurse Adams continued to make notes on the clipboard and she was fumbling in the cart.

“I’m going to recommend to Dr. Joyce that you be given an enema before you leave. Now, I have to take your temperature, and since we take it rectally, I’ll do a rectal exam to confirm my recommendation while lubricating your rectum for the thermometer “. My half swollen cock shouldn’t be a problem since I would be on my stomach to have my temperature taken…or so I thought. As Nurse Adams approached me she stopped at the end of the examination table and pulled the stirrups out. “Normally, I’d have you lie on your stomach, but since I have to do a rectal examination, we’ll just remove your underpants and you can place your feet in the stirrups. That won’t be too uncomfortable will it?”. What was I to say? Nurse Adams came over to me, inserted her fingers into the top of my underpants, and pulling them down said, “Lift up so I can get these underpants off, then slide down until your bottom reaches the end of the table and put your feet in the stirrups”. It was at about this time that I felt my underpants pass my knees, and my cock felt exposed to the cool air of the examining room. It was still half-hard, and resting against my body, was probably not too obvious.

Nurse Adams slid a cart toward the examining table and I noticed that it was very similar to the cart that I had seen before: latex examining gloves, a tube of KY jelly, a thermometer inside a case, and several speculums. As I lay on the examining table with my feet in the stirrups, I watched Nurse Adams don a pair of the latex examination gloves. Then she picked up the tube of KY jelly and applied some to her left index finger.

Approaching me, and sitting at the foot of the examining table, she said, “I’ll do the preliminary rectal examination first. This will give me an indication of the degree of impaction for Dr. Joyce”. With that, her right hand spread my cheeks and I felt the cool sensation of KY jelly being spread around my rectum. Then I felt her finger begin to slowly ease into my rectum past the first knuckle. It was at this point that Nurse Adams began to move her finger from side to side. As my cock stiffened, she continued pushing her finger into my rectum until it was all the way inside. For the next few moments, she moved her finger all around, but it was when she began to move it in and out that my cock started to indicate its pleasure. It started throbbing and dripping semen onto my belly.

“Oh, Mr. Johnson. I didn’t realize that this examination would have quite an erotic effect. Many of our patients experience erections during a rectal examination, but few patients experience pre-ejaculation seminal discharge. I’ll have to make a note of that on your chart for future reference”. Nurse Adams then slowly removed her finger from my rectum.

She removed the glove that was on her hand that examined my rectum but kept a glove on her other hand. Then, grabbing a Kleenex, she lifted my cock with her gloved hand and applied the Kleenex to the head. As she wiped across the top of it, I believe she felt it throb more because she squeezed it at the top…hoping to stop what was inevitably about to happen! As Nurse Adams applied the Kleenex to the top of my cock, I came. Strictly professional, Nurse Adams folded the Kleenex over the head of my cock and received the cum. I guess she realized that she needed to do what was necessary to finish my cumming, so she gave my cock a few final jerks-in a strictly professional manner-in order to get on with the examination.

Making a few last wipes of my cock, Nurse Adams removed the other latex glove and donned a fresh pair.

“I am sorry that you got excited, but don’t feel badly. I understand”, said Nurse Adams. “It’s all in a day’s work”. With that last sentence, Nurse Adams removed the thermometer from its case and began shaking it down. I could see the stubby bulb that clearly identified it as a rectal thermometer. “Now, like I said before, we take everybody’s temperature rectally. Knowing that your anal area is particularly sensitive, I will take care to insert the thermometer without causing you too much distress.

You’re lubricated very thoroughly from the examination so I don’t think we’ll need any more lubrication”.

Again, Nurse Adams took her seat at the end of the examining table.

By now, having experienced the utmost in humiliation, I was becoming very comfortable in this position. Nurse Adams spread my cheeks and slowly inserted the thermometer. I could feel it sliding inside and when she stopped inserting it, my rectum closed tightly around it and enjoyed the sensation of its presence. Now, lying there fully exposed with a rectal thermometer in my rectum, I began to wonder how Nurse Adams could do this day-in and day-out and not possibly be affected. She continued to sit at the end of the examining table for the duration of the three minutes-making notations on her clipboard and occasionally glancing at her watch.

As I lay upon the table with my legs spread wide in the stirrups and a thermometer inserted into my rectum, I looked to the side of the examining table where Nurse Adams was seated upon a stool. She was making notes on my chart, but not too careful with her position on the stool. From my vantage point, I was looking right between her knees, up her thighs, to see her bush protruding against her white panties. Suddenly, I got the feeling that Nurse Adams was aware of my pleasure. I looked up to find her staring straight at me. “Like what you see, Mr. Johnson?”, she asked. What could I say? I stumbled over an apology, but Nurse Adams was already continuing with the examination. She slid herself on the stool to the end of the examination table to meet my thermometer impaled rectum. I felt her hand spread my buttocks, and then I felt the sensation of the thermometer slowly being removed from my rectum.

“You may remove your legs from the stirrups now”, she said. I did as I was told while Nurse Adams read the thermometer and made a few more notations on the chart. “Your temperature is slightly elevated, and I noticed some impaction when I did the rectal examination. I will definitely recommend that you have an enema before leaving today.” Nurse Adams put the thermometer back into its case and said, “Lie here until Dr. Joyce is ready to see you. We have a patient in the other room and we should be finished soon”. With that, Nurse Adams left the examining room. I figured that this was a good opportunity to continue viewing what I had left in Examining Room # 1.

As I resumed my position in the bathroom, Nurse Adams was just entering Examining Room # 1. “Oh, Nurse Adams. You’re just in time to assist with the pelvic examination”. Nurse Adams immediately began her work and slid a stainless steel cart to the side of the examining table. On it were standard pelvic examination instruments: speculums, tissues, examination gloves, and K-Y jelly. Dr. Joyce took up her position at the end of the examining table. She reached up to Sally’s hips saying, “Now, slide your buttocks down a little bit and place your feet in the stirrups. Spread your legs wide for me.” Sally instantly slid down and placed her feet in the stirrups, while at the same time spreading her legs as wide as possible. It was obvious to see that Sally wore the skimpiest of bikinis…her tan continuing all the way up her legs and her pubic hair shaved closely with no hair from the top of her vaginal lips to her rectum.

Dr. Joyce put on two latex examining gloves and, separating Sally’s legs, moved into position. While Nurse Adams looked on, Dr. Joyce began feeling the area around the top of Sally’s vagina, slowly moving her fingers in the trimmed pubic hair. Then, she began to examine the outside of Sally’s vagina. She ran her finger along the outside of each vaginal lip, and then ran a finger between the vaginal lips-separating them from bottom to top. When she reached the top of Sally’s vagina, Dr. Joyce took her free hand and spread Sally’s vaginal lips apart to expose her clitoris. She took her finger and put it between the vaginal lips, gently examining the area. Even from my distant vantage point, I could see Sally’s vaginal lips begin to separate and she was beginning to get wet.

Just then, Dr. Joyce said, “Sally, I know that this part of the examination is arousing for many patients. I won’t be long, and I don’t want you to worry if you become excited.” When Dr. Joyce finished, it appeared that she had left Sally in quite an aroused state. Her vaginal lips were well separated and very well lubricated. And, oh, how about me? Well, I’m standing in the bathroom, with my examining gown above my waist, jerking off my revived cock. Even without my touching it, just observing this scene, it has gotten rock hard!

“Nurse Adams, will you kindly put some of the KY jelly on my finger?”, Dr. Joyce asked her nurse. As her finger was being lubricated, Dr. Joyce said, “Now, Sally, I’m going to do the internal pelvic examination. I can see that the external examination aroused you, and I will understand if you continue to experience stimulation, even to the point of orgasm, throughout this examination.” Having said that, Dr. Joyce took one hand, and placing it on Sally’s vagina, held open her vaginal lips. She took the middle finger of her other hand and applied lubricant around the opening of Sally’s vagina and then slid her finger inside. I could see Sally’s hips move in positive response to Dr. Joyce’s insertion. When her finger was fully inside, I could see Dr. Joyce moving it around, side to side, in and out. And, what I could see even more was Sally’s thighs tightening, and her hips moving, in response to Dr. Joyce’s examination. Sally spread her legs even wider in the stirrups and unconsciously slid closer to the edge of the table. Soon, however, Dr. Joyce completed her digital examination and removed her finger from Sally’s vagina. Now, it was obvious that there was one extremely aroused young lady on that examining table. Dr. Joyce asked Sally, “Have you been penetrated before?” Sally said, “My boyfriend has put his fingers in there before, but we haven’t gone all the way”.

As Dr. Joyce’s finger slipped from Sally’s vagina, the juices flowed from within. Sally’s vagina was quite wet, and the lips were wide open, exposing the entrance to the wet depth and warmth within. “Oh, Dr. Joyce, you’ve gotten me very aroused”, Sally said. Sally’s hands were resting on her stomach, lightly running her fingertips up and down.

“I realize that, Sally. And, now, I have to insert the speculum. It will probably feel very good inside, and like I told you before, it is perfectly normal to be having these feelings. You may even experience orgasm”, replied Dr. Joyce. With that, Nurse Adams approached Sally and, reaching between her legs, spread Sally’s vaginal lips with one hand, the other hand lightly rubbing Sally’s thigh. Dr. Joyce turned from the side with a metal speculum in her hand. Without any difficulty, she placed it at the opening to Sally’s vagina and inserted it. “Yes, yes, Dr. Joyce, that does feel g-o-o-d !”, exclaimed Sally.

Because the examining table was facing directly toward me, I had the same view as Dr. Joyce. The speculum was now fully inserted in Sally’s vagina, and Dr. Joyce began to rotate it and open it. Even from my vantage point, I could see the young pink vagina spread open before me. Dr. Joyce continued in her professional manner, observing Sally’s vagina and moving the speculum slightly from side to side. Then she inserted a long stick with a swab on the end [which I learned, later, was used to collect a specimen for the Pap test], moved it around inside, and then rubbed the end of it on a glass slide. Sally’s hips were moving ever so often while the speculum was inside, and then Dr. Joyce removed it.

Now I was able to see Sally’s vagina very well, her vaginal lips having been opened by the examination. It was quite wet, probably from the KY jelly AND from the arousal which she experienced during the examination. “The final portion of the pelvic examination is the bi-manual exam”, said Dr. Joyce. As she was saying this to Sally, Nurse Adams was applying lubricant to two fingers of Dr. Joyce’s hand. Dr. Joyce rubbed her fingers along Sally’s vagina and slid both of them inside without any problem. Once her fingers were fully inserted, Dr. Joyce used her other hand to palpate Sally’s abdomen, occasionally adjusting her fingers in Sally’s vagina. Dr. Joyce moved her hand down to separate the lips of Sally’s vagina, and it appeared that she must have been examining Sally’s urethra and/or clitoris because Sally said, “Oh, Dr. Joyce, if you continuing examining me that way, I think I’ll have an orgasm.”

I also noticed an increased movement in Sally’s hips. But, Dr. Joyce coolly responded, “Sally, I’ll be through in a moment. Please try to restrain yourself.” And then, she removed her fingers from Sally’s vagina. Nurse Adams provided Dr. Joyce with a tissue, which she used to wipe around the outside of Sally’s vagina.

“Now, Sally, the last part of this examination is the rectal exam. It will be similar to the pelvic exam except, obviously, I will be examining your anus and rectum.”

“No! Dr. Joyce. Please. I don’t need that!”, exclaimed Sally. But, Dr. Joyce ignored Sally’s protest, and Nurse Adams was quick to respond, too. She grabbed hold of both of Sally’s feet and kept them placed in the stirrups. Sally realized that she was going to have to endure this examination. Dr. Joyce had changed into a fresh pair of examination gloves and began to separate Sally’s buttocks. As she did so, I was clearly able to see the hairless pucker of Sally’s rectum. Dr. Joyce examined the outside, grabbing the flesh of Sally’s buttocks to keep them separated. Nurse Adams was quick to apply KY jelly to Dr. Joyce’s middle finger, and Dr. Joyce began lubricating Sally’s rectum, slowly inserting her finger. “Uhhhh, it’s tight”, groaned Sally.

Dr. Joyce stopped her insertion long enough for Nurse Adams to apply a bit more lubricant to Dr. Joyce’s half-inserted finger. Her finger then slid more easily its full length into Sally’s rectum. I could see Dr. Joyce moving her finger around inside of Sally’s rectum. She turned to Nurse Adams and said, “Probably the Fleet will be satisfactory.”

Then she removed her finger, saying to Sally, “I felt some minor impaction; have your bowel movements been regular?”

Sally responded, “Just recently, when I got on campus, I noticed that there was a change.”

“OK, well, I’m going to insert a rectal speculum to take a look. It will feel similar to my finger”, said Dr. Joyce. As she was saying this, Nurse Adams was lubricating the rectal speculum and handing it to Dr. Joyce. Again, Dr. Joyce spread Sally’s buttocks apart and placed the speculum against Sally’s rectum. It slid in easily because her rectum had already been sufficiently lubricated and loosened by Dr. Joyce’s finger. Dr. Joyce removed the plunger and, shining a light inside the speculum’s opening, looked inside of Sally’s rectum. “Yes, just as I thought, there is some minor blockage”, said Dr. Joyce. She removed the speculum and stood up from her stool. This afforded me with the best view yet - I was looking straight at Sally’s vagina, but this time, I saw that it was open from stimulation, and her rectum, too, was lubricated! My hand pumped faster on my cock. I needed to cum soon!

“Sally, my examination is finished and you’re OK to begin classes and your internship. But, as a precautionary measure, I’m going to recommend a cleansing enema…..”, Dr. Joyce started to say before she was interrupted.

“Sure, Dr. Joyce. I’ll do that as soon as I get back to the dorm. No problem”, Sally was quick to interject.

“…THAT certainly will be a regular requirement for the next four weeks, Sally, but I’m going to have Nurse Adams give you your first enema here today”, continued Dr. Joyce. Nurse Adams was busying herself in a cabinet on the other side of the room, and Dr. Joyce was standing next to Sally. Sally had removed her legs from the stirrups, and was now in a sitting position on the examining table, her legs dangling over the side. Although I was certainly attracted to Sally’s genitals, I must admit that she did have nice breasts.

“Oh, no, Dr. Joyce, that won’t be necessary. I can do it myself”, said Sally.

But, her protests were in vain. Nurse Adams turned from the cabinets and I could see that she was holding in her hand a pre-prepared enema. She approached the examining table and Dr. Joyce said, “Please, Sally, get on your hands and knees with your buttocks raised and your shoulders touching the table.”

“Dr. Joyce, please, this really isn’t necessary”, responded Sally. But Dr. Joyce was walking out of the room. She said to Sally, “Nurse Adams will get you started right. I have to go see the other patient who has been waiting quite some time. Please do what I ask.”

Oh no! That must be my clue that Dr. Joyce was coming to see me. But wait, I have to see what’s going on with Sally, AND, I have this massive hard-on. Dr. Joyce stopped in the doorway long enough to insure that Sally assumed the “ass-up” position. Sally got into position, and was this a view to behold! Her ass stuck nicely up in the air, her vagina somewhat visible, and her tight buttocks were separated somewhat by her spread legs. Nurse Adams approached the end of the table as Dr. Joyce left the room.

I returned to the examining table and sat upon it. Wow! Look at that…sitting on the examining table, I am still able to see into the other examining room. As long as both bathroom doors remain open, the show will continue!

I watched Nurse Adams remove the cover from the tip of the enema bottle and sit it next to the examining table. She donned a pair of examining gloves and lubricated her index finger. Spreading Sally’s buttocks with one hand, she applied the lubricant to Sally’s rectum with her finger. What a great sight…better than with Sally’s legs spread in the stirrups. Then she reached for the enema bottle, placed the tip of it against Sally’s rectum, and inserted it. She began squeezing the solution into Sally’s rectum. “Oh, Nurse Adams, please do it more slowly”, moaned Sally. As I was listening for Nurse Adams to reply I was startled by Dr. Joyce entering the examining room.

“Good morning, Mr. Johnson”, said Dr. Joyce, “I’ve read the notes prepared by Nurse Adams and I think we’re ready to begin your examination.” I quickly looked away from the bathroom mirror, not wanting to give away this opportunity. “Nurse Adams has done quite an adequate job of the preliminary examination. I don’t think I’ll need to do anything but address this notation she has written here.” And with that, Doctor Joyce placed her hand on my shoulder and eased me back to lie on the examining table.

As I lay back on the table, Dr. Joyce read from the file, “Firm abdomen palpation - impaction noted during rectal exam”. Without hesitating, Dr. Joyce untied the gown from around my neck and pulled it down to just above my hips. “Just let me check this for myself”, she said. And, she began applying pressure to my stomach. As she proceeded lower, she pulled the gown down to just above my cock. “Yes, feel here, yes, this is where the impaction is….and then…up here…yes…”, she commented as her hands moved across my belly. Her touch was much more firm and skilled. “Okay, Mr. Johnson, slide down a bit and put your feet in the stirrups”, Dr. Johnson said. I did as I was told, having been in this position before. Well, at least my cock was still covered.

As I assumed the position, Dr. Joyce was putting on a pair of examination gloves and lubricating a finger with KY jelly. She sat on a stool at the end of the table and I felt her lubricated finger spreading KY around my rectum. As her finger began to ease inside, she said, “Nurse Adams noted here that you attained full erection resulting in climax during the rectal exam.” And then her finger slid all the way inside!

My cock began to stiffen. “I should probably check that to determine whether there is abnormal pressure on your prostate or it is simply from impaction”, she said as she began her digital examination. She quickly pulled off my examining gown and, noticing my growing cock said, “Yes, I see that we have an extra sensitive patient here.” At that time, I looked away, but only in the direction of the other examining room to see Nurse Adams concluding Sally’s enema - sliding the bottle from her rectum and wiping it with a Kleenex.

As I watched Nurse Adams spreading Sally’s buttocks apart, and working the Kleenex between them, Doctor Joyce began feeling my prostate with the tip of her finger. She was applying pressure to it which was transmitted directly to my cock. She would push on it a bit, and then she would move her finger around or slide it out and then slide it back in. As she was doing this, her other hand began examining my balls (or, cupping my testicles), and then she picked up my massively hard cock in her hand and began to examine it, too - all while her finger is sliding in and out of my rectum.

Holding my cock in her hand, Dr. Joyce said, “Now, bear down on my finger so I can determine what has caused this sensitivity”. As I did what I was told, Dr. Joyce applied more pressure with the finger that was in my ass, and she moved it around from side to side. She also pumped my cock a few times which caused me to tighten my rectum on her finger more, and as I did this, she pushed her finger inside and around more. She let go of my cock and began to feel to the sides of my balls and then she applied pressure to my stomach. “Yes, your problem is nothing more than some slight impaction”, said Dr. Joyce, as she slowly slid her finger from my rectum. “Of course, I think that you are anal erotic, but the impaction is just magnifying your sensitivity.” And with that, her finger slid from my rectum.

I looked toward the other examining room to see Sally standing next to the examining table. Nurse Adams was standing next to her, massaging her belly. Even though Sally had only taken one of those disposable Fleet enemas, it appeared as though her belly was a bit distended. But, she looked good, as this was the first time that I had seen her standing up and fully naked! Yes, she had nice firm breasts with no sag…and her body, too, was tight. Despite the belly distention from the enema, I could tell that Sally had a firm stomach which led down to her vagina….There was hardly any hair there, just enough to cover her vagina, and it was cut close. Nurse Adams led Sally toward the bathroom. She entered the bathroom and closed the door which led into the examining room where I was now displayed. “Sally, you sit on the toilet as long as you like, and when you’re finished, return to the examining room. Dr. Joyce will be with you shortly”, said Nurse Adams.

Meanwhile, Dr. Joyce had wiped the lubricant from between my cheeks and she was now removing the latex examination gloves. “I am going to have Nurse Adams administer a 2-quart enema to thoroughly clean you out”, she said. And it was just at that time, that Nurse Adams entered the room through the bathroom door (I caught a glimpse of Sally sitting on the toilet).

“That’s what I thought, Doctor”, said Nurse Adams. She approached me, and feeling my stomach with one hand, she wrapped her other hand around my very firm cock. “Do you think the impaction has caused the erection?”, she questioned Dr. Joyce.

“I think the impaction compounded the erection, but Mr. Johnson is highly sensitive around his anal area. He would have become erect simply from the examination”, Doctor Joyce said. And she and Nurse Adams exchanged glances before Dr. Joyce left the room.

Nurse Adams released her grip on my cock, and ran her hand along the inside of my thigh as she walked over to the closet. “You’ll need to remain in that position for the enema. It allows your stomach to be massaged as the water flows in”, she said. I could see her opening the closet and removing a sealed package.

Nurse Adams was standing in front of the window as she opened the package. The light shone through her dress and I could see the outline of her thighs going up to her firm ass. This caused my deflating cock to again return to it’s full firmness. What I also saw was that Nurse Adams had removed a clear bag and tubing from the sealed package, and now she was filling it with water. That done, she approached me on the exam table and hung the bag on a stand next to the table. She had placed examining gloves on her hands, and I could see her looking at my fully erect cock as she said, “I hope you get some relief soon.”

She sat down on the stool between my legs and I could feel her finger spreading lubricant around my rectum. She took one hand and cupped it around my balls to raise them up. Then I felt that wonderfully familiar sensation of her finger sliding all the way inside…she twisted and turned it and pushed it in and pulled it out…insuring that my rectum was fully lubricated and keeping my cock as hard as a rock. She removed her finger and I looked over to notice the nozzle as she lubricated it. It wasn’t short and thin like the nozzle on the end of the Fleet enema. This nozzle was rather long, somewhat curved and it got wider towards the end of it.

“Dr. Joyce suggested that we use a douche nozzle to allow more water to flow quickly and deeper”, Nurse Adams informed me. Then I felt the nozzle’s pressure against my rectum. She slowly pushed it inside and I could feel its curved length going deeper into my rectum. When it was fully inserted, Nurse Adams started the flow of warm water.

I must admit, it felt good for a while and then the cramping began. Nurse Adams could sense this as she slowed the flow of water and began massaging my stomach. She moved her hands around my belly as I felt the water move around inside. Occasionally, her hands would stray lower towards my cock, and her arm would touch the head, causing it to rise up. As the cramps subsided, she would allow more water to flow in until I had taken the contents of the entire bag.

But Nurse Adams kept the nozzle inside and continued the massage of my belly, and the teasing with her arm of my cock. “You must retain the liquid for several minutes”, she said and then she began to “adjust” the nozzle in my ass…turning it from side to side and moving it slightly in and out. “This will help take the pressure off of your rectal muscles to hold in the water”. Well, that it did, but the nozzle moving in my ass and her hand rubbing around my belly, did nothing to cause my raging hard-on to go away! She expanded her massage and began letting her hand move along the inside of my thigh and her fingers would stroke my balls lightly on their way up and down my thighs. My hips involuntarily started to move in response to the nozzle and I felt that Nurse Adams was moving the nozzle in and out of my ass more intensely. Then I knew that things were changing.

“Mr. Johnson, it is clearly obvious that you have become highly aroused by this and other similar procedures performed here today. I almost feel that it is my professional obligation to relieve you of your sexual tension. If you agree, I will deny that this ever happened; if you disagree, I will deny that this offer was ever extended”, said Nurse Adams as she continued her various forms of massage.

I gave Nurse Adams my affirmative response by allowing my hips to gyrate on the nozzle, and by reaching for the hand that was now rubbing my thighs and placing it around my cock. Nurse Adams began pumping my cock and sliding the nozzle in and out of my rectum in a steady rhythm. She stood close enough to the examining table that I figured it was worth the chance to try and feel some flesh. I reached down and began to stroke the inside of her nylon clad leg. She responded by moving closer to me so I ran my hand up her leg, raising her dress above her hips, and fondled her vagina through the white cotton panties. Instantly, I felt a wetness as she began to move in response to my palpitations. I began to rub her firm cheeks, the whole while in response to her gyrations. I ran my hand to the top of the bikini panties and pulled them down. My fingers grasped the area between her cheeks and then slipped down to feel the carefully trimmed pubic hair that had become quite wet. She moaned lightly as I inserted one finger into her pubic. In and out this finger went, while I made every effort to naturally lubricate her entire genital area. My other finger had found her rectum and it began to rub her young slippery wetness around it and massage it. Nurse Adams pushed her ass down and back, and now my massaging, probing finger had found its way into her rectum…pushing up until it could go no further. Nurse Adams rocked on my hand-back and forth, side to side, as she responded to the digital stimulation of her vagina and rectum.

At the same time, she is moving the enema nozzle in and out of my rectum and her free hand continued to stroke my cock. All of a sudden, I feel her start to really ride the fingers deep up inside of her, and she begins an intense fucking of my rectum with the enema nozzle . My cock is being stroked furiously. I feel an overwhelming sensation inside. My ass is grabbing onto the nozzle and my cock begins to pulsate. I feel her experiencing a similar sensation as she lets out a low moan and I carefully and slowly remove my fingers. Now she continues her most dedicated fucking of my ass, pushing the nozzle deep inside, and stroking of my cock. My gripping ass muscles and my pulsating cock become one and I cum like I have never cum before. The cum runs down my cock and her hand as she slows her pace and very slowly removes the nozzle from my rectum. She reaches down to pull up her panties and lower her dress, then very quickly resumes her most professional posture.

As she takes a Kleenex and wipes the cum from her hand, and off of my belly and my cock, Nurse Adams says, “You will need to expel the contents of the enema now. Take your time and return to this room when you are finished.” During Nurse Adams’ fucking of my rectum with the enema nozzle, I had heard the toilet flush, so I assumed that the bathroom was vacated by Sally. I got up and off of the exam table and rushed to the bathroom. Sitting down on the seat, I immediately began to gush water.

I heard Dr. Joyce in the adjoining room talking to Sally, “Yes, I think we have done the trick.” I pushed the door open slightly with my foot to see Sally bent over the examining table, as Dr. Joyce removed her finger from Sally’s rectum.

Nurse Adams came into view and took Dr. Joyce’s examining gloves from her. Dr. Joyce disappeared, but Nurse Adams took Kleenex and wiped the lubricant from between Sally’s buttocks. “OK, Sally, you’re ready for that big year at college and what a great internship you’ve gotten!”, said Nurse Adams. Sally stood up and turned to face Nurse Adams. Yes! What a fox this little thing was……

….”Mr. Johnson, I see that there may be another reason for your erection?”, said Dr. Joyce as she opened the door to the bathroom. Oh no. I am embarrassed. I just said nothing. “When you are finished, please come into the examining room, and in the mean time, would you mind closing the door?”, said Dr. Joyce. I sat on the toilet for a few more minutes and then I wiped my ass with dry and wet toilet tissue to make sure it was very clean.

I walked back into the examining room and, although nobody was there, I heard Doctor Joyce tell me to sit up on the examining table. I sat there for a few minutes, thinking about my past experiences and especially about the ramifications of eyeing up another patient. I then heard footsteps and in walked Dr. Joyce, Nurse Adams, AND Sally! Sally was dressed in a white nurse’s uniform and I could see a name badge: Sally Quinn, Nurse Intern. Before I could even make an attempt to move my hands to my lap, Dr. Joyce said, “Mr. Johnson, this is Sally, an intern from the college. I’m going to instruct her in your post-enema assessment. Now, please lie back on the table.”

I did as I was told, while Nurse Adams instructed me to slide down on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. Sally was instructed to palpate my abdomen and I felt her hands, as well as those of Dr. Joyce, moving across my belly. I was fully exposed to this very young lady, although my cock had not begun to swell. Sally was instructed to don the examination gloves and to sit at the foot of the examining table. I had closed my knees together, but Dr. Joyce spread them wide apart and held them there as Nurse Adams instructed Sally how to lubricate the anal area. Because she was learning, it took longer and I felt that familiar stirring in my loins. Then Sally was instructed to insert her finger into my rectum…to the first knuckle…twist…to the second knuckle…turn…all the way inside. She was instructed to move her finger around to feel for impaction and to note the location of the prostate. Yes, her finger was right on it. She was instructed to feel the prostate for enlargement. I noticed that Nurse Adams was whispering something in Dr. Joyce’s ear. As Sally continued to move her finger over my prostate, Dr. Joyce said, “Sally, some patients experience erections during this part of the exam. I am sure that Mr. Johnson is experiencing a great deal of pleasure, however, he has achieved orgasm twice already today…isn’t that right, Mr. Johnson?”

What could I say? So, I just said, “Yes, Dr. Joyce”. Although I was feeling a pleasant sensation, my cock was failing to become erect. Was it because I had spent my load twice already, or was I thoroughly humiliated and embarrassed?

Dr. Joyce asked Sally, “Have you ever seen a patient with an erection?”.

Sally responded that she had not. So, Dr. Joyce reached down and began to rub her hand across my cock. “Sally, push your finger deep into Mr. Johnson’s rectum, move it in and out, and use your other hand to rub his testicles.” Sally did exactly as she was told. I could tell that this all was a new experience for her. Nurse Adams held my knees apart and stroked my thighs. This continued for what seemed like an eternity, only because my cock refused to become erect.

“Well, Sally, I think that Mr. Johnson is incapable of achieving an erection. What do you think?”, questioned Dr. Joyce.

“I g-guess so”, said Sally. Dr. Joyce stopped stroking my cock, and Nurse Adams stopped rubbing my thighs, instructing Sally to remove her finger from my rectum. Sally did as she was instructed, keeping her hands on my balls.

Nurse Adams said, “No sense stimulating his genitals anymore, Sally. He’s spent. Can’t get it up when he needs to”. Sally wiped between my cheeks and then stood up from the stool.

“The examination is concluded, Mr. Johnson”, said Dr. Joyce. “You may get dressed now and see me up front”, said Nurse Adams as she, and Dr. Joyce, and Sally walked out of the room.

As I got dressed, I could hear the three giggling about something in the adjoining room. I walked to the front desk and Nurse Adams took my money. She handed me an envelope with my receipt. Inside was a note: “Dear Mr. Johnson, I know that must have been a terrible experience for you, but don’t feel bad, I understand. Sally Q.”