An Experience with Liz

Here is my experience with Liz, the last of the three women I had enema experiences with.

I met her at a party where a big discussion had gotten started. After the discussion broke up, she came up to me and said a bunch of nice stuff about things I had said during the discussion. She asked me to dance. While dancing, I could tell she was coming on strong - lots of pelvic action and nuzzling. We made a date for the next week as I was going out of town the next day. We said goodnight.

As I was walking to my car, she suddenly appeared and grabbed me and put a big kiss on me. She said she couldn’t wait until next week - couldn’t we get together for a while at my house? Yikes! I said yes, of course!! Well, we got sexual as hell (this was before the AIDS situation…). This was one hot, sexy woman. After our second date, I got out the Penthouse Letters book (nice to know someone else has discovered it!!). I asked her if she was interested in any of the subjects in the table of contents. She said, “ALL of them!”.

I said, “Even enemas?”

She replied, “Oh, enemas are MILD!”

I said, “Not to ME!”

We then read through some of the enema stories for a while. Then, we got up and headed for the bedroom. I said, “So , what are we going to do tonight?”

She said, “Well, first, I’m going to give you an enema. Then you’re going to fuck me in the ass.” I could hardly contain myself. Wow! Then she said, “So, how do you want to be when I give it to you?” I asked her what choices I had. She replied, “You can be standing up and bent over, sitting on the toilet or lying down on your left side.”.

I asked what she would suggest and she indicated that lying down was best. I asked her how she knew so much about enemas. It turns out she had been a nurses aid at one time. All she did was give enemas!

We proceeded into the bathroom and filled up my enema bag with hot, soapy water and brought it into the bedroom where I hung it on my trusty microphone stand. She said, “Get your pants off, are you shy?” I immediately complied and lay down on the bed (shower curtain on the bed of course). She put some KY on the nozzle and then put some in my butt. She gently inserted the nozzle. To my surprise, she then started moving the nozzle in and out of my anus - not all the way out of course. She did this with a rapid motion. It was great! She then lifted the bag off of the stand and lifted it way up. She opened the clamp and proceeded to give me the best enema I had ever had. She continued to move the nozzle as she gave it to me.

Wonderful! I hated to see it end, but it did. After eliminating the enema and cleaning everything, I asked her if she still wanted to have anal intercourse.

She said, “You bet!”

I said, “Well, shouldn’t you have an enema before we do it?” She replied that she had hoped we would do anal stuff and had already given herself an enema before coming over!! I was disappointed. Then she said, “But, if you want to give me another one that would be OK”.

What an evening this was turning out to be! I immediately filled the bag again and brought it in. She was naked and lying on the bed. She looked at the nozzle and said, “Don’t you have a douche nozzle? I like them better.” No problem!!! I switched nozzles and greased it up good and inserted it in her anus. I opened the clamp and let ‘er rip. She loved it. After finishing her enema, she went to the bathroom and expelled.

She came back in and got on the bed and put a pillow under her ass and said, “Come over here and put your dick up my ass!” Did I ever! We had two more experiences similar to this one before breaking up. I haven’t ever run into anyone like this before or since. But, I love to remember these experiences and often fantasize about them happening again.