Annie’s Ordeal

By [email protected]

I am a seventeen year old senior in high school and I am about to get my last spanking as a teenager. I am waiting in my room. I hear my mother’s footsteps coming closer. I am nude standing in the corner. I am filled with anticipation. I know that I deserve a spanking. I have been under Mom’s punishing hand many times.

Let me tell you how this all started and what got me into this ‘embarrassing predicament’.

It started out as any typical week for a teenager. Bonnie and I went to the movies and Thursday night we went to a make-out party. I had consumed quite a large amount of liquor and I missed curfew. Mom was waiting at the door for me. It was two thirty a.m. Mom was beside herself. She smelled my breath and took me into the bathroom and gave me a good enema to combat my hangover. It was really a humiliating ordeal.

After my treatment I was locked in my room without supper. Mom read the riot act to me. She left me in the room all day till she cooled down.

She didn’t mince words with me. “You will be given a good spanking, one which you will remember.”

I had spent most of the night in my bathroom which is right next to my bedroom My stomach was churning from hunger. I was going to call Social Services but I knew I deserved this spanking and it would be a whole lot worse if I did call.

Finally at l2 noon on Friday afternoon I would finally get my comeuppance. It was the worst night of my life.

Mom sat me down and explained how she was really disappointed in me and that. She said I would have to undergo physical force to learn how to be a young lady and she was really sorry she had to do this.

She put me over her lap. I was still nude while she carried out my sentence. The first few spanks on my unprotected bottom didn’t hurt and I laughed. She picked up a steel hairbrush and applied it twenty times in succession. I was screaming ‘like crazy’. The pain shot from my bottom and went all the way to my throbbing headache She then administered twenty more to my already throbbing behind. She left me up after forty swats and gave me a good hug.

She was so remorseful about the enema and spanking session She took me out to my favorite restaurant. She confided to me that she was very disobedient to my father but he would not punish her for her misdeeds. She asked me to forgive her for the incident this morning and she said that she needed the same type of treatment and punishment.

So I locked mom in her room, gave her a much needed spanking and we both laughed about it for the rest of our lives.

As I look back on the whole deal, I know my mother really loves me. She would not hesitate to spank me. She tried everything first. She was pretty gentle in giving me my enema. She was not using the enema as punishment. She gave me many enemas over the years..

This one was no different. She chose a two quart enema bag and colon tube. She sat down on the bed and made me lay across her lap like a little girl. She hung the bag on the stand. She inserted a vaselined finger in my anus and rectum. Moved it around very slowly and greased every inch she could reach. I lay there motionless during the whole process. Her gloved finger really felt good. She turned on the flow and the water reached the inner most depths of my bowels. I kept filling and filling. I thought the damned enema would never be finished. I lay across my moms lap for l5 minutes. My stomach was churning.

My ten year old brother accidentally came in the room. He said excuse me and walked back out. I left him stay He had to see a lady get an enema sometime He enjoyed seeing me in constant pain, He didn’t say anything for fear he would be next.

Finally it was time for me to release the enema. I dashed in front of Timmy like a shot I did not care if he saw me nude.

I hit the toilet. I exploded with lots of gas and explosions and plop plop fizz fizz.

Mom had a big smile on her face as she checked the toilet to survey the damage. I did not need another enema Then mom and Timmy locked the door and I was awaiting part two of my ordeal.

Two weeks later I had to help Mom give Timmy one, I never heard such language from a ten year old. He also got his buns blistered. I will tell you about Timmy’s enema the next time.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. Not a true story.