Ann's Cousin Helps Out

By Anonymous

A true story (well, more or less)

The two enema episodes, prompted by Ann’s illness, had significant effects. Their repertoire now included genital, as well as oral and anal sex, at times enhanced by enemas. Dave had all the reason to congratulate himself for this progress, except for one thing. While Ann willingly, even enthusiastically, participated in this broadened spectrum of sexual pleasures, her participation was limited to that of the “recipient”. She was simply too inhibited to “return the favors” on her own initiative. Dave in turn was equally inhibited to request it because he was traumatized by his break-up with his high school girl friend two years ago. When he suggested - admittedly somewhat clumsily - to explore the enema scene, she called him weird and disgusting. That was the end of their relationship. Thus, Dave had to search for another approach. In his desperation, he thought that Sandra may be his last resort.

Sandra was Ann’s cousin. Three years her senior, she attended med school at Penn State. Dave met her on a few occasions when he accompanied Ann. The last time they met was at a sorority party where Sandra resided. It was a wild affair with lots of booze, the “sisters” periodically disappearing with their “escorts”. Dave observed Sandra first going to her room with a guy Dave did not know; then, an hour or so later, she walked away arm-in-arm with one of the sisters. Could she swing both ways Dave wondered ?

Be it as it may, Sandra gave the impression of a fun-loving, uninhibited girl who was not adverse to experimenting. She was a pretty red-head with great figure, beautiful ‘blue jeans’ ass, milky white skin with a few freckles on her face which lit up in mischievous smile at the smallest provocation. Dave knew that the two cousins were very fond of each other and that Ann looked up to her older cousin as sort of a role model whose uninhibited ways she admired but could not emulate. “I’ve got to try Sandra, what is there to loose,” he decided.

He engineered a ‘chance meeting’ running into Sandra at the cafeteria line. Over cheeseburgers and French fries they had a friendly conversation. Sandra mentioned with regret that she hadn’t seen Ann since the party, adding that with the pressures of med school and exams approaching she had so little time during the week. Dave promptly suggested that since she had to eat anyway, she should come over to their place on Saturday for their regular spaghetti dinner, Dave’s specialty. “My clam sauce is world class,” he added modestly. Sandra happily accepted and the date was set for next Saturday. “So far, so good,” thought Dave, who had no idea where he would go from here. In any case, returning home he told Ann that he ran into Sandra in the cafeteria and when Sandra complained of not having seen Ann for a long time, he invited her for their Saturday spaghetti feast. Ann was pleased and said it was very kind of Dave.

Saturday evening Sandra showed up as expected, with a large bottle of Chianti in her hands. “My contribution,” she declared. The water was already boiling in a large pot, with the “world class” clam sauce simmering next to it in a small pot. The girls set the table while Dave cooked the spaghetti, timing it expertly to make it “al dente”. A few minutes after the table was set, he put the huge bowl of steaming spaghetti on the table tossed with the “world class” clam sauce and accompanied with parmesan cheese. Dave went to extra trouble to purchase the genuine Reggiano kind. Large servings of spaghetti were consumed, washed down with glasses of the red wine amid praises for the cook. The dinner conversation started with a discussion of tests and the upcoming exams. Ann said she unfortunately missed an important test in Statistics 201 (she was an economics major) because of illness.

“What was the trouble?” asked the concerned cousin.

“I had a nasty cold,” replied Ann.

“Did you see a doctor?” inquired Sandra.

“I did not need to; Dave took good care of me,” replied Ann. And then, because she was quite tipsy, she blurted out the enema episode. Sandra’s eyes lit up hearing some of the details.

“Well, you are back to our old childhood games, do you remember?” she said with a naughty smile. Ann hadn’t thought of their games in a long time but now she recalled playing doctor and patient when she was perhaps five and Sandra eight, taking turns in the roles. The doctor had a chance of exploring the patient “down there” and “back there”. It was all innocent child’s play of course, but the memory of it was driven into their subconscious as they grew older. “Yes, I remember now,” she said, “wasn’t it fun?”

Not missing a beat, Sandra proposed that the games be resumed, “with the doctor now the patient, according to the rules,” she said, and turning to Dave: “OK?”

Dave wouldn’t believe his good luck but played it coy. “It’s up to Ann,” he said, “I have no objections.”

And Ann, whose inhibitions were wiped out by the Chianti, said: “Let’s do it.” The girls high fived, finished their wine, cleared the table and dispatched Dave to the ‘sick room’. They stayed behind for a strategy discussion. It is not known what this covered but when they emerged from the kitchen, they both wore white lab coats as props. At Sandra’s suggestion, Ann didn’t wear anything underneath. “And you?” she inquired. Sandra said she had her period and would not strip. This alleviated Ann’s concern that Sandra may get ‘too involved’ in the upcoming game.

Sandra stepped to the bed where Dave was resting on his back, with the blanket pulled up to his chin. “What is your name?” she asked.

“Dave,” said Dave.

“I am doctor Sandra and this is nurse Ann,” said Sandra by way of introduction. “Dave, your chart shows that you have intestinal problems. How do you feel?”

Dave, playing along and anxious to steer the course of events in the desired direction said: “OK, Doc, I am just bloated and did not have a bowel movement in two days.”

“We’ll check that out,” said Sandra and pulled back the blanket covering Dave. Seeing that Dave was stark naked underneath, she pulled the blanket to his pubic hair leaving his dick covered. Then, she started to palpate Dave’s abdomen. Dave, with his dick stirring under the cover due to Sandra’s probing touch, said nothing. “Your abdomen is rock hard,” announced Sandra, “no wonder you are constipated. You’ll need an enema and if that does not help, a colonic would have to follow.”

Dave was overjoyed at this fast development, but playing the game said in a little boy’s voice: “Won’t that hurt Doc?”

“We’ll do our best to keep you comfortable,” said Sandra reassuringly. “Just rest quietly and we’ll be back with the equipment,” she said and pushed Ann towards the bathroom. Ann removed the equipment from its storage place. Sandra inspected with approval the variety of items. She sorted through the various nozzles and finally selected an inch thick dildo adapted by Dave for nozzle duty: its tip was pierced and a 1/4 inch copper tube was plugged into its back for easy attachment to the enema hose. “This will do it,” announced Sandra. She armed the hose with it, filled the bag with warm water, put the equipment into Ann’s hand and followed her into the “sick room”, trailing behind with a jar of Vaseline and the butt plug in her hand.

Ann, who already was familiar with the “facilities”, pulled up the high back chair to the bed and hung the enema bag on the top rung of the chair. She then looked at Sandra for further instructions. Sandra turned to Dave and ordered him to lie on his stomach. She then instructed Ann: “Nurse, prepare the patient for insertion.” Ann, remembering her own “preparation” by Dave, pulled off the blanket from Dave’s naked body, dug up a small glob of Vaseline with her right middle finger and spreading Dave’s cheeks with her left hand started to lubricate Dave’s rectum, first circling it outside, then slowly inserting her finger into Dave’s butt hole. Remembering the pleasurable sensation she experienced, she moved her finger in and out with wiggly movements. Dave started to breathe faster. Sandra observed the “preparation process” for awhile then said somewhat impatiently: “That will do, nurse.” Ann withdrew her finger and awaited further orders. “You will have to get on all fours to facilitate easier insertion,” Sandra instructed Dave. Dave pulled up his knees and stood doggy style on knees and hands. But Sandra was not quite satisfied. “Spread your knees some and put your elbows on the sheet,” she ordered. Dave obeyed and had his ass now sticking into the air, fully exposing his anus and scrotum.

Sandra picked up the dildo-nozzle, lubricated it and with its tip started to graze Dave’s crack, up and down. Dave’s dick, already tingling in expectation, started to stiffen. Seeing this, Sandra instructed Ann: “Nurse, distract the patient to facilitate insertion.” Ann could think of only one effective “distraction”. She smeared some Vaseline on her right hand and grabbed Dave’s dick. Then started to massage it with light, milking motions. Dave started to moan. Satisfied that the patient was adequately distracted, Sandra stopped the grazing movement, moved the tip of the nozzle over Dave’s anus and slowly pushed it in half way. The effect on Dave’s dick was immediate as registered by Ann’s palm. “We’ll start the water now,” Sandra announced. “Are you ready?”

“Yes Doc,” answered Dave in a little boy’s voice. Sandra opened the clamp and water started to flow into Dave’s rectum. Concurrently, Sandra started to move the nozzle in and out in short strokes. As a result of this triple stimulation, being milked by Ann, butt fucked by Sandra and the warm water flooding in his rectum, Dave was in seventh heaven in no time at all. The sensation was much more delicious than he could induce by his auto-erotic manipulations. So much so that he approached orgasm with the bag still half full. He wanted this delight to last much longer. “Please Doc, I am getting cramps. Could you please stop for awhile ?” he said in a timid voice.

“Sure,” said Sandra, “but keep it in.” She probably knew what was behind Dave’s request. She set the clamp, pulled out the nozzle and motioned Ann to stop the “distraction”.

Dave relaxed and his dick went limp. Sandra would have none of that. She mimicked Ann to tickle and massage Dave’s tight scrotum. With her left hand, Ann reached behind Dave’s ass and started the tickling process. Dave’s dick stiffened immediately. After a minute or so Sandra inquired: “Are you still cramping?”

“I am OK now, Doc,” came the answer.

“We’ll finish the enema then,” announced Sandra. “Nurse, distract the patient again to facilitate insertion,” she instructed Ann. With her free right hand Ann reached under Dave’s belly and started to milk his erect penis again, while continuing the successful scrotal manipulation. Sandra put some more Vaseline on the dildo-nozzle and slowly but firmly shoved it home in Dave’s rectum. When it was all the way in, she unclamped the hose. Then, she slowly withdrew the nozzle almost to the point where it could pop out, and with twisting motion pushed it home again. Under the influence of this continuing slow, long-stroke butt fucking, its effect further augmented by the stream of warm water in his intestines and Ann’s two-handed manipulations, Dave struggled mightily to delay ejaculation as long as he could. Finally, groaning like a beached seal (they do, you know), he exploded into Ann’s stroking hand just as the last drops of water were entering him. Feeling the “aftershocks”, Ann carefully milked the last drops from Dave’s penis, then wiped her hands in a paper towel. Sandra slowly withdrew the nozzle and announced: “You’ll have to keep it in for awhile”.

“I don’t think I can,” said Dave as soon as he caught his breath.

“We’ll help you with that,” said Sandra and plopped the ass plug into Dave’s anus. “Now, you better lie down on your back,” she ordered him. Dave turned around and stretched out on the bed. Slowly, his dick went limp.

“While waiting, I’ll check you out for hernia,” announced Sandra. She started to palpate Dave’s abdomen for signs of tear and not finding any, she left her right hand, palm upward, under Dave’s limp dick. With her left hand she proceeded to check for scrotal hernia, gently massaging Dave’s balls and, for good measure, with her extended middle finger jiggling the plug in Dave’s ass. The effect was predictable: Dave’s dick went rigid. Seeing this, Sandra closed her palm over it and started to massage it, while continuing the scrotal massage as well. Ann observed this “invasion” with some apprehension. Luckily, Dave announced that he should really go to the bathroom now. “Not just yet,” declared Sandra sternly and turning to Ann she said: “Nurse, the patient needs more distraction to help him retain the enema.” Following her female intuition, Ann pushed up her lab coat and straddled Dave’s abdomen facing him and sliding down towards his penis to interdict Sandra’s action. The tactful Sandra understood the situation and guided Dave’s penis into Ann’s pussy. Ann, an accomplished English rider, started to ride Dave’s penis.

Sandra observed this scene for a short while, then got an idea. “I’ll be right back,” she announced, then, with the enema rig in hand she went to the bathroom. There she disconnected the dildo-nozzle, carefully washed it, armed the hose with a 3/4 inch flexible rubber nozzle, filled the bag with warm water and with the bag in one hand and the dildo-nozzle in the other, she returned to the “sick room”. There the riding session was in full progress, with moans and grunts from both rider and mount. Sandra hung the bag on the chair, then with her hand on Ann’s shoulder, she gently pushed her to lie flat on Dave’s stomach. With Ann’s ass now fully exposed, her pussy impaled on Dave’s penis, Sandra quickly greased up the rubber nozzle and pushed it into Ann’s inviting anus. “Ouhhh,” was Ann’s reaction, followed by the release of the hose clamp on Sandra’s part. She let Ann resume her “riding” position. With her right hand she started a short stroked movement of the nozzle, with her left she started to massage Dave’s balls. Rider and mount went into orbit. First, Ann had a screaming orgasm and her contracting vaginal muscles brought Dave to ejaculation. “I really must go now,” announced Dave as soon as he recovered and scampered out from under Ann and ran to the bathroom.

Sandra withdrew the nozzle from Ann’s ass. “Great!” said Ann, “what if I have to go now?”

“We’ll fix that,” said Sandra, “lie on your back and pull your knees up.” Ann did as told and Sandra quickly connected the dildo-nozzle to the enema hose, lubed it and pushed it into Ann’s exposed anus. “This should help you to hold it,” she announced. Then, with a stern expression she said: “Nurse, for your unethical conduct I have to teach you a lesson. I’ll give you a pelvic examination you won’t forget.” She put some Vaseline on the middle fingers of her left hand, with the thumb and little finger she got hold of the dildo-nozzle sticking out of Ann’s ass, withdrew it some, with her right hand she parted Ann’s labia and simultaneously pushed the dildo forward and her middle fingers into Ann’s sopping pussy. Then, she methodically fucked Ann’s ass and pussy and with her free right hand she started to massage Ann’s mound, gradually closing in on her clit. The sensation was too intense for Ann to resist. The water moving in her intestines in waves and the multiple excitation provided by Sandra brought her to a screaming climax just when Dave returned from the bathroom. Too bad he was too late to observe the “grand finale”.

“You can go now,” Sandra told Ann, “but leave the plug in so as not to spill anything on the carpet.” Ann got up, and with the plug in her ass and the bag in her hand she waddled to the bathroom. “Do you feel better now?” Sandra inquired from the patient.

“Much better, Doc,” answered Dave, sitting down on his bed. “You will need another enema tomorrow; I’ll put it on your chart for the nurse on duty to see,” said Sandra. With that, she removed her lab coat, put on her winter coat and walked to the door. “I’ll see you for a checkup in a couple of weeks,” she announced, just as Ann came out of the bathroom.

“At which time you’ll be the patient,” she yelled after Sandra, just as she closed the door.