Another Date with Donna

Last post I promised everyone that I would continue my “Donna” story (this one is in fact true, mind you), so here it is.

Donna and I met again, and this time I had promised her an enema series. I was really looking forward to meeting her again, and as I thought of her dark hair and unshaven vaginal lips and anus, I got hard even before I arrived. I imagined how it would be (don’t we all), but the reality was even better than I had thought.

Donna met me at the door with a huge smile (and I thought to myself, “she really wants this!”); I entered, and we kissed - very gently, and I held her to myself, feeling my penis harden again. I could feel her breasts against my chest, and I touched her on her right nipple. She pressed against me, and I put my hands down on her buttocks and held her close. My cock was hard as rock, and I couldn’t wait to begin our play session. “Come on upstairs to my room, Dr. S.,” she said.

I brought my “Playcase” with me (a catalog case, actually, full of the things I would use on her in just a few minutes) and ascended the staircase. Since she had moved since the last time I saw her, she wanted to show me the house (especially the bathroom), and so I patiently endured the tour (mercifully short - she was as eager as I to begin our session). She showed me her bed, and grinned at me…

“Donna, I would love to make love with you; would you…???” She came close and put her arms around me; I held her close, and we laid down together on her bed. I could feel her soft body near me, and I rolled on top of her as she lifted her legs high, trying to wrap herself around me so that she could force me deeper into her dark warmth. I entered her, and began to thrust…it seemed like only seconds before we both came, horny with the anticipation of the rest of our time together. I could feel her pussy hair against me, and I knew that if I had turned her over and entered her backside that she would have loved it…but I didn’t want to do that. Perhaps next time. But this time she was to receive her first enemas. After we had made love (and cleaned up, and disposed of the condom, and so on), I went into the bathroom and got the fountain syringe ready for her first enema. Lots of warm water. Douche nozzle. Where to hang it ?? She had even thought of that, in anticipation of my visit, and had put a hook in the ceiling (what a girl won’t do for a thrill!). I grinned at that, and realized that Donna was truly going to be a fun girl.

She asked me: “Will that work, Dr. S?” and of course I replied, “That should do just fine, Donna.”

“Now get up on the table, and lie on your right side.” Donna was still entirely naked, and I enjoyed the view as she climbed up and laid down. “Now draw your top leg up high, almost to your nipple, and just flex your bottom leg slightly. I’m going to give you the first enema with you lying this way, so that you will be as relaxed as possible.” She complied, and I drew on latex gloves, double-gloving my left hand so that I could play with her anus and still remain clean for later.

“Now, Donna, I’m going to do a rectal exam on you to stretch and lubricate your anus and rectum.” “OK, Dr. S.” I lubricated the first two fingers of my left hand, and began to work one of them (the index finger, I think) into her backside, pausing to let her relax, massaging her rectum with my finger…then two fingers, gently sliding them in and out, knowing that she loved “backdoor stimulation.”

“Oooh!” she whispered, really “getting into it.” “Now, Donna,” I said, “You’ll like this part even better,” as I picked up the enema hose and held the douche nozzle against her anus. I held her cheeks very wide open, and slowly thrust the nozzle home. She shuddered a bit, and I began the flow of water. “Donna, I’m beginning the flow now. I’m going to use the nozzle to stimulate your anus and rectum, and the warm water is going to do the same. You should begin to feel really good as the water flows.”

She didn’t say much, except when I asked her if the water was flowing too fast, she said, “No, I don’t think so.” I allowed the water to flow, and when the bag was about 1/3 empty, I shut off the flow. I reached around to her front, and separated her pussy lips with one hand (my right) and opened the clamp once again. As the water flowed into her, I massaged her clitoris/pussy lips/vaginal opening, and moved the nozzle in and out of her. She began to moan with the pleasure and with the pressure. About 2/3 of the bag was gone now. “Can you take a bit more, Donna?” I asked.

“Oh, Yes, Dr. S,” she groaned, as her belly filled and her entire genital/rectal area was stimulated to the max. I let the water flow, and used the nozzle for rectal massage as I played with her pussy. She loved it. The bag emptied into her, and I made her lie still for a moment or two (till she told me, “I HAVE to get up!”) to let the enema work. She got up, and expelled, and I began to prepare her second enema.

Her second enema was much the same as the first…it went in easier (she was by this time fairly empty, and I continued to play with her pussy and move the nozzle in and out. I could tell that she loved this, and wanted more. I still positioned her on her side (relaxing, non- threatening), and gave the enema very gently (hardly any pressure, flow very slow), and talked her through it, thinking to myself how cool it would be to try four quarts with her. But not this time. Only when she understood two things - that I knew what I was doing, and that I expected full compliance.